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Don Cheadle

Donald Frank Don Cheadle, Jr. (born November 29, 1964) is an American film actor and producer. Cheadle's breakout role came in Picket Fences and followed it with critically acclaimed performances in Devil in a Blue Dress, Rosewood and Boogie Nights.

Miles Davis Miles Ahead Terrence Howard War MacHine Iron Man Will Smith Captain Planet Terrance Howard Anthony MacKie Robert Downey Jr Ewan McGregor Cheech Marin Mark Ruffalo Matt Damon George Clooney Laura Dern Anna Kendrick

I'm more in the mood to watch the live-action Captain Planet staring Don Cheadle! ;)
Bruhh, the Fresh Prince had every black actor/actress on it... From Don Cheadle to Tyra Banks
How did Don Cheadle just get even cooler?
I can't enjoy this picture more. Thank you Don Cheadle.
The cast that's been floated on the Internet is minus Don Cheadle... yeah, I understand it's not offic…
The writing is way better, it's a much mor epolished film of the same style visually and Craig as an Ame…
This is apparently going to become an HBO series with Don Cheadle, and reading the article you can see why. Sounds…
I like don cheadle. I also don't want to die.
Don Cheadle. No intro necessary. You know who he is.
A look at the Avengers 4 cast suggests that War MacHine and Wasp die in Infinity War? No Don Cheadle. No Evengaline Lilly.
Hah! No Dorothy? Did she have her own spinoff? Also, feel like Don Cheadle is starting to get type cast as a hotel manager.
Craig don't wanna be Don Cheadle in Crash, Craig wanna be Don Cheadle in Traffic
Don Cheadle seems like a good guy. If we were friends, I'd probably believe most anything that he would tell me
I was invited to make a film for I chose to chronicle "August 28" as a day in the life of my people.
Your reminder that Don Cheadle and Cheech Marin were in the failed spin-off of The Golden Girls, The Golden Palace.
I doubt it would happen because of Branding, but seeing Don Cheadle do this bit (and of course become MCU Iron Man)…
I hope Don Cheadle had a good day today
Why is Don Cheadle in every music video out this year?
So are Sam Rockwell, Don cheadle, and RDJ going to riff these screens like I'd watch it
He's not in the same class a Don Cheadle or even Chadwick Boseman to me. Like i said ppl more critical cuz some think he is
Don Cheadle and Jamie Foxx can act circles around Will Smith but Will gets all the love
Trump once used the N-Word on the golf course according to actor Don Cheadle.
25 years ago today, the Golden Girls teamed up with Don Cheadle and Cheech Marin to run a hotel in GOLDEN PALACE. H…
Enough music for the day. Lemme watch one of the most versatile actors in the world. Don cheadle in Hotel Rwanda
Instead of balding I like to think of myself as preparing ahead of time to play Don Cheadle in the impending biopic.
If it's on Deadline, it must be official. I'm VERY excited about this. via
trump cannot read,acts like every bloody coke Head I've known.So,that's reason enough to be well read.D…
Avengers IRL Mark Ruffalo Don Cheadle and Chris Evans dial up support for CA clean energy law.
Yo forreal, life is straight up so good. Hope y'all have a great week!
Let me b ignorant just this one time i promise
Clues for Monday, September :. 1. Liszt's home country. 2. Terrence Howard or Don Cheadle, who wore it be…
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“You don’t have to be in work to be an actor” DON CHEADLE
Don Cheadle is at the fight. if Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, George Clooney & a Chinese gymnast show up, the Bellagio is in t…
*** of a night. Shot the bull w Jamie Foxx, Don Cheadle (knows his boxing) Paul George and right before bed,,,Chance th…
Question: is it fair to characterize Don Cheadle as best known for his MCU and Oceans movies? He did fine work in Hotel Rwanda & Miles Ahead
Our global brand ambassador Don Cheadle opens the first bottle of on South African soil.
The guy who plays black panther Will Smith Morgan Freeman Micheal b Jordan and Don Cheadle
Adam Clayton Powell gonna pop up in the Thurgood biopic, played by Don Cheadle.
Love that movie... to sure why it isn't more popular. Don Cheadle, James Earl Jones, Forrest Whitaker, Eriq La Salle
Reign over me with Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler
And Jon Jones is Terrance Howard as War MacHine before being replaced by Don Cheadle in IM 2.
Kendrick is NASTY for having Don Cheadle in the "DNA" video aka the original "Kung fu Kenny" From Rush Hour 2.
Watching Don Cheadle in the DNA video like
TIL Kendrick Lamar and went to PF Chang's together after Coachella (+ also who Kung Fu Kenny is)
DNA.: talked to about starring in new video and the Kung Fu Kenny back story ht…
You know you are the man when you have Don Cheadle in your videos goin bar for bar! "DNA"(2017)…   10% Off
.talks having to cram lyrics, not realizing that he was the original Kung Fu Kenny
Don Cheadle: you know what DNA stand for?. Me: Deoxyribonu-. Don: Dead Ni**a Association. Me:
Kendrick DNA video is a masterpiece. Don Cheadle rapping is my new favorite thing.
Don Cheadle to depict Wall Street's first black millionaire in new film
The Kendrick Lamar - DNA music video w/ Don Cheadle was inspired by the film "The Day The Earth Stood Still" star…
The Producers, starring Don Cheadle as Leo Bloom, Terry Crews as Max Bialystock -- yes, I know Nathan La…
Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle on set of Iron Man 2 wearing their iron suits lol
Brooklyn's Finest! . Don Cheadle and Wesley Snipes storyline was so good the movie could have just been about them!
I hope I like Hap and Leonard because I like Michael Kenneth Williams. He's up there with Don Cheadle, Jeffrey Wright and Mahershala Ali.
Yall called them Whoopi Goldberg and Don Cheadle? Y'all ridiculous, fam.
Don Cheadle is black and Lyndon Johnson is dead.
If you look like Don Cheadle and your voice sound like Louise Jefferson then ma'am natural isn't for you.
And it arguably has one of the best casts ever: Mark Wahlberg, Don Cheadle, Julianne Moore, William H. Macy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, etc
Kickstarter to buy a Picket Fences photo of Fyvush Finkel, Ray Walston, and Don Cheadle for wife’s cubicle dot com
TY Don Cheadle & ppl who've actually watched Tropic Thunder! Ppl who understand that showing the ugliness of blackface w…
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Classic buke and a *great* film starring Don Cheadle, directed by Carl Franklin who did One False Move.
Joseph Fiennes in RISEN, Alden Ehrenreich in HAIL, CAESAR!, Don Cheadle in Miles Ahead, Glen Powell in EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!
Every movie with Don Cheadle as Rhodey makes me happy Don Cheadle is Rhodey. He is in every way better than Terrence Howard.
They gotta be more consistent with the faces of their characters. You cant make War MacHine go from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle
I've always loved Don Cheadle and Jeffery Wright and even Sam Jackson.
Don Cheadle embodies the character Marty Kaan perfectly 💯
Don Cheadle can't even pretend to care that Tim Robbins died. Nor can I, nor can I. MISSION TO MARS (2000)
Despite playing a major character, Don Cheadle was uncredited for his work in -- ever wondered why?
It's intoxicating when somebody is so unapologetically who they are - Don Cheadle speaks
In this virtual-reality film with Don Cheadle, you play the bartender who sold him out
Finally got around to watching Miles Ahead. Wow. Don Cheadle, director, cowriter, title role, just amazing.
I liked a video Pictionary with Kevin Bacon, Don Cheadle and Nick Jonas
This was interesting. Wish I had a headset.
We're revealing more portraits of some of the actors in our Great Performers V.R. films: Don Cheadle, Ruth Negga and Natalie Po…
I went with Grant, Farrell, Mortensen, Gosling, and Don Cheadle personally.
Anna Kendrick, Don Cheadle and Laura Dern are set to announce the nominees for the 2017 Golden Globe Awards this Monday (12/12)!
What’s it like to star in a film with Don Cheadle, Natalie Portman and more? Experience it in virtual reality.
Anna Kendrick, Don Cheadle, Laura Dern to present nominees on Monday
Don Cheadle, Laura Dern and Anna Kendrick will announce the nominees for the 74th Annual Golden Globe® Awards on Monday,…
Slide a drink to Don Cheadle, say your last goodbyes to Kristen Stewart and more in our latest V.R. films
If Leonardo DiCaprio even tries to make a Captain Planet movie without Don Cheadle...
I appreciate her interest. But can I get coffee before we start discussing Fox/Disney/Sony and Terrence Howard vs Don Cheadle
black: either Don Cheadle, Morgan Freeman or Sam L. Jackson. general: Daniel Day-Lewis
I have already spotted bit parts from Don Cheadle and Hank Azaria that I'd either forgotten about or didn't know who they were first time
Kevin Hart: What Now? starring Kevin Hart, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle is reviewed by Alonso Duralde and Christy Lemir…
watching Iron Man 1 is so awkward now. where's Don Cheadle at?! lol
I thought the only way to do that was to get robbed by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, et al.
I am having a hard time believing that Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Williams & Don Cheadle are Trump supporters.
Also, why do I need to be lectured to by Don Cheadle? Or Scarlett Johansson? Who are they to tell me who to vote…
I've always gotten Don Cheadle and Michael Kenneth Williams mixed up lol
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Cause Celeb: George Clooney, Don Cheadle present report on war crimes in South Sudan
George Clooney & Don Cheadle announce findings of investigation into role of corruption in South Sudan conflict.
Remind me why we don't all stan Don Cheadle more???
And who care what Don Cheadle says anyway, I mean really who cares l vote Trump now 2016
Behind the scenes with Don Cheadle: "Climate change is real and we must act." - Environmental Defense Fund (blog)
And honestly I hadn't heard of Chris Evans, Anthony MacKie, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, or Jeremy Renner before the mcu
Do you think they will go back to Ironman 1 and reshoot scenes to replace Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle?
Are you really related to Don Cheadle? . Are you and Brandon lee brothers? . Why do you always have a attitude?
What are you doing on Tuesday? Head over to Sahalee and you could watch Ken Griffey, Jr., Don Cheadle, Drew Scott...
Ex: Terrence' Howard was 39 in 2008 (Lt Col), Don Cheadle was 46 in 2010, Anthony MacKie was 36 (unclear rank).
Edi Gathegi gives me major Don Cheadle vibes
you guys have to watch Reign Over Me starring Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. I'd say it's phenomenally heart-wrenching.
Don Cheadle looks like everybody's uncle, seeing RDJ and Howard grow would have been great
I love Don Cheadle, but I thought Terrence Howard was more fun in that role.
This pilot for Sidekicks starring Ernie Reyes jr is so epic. Spotted Wayne from Wonder Years and Don Cheadle.
Hamilton Collection
Don Cheadle is brilliant on House of Lies. Michael B Jordan killed Creed. Anthony MacKie played Falcon pretty well
Don Cheadle accidentally mentions Robert Downey Jr. and patiently waits 15 minutes for the crowd to stop cheering.
Does anyone remember from 1988, Sean Penn, Robert Duval, young Don Cheadle, Leon, Damon Wayons, Mario Lopez what an all star cast
You are all fired. Why am I just now watching House of Lies? Don Cheadle's character and his relationship with his son is amazing!
Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis; Hollywood and race; Nick Young on cycling; Richard Shelton on landscape – & much more. App edition now available
Wow. Just left the theatre ! . I loved it. I wanna watch it again and again. Don Cheadle Aced it!…
Don Cheadle directs and stars as the jazz legend Miles Davis in Miles Ahead - opening Friday!
They finally got that Don Cheadle emoji 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Never forget Don Cheadle is the original GOAT
ah I'm in Hospital Cheadle at mo just waiting to have some nerve tests don't think I will get out for an hour
29) Don Cheadle should've been War MacHine from day one.
Don't forget you can dine in with us... . Open till 11:30pm ! .
Don Cheadle’s and Ethan Hawke’s new jazz movies miss what makes jazz great: via
Fake history by letlive is one of the best albums I've heard thus far. Many memories.
even when Don Cheadle is in his fancy War MacHine outfit, this is all I'm thinking of.
Lord of War, starring Don Cheadle and Terry Gilliam. Directed by David Cronenberg, music by Camera Obscura. Budget: $100m
We saw 'Miles Ahead' last night. A different side of the artist and 1970s NYC.
I can't look at Don Cheadle the same way anymore after he did Captain Planet.
don cheadle doppelgänger on my bus this morning into work, that's how I know it's NOT really him
Donald's I'd rather be president that Donald Trump include but are not limited to:. Donald Duck. Ronald McDonald. Donald Glover. Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle still gets no love from me as Rhodie.
of Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in Miles Ahead also starring Ewan McGregor and… https…
so Don Cheadle didn't make it into work that day then I take it.
Don't forget to go out and vote today as I said I'm backing Liz Marron in Cheadle Hulme North
Check out tomorrow at 11am PST for my interview w/ Don Cheadle about War MacHine, Captain Planet, Volcano and crotch-grabbing.
Checked out Don Cheadle's "Miles Ahead" today. A solid effort. Forget what the critics say. Judge the film for yourself. Thumbs up, DC👍🏾.
The made Iron Man,Spiderman,Vision,Don Cheadle the feds frfr and we gone say none bout the girl she fake bruh
Don Cheadle will carry your crutches, and 31 other things we learned by hanging out with him
Me: I'm bout to cook your pool noodle built a-. God: Profanity.. Me: B you look like Don cheadle. God: y'all jih do lo…
I prefer film to TV because of the amount of time film affords you that TV ...
The actor and director Don Cheadle visits a record shop with the BBCs Mark Savage and talks about how Miles Davis inspires him.
I remember like 9 mins of that 95 min movie. Slow, kinda dull, with an ambiguous yet hopeful ending. Don cheadle was good tho.
of course. Denzel & don cheadle always stick together😆 seriously you were great. God bless.
📷 dailymarvelpoc: Don Cheadle and Anthony MacKie behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War
I liked the movie Miles Ahead about Miles Davis and starring Don Cheadle.
Remi just said that Don Cheadle plays Miles Teller in Miles Ahead.
Golden Palace taught me the valuable lesson: when u need to replace Bea Arthur, call Don Cheadle and Cheech Marin.
Don Cheadle is easily one of the top actors out there today; kind of like a male Meryl Streep
You think Marvel has ever considered going back and redoing all of Terence Howard's performance in the first Iron Man with Don Cheadle?
Miles Ahead the Miles Davis film is totally brilliant. Don Cheadle is astoundingly good. Oscar good.
Don Cheadle. Miles Davis. in theaters nationwide this Friday.
No one, absolutely no one, could've played Miles Davis like Don Cheadle did in Miles Ahead. Dude was perfect for that role
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Robert Downey, Jr., Don Cheadle, Emily Van Camp, and director Anthony Russo...
On today's show.Actor, Don Cheadle! (Boogie Nights/ Iron Man/ Rat Pack/ new film about jazz legend Miles Davis "Miles Ahead" out today!).
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Marvel should do reshoots of Iron Man 1 to replace Terence Howard with Don Cheadle
While Secret Service watches Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, and Casey Affleck just robbed the Fe…
Toronto friends! Don Cheadle's Miles Davis film Miles Ahead opens this Friday at VARSITY theatre- See U there!
If you've never seen Rosewood take the time out to watch it. It has Don Cheadle, Ving Rhames, Elise Neal, Esther Rolle, & some other people
Robert Downey Jr, Don Cheadle and Paul Bettany - press conference [10/04/2016]
Don Cheadle & Emayatzy Corinealdi talking steamy love scenes will make you giggle:
Off to watch with a Q&A with 'Mouse' himself Don Cheadle at Curzon Mayfair tomorrow | Any going?
Don Cheadle: 'I wanted to create a film that Miles Davis would want to star in'
Check out the biopic on Miles Davis starring Don Cheadle! Our now!
Just saw Miles Ahead and ummm Don Cheadle is Miles Davis. Really great film
Don Cheadle's struggle to bring Miles Davis' story to the big screen by
‘It has to be hot. It has to be creative’: Don Cheadle on his 10-year quest to play Miles Davis
Miles Ahead review: Don Cheadle is reverent without much to say
REVIEW: Don Cheadle's is a very daring kind of music biopic
- 'Captain America: Civil War' News, Spoilers: Don Cheadle on Rhodey's Fate; MCU Supercut Explains the Road to 'Ci…
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Ewan McGregor and Don Cheadle at New York premiere of Miles Ahead via
And then this: Miles Ahead, starring and directed by Don Cheadle. Very intriguing.
"We had to get a white actor to make this movie go." - Don Cheadle on 'Miles Ahead'
Don Cheadle to attend red-carpet gala for 'Miles Ahead' premiere in Cincinnati via
"If he was alive now, he'd probably be working with - Don Cheadle on Miles…
Tonight at 6:30pm: Free talk with Don Cheadle about his film Miles Ahead, which opens 4/1
Doin' the job w/on the editing tip. SXSW: Tony Visconti, Don Cheadle, Kool Keith and More
We'll be talking to Harry Edwards about the NCAAs. And next week to Don Cheadle about Miles Davis. Last week, FOLEY!
Don Cheadle discusses his portrayal of the legendary Miles Davis in the film
Don Cheadle as Miles Davis, Ewan McGregor as white bridge character. 'Miles Ahead' trailer:
Idris Elba brought Africa back nobody done Africa that big on the Big Screen since Don Cheadle and y'all just gonna ignor…
If Gerrard Butler can play an Egyptian God, then Don Cheadle can play in the George Washington biopic.
I've now had two dreams that I was in a movie doing a sex scene. One with young Bernie Mac and the other with old Don Cheadle.
Don Cheadle's great Miles Davis opens in April! Impressed by Sundance screening:
Don Cheadle is beyond cool in the trailer for Miles Davis biopic watch:
Don Cheadle as Miles Davis tops this list on this week's post over at the
Here's your first look at Don Cheadle as jazz musician Miles Davis in upcoming biopic:
Watch: Don Cheadle stuns in new 'Miles Ahead' trailer:
Check out the Miles Ahead trailer featuring Don Cheadle as Miles Davis.
Don Cheadle couldn't leave it alone good he? Was front of house in Golden Girls spin off "Golden Palace". And ran Hotel Rwanda
I'd watch a movie that was just Don Cheadle and Kate Hudson watching the Super Bowl.
Don Cheadle (making the festival rounds to support his Miles Davis biopic.
he has Jennifer Lopez, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Andy Garcia.The list goes on.
wasn't that Dexter fletcher? The slate was clean then Don Cheadle appeared in Oceans Eleven, channeling the spirit of van ***
Jeremy Renner, Dave Bautista, Paul Rudd, Paul Bettany, Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, and last but not least, Robert Downey Jr.
*** .. Bet them white peoples treat you like you black as Don Cheadle. Self-hating ***
My test proctor looked like a giddy Don Cheadle.
it’s like when Don Cheadle Captain Planet says as he is leaving: “don’t summon me again unless you’re ready for that pain”
Tommy Lee Jones’ character in Volcano is my spirit animal. I’d settle for Don Cheadle too.
They should’ve cast Don Cheadle for Concussion. Will Smith is one of my favorite actors but.. nah
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.As I explained to you before, AGW is NOT all a hoax, but CAGW IS all a hoax
There is no finer speech in cinema than Don Cheadle's final monologue in "Hotel For Dogs".
Why is Don Cheadle on my TV? It's because I'm different. But maybe I'm just a coward.
Why it look like Don Cheadle at 11 seconds 💀💀💀
lol yeah it was cool, once you got past his accent. I feel like Don Cheadle woulda done better justice to the role though.
Don Cheadle and Nicholas Cage on Christmas, great stuff
With enough force, even the humble yam can be a deadly missile.
Happy cinco de mayo guys. Today marks the birth of Santa & remember to be safe when trick or treating for turkey cuz f…
Some of you people can't spend one day with your families smh
Better recasting Terrance Howard to Don Cheadle or Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo?
Don't forget to wish Merry Christmas today everyone. Merry Christmas Don Cheadle.
Don't think I'll ever find a nicer Indian than that tiffin room in cheadle 😍😍
When are they going to digitally remove Terrence Howard from Iron Man and replace him with Don Cheadle?
Danny Glover would be a great Scrooge. With Don Cheadle as his nephew Fred!
I can't wait to see Don Cheadle play Miles Davis!
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Can't wait for the next episode. It apparently guest stars Don Cheadle
I wish don cheadle was going to FYA
I want to date a Don Cheadle or a Jason Momoa
Don cheadle time, get extra black on em'
Lots of real, true things at the ever-expanding https:…
very clever real come & hang! ill show u a good time even if Don is boring!)htt…
One more day to win a trip to hang out w/me & this dufas on set & support https:…
Last time a *** approached me I left dude looking like Don Cheadle in Meteor man
I was pretty happy with myself it was a closer call that Don Cheadle
You are what you do. Not what you say.
"You turn Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle and nobody notices."- Samuel L. Jackson in
Miles Ahead: Don Cheadle on doing Miles Davis justice on screen
I bought it from cheadle Royal and I don't have a necter card
Nobody puts Don Cheadle in a corner. - Are you pumped or what?!
White woman said I look like Don Cheadle once and she almost caught some hands
hi I'm at spinningfeilds & Cheadle this weekend, don't hesitate to call or email
how bout yall do a film on George Washingtons life and have don Cheadle play him and we'll be even.
don't forget Don Cheadle with the multiple hats as the guardian angel
You know what's a good Christmas movie people forget about? Family Man with Nicholas Cage and Don Cheadle
Just dropped barbell on Don Cheadle he's dead I'm on the run I should never take steroids but I love so come at me c…
Actual selfie from the scene. On set for 'House of Lies' with Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle.…
If you don't like me talk to my attorney Don Cheadle 😊
Fassbender and Hardy need to end before he does. Heck, Gary Oldman, Ray Winstone & Don Cheadle are owed Oscars
Buck Allen, not 2b confused w Don Cheadle's character in Boogie Nights, Buck Adams. Pardon me 4 that
Don Cheadle about to start lobbying for the lead role in the Tony Snell biopic
Walked by Don Cheadle and my 14yo son asked me "isn't that the guy that wears the sidekick Iron Man suit?"
i wonder if fewer people would eat Rabbit Stew if it was instead called Bunny Rabbit Stew.
Man to my left,. Homeboy Friar Brown,. Don't mess with him,. He'll get the whole choir down.
[Don Cheadle sneaks into your home, takes your Oreos and leaves the toilet seat up so you blame it all on your man]
Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins and Don Cheadle... If this guys couldn't get me to watch it all without fastforwarding, Van Kilmer sure af won't.
First Look: Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in biopic 'Miles Ahead' via
Don Cheadle's Mouse performance. "if you didn't want him killed why you leave 'em with me."
Don Cheadle's English accent in the Oceans films is just something else...
Any movie with Samuel L, Don Cheadle or Michael B. Jordan in it is an automatic classic
Don Cheadle killed his depiction as Earl Manigault. Jamie was otherworldly in Ray. Will Smith as Ali was comically bad.
All I know is, I'm looking forward to Don Cheadle's Miles Davis film
and Don Cheadle is just getting his feet wet, relatively, on the big stage. Still has that youthful energy.
Rarely pretty when entertainers try to wax political. Don't quit your day job Mr. Cheadle.
So what's happening to Sam Jack, Don Cheadle and Will Smith?
Nailed it. Don Cheadle has a Miles Davis biopic coming out in the spring.
Me after two hours of shooting video and two drinks: “What’s Don Cheadle talking about on the tv?” Matt: “That’s Tim Meadows."
Jermaine's ministry of mittens for charity event put on by Don Cheadle and John Marinara Cena. Act II: volume V (dawn of Carter IV)
Guy Pearce vs. Don Cheadle in Whose side are you on? Stream it now on Tubi TV:
Man, this Don Cheadle guy on the Clippers does a great Jamaal Crawford impression.
Don Cheadle's about to be playing War MacHine, Hawkeye AND Falcon in the coming MCU movies. cc:
Here's our first glimpse of Don Cheadle as Miles Davis:
Ending with this morning's press screening of Don Cheadle's Miles David biopic (@ Walter Reade Theater)
Don Cheadle plays Miles Davis in upcoming film.
I am looking fwd to Don Cheadle portrayal of Miles. As good as John Douglas Thompson's? via
Ant: See an exclusive clip of Don Cheadle playing Miles Davis!
“Crash” is about racial and social tensions in LA. Stars Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon. Screening on 9/30
I don't even watch Empire, but if got replaced by Don Cheadle, I wouldn't bat an eye.
Don Cheadle's suits have improved immensely from season one to season two.
Slowly caressing a voodoo doll of Don Cheadle
If you like Tommy Lee Jones and Don Cheadle you have to watch it!! The Sum Of All Fears is another good one
Claudia Wells to Elizabeth Shue, Terrance Howard to Don Cheadle. Two of my favorite franchises have that in common.
So… The Martian is basically Mission to Mars from Don Cheadle's perspective? Cool.
Don Cheadle is the head of the Manchester Mafia.
Don cheadle is my favorite actor...
Don Cheadle not impressed with my 9mm.
Peter Kay accent in is nearly as bad as Don Cheadle cockney accent in Oceans 11
Ac Slater for saved by the bell is in it and so is Don Cheadle kid as well
That's Ernie Reyes, Jr. lighting up Don Cheadle and his crew while the jerk brother from Wonder Years watches.
Oh nice, Volcano is on. Tommy Lee Jones, Don Cheadle, Anne Heche. Music by Randy Newman. Classic.
Jessica Lange, Don Cheadle and more react to Emmy nominations
I knew that was Don Cheadle when I saw him
On the actors side: Will Smith and/or Don Cheadle MAY make the short list of nominees
That's so backwards. But hey welcome to good ole muricah'.
Why is it commonplace to work yourself to death, wait till 50 to retire then try to live?
Is it the real African American hours yet
Watching House of Lies. Can't get past Don Cheadle's baggy *** suits. Rich as *** and can't afford a tailor? Puh-leez.
stay strong. Don't let yourself do it
If your body were bolted to the ground when Earth stopped rotating, then your head would snap off, and it would roll due east
Tiny beneficial mites live on our eyelashes. If you cry, remember: your tears are a terrible flood drowning your wee friends. …
Name of this film w/ Don Cheadle in it? . 1, Fresh . 2, Colors . 3, New Jack City . 4, Boyz in the Hood .
Jeffrey Wright and Don Cheadle are criminally underappreciated
.has picked up Don Cheadle's directorial debut and Oscar contender Miles Ahead
Denzel, Terrence Howard, Leo DiCaprio, Forest Whitaker...all had bad African accents.only Don Cheadle did a good one tbh
Ryan Gosling, Ed Norton, Leo, Benicio Del Toro, Brad, Kevin Spacey, Don Cheadle. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is creeping up on me too
For us, Don Cheadle, Michael Caine far ahead of Depp, Hanks atm. Fassbender falling to Tom Hiddleston.
Don Cheadle's biopic set to debut at 2015:
I will never forgive whoever is responsible for replacing Terrance Howard with Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2.
Mittens for Hands: The Immortal Legend of Don Cheadle. Starring Jermaine "Brashberry" O'neal. Presented by Marinara Intl and your local DMV
Oceans 12 is still sooo good. Except for Don cheadle's British accent :/
If it's the Don Cheadle version of Captain Planet, game! I want to see turned into a tree.
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