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Don Baylor

Donald Edward Baylor (born June 28, 1949) is a Major League Baseball coach currently the hitting coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and a former player and manager.

Vladimir Guerrero Reggie Jackson Vlad Guerrero Phil Niekro

Jim Fregosi, Don Baylor, Bobby Grich, Dave Parker didn't get in. Reggie, Carew, Ryan, Winfield in
As much as we Nigerians and Ghanaians fight, at the end of the day Naija and Ghana run West Africa 😂. Don't @ me tho.
maybe I just been gone too long ... 😂 Baylor don't look like that
Finish Top 10 SEC, get a Big 12 game the next year. OleMiss-Baylor in Oxford 1/28. That's why UM has SEC game tonight & some others don't.
I don't know what's more shocking, that Texas beat Baylor or that now we live in a world where it is shocking that Texas beat…
baylor fans responding to her usually look pathetic. It makes us look bad. Just don't.
I don't have printed evidence from email correspondence at my previous stops but we lost money at Baylor, Miami and GT
I don't care if I am the only student at the Baylor women's basketball game tonight. After all, I want to show my support.
1) Baylor. 2) Bryson DeChambeau. 3) Duke. 4) Cavs. 5) Bryson DeChambeua again. NOT LISTED: Rutger, who don't count as a…
Tough call though, I mean I don't care about NCAAF but like Baylor Penn State Florida State...
They are all moving on so don't think you should worry about it. Change is coming to Baylor.
WMU. Baylor . OK State. Syracuse. Dallas Cowboys. (No, I don't hold grudges. Why do you ask?)
Baylor held Boise to one TD, several INT, sacks, hurries, but don't tell ESPN analyst that
I don't bet because I would have bet lots that 10-win Boise State would beat Baylor on a 6-game losing streak with a re…
Please share this with your analysts so they will stop saying we don't play defense. They literally said that…
Don't envy anyone for a Push harder. Buy your own
follow MU some but actually went to Baylor. A lot of my friends mid 40's that used to care just don't anymore.
Don't forget about Baylor WR KD Cannon as an option for Eagles in mid rounds of 2017 NFL Draft.
don't know how i missed this, but Baylor Nation is hopin 2 see u in green&gold on the court! Coach Drew knows how 2 develop!🐻
These dudes from Baylor come in my job all the time and tell me they don't date black girls because there's none at Baylor 😑 the lies 😂😂
and of course you're a UT fan, I'm sure you don't want to see Baylor come back but unfortunately for you we are
Literally don't know what to do anymore
You will have to let go and Let God at a point dearly beloved. Don't drag your past hurt into your next future. Trust th…
Squad go break you to women you don't even like.
You know any guys good at jigging? — tbh don't nobody be jigging like that at baylor. an...
Baylor has actually been disowned by Texas, so they don't really count.
I don't blame you for the Baylor one!
PSA FOR THOSE WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN: don't lead people on or get their hopes up. tell them your true intentions from the jump.
don't remind me.. I hade baylor -7 to finish an 8 team parlay. Hedged a little at half looking for a middle but still..
Don't envy anyone for a nice car. Buy your own
Don't let the fact that Baylor won the 2016 Cactus Bowl distract you from the fact that, in 2016, Texas lost to Kansas ... in football
Electronic Device Insurance
Yeah and the injuries don't help at all Finn Baylor was on RAW for less then a month it felt and was injured. Hopef…
Scott, don't let that distract you from the fact that Baylor (good) beat OSU (again).
We've played 4 top caliber teams this year (Baylor, Purdue, Kentucky, Virginia) and we've won 2 of those games.
Looking at Baylor player's comments about Art Briles after last night's win and it is painfully clear that they still don't get it.
Don't give someone els your time, if they aren't going to give theirs.
Don't miss the latest in research from Baylor, check out the most interesting research from the bench.
me too, at least you don't have to have the conflict of supporting a team like Baylor
I say only byu and Baylor really don't think ksu can compete tonight but then again I thought we'd beat Miami
When he's a dog but he don't know you're his perfect mate!
Jim Grobe: "I don't think (Baylor) could've hired a better guy than Matt Rhule."
Don't let this Baylor win distract us from the fact that Texas lost to Kansas
Jim Grobe: “I don’t think [Baylor] could have hired a better guy than Matt Rhule."
If Shelbee and I aren't goals, I don't know what is. (Peep the R2C and Baylor merch)
If it doesn't concern you, don't speak on it.
because who wants to goto baylor.. women don't put out there. Try florida.
If you were part of the problem, don't say "We weren't the only ones"! Whining about fairness.
I don't remember how to process good Baylor Football news. Someone plz help.
also my Dad was coach and made me Don Baylor in batting practice. The imprint of the ball on my ribs at 37 years old is proof
Well, we don't want for blacks to kill each other in Africa - or in Chicago, or anywhere else!!
That's right, is the victim. Don't think too hard,
when a boy asks me to Baylor formal but I don't even go to Baylor 🙃
a 5th grader told me today "I would go to Baylor but I don't want to live in the hood!"
Tevin Elliott. And I don't give a *** about Baylor winning. Hire Tom Herman for all I care. But Briles is disgusting.
Don't worry planet Donald will miss the mark.
Your point has been that Baylor has a problem that other schools don't have. It's an unsubstantiated claim.
People try and tell me Baylor isn't a bunch of thugs... Like come on.. You don't get that good, that quick from honest dudes plus $ players.
I know! And no one has any idea. I still don't really get it. And the people on the Hill, few of whom were Acc majors def don't!
If they don't do anything to Briles, then Baylor is essentially saying that a good football team is more important that keeping women safe.
I don't see you focusing on the women being raped by Baylor football players
All you care about is Baylor football. You don't give a *** about the women getting raped on campus
well sure. But as far as this Baylor stuff goes, briles talking won't give you anything helpful. You don't ...
No, I don't. Quit trying to make Baylor the victim. That's shameful.
oh they don't wana write anything on Baylor.
I just don't why Baylor been in the news for it way more recently than every other school in America
most Baylor fans are not rape enablers, we don't like this anymore than you do. Our school is not perfect, neither is UT
I'm as big a Baylor homer as there is but enough is enough. Don't be an *** and put yourself in this position
However, what I don't apologize for is questioning and the rest of the Baylor media for the cowardly coverage of BU troubles.
the words and actions at Baylor don't line up. Until something is actually done, I'll believe the actions.
you don't care about the actual women actually getting raped on the Baylor campus
You don't want to talk about the rapes occurring at Baylor. You want to defer. Typical enabler
The Administration has given leadership on campus the tools to fight sexual assault but organizations and athletic teams don't act.
Man Baylor football sure knows how to pick them don't they?
Don't worry! will take care of this swiftly I'm sure!
Baylor, do you know something that I don't? Or are you accepting dogs as kids now?
in willing to give him one more yr since he was injured. I don't mind the guy from Baylor. He can be a slot guy.
And if the NCAA doesn't come down with some sort of sanctions against Baylor they don't care about women's safety or well being either
Baylor couldn't be more clear by their (lack of) action: they don't care about female students as long as the football team is winning.
As if I don't have to pay enough for Baylor already I'm going BROKE buying coffee because of all the PAPERS/PROJECTS DUE IN THE SAME WEEK
I don't follow him anymore but is a BU fan saying something like the media is just against Baylor and BU did nothing wrong?
Then on Saturday van leaves @ 9:30 for Mazzo's for relay for life carwash. Then lunch. Then games with Baylor. Don't miss out. Fun & service
I never said Baylor is the only one. But you're using an alleged crime at Baylor to lash out at Texas. Don't be a simpleton.
I have an open disdain for Baylor, but this isn't something to brag on. Do be angry. Do be upset. But DON'T be happy that it happened.
don't act like Baylor is the only one. I hate them too but it happens here at OkState too.
Baylor Bears is the Longest Yard of College Football. Don't hate on Strong for his Core Values!!
I truly don’t understand Alex Dunlap though. He covers Baylor with more “maniacal effort” than he does UT
goddamit baylor. fix this. I don’t care what you have to do to fix it just fix it.
There's a name on the Baylor 247 board, but I don't want to make a meme of it.
Baylor friends who've never been to ASA weekend - I don't think y'all fully understand the lituation that's about to arrive this weekend 🔥
If I've learned one thing at Baylor it's that you don't do what you're supposed to do; do what you want to do.
Please don't let facts get in the way of social justice dogma.
also don't think Elgin Baylor's too far removed from that convo, if not in the middle of it.
I don't think I will ever understand why people think it is ok to sit on Judge Baylor's tombstone
Jackson, Ken Holtzman and a minor leaguer were swapped for Don Baylor, Mike Torrez and Paul Mitchell.
if Baylor wasn't so expensive or if I had the money I would probably go there,but I don't feel like paying student loans the rest of my life
I really don't know how many wild pitches Baylor has in this game, but it's a lot.
I don't need to see the future to know they won't. KU is getting one and Michigan St/Baylor will get the other.
I don't think it is either. Using Lunardi's bracket, Utah would have to beat Hawaii, Baylor/SDSU, Okla/ND to get to Elite 8
So glad I don't go to Baylor. I'd be lit if I had to miss
I just don't understand Snapchat. Independence day they didn't even give us a filter
Don't stand in your own way! "7 Bad Habits that Stand in the Way of Your
Don't miss last two paragraphs re chummy back&forth for Baylor. Not one tough question.
Arrghh I weak.. I don't even know cos I wasn't even thinking of sex or anything 😩
Competition in Big 12 has been great, but I think they'll falter in the NCAAs. Don't see Baylor, ISU, Okla, TTU or Texas making Sweet 16.
The final note: don’t bet on Baylor or college basketball, ever.
I don't quite understand why this grocery store in Chicago carries Baylor lighters, but nonetheless.
And I think it’s pretty clear that universities don’t uh, like booting rapist athletes who bring in $$$.
I don't recall rg3 running read option at Baylor. But now it's the perfect offense 4 him. Seems like he's being profiled to me.
Absolutely the best time of year. At least you don't have to sweat with Baylor!
I'm sure u don't remember me but I was the Baylor ball girl I looked up 2 as a basketball player!! I even went 2 the camp❤️XOX
I don't take losses well, but it helps me understand the other side, like when Baylor has a 3 gm home L streak and beats us.
I really don't like Baylor. There's something about Baylor that I just don't like. FB amd both basketball teams.
Don't know if you could it well, but the fans completely took over the Texas cheer in between quarters.
coming in from college they thought that?!?!? Baylor and TCU don't have a offense they call plays at the line
fit seems good-- sound character-- but we don't need another injury risk at QB
Don't they still have Wright who played at Baylor w/ RG3?
Can't watch the UT vs Baylor game tonight bcs I don't even get that channel 🙃
When u Glo up don't act like everybody was against u when u wasn't SHiNE-ing. Glo up and keep it 💯 still
I didn't use my day well so I can't indulge this 'I really don't feel like studying tonight' mood 😏
I don't know where these pictures came from but hey guy 👻💯😈
Actually, no. Elgin Baylor had 55 his rookie year. Why do I know this and you don't?.
Little Giant Ladders
I don't really care if you know what this is for or even know me that well tbh just click Baylor
yeah that'd be great. Could've beat them then, and we're much better now. Don't know much about Baylor This yr tho
Bob Huggins' response to question about Jonathan Holton's ankle, hurt Sat vs. Baylor: "He's in the training room as we speak. I don't know."
when I sent out to Baylor last time I heard his song! I STILL think it's the funniest thing ever! Don't wrong our babies!
I'm not saying she doesn't. I think Baylor has a great shot at taking it all. Don't care for her tactics.
The troubles of oau students, we really don't like books, we just pretend we do
I don't know why people hate exam period😂
But the way you grow pah. They don't respect. They should just look at your Avi
I don't care who you where . I care who you are and I'm more concerned whit who you're working to become. . - Baylor Barbee
just transfer to Baylor - they don't do anything about those crimes...especially if it's an athlete.
I hope they get it done. But after their last game against Baylor. Um I don't know if it's gonna happen.
oh my god so does Baylor. I don't think they ever grow out of it 😂
‼️-hi friend 😊u don't speak to me nomo but we gonna be Baylor 🐻💚buddies soon and I hope your relationship last a long time 😍😩
my mom just asked why don't I go to Baylor 💀
bro jus cuz we ain't win so much last few years don't mean we ain't turnin it round we beat Baylor and OU cuzzz
Quality sign from a Baylor fan "my mama don't like yOU and she likes everyone"
I just got back home from Baylor and my mom is already complaining that I don't do anything. 😒
On a positive note, I don't think the northern fans will be there to pull for Baylor.
Don't get discouraged ... Look how long it took Kevin Owens , Finn Baylor & Cesaro to make it to WWE - embrace the journey... Keep workin...
Now I don't have to be mad at you for your Baylor cracks. You've suffered enough.
Wonder what happened to the high school girls who were always saying "I don't date high school boys"
The Helen Baylor testimony song is always bringing me to tears, When she says I'm not glorifying him, I don't belong to u 🙏
I don't look at life as a battle or as a fight. I don't think I'm scrappy. We have doctors at Baylor College of
When your ✈️ is delayed:. Stay positive. Repeat:. "I don't go to "I don't live in "Riff Ram Bah Zoo". I feel…
women don't average 9k. More like 6k. Jason is right- Baylor needs to be at 6-7k max.
I have to rest my eyes now. I don't knows if it was the refs or the Baylor uniforms.
no it's very light. Supposedly WVU and Baylor are part of the top. Mark my words- even KU and OU don't make elite 8
Texas-Baylor split two games this season. “At the end of the day, they don’t like us and we don’t like them.”
Remind me to never fall around Baylor fans. Geez. Don't sprain anything helping a guy up, you lazy Baptists.
Yesterday's Trivia: Name the members of the Angels Hall of Fame. Answer: Gene Autry (2011), Don Baylor... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Don Baylor in 1995 and Jim Tracy in 2009 won for Colorado.
Anthony Rizzo, the likely runner-up to Harper in MVP race, joins Don Baylor as only player in history with 30 HRs/30 HBP …
Ron Washington,Lloyd McClendon and Don Baylor can be on my coaching squad.
What the heck did you do Don Baylor! Everyone looking good! What a 4th of July Explosion
ok we get it it's the Fourth of July you don't need to put 200 seconds worth of fireworks on your snap1!1!1
"Americans ask me out, honeybun. You don't get asked nothin'". -Baylor
L L2000Chicago Quarterly magazine, Don Baylor, with card sheet
At the end of the day, I can't help but talk about the fact that I think Baylor has a crooked athletic department and that they don't care
L2000Chicago Quarterly magazine, Don Baylor, with card sheet
Congrats Baylor :) don't know why u ain't on main roster yet? Gfw u thinking what I'm thinking?;)
Happy 4th from Baylor Sports Nutrition! Don't forget, drink water too!
don't forget where you came from Baylor is just now becoming relevant and hasn't ever proven prolonged success.
They need Don Baylor's Kangaroo Court to fine these guys big time for dumb plays & not knowing how many outs or counts!
If you ain't talkin Baylor I don't wanna talk
If you hear a quote this don't assume he actually said it:
1987 World Series: Don Baylor was called out here in Game 7...he was actually safe.
Thankful I don't go to Baylor or UT because 35 is a terrible highway with stupid drivers
I don't hate Baylor players. I'm just playing the ball where he lays.
Baylor leaves TX once in two months and, in the 6 other games, they don't travel more than 100 miles. SMDH. Pathetic.
Good safeties & a good nickel is a MUST in this conference. Don't have them and see :OU vs Baylor last yr.
*likes the smell of my chapstick*. Baylor: I wanna taste it. But I don't like taking it right off the stick so you'll have to figure that out
I don't think it's possible for me to get Baylor. By next RTTC I should be able to get a greats card
I keep getting put in these Baylor gc's that I don't even remember asking to join but it's cool
i don't see the difference between Baylor Plus 5 or Plus 7, ***
But you understood my point was I don't want AU buried in 16-team league w OU while, say, Baylor plays no one.
Remember when Anaheim *settled* for Scoscia after Cubs beat them to Don Baylor? Cubs've had 7 mgrs. since
REALLY BAYLOR!? I don't know why I expected differently.
If I have to fight for your attention then I don't want it ✋🏼
Don't even want to think about my Baylor Bill. 😢
Nah I don't even go to Baylor, you got it
If we're in a relationship I don't care how many people flirt with YOU.. But It's what you say BACK that really matters.
Kodie and Baylor don't allow maddy's bandeau
have problem opening up. They don't give away their feelings to anyone easily.
Like Baylor will be better than us 😂😂. Lolz don't lie to them.
me too! I don't know my scores at all, only the tests that Baylor gave me credit for :/
When Baylor has your AP scores but u still don't get them for a week
well I hope you don't burst and explode or else we would have to watch Baylor football back at Floyd Casey lol
"The worst part about Netflix is when a main character is in trouble I don't worry because I know there are 3 more seasons."…
don't see them winning at TCU and they are Baylor so they will mess up somewhere else too
Hmm that I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me.
Hearing there may be some issues with the Baylor statement change that don't actually make it a policy change. Hope someone will report it.
good luck at Baylor. I don't blame you for leaving. If I were Corbello, I would leave, too.
I'm sorry I couldn't see ya all the time but you know how Baylor is so don't play
excuse me if I don't reply to your meaningless remarks. I just don't care to fool with stereotypical feminist bs.
not once have I ever watched tosh.0, if never think of swearing at my mom. I don't eat sandwiches, but I bet you make them😉
because girls don't even bother to talk to me if I'm not 6ft.
People that don't know my dog is named Baylor probably think I'm crazy.. 😂
Mike Trout was announced by the BBWAA as the 2014 American League Most Valuable Player live on Thursday night. After finishing second in each of the past two seasons, Trout finally took home the prestigious award. Trout joins Vladimir Guerrero and Don Baylor as the only players to be…
Rick Renteria had more wins in his first season then Dale Sveum, Mike Quade and Don Baylor. And just as many as Jim Riggleman.
I'm a big Don Baylor fan! Kevin Long would be a sexy choice. Reggie Smith is very good. Couple of Julio Franco requests.excellent.
Sometimes during the career of a baseball writer there are long lonely stretches, away from home, away from family, away from friends. If you happened to be a female on the beat back in the day, those long, lonely roads were often treacherous. What made pushing through possible every day? The sightings of the many beacons of light. Those were the safe harbors -- the players, coaches and managers who understood who you were, what you were, and why you were. Some of those were very, very aggressive friendly-neighbor states. No one messed with me or my sisters in arms in front of a Don Baylor, a Dave Stewart, a Goose Gossage, a Steve Garvey. Then there were the quiet ones, who, without fail added peace and sanctuary in the 3 square feet in front of their lockers. Willie Randolph. Don Mattingly. Phil Niekro. Joe Niekro. The Wizard of Oz. And Tony Gwynn. Ever the gentleman, ever the defender of every person's right to do their job with dignity, ever the educator who didn't mind sharing his genius, Tony was a . ...
Fox guys talking about anemic offense. How about hiring a good hitting coach? Don Baylor was great at turning out productive hitters!
long solo HR! 3-1 Spencer had longest average HR in majors last year -- 420 feet. Not many No. 2 hitters have done that. Granado Trout was working with Don Baylor earlier today in BP. Has a solo shot tonight, a long one at that Blake Ward 23 of Trout’s 48 hits this season are for extra bases (10 2B, 4 3B, 9 HR)
hey. So we really don't have to get the diploma for hours for Baylor? Like for real?
As much as I love baylor, I don't like the Baylor cowgirl boots
Anybody ever look at Don Baylor's career stats?. just, wow.
you don't think Baylor has a good football team?
Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on😍 that's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong ☝️
More evidence that hospitals don't police doctor drug problems: Texas hospital failed to stop cocaine-using surgeon
I feel like the people that graduate from Baylor don’t go to grad school…they just kinda exist.
I never knew you committed to Baylor? 😳 but then again you don't talk to me anymore 😔 congrats anyway baby! 👏👏😍
Koi & Baylor don't have a choice tho lmao.
Agree. I don’t think KS replicating Baylor helped him for the long-run.
zac norris I need you in my life pls don't go to baylor stay with me, break up with debra I will love you
I ❤️ Baylor cuz he leaves me in da car and says don't get stolen babe and I'm like thanks bay you da best.
“Sometimes you have to act like you don't care, even when you do.”
I'm already at that point where I don't even want to go to Baylor anymore.
Don't given to the world, your dreams will come true one day.
Guy, Joy Daddy can be Ghana's greatest export but *** don't hear me though.
Pretty amazing to realize Don Baylor was ever a legit base stealer:
When a rich nigguh don't want U.. And no man actually wants to do anything for ya., 3hor na mo b3y3 loyal. Mmoa! 🚶
McCallie vs. Baylor in Spring Fling baseball. Don't you agree they are being very gentlemen-like today towards each other..ha!
Our friend Don Baylor paying homage to one of our beautiful residents. Awesome Don!
KU has cuter boys, but we beat WVU, but I don't want WVU on this momentum swing so I guess you could say I'm torn & ready for Baylor's game
and don't act like Jerry West didn't play with Elgin Baylor & Wilt Chamberlain he had help..
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Angels hire Don Baylor as hitting coach - Baylor, 64, has spent 22...
“Baylor, Caitie , Abel and Ansley being childish. 😒” I don't know what you're talking about
Thank you to my friend Baylor coach Steve Smith for having the courage to say what needs to be said
Baylor don't blow up this mans mentions over his "white HBCU" comment lol
Why y'all don't wanna do BU prom. I dj'd white Baylor's. They call it a formal but it s live. *** always being resistant smh
😴 this *** go to Baylor down the street from Dallas and don't know anybody in Dallas😒 wassup wit yo networkin skills?!
This doctor is ruthless. *** don't yell at me! I came here for some treatment & you want to belittle me. Baylor Hospital is just the worst
Any word on when Don Baylor will be back with the team?
The Collins family has shown me so much love since I met Baylor when we were two. I don't know what I would do without them. 😭💞
When people hating on I don't take it as a bad thing Use it as ur drive to push ur self to be even better in all that u do cuz in the end
Elgin Baylor tried, but the media/ESPN must not have cared, because I don't remember them bringing it up.
I don't even want summer, I just want Baylor!
If I don't personally know you... Or you don't go to Baylor. Won't follow back. Sorry.
I don't this Elgin Baylor ever one a championship. He retired during the 1972 season
Baylor's only two rules/goals for summer are have fun and don't get caught. 😳😂
Nah, he right where he suppose to be bro. He frail'd up that last gm against all the brothers from Baylor. "Don't be scurd" lol
"IDGAF about rumors, I know what I do & don't do 💯👌"
If I drop all my *** for you and we don't work out. Guess what? Now you owe me some *** 😤
Picked out my Baylor football season tickets. I need to figure out where to park the jetski so i don't have to walk.
aww Han!! You're so cute. I will bae don't worry ❤️
i really don't see mcbuckets being good in the NBA. when he went up against long athletic players, he really struggled (Baylor)
"It's funny how I hear stuff about me and it don't even sound 😏😂"yasss
If I ever see somebody eating a taco like this ..Ima just smack it outta they hand bruh. they don't deserve it
Going there, yes. Turning this into a Baylor themed helmet, not sure. I honestly don't know what Step Two is gonna be
Elgin Baylor agrees with me that OKC had no chance even with Ibaka so don't just come at me with your grievances
Don't dwell on mistakes from the past because it will only cause more...
Woman told me "I don't recognize you in your Baylor gear you're always wearing a bowtie." Never worn a bowtie as an adult. .
you don't have to admit it on here , I missed ya too. 💕
Mom:why don't u ever change ur lockscreen (me & Baylor). Me:why do u change clothes everyday . Mom:smart *** 😂😂
I completely forgot we had Don Baylor as our hitting coach
Hitting coach Don Baylor was sitting on a cart watching several take early BP today. A good sign.
Who remembers California Angels spring training in Palm Springs? If the ghosts of this stadium could talk, oh the stories they could tell. Reggie Jackson, Don Baylor, and many more played in this stadium. Anyone remember the year that this era ended?
To all the Yankee fans who screamed "Sell Out!" at Robinson Cano last night, what a joke. You're whole franchise started with the biggest sell out of all time, Babe Ruth! That's right, I said it. And in case you hipocrates all forgot, let me remind you. Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield, Ricky Henderson, Jim "Catfish" Hunter, Phil Niekro, *** Perry, Randy Johnson, Jason Giambi, Don Baylor, Wade Boggs, Jose Canseco, Rick Cerone, ROGER FRIGGIN CLEMENS, Bartolo Colon, David Cone, Johnny Damon, Jacoby Ellsbury, Derek Lowe, Jim Leyritz, John Olerud, Lee Smith, Luis Tiant and David Wells just to name a few. I'm sure I forgot some and interestingly, those last 15 players were just the ones from the Red Sox. So the next time you want to scream "Sell Out!", you might want to look in the mirror as Mark Texeira tosses the ball back to C.C. Sabathia. P.S. ARod!
Don Baylor, Center for Public Policy Priorities,Economic Opportunity Senior Policy Analyst, was the keynote speaker at the Houston Money Week kick-off event at the Houston Branch at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. While speaking about the Texas report card on financial education, he discussed th…
Curse of the Angels strikes again! Josh Hamilton out for most of the season. He was only hitting close to .500 so far this year, now he is sitting with his hitting coach, Don Baylor in an OC rehab center. Thanks Arte!
*Toronto shortstop Jose Reyes injured his hamstring during his first at bat. *Washington catcher Wilson Ramos was knocked out of the opener with a broken hand. *Mets closer Bobby Parnell blew the opening day save and now has a partially torn elbow ligament. *Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson, also touched up opening day, has an elbow problem and heads to the disabled list. *And of course Angels hitting coach Don Baylor broke his thigh bone catching the ceremonial first pitch. Doesn't in just seem that players are more fragile than ever?
Home plate at Angel Stadium is cursed. First broke Morales' leg in 2011 on a walk off HR, then Don Baylor's on a Ceremonial First Pitch.
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Los Angeles Angels hitting coach Don Baylor broke his right leg while catching Vladimir Guerrero's ceremonial first pitch on Monday night. Baylor was unable to standup when his r...
Yikes. Angels coach (and Austin native) Don Baylor breaks his leg catching ceremonial first pitch
WATCH: Angels' first injury of season is broken leg for hitting coach Don Baylor
Vladimir Guerrero threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Angels' opener, and it didn't go well for Don Baylor.
What I thought was weird about opening day yesterday: 1. I was interested to see how the new Instant Replay system would work. Much to my chagrin, It was used by the Cubs first and they of course lost the challenge. 2. Greg Maddux through out the first pitch to his brother in Texas. He is now the as the special assistant to the general manager there. Which I thought he did here, but that probably is not a real job anyway. 3. Speaking of Texas, Prince Fielder doesn’t look good in red. 4. I usually have respect for Milwaukee Brewers fans, BUT NOT THE ONES WHO GAVE RYAN BRAUN THE STANDING OVATION. What the *** is that crap? 5. Elvis Andrus beard is getting more unwieldy and Amish looking. 6. Don Baylor broke his leg while catching the CEREMONIAL first pitch from Vladimir Guerrero. Now THAT is embarrassing. How does that even happen?
OW! It's hard to watch Angel's coach Don Baylor mangle his leg during a first pitch ceremony. Vladimir Guerrero threw the pitch in the dirt, and Baylor's leg went all backwards. Baylor was one of the toughest players of his era.
Vladimir Guerrero first pitch, Don Baylor's knee gives out: via
Don Baylor helped off after catching Vladimir Guerrero’s first pitch - Don Baylor
Don Baylor breaks leg on first pitch
Don Baylor clearly shoulda had a v8 yesterday. who breaks their femur throwing out the first pitch?
This is why old guys should stay in the dugout. via
Holy crap the Don Baylor injury is horrible
Prayers 4 a speedy recovery for Don Baylor!
Angels coach Baylor hurt on ceremonial pitch via Not a good way to start the season
Thoughts and prayers with Don Baylor after he broke his femur during last night's ceremonial first pitch. (VID) .
Talk about bad omens: hitting coach Don Baylor breaks femur catching ceremonial first pitch. |
First Kendrys Morales, now this? When the play the in Anaheim, home plate is cursed!
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It's going to be a long year..Don Baylor breaks his femur on first pitch thrown by Vlad least the Angel bullpen is in midseason form..if the season were to end today..alot of folks would be happy..161 games left..regroup peeps..
Don Baylor - I didn't know he's the Angels hitting coach. Isn't he the guy to hit a HR off Donnie Moore in 1986 Playoffs.
My favorite baseball player of all-time (seriously!) Don Baylor fractures his femur on opening pitch at Angels game
Live every day like you're Don Baylor's leg.
"Don Baylor broke his leg catching Vlad Guerrero's ceremonial first pitch: can't watch that a 2nd time
Breast Cancer Awareness
Going forward, Don Baylor will be the Designated Hitter during ceremonial pitchers.
Vladimir Guerrero threw the ceremonial first pitch at the game tonight and Don Baylor caught it, but he also fractured his femur as he did this. At first I t...
I was talking about Don Baylor, not myself!
Don Baylor breaks femur during ceremonial first pitch
Don Baylor injures his leg catching Vladimir Guererro's first pitch at Angels Opening Day.
I want to give it up to Don Baylor for trying to walk that off.
Angel's Opening Game - Don Baylor Fracturing his Femur: well that ***
Did you catch Don Baylor yesterday. I literally cried!!!
The Angels ’ 2014 season — and Don Baylor’s tenure as the team’s hitting coach — got off to a rocky and bizarre start Monday night when Baylor injured his right ankle while catching the ceremonial first pitch from Vladimir Guerrero and had to be carried off the Angel St...
Bases Loaded: Don Baylor injures leg receiving first pitch from Guerrero: via
LA Angels coach Don Baylor breaks leg on his first day via
Angels' Don Baylor breaks leg in bizarre ceremonial first pitch mishap
Well this is embarrassing. Angels' hitting coach breaks leg on ceremonial first pitch. He'll probably never...
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