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Don Baylor

Donald Edward Baylor (born June 28, 1949) is a Major League Baseball coach currently the hitting coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and a former player and manager.

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Don't want to speculate, but if indeed a concussion, doubtful it would be Hill vs Baylor either. At that point, hav…
I'll be the first to admit JP is the type to get under people's skin…
“Don’t get married EVER!” -my cousin to and I on how her husband doesn’t let her use a thick blanket…
High school baseball players: Please don’t announce that you’ve received your first offer. That’s a really obnoxious t…
You are forgetting how corrupt Ken Starr w/Bill Clinton. Starr abuses led to Starr & Baylor sexu…
I finished my Baylor app and I'm so happy and excited you guys don't know
Boy don’t ever disrespect me like that. I ain’t touched a ball in months and would still bust yo head. Ain’t never…
You can't tell me we don't have the resources to win when Baylor/TCU/Miss St have had more success than us recently.
Oh don’t worry. I️ have this completely under control.
don't worry, I'll always catch you.
looks like it slipped right out from under you... hope you don't mind if I sweep you off your feet too. 😏
I thought Don Baylor was pretty cool.
Just going by memory here are some worse picks: both Juan Gonzalez awards, George Bel…
Don't miss out on your favorite holiday activities due to an injury! The highly qualified team at ca…
In 1976, Don Baylor signs with the California Angels. Later on in his career in 1979, he became the firs…
Don’t miss out on The Baylor Project, featuring Jean Baylor and Marcus Baylor, a husband-and-wife collaboration ste…
Looks like Don Is playing an intense game of solitaire! 😂
Welp one of my new member babies set a reminder and texted me congrats on 5 and a half years with Gage, and if that…
The numbers don’t add up...playing UTEP, Baylor, and Tulane wouldn’t give you the strongest schedule i…
I don't fit in any of my purple dresses anymore, so this is as close as I can get for
Congratulations, ma'am. Don't forget to invite me for the naming.
More impressive though is that they truly bend but don't break- allowing an even lower 76% of their oppo…
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A kid is influenced by parents, who shape values,but children also edit,devel…
Don't know how the young men,&it was a stupid bad act, will develop,& suggest…
Totally agree, i don't like Justin but i want Selena's happiness more than anything !
I’m on Baylor. And while I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull the trigger on Arkansas, they made my fina…
Hollywood studios that don't study their audience may be 'leaving money on the table’ regarding movies featuring ac…
As a Baylor grad I still follow your career. For the life of me I don't understand why you don't get mor…
I don’t get y people hate the Clintons more than others. Take Bill C his sexual case the lead person…
Don't worry, we still send letters! Our letters just take a tad longer to reach y…
Case by case basis.don't know your circumstance, but as a Dad that was my pra…
No,I don't know that and question the accuracy of your assertion.Please cite study and source of study.…
Nah, none of that will mean anything to them if they don’t get a proper su…
Get it right!!! Don’t insult Baylor. Kaepernick did NOT go to Baylor
People talk about PWI/HBCU talk all that don’t matter. I had an academic scholarship to Baylor and told my mama tha…
NCAA would rather have 2 mediocre P5 schools over an undefeated UCF because $. They don't want to be proven wrong…
Q: Did you ever have any fear on any mission incl sound barrier or mach 2. If so how did you get thru it? A: Sure. Ig…
I don't know how this Central Arkansas team lost to Baylor by 41...
In America you don't say "I lack empathy and basic critical thinking skills" you say "I'm just not political" which means,…
. And I don't know who called the police on someone while I was at McDonal…
Texas. Iowa state. Ohio state. Tcu. Texas Tech. Baylor. I watch a lot of CFB. You just don'…
I don't see how this is any different from how the MLB has been trying to speed up the game.
Joey Galloway picked Baylor to win the Big 12. Please don't forget that, never listen to a word he says. He is a certified m…
If you try to skew this or hurt people with this story than you're going to cause multiple…
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- who did you have in the K-State @ Baylor women's volleyball game? It's on ESPN2, but I don't have to tell you that.
Don Baylor or Steve Kemp bat straight up in the air.
I'm a theatre performance major at Baylor University, and we learned about minstrel shows and cultural approp…
Next time somebody tells me go to *** imma stop them mid sentence and say "Don't you know I'm a couple weeks away…
Great job at Baylor hawks!!! We had some fast swimming this afternoon! Don’t forget that we have a meet on Sunday a…
Girl my family is the same way! Don’t even trip...if he can handle it...then it’s fine. He’s YOUR baby! Nobody else…
I genuinely feel like I'm in a one sided relationship with baylor where I give them all my time, effort, and energy…
Today is 30th anniversary of the last afternoon WS game. Don Baylor, Kent Hrbek and high decibels at Met…
Good MGR, fine person. Don Baylor, my 1st big league MGR! Thank you for my call to the major leagues. RIP my friend. h…
Don Baylor put the Angels on the major league map
Sam Shepard, Lee May, Ara Parseghian, Darren Daulton, Don Baylor, Barbara Cook, Glen Campbell. Rough 10 days & is all over it
Mike Trout has a 2B, HR, and 2 R scored tonight. Last player to do that on their birthday? Don Baylor. Of course. L…
Don Baylor, the 1979 American League MVP, died of cancer at the age of 68
Former American League MVP and MLB manager Don Baylor dies at 68.
Former MLB player, coach and manager Don Baylor dies at 68:.
The true legacy of Don Baylor, an MVP and World Series champ, is his legendary toughness.
Don Baylor hit by a pitch 267 times one tough dude .
Dante Bichette, Ellis Burks, Todd Helton, Walt Weiss and others talk about the influence and impact of Don Baylor:
Two in two days: Don Baylor, one of the great outfielders of the 70s and 80s, dies at 68 after a lengthy battle with mul…
Baseball legend Don Baylor has died at age 68. He was a MVP and manager of the year. He died from multiple myeloma.…
Former Phillies star Darren Daulton has passed away from brain cancer, former AL MVP Don Baylor of multiple myeloma
Former Cubs manager Don Baylor dies at 68 from multiple myeloma
Just learned the great Don Baylor died today. Here's a column I wrote about his battle with multiple myeloma.
Don Baylor finished his career in Oakland. He's pictured here with Mark McGwire, & Dave…
Our thoughts & prayers go out to the family of legend Don Baylor, who passed away due to multiple myeloma.
Ex-Major League player and Manager, Don Baylor died today from multiple myeloma, a form of cancer, at an Austin, Te…
Don Baylor, dies after a long brave battle with Multiple Myeloma.
"The minute he retires, he'll have teams beating down his door trying to get him to manage" - Tony La Russa, on Don Baylor in 1986
No disrespect to Bud Black, Clint Hurdle, Walt Weiss, or Jim Tracy, but Don Baylor was my favorite manager
As a child my 2 fav players were Dave Parker and Don Baylor. I'm sad Mr. Baylor died today, maybe he RIP and t…
JUST IN: Baseball great Don Baylor, who played for six teams and later managed two, dead at 68. https:…
Very sad to hear about the passing of my former teammate and friend Don Baylor. RIP 🙏
He was a clutch player and stand up leader. One of the best people I was honored to have known. RIP Don Baylor.
A very sad day with the loss of Don Baylor. Classy. Dignified. Tough. Loyal. Gentleman. Winner. He will be missed.
As a manager, coach and friend, Don Baylor will forever be a part of the fabric of the Colorado Rockies:
We are saddened to hear about the passing of Don Baylor. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family on behalf of Braves Co…
Was fortunate to spend a short amount of time around the great Don Baylor during my time with the .. baseball lost…
Don Baylor has died. He was big part of 1986 pennant-winning team, belting huge homer in that year's ALCS.
RIP Don Baylor, A.L. MVP for Angels in 1979, their first playoff year.
I used to imitate his batting stance & get hit by ball. Great player. Don Baylor. 1st manager. Saw him play a lot…
Prayers to the family of Don Baylor, may peace be with you.
Rest In Peace, Don Baylor. The first-ever manager of the Rockies has passed away at age 68.
Don Baylor, who won MVP with Angels and World Series with Twins, dies at 68 - via App.
The great Don Baylor is gone. Role model for toughness at the plate and quiet leadership outside the lines
Todd Helton on passing of Don Baylor: "This is a terrible shock. The thing I loved about him is that he cared about you, n…
We join our baseball family in mourning the passing of former coach Don Baylor.
Don Baylor, the 1979 AL MVP and the 1995 NL Manager of the Year, passed away Monday. He was 68.
Don Baylor, the former AL MVP and manager of the Rockies and Cubs, has died at age 68
Cancer claims another victim. Condolences to the family & friends of 1987 slugger Don Baylor. He was just 68 yea…
Very sad last few days as baseball loses 2 strong leaders of the past, Darren Daulton & Don Baylor. Two old school tough bas…
Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of former coach Don Baylor. Rest in peace, Groove.
So sad hearing of the passing of Don Baylor. A World Champion in every walk of life. I'll miss you my friend.
Former MLB player, manager Don Baylor dead at 68
Sad news as Don Baylor, an instrumental part of the 1986 Red Sox, has died. He was 68.
We mourn the loss of former Oriole Don Baylor. Our thoughts are with his family.
The mourn the passing of former manager Don Baylor. We send our condolences to his family and friends.
Don Baylor was big, tough, strong, etc. Yet when you met him your first impression was what a gentleman he was.
If you have a stack of cards, you have a Don Baylor in there. . RIP
Don Baylor told me " son you're making a lot of people proud you will never know. You're a true joy to watch "
Oh no. One of the most fabulous and kind gentlemen who has ever graced a uniform. Rest In Peace, Don Baylor
A Sad day in baseball.My prayers for Baylor family.Don was a tough, gracious, kind person.We lost a great man.Honored to h…
broadast by Don Baylor, former MVP and manager of year, dies at 68
The world lost one of the truly great humans. Don Baylor passed away early this am.m. at age 68 after a lengthy battle…
Don Baylor has died at 68. He was the '79 MVP as a member of the Angels and manager of year with the Rockies in '95
Saddened to hear Don "Groove" Baylor died. One of the nicest men I've known unless you were a middle infielder on a DP
Don Baylor, former AL MVP, dies at 68 - Don Baylor, who spent 19 seasons in the majors with six teams and was a...
Still cant believe he passed away RiP Don Baylor. My prayers go out to the family, and friends.
We are deeply saddened by the passing of original Colorado Rockies Manager Don Baylor.
"Former AL MVP Don Baylor Dies of Cancer at Age 68" by REUTERS via NYT
Former MLB OF and manager Don Baylor died Monday from multiple myeloma. He was 68
We are saddened to hear of the losses of Don Baylor and Darren Daulton. We send our condolences to their family, friends and fan…
Don Baylor, former MVP and manager of year, dead at 68
Saddened to hear I've lost another teammate in Don Baylor fierce competitor and huge piece of the puzzle in 86 RIP Groo…
What a baseball life for Don Baylor. As much as he accomplished on the field, he's being remembered first and foremost as a gr…
Rudy Monteagudo Tip: Don Baylor left his mark in baseball through strength and leadership
My gosh. Darren Daulton one day and Don Baylor the next. A part of my adolescence is gone! Two class acts. RIP gentlemen. h…
Clint Hurdle was hitting coach for Rox manager Don Baylor in 1997 & 1998. Baylor was hitting coach for Rox manager…
Don Baylor (center) with A's teammates Fingers, Rudi, Tenace and Bando after final game of 1976. All were leaving Oakl…
Did not expect Don Baylor to meet his demise before Jim Leyland. RIP Don. You set the precedent for 25 years of the worst baserunning.
Jim Fregosi, Don Baylor, Bobby Grich, Dave Parker didn't get in. Reggie, Carew, Ryan, Winfield in
As much as we Nigerians and Ghanaians fight, at the end of the day Naija and Ghana run West Africa 😂. Don't @ me tho.
maybe I just been gone too long ... 😂 Baylor don't look like that
Finish Top 10 SEC, get a Big 12 game the next year. OleMiss-Baylor in Oxford 1/28. That's why UM has SEC game tonight & some others don't.
I don't know what's more shocking, that Texas beat Baylor or that now we live in a world where it is shocking that Texas beat…
baylor fans responding to her usually look pathetic. It makes us look bad. Just don't.
I don't have printed evidence from email correspondence at my previous stops but we lost money at Baylor, Miami and GT
I don't care if I am the only student at the Baylor women's basketball game tonight. After all, I want to show my support.
1) Baylor. 2) Bryson DeChambeau. 3) Duke. 4) Cavs. 5) Bryson DeChambeua again. NOT LISTED: Rutger, who don't count as a…
Tough call though, I mean I don't care about NCAAF but like Baylor Penn State Florida State...
They are all moving on so don't think you should worry about it. Change is coming to Baylor.
WMU. Baylor . OK State. Syracuse. Dallas Cowboys. (No, I don't hold grudges. Why do you ask?)
Baylor held Boise to one TD, several INT, sacks, hurries, but don't tell ESPN analyst that
I don't bet because I would have bet lots that 10-win Boise State would beat Baylor on a 6-game losing streak with a re…
Please share this with your analysts so they will stop saying we don't play defense. They literally said that…
Don't envy anyone for a Push harder. Buy your own
follow MU some but actually went to Baylor. A lot of my friends mid 40's that used to care just don't anymore.
Don't forget about Baylor WR KD Cannon as an option for Eagles in mid rounds of 2017 NFL Draft.
don't know how i missed this, but Baylor Nation is hopin 2 see u in green&gold on the court! Coach Drew knows how 2 develop!🐻
These dudes from Baylor come in my job all the time and tell me they don't date black girls because there's none at Baylor 😑 the lies 😂😂
and of course you're a UT fan, I'm sure you don't want to see Baylor come back but unfortunately for you we are
Literally don't know what to do anymore
You will have to let go and Let God at a point dearly beloved. Don't drag your past hurt into your next future. Trust th…
Squad go break you to women you don't even like.
You know any guys good at jigging? — tbh don't nobody be jigging like that at baylor. an...
Baylor has actually been disowned by Texas, so they don't really count.
I don't blame you for the Baylor one!
PSA FOR THOSE WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN: don't lead people on or get their hopes up. tell them your true intentions from the jump.
don't remind me.. I hade baylor -7 to finish an 8 team parlay. Hedged a little at half looking for a middle but still..
Don't envy anyone for a nice car. Buy your own
Don't let the fact that Baylor won the 2016 Cactus Bowl distract you from the fact that, in 2016, Texas lost to Kansas ... in football
Yeah and the injuries don't help at all Finn Baylor was on RAW for less then a month it felt and was injured. Hopef…
Scott, don't let that distract you from the fact that Baylor (good) beat OSU (again).
We've played 4 top caliber teams this year (Baylor, Purdue, Kentucky, Virginia) and we've won 2 of those games.
Looking at Baylor player's comments about Art Briles after last night's win and it is painfully clear that they still don't get it.
Don't give someone els your time, if they aren't going to give theirs.
Don't miss the latest in research from Baylor, check out the most interesting research from the bench.
me too, at least you don't have to have the conflict of supporting a team like Baylor
I say only byu and Baylor really don't think ksu can compete tonight but then again I thought we'd beat Miami
When he's a dog but he don't know you're his perfect mate!
Jim Grobe: "I don't think (Baylor) could've hired a better guy than Matt Rhule."
Don't let this Baylor win distract us from the fact that Texas lost to Kansas
Jim Grobe: “I don’t think [Baylor] could have hired a better guy than Matt Rhule."
If Shelbee and I aren't goals, I don't know what is. (Peep the R2C and Baylor merch)
If it doesn't concern you, don't speak on it.
because who wants to goto baylor.. women don't put out there. Try florida.
If you were part of the problem, don't say "We weren't the only ones"! Whining about fairness.
I don't remember how to process good Baylor Football news. Someone plz help.
also my Dad was coach and made me Don Baylor in batting practice. The imprint of the ball on my ribs at 37 years old is proof
Well, we don't want for blacks to kill each other in Africa - or in Chicago, or anywhere else!!
That's right, is the victim. Don't think too hard,
when a boy asks me to Baylor formal but I don't even go to Baylor 🙃
a 5th grader told me today "I would go to Baylor but I don't want to live in the hood!"
Tevin Elliott. And I don't give a *** about Baylor winning. Hire Tom Herman for all I care. But Briles is disgusting.
Don't worry planet Donald will miss the mark.
Your point has been that Baylor has a problem that other schools don't have. It's an unsubstantiated claim.
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People try and tell me Baylor isn't a bunch of thugs... Like come on.. You don't get that good, that quick from honest dudes plus $ players.
I know! And no one has any idea. I still don't really get it. And the people on the Hill, few of whom were Acc majors def don't!
If they don't do anything to Briles, then Baylor is essentially saying that a good football team is more important that keeping women safe.
I don't see you focusing on the women being raped by Baylor football players
All you care about is Baylor football. You don't give a *** about the women getting raped on campus
well sure. But as far as this Baylor stuff goes, briles talking won't give you anything helpful. You don't ...
No, I don't. Quit trying to make Baylor the victim. That's shameful.
oh they don't wana write anything on Baylor.
I just don't why Baylor been in the news for it way more recently than every other school in America
most Baylor fans are not rape enablers, we don't like this anymore than you do. Our school is not perfect, neither is UT
I'm as big a Baylor homer as there is but enough is enough. Don't be an *** and put yourself in this position
However, what I don't apologize for is questioning and the rest of the Baylor media for the cowardly coverage of BU troubles.
the words and actions at Baylor don't line up. Until something is actually done, I'll believe the actions.
you don't care about the actual women actually getting raped on the Baylor campus
You don't want to talk about the rapes occurring at Baylor. You want to defer. Typical enabler
The Administration has given leadership on campus the tools to fight sexual assault but organizations and athletic teams don't act.
Man Baylor football sure knows how to pick them don't they?
Don't worry! will take care of this swiftly I'm sure!
Baylor, do you know something that I don't? Or are you accepting dogs as kids now?
in willing to give him one more yr since he was injured. I don't mind the guy from Baylor. He can be a slot guy.
And if the NCAA doesn't come down with some sort of sanctions against Baylor they don't care about women's safety or well being either
Baylor couldn't be more clear by their (lack of) action: they don't care about female students as long as the football team is winning.
As if I don't have to pay enough for Baylor already I'm going BROKE buying coffee because of all the PAPERS/PROJECTS DUE IN THE SAME WEEK
I don't follow him anymore but is a BU fan saying something like the media is just against Baylor and BU did nothing wrong?
Then on Saturday van leaves @ 9:30 for Mazzo's for relay for life carwash. Then lunch. Then games with Baylor. Don't miss out. Fun & service
I never said Baylor is the only one. But you're using an alleged crime at Baylor to lash out at Texas. Don't be a simpleton.
I have an open disdain for Baylor, but this isn't something to brag on. Do be angry. Do be upset. But DON'T be happy that it happened.
don't act like Baylor is the only one. I hate them too but it happens here at OkState too.
Baylor Bears is the Longest Yard of College Football. Don't hate on Strong for his Core Values!!
I truly don’t understand Alex Dunlap though. He covers Baylor with more “maniacal effort” than he does UT
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goddamit baylor. fix this. I don’t care what you have to do to fix it just fix it.
There's a name on the Baylor 247 board, but I don't want to make a meme of it.
Baylor friends who've never been to ASA weekend - I don't think y'all fully understand the lituation that's about to arrive this weekend 🔥
If I've learned one thing at Baylor it's that you don't do what you're supposed to do; do what you want to do.
Please don't let facts get in the way of social justice dogma.
also don't think Elgin Baylor's too far removed from that convo, if not in the middle of it.
I don't think I will ever understand why people think it is ok to sit on Judge Baylor's tombstone
Jackson, Ken Holtzman and a minor leaguer were swapped for Don Baylor, Mike Torrez and Paul Mitchell.
if Baylor wasn't so expensive or if I had the money I would probably go there,but I don't feel like paying student loans the rest of my life
I really don't know how many wild pitches Baylor has in this game, but it's a lot.
I don't need to see the future to know they won't. KU is getting one and Michigan St/Baylor will get the other.
I don't think it is either. Using Lunardi's bracket, Utah would have to beat Hawaii, Baylor/SDSU, Okla/ND to get to Elite 8
So glad I don't go to Baylor. I'd be lit if I had to miss
I just don't understand Snapchat. Independence day they didn't even give us a filter
Don't stand in your own way! "7 Bad Habits that Stand in the Way of Your
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Don't miss last two paragraphs re chummy back&forth for Baylor. Not one tough question.
Arrghh I weak.. I don't even know cos I wasn't even thinking of sex or anything 😩
Competition in Big 12 has been great, but I think they'll falter in the NCAAs. Don't see Baylor, ISU, Okla, TTU or Texas making Sweet 16.
The final note: don’t bet on Baylor or college basketball, ever.
I don't quite understand why this grocery store in Chicago carries Baylor lighters, but nonetheless.
And I think it’s pretty clear that universities don’t uh, like booting rapist athletes who bring in $$$.
I don't recall rg3 running read option at Baylor. But now it's the perfect offense 4 him. Seems like he's being profiled to me.
Absolutely the best time of year. At least you don't have to sweat with Baylor!
I'm sure u don't remember me but I was the Baylor ball girl I looked up 2 as a basketball player!! I even went 2 the camp❤️XOX
I don't take losses well, but it helps me understand the other side, like when Baylor has a 3 gm home L streak and beats us.
I really don't like Baylor. There's something about Baylor that I just don't like. FB amd both basketball teams.
Don't know if you could it well, but the fans completely took over the Texas cheer in between quarters.
coming in from college they thought that?!?!? Baylor and TCU don't have a offense they call plays at the line
fit seems good-- sound character-- but we don't need another injury risk at QB
Don't they still have Wright who played at Baylor w/ RG3?
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Can't watch the UT vs Baylor game tonight bcs I don't even get that channel 🙃
When u Glo up don't act like everybody was against u when u wasn't SHiNE-ing. Glo up and keep it 💯 still
I didn't use my day well so I can't indulge this 'I really don't feel like studying tonight' mood 😏
I don't know where these pictures came from but hey guy 👻💯😈
Actually, no. Elgin Baylor had 55 his rookie year. Why do I know this and you don't?.
I don't really care if you know what this is for or even know me that well tbh just click Baylor
yeah that'd be great. Could've beat them then, and we're much better now. Don't know much about Baylor This yr tho
Bob Huggins' response to question about Jonathan Holton's ankle, hurt Sat vs. Baylor: "He's in the training room as we speak. I don't know."
when I sent out to Baylor last time I heard his song! I STILL think it's the funniest thing ever! Don't wrong our babies!
I'm not saying she doesn't. I think Baylor has a great shot at taking it all. Don't care for her tactics.
The troubles of oau students, we really don't like books, we just pretend we do
I don't know why people hate exam period😂
But the way you grow pah. They don't respect. They should just look at your Avi
I don't care who you where . I care who you are and I'm more concerned whit who you're working to become. . - Baylor Barbee
just transfer to Baylor - they don't do anything about those crimes...especially if it's an athlete.   10% Off
I hope they get it done. But after their last game against Baylor. Um I don't know if it's gonna happen.
oh my god so does Baylor. I don't think they ever grow out of it 😂
‼️-hi friend 😊u don't speak to me nomo but we gonna be Baylor 🐻💚buddies soon and I hope your relationship last a long time 😍😩
my mom just asked why don't I go to Baylor 💀
bro jus cuz we ain't win so much last few years don't mean we ain't turnin it round we beat Baylor and OU cuzzz
Quality sign from a Baylor fan "my mama don't like yOU and she likes everyone"
I just got back home from Baylor and my mom is already complaining that I don't do anything. 😒
On a positive note, I don't think the northern fans will be there to pull for Baylor.
Don't get discouraged ... Look how long it took Kevin Owens , Finn Baylor & Cesaro to make it to WWE - embrace the journey... Keep workin...
Now I don't have to be mad at you for your Baylor cracks. You've suffered enough.
Wonder what happened to the high school girls who were always saying "I don't date high school boys"
The Helen Baylor testimony song is always bringing me to tears, When she says I'm not glorifying him, I don't belong to u 🙏
I don't look at life as a battle or as a fight. I don't think I'm scrappy. We have doctors at Baylor College of
When your ✈️ is delayed:. Stay positive. Repeat:. "I don't go to "I don't live in "Riff Ram Bah Zoo". I feel…
women don't average 9k. More like 6k. Jason is right- Baylor needs to be at 6-7k max.
I have to rest my eyes now. I don't knows if it was the refs or the Baylor uniforms.
no it's very light. Supposedly WVU and Baylor are part of the top. Mark my words- even KU and OU don't make elite 8
Texas-Baylor split two games this season. “At the end of the day, they don’t like us and we don’t like them.”
Remind me to never fall around Baylor fans. Geez. Don't sprain anything helping a guy up, you lazy Baptists.
Yesterday's Trivia: Name the members of the Angels Hall of Fame. Answer: Gene Autry (2011), Don Baylor...
Don Baylor in 1995 and Jim Tracy in 2009 won for Colorado.
Anthony Rizzo, the likely runner-up to Harper in MVP race, joins Don Baylor as only player in history with 30 HRs/30 HBP …
Ron Washington,Lloyd McClendon and Don Baylor can be on my coaching squad.
What the heck did you do Don Baylor! Everyone looking good! What a 4th of July Explosion
ok we get it it's the Fourth of July you don't need to put 200 seconds worth of fireworks on your snap1!1!1
"Americans ask me out, honeybun. You don't get asked nothin'". -Baylor
L L2000Chicago Quarterly magazine, Don Baylor, with card sheet
At the end of the day, I can't help but talk about the fact that I think Baylor has a crooked athletic department and that they don't care
L2000Chicago Quarterly magazine, Don Baylor, with card sheet
Congrats Baylor :) don't know why u ain't on main roster yet? Gfw u thinking what I'm thinking?;)
Hamilton Collection
Happy 4th from Baylor Sports Nutrition! Don't forget, drink water too!
don't forget where you came from Baylor is just now becoming relevant and hasn't ever proven prolonged success.
They need Don Baylor's Kangaroo Court to fine these guys big time for dumb plays & not knowing how many outs or counts!
If you ain't talkin Baylor I don't wanna talk
If you hear a quote this don't assume he actually said it:
1987 World Series: Don Baylor was called out here in Game 7...he was actually safe.
Thankful I don't go to Baylor or UT because 35 is a terrible highway with stupid drivers
I don't hate Baylor players. I'm just playing the ball where he lays.
Baylor leaves TX once in two months and, in the 6 other games, they don't travel more than 100 miles. SMDH. Pathetic.
Good safeties & a good nickel is a MUST in this conference. Don't have them and see :OU vs Baylor last yr.
*likes the smell of my chapstick*. Baylor: I wanna taste it. But I don't like taking it right off the stick so you'll have to figure that out
I don't think it's possible for me to get Baylor. By next RTTC I should be able to get a greats card
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