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Don Banks

Donald Oscar Banks (25 October 1923 – 5 September 1980) was an Australian composer of concert, jazz, and commercial music.

"I'm sorry I'm not great at this, I don't fiddle as much as some of the other MPs"
The only one she's used is Sasha Banks 2. I don't understand what they were trying to do with the other ones
besides. Labour already has one Tony Banks. We don't need another. Isn't it a bit like equity?
My favorite song for a very long time was Smile by Lloyd Banks... don't judge me
Don't be all up on my French toast when that butter come 😂‼️💯
With the regulations today, I don't get why all banks don't just use https:/…
no. Don't get caught doing dodgy dealings while in a high profile job. . Look at the banks rigging Libor etc... Politicians...
I don't understand banks. Why do they attach chains to pens? If I'm trusting you with my money, you should trust me with…
I don't think I'm emotionally or mentally ready for banks' album release on Friday
please can you do a first reaction of new mixtape? I don't know if you like Banks! Let's fu*G go!!!
I don't know why Fred Flintstone wanted to change banks, from what i heard Bedrock Bank's interest on savings is mountain.
we don't see it thru CGSTME and Mudra schemes in Kanpur. Young Entrepreneurs are being told by banks it's not yet available.
Government and banks don't deserve our money they using us .
Imagine we owned banks... The bank teller is taking a bath and you wanna make a deposit!!
I don't really keep up with Robb Banks' music but it's always really good.
To: Black lives matter people. Don't celebrate holidays‼️. From: the system that banks on your money & will kill you at the same time.
hold on don't companies do this every year? You think your banks don't know tax loopholes or Apple?
a 2v1. MSM is in bed with Hillary. So is Wall Street, Saudi Arabia, and big banks. Don't vote for her, she's a total fraud!
⚽ MATCHDAY LIVE: Don't miss a kick from the Banks's Stadium this evening with live text streamed to our website -…
few of yall maybe, I don't know..but most girls I know their head game weak
Don't let banks fool you, the really does have other uses.
Sasha Banks is so beyond overrated it's not even funny. Don't understand the appeal.
Wall Street's shrinking in Asia as Goldman and Bank of America cut jobs via Western banks don't know China
don't forget, the real life Gordon Gekko supported !!
Media worldwide is losing consumer confidence. Printed media 2. Central banks are failing. People in debt. Government don't entertain people
Don't let banks fool you, the blockchain really doeshave other uses.
lol I don't date these older women, just wanna fick that's it..I date someone within my range
. Don't be, most wealthy people don't if they can get away with it. A lot of his money is probably in overseas banks too.
OK. I just want to make sure people don't think we're reporting rumors. Potential buyers hired banks. That's real.
Time to rise up to banks in Nigeria. How tortuous it has become to withdraw money from banks. I don't know if it's peculiar to Anambra
try to add the value to the country and every time don't try to see the things as vote banks. Please grow up.
Sovereign states don't make this decision; traders do: Support for 'dinosaur' banks must end
I genuinely don't think I could ever get tired of Charlotte and Sasha Banks' rivalry.
Most banks don't have an ice cream truck, but does. 😍 🍦
I used to say in interviews that I don't necessarily want to be the first black woman or first
Banks don't get enough credit as one of them ***
tell him don't rob banks, other people, steal, join gangs or commit crimes. And it will all be good.
KE banks, you have a business-model crisis. Don't waste it. My Sunday column
I liked a video from Trel Banks Hate Don't
Why do banks not recognise that people could switch and why don't they try and keep you with better deals?
What do we do with those who don't have a bank account? Roughly 2 million. New technology and mainstream banks can help.
Current balance: R1 080. Available balance: R54. I don't know why banks do this.
not yet. We have it around all are creek ways so normally don't crop it just grass it bc creek way spills it's banks
I don't really understand how this could have ever been happening? Only 2 banks are changing the rules?
We don't need to address climate change, clean water and food, honest banks, etc? Jobs move overseas primarily for low wages.
From what I grew up off from? Lyrically? Kiss, Banks, Budden, Fab & gotta throw Cass if we talkin bars. Don't @ me
SMEs and overdraft users don't get a good deal from banks. trying to work with CMA to make it easier for customers.
If money don't grow on trees why do banks have branches?
they don't see it a corruption. Cos it ends up in their banks eventually.
How can me and you be on the same frequency I don't even speak for free
Brian Roberts owns NBC etc. He's a Jew. Jews don't play fair. How do 2.5% of population get control of big banks, Fed, Treas
How to live safely in a low-rate world ? Central Banks don't know themselves and ask government support.
Ay, where ever you're at in life right now. You better keep doing the same stuff that GOT YOU THERE. Don't switch up for not…
Sat in an uber being lectured by my driver on why I should not be at uni and be allowed a student loan lol ok, banks don't deserve my money
we demand a referendum. This is a democracy and this is our right. Don't be a
She is on video saying Bill would be her Economic Advisor. Don't expect banks to be broken…
"When you don't let women plan their lives or their families, their lives are no longer their own." - Elizabeth Banks
NYC: Trump Tower Fifth Ave. Apparently some people don't like Donald Trump.
I don't care what anyone says, Cheech and Chong will always be one of the funniest movies ever😂
I don't understand why we don't just keep our and use for txns! If we don't trust banks, how will we trust this?
You are correct...btw, I don't have bosses unlike sycophants and vote banks...
M!! Two shockers, Weekend quality followed Monday junk and the drift on THETIS said it all.she's a puller and don't get home💩🙈
Actually, you are losing badly! I don't blame you though. You think taking money from criminal banks is…
Imagine. What if crude prices don't rise or don't rise fast or don't rise enough and traders have to pay to banks
The is that are indifferent, don't think are a threat or not sure what to do
Our Banks don't like Europe. An Austrian bank had $8Bn black hole this year. All EU banks had to cover the deficit.
Awards mean a lot, but they don't say it all. The people in baseball m...
most of us don't change, for the same reason we don't change Banks... the hassle
Another rainy day here in Oklahoma & more hurting for me still don't feel good enough go to Food Banks.FeelsBadMan
Don't think our elected officials will ever "get it" other than go backwards I'm surprised they don't ban canned pop
You really don't want to miss this scene!😉& for
But he's a liberal and he's from Quebec. You know Quebecers are better than other Canadians...…
"There are people hungry in this country, my friend. Don't waste that egg.". (Food banks prefer tins.)
Abacus says Cdns don't care about Trudeau, ahem, "losing his temper". Seriously guys? No, seriously?
Lovie's outdated and confusing defense shot down Banks and Verner. Don't forget about how they were outside his system.
Don't Panic - UK Government Censors news story titled "Banks are 'technically ...
Update your maps at Navteq
I don't like azealia banks but this are bops tho
Think Your Cybersecurity is Up to Snuff? Don ’t Bank on It
Peter Thiel's advice to grads: don't work in big banks, consulting, or other "classic globalization careers." Watch:
Don't believe Wall Street and regulators when they say capital is money banks have to 'set aside' for a rainy day.
Don't lose battery on the go. Grab power bank in just 29 AED ➜
If you don't see how the belief that the Jews control the banks, Hollywood and the entire world basically is anti semitic you're m e s s y
K one more thing don't forget to keep your chin DOWN in your snap selfies tonight Tyra Banks taught me that it's totally…
Gonna show those little nips some Gordie Howe if they don't follow my climate agenda!
For a new generation, holdings are starting to displace gold for those who don't trust banks or governments
Could be argued that breaking down banks of five at home is the key. Experienced defenders in place, don't need much coaching.
Don't forget to check the Blog for all things Outer Banks!
Don't claim me when I die.I'm the same person you hatted when I was alive 💯
But the banks except steward bank don't want to reduce plastic money transaction charges zvino zvohwinw'i
Banks don't charge for APIs but get extra business from them, do produce APIs to get value
. Difficult to condemn your best mate when you next see him at the club. The reason they don't want Farage
How come the Leave campaign don't mention the money printing scam worth 80 billion a month to prop up the euro an…
. fracking. banks. nuclear power. MIC. TPP. . and worst of all. we don't need her
In Hillary's case? Oh...I don't know... destroying Libya, being bought and paid for by banks & corporations. etc etc etc.
why disgrace? If they sell means they don't need banks
I don't tolerate any form of disrespect!!
I'm ditching traditional banks in favor of Bitcoin—and you can, too: I don't know about y...
.Societies move from industrial to information economies. But schools, banks, etc don't keep up with the…
I hope banks understand - what we want is resolutions. We don't want to boast or brag, we just want results for members…
Don't you dare start missing me when I'm sooo done missing you!!!
When will people begin to understand that a banks drive thru is for taking/depositing money. Don't try and change things about your account
True - consumers don't realize that recently local banks/CU's have really stepped up their tech game
.Should people who don’t own cars be called vehicle-less? Let’s not give the auto industry any ideas.
don't let him sway you with that VP thing - those banks give out VP likes it's halloween candy.
We all need to collectively agree to simply pretend Azealia Banks doesn't exist. Don't feed her the attention she so wants.
Most Americans don't sit at the kitchen table fretting about Wall Street, breaking up big banks; or I know, let's reopen Obamacare
I don't trust banks, I have my own safe.
Can we just shorten to Ashy Banks?. I don't really like your first name yo
Low-income Americans don't just opt out of the banking system. They get pushed/priced out of it.
i don't know who Azelia Banks is but every time I see her she hating. what do she do?
Where can I get something notarized? Apparently banks don't do it unless you bank with them.
Chase Bank - Banks & Credit Unions - Studio City - Hollywood . I don't think so of antiquity...
I don't know how to feel about Azealia Banks 😕 She has some good points but she also trifling
Pascal Bouvier:"If banks don’t pay attention to nonbank entrants they'll become utilities.”
I don't know why but I just got the urge to fade Azealia Banks on site.
Reid is a fool. People who help the middle class don't take money from the big banks we had to bail out.
if you like Kanye but don't like azealia banks, you don't make sense either.
Clinton DEregulated Media Banks followed Don't vote4 more of THIS. has answers. FDR did it w/1006 Exec Order
I don't even think azelia banks know what it feels like to be happy
our governments don't have much control on central banks . France that controls and she doesn't let business gw
just cus I like French fries don't mean I like French kissin- Loyd Banks
I don't want to just fix the awards for me but I want to fix it for Dexter Navy who directed A$AP Rocky’s LSD video.
If you don't know what the controversy over this years Oscars is this will explain quite succinctly
Residential schools legacy: Numbers don't support narrative
I don't really fw azalea banks, but I'm always open to good music, somebody tell me a good track by here to listen to?
How can the people respect the government when the banks and corporation owned politicians don't respect the people?
Don't you hate it when banks get it wasting my time on hold, now standing at 20min so far 😐
chill banks. Talk to him with just Yall. Don't tag him with me.
I don't have a problem with the speeches- I have a problem with her saying she is about the average person, and not banks, when
lmao and don't make him scream for HELP cuz mfs love to get beat up and call they brother for help 😷😷
Those running the country don't know what capitalism is either, otherwise they'd have let the banks fai…
banks themselves or from politicians. I don't want Bernie to lead frm behind. I want Bernie to GET IN THE DOOR FIRST then
China to Wall Street's deal makers: We don't need you. No Wall St. banks in top 3 buy-side advisers in China
I don't even know myself hopefully long term
You don't want a LEADER who FIGHTS for America, not CAVES to the UN & ARAB CASH/BIG BANKS?
"Don't let d devil use u2cal me out AY,u av Jesus'numba,use it!" - Stella Dimoko fire back at comedian AY .. -
I've gotten money from banks before. They don't tell me what to do.
I won’t take money from the “too big to fail” Wall Street banks because I don’t work for them. I work for the people.
He's like Azelia Banks when it comes to having discourse. One time they get it, next time they don't.
the whole thing is dumb. A league should have an investment committee. Banks don't have finance committees?
Lagos traffic"I don't know what normal is. What's normal anyway?"
If you don't listen to sza, banks, or Alina baraz you're missing out 😩
Might help if didn't take over companies newspapers banks that don't support & wasn't nr civil war
This is amazing !! Don't forget your calculator next week.
If ever produces something I don't like, I think my world will stop. He is God.
also I don't agree that many banks were put in resolution as a result of stress tests, most of which happend after Bair left
Don't ever sell yourself short for acceptance. Accept the new, don't linger on the past. Believe yourself, trust your intuiti…
"don't you go *** the rich, bail out the banks & btw don't go putting too much money to aid the common man". And so here we are (10)
If you order a hot dog from Burger King I don't want to know you anymore
Lloyd banks was a better lyricist than 50 if you ask me. 50 made better music.
Available speeches contain her 'THANKING BANKS & CLAIMING "People don't understand how important they are"? Broken
Central bankers 'don't have a clue' - Jim Rogers via
Azealia Banks is a Cyber bully, don't pay her no mind, she just Havin fun shoot! 😩😭
Curren$y & Lloyd Banks don't even rap...they just talk you on the tracks. Exactly why they my favorite kats.
Banks that don't lend have missed an .
unions have something banks don't: outstanding staff & message, your members like you! HT at
I don't know whether the world would have been better if there had been no banks bailout about 7 years ago..
Even if gains popularity, don't think banks will be leading it due to their "safety and compliance first" mindset.
As predicted: programs like QE cause (don't fight) deflation - by keeping zombie, economy-dragging, banks breathing.
I don't know the deal on the table but Interestingly this signify the strategic way of repositioning branch networks for banks
don't see many food banks in Africa or Asia!
and I agree that banking as was is not as will be, but banks are adapting. Just don't agree with ba…
Banks R Federrally regulated - they either Obey Fed Law or they don't operate : Weed is still against Fed Law.
Yeah man, it's not a taboo issue. I support legalization. You don't need to be 420 blazing it all da…
If people want to inject Marijuanas, they should be free to, as long as they don't endang…
Stop the big banks. You don't introduce new law.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Don't break up big banks but charge them more? That's your plan. Oh, so gov can make more $$ while the people continue to lo…
Apparently financial crises don't kill banks, tech does.
and I don't have the original. I lost it somehow. All I have left is figments of the story, stored in the memory banks of my brain.
Banks don't collapse overnight. There could be more coming - as Dr Patrick Njoroge cleans up rot at but avoid panic withdrawals
I don't understand why do black people that work in retail/banks would treat a black customer differently to a white customer.
GOP view, but I don't hear anything about the big banks being regulated by GOP and he forgot about the 99%! That...
When your former spouse gets more than everything can one ask for a rebate? Don't ask Donald Trump. Happens in…
Do you think those banks don't run the country now?
The 12s are not going to be happy about this.
better but don't I still need the phone close I guess? I'm only jealous - banks here won't have it. Unlikely to happen.
Hii story ya Imperial Bank btw...I like fancy banks cause you don't have to queue. Kumbe tuko broke tu si wote?
We just don't want these banks to go down with our money. It's called being safe.
I don't watch tv. Hardly ever. Max 3 hours out the entire week
Olaka: On rising interest rates, banks are trying to ensure they don't overburden consumers but they cannot absorb the whole shock.
everybody but just don't know I'll spazz on em outta nowhere
FinTech hubs: Laurence Wintermeyer: "Banks don't innovate, they concentrate on delivering"
"Banks don't disruptively innovate at an origination level. They need to access innovators to make progress"
Dear diary,. I'm in love with somebody I shouldn't be and I don't know what to do about it. Please help. Love,. Cubs Ban…
Just sayin, I wonder why she doesn't want to break up the banks!
Hillary's biggest donors are banks. Don't listen to her.
If only you look at the big banks, you may be missing the forest for the trees,” Clinton said.
I don't believe that the rag heads came up with this plan. Our enemy is hidden within the IMF Central Banks & Club of Rome
Don't use PayPass. I can prove that banks double dip on your money and they know it but fail to repay because it would cost them dearly.
Gov. Chafee just sealed his candidancy. "I don't know what I was voting for when I voted in favor of big banks".
My anthem for 2016 will be:. Leave--in on a jet ✈. Don't know when I'll be back again..
don't do this. My "nothing but" was speaking about her TOP donors. The millions she's raked from corporations/banks.
"Kanye West- "Christian Dior Denim Flow" Ft. Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks & Ryan" I don't know why I run into so many people…
Under a presidency don't expect BlackLives to matter, Immigration Reform or Marijuana Legalization as banks would lose $
TBH I don't get what is likable about that game. Don't hate on me but IMO its not that great...
Quotes of " I don't like the banks.. I just want to cut a hole in my mattress and keep my money there." . 😂😂😂😂
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Told her don't take off on sweetest day, everyday is sweetest day
Rizzo on wind helping Cubs at Wrigley: "If that doesn’t have something to do with Ernie Banks smiling down on us, I don’…
Food banks are set up to feed mainly illegal immigrants. British people generally don't "qualify" for free food.
Don't think Muslim banks use usury method.
The market consensus is that foreign banks don't arb the fed funds market and IOER rate at the on month-end
Sorry , don't buy it. 47 million on food stamps,school breakfasts and lunches common place and food banks on top of it.
Looks like people don't want banks looking into their social media, who could have guessed?
But banks likely don't tighten unless they already expect recovery, so p=.5 is a very conservative null. OTOH trials maybe corr
IMO Azealia Banks' use of *** / *** is akin to White ppl calling Black ppl *** when angry, yet don't think they're racist.
"The more we spend on things that don't matter, the less we can spend on things that do matter" Good read!
Don’t worry abt the v ve tie ups wit the
..was OUR $$ that got bailed out. While it's banks JOB to NOT hand out $$ to bums. Bums don't get Free Homes either.
What do banks really want with They don't seem to want it anonymous
We don't use food banks but free school meals definitely help monthly cashflow
Don't worry, they don't care about multinational corporations and banks. We're safe. :D
I just don't understand why I have to pay to save my money. I see I'm gonna have to start puttin my money under the mattress. *** banks -_-
I don't think he went to any of them it's only remy banks and someone whose name I can't remember
Uu say money don't grow on trees yet Banks. keep multiplyinq their branches.
Don't think there is anything can do after those remarks, but resign! What a disgrace! Way to slap our v…
tyra banks interviewing naomi campbell was wild from start to finish I don't know how to feel about life anymore
fellow paddy, if you still believe fianna fail/gael/labour don't work for corporations/banks on our wages, FYI...
Join Private Banks, Family Offices, and HNWIs at Wealth Management Americas 2015 in Miami. Don't miss out!
Banks are shifting credit card fraud liability to merchants who don't update equipment to read chip cards
If you don't love Banks you are not someone I want to associate with
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant."
BBC News - UK national sperm bank has just nine donors People just don't trust banks after the financial crisis
Banks don't rely on them to make new loans?
Don't like the way hockey defends the banks & oil company's from ripping us off. We just bend over and take it.
Gordon Banks Brother was a sufferer it's good we remember them and don't turn our back on them.
A week today we'll already be underway Don't forget to book your tickets
Goodmorning banks ... Lol I don't hide you just don't fwm
I watched Raw last night,but I don't remember anything last night,except for Sting being there and Sasha Banks vs Paige for under 2 minutes.
Milk is one of the most nutrient rich food items, but 95% of food banks don't receive nearly enough to meet...
Why? I don't see them disputing the report? The questions are being raised by the banks and other groups.
what about banks and fin instns? They will be recapitalised. Inflationary pressure follows. Don't mislead pl.
😁 what questions did they not have answers to? Don't they want your money? Include other banks in on this matter.
We don't need Trident, the Americans need us to have it, waste of £100bn when we've got food banks and starving mouths to feed
P.S. Stock up on water and non perishable items.. And start taking yo money out the banks.. Sponsored By The
“It’s no longer good enough to argue that don’t want via
I don't trust "cloud" services either. It's doing with our data and info as money with banks. And we all know about that don't we!
They don't call you Azealia Banks for nothing, need them Oprah dollars 😂
what's funny is that banks don't trust each other at all. They will not use each others priv chains.
Banks have been rolling out their reassurances all over the media, Trust the banks don't we?
A special offer you don't want to miss.
Till the costs to help the refugees don't exceed the billions spent on rescuing banks, just keep your outrage to yourself.
they also don't have a Holiday named for them, which closes the banks for some reason?!
People need to make payment & draw cash but they don't necessarily need banks!
"Oh come on mate you're telling me clubs don't have access to banks when they're closed?" Erm-yes.
Don't cherrypick whose talent you want to acknowledge, and whose talent you want to ignore. Give credit. Azealia Banks d…
I think banks should have one unique ATM with "Express" written on it for those of us who don't waste time when using the ATM.
don't worry. Banks can be your dad. Faze fnt.
Let's hope those banks don't start to over react to the economic conditions. While the low prices may be around for…
And please don't fall in love with someone new, i promise one day i'll come back for you😔 ♫ Someone New by Banks —
Banks create bookkeeping entries out of nothing, and lend them to us as "money". Why don't we all do the same thing, an…
Thanks to Jim Golden Ford Lincoln for donating a beautiful vehicle to Thomas Bell and Don Banks. The two will be...
Michael Irvin, Don Banks or Steve Young could be possible replacements, who would help improve the show!
The divisional round of the NFL playoffs have arrived. Will the top seeds benefit from a week of rest and continue onto the title games? SI's Don Banks makes his picks.
My blocked count is at 3: That worm John Buccigross, a Lightning fan (still don't know why she blocked me), and Don Banks.
If I met Elizabeth Banks I don't know what I would do with myself
Hello Erin, we unfortunately don't have a ticket office in New Zealand. Is there anything we can assist you with?
yes I do! banks, Corporations & top 1% don't want us all to b able to communicate Bc when we do we r stronger then they r
That's not to say didn't give it to ppl who need it. They just don't appear to have given it all to food banks as advertised.
The banks kinda like you to make your repayments, & don't care about 'no capacity in Ireland'.
When I say banks, I don't mean the ones we use. I mean Rothchild, Rockerfellers, IMF etc. The ones who lend to Governments.
Banks don't run the world. They are getting fined and regulated to *** right now. Its worse: career politicians rule the world
if you don't know what to get me for Christmas..😏💁
and I don't mean buying ready meals ..I've not even mentioned having kids one can't afford banks heh
Aunt also didn't die.. but don't let facts get in the way of a good revisionist story. lawlz
why don't you worry about corporate welfare? Let's start with the £1.6 trillion given the banks...
just because ppl are on benefits it doesn't mean they don't want to work.It's really hard to live on £76 a wk.They go to food banks.
Possible, but I don't think it is sustainable. However influence by Central Banks is very clear.
I don't know about you guys, but Becky Lynch just doesn't fit with Sasha Banks. They have ZERO in common.
playing Adaobi - Official Video by Mavins Ft. Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks, Di'ja, Korede Bello on Naijainspired Radio,Home of the best Nig
Holidays don't feel like holidays anymore
[I keep you in the embrace] We could have fun. Why don't you put on the mask again and we can go hit a few banks?
Hamilton Collection
I really don't like hospitals and banks
and how much did joe pay you to write that? Don't compare food banks to green s…
Tyra banks logic; I don't care if you cracked your skull,remember this shoot I did? I was having an epileptic fit and i still look fierce!
You don't find paedophile rings outed in banks, public sector, hang your head in shame
it's been a week since I won the competition and still don't have my dm, why is this??
the banks rate to BDC is valued at $178 today, you don't expect the banks to sell equivalent to CBN now do you? It'…
When Russia's tanks are busier than its banks, you don't have a very vibrant stock market.
I don't respect Darren Wilson, or anyone who supports what he did. Just throwing that out there
I liked a video from Arise Ft. Don Jazzy, Di'Ja and Reekado Banks
I don't know the words, but I can hum along!
I used to know Robyn Banks but I don't think she ever did.
If we don’t learn from our founding fathers, we may find our republic has become an oligarchy. .
don't feel bad I'm the same way. it's very rare I'll post a selfie.
I don't trust banks anymore after today, think I'll keep everything in cash from now on.
Think twice about funding banks and stores tomorrow that help create scenarios like Ferguson. Don't support businesses that fund oppression
My dad just told me since I never bring a bf home ... Why don't I hook up with a "GAL" he says its in style 😩😭💀
"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way; if you don't, you'll find an excuse." - Frank Banks
we do, but the banks don't & it's a bit late for Enda to be thinking of them now !
“The post-meal thanksgiving dip is the reason I don't have trust issues. Merica.”
Don't take for granted the time you have with your family and friends because tomorrow is never promised
If money doesn't grow on trees, why do banks have branches? Hmm? HMM?
Like it or not, America is full of Police, FireDept, Libraries, Banks, PublicWorks, Internet & more. Don't …
I still can't believe Ronnie banks is only 16 like I don't think I ever will believe it. Is it even possible?
I hear ya.. Why don't we meet up 'n' talk sometym?
Any banks with websites/apps that don't suck? I'm getting sick of RBS constantly being 'temporarily unavailable'.
I don't like at least two of them but I also don't know who's Iggy and who's Banks so I might like the one I'm not thinking of.
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