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Dominick Cruz

Dominick Rojelio Cruz (born September 3, 1985) is an American mixed martial artist who competes as a bantamweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is the current UFC Bantamweight Champion.

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Very ambitious of Cody, but he has to fight Dillashaw first.
In some weird way, Tom Phillips remind me of Dominick Cruz.
The UFC should strip the belt from period! Just like they did to Dominick Cruz! She's not wanting to fight so take it from her!
they should strip the belt from her period just like they did to Dominick Cruz!
Dominick Cruz will join the UFC 210 commentating team with Joe Rogan
I added a video to a playlist Dominick jordan feat. Monica Cruz - Through the night
Cody Garbrandt on UFC 207 title fight with champ Dominick Cruz:
I liked a video Dominick jordan feat. Monica Cruz - Through the night
Dominick Cruz really is a class fighter. Much love
Cody Garbrandt wants to beat Dillashaw, take Demetrious Johnson's belt, then go after the featherweight title.
The beauty of 's evolution is found in the journey. And GOOD NEWS he's far from finished http…
Still can't believe I was having a conversation not once but twice with one of my idols and biggest inspirations Do…
TJ has a lesser version of Dominick Cruz's fighting style, and we all saw what happened to Cruz.. you trippin.
Garbrandt Wants to Beat Demetrious Johnson on the Path to Three UFC Titles via
Rewatching Cody Garbrandt-Dominick Cruz fight. One one the best recent UFC fights. No Love outmaneuvered a chessmaster, which is amazing.
.wants Demetrious Johnson to try and break Anderson Silva's title defense record against him.
Dominick Cruz speaking to the troops in Afghanistan.
Dominick cruz lost, so I must shave my head. Thanks a lot you better destroy for this
[Thread:] Cody No Love reverses a takedown on Dominick Cruz on /r/MMA
nah he would beat Mighty Mouse. He beat the guy who beat Mighty Mouse. Shout out dominick cruz my guy
Dominick Cruz with Rogan for good work!.
[Thread:] Dominick Cruz will be commentating with Joe Rogan at UFC 210 on /r/MMA
No doubt about it. Underdogs have their way, like Cody Garbrandt beating Dominick Cruz.
Eric Del Fierro says Dominick Cruz has been in a ‘good place’ since loss (https:/…
Cruz skilled at taking down rivals with words
Dominick Cruz says his next fight will be for a UFC belt.
Mar24.2007. Urijah Faber hands Dominick Cruz the first loss of his professional career,. when he finishes him with a g…
Dominick Cruz is right up there with McGregor for best trash talker, man makes it personal he's great
Dominick Cruz was the best, no doubt, and Cody absolutely showed him up
On this date 10 years ago, tapped Dominick Cruz at WEC 26, kicking off one of MMA’s better rivalries. (via…
Pulisic looks a little like Dominick Cruz.
This has been one of the best podcasts I've ever heard. Dominick Cruz is a mental giant.
"Loss is a part of life. If you dont have loss you don't grow. This isn't tough. This is life." . -Dominick Cruz Post Fight…
Was one of the absolute best. From a trailer park through depression, injuries to Champ...Dominick Cruz
VIDEO | reflects on loss to Garbrandt with
I love Dominick Cruz and I hate Cody Garbrandt, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Garbrandt won that figh…
Cody Garbrandt vs Conor McGregor is inevitable to happen. . Who would win now that Cody has beaten Dominick Cruz? https:/…
*** Ennis and Dominick Cruz could be brothers. Even their style of analysis is very similar.
Dominick Cruz has pretty respectable philosophies.
Joe Rogan's podcast has had a terrific line up these past few days - Dominick Cruz, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Whitney Cummings!
I liked a video from Dominick Cruz on Ronda Rousey & the Mental Aspect of Fighting
Dominick Cruz feels heartbroken for Ronda Rousey via
Dominick Cruz to Ronda Rousey: Put your energy into loving yourself
I liked a video Joe Rogan and Dominick Cruz on Ronda Rousey and Injuries in MMA!
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Dominick Cruz
Listened to Dominick Cruz on the podcast... I was already a fan but *** I respect the *** out of that guy.
So If Dominick Cruz castrates himself could he challenge Amanda Nunes, because I'd pay to see that
Inspirational growth mindset approach from Dominick Cruz. Try to keep your mind this way in PE this week.
Dominick Cruz nameplate for signed mma gloves or case
The Dominick Cruz JRE podcast changed my life.
EO all over the place. Well worth the time. So much I could say ... Joe Rogan Dominick Cruz via
Dominick Cruz put it the best, you sink into a depression when you don't know who you are outside of your passion.
Dominick Cruz: Ronda Rousey lost her identity when she lost her title.
Dominick Cruz: It’s heartbreaking to see what Ronda Rousey is going through
Joe and Dominick Cruz discuss Ronda Rouseys promo, and talk overcoming adversity: via
ICYMI: reflects on his loss to with
Cruz gives advice to Rousey on handling losses...
Dominick Cruz till Ronda Rousey: ‘The downs hit hard, just as hard as the ups hit’.
Dominick Cruz a UFC champion says that in order to come back from his many injuries he had to let go of the need t…
Joe Rogan is the key. Him and grt someone like Dominick Cruz, Jon Anik, Brian Stann to replace that loser Mike Goldberg.
Dominick Cruz takes a shot at Cody Garbrandt, the champion responds.
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I liked a video Joe Rogan's thoughts on Cody Garbrandt defeating Dominick Cruz and TJ Dillashaw's win
Dominick Cruz talks about his loss to Cody Garbrandt at UFC 207 post fight presser 720p': via
Cody Garbrandt details UFC 207 win over Dominick Cruz - 'I was almost in shock he was as slow as he was'…
Seriously, guys... Cody Garbrandt outboxed Dominick Cruz. I can't get over it. That fight was so great.
LAS VEGAS — put on a performance of a lifetime at UFC 207 as he dethroned Dominick Cruz as
Cody Garbrandt did what many thought was impossible. He just defeated Dominick Cruz by decision. Cody paced the whol…
Cody Garbrandt put on a show last night. He did to Dominick Cruz what Dominick does to others. He made him miss. . T…
well Dominick Cruz went 3 years without fighting and his first fight back was a championship fight and he won
Dominick Cruz has fought TJ Dillashaw, Urijah Faber & Cody Garbrandt in one year, but sure, he's scared & is choosing who…
UFC 207: Dominick Cruz breaks down his loss to Cody Garbrandt
Cody Garbrandt dominated Dominick Cruz from start to finish for Bantamweight championship ht…
Cody Garbrandt defeated Augusto Mendes, Thomas Almeida, Takeya Mizugaki and Dominick Cruz. 3 first round KOs and won the t…
My confidence level going into 2017 is Cody Garbrandt when he was "fighting" Dominick Cruz
I liked a video Urijah Faber settles his beef with Dominick Cruz, discusses what's next | UFC FIGHT
Watch Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz close the book on a near 10-year-old rivalry. http…
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Cody Garbrandt -- Dominick Cruz Is Old and Busted ... 'Hope He Makes It to the Fight' (VIDEOS): Dominick Cruz...
Camp rivalries are the best even if they are one-sided. Dominick Cruz beating up on Team Alpha Male is weirdly satisfying.
Ha, Dominick Cruz is the best. On a future Cody Garbrandt fight: I could just add to his list of concussions
Dominick Cruz open to fighting Cody Garbrandt: He is scheduled to fight Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 202 later this...
It was great speaking to yesterday about his career, Dominick Cruz & htt…
Dominick Cruz: "I like Garbrandt because one, he's Team Alpha Fail, and two, he runs his mouth. He's an...
Aug9.2009. . Dominick Cruz becomes the contender for the WEC Bantamweight title,. when he def. Joseph Benavidez
Who would you like to see Dominick Cruz face next buddy?
John Lineker wants a shot at Dominick Cruz, so let him have it
Cody Garbrandt calling Out Dominick Cruz and I don't think that's very smart. . .
Why is Mighty Mouse fighting the winner of the next TUF? Surely you would want the big fights or rematch Dominick Cruz who has beat him?!
UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz has eluded at who he fancies for his next defense of the strap. Always...
I added a video to a playlist Dominick Cruz - Skill Breakdown / Film Study / Highlights
Dominick Cruz open to Garbrandt fight; takes aim at Team Alpha Male
UFC bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz shows no love for latest TAM challenger Cody Garbrandt:. http…
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BE's Story of the Day: Dominick Cruz wants Cody Garbrandt next (via
Cruz wants to fight Garbrandt: 'He's Team Alpha Fail,' 'emotional,' and 'thinks he's tough'
Dominick Cruz should fight Jose Aldo! make it happen! Along with Tony Ferguson vs Eddie Alvarez
Maybe at one point 😅 1-3 Jon Jones, Demetrius Johnson, Dominick Cruz
Video: talks about potential fight against Dominick Cruz
Who do you think Dominick Cruz should defend against next?. A.) Dillashaw/Assuncao winner. B.) Bryan Caraway. C.)...
What makes Bryan Caraway the best challenger to champ Dominick Cruz? Let him explain via
Anderson Silva is the most tested at 11, Meisha Tate and Dominick Cruz are next at 8.
Dominick Cruz v Urijah Faber BJJ Scout Breakdown (really really educational)
Cody Garbrandt is a threat to everyone at bantamweight — including Dominick Cruz.
Demetrious Johnson, Jon Jones, Luke Rockhold, Dominick Cruz and Rafael Dos Anjos are the best fighters in the world.
I made a Dominick Cruz footwork breakdown with combos, but I'll keep in mind a Fight Like as well!
No one talks about how Dominick Cruz tossed Mighty Mouse for 5.
Shane do a video on How to Figh like Dominick Cruz ?
Want to see how good of a fighter and in shape Urijah Faber is when he's tested against Dominick Cruz. June 4
yea I watched. Demetrius Johnson might be the best lil guy Ever. He needs to rematch Dominick Cruz ASAP
Yeah that was nasty. Imagine what damage an oblique kick could do to someone like Dominick Cruz!
I liked a video from Foot Positioning Technique by UFC Champion Dominick Cruz
I'm sure Dominick Cruz would appreciate someone targeting his knees with oblique kicks.
I liked a video from Dominick Cruz Footwork Breakdown + Drills
Can't help but be in love with Dominick Cruz right now. He's kind of my new celebrity crush ♥️
I could just be an uncredited extra. Can Dominick Cruz be involved?
Demetrious Johnson now calling for super fight with Dominick Cruz.
Six weeks out in the champ is looking great! War Dominick Cruz! Being trained by the best none other than...
Dominick Cruz lost his title, wife and blew out his ACL 3 times then comes back wins his belt back and conquering adversity thats inpiration
I like DC man lol, he so corny it's funny. After Cruz destroys Faber.AGAIN, who do you want to see Dominick fight?
Dominick Cruz slams Urijah Faber for accusing former teammate T.J. Dillashaw of PED use.. "This is the thing,...
I liked a video Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber join Jay and Dan - Full Interview
Edgar on possible title fight with Dominick Cruz at 135lbs. "I want that 145 belt first, then it would be hard to pass that up"
Edgar on possibility of fight vs Dominick Cruz: We'll see. I gotta get past this one first but that'd be hard to turn down.
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"""The greatest moment of my life was realizing that I didn't need a belt to be happy."" —Dominick Cruz"
Dominick Cruz -- The Jon Jones and DC Beef is Real -
"Judgement is a reaction that comes from fear." -UFC Champion Dominick Cruz
Urijah has no loyalty to his friends
Follow the top Dominick Cruz stories for Apr 27 on our topical page:
Most fighters: 'I'm better than my opponent, I'll win!!' Dominick Cruz: 'I'm better than my opponent, here is a detailed breakdown as to why
UFC champion Dominick Cruz bang on the money with his take on Conor McGregor's conflict with the UFC
Revealed: What loss to really did to him
God *** I got the biggest crush on Dominick Cruz.. 😍😻 can't wait for his fight in June.
The only press tour I want to see more of is between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber. These 2 are great together
To Cruz it doesn't get exists at least if your Dominick Cruz. To Mortal men it does!!! Cruz can walk on water ive heard
If you're having trouble watching yesterday's watch it off this link not directly off YouTube:
Demetrious Johnson wants Anderson Silva's record more than Dominick Cruz's belt.
how is he the first? Frank Shamrock, Cain Velasquez, Tito Ortiz, Dominick Cruz?
Dominick Cruz and Brian Stann will be the analysts working with Curt Menefee on Saturday for on FOX
T.J. Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz, who like so many M.M.A. stars got their start in amateur wrestling, will fight for Dillashaw’s
The old champion is the new champion! Here's the round up of
This has got to be the best yet Dominick Cruz – Footwork/Can't Touch This.
Dominick cruz pretty much had little to no grappling experience back then. Now look at him, esepcially after that guillotine
Saw a preview for a movie called Eddie the Eagle, made me think there should be a movie made about Dominick Cruz ' s accomplishment
I liked a video Dominick Cruz: 'Stupid Faber will talk'
I don't think Mighty Mouse beats Dominick Cruz. Cruz is too big for him to deal with. Won't have the wrestling advantage he needs.
But it looks like the UFC are setting up Dominick Cruz vs Demetrious Johnson for the next Bantamweight Title bout. Best fight ever? Maybe.
Dominick Cruz was out for a while but he handled TJ Dillashaw.
I liked a video The Jay and Dan Podcast: Episode 96 with Dominick Cruz
Rothwell? Could've sworn that was Dominick Cruz with that fancy footwork!
TJ Dillashaw even more confident that he beat Dominick Cruz after watching the fight
nah not a big fan of mcgregor, rather be Dominick Cruz tbh, mcgregor got a lucky hit on Jose Aldo
I just watched the TJ Dillashaw vs. Dominick Cruz fight again and I scored the fight three rounds to two in favor of TJ Dillashaw.
"Remember, ring rust is nothing more than mental weakness." ~Dominick Cruz Congratulations Champion
Imagine Gustafsson coming back in 8 months with footwork like Dominick Cruz
Dominick Cruz has nothing on that footwork
UFC Champion & former champion Dominick Cruz battling in the 4th RD for the UFC…
EA SPORTS™ UFC® Dominick Cruz Vs Conor McGregor watch and enjoy but most of all SUbscribe!
The defeat of TJ Dillashaw by Dominick Cruz was the best ring generalship and footwork every displayed in MMA.
Tiffany Van Soest has the movement of Dominick Cruz, Lyoto Machida, and Demetrious Johnson combined.
Nurmagomedov inspired by Cruz' comeback from injury
TJ Dillashaw believes that he deserved the win based on his pressure & power
Alexander Gustafsson moves back to Alliance MMA in California to learn footwork from ... -
BOSTON (AP) — Dominick Cruz regained the UFC bantamweight title Sunday night, outpointing T.J. Dillashaw by split decision at the TD
Would you be interested in seeing Dominick Cruz and Demetrious Johnson fight again?
Dominick Cruz thinks he could beat fellow UFC champion Demetrious Johnson again. Do you agree?
Do you want to see a Demetrious Johnson vs Dominick Cruz rematch?
What does Dominick Cruz think of a rematch with Demetrious Johnson? Find out below!.
Dominick Cruz: ‘I could put it on’ Demetrious Johnson again in superfight
Dominick Cruz open to rematch against Demetrious Johnson
Dominick Cruz: 'I could put it on' Demetrious Johnson again in superfight (https:/…
Demetrious Johnson's coach wants a superfight rematch between Johnson and Dominick Cruz. Do you want to see it?.
Sal D'Amato was the only judge to favour TJ Dillashaw in both his split decision losses to Dominick Cruz and Raphael Assu…
I want to start practicng the dart into the knee tap like Dominick Cruz
Dominick Cruz has strong words for TJ Dillashaw ahead of Fight Night: BOSTON, Mass. — UFC bantamweight champio...
(1) He'd best get her some wrestling in her life, like a Dominick Cruz to train with.
This is one of the reasons why Alliance MMA is the best gym in the world 😎 ✌ .
.throws digs before punches at as returns to Boston 1/17 (via
>> Dominick Cruz has strong words for T.J. Dillashaw ahead of Fight Night
1 last spam. Ring rust is what dominick cruz would have lol. That's a ring rust situation.
The only "history" Dominick Cruz is going to make is king of decisions.
cause I guess dominick cruz is healthy again and he's gonna fight tj for the belt in january I think, woot woot
Demetrious Johnson on JRE: Matt Hume didn't tell him to "get serious" about MMA training until the Dominick Cruz loss. That's so scary.
Demetrious Johnson vs Dominick Cruz II would be fun. Dunno if it's big enough to be a superfight though
Discount Dominick Cruz is fighting right now lol
Mighty Mouse was only training twice a week when he fought Dominick Cruz for the title
Someone should tell Dominick Cruz, that winning by decision doesn't make you a world champion. Champions finish their business.
I added a video to a playlist UFC: Conor McGregor vs Dominick Cruz (PS4)
Dominick Cruz: You still can't beat me The Eye Of MMA Share With Your Friends!
I honestly honestly think that Dominick Cruz would get knocked out by mcgregor: and I would love to see it. ***
Dominick Cruz on being more than a fighter, TJ's confidence, 6am USADA visit -
I swear Dominick Cruz went down to Bantamweight so he didn't have to lose to Jose Aldo. So now he can lose to TJ Dillashaw. 😂
Well over half of his wins all come down to a decision. Dominick Cruz fights for points, not to finish it.
There's something to be said about a man who can't finish a fight... *cough cough* Dominick Cruz. 😂
Dominick Cruz says Dillashaw said he has been beating up Faber and everyone else at Alpha Male for 4 years. Interesting.
Tj dillashaw is a beast love watching him fight. Cant wait for him to fight Dominick Cruz
Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Dominick Cruz and GSP to all return in 2016?!!?!?! Oh MY GOD the legends have assembled.
Would you consider doing a Fight Like video on Joe Lewis, Benny Urquidez, Bill Wallace, Bas Rutten, Bruce Lee, or Dominick Cruz?
No one understands my excitement for this Dominick Cruz/TJ Dillashaw fight; things will be intense.
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Oct1.2011. Dominick Cruz makes the 2nd defense of his UFC Bantamweight title,. when he shuts down Demetrious Johnson h…
Dominick cruz just re-injured his knee arguing with on the fox sports 1 after show
Great analysis by Dominick Cruz and Brian Stann on FS1.
Dominick Cruz tore his acl watching that fight
30-27 Bader, unfortunately not everyone can be Dominick Cruz
yah not what I was expecting! I was expecting so much more bang and pop from him like when Dominick Cruz came back
Anybody know when Fight Night: TJ Dillashaw vs Dominick Cruz tickets go on sale?
Joe B has only lost 4 times, to 2 men: Mighty Mouse and Dominick Cruz. Tough competition to get Ws against, both belong high on the P4P list
Benavidez has lost to 2 guys his entire career: Dominick Cruz and Demetrious Johnson. He is a stud.
Dominick Cruz will somehow get injured being an analyst tonight.
Between the crawl on ESPN and Dominick Cruz's cauliflower ear on FS1; I can't tell which one is the bigger distraction…
I've said this too many times, but I'll say it again. I love Dominick Cruz. Just a brilliant guy.
Dominick Cruz mentioned Dan Hooker has a sneaky left high kick, so I've got Hooker via left high kick.
Dominick Cruz had a long layoff, and came back to destroy Takeya Mizugaki. If Rashad Evans' power is still there, goodnight Bader.
Dominick Cruz picking to win. Wise man
Hamilton Collection
Interesting to hear Dominick Cruz tipping here v Rodriguez at fight's up next
Could listen to Dominick Cruz all night.
Dominick Cruz is doing studio work because his knees keep exploding
TJ Dillashaw vs. Dominick Cruz will go down in Boston, Massachusetts.
Why does Dominick Cruz have an orange tie and red pocket square? That doesn't match or offset? Get a stylist bro
Dominick cruz looking like paul bearer
That assault by Northcutt was reminiscent of a certain fairly recent Dominick Cruz performance...
About time! Dominick Cruz to finally face TJ Dillashaw for the Bantamweight title on January 17th
Dominick Cruz: Long injury layoff will only 'benefit' Rashad Evans against Ryan Bader
Cruz: Urijah ‘smear campaign’ against Duane Ludwig is out of jealousy
Dominick Cruz has been fully cleared to resume training, per Ariel Helwani. He's looking at the beginning of 2016.
Renan Barao will beat Dominick Cruz but Cruz will beat Dillashaw guarantee that
Dominick Cruz is going off right now on with Fired up to face TJ Dillashaw.
At this rate Karyn Bryant will have a fight before Dominick Cruz or Rashad Evans.
138's Justin Lawrence credits Dominick Cruz for career resurgence, in 'best shape ever' for…
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If it was anyone else other than Dominick Cruz, I'd say the layoff is a factor- but he's a savage, the HurriCain. He's a freak.
Where's my boy Dominick Cruz tonight? His technical breakdowns are incredible and bear much more weight than someone like me.
technical recap by Kenny Florian and Dominick Cruz spot on. Like my Dad used to say, " them boys know their onions "
Dominick Cruz, Kenny Florian, & Chael Sonnen are by far the best MMA commentators.
Trevor Ariza has landed more significant strikes this year than Dominick Cruz, Khabib and Cain Velasquez combined
Brad Pickett and a prime Dominick Cruz. Only losses that Demetrious Johnson has. Most recently in 2011. *** son.
All in my time. Got homie Nick Diaz diaz, Diego Sanchez , Dominick Cruz, Homie Frankie Edger, Cant forget...
2015 the reign of the Latinos. Current:. Cain Velasquez. Anthony Pettis. Carla Esparza. Returning:. Dominick Cruz
POLL: Should Renan Barao be next in line to face the T.J. Dillashaw vs. Dominick Cruz winner?
Thiago Alves has had 4 surgeries..or as Dominick Cruz calls him, “Rookie”
Dominick Cruz has the best timing on his double-leg shots in MMA. Ian McCall might be 2nd best.
Last time Nick Diaz won a fight Dominick Cruz was UFC bantamweight champ, and had just defended against Demetrious Johnson.
Of all my 12 years of being an mma fan ive never wanted to see any1 win a fight more. (outside any Dominick Cruz fight)
mate are you related to Dominick Cruz by any chance?
Chris weidman is basically the Dominick Cruz of the middleweight division
Cain hasn't fought since 2013 hes as much of a champ as Dominick Cruz
How does Dominick Cruz get comeback of the year for one fight an another injury? Sounds like pity to me.
I'm currently Listening to: The MMA Hour - 266 - Dominick Cruz, by ~~
Dominick Cruz undergoes successful surgery. Find out how long he expects to be out, plus read his detailed...
Dominick Cruz: comeback of the year.
don't forget dominick cruz. Would likely still be champ if it wasn't for injuries.
yep, spot on. Dominick Cruz was stripped of his title after a 2 year injury (ACL same as Cain) so 'it's time!'
= Biggest joke of a champion ever. I hope he never gets healthy again, and is the next Dominick Cruz. YANK THE BELT
yeah he's like almost 40. That one against Dominick Cruz was bad *** though. I would like to see a rematch!
FWIW, Neal ElAttrache, 1 of the drs who performed shoulder surgery on Kobe Bryant, is same dr who conducted Dominick Cruz's surgery last wk
I liked a video from Dominick Cruz Believes Injury Woes Helped Him
I love Dominick Cruz. But also worry that he may never be the same. But wish him the best.
I'm not the biggest fan of Dominick Cruz but how can you not feel for the guy? Such horrible luck with injuries.
Dominick Cruz is a boss, no debate on this
Dominick Cruz began his career in Arizona,. where he competed for the promotions:. Rage in the Cage & Total Combat
Thiago Tavares is REALLY making a strong case to pass Dominick Cruz as the most injury-prone fighter in the .
I wish I could heal Dominick Cruz leg. He's such a fantastic fighter and to lose his best years to knee injuries must be heart-breaking.
Neither Little Nog, Dominick Cruz nor Anthony Pettis pulled out of their fights?. Rapture is coming, dawg.
Same ranker has Conor McGregor ranked No. 9 at FW and Dominick Cruz No. 12 at BW. Really disgusting this voter could influence fighter pay.
Famous Stars and Straps Dominick Cruz Domin8er walkout - I think $150 is a fair price. These are limited edition collectors items now!
Inspired by Dominick Cruz's comeback, Michael Chandler looks to right the ship (
Gonna be tricky. So is long term injuries, such as Dominick Cruz. Unless that's been addressed, catching up on this now.
Dominick Cruz would have been screwed if this uniform deal was in place.
Rankings thing is tough. Do that and Dominick Cruz makes less for his comeback, etc.
As long as he doesn't try that I'M GIANT DOMINICK CRUZ or stupid *** wheel kicks, this is pretty much a lock to pay for a beer.
I hear ya, but tell that to Dominick Cruz who was on hiatus for 3yrs & came back with his best performance
Be working on those sprawl son! When I get back, I'm still goin full Dominick Cruz on you boi!
Dominick Cruz hits two consecutive knee taps against Faber in the final minute of the fifth round
you should change your nickname to "Dominant" Dominick Cruz. much cooler and distinctive. Like Marvelous Marvin Haggler.
So Dominick Cruz was at my house today for our tailgate...😳
Fight of the day: Dominick Cruz vs Demetrious Johnson
Too bad you have Dominick Cruz's knee.
Dillashaw went up a level by mirroring Dominick Cruz' style, but he's back now. Cruz beats TJ nine times outta ten.
I added a video to a playlist My Life Dominick Cruz
I tried to invite Dominick Cruz over for thanksgiving be he had to pull out
“Dominick Cruz just injured himself cutting the turkey.”. Cooler storyline than an avocado...
Dominick Cruz, Frankie Edgar, JDS, DJ, potentially both Diaz bros all come to mind before Hominick in that category
"Dominick Cruz just injured himself cutting the turkey." Lmao
Dominick Cruz just injured himself cutting the turkey.
Urijah Faber Knows Where To Get The Most Bang For His Buck: Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz have one of the lon...
oh yeah TJ is the man! Dominick Cruz is finally back I'm a big fan of him too
Who is your pick in a fight between TJ Dillashaw vs Dominick Cruz?
I liked a video Dominick Cruz vs Demetrious Johnson
Our spoke with Urijah Faber about Cisco Rivera, Dominick Cruz and Business:
UFC announces that Dominick Cruz's new sponsor is Bubble Wrap, which he must wear during all training sessions.
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the UFC's big announcement is that Dominick Cruz will fight for the BW title in 2017.
Dominick Cruz, rampage, chandler, Melendez. Not war machine though...he tried to associate himself with us
Finally got to watch video on Dominick Cruz. Part 1 = Fantastic. Great analysis of the Dart & knee taps.
Mighty Mouse!!! Whats up!!! R u gonna get ur revenge on dominick cruz ever?
I wish Dominick Cruz was on this card .
"I mean, really if you look at the picture with Anthony Pettis, how long has he been out? Dominick Cruz. Cain has...
I liked a video Dominick Cruz vs Ian McCall
Check out new work on my portfolio: "TJ Dillashaw VS Dominick Cruz Unofficial Poster"
I want to see TJ dillishaw vs dominick Cruz for the title in SanDiego
Santiago QB Ulysses Cruz eludes sack and throws 10 yard TD pass to Dominick Smith. PAT is good. Santiago is up 13-9. 52 seconds left.
2011 TOPPS SHOWDOWN SHOTS DOMINICK CRUZ AND Urijah Faber RELIC via eBay We love Bonnie...Bonnie McKee that is!!!
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