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Dominic Grieve

Dominic Charles Roberts Grieve, QC, MP (born 24 May 1956) is a British Conservative politician, barrister and Queen's Counsel.

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That is disgusting. May says it is not Brexit causing this hate☹️ David you hang in there,…
One of the few voices of sanity on the Tory benches, Dominic Grieve QC MP in response to a John Redwood intervention; . He…
.as my MP, will you vote for Dominic Grieve’s amendments to if you get the chance?
'No ifs, no buts': Dominic Grieve vows to vote against Brexit bill amendment – video
Dominic Grieve says he seriously doubts the competence of the UK Govt in light of amendment 381 which fixes exit day in…
Ireland took 90 years to replace all its UK Law and managed perfectly happily in the interim All that matters is that t…
Dominic Grieve tells MPs he does not intend to push his amendment seeking to curtail proposed Henry VIII powers to a vote.…
BREAKING: Dominic Grieve announces that he WILL vote against Government amendment on exit day. Cheered on by Anna Soubry
Dominic Grieve: "I don't know how long it's going to replace all these laws five years, ten years, 20 years, 30 years"
Wow. Respect to Tory MP Dominic Grieve QC, writing in Evening Standard... He believes Brexit to be 'a historic mistake…
Pay attention to Dominic Grieve - he knows what he is talking about and is twice as bright as anyone in the cabinet. http…
Laws came into Britain without parliament's agreement but he opposes them being repealed with a parliamentary vote! -
Dominic Grieve is betraying his constituents - his manipulation and maneuvering over Repeal Act clearly a cover for his…
Dominic Grieve's group of Conservative MPs want to amend the EU Withdrawal Bill to make sure Parliament has the final…
He's not, though - Dominic Grieve or Ken Clarke could knock spots off him
Here you go: Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve has called it…
Delighted with an amendment led by the former Tory Attorney General Dominic Grieve requiring an act of parliament to formally enact Brexit.
This is a good one. Off top of my head: (in no particular order) Caroline Lucas, Alan Johnson & Dominic Grieve.
Will Theresa May try and bring in Dominic Grieve, Nicky Morgan, Ken Clarke or other liberal Tories to stop their opposition?
Nicky Morgan, Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, and Neil Carmichael resign from continuity Remain campaign
Dominic Grieve's reaction to Owen Paterson's suggestion UK should convert all EU law to national law is the best.
Worth letting this sink in for a minute, Conservative MP Dominic Grieve QC has said his governments approach is 'frankly…
Dominic Grieve makes a point on pre-recorded evidence, saying often trial can be affected by what is given in evidence.
Edward Garnier and Dominic Grieve query this, and I'm not sure they're impressed by the answers.
BREXIT: Senior Tories demand May keeps UK signed up to European Convention on Human Rights | UK | News | Express.c
I nominate and Dominic Grieve for starters
Senior Tories DEMAND keeps UK signed up to Europe’s court after No rights for
Human rights lawyers are they by. Any chance! ...
With Dominic Grieve QC MP at the Palace of Westminster following our performance of Dreams of Peace & Freedom... https:…
Senior Tories call for May to commit to ECHR - Dominic Grieve & Caroline Spelman. https:/…
May fired these Traitors...Time to borrow their Registry files... a private screening would nip this in the bud...🕵🏻 ht…   10% Off
All "Human Rights" legislation is being misused by the unscrupulous. Withdraw from the ECHR and introduce our own, https:/…
Top Tories DEMAND May keeps UK in Human Rights Court after Brexit?. So we STILL can't depart savages?…
Another u-turn by the Tories as they won't leave the European Court of Human Rights or introduce UK Bill of Rights htt…
Full statement from Dominic Grieve, chair of Intelligence and Security Committee, on GCHQ/Trump. POTUS can't ask for interceptio…
Drone killing of "British" jihadis. Why doesn't Dominic Grieve have done with it & put British armed forces on trial for,even thinking war?
What squibs Sarah Wollaston, Dominic Grieve, Heidi Allen, & Claire Perry turned out to be.
Dominic Grieve MP today: the complexities surrounding Ireland and are too worrying to even contemplate
Great day of campaigning with 4 street stalls in Berks and Dominic Grieve MP with us in Beaconsfield
A lovely day of Canvassing followed by drinks at mine with the very articulate Dominic Grieve QC MP!
Tory Dominic Grieve: The landlord that cut ESA. He & his wife had a lovely time in Paris, care of the taxpayer. https:…
offering Dominic Grieve, MP, a sheet of paper at TEDx and proceeding to throw them all over the floor
Dominic Grieve MP argues is aligned with policies, highlighting the shared as one of benefits
Meet Dominic Grieve r Local MP this Sat at 1:30 PM in Beaconsfield as he talks abt the EU referendum.Sign UP here!
Dominic Grieve, worth £3.1m, working hard not to say "OUR tax affairs have got nothing to do with you peasants"
Sir Geoffrey Nice & Dominic Grieve QC will be arguing for event tomorrow
A lot of people are wishing Dominic Grieve QC a happy 60th birthday!
Very fine speech by Dominic Grieve in the HoC's. Damning attack on the Govt's position on Bill of Rights and European Convention.
Dominic Grieve tearing into government plans for a British Bill of Rights. Wow
Dominic Grieve matches rhetoric with actions - a strong advocate of removing the blanket ban on prisoner voting.
1956 – Dominic Grieve, English lawyer and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales. Happy 60th!
of the day - happy 60th birthday Dominic Grieve QC
In a proper government Dominic Grieve would be Lord Chancellor.
Happy 60th birthday to Dominic Grieve, the politician doing more to protect Human Rights Act than any opposition MP. h…
Dominic Grieve says Michael Gove failed to show how we could avoid economic damage if we leave Europe http…
This article is unfortunate because I've respected Dominic Grieve, the former Attorney General, because he's a…
Letters from Westminster: Dominic Grieve on National Living Wage rise - Bucks Free Press
Dominic Grieve MP QC op-ed in today's .'History shows why we need a
Starting to email local MPs about attending Downing Street hand in. So far Dominic Grieve QC MP has responded positively!
Some background for Dominic Grieve & as constituents knock on their door
Question: Why are two Dominic Grieve and Toby Young lookalikes doing a programme about recovering stolen goods?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
PressGazette: Dominic Grieve says ministerial veto on FoI destroyed by release of Charles letters & must be restored
Great piece by Dominic Grieve on Well done to and
Kudos to for getting Dominic Grieve involved in the Jewish community’s response to human rights reform
Great article by Dominic Grieve on how history shows why we need a Human Rights Act HT --
. Dominic Grieve comment piece in the JC this week.
Dominic Grieve op-ed in this week's .'History shows why we need a
'History shows us why we should care about the Human Rights Act' - Dominic Grieve MP QC in the..
Dominic Grieve MP 'take account means just that, it doesn't bind'. Such a bae...
Join us for an evening with Dominic Grieve 4th Feb.
Do we need a British Bill of Rights?' - with Dominic Grieve on 4th Feb
Dominic Grieve QC reflects that new entrants see the Bar as a vocation, eager to work despite the challenges …
When Tory Dominic Grieve pronounces on "Islamophobia" he should spell out what he means & who he is targeting.No more biased cliches & hints
Looked at a few in Members Interest register, only Dominic Grieve so far,but have to go out.
...however the MP who probably has the most perfect French, Dominic Grieve, has been sticking to English, sparing everyone else's blushes.
Thanks to those who completed the flash survey last week. Results sent to Dominic Grieve and local papers
Good on Dominic Grieve to talk about problem of Islamophobia in UK today. A very real and widespread issue that needs to be confronted.
There are THOUSANDS of guns in the UK. Patting yourself on the back will bite you in the *** Dominic Grieve
Islamaphobia is “very widespread” in the UK at the moment, says Dominic Grieve.
The former Attorney General Dominic Grieve tells the Commons Islamophobia is 'very widespread' in the country
Dominic Grieve MP tells Parliament it is important for all of us to understand impact of events on Muslim communities
"Attorney General Dominic Grieve has also warned Mr Cameron that he would be on ‘safer ground’ ..." via
Dominic grieve said better to have trial but impractical in present circumstances. Guy arrested in Turkey might be tried?
"I learn as we move into the future to grieve more universally." - Dominic Barrett
Thanks to Dominic Grieve who brought some realism rather than sensationalism to the debate
Could Dominic Grieve share this legal basis?
Dominic Grieve went on specifically to draw a line between "retribution" and "self-defence", & drew the line 3000 miles away.
Dominic Grieve says exactly the same on radio 4 as corbyn - his comments aren't controversial ?
Dominic Grieve just said pretty much the same thing as JC. Suppose he should go home too
ISC chair Dominic Grieve says there appears to be "sound legal base" for strike on 'Jihadi John'
Dominic Grieve on agreeing with Corbyn right now.
Positive meeting with Dominic Grieve MP this morning about HS2 issues impacting Iver.
Dominic Grieve: PM shouldn't have changed ministerial code
People in standing up to including Dominic Grieve MP
Who wants to hear Dominic Grieve QC talking about the Tory Bill of Rights plans? Better sign up quickly!
Just peeked at Dominic Grieve MP's registrable shareholdings. He must spend half of his life declaring interests!
commission on Islam, participation&public life led by Dominic Grieve,powerful testimonies were shared
Join us! book launch & talk by Dominic Grieve QC 'The Future of Human Rights Protection in the UK'
uk Theresa May set for clash with Dominic Grieve over new spy laws | via
Dominic Grieve welcomes us to the commission hearing in Cardiff at
Preparations underway for the Commission Hearing in this afternoon with Dominic Grieve, Jenny Watson, & co
Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP suggests the removal of international law from the Ministerial Code is not jus…
Dominic Grieve Speaks to St. Hugh’s Law Society in Oxford, details here
it was Dominic Grieve QC the last Attorney General who said the RSPCA is irreplaceable. I agree with him
On Tuesday at 5.45pm there is a fringe meeting at the Midland Hotel with Dominic Grieve QC MP + Lord Faulks QC
We are looking forward to having Dominic Grieve, MP, to join us at our Beaconsfield Singing for the Brain Session today
All purpose parts banner
We are very pleased to announce that Dominic Grieve MP as our first President of BOTRA
Dominic Grieve on the ECHR - nuanced as always, and I like his call for debate to be conducted with 'good humour'! http:…
"Is the European Convention on Human Rights Working?" Dominic Grieve MP QC gives this year's Rule of Law Lecture:
Photos: Dominic Grieve MP on 'Why the European Court of Human Rights is good for Britain'
Hon Dominic Grieve speaking today at about Human Rights and the ECHR
When looking at a country with a difficult human rights record, the Convention becomes even more important. - Dominic Grieve QC
The ECHR puts pressure on the government to badger other countries to improve their human rights record. - Dominic Grieve QC
Many of the 800 million people protected by the ECHR live in states which misapply the rule of law. - Dominic Grieve QC
The protection of fundamental rights is an integral part of the rule of law. - Dominic Grieve QC
Just noticed the have a snazzy new website!!! And Dominic Grieve is making perfect sense (again) on Human Rights on it.
Tory MP Dominic Grieve's wealth is £3 million, he is criticised for investments with companies in Mugabe's Zimbabwe
Excellent lecture by Dominic Grieve MP this evening. A great way to kick off our PIR seminar series for this academic year.
Unlike Tory gov who ignore their own expert advice (Dominic Grieve ex AG) Lab consulting meritocracy to get best advice/information
Dominic Grieve QC last Attorney General, praised the charity saying police &CPS could not pick up volume of work
Roundup: faculty jurisdiction, copyright, more on Government review of sharia, Dominic Grieve on the ECHR - & more:
The ECHR is in an alert period because of the case "Ioanis Tosounidis vs the UK". That means that it had been...
"Is the European Convention Working? Dominic Grieve advocates before Faculty of Advocates"
A useful, balanced critique of the ECHR and its relationship with the UK, from Dominic Grieve, via
"Is the ECHR working?": full text of the speech by Dominic Grieve QC, former Tory Attorney General, is online at
Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve is elected as the new chairman of Parliaments influential Intelligence and Security Committee.
named chairman of - chairs UK's intelligence and Security Committee
Secretly, I quite like Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve. My theory: if you combined best facets of some Tories, you could make a decent human …
It's time for you lot to get real or go away:
Dominic Grieve QC, former Tory Attorney General, on value of ECtHR and HRA
Dominic Grieve questions if benefits of Tory human rights plans will outweigh the costs to UK influence & reputation. http…
Dominic Grieve: The ECtHR is arguably the most important instrument for promoting human rights on our planet.
Conservative MPs Andrew Mitchell & Dominic Grieve + Lab's call for release of Shaker Aamer from Gitmo
Chris Grayling's bill of rights proposal was ripped to shreds by Dominic Grieve. Can Gove do any better? And why bother?
Dominic Grieve tells local hustings he's not sure food banks are a bad thing:
How can Dominic Grieve think that food banks might be a good thing? They're akin to the Workhouse
Is Dominic Grieve from another planet? Or just a senior Tory?
On defence cuts, Dominic Grieve says more needs to be spent and threats from the Middle East and President Putin's activities are real
Dominic Grieve addresses the public and says the May 7 vote is the most important he's been involved in
Baroness Scotland pays tribute to Dominic Grieve - her successor as Attorney General sacked
"What did they sack him for? For standing up for the rule of law." Dominic Grieve spoke truth to government -
Baroness Scotland pays tribute to Dominic Grieve, a guardian of law who spoke truth to govt, and got the sack for it
.commends Dominic Grieve for being a guardian of the law in his role as AG.
.praises Dominic Grieve QC for his 'guardianship' of justice and legal aid. 'They sacked him for speaking truth to government.'
Unit lecture by Dominic Grieve 'Why Human Rights should matter to Conservatives' now published free in
Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve says that military action in Syria comes under a different legal framework to action in Iraq
Free in our latest issue 'Why Should Matter to by Dominic Grieve
Dominic Grieve on 'Why human rights should matter to Conservatives', now published in Political Quarterly -
Christ, I was drunk. For a whole week. I had a really interesting chat with Dominic Grieve.
Great to have Dominic Grieve down in Osterley today.
WOMAN Floppy ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED IRONBUDS just emailed my MP re: summarised: OMG the terrurists and Dominic Grieve says it’s OK, so i
I thought Dominic Grieve had a second home in Beaconsfield?
Charlie Falconer debates need for departmental 'cabinets' (aka Extended Ministerial Offices) with Dominic Grieve:
Dominic Grieve is currently at the market - election in full swing
. No, worse, dominic grieve in beaconsfield constituency
LBC speaks to Dominic Grieve about Alison Saunders & Lord Janner
LBC speaks to Dominic Grieve about Saunders/Janner etc
we spoke to Dominic Grieve earlier about Saunders/Janner etc
Sadly Dominic Grieve is completely wrong. Sack her!
Dominic Grieve might be satisfied. Many of us are not. But then, we don't belong to the establishment as he does.
Former Attorney Gen. Dominic Grieve tells re DPP Alison Saunders: 'I'm quite satisfied there hasnt been an establishment cover-up'
On 30 Apr have Dominic Grieve QC speaking on the Conservatives, Europe and the Election Book now!
EU exit would make 2m Britons abroad illegal immigrants overnight. They can vote this against Tory/UKIP plans http:…
Dominic Grieve on his time as Attorney-General (including OTRs) and confidence in UK's long-term future
A lot of confusion about number of British living and working in Europe; Dominic Grieve claimed 2 million Brits working…
Interview with ex-AG Dominic Grieve in which he derides Tory human rights paper for being ‘deficient in reasoning’.
Dominic Grieve on UK leaving the ECtHR: "The CJEU’s action is likely to be far more intrusive than anything Strasbourg could throw at us".
Dominic Grieve: "Legal aid was always going to be under pressure, but maintaining an accessible justice system should always be a priority".
Is Dominic Grieve the best justice secretary austerity Britain never had? via
Exclusive interview with former Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC
Dominic Grieve:"I am not a lone voice crying in the wilderness" by used to the CP promoting HRights!
Beer not ready yet? “Dominic Grieve says it’s OK, but the wife that was after a business for routinely breaking the law
Flood defences on the agenda as politicians including Dominic Grieve hold question time forum in Marlow -
Dominic Grieve spoken superbly on the need for judicial oversight, yesterday.
well, Dominic Grieve's penchant for contempt prosecution put a spanner in those works...
If you read nothing else this eve, read Dominic Grieve's bits in this (3rd reading of the CT and Security Bill today)
► VIDEO: Dominic Grieve on Theresa May's terrorism bill before MPs on Tuesday PM with in clip .
Former Att Gen Dominic Grieve tells me he thinks Home Sec will allow courts oversight to deal with terrorist suspects returning home
Dominic Grieve on talking sense about what the terrorism bill actually says about restricting returns to uk.
Come on Dominic Grieve, most our MPs have commited acts of treason, but you've not taken their passports or put them on trial. Moron.
Dominic Grieve is very useful on several issues.
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I'm aware that Dominic Grieve QC raised such issues, quite some time ago.
Dominic Grieve, former Attorney General, on why his own party's plan to repeal the are "unacceptable" …
Completely w/ Grieve on this MT "Should we scrap the Human Rights Act? w/ Martin Howe & Dominic Grieve"
Former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, bang on the mark again:
Dominic Grieve: Human Rights Act plans 'unworkable and will damage UK's reputation'
"European Court help set up the Good Friday Agreement.This is craziness. This Court is NOT EU." Dominic Grieve- a lawyer.
Another hole in conspiracy as publishes an article by Dominic Grieve today:
Dominic Grieve demonstrating that anyone with a brain, a conscience & an understanding of law is no longer welcome in the…
Dominic Grieve slams Tory party's factually incorrect, unworkable and misguided proposals to ditch the Human Rights Act on
‘There is a misunderstanding about what ECHR does' even the paper produced by Chris Grayling contains 'a number of howlers’…
interesting to hear there is derision from Tories own former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve QC. Part of EU escape plan?
Dominic Grieve: Tory Bill of Rights proposals "almost puerile... they are unworkable and will damage the UK’s internationa…
Ex Attorney-General Dominic Grieve on now. We may not like some judgments but they may be correct + ECHR has done immense good
Anyone bemoaning lack of principle in modern politics should look at Dominic Grieve. Shining example of putting values be…
Scathing critique of Tory plans to abolish the & withdraw from ECHR by former Tory AG Dominic Grieve
Says a lot that the balanced, experienced (legally qualified) views of Dominic Grieve couldn't sit easily with Govt human righ…
The ECHR ‘is producing decisions of great importance in improving human rights in Europe which are inevitably ignored here’…
I applaud Dominic Grieve for putting truth and human rights before party and prejudice.
The Human Rights Act already gives parliament the final say. Dominic Grieve is quite right - Grayling's plans are unnec…
Which politician do you trust on human rights? Eminent barrister and Queen's Counsel Dominic Grieve or ex TV producer Chr…
Now we know why Dominic Grieve was sacked:
Tory plan to leave ECHR contains 'howlers' says Dominic Grieve. Should change his name to Dominic Grievances
Dominic Grieve told FT:. “This does not work and it is damaging to us to come up with half-baked solutions that don’t bear c…
Dominic Grieve former Attorney General talking sense on Sky News saying we can't cherry pick on human rights then preac…
He worked as Dominic Grieve's chief of staff for quite a while too, so I'm surprised he differs so much.
Well it's now fairly obvious why Dominic Grieve was dumped. Arts student media worker Grayling far more helpful on legal matters.
Dominic Grieve interesting on R4 this morning. Says Grayling report full of errors e.g. on whole life tariffs
Ouch! Dominic Grieve dismisses Chris Grayling's plan to ignore rulings of ECtHR as "almost puerile" via
Dominic Grieve: ‘I had no reason to think that the prime minister would want to fire me’
Former AG Dominic Grieve seriously impressive on Extraordinary that he was sacked.
Hurrah for Dominic Grieve! Points out preventing Brits returning home offends basic principles of our own common law, not…
Boris Johnson's proposal to toughen law to deal with terror threat is "draconian proposal" - Dominic Grieve
Interesting Baroness letter lamented the loss of Dominic Grieve & Ken Clarke, both champions of the rule of law, n…
Barons Warsi latter of resignation. Dear Prime Minister For some weeks, in meetings and discussions, I have been open and honest about my views on the conflict in Gaza and our response to it. My view has been that our policy in relation to the Middle East Peace Process generally but more recently our approach and language during the current crisis in Gaza is morally indefensible, is not in Britain's national interest and will have a long term detrimental impact on our reputation internationally and domestically. Particularly as the Minister with responsibility for the United Nations, The International Criminal Court and Human Rights I believe our approach in relation to the current conflict is neither consistent with our values, specifically our commitment to the rule of law and our long history of support for International Justice. In many ways the absence of the experience and expertise of colleagues like Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve has over the last few weeks become very apparent. The decision has no ...
You wonder now if Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve and William Hague all had to go because they spoke out about human rights
Warsi basically points out that getting rid of Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve and William Hague was a huge mistake.
Andrew Lansley, Dominic Grieve, David Willetts and David Jones are all out - Daily Mail
Dominic Grieve warns against UK withdrawal from human rights court
Massive shame that Dominic Grieve is going when the awful likes of Chris Grayling are staying in.
At least axed AG Dominic Grieve can now forge a new career as one of Bertie Wooster's Drones Club pals ...
• Foreign secretary takes lesser role of Commons leader• Damien Green, David Willetts and Dominic Grieve out• Reshuffle expected to make way for promotion of women
Dominic Grieve, who said homosexuals are ‘a bit weird’, quits as Attorney General
No accepting of the resignation of Dominic Grieve either. What a shame. Great Attorney General and a big loss to the C…
Attorney General Dominic Grieve out in reshuffle | Law Gazette
(1/2) Dominic Grieve was an important moderating influence within government in relation to role of ECtHR and British pa…
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Dominic Grieve is a fine man. But he was wedded, wrongly if out of principle, to a human rights settlement that's utterly…
Theory: Dominic Grieve stepped down to head the abuse inquiry.
A great shame Dominic Grieve has left Government. As Attorney General he appeared to do more to stand up for the rule of …
Dominic Grieve QC is supposedly leaving government. Maybe he is being prepared to head the abuse inquiry?
I'm sorry to see Dominic Grieve go. He spoke up for the Bar & its role in the Rule of Law. Human rights no less rights fo…
Very sorry to see Dominic Grieve leave the Govt. He is an excellent lawyer & was one of the few in the Govt who knew about r…
A cull of the One Nation Tories: Ken Clarke, George Young, Damian Green, Dominic Grieve all out.
Defence secretary Philip Hammond set to replace Hague • Damian Green, David Willetts and Dominic Grieve also out
With the departure of Ken Clarke & Dominic Grieve goes any last remnants of support for in senior Tory ranks
Two big supporters of European Convention on Human Rights - Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve - out of the cabinet.
Genuinely sorry to hear Dominic Grieve leaving government as Attorney General, a thoughtful & compassionate man
Breaking: Attorney General Dominic Grieve also kicked out in cabinet reshuffle.
resigns as Foreign Sec. will resign as MP next elections. Attorney Gen Dominic Grieve who I have known for years also resigns
"It was when Grayling started playing the Rains of Castamere that I started to get worried," Dominic Grieve tells reporters.…
Dominic Grieve departure allows Tories to take much tougher line on European Court of Human Rights.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Removal of Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve from Cabinet paves way for a Conservative assault on human rights. Robust Labour…
Total clear out of law officers with both Dominic Grieve and Oliver Heald gone in reshuffle. Who is in charge overnight?
Ken Clarke, Damian Green, David Willetts, and Dominic Grieve all out. So getting rid of the brains Camerooni?
Just caught up on Alan Duncan, Nick Hurd, Dominic Grieve, Damian Green, Ken Clarke. Great if more women, but they were good men
Why on Earth has Dominic Grieve gone? Incredibly capable Minister in his field- bewildered to say the least, as when Alistair Burt went
- OF VULNERABLE PERSONS - BRITISH JUSTICE SYSTEM.   The British courts and legal system are being used for high level theft, including fraudulent bankruptcies.   The following case is not isolated.   What kind of G8, G20, UN, EU partner is Britain?   Google “Len Lawrence Official Solicitor” and “Len Lawrence pilot”     British police turn a blind eye to fraud UNLESS COMMITTED AGAINST THE STATE OR POWERFUL CORPORATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS, and Theresa May buries her head in the sand, pretending their are no existing laws to prosecute criminals with law degrees.   Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Justice, Dominic Grieve, Attorney General, and others keep their mouths shut. This is very helpful for transnational serious organised criminals – especially those with law and accounting degrees. Britain has been declared the organised crime capital of Europe.   The Anti-Corruption Committee and ‘Anti-Corruption Champion’, Kenneth Clarke, have been created to fool the internation ...
Great to see Dominic Grieve and Iain Duncan smith coming out to defend the Prime Ministers celebration of UKs Christian Heritage
Top London private school that both Dominic Grieve and George Osborne attended becomes subject of child sex abuse...
Please tell Simon Singh that Dominic Grieve rather than Edward Garnier is Attorney General...
Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General, will decide whether to refer the four-year jail term given to Lewis Gill for the killing of Andrew Young in Bournemouth to the Court of Appeal
Ha, a debating action shot of me asking a POI to Attorney General, Dominic Grieve. Look at that disgusted face!
Why doesn't Dominic Grieve, Attorney General, accept that he is beaten & stop blocking Prince Charles's letters to government ministers?
Prince Charles writes letters to Ministers and we are not allowed to see them Dominic Grieve Attorney General's move now ruled unlawful.
Appalling stuff from Dominic Grieve, whose salary is paid by the taxpayer. Clearly desperate for dat knighthood:
Prince Charles letters: Attorney General acted unlawfully, judges rule: Senior judges rule Dominic Grieve had "no good reason" for bl...
Dominic Grieve, Attorney General, to appeal to Supreme Court against ruling on Prince Charles letters (BBC English)
TORY 'ODD OBSESSIONS' The Conservative Party is suffering from a "hemorrhage" of votes to Ukip the Attorney General has admitted, but Dominic Grieve has warned his party it would be "irrational" to try and outflank Nigel Farage on the right. The senior Tory, who attends cabinet, said Tory MPs also needed to ditch their "odd obsessions" and focus on ramming home the message that the coalition had rescued the economy if they wanted to win the 2015 general election. HuffPost UK Politcs Even if they didn't and will not win in 2015 - Vic Hall.
Dominic Grieve's Daily Telegraph interview on 23/11 led to accusations of xenophobia. Read his response.
Wednesday 11th December In Brief Prime minister David Cameron, health secretary Jeremy Hunt and health minister Norman Lamb attend the G8 dementia summit in London (08.15) Attorney General Dominic Grieve speaks at a Politeia event in London on trial by jury (18.30) Julian Smith MP attends a Reform event in London on the impact of major projects on UK growth (19.00) Reports and Statistics The Committee on Climate Change has published its review of the fourth carbon budget The National Audit Office has published a report on establishing free schools Ofsted publishes its annual report on England's schools (10.00) The Institute of Economic Affairs has published a report on the energy market The Royal College of Midwives publishes its report on the state of maternity services in 2013 The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills publishes statistics on regional insolvency for 2000 - 2012 and individual voluntary arrangement outcomes for 1990 to 2012 The Department for Communities and Local Government publ ...
For the personal attention of:   Members of Parliament:   David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Andrew Mitchell, Stephen Barclay, Bernard Jenkin, Baroness Doreen Lawrence, James Brokenshire, Theresa May, Dominic Grieve, Norman Lamb, Lord Stevens   Author: Stephen Hayes (Author: Sirs:   We have knowledge of cases where the Metropolitan Police force is being used to intimidate whistleblowers. This must be the reason they feel need to fudge official crime figures: their time is perhaps inappropriately occupied, and they need to cover up. Much time and money was spent, for example, infiltrating the Stephen Lawrence family and supporters, to cause them trouble. see the Stan Richardson case video is an NHS whistleblower. As you already know, whistleblowers suffer grievous consequences for exposing the NHS. One tactic is to try to section them under the Mental Health Act, so as to silence them forever. are not sure whether this abuse of whistleblowers is initiated at the very top or not, but we h ...
Rod Liddle on Dominic Grieve and the types of things politicians can and cannot say in today's Britain.
BRITISH Attorney General HAS GIVEN SOME' INSULTING ' REMARKS REGARDING GENERAL BEHAVIOUR AND WORKING STYLE OF PAKISTANIS. DO YOU THINK THEY ARE FALSE? Pakistan warns Grieve's "divisive" remarks may damage bilateral relations A clue to Dominic Grieve sudden U-turn yesterday has emerged as The High Commission for Pakistan warns UK that his comments regarding Britain’s Pakistani community are "offensive and divisive", "may have repercussions on Pakistan-UK bilateral relations, and damage Pakistani Community’s support to the Conservative Party." Slamming the remarks as "immature" and "bizarre" – language not normally used by diplomats – Pakistan is making clear the high degree of anger felt by the regime. Grieve had said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that some immigrants - particularly British Pakistanis - "come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic", "have been brought up to believe you can only get certain things through a favour culture", and are "mainly responsible for electoral ...
Dominic Grieve is the Attorney General of the UK, a cabinet minister and the most senior legal eagle in the government. According to him, people of Pakistani origin are necessarily corrupt and further more, Pakistanis are not an asset but a liability. He has absolutely no basis for his claims other than citing some offences by criminals. I too can cite offences by criminals - Indian, Irish, British, etc etc!! However it would be criminally insane and plain racist of me if I then went on to state that all Indian, Irish or British people were criminal by inclination! From singling out the Pakistani origin community, the ''defender'' of our legal rights then goes on to state that he is specifically dividing and distinguishing the Indian community from the Pakistanis. In his view only the Pakistani community should be singled out for concrete discrimination! We heard this 'divide and rule' ruse from Jack Straw and David Cameron. It is a pattern of divisive and bigoted policies which aim to sow strife between ...
Dominic Grieve thinks people from Pakistan expect "favours" having their council tax paid and gardening done? http:/…
Do u think when Dominic Grieve made comments he was referring to Keith Vaz?
(Keith Hudson) Normally, one has only to listen to Dominic Grieve, UK MP and Attorney General, for a few minutes to realize that a very sharp mind is in operation. Therefore, one wonders about his political nous when he said in an interview in yesterday's Daily Telegraph that Pakistanis are the main corrupters in the country. If he were an ordinary MP and not the gov ernment's top legal mind, there would have been an immense social and political eruption about this. It would have come from Pakistani immigrants, from the Labour Party, the LibDem Party, and dozens, if not hundreds, of left and liberal organizations in the country. I'm writing this a little too soon to judge the response accurately but, so far, there's been hardly a cheep of protest, never mind refutation, from any of them. Of course, Mr Grieve is absolutely right. Pakistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Immigrants to this country cannot avoid bringing some of that culture with them. There have been more than few str ...
Attorney General Dominic Grieve apologises after comments about corruption in ethnic communities-2 right your guna apologise how dare he.
Attorney General Dominic Grieve says British Asian communities are bringing corruption to local politics. His comments branded as "alienating" and "not based on fact".
is trying to defend Dominic Grieve, claiming he is courageous. Chris Patten deploys racist hacks to defend the indefensible.
Dominic Grieve must be a big fan of 'Citizen Khan.'
Oh my God - David Cameron has been forced to realise that he is lacking female members of the Cabinet but don't worry girls he said you can have up to 33% of those jobs now. How gracious of him to ALLOW you to take those positions. I'll say it again women are 60-80% of the Political force of this Country. - David Cameron and Ed Miliband vote for women in reshuffles Party leaders to promote a number of female MPs to more prominent roles David Cameron is preparing to increase the number of women in his government this week to meet his pledge of having a third of female ministers by 2015. While one or two cabinet ministers may see their jobs change, the main shake-up, expected tomorrow, will be in the junior ministerial ranks, with Liz Truss, Anna Soubry and Helen Grant tipped for promotion, along with Jessica Lee, a relatively unknown MP who is parliamentary aide to Dominic Grieve. The Prime Minister was heavily criticised a year ago for a reshuffle which saw the number of women in the Cabinet decrease from ...
Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General, has blocked the release of Cabinet committee papers relating to devolution under the Freedom of Information Act.
Dominic Grieve looking very happy in a green cagoule at Edinburgh Castle.
Again Grayling! Dominic Grieve: I do everything to explain benefits of Human Rights Act | Richard Norton-Taylor
Dominic Grieve promotes the interesting and varied work of a graduate career with the GLS.
Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC on the rule of law: so not Rule of Law &Judicial Review then?
Many countries restrict the voting rights of convicted criminals.convicted prisoners are automatically banned from voting in Armenia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Luxemburg, Romania, Russia and the United Kingdom. In Australia, prisoners are only entitled to vote if they are serving a sentence of less than three years. Only two US states (Maine and Vermont) permit prisoners to vote. In France and Germany, courts have the power to deprive people of voting rights as an additional punishment, but this is not automatic. UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve said: "If convicted rapists and murderers are given the vote it will bring the law into disrepute and many people will see it as making a mockery of justice". UK Shadow home secretary Ann Widdecombe said in 2001, "The courts have ruled that convicted prisoners, many of them dangerous, cannot be allowed to take part in normal society. How, therefore, can it be sensible to give them a say in how that society should be run?" Should people serv ...
In the News … Sex offence artist sentence review The Attorney General has begun a review into whether the sentence imposed on artist Graham Ovenden was too lenient. Ovenden, 70, from Cornwall, was spared a prison term for historical sex offences against children. He was given a sentence of 12 months, suspended for two years, at Plymouth Crown Court on Tuesday. A spokesman for the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, said his office had received several requests to review the sentence.
Stuart Hall's 15-month jail sentence for series of sex attacks to be reviewed The Attorney General is to review the 15-month jail sentence given to veteran broadcaster Stuart Hall for a series of historical sex attacks on girls as young as nine. Hall, 83, described by the Crown Prosecution Service as "an opportunistic predator", abused his victims over a period of two decades from 1968. Within minutes of Hall being led from the dock at Preston crown court on Monday there were calls for the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, to examine whether the sentence was "unduly lenient". Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry said the 15-month term "surely cannot be strong enough for the seriousness and circumstances of the crime". The court heard how Hall, the one-time co-presenter of It's A Knockout, attacked one of his victims within moments of her being sick at a party to celebrate her 13th birthday. Three girls were molested within minutes of each other as they attended an elocution lesson at his home, while a ...
"As lawyers, you understand the concept of categorising stuff, of keeping the case separate from the outside world; it’s very difficult as a member of the public to close down parts of your brain. Inevitably you bring in outside influences." No other professions have this ability, of course, particularly not psychologists... "Last year, Theodora Dallas, a former university lecturer, was jailed for six months for contempt of court, for carrying out online research on a criminal defendant while serving as a juror. The case was taken so seriously that the contempt proceedings were launched by the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve." Though it had not previously been seen as a matter for public debate, least of all by the national public broadcaster, presumably more interested in spending licence fees* on sports' fixtures in competition with its commercial rivals. Still allowable under section 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights?
Dominic Grieve may find it harder than Ched Evans, public support outing of courts held in contempt by the public;)
MPs approve same-sex marriage MPs have approved same-sex marriage in England and Wales in a key Commons vote, despite the opposition of almost half the Conservative MPs. The Commons voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, by 400 to 175, a majority of 225, at the end of a full day's debate on the bill. David Cameron has described the move as "an important step forward" that strengthens society. Voting lists show that 136 Conservatives opposed the bill. They included Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, and David Jones, the Welsh Secretary. Among the ministers who abstained were Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, and Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General. Junior Justice Minister Helen Grant said: "As Tories we do differ at times. We have squabbles - we're like any other family." But she described the legislation as "a major step forward for equality and justice". The Mail carries a number of quotes from the MPs who opposed the Bill. Meanwhile, the Telegraph claims that Conservative ...
The day Britain said ‘I do’ to *** marriage *** marriage was given the seal of approval last night despite a rebellion by most of David Cameron’s own MPs. Proposals to allow same-sex couples to wed were passed in the Commons with 400 MPs in favour and 175 against. Analysis of the 303 Tory MPs’ votes showed just 126 were in favour, with 134 against and the rest abstaining or absent. Tory opponents included government ministers Owen Paterson, David Lidington and Mike Penning, as well as backbencher John Glen (pictured). Defence secretary Philip Hammond and Attorney General Dominic Grieve both abstained while housing minister Mark Prisk did not vote. Labour said every member of the shadow cabinet voted in favour of the bill’s second reading while only one Liberal Democrat opposed it. Earlier, David Cameron had tried to rally his party with a speech in which he insisted same-sex marriage would make British society stronger. He said: ‘I know there are strong views on both sides of the argument – ...
Dominic Grieve wants the Law Commission to overhaul contempt laws to poss. include a criminal offence of researching cases on the internet
35 years ago Tory ministers Grieve & Green at Oxford Uni were involved in an assault
OMG! Am in the central lobby in Parliament and Dominic Grieve just walked past. Also seen Jeremy Corbyn and various others.
Dominic Grieve MP and his own Joint Enterprise experience?
Was delighted to have been asked as 'The Women In Business Network' Organisation to speak at the Durham University Debate on "This House Believes That Women Have Shattered the Glass Ceiling” on the challenges faced by women in modern business. The Union is the University’s oldest and largest student society, with over 3000 members. Speakers over recent months have included Nick Clegg, David Miliband, Dominic Grieve and Bertie Ahern.
I became aware of your Chairman apparently a friend of Dominic Grieve.I absolutely love your website.Shaun the sheep etc
There is a ridiculously prominent article in the ST on Dominic Grieve allegedly throwing Damian Green into a river when they were at Oxford
revisits a 1977 report on Oxford high jinks featuring Damian Green and Dominic Grieve - now in govt:
1977 Magdalen Bridge incident: how Dominic Grieve was the only one to enquire whether Damian Green was badly hurt
Dominic Grieve in 2009 said "giant warehouses are no good for reforming prisoners or protecting the public”
Statutory anonymity for arrested suspects would be hugely damaging to freedom of expression and interests of justice:
If all LJ Leveson's recommendations were legislated for, huge amount of parliamentary time would be needed I think:
Legislation needed to implement plans on arrest anonymity... new Government gagging order to protect the press
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