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Dominic Cooper

Dominic Edward Cooper (born 2 June 1978) is an English actor.

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"Era un pensador no un ejecutor" The man who world be Bond. Serie. Dominic Cooper.
I love them together. where is boyfriend dominic cooper?
actually grew up in Ireland. Now her bf Dominic Cooper is British ;)
Last I knew she was still with Dominic Cooper
The Libertine review – Dominic Cooper is riveting as rakish hero -
Dominic Cooper should come and take my virginity please 😍😍😍😍
We want to pigeonhole things and people, but it is absurd to rega...
It happens very rarely that your ears perk up about a certain project...
is it really wrong to say that if Dominic Cooper had been a priest in my church that I would've gone to church a helluva lot more?
FLAUNT MAGAZINE - THE NEO GOLDEN AGE Dominic Cooper 2011 Check out my listing on via
Howard Stark & Ian Fleming - Basically Dominic Cooper is my fav right now based on his portrayal of these two iconic men.
I forgot an actor other than John Slattery or Dominic Cooper played Howard Stark in the background pictures in Iron Man 1.
Earlier today at Perry Pin City, senior Evan Schenk lost a 6-2 decision to Canfield's Dominic Cooper - Schenk's first loss.
Genuinely thought that new judge on the voice was Dominic Cooper who had just aged badly 😂😂
That feeling When you're just casually roaming around Camden and you see Dominic cooper randomly (or a really good doppelgänger)
Dominic cooper is proof that not all heroes wear capes
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Sophie Turner and Dominic Cooper will announce the 2017 nominations on Tuesday, January 10th.
Dominic Cooper a man that exudes sex
It's funny, I never think I'm doing that well. I've never, ever. I...
I could watch need for speed movie all day. Pretty cars. Dominic cooper. 😍
Did you see Dominic Cooper's representation of anger? It's hilarious!
AH THANK also that's dominic cooper (Howard Stark from catfa/Agent Carter) as Jesse Custer from preacher!! 😊
Anonymous said: OMG Sticky! Dominic Cooper is not remotely a box office draw so yeah Stratton will have a...
Good read ☺️🎭 What goes on in the wings: actors' backstage secrets
Prob my fav Graham Norton eps are the 1 with Joan Rivers & Jake Gyllenhaal and the 1 with Miriam Margolyes, Dominic Cooper & Lilly Allen
Even I think that's rubbish. Dominic Cooper is truly terrible in it! I saw the Fast 8 trailer at the cinema the other day :D
I love Dominic Cooper ♥ I hope they'll do a film together soon again :D !
the extend of my agatha christie knowledge is my mom reads all her books and one of the movie adaptions stars Dominic Cooper
Grief jumps out at you when you're least expecting it.
Dominic Cooper and Sophie Turner announce the nominations for this year’s EE Awards, January 10.
UPDATE: sophie will be announcing the bafta nominations 2017 with dominic cooper on tuesday 10th january
I didnt know Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper were a real life couple since 2010, MINDBLOWN
There's only so much you can do of trying, finding yourself very...
On 77 minutes Tyler Ashmead, Dominic Cooper, Ryan Gissing, Saul Jarrett & Alex White have come on to replace.
Dominic Cooper is publishing his debut poetry collection, WAYMARKING: (cc
James D'Arcy and Dominic Cooper have both played Ian Fleming.
James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis and Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark and Hayley Atwell in Agent Carter 8 x 10 Phot…
Watch Paula Patton and Dominic Cooper pull off their own stunts in 'Warcraft' via
Dominic Cooper takes it to the stage and makes his West End debut in Read our ★★★★ review here:…
Dominic Cooper has rakish swagger and charm in The Libertine - if only the show itself were sexier .
Hayley should just get with the wining team and join DC like Dominic Cooper honestly, truly
Had a bad dream that Dominic cooper was stalking and terrorising me and ended up kidnapping me 😂 so realistic I woke up crying
It's a good feeling to come away from a day's work feeling like you've achieved something. T
People are earning their living as 'celebrities' without actually doing anything.
Saw first episode. Looks interesting. And there is Dominic Cooper so it's gonna be good :)
When ur at the Libertine press night & you're like why is snogging Dominic Cooper instead of
New review: The Libertine by Stephen Jeffreys is brill. A really fun evening. Dominic Cooper rocks.
Dominic Cooper needs more lead in his pencil in The Libertine – review
Mike Leigh to companion at Dominic Cooper play The Libertine tonight: "Are you enjoying the show? You don't have to lie." He could prob tell
Funny filthy moving fascinating play Dominic Cooper Jasper Britton great at Haymarket Theatre .
Great evening and theatrical love-in at at Haymarket. Dominic Cooper beadily masterful/flawed as naughty earl of Rochester
love to see a Marvel Netflix series or movie with her and Dominic Cooper actually showing the founding of Shield
Having a sex-crazed week (theatre wise , I hasten to add). First Lady Chatterley and now The Libertine with Dominic's all go
Warcraft was much better than the critics reception led me to believe. Although Dominic Cooper was bad casting for a king.
Hello from the cheap seats. Here's hoping Dominic Cooper has an especially expressive face
Yup and 9th. Seeing Sir Patrick and Ian on Fri, playing tour guide and maaayyybe seeing the Dominic Cooper play Sat and seeing
Ladies, an announcement; The Libertine with Dominic Cooper opens tonight. See tickets for the run here:
She was the star of the show in the very underated Preacher, with Dominic Cooper.
In photos: Dominic Cooper etc star in The Libertine, opening tonight at the Haymarket Theatre Royal…
never forget when dominic cooper was asked what his favorite Howard Stark invention was & he said, "did I make the iron man…
Find out other roles star Dominic Cooper has played throughout his career in this episode.
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Is that the one with Dominic Cooper in the lead?
New Pictures of Eric Dane and Dominic Cooper at the comic con international
Stupid thought of the day: what magical force (besides aging) transformed Dominic Cooper into John Slattery? Hm...
Oh man, don’t say that. Dominic Cooper is a babe, you’re making me reassess my whole life.
just googled - kid looks like a younger Dominic cooper
Dominic cooper in London till December.I just need go
Oh I only caught 's tail end on tonight. He was on the settee with Dominic Cooper and some female.
Whoaaa why didn't anyone tell me Dominic Cooper was on the One show
Stupefied on my sofa eating pizza and staring at Dominic Cooper's lovely arms...
Dominic Cooper on The One Show 😍 makes me miss Howard Stark and Peggy Carter SO much!
Its sort of supernatural set in Texas. Has Dominic Cooper in it. Its good. On AMC
Omg Dominic Cooper is on the one show 😍😍😍
Dominic cooper is blessing my TV rn
anyway here's a video of dominic cooper performing at the 2009 oscars with zefron, hugh jackman and freakin beyoncé
Not sure who this bloke is on The One Show but he clearly fancies Dominic Cooper something rotten. Batting his eyes like crazy.
Hamilton Collection
Dominic Cooper sounds better with the American accent he uses in
That Dominic Cooper reel on is not dissuading me that he should be the next Bond.
Dominic Cooper is on the one show. Im actually going to watch the one show tonight
Dominic cooper on the one show ohh yeess
dominic cooper is on BBC 1 in a minute lad
Yesss Dominic Cooper is on the one show
Omg, now I'm going to think that every time I see Dominic Cooper!
Leek musician Dominic 'Chuck Berry' Cooper will perform at Brough Park's bandstand this weekend
First trailer for starring right here!
that is Dominic Cooper next to him though...
Dominic Cooper's barnet in is best I've seen since I worked with Both top of their game
Now I really want to see Dominic Cooper play Prior Walter in
Move over Bourne, is coming. Here's the first trailer:
Joseph Gilgun and Dominic Cooper trying to kiss part. 2
Joseph Gilgun trying to kiss Dominic Cooper is kinda my thing.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Dominic Cooper alleluia praise be to god *sings Abba*
I have no idea who it is that Dominic Cooper is supposed to be playing, but it’s sure as *** not Jesse Custer. I really don't like the show
Current sexuality: Dominic Cooper in his Jesse Custer costume speaking with his real accent.
I'm glad I gave Preacher a chance. Definitely wouldn't have watched it without Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga and the free episode on Gplay
oh my just found out Dominic Cooper (Jesse) and Ruth Negga (Tulip) from Preacher are a couple irl 😍😭
I don't think it's said enough how great Dominic Cooper is on on a show that's insane he makes everything feel real.
Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun in just their undies...yes, I'm all about that
Last night's PREACHER had something for everyone (Joseph Gilgun & Dominic Cooper)
Joseph Gilgun & Dominic Cooper drinking beer in their underwear.. why thank you
I think it says S.S.R., so either Hayley Atwel, Dominic Cooper, Chris Evans (please!) or Tommy Lee Jones.
📷 bbuchanann: I tried all my Dominic Cooper poses.
Yeah, Dominic Cooper and Joe Gilgun are fun and Ruth Negga is doing a pretty good job.
Dominic Cooper looks like a big-cheeked 15 year old with Robert Smith hair and a glue on beard
I'm watching Graham Norton & I swear James Corden was right. Dominic Cooper just loves to sit spread eagle all the time.
Really like Dominic Cooper, looks the part and has the attitude. Would have liked to have seen Henry Cavill, but DC has him
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The other two are Dominic Cooper and Felicity Jones - mainstays of the MCU and Star Wars universe now.
at a certain point we'll be able to pinpoint the exact year when Dominic Cooper turned into John Slattery.
Anyone else find it weird to see John Slattery playing Howard Stark in Civil War instead of Dominic Cooper?
Don't forget to watch Dominic Cooper, James Corden & Russell Tovey in tonight on at 9pm.
Can we talk about how famous almost all of the History Boys are now?! Corden, Dominic Cooper, Samuel Barnett, Jamie Parker, Russell Tovey...
Watching Summer in February. If I had to choose between Dan Stevens and Dominic Cooper, it'd really be no contest. Sorr…
Weta Workshop was doing gangbuster biz. The Key of Erebor is quite nice. That model of Dominic Cooper from …
Tyson Ritter somehow looks closer in age to Toni Collette than Dominic Cooper, who is actually only six years younger than her.
Queued this cos Maggie Smith and Roger Allam. I watch anything with Roger Allam. I did not need the surprise Dominic Cooper. Ack!
Dominic Cooper returns to the stage in Stephen Jeffreys’ ‘THE LIBERTINE’
I mean think about it. Aidan Turner, Dominic Cooper, Idris Elba, Matthew Goode... The list goes on and on.
Did I mention that Dominic Cooper will also be at Philly Comic Con? ;)
I'm finally watching the Agent Carter finale and I would just like to thank the gods for Dominic Cooper and Ken Marino's scenes together
Dominic Cooper stars in The Libertine at the Theatre Royal Haymarket >
Dominic Cooper explains why you want Warcraft's King Llane ruling your kingdom:
Even Hayley VIP, Hayley / Cap Photo Op, and Dominic Cooper autograph will cost me $600.
Two weeks and I start going to the gym and I'm gonna get buff enough to pick up Dominic Cooper and arm wrestle Chris Evans. At the same time
Jackie Earle Haley will star as Odin Quincannon in Seth Rogan's tv adaptation of Preacher. Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun also star.
Dominic Cooper to star in The Libertine at Theatre Royal Haymarket
Tom Ellis, James McAvoy, Dominic Cooper and Tom Hiddleston all play soccer together in West London? SIGN ME UP.
Dominic Cooper would be perfect for The Stephen J Cannell story.
Last AMC panel at Preacher, based on the comic, starring Dominic Cooper and exec produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.
on IMDB Dominic Cooper is credited for being in every episode of season 2 of Agent Carter and I feel like it's too good to be true
listen to me: What do I personally need to do for Dominic Cooper to become a part of the Agent Carter main cast?
Warcraft Official Trailer (2016) - Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper Mo... watch now free
I cannot with Mamma Mia now that I know who Dominic Cooper is.
dominic cooper? he also played a vampire in AL:VH coincidence i think not
In case you missed it, listen to Start the Week with Dominic Dromgoole, recorded here at the Globe:
15 Cricketers and their Hollywood lookalikes. ☛ Virat Kohli and Dominic Cooper. ☛ Alastair Cook and Henry Cavill. ☛...
Dominic Cooper in Reasonable Doubt on i-player, but don't let that put you off - save some for the script
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. I say I win in this week's totty contest - Aidan Turner vs Dominic Cooper...the results are in:
Jim Morton meets Dominic Cooper in Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man Down: Staging the Action - The Firefights
Why Dominic Cooper Is Excited to Return as ... - Watch the video ->
.Already finished Mamma Mia! and just realise that the guy named Sky is Dominic Cooper... /Feel so sorry to myself
do a scanner darkly please and i Love you beth Cooper With film brain
HOT TAKE: Dominic Cooper is a more charming *** than Robert Downey Jr.
Dominic Cooper is succ a beautiful man
But anyway, don't you think Dominic Cooper looks like a bug-eyed trout in that collar? I found that totally distracting.
cooper, Kuhl, Keown, Sean Long, Dominic Samuel - all academy products yet not coming through
Watched an entire musical/movie for one one song and Dominic Cooper shirtless for Christmas eve oioi
Ha ha, I quite like Dominic Cooper! But it's the practical matters that bother me!
[[Dominic Cooper is much better in than he ever was in the Marvel movies he did]]
and Dominic Cooper makes my heart race
"Dominic E. Cooper is the man. Happened oh so many months ago when we went out for a nice little dinner. And...we finally--
Big time talent; overall in 2019 C/OF Dominic Tamez Player of Year; in '19 LHP Cooper Benson Pitcher of Year
Dominic Cooper beach scene. If you know then you know
Mamma Mia is still great and Dominic cooper is just😻😻
'I was travelling to find myself' ok so that's a confirmation that Dominic Cooper in Mamma Mia is a Wanker™
I love musicals but that is 100% cringeworthy for everyone involved. Yummy Collin Firth and Dominic Cooper can't save it
Dominic Cooper in Mamma Mia puts a right tingle in my dingle.
even if she is marrying Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper in Mamma Mia is probably the most horrific acting performance ever
I remember when Dominic Cooper played a farm hand on BBC 1 😍
Stumbled across Mamma Mia. I'm hanging on for the famous Dominic Cooper beach scene. **fans self**
Watching Mamma Mia on ITV3 (it never gets old!) - Amanda Seyfreid hasn't changed at all but Dominic Cooper looks incredibly young!
Nope I'm 100% not watching Mamma Mia for Dominic Cooper that's a filthy & disgusting lie!
Definitely almost ran over Dominic cooper today
i have quite a love for the play and the original film cast eg. Dominic Cooper
Howard Stark with the face of both John Slattery and Dominic Cooper, appears briefly in
I would love Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from The Wire) but that'd be unlikely; maybe Dominic Cooper or Dominic West?
-> Virat Kohli and Dominic Cooper. -> Alastair Cook and Henry Cavill. -> Michael Clarke and Chester Charles. Here...
Dominic Cooper and Joe Gilgun put on accents in the first full trailer for
Mind you, if Dominic Cooper blows me away as Jesse Custer on PREACHER next year, my interest could soar.
The cast has now arrived! Ben Foster, Clancy Brown, Dominic Cooper and Toby Kebbel are on stage. Sorry to the last two - missed your names.
See the first tailer heir >> Dominic Cooper as the preacher. TV series 2016
Based on comic series created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon and starring Dominic Cooper... is coming...
Centerpiece Gala The Lady in the Van gallery Dame Maggie Smith, David Walliams, Dominic Cooper and Alan Bennett
All these pics of Hayley, Dominic Cooper & James D'Arcy ❤ (and the Marvel co president). They are the true Agent Carter trinity 😏
Stephen Campbell Moore & Dominic Cooper: ‘We’d often not bother turning up to auditions, and go cycling on…
Re-reading Hangover Square. It's begging to be filmed - Rory Kinnear as Bone, Jessica Raine as Netta, maybe Dominic Cooper as Peter...
the next james bond should be one of these three, 1) Henry Cavill, 2) Richard Madden, 3) Dominic Cooper
"GIMME GIMME GIMME a man after midnight !". Dominic Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and the rest of the Greek...
Stratton Photo: First Look at Dominic Cooper as the Title Action Hero: Cooper stars as British Special Forces ...
Dominic Cooper from the History me he is perfect
Introducing the awesome to viewers who usually prefer Korean & Chinese dramas:
7 Stunning photos of Sense and Sensibility's hot actor Dominic Cooper
7 Stunning photos of Sense and Sensibility&hot actor Dominic Cooper - the ne...
So timehop told me that 2 years ago I started my ridiculous Dominic Cooper obsession and I'm just wondering how it started??
And also I think Dominic Cooper was filming so it was like "yep plan B"
I mean John Slattery had already played the older Howard Stark before Dominic Cooper was cast? In IM2 I think
asking person next to you in Kitson audience "weren't you in History Boys?", realising later it was Mamma Mia star Dominic Cooper.
Always great being interviewed by on and talking and
I wouldn't turn down Dominic Cooper for Voldemort
yeah man! Very good, think we're on episode 5 here. Stan Lee made his usual cameo last week. Dominic Cooper back as Howard Stark
Henry Cavill and Dominic cooper lol
But the one that is on the show & not his future abusiveness . Dominic Cooper just makes him so loveable
should i watch that ? ( there's also Dominic Cooper in it right ?? )
No, I am not saying that just because I am in love Dominic Cooper *** maybe I am.
I love Henry Cavill, but his American accent isn't as good as Dominic Cooper's or other English actors.
Mamma Mia! is ridiculous and beautiful. Never change, Dominic Cooper.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The fact that Dominic Cooper and Stellan Skarsgard can actually sing makes me really happy.
Watching the cast of The History Boys show up in things and pretending that this is them growing up is a treat. Except for Dominic Cooper.
Possibly been usurped there by the guy playing Howard Stark in Marvel's Agent Carter, Dominic Cooper.
"Me if I looked a lot more like Dominic Cooper than I actually do."
Howard Stark has been played by Slattery after the 70's it seems and he's played by Dominic Cooper into the 60's.
why Gerard remind me of Dominic Cooper in Fleming here? xD must be the hair... I'm gonna watch the video now
I’m watching The Man Who Would Be Bond and basically treating it like a Howard Stark biopic b/c OMG Dominic Cooper is so pretty.
[having the urge to make anouther account as a male OC using Dominic Cooper as the fc]
John Slattery played H. Stark in Iron Man 2. Dominic Cooper played him in Captain America.
Photo: Dominic [Cooper] is very funny, self-deprecating, and naughty. We’ve had some wild times. Last time...
Off work with bad back. Catching up on Agent Carter. Enjoy it but Dominic Cooper's accent is so shoddy it makes me fearful for Preacher.
Guy at the station looks like Dominic Cooper 😍
"At what point did Dominic Cooper become John Slattery?"
Howard Stark's most impressive achievement was growing 3+ inches in height between the 1940s (Dominic Cooper) and the 80s…
Sometime in the 1970s, Howard Stark was caught in a bizarre industrial accident that transformed him from Dominic Cooper …
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John Slattery played him in IM2 and ant man. Dominic Cooper played him in Carter and cap 1
With Tom Hardy in "Legend" and Dominic Cooper in "The Devil's Double" playing two characters, here is Eddie Murphy…
Dominic Cooper looking panicked as we joke he needs to put his armor on after this for the next photo shoot.
Remake "Shall We Dance?" as a mystery movie starring Maggie Grace and Dominic Cooper
Back at Wizard World Con, Hayley Atwell told the fans that she hopes Dominic Cooper would return as Howard Stark...
Dominic Cooper will be reprising his role as Howard Stark in the second season of Agent Carter.
Just watched Tamara Drewe and it's pretty cool 😀 Dominic Cooper and Bill Camp are funny! 😂
Dominic Cooper & Zachary Quinto are so hot you can't deny🌸
The cast sounds great. Dominic Cooper is gonna kill it and Ruth Negga is absolutely beautiful, hope Joe Gilgun can pull off Cassidy though
John Slattery and Dominic Cooper can play the older and younger versions of in the next Austin Powers film.
Dominic Cooper got the giggles while surrounded by a bevy of ballerinas at
Dominic Cooper will star in AMC drama pilot 'Preacher,' based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s cult 1990s comic.
I do still feel that Daniel Craig and Dominic Cooper work perfectly as Neil and Jonny!! 😁🎬
DC/Vertigo has landed an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress in Ruth Negga. Agent Carter's Dominic Cooper to follow?
Richard.from the (70s/80s) Faber backlist, Dominic Cooper. Have you read him? Perfect for FF, I reckon...
Hilarious trailer for Lady in the Van starring Dame Maggie Smith, Alan Bennett & Dominic Cooper.
Wait, John Slattery is reprising Howard Stark in Ant-Man? In what universe do John Slattery and Dominic Cooper look ANYTHING alike?. ???
Dominic Cooper and Topher Grace look alike because they share a genetic mutation.
is it just me or does Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark look a lot like Topher Grace with a mustache?
I do really, really, love Zayn, Chris, Chris Evans, Dominic Cooper, and Frank Grillo a lot.They make me feel a certain way.*waves paper fan*
ha! I knew I recognised 'Andy Hoffman' it's only Dominic Cooper aka the young Howard Stark 😃
Hope you like this lyrics video of the full song 'Lay All Your Love On Me' of Mamma Mia The Movie, sung by Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper as Sophie and S...
John Slattery and Dominic Cooper don't look anything alike, by the way.
Characters revealed for Warcraft 3D movie starring Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper, and Ben Foster.
Dominic Cooper is officially back as Howard Stark for Agent Carter:
Ruth Wilson is sexier than ever before and Dominic Cooper has never been better. Again, really recommend
Starter for 10 [movie] 2007 special edition. Starring hottie James McAvoy, Dominic Cooper, and Rebecca Hall.
Dominic cooper has really good photoshoots
“Dominic Cooper and Andrew Scott in a scene from Tony Kushner’s Angels in America
Today has been so good!! Saw Dominic Cooper this morning, saw Zoella, got a photo with Dom and got tickets!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
can't believe I met Dominic Cooper in the restaurant😱
the devils double completely changed my opinion on Dominic Cooper
The *** Life of VinVin: Dominic Cooper is Prince Vlad's nemesis in “Dracula Untold
Dominic Cooper. The accent, the dark makeup?? Literally like watching Alec Guinness in Lawrence of Arabia. By that I mean horrible.
And Dominic Cooper is one *** of a Turk Prince! Great Job with the arabian accent.
Dominic Cooper is so perfect though💕
me watching any movie with Dominic Cooper:
Ahh Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper in the same movie...happy now 😜
my sexual orientation is Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark 😍
Film Review: 'Dracula Untold' is worth one watch!: Director: Gary ShoreCast: Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Charl...
Dracula Untold was ok, Luke Evans was good as Dracula and Dominic Cooper was probably wearing eyeliner
//My TL is filed with Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper. That's it. I'm done..
Dominic Cooper stars as Mehmed, Prince Vlad’s dangerous adversary. Find out how his misplaced vengeance and greed...
Dominic Cooper in s steam punk movie
Okay, tonight's movie was 'Dracula Untold'. It stared Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon and Charles Dance.
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Dominic Cooper has brilliant plan to shield his people from fearing Dracula though. "They cannot fear what they can't see!"
Dominic Cooper will reprise his role as Howard Stark in Marvel's
Go watch Dracula Untold. Even if you hate vampires, watch it for Dominic Cooper and Luke Evans.
Tony winner James Corden, Dominic Cooper, Samuel Anderson and Frances de la Tour will appear opposite the...
ugh Dominic Cooper why are you so attractive. why is Luke Evans so attractive. in a suit. of armor. any suit really
my friends are forcing me to watch Dracula I'm not even interested but I'll watch it for Dominic Cooper
Dominic cooper can give me some sugga. I'd show him a thang or 2 🔥✨👀
MOVIE REVIEW: Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon, Charles Dance. This is, essentially, a love story. Prince Vlad is willing to do anything to save his wife and child and his kingdom and he makes a deal with dangerous supernatural forces trying not to succumb to the darkness himself. This is how Dracula began. Rating 3.5 out of 5
Not all that amped about I'm just going for Dominic Cooper cause I think the guy's an amazing actor!
Leighton Meester should play Maria Stark!! She'd be great! Plus, I think she should do a movie with Dominic Cooper!
Holy cow, Dominic Cooper doing IBM ads! This IBM brat is geeking out!
Hayley Atwell & Dominic Cooper are my favorite on screen duo
Is that Dominic Cooper in the IBM adverts?
this evening was fab. Luke Evans was stunning, Dominic Cooper was so evil, & the special effects were spine tingling!
Dominic Cooper looks SO cool in the IBM advert
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dracula Untold was awesome, Dominic Cooper was awesome, everything was awesome
He worked as Dominic Grieve's chief of staff for quite a while too, so I'm surprised he differs so much.
Just debated Dominic Raab on ECHR any other Tory MP's want a public debate on the airwaves?
Intrigued to see how they've cast Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper in the same film, since they're essentially the same actor?
It's official: has joined the cast of
at 1230 Dominic Raab tells us about plans to curb EU human rights rulings takes issue with it
I nearly poked Luke&eye out: Dominic Cooper: Actor Dominic Cooper says that he almost blinded Luke Evans..
Dominic Grieve interesting on R4 this morning. Says Grayling report full of errors e.g. on whole life tariffs
Go behind the scenes and watch Luke Evans face off against Dominic Cooper.
Dominic Cooper is older than Stephen Campbell Moore??? WHAT this is so entertaining/bizarre to me (
His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa discussion on 'is a State of Mind' with Dominic Cooper in London last night ht…
Drew Barrymore brings bohemian style to London to film with Dominic Cooper - Daily Mail
Hair envy! Drew Barrymore films Miss You Already with Dominic Cooper in London via
Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond novels. Dominic Cooper played Ian in the BBC biopic.
It's taken me a while to find my type but I have found it. My type is Jamie Dornan, Anton Yelchin and Dominic Cooper... I see a theme.
Dominic Cooper as the next James bond
From Eddie Redmayne to Dominic Cooper & Chris Pratt, here are this week's most stylish:
Agent Carter people - Please bring Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark!!!
John Slattery's Howard Stark does not jibe at all with Dominic Cooper's Howard Stark.
Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper and Sarah Gadon reveal more about in three new set visit interviews.
I'm real fond of Dominic Cooper and Hayley Atwell is bae
Dominic coper more like DAYUMinic cooper am I right
Dominic cooper you can ping my pong anyday
Dominic Cooper just held a door open for me. Wednesday, no pressure..
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