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Nice play from Drew Gagnon to take a possible hit away from Dom Smith (Russ Langer sounded unimpressed)
Marcus Peters and Tyreek Hill join Alex Smith and Justin Houston on the ➡️
So Rosario is past the Super2 stage. But with Duda being this hot, does that hinder Dom Smith
Dom Smith is future 1B, Flores maybe could be 3B, Rosario future SS, and Conforto in RF. I don't k…
Tell you what dom in love island is an absolute dream😍😩
Jess better not pick dom or I'll be gutted
Pretty sure Sandy Alderson made that argument.
WATCH: Dom Smith looks to make final step to the New York Mets
I would give it to K-Love and Kyrie because they are playing good but they have to play great.. and yo…
No knock on Dom Smith but he could be reasonably solid and not outperform Duda right now.
Just saw video with Dom Smith & he's said he gets frustrated no matter how good he plays it seems it doesn't matter
so happy you, Dom, Pippa and Matt are back on the radio to brighten up what has been a heart wrenching fortnight Jill Smith ❤️
Lebron does everything and no one shows up, 2nd rotation has been trash. Thompson and Smith are nowhere to…
Wouldn't u rather it be gone in August?? I'd rather have Dom smith and rosario with mlb experience next A…
Less so Cecchini and Nimmo who aren’t really knocking dead, but finding out if Dom Smith is your 201…
none. Dom Smith will be the first baseman
If there was a DH in the NL, would probably resign him. With Dom Smith on his way up, unlikely.
Playing like we all new he was capable of🤔ironically and unfortunately it's in a walk year-with dom smith due…
They pass. That convo starts with Dom Smith.
Scientists attempt to confirm ringed planet - 50 x the size of Jupiter. 🔭. 📚
How we figured out the color of dinosaur feathers. 🐊. 📚
Tommy Mac and Dom Dwyer. I needed something to make me happy today.
NYM infield for 2018: Flo 2B; Amed SS; Cabby 3B; Dom Smith 1B. Avg to above avg D atleast beats this sham D now
As tragic as this is mate, you will never be able to stop people like this. They're mindless people.
Nice backhanded snag at first from Dom Smith
Smith pins Branson. UNK bound Glendy and Dom Rickard of Plainview up now
Thanks to the fanfic 'rumors', I'm taking a look works. (Though I still tempted to write a Dom Rock 'Passengers' fanfic.)
Agreed, I like Dom Smith. I just can't help but think they're gonna let Duda/Bruce/Gra…
Yes but it's time for the future. It's time for dom smith
The horrible people own the media... They will make your opinion.. Its like when you hear people saying Paul Smith is worldclass
You may appreciate Duda next year when Dom Smith starts all year and has 8 total.
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Will Duda or Dom Smith be NYM 1B next year? Or surprise third option, like a free agent? Thanks!
I'll trade Dom Smith or Duda for Matt Jones. Maybe both.
Lucas Duda has been ridiculous since coming off the DL. Dom Smith is gonna have to wait
I really hope the Mets don't let Duda walk. Dom Smith will be a big downgrade.
And people want to let Duda walk and replace him with Dom Smith lol
Maybe the Mets should trade Dom Smith instead of Duda?
So the Mets won't resign Duda right? Just let him walk without getting something back for him? Dom Smith will be the guy next year
lol why? Dom Smith hasn't done anything and Duda has been really good for years. He doesn't…
I'm sure Dom Smith is really good, but can the keep Duda next season? I just think letting him go is going to be a really bad idea.
alright fine whatever you say. I just can't wait until Dom Smith is our everyday guy at first
Dom Smith will never have a season as good as an *average* Lucas Duda season.
Would you try and re-sign Duda? Or let Dom Smith take over next season?
I'm just saying, but if you gave me percentages on who has the better year of Duda or Dom Smith next year, I think it's 70/30 Duda
"If you're on the smith machine you can re-rack at any time, that's not how life works, you can't just re-rack life halfway through"-Dom M.
For all those believing in what Dom Smith is doing this year I have 2 words for you; Las and Vegas. Byron Buxton could hit in Vegas.
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No smith machine in our gym, and my hamstrings are too weird to do a decent leg press :(
Ah thats weights tend to work other muscle groups too without realising. The smith machine and…
Duda and Bruce isnt future at 1b Dom Smith is.
If I'm Sandy Alderson, it is time to shuffle the deck. I'd be willing to part with Dom Smith if could land a real major leaguer.
Why Mets' Sandy Alderson isn't bringing up Amed Rosario and Dom Smith
Sandy Alderson on Amed Rosario and Dom Smith: "There are no current plans to promote either one of them. ...unless one o…
a rusty nail, Dom Smith, and Kevin Plawecki! Done and done!
if Ryan Howard, Yoenis Cespedes, and Alfonso Ribeiro had a kid, it would be Dom Smith
have Campbell in the minors if needed. and Dom Smith. and Johnny Monell. if they want to resign KJ
give Dom Smith, Travis and pitching prospect. He's Jonathan Lucroy. This offense would get huge boost.
I wouldn't trade Dom Smith to get Jonathan Lucroy. But that's just me.
If you were the GM, would you give up Travis d'Arnaurd and Dom Smith for Jonathan Lucroy and a reliever?
If are to work a deal for Jonathan Lucroy .. I don't think you can even talk without d'Arnaurd and Dom Smith
I'm not saying Brandon Nimmo, Dom Smith, or Gavin Cecchini is the next F-Mart. But no prospect is a guaranteed MLB star.
not when Zack Wheeler is a stud and Dom Smith is going to be our everyday first baseman in a year.
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What a powerful interview with Don Smith. Same sex attraction - the truth. How to love people and protect your kids.
There's a guy doing power cleans on the smith machine... Wow
Do the do what they did with conforto last year and bring Dom smith up mid season?
at this rate, Dom Smith early in 2017 if he's ready?
Might see Dom Smith as soon as early next year at this rate - Thought he was only going to be up Sept 2017 earliest
any chance we see Dom Smith if Duda is shelved for awhile?
This mets team will be a 90 &above win team for the nezt 5/6/7yrs ez. They have guys like Dom Smith/Gselman/Rosario comin soon
WICKET: Dom Joyce out for a well-played 71 off 165 balls, bowled by Ni Smith. Skipper Anderson still there on 46 and is now joined by Singh.
Congrats to 2 of our standout players (Dom Manzo) (Dalton Smith) on All-Region HM!!
don't look now Lucas Duda but Dom Smith is gaining on you FAST!!!
Led by Dom Thompson-Williams 2 HRs takes game three against via
What do you think of Dom Smith so far this year?
is it me or is Dom Smith on the Prince Fielder diet?
how can I get one of the Dom Smith bands?
They have Dom Smith in the Minors he is the future
the Mike Smith, Simon Bates, Gary Davis and Steve Wright era was my time with Radio 1 so I salute you, glad your fit and well.
Can tell Morgan Smith is going to be good already
Time 2 get serious CMAfest is around the corner whose interested in attending fanclub party if Granger Smith had 1?😏
Dom Smith’s RBI single from the 1st inning of game two yesterday
Yipeee!!! Italy!!! I need pics of Milan--- Go shoe shopping or at least look at them, maybe Dom will too
Smith better dig her own grave, this ain't gonna be pretty
ROCKET SMITH took her over. When that got out, Maria recalled Gina having a brother in the ancient world called Rocky here other bro Dom so
Dilson's time is inevitable. Duda bout to lose 1B to Dom Smith in 2018
Wow another great interview.. with Steve Smith.. here with Dom. Famularo, who is a great drummer, teacher, and all...
shoutout to Dom Smith for hitting his 4th homer today and for being top ten in the league in RBIs as a 20year old ;)
sadly there's nothing you can do about that. Dom smith is like two yrs away.
Dom Smith is 2-2 with 3 RBI including a 2-Run HR in the 3rd to give the the 3-0 lead presented by
thought so.. But it kinda throws me off that will smith was fcking w her lmao
Dave Smith's having a party, bring your vodka and your Charlie
no you're thinking of Dom Smith. Ha. another great Tigers prop back in the day
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Just watched what had to be an 85-year old women ask for Dom Smith's autograph. Minor League baseball is so much fun.
Can't wait for Dom Smith to come up
The Monday Morning Ten Pack has notes on AZ's Cody Reed (video), Drew Jackson (video), Dom Smith and more.
NEW DEAL: Dom Smith has put pen to paper this evening on a new 2 year deal with Town
Tony Smith: "Outstanding defence, it needed to be. They dominated field position - 60 plays more than us, 10 extra sets." …
I liked a video from NBA 2K13: Jamal Crawford VS J.r Smith
Class of 2017 is on the Clock. Josh Bolin.
the only cast list to include Dane Cook, Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ed Asner, and Dom DeLuise
PATRIOTS: asks paper owned by a non-dom, registered for tax in Bermuda and supported Hitler… https:…
fifty cent Ramen washed down with Dom Perignon...
Once the Super Bowl came around, I was already rooting for them just off the strength of Steve Smith. They lost but it was close.
Steve Smith caught a game winning touchdown against St Louis I think in the division round or NFC chip game and I instantly rocked with him
would Freddie Freeman be a good comp for Dom Smith in terms of fielding, power, and average? Or Too much to ask?
ask where Dom Smith will start the year!
PCSO Dom Smith spotted an unusual cargo whilst out on patrol today. Must be on the way to the Jurassic coast! 󾰀
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I said this since they took him out of high school in a couple of years Dom smith will get brought up and eventually be best 1b in leagues
Dom is describing a lifetime movie starring him trying to get pregnant.
Congrats to Oscar Smith wrestler Dom Jordan on his football commit to Norfolk State!
Can Mets fans cool it w/ looking to replace Duda & trying to rush up Dom Smith. Duda avg'd 28.5 HRs last 2 yrs. Smith has 10 car HRs in MiLB
Just for the fun of it I really hope sign Matt Smith and Dom Poleon at 10.59.
4 More Mets prospects on the Top 100 Prospects list. New wave is on the way Dom Smith, Ahmed Rosario, Gavin Checcini and of course MatZ
i think i died somewhere between the first gig and when dom touched my hand when i passed off the CD to him
I'd love to but I'd love Dom Smith to be involved in the game, he'd relish the opportunity! 🙏
Stephen A. Smith says Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook might BOTH sign with the Lakers
that's your response? Doesn't change that Duda is nothing special and is a place holder for Dom Smith
As usual, very good info from KLaw. A lot of Mets talk including very high praise for Dom Smith&Conforto
Dogs know to look away when humans are angry
i can hope. Just when I read what Dom Smith can be, it screams Freeman (if everything clicks), similar bat, glove and power
Brad Smith also gave everything on the left flank. (Dom King)
it was hilarious, Dom was laughing while playing along, I wanna find it!
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would essentially Dom Smith have a Freddie Freeman upside comp in terms of power, batting and fielding?
you have to figure Dom Smith is the future 1B, Rosario is future SS, & outfield is already filled, 3B is the only need.
I love Dom even more after seeing all this. Hope u r still in the clouds hon 🙌🏼
Dom Smith I'm trying not to get overhyped on but I keep thinking "Olerud" when I see his stats & I like it!
like, until power shows up, a good comparison for Dom Smith is James Loney. Solid prospect who can hit .290, play good d, 15 Hrs
He's Adam Dunn Lite and the next guy in line Dom Smith looks like James Loney clone
Still too early to judge. If Rosario, Dom Smith, Cecchini, and others pan out we will feel much differently
My favorite thing is Mets fans being excited to replace Lucas Duda with Dom Smith. LOL
hear me out! Frazier for Dom Smith, Plawecki & Terry Collins. May sound crazy but Reds don't like Bryan Price.
What skill, fluidity and strength ... wonderful to watch. Acrobatic gymnasts Alice Upcott & Dom Smith - B...
Congrats to Dom Smith, Joe Leon, Darius Steels, and Spencer long for second team BIG 10.
GOAL | Hinckley take the lead! A magnificent free kick from Isaac Cooper was met by the powerful head of Dom Smith. Hinckley 2-1 Lichfield
Idea 1: Colon & Dom Smith for mortal enemy Jimmy Rollins. Identical 1/11M contracts make the $ a wash. If JR waives his no trade clause...
I hope Dom Smith doesn't pan out to be a James Loney type player
Conforto isn't far away from the ML and will get there before Nimmo or Dom Smith. Will be interesting to see if Mets fast track Conforto
Great double by Dom Smith leading off the 4th for Savannah - drove the ball to the left-center warning track off a lefty (gif tomo)
Dom Smith is a Met blogger fan favorite Chuck. You can't say that on here! (0 HR in 222 PA!)
On the ferry from The beach hut to the boat house to meet Susie Stansmore & Dom Smith! So much better than driving!!
how is it no one is talking about Dom Smith batting .172 at A ball for Mets, another Sandy bust?
Our under-22 bats have more promise than our 22-25s I think. No catcher, but Dom Smith, Dilson Herrera, Gavin/Amed, Nimmo.
John Sickels on Dom Smith: "When these types of first basemen max out, they are Keith Hernandez." (
Dom Smith batting 5th, playing first against lefty Chris Lee tonight for Kingsport as they go for the series sweep with SP Carlos Gomez
Happy news on a shiny happy day! Great to see our very own Dom Smith and Disabled Entrepreneurs appearing on The...
Julia Gillard really does have this whole country messed up. I just seen Dom Smith and Jordan Hein driving a van full of other peoples matresses without any adult supervision. The election can't come soon enough.
Great interview of our Managing Director, Mark Esho, by fellow Diversity Award winner Dom Smith
Today has been an amazing Sunday, first we went to Trinity Church, then got back and Dom Smith came, and to see him after his leaving doo, and rather hung ova, bless him, to be 18 again.Then visitors and more visitors, and to think Chels wanted to go to bed at 7.30.she must be tired!!! has been a fab day!!! Feeling strong and Positive!!
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