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Dolores Huerta

Dolores Clara Fernandez Huerta (born April 10, 1930) is a noted American labor leader and civil rights activist who, along with César Chávez, co-founded the National Farmworkers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers (UFW).

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Going to start writing to people I admire. Starting with Sr. Stan Kennedy, Dolores Huerta, Congressman John Lewis, & author Bryan Stevenson
And that's how Susan Sarandon ended up making herself the story by coming at Dolores Huerta - over the rules!
I look up to Dolores Huerta so much she's done so much for families like mine I really wouldn't be where I am without her and Cesar Chavez 💕
Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta turning in their graves
Labor leader Dolores Huerta with retired Cardinal Roger Mahony during communion at the Mass for Helen Chavez.
Kerry Kennedy and labor leader Dolores Huerta at the Mass for Helen Chavez.
He wasn’t with Ceasar Chavez or Dolores Huerta and no photos with Hm only who can’t speak?
Maybe, although Clinton campaign has a record of trotting out left-wing heroes (Dolores Huerta, John Lewis, etc)
ALRB staff links arms with Dolores Huerta to bully Farmworker Silvia Lopez!
Pro-People Democrat Dan Parra edges out the corporate-funded son of Dolores Huerta in Central Valley.
maybe Dolores Huerta flip flopped too and didn't lie?
Mike says Dolores Huerta is a liar and John Lewis is a sell out
Dolores Huerta risked her life for your right of free speech
you are saying Dolores Huerta is a liar?
You have lost me as a customer. Dolores Huerta is a beloved human rights icon. Sad choice.
Here is the face you are choosing to represent you. Susan Sarandon attacking Dolores Huerta, icon. No.
My Sunday morning inspiration is from Dolores Huerta: "Make the world a better place."
Memo to (whose photo captions were wrong & media outlets who believed the late Helen Chávez was Dolores Huerta. https…
Screaming at Dolores Huerta about agriculture is like screaming at John Lewis about racism. Seriously. Clueless.
Not sure Sarandon did Bernie any favors. Wonder if she'll ever know how crass and ridiculous she looked lecturing Dolores Huerta
On Hillary’s side we have Jesse Jackson, John Lewis, Dolores Huerta, Tom Hayden, Peter Stanley. On Bernie’s, we get an inane Susan Sarandon
These people are worse than fundies. If your religion makes you hate John Lewis, Dolores Huerta, and Elizabeth Warren, it's bad.
they always insult us POC who voted HRC even insulting civil rights activist like Dolores Huerta
Dolores Huerta and Jesse Jackson endorsing Killary under the tag: "We trust her". . This is what White folks mean by "post-racial".
And there was no stronger Hillary advocate than Dolores Huerta.
They turned on Liz Warren pretty quick too.John Lewis, Dolores Huerta...So you're in good company. SO ridiculous, all this.
And I would absolutely endorse Dolores Huerta for that position, just so I can see her say "LATINA! POWER!" everyday.
was copied from by the United Farm Workers union, coined by Dolores Huerta.
at I DREAM with you! You are the next Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta&Rosa Parks! Keep for our community
"You are the next Cesar Chaves. You are the next Dolores Huerta. You are the next Rosa Parks,"
My dad was very intelligent, had a very strong personality. I was amaz...
these are the same ppl who trashed John Lewis and Dolores Huerta you are in solid company
Dolores Huerta and the Dolores Huerta Foundation Mourn the Loss of Helen Chavez
Okay, so you're going to go all Dolores Huerta now. Got it.
My abuela is screaming "LEARN SPANISH!" at random people. Dolores Huerta who? Benito Juárez who?
WRES: Jared Mestas (Dolores Huerta Prep) returns to Pueblo to wrestle for the Pack! MORE -
Good advice: "We all want social justice. We all want reform. Let's start working together." - Dolores Huerta
Threatening Barbara Boxer and scolding Dolores Huerta didn't help. $orry for your loss, $usan $arandon.
Wasin the same room with the great Dolores Huerta last night :) ¡Si se puede!
Tee up The Abuela, Dolores Huerta, or the Virgen de Guadalupe for Harris and all will yet be well.
Dolores Huerta & Norman Solomon on Trump, Sanders’ Next Steps & Media Coverage of the 2016 Race via
So let's see: Dolores Huerta,John Lewis, Barney Frank, Elizabeth Warren-- all attacked. Feel good about that
"Historic Moment for Women":Dolores Huerta on Hillary Clinton Declaring Victory in Democratic Race via
Don't forget that the La Raza Communist Dolores Huerta is a major Clinton supporter
So SusanSarandon isn't taking this well, as expected. I hope she doesn't scream in Warren's face the way she did Dolore…
fwiw Dolores Huerta is an honorary chair of The DSA. Breaks in solidarity are such a gut punch.
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Dolores Huerta has openly supported Hillary as seen here in this video w/ Cornel West.
Dolores Huerta is this years Grand Marshall/GranMarisal!. Drums of fun at SF Carnaval, i cornerstone Community event.
Bernie bros have now hit the trifecta attacking John Lewis, Dolores Huerta & Barney Frank.
I go after those who attack Hillary, the Dem Party, Bill, Dolores Huerta, John Lewis, etc. As well as those who lie. https:…
Bill is busy campaigning for Hillary with Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly and Dolores Huerta!
Just got to hear Dolores Huerta say "Si Se Puede." My life is complete.
Just like it worked on Dolores Huerta, John Lewis, and Elizabeth Warren.
Rosario Dawson, how dare you lecture Dolores Huerta? - the guardian
.how dare you lecture Dolores Huerta?
Rosario Dawson, how dare you lecture Dolores Huerta?.
If you do nothing else today, read this! "Rosario Dawson: An Open Letter to Dolores Huerta"
Worth reading and thinking about - "Rosario Dawson, how dare you lecture Dolores Huerta?".
Rosario Dawson, how dare you lecture Dolores Huerta?
Rosario Dawson, how dare u lecture Dolores Huerta? Huerta's been on the circuit shill'n 4 Hillary 4 some time
Rosario Dawson, how dare you lecture Dolores Huerta? | Cindy Casares
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Rosario Dawson: An Open Letter to Dolores Huerta via Wow things are getting tough!
I'll take Dolores Huerta as a surrogate over Cornel West any day. BTW why is Bernie paying Tad Devine nearly $1 million per mo
Civil rights icon Dolores Huerta said Sanders' lack of support of 2007 immigration reform bill set the progress back by a de…
Great piece from Dolores Huerta compares Trump to Alabama’s racist governor in civil rights era
10. Maybe instead of attacking successful organizers like Barack Obama, Dolores Huerta or John Lewis y'all should be asking…
At Pueblo Magnet High School during our Cesar E. Chavez and Dolores Huerta presentation!
Senator Warren now getting the John Lewis & Dolores Huerta treatment and she didn't even have to endorse anyone!
What do they all have in common? Chelsea, Billy, John Lewis, Madeleine Albright, Dolores Huerta, Senator Claire McCaskill - Hillary's liars
Dolores Huerta is just a convenient punching bag for frustrations that labor and women of color…
There was just a Dolores Huerta and Caesar Chavez clue on Jeopardy, and said in unison "THEY DIDN'T MARCH WITH MLK"
Dolores Huerta just flat out making stuff up and John Lewis claiming Bernie voters want free stuff. This is the worst timel…
Dolores Huerta is a nonviolent soldier who was with Caesar Chavez
Great line-up for Fresno Cty Dem Women's Club's 2/18 event: Kamala Harris, Toni Atkins, Dolores Huerta, and more! https:…
I don't hear any cries to speak English but Sanders does not need video of his backers shouting down Dolores Huerta https…
ur forgetting Cesar Chavez, Ronald E. McNair, Dolores Huerta, u need more people of color on that list.   10% Off
Joy says we should learn about Dolores Huerta, Grace Lee Boggs, Fred Hampton, & Dolores Huerta
Tell it to John Lewis, Dolores Huerta, Gloria Steinem, Jim Obergefell, and the late great Clementa Pinckney. Endorsed HRC
Sorry but Dolores Huerta herself couldn't win this seat.
Son of labor icon Dolores Huerta running against one of most vulnerable House Republicans. .
UFW icon Dolores Huerta's son running for Congress
Dem Emilio Huerta, the son of UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta, is mulling a bid against David Valadao
Thanks to in one day I saw Billy Strayhorn display, Kay WalkingStick exhibit, and Dolores Huerta portrait history for free!
Dolores Huerta needs to stop being mouthpiece for WH. Remember when she was all about the DACA delay?
Michael Moore, Norman Lear, & Dolores Huerta will help decide the $25k winner in the contest. Enter:
How would you like Dolores Huerta, Michael Moore, Norman Lear, Kathleen Turner, and other leaders to watch a...
UFW Icon Dolores Huerta bullies Silvia Lopez, who seeks to hand farmworker petitions to Gov. Jerry Brown
I think Frida Kahlo, Sandra Cisneros, Emma Tenayuca, Dolores Huerta and Selena are my Mexican women idols
I'm inclined to agree. For ex., I wouldn't think it was appropriation if someone white went as Dolores Huerta.
Top story: 'Today we celebrate Dolores Huerta—teacher, organiz… see more
Today we celebrate Dolores Huerta—teacher, organizer, activist—for her civic leadership and trailblazing spirit. http:/…
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Dolores Huerta in Corpus Christi; Human rights activists, labor leader, and Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner
Dolores Huerta, along with Cesar Chavez, founded the United Farm Workers union in 1962
poses with Dolores Huerta students after walking to school
Dolores Huerta, Bobby Kennedy Jr interviewed at UFW 50th Anniversary last weekend at Delano, CA
Dolores Huerta, civil rights activist, on Mall for pope's speech
Dolores Huerta will be speaking at Del Mar College on Friday, October 23!
Dolores Huerta at National Portrait Gallery: activist is 1st so honored
Dolores Huerta. Just one of many influencial Latinx :)
sliccardo: Celebrating a joyful Pride weekend in SF this am w/ civil rights hero Dolores Huerta and good friend David Chiu! …
It's such an honor to be marching with my hero Dolores Huerta in pride parade!
Happy Pride! Enjoying festivities with friends from Ireland, local leaders and the incomparable Huerta
Love Dolores Park! And how cool is it that I just shook Dolores Huerta's hand!? @ Dolores Park
Google the names you give your characters. I'm reading a book w/a secondary character named Dolores Huerta & wondering if it's intentional.
So honored to have the incredible Dolores Huerta joining us for this year's parade.
Going to be a great day. Filming Dolores Huerta march in
only I would think of telling off Dolores Huerta .
Read about Dolores Huerta on the blog :
"One Life: Dolores Huerta" is being installed right now, and we could not be more excited! See it July 3.
Dolores Huerta lobbies Assembly for assisted death bill
Dolores Huerta's speech at the was just as disappointing as I expected. She is so out of touch and the democrats spokesperson
Did you see Gov Jerry Brown introduce Dolores Huerta to the new generation Latina labor leader, Silvia Lopez?
is the new hashtag for the Dolores Huerta exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.
Wow...speechless. (And that doesn't happen often). An interesting conversation is developing in the Latino community http:…
“Video: Dolores Huerta lobbies for assisted death bill
Video: Dolores Huerta lobbies for assisted death bill
Dolores Huerta lobbies for assisted death bill
Dolores Huerta lobbies California Assembly for assisted death bill
Sin verguenza: Dolores Huerta wants us to forget her anti-immigrant past. via
Are you going to Dolores Huerta 85th Birthday Concert? You should get your tickets now
The Dolores Huerta Foundation would like to invite all of our friends and supporters to come out for…
"If you haven't forgiven yourself something, how can you forgive others?" ~ Dolores Huerta
My Dad had a meeting with Dolores Huerta yesterday. That's epic.
¡Si Se Puede!, (Yes, it can be done!). Inspire your girls to become awesome women leaders!!! . Dolores Huerta,...
dolores huerta labor leader and civil rights activist, she is perhaps best known for her work with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers
UFW Icon Dolores Huerta assaults Farmworker Silvia Lopez, who is leading 5,000+ farmworkers against the UFW.
I just had pizza with Dolores Huerta!
ORALE DOLORES HUERTA! Activist, she-ro, UFW co-founder! Smithsonian Museum exhibit of her amazing life. QUE VIVA DOLORES HUERTA!!!
Dolores Huerta is one of the hardest working, most dedicated, & principled leaders in the Chicano community.
The Shameless Dolores Huerta via dang! is it our moral compass?
. Ruben Navarette writes about this hate narrative
I would love to see Dolores Huerta or Ruth Bader Ginsberg on
so many hidden heroes in the histories of work in US! I wish my US school taught me about Dolores Huerta for example
WWH Founder & CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller with one of our biggest SHEroes Dolores Huerta at the
Wow! Dolores Huerta is going to be in Chicago for
Farmworker activists Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta to be honored with statues Sunday.Recap in the
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I think so! I saw a really great PBS doc on he and Dolores Huerta. I think everyone should know more about them.
Today memorable for visit by Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez' partner in the Farm Worker movement, to our CC Festival at Freedom Pk. Electric!
At Cesar Chavez Day. Goin on now at Freedom Park. Amazing to have Dolores Huerta present.
Baseball: La Junta sweeps Dolores Huerta by scores of 11-1 and 12-2. Both games went six innings.
It's not enough to honor legacy. We must continue his work - Dolores Huerta
Dolores Huerta given Medal of Honor by at celebration in
Dolores Huerta co-founded w/ Cesar Chavez. She coined the now popular phrase
Muralist drawing Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta image for kids to color in celebration
Dolores Huerta, Rosina Tucker, the Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union: radical in American history
Dolores Huerta If you havent forgiven yourself something how can you forgive others Ha
Courage, determination, strength? We can't help but think of Dolores Huerta
I recently had the chance to walk in labor legend Dolores Huerta's shoes, as part of a celebrat…
is recognizing the accomplishments of the great, Dolores Huerta.
We are 75% full for our Dolores Huerta event on 4/8! Get your tickets now, they WILL sell out!
Join me Saturday at the Cesar Chavez Festival. I'm presenting Dolores Huerta with the Ward 3 Medal of Honor. See you at Freedom Park at 10.
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We are so honored to have labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta at the Jacobs Center…
Remember that time I met Dolores Huerta? Oh yeah. YESTERDAY! Thank you San Joaquin Valley Health Fund!
What an honor it was to meet a great Latina leader, Dolores Huerta, an activist and labor leader who co-founded wha…
Are you in the Napa Valley area?. Life-size statues of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta will be unveiled in...
Bob Filner intro'd one in 1995. I want a Dolores Huerta Day.
Dolores Huerta says hello. The Last March and funeral of Cesar Chavez
Napa to host dedication of Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta statues: via
sounds alarm about Koch Brothers' front group:
.sounds alarm about Koch Brothers' front group:
Great event last night in LA with Dolores Huerta to honor Maria Elena Durazo and Marcos Camacho; thanks to our hosts and sponsors.
Tony and Dolores Huerta at the Fox Theater last night
These protestors need to learn from the best: MLK, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Ghandi just to name a few.
The United Farm Workers (UFW) (founded by Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta) has been in our area getting the vote for Adam Gray for State Assembly. If you live in his district, cast your vote for Adam Gray
Dolores Huerta pulls Bernal endorsement, says she was misled via | Republicans lie even to Huerta.
"Election Day is the Most Important Day of your Life". Dolores Huerta Voto Latino Dolores Huerta Foundation Mambo...
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Want to watch any of the "Heart of New Mexico Tour" webisodes featuring Gary King and Dolores Huerta? Click on...
This was a VIP Friday...First Get to see President Clinton, Mayor Reed and then interviewed Dolores Huerta. It...
Civil rights legend and PFAW board member on the ground with PFAW staff in Georgia & Colorado
Dolores Huerta kicking off Latino GOTV in CO with Protegete's
Please join me at Plaza Fiesta tomorrow at 2:30 PM for the Get Out the Vote Rally with Dolores Huerta.
PFAW’s Dolores Huerta Energizes Latino Voters in Colorado and Georgia | People For the American Way
Dolores Huerta, winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, United States
Just saw Dolores Huerta speak at cal poly Pomona.amazing, intellectual & powerful speaker.if u don't know who she is look her up!
Social justice activist Dolores Huerta at Cal Poly Pomona! I love working at a department…
Looking forward to Women in the World tomorrow at the Empire. It will be great to see Dolores Huerta and Eva Longoria when we do our panel. Looking forward to meeting Tina Brown, Dr, Biden and so many other talented women. Hasta Manana
Photo: nadiabean: Cesar Chavez visits with Dolores Huerta as she recuperates in hospital after being...
You are all invited to the candidates forum! The Dolores Huerta Foundation will be hosting the event! On Wednesday, October 22th 2014 at 6:00pm at the David Head Center located on 10300 San Diego St. in Lamont, Ca. You will be able to meet with the candidates and ask questions!
CesarChavez dedicated his life to fight for your rights. Dolores Huerta lost a spleen for you. Register!
...IMO, it is most disconcerting when the great Dolores Huerta is left off lists such as this. When one...
Candidate Juan B Huizar was honored to have met Dolores Huerta this past weekend at the Inaugural Latino Heritage...
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Civil Rights activist Dolores Huerta co-founded the United Farm Workers w/Cesar Chavez. Come hear from her on Thurs
Bella is Dolores Huerta for Latin Hero Day at school today!
I got chosen to speak alongside Dolores Huerta this Saturday on behalf of women's rights/students for gender equality.
Labor and advocate Dolores Huerta with MAACies before the 2014
I have about Dolores Huerta, Richard Chavez, and immigration reform I need to submit to other journals.
"Even Dolores Huerta is feeling the heat in the immigration delay debate: …
The bitter irony of political neophytes telling not to
2 The Hot & Spicy Mamitas with the Grand Powerhouse Mamita - the no nonsense Dolores Huerta.Lydia Lydia Nicole
Dolores Huerta on the dancefloor. You've been warned.
Aww Dolores Huerta got a standing ovation! I'm sad I didn't get to see her that time she went to chabot.
Watching Awards. Inspiring to see all that talent cheer Dolores Huerta.
Honored to have covered GREAT Dolores Huerta's 80 bday celebration at LA's Greek Theatre. One of my heroes!!
Seeing Dolores Huerta gives me goose bump kno your history
Watching the alma awards saw dolores Huerta
Dolores Huerta is such an incredible woman & so cute. I want to give her a hug!
Dolores Huerta is fine w/Obama postponing Immigration Action until after the mid-terms:
And then knowing Dolores Huerta was sleeping in my friends' apartment last night was the cherry on top lol.
I just got asked to do Dolores Huerta's makeup, no big deal.
Happening Sat.! Chicago JwJ's Ada Fuentes with Dolores Huerta and UAW Local 551 on Sat.! Join us!
Due to rain, 3A Region 5 softball (Dolores Huerta, Burlington, Eaton) is pushing game times back two hours. First game now at noon.
What an honor to meet Dolores Huerta! Thank you to for a wonderful event!
Our editor with the legendary Dolores Huerta at foundation dinner.
Wow. Absolute wow. Dolores says that president Obama is right in delaying immigration reform,
Photo: projectcitizen: Dolores Huerta The legendary Latina labor activist talked to PBS in 2012 about...
What are your thoughts?. Dolores Huerta: Obama was right in delaying action on immigration...
Dolores Huerta of Dolores Huerta Foundation: hopefully lawsuit brings justice for black and brown children
6 US schools are named after Latina activist and Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner
That's Leslie Delgado '13 with Latino civil rights activist Dolores Huerta. Heurta was the keynote speaker for...
As Dolores Huerta said, do not vote for someone because of their latin surname, vote for them because of their latin heart.
It's always an honor to visit with Dolores Huerta! She is a great inspiration and role model.
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Watching the movie Cesar Chavez and having mom tell me when she met him during the early 70s. Also remembered how I met Dolores Huerta.
Tomorrow--following our Dolores Huerta Breakfast, join for this Artists Uprising Series!
Did you enjoy 's keynote during the Dolores Huerta breakfast? Did you miss it? She will be speaking again @ 2:40 in LPSC120B!
So thankful for all of the staff and volunteers for making the Dolores Huerta Breakfast possible this morning!
"In the community, we do not turn our back on our family." – Dolores Huerta. Join us to celebrate 10...
Join us at the Dolores Huerta Celebration Breakfast today from 10am-12pm at the Student Center room 120B!
Dolores Huerta was a pleasure to be around ☺️ Im glad I had the chance to hear her speak.
Today in 1962 Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and others established the United Farm Workers.
1A Football from Pueblo: John Mall - 14, Dolores Huerta - 6. -- 11:55 left 2nd Q. One yard TD run first play of 2nd Q for JM.
Many are expected to hear Dolores Huerta at Pima County Democratic Party headquarters, and then volunteer for voter outreach.
Juan Williams, Dolores Huerta, Alberto Gonzales and Chalela Williams panel discussion on civil rights at NALEO
can I have the notes for corky Gonzalez, Carlos Santana, Edward james olmos, and Dolores Huerta. 😏😏
Our keynote speaker, Dolores Huerta, for L146 Leadership School on June 7th. legend activist
Pictures from the Cultura de Arte Next Door To The Placita de Olvera. Thank you To my niece Melissa Brown-Dominguez for the info on this exhibit celebrating a Hero in our Culture Mrs Dolores Huerta. A big shout out to Mello Dominguez a member of our Family whose art was chosen along with a just a few others to celebrate this Wonderful Woman of passion and her life's long work. Que Viva La Causa!
some serious dreams come true- our amazing friends con la super Dolores Huerta who made Maracuyeah's fiesta Thurs...
Honored to have been part of American Icon Dolores Huerta's birthday celebration! Blessed my daughter met her!
This was when my mom and I first met Dolores Huerta (my mamas tocaya) when I was 18. This was before I…
From archives:: A Glass of Wine, A Night of Inspiration with Dolores Huerta
The only thing standing between me and sleep is a biography on Dolores Huerta
According to my FB feed, I'm the only one NOT at Dolores Huerta's Birthday Party in DC! Hope it was even funner...
Side by Side/Lado a Lado: The Story of Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez/La Historia ...
Hearing leader and team member is at Dolores Huerta's bday party. We expect great photos!
LGBT Latinas and Latinos representing at Dolores Huerta's 84th birthday fundraiser in DC at the Mexican Cultural Institute
“Warmest birthday wishes to a great lady “Con Dolores Huerta
Dolores Huerta gives a shout out to for social media skills.
Attending benefiting the Dolores Huerta Foundation, and in honor of bday!
"We need to get people registered in order to fight back against _Dolores Huerta
Happy Birthday Dolores Huerta! At Mexican Cultural Institute to celebrate an amazing leader.
The work Dolores Huerta began so long ago continues. DHF still mobilizing in living rooms! :)
Amazing turnout for Dolores Huerta's 84th birthday.
My first gala in the nonprofit world: Dolores Huerta's 84th birthday benefit. @ Mexican…
An evening at the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington, DC honoring Dolores Huerta
Honoring Dolores Huerta ' s 84th birthday celebration, a benefit for the Delores Huerta Foundation. ...yeah, she is kind of a rock star!
Not too late for tix for bday celebration 2nite! Come honor the legend who is still going!
An 84th birthday celebration will be held in Washington DC today for the influential Stockton-raised activist Dolores Huerta.
Help make .‘s bday wish come true: Support her foundation’s mission: .
Last Call! Get your tickets for my DC Fundraiser Bday party TOMORROW
Check out "Dolores Huerta's 84th Birthday- A Benefit for the Dolores Huerta Foundation" via
Finally here: TODAY is .Bday Bash!! You can still get in if you act NOW>
to two Tuesdays ago when I got to meet Dolores Huerta, one of the women in the movement to…
Top story: Huerta's 84th Birthday- A Benefit for the Dolores... Tickets, Washin… see more
Join us this Sunday in Pomona as we rally in support of Hilda Solis with civil rights activist Dolores Huerta. We will get out the vote for the June 3rd ballot walking and talking to voters!
Way to go Jay Leno !!! Thanks for posting Cleve Jones!!! Also, Thank you Dolores Huerta also in protest at this time!!! LOVE, Audrey xoox
For Angelenos: Join Ellie Smeal, Jay Leno, Dolores Huerta, Frances Fisher and LGBT and feminist organizations at our rally TODAY at noon!
Dolores Huerta, the Civil Rights Activist and Labor Leader who co-founded, with Cesar Chavez, The National Farm Workers Union/United Farm Workers and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom will speak at 7:00 pm on Friday, May 9th at Artes de la Rosa's home, The Rose Marine Theater, in Fort W…
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How To Read The Bible, Friday 7pm, Dolores Huerta / Vera Cruz Room "Since the central theme of the Bible is—the sufferings and glory of Christ, we resolve to read the Bible as the story of salvation, not moralistic lessons. We resolve to see how the law, the ceremonies, and the history all point us to their fulfillment in the coming of the Deliverer promised in Genesis 3:15 and throughout the Bible." -Page 2 from the Redeemer visions and values orientation guide. Sometimes it's hard to see all these things while reading the Bible. But fear not, we have a FNF Series just to help! Join us Friday at 7pm in the Dolores Huerta/Vera Cruz (in the Old Student Center beneath the LGBT resource center) as we learn how to read our bible with intentional and analytical eyes.
Went to the Crystal Palace last night. The opening act was a guy named David Ramirez, from Austin, Texas. sounded like Dylan. Then Saw Joe Ely, recommend both. Today My hubbie & I had the honor of celebrating with Dolores Huerta, her 84th birthday, with a few other friends and about 50 of her extended family. It was a beautiful day at Hart Park.
Happy birthday to the great Dolores Huerta - some of her best advice: "Don't be a marshmallow. Walk the street with us into history. Get off the sidewalk."
Power Summit attendees joined the Voto Latino team in singing happy birthday to the legendary labor leader, Dolores Huerta!
President Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom—the Nation’s highest civilian honor—to a person who have made meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. This year’s recipient was Dolores Huerta, who co founded the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez. An honorable woman who fought side by side with Cesar Chavez for Human Right for farm-workers. To me it was an honor to have met her, such an intellectual woman, a woman with humble beginnings with monumental desire to help the less fortunate, an incredible woman with a heart of a Lion, she is an educator, a fighter of human rights an advocate voice, she teaches individuals that they have personal power that needs to be coupled with responsibility and cooperation to create the changes needed to improve their lives. I remember thanking her for all her work, she replied by saying "Xavier, you have a gift, there i ...
We remember when Dolores Huerta visited the Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho. A very memorable experience! Especially for Claudio Beagarie the photo journalist who still has a wonderful exhibit of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta during the Huelva in 1960's. Thank you El Puente de Claudio! A true amigo.
We speak with Dolores Huerta of the United Farm Workers of America and Francis Fox Piven, one of the country’s leading sociologists, about class and organized labor during Reagan’s presidency. [Includes transcript] As we move to the issue of workers right’s and labor under Ronald Reagan. Many critics of the former president recall with great anger the policies of Reagonomics. His administration was one of the worst in history for organized labor. And his track record was consistent almost from the beginning of his career in the public eye. In the late 1940’s, as president of the Screen Actors’ Guild union, Ronald Reagan testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee on so-called "subversive activity" in Hollywood, reporting on actors, directors, and screenwriters deemed Communist sympathizers. And in the 1960’s and 70’s, as Governor of the State of California, Reagan fought the efforts of migrant farm workers to win union contracts, vetoing the Agricultural Labor Relations Act, ...
Saw director Diego Luna's film Cesar Chavez - a docudrama about the non-violent civil rights advocate and union organizer of the farm workers in California - a film worth seeing for all of you who do not know about this important man and the National Farm Workers Association he co-founded with Dolores Huerta. The very good performer, Michael Pena plays Chavez, but physically he is a very different body type from Cesar Chavez who was a lean, intense looking man, so the mis-casting intruded on my memory of Chavez. Yet Pena conveys the quiet indomitable spirit and rage of those who fight a system which is tied to corporate dollars.and how that determination can eventually succeed..(for the time being.) The steps to realize social justice and the toll on the workers and their families including Chavez' own conflict with his son brings a personal element to the movie. The farm workers' struggles inspired people all over the world to boycott grapes - even I did at the time.
I have to say, I really liked Michael Peña as Cesar Chavez. Such a good actor. Rosario Dawson as Dolores Huerta was ok...
"Cesar Chavez" the movie! OMG--so many mixed emotions were going through me. I knew I would be angry all over again, but watching the mistreatment of innocent people just trying to make an honest living only made me cry. There was so much pride for Cesar, his wife, his family, Dolores Huerta, and all the campesinos who risked everything to obtain their dignity. There was incredulity--I didn't remember that Nixon tried to support the growers by exporting the grapes. The loss of our champion Robert Kennedy made me cry again. I shouldn't tell you everything--it is a must see!
Spend the day in service tomorrow, in honor of Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta, and their commitment to social -- and environmental -- justice.
AT BAKERSFIELD UFW RED CARPET EVENT. Selfie with Yoli; Panel with Cesar Chavez grandson Andres Chavez and Dolores Huerta daughter Lori De Leon & hundreds of young people and students; Rosario Dawson who portrays Dolores Huerta in movie; and Dolores Huerta at reception.
Dolores Huerta is one of my sheros. She says we need more feminists-people who believe in civil rights, reproductive rights and activism. She is a defender of democracy. "We are not consumers, we are citizens." Young people need to get ethnic studies in K-6 so that they understand history. She says get signed up for health insurance!
Ending my night right. I met Dolores Huerta at St. Mary's College - my only link to Cesar Chavez - what an inspiring woman.
The Cesar Chavez movie was incredible. Such a smart, humble, pacificst, strong man. Our people should be grateful for his work and for that of Dolores Huerta's. Let us continue his work, fighting for the human rights of our gente. Que viva la causa!
Call me a hypocritical but *** I'm so freaking tired of seeing all these *** things about Cesar Chavez. I mean why is there such a big *** deal made about him. I get it, he was a key part of our history but how long do people really need to drag something out. I understand learning from the past but don't dwell in it. Personally I don't agree with most of his ideals and tactics as a leader, I don't like what he represents or the fact that he has become the major face of something that is so much bigger than him. Same thing goes for Dolores Huerta. Common Tucson, move past it/them. A movie, protest and a *** holiday? Same thing goes for Martin Luther King in my eyes..I'm so over all these *** posts.
Rosario Dawson is Dolores Huerta in Cesar Chavez, in theaters March 28th! See what she told us about her role & meeting the incredible civil rights activist:
I love Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, btw...but NO ONE but Blacks themselves deserve credit for American Civil Rights.
Next Tuesday, March 25 at 7pm, Human Rights Icon, Dolores Huerta is speaking at Occidental College.
The second part to the Women's Studies Senior Seminar is tomorrow in Beckman 401 at 2:30 p.m. Learn about 22 feminists, such as, Alice Paul, Dolores Huerta, Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldúa, Frances Perkins, and many more!
Join Covered California in celebrating the Days of Action, now through March 31! Get involved and watch this special message from Dolores Huerta, Community Activist, Co-Founder, United Farm Workers and President, Dolores Huerta Foundation, encouraging uninsured Californians to enroll.
United Farm Workers FOUNDER DOLORES HUERTA PARTNERS WITH COVERED CALIFORNIA TO PROMOTE LATINO ENROLLMENT Human Rights Activist Featured in Radio Ads and Video Urging Californians to Sign Up for Health Insurance Coverage SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Covered California™ announced today that Dolores Huerta, co-founder of United Farm Workers and a longtime civil rights leader, will appeal to Californians, especially Latinos, to get health care coverage before the end of open enrollment, March 31. Huerta, a close ally of Cesar Chavez, is featured in radio spots and on videos available on YouTube, in English and Spanish, calling on Latinos to sign up for insurance. In the segments, Huerta reminds her audience that access to health care is a cornerstone of the decades-long struggle for Latino-American equality and that Latinos’ participation will drive the success of the new marketplace. “If Cesar (Chavez) were here today, he would say to everyone who needs to get enrolled, especially our young people, ‘We hav ...
Quoted by Rachel Maddow: Fox News' Bill O'Reilly wants to know: "There's got to be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something that may not fit with that office, correct?" He added: "There haven't been that many strong women leaders throughout history." Dear Bill: What planet are you living on? Strong women leaders throughout history? Here are just a few names and any one of them would have been or would be a strong U.S. President: Golda Meir, Aung San Suu Kyi, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, La Donna Harris, Dolores Huerta, Elizabeth Warren, Emmeline Pankhurst, Amy Klobuchar, Julia Gillard, Margaret Chan, Drew Gilpin Faust, Phebe Novakovic, Angela Ahrendts, Safra Catz, Simone Veil, Isabelle Ealet, Susan Ivey,Heidi Miller, Susan Wagner, Hillary Clinton, Susan Wojcicki, and Lauren Zalaznick. That should get you started, Bill, and any one of these ladies would have or would now kick your arrogant, sexist, condescending butt in about one minute.
The Fasters and Dolores Huerta speaking at the Community Meeting@ Saint Paul's Anglican Parish
The last day of the HRC - Time to thrive Conference / Workshop was great and Chelsea Clinton closing speech was empowering ... heres a few pics of some of the guest ... Ellen Page , Lance Bass , Betty Degeneres ,Matthew Shepard's Mother , Dolores Huerta ( marched with Ceasar Chavez ) and EJ Johnson
last night I had to pleasure of attending the world premiere of Diego Luna's "Cesar Chavez". with Diego, America Ferrera, Michael Peña and the real Dolores Huerta all in attendance... I gotta say... I dunno if it's cuz I was born in the Houston barrios and raised Californian or what but this film touched me like no other film has in quite a while. From the first time I heard "Si se puede" I already started getting teary... and I was crying by the end. not cuz of sadness but just cuz I was so moved & inspired... this film comes out in March in the US... please support! Diego was so freakin' awesome & his cast/crew so down to earth!
There is nothing quite like putting together a montage of great historical speeches, to inspire you to make a positive impact on the world. Over the past few days I’ve watched hours of footage from Carl Sagan, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Harvey Milk, the Dalai Lama, John Lennon, Oprah, Princess Diana, Steve Jobs, Margaret Thatcher, Reagan, Mother Teresa, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, JFK, Harvey Milk, Gandhi, Daniel Inouye and many more. for Exceptional Speaking
It's becoming very clear that the race for Assembly District 15 (north Oakland to Pinole), is now a race between ACDCC member Elizabeth Echols and former Richmond council member Tony Thurmond. We'll know soon how much $ all candidates have raised so far, but these two are at least leading the battles of the endorsements. Echols has AFT and SEIU California on her side, as well as Loni Hancock, Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, Bill Quirk, most Berkeley Council members and other assorted local elected officials. Tony Thurmond has the Nurses union and also SEIU. He also has AG Kamala Harris, Rep. George Miller, Mark DeSaulnier, Sandre Swanson, Phil Ting, and even more assorted local elected officials. He also has Dolores Huerta's endorsement. While Echols has a few endorsements from Contra Costa county and Thurmond quite a few more from Alameda county, this seems to be very much a Alameda vs. Contra Costa sort of race. About 60% of the voters are in Alameda. Left in the dust are environmental lawyer Andy Kat ...
On King Day we honor not a man, but a movement. This King Day let us remember the many women who led the Civil Rights Movement with their vision, courage, tenacity, strength, strategic thinking, and love. These sheroes include Claudette Colvin, Rosa Parks, JoAnn Robinson, Septima Clark, Daisy Bates, Ella Baker, Diane Nash, Dorothy Height, Coretta Scott King, Fannie Lou Hamer, Marian Wright Edelman, Melba Patillo Beals, Autherine Lucy, Virginia Durr, Victoria Gray Adams, Dolores Huerta, Ruby Bridges, Anne Braden, Angela Davis, Anne Moody, Jean Wiley, Rita Schwerner, Ericka Huggins, and many, many, more. Let us honor all the women and men who risked their lives and livelihoods to transform our nation by continuing their sacred work for justice.
Excited to be invited to screen the film Cesar Chavez this evening. Film opens March 28, 2014. Stars Michael Pena, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson (plays Dolores Huerta) and John Malkovich
A few thoughts on Chicano Politics this year and next. We lost Sal Castro presence pero esta presente. Mandela's passing reminds us the struggle against racism/injustice is a life work, life long LA UAW leader Pete Beltan left a great legacy especialy fighting plant closures, as did Raul Arreola fighting for better education alongside Sal Castro. And la lucha continua. Xavier Becerra keeps increasing clout among Democrats and Raul Grijalva is the progressive leader in the House of Representative, Maria Elena Durazo and Gil Cedillo give local and national leadership. Nury Martinez is the only woman on the City Council. Gloria Molina still wields lots of power well but faces term limits this year, Hilda Solis stands in the wings to lead in the county and Dolores Huerta still inspires Chicana/peoples power, Eliseo Medina now focuses on immigrant rights and Rudy Acuna just keeps on battling for progressive Chicano Studies. Millions more of us are active but we all have to increase our commitment and ef ...
RIP Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Dolores Huerta, Rosa Parks and all those who sacrificed for what's right. Those who have negative thoughts about these people can suck a you know what this holiday season.
My great grandmother Maclovia was presented with the Cesar Chavez award in 2011 by Dolores Huerta.
Organized labor is the only way to have fair distribution of wealth - Dolores Huerta
yes!! My moms fam is from Delano (they still live there) where it all started. So it's kinda cool! I've heard Dolores Huerta
"Ms. Dolores Huerta was very happy to hear the center was doing great and referred to the WInC as “a wonderful...
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