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Doing Time

Doing Time is slang for spending time in a jail or prison.

Anna Deavere Smith

Anna Deavere Smith will be at Tufts on September 21! "Doing Time in Education: School to Prison Pipeline"
Can't wait for Anna Deavere Smith's Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education!
Doing the last couple of hours of modding I need to do and then FFXV Uncovered time! SO MUCH HYPE.
Given sufficient time, what you put off doing today will get done by itself.
Gonna take my time doing everything from now on 😌
When time hop shows you stuff you posted 5 years ago and you wonder what you where doing with your life.
GIVEAWAY TIME! We're doing a giveaway over at . RULES:. 1. Follow…
And also whilst I'm at it, my real name is shaniqua and I am a drag queen part time which I honestly love doing it brings me so much light
Snapchat started doing too much a long time ago 🙄
I haven't done anything I regret in quite some time, I think I may be doing mid life crisis wrong.
Every time we doing good it never last 🙄
I'm doing this new thing called not wasting my time
Let yourself feel like you’d rather be doing something else, and at the same time, do the work.
Nobody will ever force me to do things I'm not comfortable doing because your waisting your time I won't do it
I'm sorry but if you don't put a huevo con pansa (over easy egg) on top of your enchiladas you've been doing it wrong this whole time
This is harder then it looks tried doing this one time and busted my *** 😂😂😂
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Cheer math. If a team did something once, and is told to do it one more time. How many times will they end up doing it?…
Slow down, you're doing fine. You can't be everything you want to be before your time.
Every time I think I like somebody or we doing good BOOM back at again with the BS 🙃🤗
Snap chat is doing to much with these updates.. Every time I update it, it's straight shenanigans
yeah! Any time we have a real chance of doing it :)
How do people find time for societies in college? If I'm not doing assignments I'm probably in work or doing something else important.
Becky & I doing nursery together tonight for the 1st time since our days. John & Sarah Kimbell were with us on our last shift
Doing laps around my apt bldg and I get to say hi to this pup every time 🐶💕
I don't have patients to spend time doing my nails and have them not dry😐
The next time someone asks you what you doing send this
Lol what are the statistics about DV and a man NOT being physically abusive after doing it one time?
If I snapchat you and text you at the same time.. You doing something right
I hear my granny not doing to well 😪 but I'm really not trying to hear it ' it's not the first time they've said the foo…
He's been doing that the whole time!
What are Tony, Loki and Sam all doing in Tony's bathtub... "Guy Time"?
sister: comes home to me doing dance practices "... so this is what you do in your free time. me: swEATS NERVOUSLY
You literally sped half your free time flexing for the gram & doing the absolute most EL OH EL
‣ Radio interview | "I am doing a radio interview today at 5:00PM Pacific time. You may..." | |
Throwback to that time I won $200 at work for doing what I love. I can't wait til the day I can do makeup full time.
Tired of doing the same all the time? Try something different with the Hair Tutorials Channel
I've been doing that for some time now it's a wonderful feeling
I sorta have one country out of 7 down time to reward myself w an hour of doing Nothing
We are doing something a little different this time. nightmare is is being fully realized!
3) I'm super interested in makeup, and I love doing it. Every time I go to ulta or Sephora I get emotional over the products
Another Virgin Mary statue vandalized, this time at St. Mary's in Billerica. Who is doing this, and why?
Be so busy doing your thing that you have no time to criticize others.
First time doing homework in months
Racing this year? Doing track days? Time for a Dainese Misano D-air suit!. Speed and skill are your friends, and...
Kehlani 20, doing what she loves, & going through a tough time. You 20, broke, doing nothing & making fun of her suici…
I want to make you feel good and happy all the time but all you want to know is what I am doing at 2 am on your lonely tu…
Every time Future comes on, I gotta drop what I'm doing, and hit that dab a couple times lmao
I watched his instagram vid when he was in time square...yeea.I saw when he was doing it, I didn't know
But you know you spent time getting back at me doing the foolish. I mean the most foolish stuff. I don't even want to fight for that anymore
people always got something to say about *** I'm doing but I'm confused cause last time I checked, I'm single and I'm my own person.
If Donald Trump planned on being a Trojan Horse, what would he be doing different? . Take your time, I'll wait here.
I've learned that being Judgmental of others, all I'm doing is bringing Judgement upon MYSELF Don't have time for that foolishness. Maturity
If a man is put in gaol, he spends th whole time thinking how he'ill get back at his wife.He needs 2 b in a LOCK-UP rehab home doing CogBH
and they pitch about doing it as a warmup, but I like to keep that time for personal art since I don't make a lot of time for it
Demi stepped on the Grammy stage for the very first time & showed the other girls what they SHOULDA been doing 👏🏼👏🏼 https:…
hey beautiful! Aww I'm not really doing "pledge it" style things at the moment, but hopefully see you on tour next time xxx
for me, Canucks games are 4AM prime time. What am I even doing with my life? Oh well...
FARMER JOE I'm honored you took time away from the crops to send me well wishes, hope your crops (foot) are…
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”. Galatians 6:9 N…
I'm gonna spend the entire time I'm home this weekend doing homework and that makes me kinda upset
Last time jjong doing voluntary service now its myungsoo aww our nice boys😊   10% Off
Just start doing , don't say anything
If I'm talking to you I'm talking to you, I'm not wasting time or just doing it for fun so don't waste my time
Everyone finds themselves in their own way and at their own time and you can't just pressure people into doing it how you find it best
if it all lines up my first time doing acid in 5 years is gonna be seeing pallbearer and high on fire next week which I think will own hard
Most of the time I try too hard to be funny and look what happened I ended up doing the cinnamon challenge😭 &it wasn't even funny just nasty
I understand making mistakes, I do. But this also isnt her first time doing it. I get that she didnt ask for this life+
It doesn't matter what I'm doing... Every time Darude "Sandstorm" comes on my playlist I drop everything and DANCE like a …
"People will waste your time then call you wrong for getting mad at them for doing so" - Not me
😈💃 when I saw you at the party, I was like Awks long time no see but I hope you're doing well 🙊😊
The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.
One of my new favorite people it was about time! Amazing woman doing big things ->
I tried my best to be nice to you all this time. And tonight I realise I was so stupid for doing that.
I can only imagine gaano ka kataranta doing all these things at the same time! 😂😂😂. For da lab lang talaga!.
Afternoon tea from the superior students today. Very impressive. I'll be doing this in 6months time! http:/…
FYI, the Abundance phones are down for the time being. We have just moved office and doing all we can to get them working asap
I wonder if anyone ever looks at me while I’m doing something and thinks I’m pretty... because I do that all the time …
good morning missey.. If it weren't for work I'd be doing time.. 👍 hope you're well
jus reign ain't got time for all that bs!Banda's doing too many amazing things. No time to waste.
Spend a lot of time on train platforms. All for the sake of doing what I love. It's all worth it,…
My favorite time of the year is finally here. Forgetting about everything and doing what I love! And no contact with anyone for 3 weeks 😍😍
Vázquez: "We want to take it one step at a time in order to lift as many titles as possible and we working towards doing…
always good fun doing nails on the train. The added time pressure makes it more exciting ;-)
why isn't it? I'm not doing it for long periods of time. It's basically just like a liquid diet, no food
Think back and talk to me. Did I grow up according to plan?. And do you think I'm wasting my time doing things I wanna do?
Just wanted to share this music cover of me doing One Last Time!
because their (endia's) agents will be eliminated and in future they have to think 100 time before any wrong doing in Pakistan
Dead *** wasted my timeWas sort of feeling her too but na its time to move on like I been doing remember you've always been my second option
If you could go back in time to talk to yourself, wha... — You should see yourself now. You're doing so great an...
This time two years ago I found out I failed all my exams ☺️ but I'm still doing what I've always wanted to do🎀 exams aren…
J: time me doing exercises. P: OK. J: (does them) how long was that?. P: I don't know- I can't time using my watch
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Today I'll find the time to write. There's just all these 'dult things that need doing first...
Most often, waiting for the right time is waiting for a new set of excuses. Stop waiting, start doing!.
Found out that I'll be the closing manager on Friday... By. Myself. For. The first. Time. i have no idea what im doing :')
According to E!, perrie's friends say she's doing better without Zayn and that he hasn't treated her right in a long time.
all good people of Bihar r outside of state, nitish Jee is doing great ,deserve another, take time
Full visual spoiler for my custom set Dreamscape is up. Had a great time doing sealed playtesting lat night.
I think the only way someone could be happy is by doing what they love and spending time with their loved ones .
400+ views but only 100 something likes. Why are you doing this to my heart I spent a lot of time making that video
So bored of doing the same thing all the time, work work wot
i've been having a hard time sleeping because of 1) insomnia as always but 2) I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT ALL THE CREATIVITY I'M DOING
somewhat. It's a weird feeling. I spend lots of time doing nothing.
bruh I can't go to any of the stuff for the fraternity's at mtsu cause i gotta work every time they're doing something 😒
why is doing that tonyAbbott. now is the time set up the election straight away. not next year. bill you m…
Staying with cat "byul (star)" & decided on doing service tgt next time. Kind hearted L who adopted it. Support! ^^
The one person keeping me entertained is no longer doing so I guess that means time to slep
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
It gets annoying doing that all the time 😒
Your brain can't comprehend what you're doing half the time 😂
the Time for the evening is before dinner or two and a half to three hours after dinner (doing meditation for an hour)
Well I'm only doing this 40$ Korean haul if something important pans out next week as a treat, so I've got time to debate it!
… brings up the most pertinent question doing the rounds now! Time to set things right
Just cause someone is locked up doing time don't make them a bad person..
My best quality? I have the ability to lose track of time and get lost in whatever Im doing. Example, wanted to sleep at 10pm... Its 3:00am
This moment, there are somebody who were staying deep inside my soul, telling me that, stop doing something unpratical to waste your time
When was the last time a ban stopped us from doing what we like?
Doing urgent jobs the whole day. It's stressful, but really rewarding after finishing every thing right and on time.
slept longer than expected LOL wasted a lot of my time in school doing nothing productive LOL I feel like 💩
Hi Tiffany :) I've been enjoying some down-time over summer! Doing OK over here, same old fights with local authorities...
Art of Doing Time: Prisoner, Painter, Escapee - Inmate art valued outside and inside prison
Doing Time for Patsy Cline is a bit of a fave.
but the assignment is assigned for HOME!!So next time HOME is where you will be doing it☺️ or I'll give your HOME…
Hamilton Collection
I legit have the hardest time with doing and undoing buttons 😒😳
I hate myself for wasting so much time doing unnecessary things.
I spend more time thinking and stressing about all the things I need to do rather than actually doing the things I need…
Every time someone writes “X uses big data to do Y” I read “I’ve really got no clue what X is doing, but they say it’s amazing stuff”.
Long time without doing any homework. Here I go again!!!
I would rather be stabbed in the face a hundred times instead of doing this all the time.
This woman has literally been doing her makeup on 33 the whole time and we're almost to the 70 west exit. Do it before you leave.
I guess it's that time of year when I stop doing laundry because I'm too scared to step foot in my basement
"I love her 100% of the time, except when she's doing this thing, which she does a lot."
Doing transplant surgery against the clock is part-time work. .
It doesn't necessarily show. Shick have been doing it for a long time.
oh OK, I'll remember next time I'm doing integrals and differentials
Includes: "Plump Londoners in every corner of the city may soon be doing a double take every time a bus passes them"
wat r u doing with me wen u dnt even trust me? Main jitni bhi is time bakwas kar loun u wnt trust.
For the first time in my life, I can say I love what I'm doing💕
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
vaccuming at 10pm. Best time to be doing that!
Spend more time actually doing what you do - 10 signs that will tell you that you need a new website:
There has never been a better time to shout about doing business in >
I just wanna spend my time here on Earth doing awesome things with awesome people.
White strains are so difficult. You really have have to know what your doing at maturation time.
Read : Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. Scru...
First ever rebrand. Little Dissapointed. Also first time doing 2D
I've sang City Till I Die in 33 grounds, in 4 different divisions, the only time I've been booed for doing so was last n…
Brilliant intro to using an archive on HE History Hub
I knew Kendrick was a genius when he said "I'm standing on a field full of land mines. Doing the moonwalk, hoping I blow u…
Is there no end to the rich doing vile things to little kids , isn't it about time we hit…
I always feel like you have something you would rather be doing then spending time with me
. OMG Even I am praying for him all the time whilst doing other things!Always on my mind!
Question: What is your time right now?what are you doing now?
Is it bad if every time I go home my mom asks me if I'm doing meth?
Do you spend time at bars or watching sports when you really want to be doing something else? 
Every time you feel the devil trying to pull you toward negativity, stop & focus on what God is doing. He is the only way to stay focused.
I can only do one thing at a time, but I can avoid doing many things simultaneously.
Omg , *** my mother doing ? 👀 I do have to be at school at a certain time tho 💁
Self diagnosing a tear in the right back tendon of my foot. Doctor will tell me to do what in doing, so why waste the time?
Man its really time to stop talking about racism and start doing something about it
almost time to go to work , I don't feel like doing anything today :(
Sec. Galvin's 20 yr record of secrecy is scrutinized and he's clearly annoyed. Time to retire Galvin:
In college doing loads of coursework. Catch up time.
It's so awful not knowing what I'll be doing with my life this time next year
I'm so happy you guys are doing this, I am now happily entertained during tea time at work again :)
sup you guys make the best pranks keep doing what you doing I reckon you guys will million subs in no time please follow me
doing something I like, whatever it is. as long as this is positive, no time to rush it
Just living don't know where to go, doing this music hoping I blow, one time
I want clean sheets each and every time. Now they are doing this going green and only washing as needed Wth
Every time I ask someone how they're doing, I always hear it in my head with the voice of Joey from matter what context, weird?
for 5 free follows? Doing them all promise!! (This is my first time doing this omg)
The Only time you allowed to get LOW in life is when you are doing SQUATS!
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