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Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium, also sometimes called Chavez Ravine, is a stadium in Los Angeles.

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Kate Upton cheers on Justin Verlander from Dodger Stadium suite
POLL:. What should fans chant at Dodger Stadium when Yuli Gurriel comes to bat?.
We did a show at the Fonda, visited Dodger Stadium and now we're at Downtown Disney. Pretty g…
Minute Maid Park is SO MUCH louder than Dodger Stadium. That is a fact. ☝️.
Vin Scully back at Dodger Stadium reminded me of the time he told about his Kirk Gibson W…
she also promoted that campaign in Dodger Stadium for game 1 of the 1988 World Series (Kirk Gibson wal…
Lady Gaga looking so flawless while arriving at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles yesterday! 😍. Favorite Female…
Alex Bregman just hit a bomb off Clayton Kershaw in the World Series at Dodger Stadium! Let that sink in! Surreal!
Before leaving Dodger Stadium, recaps the quickest game of the last quarter century. MORE:
"No, this isn't an on-ramp to a toll road. Nor is it a traffic jam." It's cars at Stadium in '62
Being at dodger stadium for game 1 was wild ... pics to follow
Kershaw joins Don Newcombe (the best dressed man around Dodger Stadium) as the ONLY pitchers in WS w/10+ Ks & NO BBs. Awesome stuff!! 😎😎😎
Clayton Kershaw vs. Dallas Keuchel in Game 1 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium. That's an awfully pretty sentence.
Sunset at dodger stadium during the World Series!!. Like imagine foo
Los Angeles wins game one of the by a final of 3-1. Game 2 is tomorrow at 5:10 pm @ Dodger Stadium.
World Series game one with the bro ✅ @ Dodger Stadium
Wednesday CGP at 3 on (4:00), we’ll try to grab at Dodger Stadium, Top 5, and still more!
Dodger Stadium has been waiting 29 years to see a World Series home run.
A sold out crowd of 54,253 packed Dodger Stadium tonight and the team did not disappoint its…
That’s what the grass at Dodger Stadium says.
The costumes were certainly out there at Dodger Stadium.
"It was fun, Dodger Stadium, It's a pretty good feeling right now."- Clayton Kershaw
Spotted outside Dodger Stadium: a fire hydrant spraying water for fans to walk through
I heard dodger stadium is pretty lit.
Dodger Stadium already packed for pregame introductions. Looks like the fans didn't take any chances and skipped work.
I picked the Astros to win before the playoffs. But it was at Dodger stadium and I’ve always wanted to catch…
.playing Semisonic’s “Closing Time” after Game 1 at Dodger Stadium. Nice.
LAPD and LAFD were out in force for game one of the World Series. How did everyone stay cool?
BRO, dont you have an article to write on how trashy Dodger Stadium is? Go to sleep BRO.
The crowded corridors of Dodger Stadium right now are just utter, crazy joy after the Dodgers beat the Astros in
Honestly if I could just be in my car at Dodger Stadium I’d be satisfied. Or at least in LA. I can’t be around all these haters
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Hey, everyone. A World Series game will be played today at Dodger Stadium.
Traffic around Dodger Stadium after World Series win 😳 (📷 by
Well, that’s typical at Dodger Stadium at Chavez Ravine. For years, fans would leave the stadium early to beat traffic
Still wrapping my head around it. I sat next to my son at Dodger Stadium and watched Clayton Kershaw pitch a gem in the World S…
If you're headed home from Dodger Stadium right now, it might take... a while. traffic tips:
Live from the World Series at Dodger Stadium. Larry King, Mary Hart and some guy.
Here's what it was like inside Dodger Stadium when Justin Turner hit that home run:
Didn’t know Dodger Stadium was built in Death Valley - any hotter will smash records in Coober Pedy
Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman and GM Jeff Luhnow at Dodger Stadium before game 1
Dodger Stadium organist playing "Forever in Blue Jeans" by Neil Diamond right now. . It is glorious.
.You're correct! Braves opened Turner Field & Sun Trust while Dodger Stadium was waiting for its next WS game.
After not working out yesterday, Justin Turner is on the field at Dodger Stadium with a team trainer working out
Either of the first two or Sandy Koufax would make me happy. I'd like to throw McCourt far away from Dodger Stadium.
It's 1k for the nose bleed seats at Dodger Stadium for the World Series, might have to get in the
Kyle Schwarber on Dodger Stadium vs. Wrigley Field: "I think our fans are more in tune to the baseball game.".
The Wrigley Field crowd now looking like a Dodger Stadium crowd with folks headed to the exits.
As well as their stadium! In this photo: Dodger Stadium is on the top. Wrigley Field is on the bottom. LA has…
Remember: After some fans make their early exit from Dodger Stadium, there are still more left inside than Wrigley Field even h…
I miss the dude with the radar gun in the Panama Jack hat at Dodger Stadium.
OTD my favorite Yankee team - the 1978 squad - beat the Dodgers again in 6, with Thurman Munson catching the last out at Dodger Stadium.
A day after Justin Turner's walk-off homer, we remember another key playoff dinger at Dodger Stadium.…
Dodgers win 4-1 on Justin Turner home run. Much like illegal fireworks on the Fourth of July, Dodger Stadium is lit. htt…
Dodger pitchers wear out Cubs to take NLCS opener at Dodger Stadium via
Dodger Stadium was rocking for this one. Dodgers up 1 game to 0 over Cubs.
Organ player at Dodger Stadium teased In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Reading up on Iron Butterfly, stumbled across this great…
Willie Davis slides into 2nd at Dodger Stadium, 1965. Incredible photo by the great Neil Leifer.…
I'm beginning to think Jose Quintana won't pitch until Dodger Stadium this weekend
Behind the scenes look at Dodger Stadium
Hey you guys my managers collection is up at Dodger Stadium on the visiting side,all year long.
A good day for us! Watched the Redwings on my iPad while at Dodger Stadium & Dodgers win
Update your maps at Navteq
54,726 at Dodger Stadium. Largest crowd since capacity was reduced after 2012 season.
By the time we get out of this Dodger stadium parking lot I might have died of old age
Paremedic calls are up 400% at Dodger stadium since the introduction of the new Icecream, Chicken, bacon, sandwich.
If you're stuck in Lot 8 @ Dodger Stadium proceed North towards Lot K. OPEN lanes to exits.
to dodger stadium 30 minutes dodger stadium back to BH 10 minutes.
.last outing at Dodger Stadium was an electric 14-K performance. What’s in store tonight?
No the Dodgers fans will bring it louder at chase.I mean Dodger Stadium…
I had so much fun at Dodger stadium tonight.everybody made some noise. Great win!
Great game, here at Dodger Stadium and loved ever minute.
Just leaving Dodger Stadium… Hopefully will be back here next week for game five.
I had a great time at Dodger Stadium with my friends, watching my in POST SEASON play. I'm not going to apologize, POST SEASON!
Pretty sure I might die in Dodger stadium at the rate I’m moving trying to get out. So ridiculous!
Rich Hill had a message for Dodger Stadium. 😂
Dodger fans are ruthless got my jersey ripped because someone tried to stab me walking out of the stadium lololol
Thomas got really dressed up for the game ⚾️ @ Dodger Stadium
Hey D-Backs, hit JT again I dare you. . Sincerely, . The 50,000 fans at Dodger Stadium
He's been selling peanuts and churros at Dodger Stadium for 43 years, but it's still 'fun, fun, fun'
The new ice cream chicken sandwich at Dodger Stadium.
Paul Goldschmidt deserves a statue outside of Dodger Stadium when it's all said and done
Dbacks should take pictures of Dodger Stadium because this is the last time they will see it this year
Yasiel Puig has Dodger Stadium rocking during Game 2 defeat of Arizona
We are told Dennis Eckersley identified himself at security entering Dodger Stadium as “the guy who gave up the home run.”
Now the scene shifts to Dodger Stadium Arizona
Kenta Maeda walks off the mound to a standing ovation from the Dodger Stadium crowd.
Robbie Ray going full Nuke LaLoosh at Dodger Stadium. If they Dodgers had a mascot, he'd hit it next.
MLB announced NLDS Game 1 Friday at Dodger Stadium will be at 7:31 pm PT, Game 2 Saturday at 6:08 pm
Down to last few early entry BP Checked in @ Dodger Stadium for the vs game w/…
The North Central Iowa Marching Band Invitational will be held Saturday at Dodger Stadium.
The color "Dodger Blue" (does not actually refer to the Dodger's uniform (but is the color used throughout Dodger Stadium
looking forward to reading 's book "FAITH" when it arrives and seeing Jackie Robinson's statue at Dodger Stadium tomorrow
I want to go to a Dodgers/Brews game this weekend, but Dodger Stadium is so annoying how they play Judge Judy every time LA gets an out. 🙄
14 years ago, belts a 454-ft HR at Dodger Stadium for his 226th HR as a Montreal Expo to break Andre Daws…
Two-run walk-off double from Yasiel Puig and beat 5-4. Dodger Stadium is literally rocking.
Tonight! Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox with X (the band). at Dodger Stadium. X the official band page!...
Miguel Gonzalez, a Los Angeles native, on making his first career start at Dodger Stadium. (6 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 4 Ks).
Quite the week for White Sox's Miguel Gonzalez:. Birth of son and his 1st Dodger Stadium start…
Miguel Gonzalez’s unforgettable week: Birth of son, first start at Dodger Stadium
More food specials coming up Aug. 11-16 at Dodger Stadium when the return home to host SD and CWS
'Rally Granny' who pulled up her shirt at Dodger Stadium is no flash in the pan
If Rockies beat Greinke in WC game, we get CO vs. Kershaw in Dodger Stadium
Last minute trip to Dodger Stadium on Saturday!
I do not have one favorite thing about Dodger Stadium.
Meet the "Rally Granny" who flashed all of Dodger Stadium via
'Rally Granny' explains why she flashed Dodger Stadium crowd
Yu Darvish is making his Dodger Stadium debut on his 31st birthday and Lakers Night!.
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‘Rally Granny’ explains why she flashed Dodger Stadium crowd: ‘This is the time to show my cruising moves’…
Friday Kershaw will throw a bullpen at Dodger Stadium.
Be on the lookout, they're plan on invading dodger stadium next season.pantone night on the same day is in order
Aw come on. 2 men guilty beating at Dodger Stadium tha…
Disc Golf in Dodger Stadium? Nov. 6th is nearly sold out. Reserve your spot!
Same method is used at Dodger Stadium and probably others. But it works better than expected! You are in and out
The last home game at Dodger Stadium on a Wednesday had 50,000 and the two Wednesday's before that: 42,…
Shannon and the team are training hard for the Dodger Stadium on August…
Raul Mondesi on ball night at Dodger Stadium
Bruh don't worry about a third place team. They're i…
Yankee Stadium last year, Pantone294's best showing. Even a Dodger Roll Call... in THEIR house! Love t…
Go to a Dodgers game while you're in town since you like baseball. You'll like Dodger Stadium I think.
Meet the 'Rally Granny' who flashed all of Dodger Stadium
27 years ago..Dodger Stadium. I was at both shows. Biggest surprise for me was World Full of Nothing
Lakers Night at Dodger Stadium is coming up! Don't miss out on a great experience and shirt. Ticket package details:. http…
I think Frank McCourt still owns the massive parking lots at Dodger Stadium, but I'm so grateful he doesn…
Haven't been to a game in a few years... Last time I saw M's live was Jackie Robinson day at Dodger Stadium in 2015
I paid a visit to Jackie Robinson statue outside of Dodger Stadium before I checked in for ESPN Sunday Night Baseba…
I won't be at Padres former home but at Dodger Stadium for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball with Giants visiting.
will you be at Dodger Stadium tonight for Sunday Night Baseball? I'm a teacher and would love to grab a pic
Madison Bumgarner on his way to Dodger Stadium for Sunday Night Baseball like.
Dodgers Ryu Looks to Find a Rhythm The Los Angeles Dodgers battle the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium.
Los Angeles Times - Mike Scioscia called Dodger Stadium home for the entirety of his 13-year major league career.
[NBC Sports: Hardball Talk] Dodgers trying to sell naming rights to field at Dodger Stadium
DEVELOPING: Firefighters respond to brush fire in Elysian Park near Dodger Stadium.
LIVE: Fox 11 Los Angeles: Brush fire in Elysian Park. Unsure how close it is to Dodger Stadium. . -Eric
Pretty cool watching Los Angeles native Mike Moustakas honored on the field at Dodger Stadium for making the All-Star team…
Dodgers rally in 9th, stun Diamondbacks - Los Angeles On the ground floor of Dodger Stadium, as he walked into ...
[USA Today: For The Win] Justin Turner’s good dog was at Dodger Stadium to celebrate All-Star Game announce
30 min from UCLA to Dodger Stadium is an Independence Day Miracle! Happy 4th of July tweeps.
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Happy Independence Day from Dodger Stadium. Today we celebrate America and enjoy this delicious Red, White & Dodger…
The will face Kenta Maeda tonight as the continues at Dodger Stadium. Game Preview:
Blue heaven on earth where there is indeed (@ Dodger Stadium - in Los Angeles, CA)
Back in blue but I will never stop loving Mike Trout. @ Dodger Stadium
Ready to cheer for the boys in blue. @ Dodger Stadium
This day in history: Tony Gwynn hit an inside-the-park grand slam at Dodger Stadium in a 9-7 Padres win 👉
We set the all-time MLB attendance record that year, and it stood for 14 years before they opened Dodger Stadium.
I might go to at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA - Jul 15
Join us for "Goodbye Rockies: 73 Games Of Fun", located at Los Angeles's famous Dodger Stadium, the event will conclude with my suicide
Los Angeles >> Clayton Kershaw was halfway between the mound at Dodger Stadium and the home dugout when he tilted...
MLB Video: Fan at Dodger Stadium reaches over wall to catch fair ball, gets kicked out for interfering with live p…
WATCH: Lonzo Ball throws out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium!
Greetings from Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles. Just like the Dodgers our trip started in Brooklyn, but just 3 weeks ag…
Greetings from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Like the Dodgers our trip also started in Brooklyn.
Scott Boras is here at Dodger Stadium as usual.
Tonight's Giveaway a Brooklyn blast from the past @ Dodger Stadium
If you were at Dodger Stadium you would have seen Rafael Montero strike out Cody Bellinger, immediately followed by Ricky Martin Dance Cam
Another falls. I haven't seen a Giants right fielder have a day this bad since the Aubrey Huff chalk outline at Dodger Stadium.
Max Scherzer yesterday and Stephen Strasburg today pitching for Nationals honestly made me go to Dodger Stadium.
LGBT Night at Dodger Stadium is Friday! Purchase a ticket pack to get this exclusive T-shirt. . 🎟📦: ht…
Playing at Dodger Stadium presented obstacles -- or at least an obstacle -- that couldn't overcome.
Story: Early errors, jitters plague Palm Desert in Division 2 championship loss to Etiwanda at Dodger Stadium
Palm Desert's loss at Dodger Stadium ends 2016-2017 high school sports season. Thanks to all for a great year!
Jake is all game face today. He will be taking the mound at Dodger Stadium today to lead the El Toro High School...
Went to Dodger stadium for the game. Was pretty stoked when they had Chicago dogs... then I ate it... let's j…
45 years ago today was the fastest game ever at Dodger Stadium (90 mins) in Al Downing's 3-0 win. Will be impressed if t…
shut out again, 5-0 in front of 48,322 at Dodger Stadium 💙⚾️👍
Don't go to the bathroom at Dodger Stadium Wil. There are professional fondlers there just waiting.
Congrats to my young one at arleta . Next stop dodger stadium ⚾️. Take it home boys 🏆
Cubs fans came out deep to Dodger Stadium today! But at least they saw them lose to Dodgers.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Last Dodger Stadium game for the Heyd crew
Shout out to for having Pantone night at dodger stadium! Having that flag out there was nice!
at Dodger Stadium? Check. at the Alamodome? Yeah I can do that, too. at The Forum? ...maybe
I'm going to at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA - Jun 22
This Cub lineup is hitting, Arietta has thrown a no-no at Dodger Stadium... let's curb the easy win stuff for tonight.
"Wrigley Field is a magical place full of dreams. Not here." -- Jack Sheehan at Dodger Stadium
lol trust me I've been to dodger games never been thisnoacked at one this suit is sold out and it's a bigger stadium
The World Series champs have come to Dodger stadium to get shutout
Johnson trying to pitch first complete-game shutout for the Red Sox since Steven Wright last August at Dodger Stadium.
When you look at Dodger Stadium you see how much Wrigley Field had diminished their foul territory with new seating.
Looks like a meltdown of the bats in Dodger Stadium. Maybe on Sunday.
I illegally shared private information with a Russian expat. . My friend Andrei now knows how to sneak vodka into Dodger St…
I had forgotten they did that. 63 degrees and ice seemed to hold up we…
Day at Dodger Stadium televised today on
Check out more photos from last night's shutout victory on the Photog Blog. 🔗:
Thank you for this awesome footage at our very first P294 Night at Dodger Stadium!. 🎥 &
But snapchat from Dodger Stadium right now had me in stitches
Arrieta, Cubs get blanked in Dodger Stadium. How did Jake look? was there:.
Last time Cubs were held to 2 hits at Dodger Stadium: August 21, 2009. Ryan Theriot off Randy Wolf.
Eric Karros being the Dodger Stadium all-time home run leader is not something I would've guessed in a million years.
Elton John performing at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, 1975.
For CF Christian Yelich, Dodger Stadium has always been a special part of his baseball life.
Former SO Notre Dame OF Giancarlo Stanton climbed the bullpen fence at Dodger Stadium. It was like trying to catch football from Dayne Crist
Los Angeles Times - Only 11 days before Saturday night, before an enraptured crowd at Dodger Stadium, Julio Urias...
Don Mattingly, Tim Wallach, Miguel Rojas, Dee Gordon and AJ Ellis return again to Dodger Stadium. Former
Just call me Bear. Everybody else does. I sang the anthem at Dodger Stadium in 1981. biggest thrill of my life.
The Los Angeles Dodgers prevailed over the Pirates, 4-3, in a roller-coaster affair at Dodger Stadium.
Tix secured for Uncle Billy at Dodger Stadium this Saturday. Loge box. $50 less than face, thanks StubHub. I'm in an LA state of mind.
Scully returns to join Dodgers Ring of Honor
I liked a video Vin Scully meets the media one final time at Dodger Stadium
CB 3/4 5-4-17: looks & sounds sharp as ever as he's inducted into Ring of Honor.
Vin Scully returns to Dodger Stadium for ring of honor induction,
And my mom said I'd never amount to anything. Thanks for the love
Vin Scully returns to Dodger Stadium for Ring of Honor induction. ht…
Vin Scully's microphone was retired Wednesday night in a ceremony at Dodger Stadium
Vin Scully has microphone retired at Dodger Stadium ceremony
Vin Scully returns to Dodger Stadium as he’s inducted to Dodgers ‘Ring of Honor’
There are so many ways the Giants can lose a game. They had to fight their way to a series win at Dodger Stadium:
Vin Scully addresses the media before his Ring of Honor Ceremony at Dodger Stadium. . Full |
Dodgers Give Back Game, Lose to Giants, 4-1, on Vin Scully Night at Dodger Stadium via
There’s still plenty left to come from Dodger Stadium! Join us for Vin’s Ring of Honor Ceremony later tonight!
"We kept searching for the big hit and we finally got it.” Giants take two of three at Dodger Stadium:
: Scully nducted into Dodgers’ Ring of Honor Vin Scully returned to Dodger Stadium on Wednesday, crackin…
Just like old times, Vin Scully returned to Dodger Stadium and delivered his classic phrases via
I don't love baseball, but I loved Vin's voice on the radio. " Has Microphone Retired at Dodger Stadium"…
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"Scully Returns to Dodger Stadium for Ring of Honor Induction" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Good Morning, Give Back Game, Lose to 4-1, on at Dodger Stadium >>…
Be sure to arrive early tonight! Large crowd expected for Dodger Stadium Ring of Honor pregame ceremony.
Vin Scully became the 11th member of the Dodgers' ring of honor.
returns to spoonfeed us his greatest hits as he’s enshrined in the Ring of Honor.
Vin Scully was honored in the Dodgers' Ring of Honor at Dodger Stadium. Here's a look:
The Phillies were swept by the Dodgers after a 5-3 loss at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.
Dodgers unveil Jackie Robinson statue outside of Dodger Stadium
Torey Lovullo's family had season tickets at Dodger Stadium growing up, when he caught a foul ball from Mickey Hatc…
That makes Dodger Stadium and Wrigley Field the only two stadiums in the NL older than Coors Field.
Dodger Stadium's seating color scheme was designed to mimic the beach and ocean. .
Just to mix it up, Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey went out and added a title at Dodger Stadium.
And that's a ton of confetti still raining on the field. Plenty of cleanup ahead for the Dodger Stadium grounds crew
Saw him in the Early 80's at Dodger Stadium. Remember he seemed huge on the mound..Great pitcher
I'm dying. Japanese player Kikuchi just had the Dodger Stadium organist play the Zelda theme as his walk-on music.
A downpour at Dodger Stadium is both apocalyptic and really cool.
It NEVER rains at Dodger Stadium. Pretty crazy to see.
Why is there no rain delay in the USA / Japan game at Dodger Stadium? It's pissing cats and dogs there.
Can't remember watching a game from Dodger Stadium that had crappy weather. I didn't know it could happen!
Current weather at Dodger Stadium. Would be a good night for a surprise Dementor attack (could provid…
Rain at a baseball game at Dodger Stadium will never not be weird.
Dodger stadium is not even full and that infuriates me lol
Surprised they even sell ponchos at Dodger Stadium
I don't think I've ever watched a rainy game at Dodger Stadium.
What are all those WBC fans doing in the stands at Dodger Stadium? It's only the top of the second inning.
Since when did they allow noisemakers ( other than fans) in Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium might be 1/2 to 2/3 full, but that was a playoff roar just now.
17 rainouts in the history of Dodger Stadium. It opened in 1962.
Raining ☔️ Dodger stadium only 17 games have been cancelled in the history of dodger stadium
Dodger Stadium in the rain. There's a rare sight.
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a drag bunt at Dodger stadium, no one did it better than Brett Butler
It is POURING at Dodger Stadium for this semifinal they not have a rain delay plan? Is the schedule that tight?
Pretty sure rain at Dodger Stadium is one of the signs of the apocalypse.
Been almost 17 years since a rainout in Dodger Stadium. Just heard that on Unreal! Nasty rain there tonight.
this story about the drainage system at dodger stadium would be more interesting with Vin
I wish I was at Dodger Stadium right now for this game
Rain at Dodger Stadium is something you don't see every day.
they were talking about tarps brought out at Dodger stadium from centerfield. Said they probably had been sent down from Sea.
Like a virus always changing shape, the headache of the Vuvuzela has returned reborn now to Dodger Stadium
It's too bad they don't have a retractable roof at Dodger Stadium.
Dodger Stadium from above. Can't believe Mama and Ken kept this a secret. Thank you again for the birthday present.
Not much happening at Dodger Stadium, 0-0 USA vs Japan. Top of 4th.
looks like they're playing in November at Yankee stadium than it does at Dodger stadium in March
imagine not an empty seat in dodger stadium / the entire crowd in unison doing those chants and then you have Japanese baseball
After three innings from a rainy Dodger Stadium, the US and Japan have yet to score. USA due up: Jones, Yelich, and Arenado.
I can't remember ever watching a game at Dodger Stadium where it rained prior to tonight.
If USA hangs on they will play Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium against Japan. Tanner Roark, who's been with the team all…
The organ version of We Can Work It Out playing at Dodger Stadium might be better than the original version.
game looks like November at Yankee stadium instead of Dodger stadium
So this is the 8th replay review in 14 WBC innings at Dodger Stadium this week. That seems like a lot.
That is insane that the Dodgers have not had a rainout in 17 years at Dodger Stadium
matt vasgersian on the weather at dodger stadium: "I TALKED TO A TRANSLATOR EARLIER TODAY IT WAS CRAZY"
Dodger Stadium has a USA Dog and a Japan Dog for tonight's World Baseball Classic Semifinal.
They just said its been 17 years since a rainout in Dodger Stadium.
Almost 17 years since the last rainout at Dodger Stadium?!!! Crazy! ☔
17 years since last rain delay at Dodger Stadium.
The water's DASANI, the beer's HITE & the ads are NIPPON & NOMURA .. You SURE we're at Dodger Stadium?!?
Win or lose... we are so proud of & Team USA 🇺🇸 It has been so fun! This will be the only time we wear blue at dod…
It's raining at Dodger Stadium. I thought it never rained in Southern California.
weird watching a game with ran at Dodger stadium
Little Giant Ladders
Dodger Stadium is nearly empty because of the rain, right?
Beautiful night for baseball at Dodger Stadium!
Can't believe its raining at Dodger Stadium 💙💙
I'd like to know why there aren't more USA fans in Dodger Stadium?
Nestor: I can't remember a game this rainy ever being played at Dodger Stadium. It looks gross!
Wet Dodger Stadium plus the dark grey USA uniforms make baseball look sad. Good thing we have music!
Shoutout to the Grounds Crew at Dodger Stadium. Rain isn't common in LA...let alone in March. Keepin the going!
No rain, but looks like there are two marine layers at Dodger Stadium today. The normal one, and another to keep the first one warm.
Puerto Rico's in! Who will they face in Final? Find out tomorrow when USA faces Japan at Dodger Stadium:
Lasorda and Nomo to team up on ceremonial first pitch Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium prior to USA-Japan WBC semi-fina…
for Sams. Ouch. Cool night Dodger Stadium marine layer.
In honor of his birthday, takes you behind the scenes of Vin Scully's final broadcast at Dodger Stadium.
The Supreme Court has ordered California to release 30,000 criminals from its prisons. Welcome back, guys! See you all at Dodger Stadium!
Tom Seaver pitching at Dodger Stadium when they still posted 400 in center field.
April 10, 1962: play their first game at the new 56,000-seat Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine.
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3rd Annual Easter Event next to Dodger Stadium. All Easter baskets will be donated to the Children's…
Squeezed in a couple more good ones this afternoon, courtesy of a very understanding wife. Dodger Stadium and Jack…
"Suspect in Dodger Stadium beating of is in custody"
Dodger Stadium will host 2017 WBC final (via WBCBaseball)
Dodger Stadium is not an antique. It's not Frank Lloyd Wright. It's a ...
Here at Dodger Stadium (not Chavez Ravine). Iowa Central and Iowa Western football coming shortly.
Cheers to an amazing week/end. Two wins at Dodger Stadium for the cubbies and it was so awesome…
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