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Dodge City

Dodge City is a city in, and the county seat of, Ford County, Kansas, United States.

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Get into Dodge City KS & catch a show at the Depot Theater Co. The bldg was a Harvey House Hotel est. 1898
Some potholes are tough to dodge in Duluth & drivers are paying the price. Details behind the city's insufficient s…
You wanna confirm the existence of slavery now? Don't dodge now, the confederacy were just people fig…
Going to Dodge City Community College: . Alec: What city we in?
Dear , how can you not sell supersoakers or waterguns in August... in Dodge City. in 100 degree heat?
Great day for Dodge City and SW Kansas w/ the reappt of Shane Bangerter to state Board of Regents.
If they still in it long enough and dodge a major injury bug they could be in the discussion we'll see
In old Dodge City and Tomstone folks had to turn in their guns to the sheriff when they came into town.
People openly carrying guns make me nervous. In Wild West, it wasn't allowed in Dodge City! A…
A beautiful new statue of James Arness was unveiled in Dodge City
From today's rerun of Gunsmoke. As a nation we've reverted back to "fictional" Dodge City circa 1870
Congratulations to the City of Dodge City-Government, Depot Theater Company, and so many others who started,...
We're Read about our latest opening here: Part Time Nabisco Merchandiser - Dodge City, KS. -
Giles Tremlet's Isabella of Castile and Tom Clavin's Dodge City. I could go on...
Not in Fresno, it hasn't. Not in Dodge City Kansas either.
In which southern US state is Dodge City?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
That's us done. Time to get out of dodge city. Is it Gin o'clock yet?
What about domestic terrorism at the hands of white supremacists? Where was condemnation of Dodge…
QBE NAU agent update trainings this week in Dodge City, KS. Register for your regional training through our Agent P…
I see Dodge City hasn't changed all that much then?
A cluster of storms will move across areas of southwest KS southwest of Dodge City to the OK border through 4:30am.…
Or it's time for you to take a trip to dodge city for a week or two
Some national love for Dodge City soccer, "The Kansas Real Madrid."
Former Pisgah lineman getting ready for the season at Dodge City (Kansas) CC
Welcome back to school from Dodge City Music Educators!!! check it out!!
Going to the Capitol City RibFest in Might have to dodge one or two storms but who cares there's BBQ TO BE HA…
Here's is a back to school welcome from Dodge City USD 443 music teachers! .
The problem: there is no where to go. My Swiss grandpa left Europe because of the same thi…
It's true. Them folks from Wichita and Dodge City are shifty.
Print the coupon & hop on the Dodge City Trolley for a 1-hour, narrated tour of historic sites!
*** even up here in Blue Washington state open carry is legal. You would think that this was Dodge City, OK corral…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Take the Family to a Gun Fight when you at Crazy Fun. All you need:
I was at the El Matador restaurant in Dodge City, Ks.
Citizen alleges deficiencies in road management in Dodge City.
clouds at sunset after an epic tornado in Dodge City, Kansas. By Shannon Bileski. May 24, 2016
Just because I am missing best of 2016 at Dodge City, Kansas
[The Business Journal]Also in Dodge City this summer is the Brothers of the Thi…
Fields of wind turbine parts just west of Dodge City, Kansas
Nicknamed the sunflower state,also offers wildlife-watching&Dodge City for a taste of the Wild West
"Dodge City, the most legendary Wild West town of them all" "Get the heck into Dodge!" Kansas.
Dog goes AWOL from Alabama, ends up in Dodge City.
**SHARE PLZ to help this no-kill shelter for senior dogs in Dodge City, Kansas so they won't have to close!!...
As the hub of our western Kansas operations, our Dodge City location serves a 250 mile radius…
When he heard his pup, June, was in Dodge City, her owner said, "Wow, how did she get to north Alabama?". "No, I'm i…
Get ready for Dodge City, Kansas Centennial in July 2014. Look for more information including tickets & schedule.
Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame, here in Dodge City. Ate Blueberry panncakes for the first time.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
My dad is watching some western movie set in Dodge City, Kansas. Guess who wants to go back? 🙋🏼🙋🏼
Dodge City, Kansas is the place to be on the 4th of July 🇺🇸🎇🎉
turning into Dodge City waiting for a Wyatt Earp. Welcome to America
Wyatt Earp banned guns in Dodge City. The West was "won" with regulations.
Statistically..your argument is flawed. Wyatt Earp to ppl of Dodge City: Im going to clean up t…
My review of Dodge City: Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and the Wickedest Town in the American West on
Dodge City: Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and the wickedest town in the American west by Tom Clavin
Sent off my postcards to home. Got my wooden nickel and my Dodge City sheriff's badge. Next stop canyon city Colorado.
Texas: Bounty Hunters and Fugitive Killed in Gunfight | NOT getting out of "Dodge City"
The National Weather Service in Dodge City has issued a * Tornado Warning for... Southeastern Pratt County in s
I gotta go to Dodge City, Council Grove, Dallas and Phoenix in the next 4 days work is taking my life away
3 run homerun by Kristeena Thompson makes it Dodge City 14 Emporia High Softball 11 in the 6th inning.
Break up your trip on the Southwest Chief with a stop in Dodge City, Kansas.
Republican Senator Pat Roberts rents a basement in Dodge City, Ks. Not a Kansas resident. Lets get rid of him too.
You better research Pat Roberts, senator from kansas. Claims a recliner in Dodge City at a friends h…
Business contacted an agent for General Liability insurance in Dodge City, Kansas.
Another new video up on YouTube. May 24, 2016 near Dodge City, Kansas was incredible
Dodge City, Kansas. An amazing day of storm chasing. Check out the video if you like :)
Maybe I'll take you to a real rodeo in Dodge City, Kansas one of these days!
A great stop on US 50 in Southwest Kansas is Dodge City w/ plenty of Old West attractions.
One of my own shots from South of Dodge City, Kansas on 24th May 2016! This became the EF3 that literally dodged, D…
* 16 APR 1881, famed Western lawman William Barclay "Bat" Masterson was involved in gun battle at Dodge City, Kansas.
Kind of a quiet week, but next week is a big commercial week with auctions in the ICT, Dodge City, and Kearny County, KS.
...west than district like Great Bend or Dodge City. Often, in people's minds, West KS is euphemism for r…
have u read Dodge City? Good write up in WSJ. Bat Masterson books r hard to find. We r buying 4 a friend.
Fort Hays State recognizes area students for scholarships at Dodge City program
My review of Dodge City by Tom Clavin:. Read the real history of Wyatt Earp and the Wild West
US-50 is closed east of Dodge City, between Wright and Spearville; due to a crash. Detouring on local roads.
Dense Fog Advisory through 8 am for a portion of the area. Dodge City, Stafford, Greensburg, Ashland, Pratt, Medici…
Big night for Dodge City's Ashley Nelson. She finished with 18 points and 9 rebounds.
Chicago is known as the Windy City. . But the windiest city is Dodge City, Kansas. — Bob Dylan.
A James Arness enlargement for a client w/ & for Dodge City
Incredible display of Mammatus!Sunset after an epic tornado day in the Dodge City, Kansas. May 24, 2016! By Shannon Bile…
Dodge City's attractions: from old west history to the fast-paced world of auto racing! Fun for everyone!
Joe Stevens with a 43-yard punt. Dodge City ball at its own 13 with 1:24 left in the half. 3-0 Butler.
The lady Panther tennis team heads to Dodge City today for WAC competition. Good luck ladies, we know you'll do great today
Victim of Liberal shooting identified as Dodge City man: Authorities in Seward County have identified the man...
Roberts, a Republican from Dodge City, Kansas, serves as chairman of the U.S. Senate’s Agriculture Committee.
Love the Cowboy Way--Come to Dodge City, August 5-7, National convention rides into Dodge City via
Both aloft their respective wagons on-route to dodge city.
awesome Congrats! I wanna be a bus boy! 🍻 Dodge City is going to go nuts for that brewery great move.
I'll be at the concert in Dodge City on August 3rd. Can you make a meet-and-greet happen before the concert?
Our Dodge City Days Official Kick-Off Reception is THIS THURSDAY! Make sure you send in your RSVPs ASAP to attend!
All the best to my ace nephew as he embarks on adventure at Dodge City Community College Love you mate!
Garden Plain product who was part of a monster o-line at Dodge City CC. Next stop: Emporia.
Former Wichitan opening craft brewery in Dodge City
I liked a video from Welcome to Dodge City - new album from The Lacs, Hard Target,
hey nice; my wife and I just spent an evening in Dodge City along the route from Santa Fe back to KC
May 24, 2016 Dodge City, Kansas. 3 of many tornadoes we saw that day. What a…
As soon as you hear the perfect dodge noise, hold stick towards monster. Press X when anywhere in the same city
Former Wichitan opening craft brewery in Dodge City | Dining with Denise Neil
Extreme up-close GoPro TIME-LAPSE of violent tornado south of Dodge City, KS on May 24, 2016! https:…
She and Errol were perfect in Dodge City. The Sea Hawk could have used her in it.
Now you can buy a easily with the leading marketplace at Dodge City, KS:
"The Carrying of Firearms Strictly Prohibited" - Dodge City, 1878 after a theater shooting :
. Sounds like an ideal place to hold the Olympics then. Brazil seems to be like Dodge City used to be in cowboy films.
Dodge City of McKinney 2015 model year Blowout Sale going on now!
I know it's a small place but I would love for you to come and perform at Dodge City Kansas!Love your music!
Another great resource for City. Great coverage by .
On Saturday, July 30th, the library will be open from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, after the Dodge City Days Parade.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"Silent Sparks" by Sara Lewis is available at Dodge City Public Library.
Join us this morning at Dodge City Roundup for our Chamber Coffee! 9:00am - 10:30am at 608 S. 14th.
Sounds like Dodge City in the 1860s. I'll leave you to your views.
Tonight's schedule. Bethany at Haysville, 7 PM. Wellington at Derby, 7 PM. Hays at Dodge City, 7 PM. El Dorado at Liberal, 7…
Larks fall in extra innings to Dodge City
Good Tuesday morning! We have a lot going on this week. Thursday evening Bike Night at Dodge City Steakhouse,...
Arts in Dodge City, KS! Last Friday of the every month, tour the Arts Dist. for Final Friday Art Walk.
The USA is fast regressing back to the days of the Wild Wild West of Tombstone & Dodge City , gunfights & shootouts with bigger guns . MAD !
Great things happening in Dodge City with their Bright Beginnings living library!
Bright Beginnings literacy bus brings magic of reading to Dodge City kids
You can still find Wyatt Earp, Miss Kitty, & Buffalo Bill in Dodge City @ the Wax Museum!
Panoramic composites of the life of the first 2 big Dodge City tornadoes, in high-res:
was raised in Jo Johnson & Dodge City...came up in Woodbine as a young'n & moved back to North Nashville..ill never forget where I come from
Ryan Armstrong makes it 6-1 Dodge City with a three-run shot that clears the wall in left.
Very grateful for the opportunity to work for the last four years at Dodge City. Proud of what we accomplished!
Make it like the Wild West was? Except that Wyatt Earp imposed strict gun control in Dodge City to keep all safe.
Another artwork available from the Dodge City, KS tornado outbreak Fine Art America
One of my favorite shots from this year: Supercell with wedge nears Dodge City, Kansas, 5/24. http…
Dodge City then over to Overland Park August 12th & 13th!! Hope to see y'all out!!!
The Long Branch Lagoon Water Park opening day is this Saturday at 11:30am! A Great addition to Dodge City!!
One family had a very close call today north of Dodge City, KS. Tornado missed the house by 50 yards
Tornado near one of my relatives buried in boot hill, Dodge City, Kansas. George Hoyt the only Wyatt Earp official kill in that city.Amputa
A building on Ford County rd 110 north of Dodge City. Thanks
MT NEW: large violent tornado south of Dodge City, KS as I was moving in for intercept!
Hearing Boot Hill Casino has been evacuated and power is out on the west side of Dodge City.
Best Western and Boot Hill Museum is excited to welcome Buck Taylor to Dodge City for The Boots And Beer Benefit...
Actually, back in the "real" Wild West like Dodge City, firearms were prohibited inside town limits.
The loser of Seward/Dodge City's game four will go to Johnson County for the first round of the playoffs, the winner home against Allen
Dodge City men charged with hate crimes in attack on Somalis: Omar Cantero Martinez,...
Fun Fact: When building Wild West City, an architect was sent to Dodge City, Kansas to get the layout of the town...
Breast Cancer Awareness
You call it chaos, we just call it family @ Dodge City, Kansas
A stagecoach at Dodge City, Kansas. From the late 1800's.
One of my favorite Motel signs. This motel is in Dodge City, Kansas. Yes, that old cow town is still around.
Western Kansas friends... Strong wording from the NWS in Dodge City regarding next Tuesday... "Of the most...
The Kansas Prairie Winnies State Rally kicks off today in Dodge City, KS! The “Home on the Range” Rally is...
April 16, 1881: Bat Masterson fought his last gun battle in Dodge City, Kansas.
Dodge City law enforcement officer recognized for service to crime victims
I have a great one. Dodge City. Five days a week it was a surprisingly large arcade. Some weekends it was an auction yard.
In 1878 the Long Branch saloon in Dodge City, Kansas became the most refined place a cattleman could
The train was traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago when it derailed just after midnight about 20 miles west of Dodge City
Dodge City takes advantage of a dropped third strike that extends the inning and scores five to take a 5-0 lead in the 2nd.
Little known fact: Western Kansas is overrun with huskies. People have a hard time avoiding them. How do you think Dodge City got its name?
Dighton Lady Hornets will advance to 1A-II semis with resounding 68-39 victory over Golden Plains Lady Bulldogs in Dodge City.
Ellis County Kansas Emergency Management and the National Weather Service in Dodge City. This Wednesday at...
Derby qualifies 11 of 14 wrestlers for the Class 6A state tournament at the Dodge City regional today.
Derby's Cade Lindsey, Brandon Becker, Triston Wills and Trenton Allen are all wrestling for regional titles at Dodge City.
Derby brings home a pair of 6A regional titles at Dodge City. Trenton Allen wins at 182 pounds, and Triston Wills wins at 132 pounds.
BASEBALL: Pitching, defense lead to season-opening wins over OPSU JV on Tuesday in Dodge City
No one hurt in early morning house fire on Spruce Street in Dodge City this morning.
Photo of my Grandfather Lewis Mock. An optometrist, who also played Doc at the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, KS
Mark your calendar for January 23rd and join us at Lewis Ford Lincoln of Dodge City for our Customer Appreciation...
WSU, FHSU consider medical training in Dodge City: Representatives from Wichita State University and Fort Hays…
A gift to Earp reads " To Wyatt Earp, from the grateful people of Dodge City "
A Dodge City police officer and at least one other suspect have been cited for illegal deer hunting practices.
Convective snow bands from Dodge City, KS west and north. Thundersnow reported Dodge in last hour. Be safe!
Who wants to go to wichita and dodge city with me tomorrow?
Upcoming project. I am going to try to bring this old house back to life again. It will be a night time snowy...
Arsenal confirm the transfer of Emmanuel Adebayor to Manchester City has been completed.
son headed home for a visit from KC. Trip to Dodge City tomorrow to visit my sis & then on Sunday!!! BIG weekend!
We're rolling though U St tonight! Catch us out front of our good friends at Dodge City DC. They pour the booze, we serve the slices.
They had more common sense re gun safety in Dodge City in 1878 than this NRA-purchased Congress.
Vote for me to perform at All Ages Edition 12/20/15!
Imagine if City Escape was in Dash: you'd start the stage while skateboarding just like in SA2 and you'd have to dodge obstacles.
This place could get like Dodge City on Saturday night.
2015 Hatchet is engraved and displayed next to the senior post game pic in the hall at Dodge City High School
A 2007 Dodge Charger was just scanned near Harbor City, CA 90710
12/5. SWKMEA HS Honor Band and Choir Festival at Dodge City. Congratulations to the students who made the...
2015 Dodge Ram for MacPek of Quebec City! With 450 sucsessful conversions we were the obvious choice!.
It's not about the miles you travel, but the life experiences in those miles. Dodge Journey
Man y would u wanna steal a beatup dodge caravan? tired of these ppl in the city..wat was the purpose? If i...
Former JCSU quarterback Keahn Wallace has signed to play with the Dodge City Law, Champions of…
Texas open carry! Ger reasy for lots of OK corals, Dodge City mentality
We are currently hiring in Kansas, specifically in Kansas City, Wichita, Salina, Dodge City & Colby! If you are...
Maybe 100 of the 300 at Sioux City event hanging back in hopes to shake hand with speaks 4;30p in Fort Dodge.
Good article, but not accurate about Dodge City
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
1 week left at Dodge City Community College , I appreciate being here ,it opened my eyes to a lot of things & really put me back on my grind
Off to dodge wafting BO at the city building to renew my car tags. RIP me.
Way to go, Dodge City AMBUCS! Not only did they support the Wish List Giving Challenge, they decided to spread...
B/G B-Ball games at Dodge City on Saturday will be live streamed at audio courtesy of Z98 (FM).
Will be showcasing my TRex hands in Dodge City, Kearney, & Sioux City this week..tix avail https:/…
Until then, check out this article about why Dodge City creates such great teachers. (We tend to agree!).
Always fun things to do in Dodge City!
We are weeks away from out pageant! If you would like tickets to see who will be the NEXT Miss Dodge City and...
in KS: Physical Therapist Asistant - Per Diem - SNF - Dodge City, KS at RehabCare
Quigley Down Under is forever one of my favorite movies ❤. "This ain't Dodge City and you ain't Bill Hickok"
BW radios Glen & Sue hosting a bus trip today to the Boot Hill Casino in Dodge City. Fun times!
Congratulations and a job well done to Dodge City's Justin Coffey on being named Kansas Teacher of the Year!
We can't wait to see you tonight MS Mosaic! @ First Christian Church of Dodge City
Classic hook echo on RADAR earlier this eve in Dodge City, KS
Wow! Talk about your hook echo and tight circulation to the SW of Dodge City
Incredible hook echo on this storm SW of Dodge City
Supercell with clear hook echo and confirmed large tornado moving in the general direction of Dodge City, KS. Yikes.
Hook echo & confirmed large tornado just SW of Dodge City, KS moving NE at 50 mph. Take shelter in this area!
Great weekend back home with my bros!! @ Dodge City, Kansas
A Frost Advisory continues tonight for parts of south central Kansas, mainly east and south of Dodge City.
A Trump/Bush one-on-one sounds lame as *** but would be great publicity for my hometown of Dodge City.
Will be on Tour his weekend with stops at unit in Wichita, Hutchinson and Dodge City
Haven't thrown it back to the storm chase in a while, so here's a lightning pic 🌩 @ Dodge City, Kansas
Mountain lion carcass near Dodge City is Kansas’ 5th confirmed cat in 3 months -
in Dodge City, KS. My new favorite artist tour
Saints preserve us. Another Wyatt Earp rolling into Dodge City. WallStreeter
Churches in Dodge City: The Christian Church sits on top of Boot Hill. The first group of “Christians” met one...
LAPD Chief Beck on gun violence: LA is like Dodge City! Actually, Dodge City had better control over its guns.
Come hangout with us tonight @ 6:30 pm. @ First Christian Church of Dodge City
Is Los Angeles really 'Dodge City'?: To the editor: Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck re...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Rising bloodshed in L.A. feel like ‘Dodge City,’ LAPD chief says
Rising bloodshed in L.A. feel like 'Dodge City,' LAPD chief says
VOLLEYBALL GAMEDAY! T-Birds host Dodge City at 6:30pm. Pack the Gym!!
IDK. Obama keeps delaying full implementation of Obamacare. I think he wants to be out of Dodge City b 4 full impact.
Today's Weather Trivia. *Sep 30, 1985 The low of 29 degrees established the record low for the month of September at Dodge City.
welcome back to dodge city. I'm at PD for next 3 days ... northern suburbs
I know it's the holidays but we live in a city called SYDNEY and people are trying to go about their business not play dodge ems
¿Why does campus smell like Dodge city right now?
After 19 shootings across L.A., "it looked a little too much like Dodge City this weekend," says.
One final shower and isolated rumble of thunder tonight heading into Dodge City. Should be over by 730 to 740 pm.
VB in Dodge City tonight. Lost to GC earlier and defeated Colby. Up against DC now.
New FOOTBALL poll has Coffeyville Butler Dodge City and Hutchinson receiving votes :
Daniel Stremel of the Diocese of Dodge City was Vanco's iPad winner at the DFMC Conference.
Sorry that I have to go, hitting the trail for LA. Getting the heck out of Dodge. Hollidaycity …
Are you excited about coming to dodge city in November? Its a big cowboy town. I could give you the grand tour!
Fly Kansas Air Tour lands in Dodge City: Dodge City, Kan., is welcoming the Fly Kansas Air Tour, an event that...
Conqs return to top 20; Butler to No. 3: . After a week hiatus, the Dodge City Community College football prog...
Barton GameDay: Baseball scrimmage at Dodge City - 4pm; Softball scrimmage at Hesston College - 5pm
I might go to at United Wireless Arena in Dodge City, KS - Nov 12
Sister Rose Mary Stein and Sister Janice Thome drove in from Dodge City and Garden City, Kansas- over 6 hours!
Visit the Sin City of the 1870s, Dodge City, on the blog
Stormtrooper Chargers in NYC for Uber today. You guys, STORMTROOPER DODGE CHARGERS! http:/…
Linda will be signing her new book in Dodge City! See y'all
A 2010 Dodge Charger was just scanned near Kansas City, MO 64161
Jim Karygiannis says if city can't regulate Uber "it is time for them to leave Dodge"
A 2015 Dodge Charger fleet was dressed up as Star Wars Stormtroopers for Uber in New York City. What a cool way...
Huge night in Dodge City this coming Friday!
KWCH reporter Brenda Carrasco sat down with Dr. Joel Thomas, Assistant Professor of Keyboard, to discuss his new...
Spearville CRUISED Tuesday night. How long can the Lancers stay undefeated?
IMPERIAL DODGE CHARGERS HAVE ENTERED THE CITY. What do you think about this Stormtrooper Dodge Charger?. Check...
BS! With all the names of places O is changing, he should change the name of Wash.D.C. to Dodge City!
I have nothing against charity but I'm fed up every time I walk through the city centre I have to play 'dodge the charity mugger'
Congratulations to the Dodge City Laboratory for getting 100,000 soil samples in 11 months!
Dodge City Has Jobs is looking for a 3 -6 in apply now!
In Dodge City, Doc joined a team being formed by Deputy U.
Spearville was unstoppable at Dodge City! Can the 2015 Lancers go all the way?
Uber rolled out a fleet of these Stromtrooper inspired Dodge Chargers for "Force Friday"
Dodge City Community College offering new music course - KWCH
"The Technicolor is a joy here, and there’s a shot of Flynn and de Havilland courting under a tree against the... http:/…
Dodge City Community College offering new music course: . Joel Thomas is just starting his fifth year as a mus...
Dodge City Community College offering new music course: "I had students coming in that wanted to study things ...
.blows past competition at Dodge City Quad. finishes day with win over Great Bend.
City Community College offering new music course
Lady Lancers took on Great Bend, Dodge City and South Central tonight and won each in two games. Great job Ladies.
Dodge city again. xD that was the best concert ever, and we didn't treat you guys near well enough.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Dodge City had been a frontier cowtown for several years, but by 1879 had begun to settle down.
So Spearville didn't drop a set at the Dodge City volleyball quad and are now 6-0 on the season. Girls are legit
Come see us today in Dodge City for our Customer Appreciation Sale!!
In early 1878 Earp returned to Dodge City where he become the assistant city marshal, serving under Charlie Bassett.
Richard J Falcon Jr. has a show on 08/22/2015 at 05:00 PM @ Knight of col... in Dodge City, KS
Holliday was still practicing dentistry from his room in Fort Griffin, Texas, and in Dodge City, Kansas.
...Lewis-Clark Trail, Kansas, Dodge City, Boot Hill Cemetery with the Graves of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.
Charles Rath, famous buffalo hunter, seated on rick of 40,000 hides in Robert Wright's Dodge City, …
Did you know: Dodge City was an old frontier town in the Wild West!
Game over. Dodge City - 9, El Dorado - 8. Go to to see results or watch a full replay.
Check out our new Dodge City Days truck! A HUGE thank you to Lewis Chevrolet of Dodge City for helping us promote...
Oh I wish I was going to Dodge City days 😔
Congrats to Jan Stevens from Dodge City for winning a 2015 We Kan Award from the Kansas Sampler Foundation! She...
2009 Dodge Grand Caravan for sale in OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73107: via
2004 Dodge Neon for sale in OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73107 at the M: via
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Peace out, Kansas. It's been a treat. ✌️ @ Dodge City,…
I added a video to a playlist Dodge City Peace Commission
Strong storms developing north of Dodge City through 9 pm. Some with small hail and winds around 60 mph.
Go to our FB to read more about Dodge City Shootout at
'PUBLIC IS IN DANGER': Courts could protect 'sanctuary' city in likely suit
I wish would come to dodge city, but then again nobody notices small city like us 🙍🏻
"Are you happy now, Clark? She's deaf!" - retracing some Vacation moments in Dodge City. I'm off to…
HOT...The Dodge City Airport just hit 105, and is only 2 degrees from a record! The last time we hit 105 was 23 July 2013.
This guy thought no one would find him all the way up in Dodge City, KS. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Adam Wolf.
could you give a shoutout to the retreat we are getting geaerd up for in Oct in Dodge City KS
Grounding the City of Angels: Erin Morrison (NAP and Tomory Dodge at James Harris Gallery >
SDOT open house 7/21 @ Town Hall 5-7PM to share information on the Center City Bike Network:
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator - Kansas in Dodge City, KS, 67801: home administrator, nursing home
On my way to dodge city right now :(
Stopping for lunch at Kate's in Dodge City.
Used 2012 Dodge Avenger Base in Garden City, Boise, ID 83714 for sale at Ozzy's Car Company
2010 Dodge Charger for sale in ELIZABETH CITY, NC 27909 at t: via
The Dodge City National Weather Service hit the Century Mark (100 degrees) at 1208 pm. Our record high today is 107. Forecast is 105.
Packed house for here in Dodge City, IA.
Welcome to the 2nd Ave Lunch Co to Downtown Dodge City!
Thanks to all who participated in the 2015 Dodge City CC Football Coaches Clinic! Excited about next year's clinic!!
Excuse me while I go through the biggest city in Iowa apparently 10 miles later and I'm still not passed Fort Dodge...
Games for 7/4. Dodge City at Liberal - DH. El Dorado at Hays. Haysville at Derby. Bethany at Wellington. HAPPY 4th OF JULY!
Severe T-storms possible east of a Scott City to Dodge City to Ashland line mid morning through the afternoon.
Free Agent for any event that goes down in Dodge City, Kansas
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