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Doctor Foster

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All I wanna do is eat pizza, burn candles, watch Doctor Foster, online shop, bury myself in a blanket and drink hot choc…
Did last night's 'Doctor Foster' leave you with more questions than answers? Don't worry, us too…
Suranne Jones: 5 things you didn't know about the Doctor Foster actress, from her REAL name…
Who’s in the Doctor Foster cast? Suranne Jones, Bertie Carvel, Sian Brooke, Victoria Hamilton, Adam James and Jodi…
Doctor Foster series 2: Everything we know so far via
Season 2 of Doctor Foster has been announced meaning I can spend another season yelling "I've been there" - I'm so excited
So excited for Doctor Foster to come back 🤗🤗
Open heart, pretty little liars, riverdale, doctor foster😍
Doctor Foster series 2: watch the first trailer...
Suranne Jones is back in action in first trailer for 'Doctor Foster' series 2
Simon gives Gemma a nasty shock in first series 2 trailer
Doctor Foster series 2: Trailer released as drama returns
I am SO hyped for season 2 of Doctor Foster
Watch: BBC releases first trailer for second series of Doctor Foster
The first trailer for series 2 has landed:
Doctor foster season 2 trailer looks good but they should have give cuffs a season 2 instead would have been way more interesting 🙄
Just spoke to a doctor. He said Reuben Foster's AC joint injury most likely is related to the torn rotator cuff he had surgi…
Watch: Doctor Foster season 2 gets its first trailer at last
Coming soon & looking good from our friends Doctor Foster: Series 2 Trailer - BBC One via
Suranne Jones is back in action in brand new 'Doctor Foster' series 2 trailer
Have you seen the first Doctor Foster series 2 trailer?
So excited for season 2 of Doctor Foster😬😬
Watch the new series 2 trailer HERE – it's INCREDIBLE
Clean buzzing for Doctor Foster to return💁🏼
If you didn't catch S1(5 episodes), now would be a good time to do so. IMDB: 7.9/10 ⭐️'s. Doctor Foster: S2 Trailer.
.diary: What would the French think about infidelity to Doctor Foster?.
Doctor Foster series 2 gets first tense trailer via
FINALLY a trailer for doctor foster S2
Oh my god Doctor Foster series 2 looks INCREDIBLE 😩 I can't wait
Doctor Foster series 2 gets first trailer and Gemma's revenge is just getting started
is BACK – watch the dramatic new trailer HERE
omg SO excited for new doctor foster
BBC One Releases Trailer For 'Doctor Foster' Season 2 this is so exciting!!! 🙌🏻 😮 ❤️
Bertie Carvel is terrifying and creepy in everything he does. Doctor Foster 👌🏼
i don't know if you've watched it or not but Doctor Foster is an amazing series !! there's only 5 episodes though x
Just finished watching Doctor Foster... blimey. That was a bit good. Think I might be a little bit in love with Suranne Jones right now.
Just binge watched all of Doctor Foster on Netflix in one night. *** that Suranne Jones is a top class actress.
good luck on your test and your surgery Doctor Foster! You got this! ❤️
First look images of Suranne Jones in Doctor Foster, Series Two
I just liked "Doctor Foster - Titles for BBC One by Peter Anderson Studio" by on
penny from greys anatomy is a doctor on the Foster's too!!
I want to re-watch Doctor Foster but can't find it anywhere!
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Doctor Foster!
and Doctor Foster up for TV Choice awards
Design Acid and Lignin Free Scrapbooking Sticker Sheet, the Doctor Is in Karen Foster Design, One of
- The Night Manager and Doctor Foster head to head at TVChoice Awards
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Night Manager and Doctor Foster will go head to head for Best New Drama at the TVChoice Awards.
UPDATED: series 2 is coming and here's absolutely everything you need to know! http…
Night Manager, Doctor Foster, Downton and X Factor all up for TVChoice Awards
BBC News - Doctor Foster honoured at South Bank awards
Doctor Foster and Catastrophe win at South Bank Sky Arts awards: Bertie Carvel, Neil Stuke, Suranne Jones and...
Doctor Foster star reveals series 2 will return in Spring 2017
Doctor Foster star reveals series 2 will return to screens in Spring 2017
Doctor Foster stars Bertie Carvel, Neil Stuke and Suranne Jones with writer Mike Bartlett (right)
Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie is the lead star for Doctor Foster writer's new play - Dig...
Mark Rylance and Suranne Jones claim top BAFTA awards - They claimed the awards for Wolf Hall and Doctor Foster...
Wolf Hall's Mark Rylance and Doctor Foster's Suranne Jones won the top acting prizes at the TV Baftas last night.
Thirteen and Doctor Foster's Jodie Comer will front US series The White Princess on Starz
Doctor Foster's Suranne Jones: 'I love and don't watch
Doctor Foster's Suranne Jones: 'I love EastEnders and don't watch Coronation Street'
Suranne Jones to return as Doctor Foster for a second series on BBC | Daily Mail Online
Doctor Foster star Suranne Jones has bad news for her old Coronation Street colleagues... .
Doctor Foster's Suranne Jones heard but not seen in latest role as she narrates wildlife ...
Suranne needs every award going for Doctor Foster
Downton Abbey, Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Foster and EastEnders were among the winners at the National Television Awar…
Suranne Jones to return as Doctor Foster in second series via
Obviously Carla Connor has to be mentioned 😏😏 also loved Suranne Jones playing Doctor Foster & Jo Joyner in anything
Here's why we loved Jonathan Strange (and Doctor Foster too) this year
Richard Eyre: why Ibsen is the godfather of bad-marriage drama from Strindberg to Doctor Foster
Suranne Jones gives me so much life, from Unforgiven to Scott and Bailey then Top Girls and Doctor Foster, so versatile.
Finally getting around to watching Doctor Foster. So far Suranne Jones has not gone all Karen McDonald on his ***
I'm watching 'Doctor Foster' and oh my gOd it is CRAZY I LOVE IT Suranne Jones IS SUCH AN AMAZING ACTRESS
Doctor Foster, the multi-part five-episode drama was a piece of writing genius and Suranne Jones' sheer brilliance should defo win an award
Just finished watching Doctor Foster and it'd the best show I've seen in a long time. Suranne Jones deserves all the awards.
Doctor Foster is one of the best tv series I've ever watched. Suranne Jones was amazing!
Just finished watching Doctor Foster. Suranne Jones is such a fantastic actress. Amazing programme.
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Can Suranne Jones pls win all the awards for Doctor Foster
CONTRACTIONS by Mike Bartlett starts today. Mike Bartlett wrote Doctor Foster, recently on the BBC, and is a...
finally binged Doctor Foster. what a fantastic series, brilliant writing as per from Mike Bartlett & incredibly led by Suranne Jones - boss.
Mike Bartlett has created something beautiful with Doctor Foster.
Simon and Gemma Foster from Doctor Foster should meet up with Nick and Amy Dunne from Gone Girl. They'd all get on like a house on fire.
Just rewatched SuranneJones performance in Doctor Foster...there is no way this woman doesn't have the BAFTA for TV Lead Actress in the bag.
Doctor Foster, It was brilliant! The best drama I've seen in a long time!
Just watched the finale of Doctor Foster. So good, but kinda sad too. Suranne Jones is tops.
Me and rach lying in bed watching Doctor foster after not making it to Livello when everyone's still there💔
Just watched the whole series of Doctor Foster back to back.. Just wow.. Except the ending
If you haven't watched Doctor Foster yet, you're missing out big time. It's incredible
Doctor Foster one of the best scripted series to date
The finale of doctor foster, when she walks out victorious and leaves her victims behind
Oh my god, the ending of Doctor Foster has me in tears. Absolutely loved it
Don't know whether to watch the last episode of Doctor Foster now or later 😶
The R in Doctor Foster is fecking gorgeous
Such an intense evening/morning of tv. Doctor Foster and then catching up on Game of Thrones season 5. I won't be sleeping for a while 😣😂
I just finished Doctor Foster and I can honestly say that no show has ever made me feel something that deep
Finally catching up on Doctor Foster. The most tense, anxiety inducing TV show I ever did see.
Finally getting the benefit of this chrome cast thingy...Doctor Foster episodes
Doctor Foster: Suranne Jones excels in an ending filled with Jacobean sex and lies
Might have too see what this doctor foster show is about
I can't believe I spent my Saturday night watching the whole series of Doctor Foster 😳
I just re watched doctor Foster again and I'm still baffled
My cousin was in Doctor Foster n I didn't even know omg
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Doctor Foster!
The last episode of doctor foster is such an emotional roller coaster, highly recommend people watch it
Doctor Foster is an insanely good series
Doctor foster is the modern day Medea
Doctor Foster has absolutely ruined me
Bertie Carvel is terrified to walk down the street after his role in Doctor Foster
Wow, Doctor Foster blew me away! It triggered at my heart strings throughout! Suranne Jones is one phenomenal actress!
Even though Ik what happens in doctor foster I really want to watch it
Me: Hey, y'know, I bet there could be some mileage in a modern-day retelling of Medea. I reckon--. Doctor Foster: TOO LATE, SIT DOWN.
Absolutely smashing Doctor Foster, last episode 🙊 it's so good!!!
I feel so emotionally drained after watching Doctor Foster
I just don't know how I feel about the ending to doctor foster
I'm watching Doctor Foster slow because I'll be sad when it's over
I must admit, I spent half of Doctor Foster wondering how could ever have been Miss Trunchbull!
Doctor Foster scares me.. Surely not everyone cheats on their wife
So I just watched all five episodes of Doctor Foster all in one go, and now I don’t know how I feel about anything anymore.
Think I'm gonna have to watch Doctor foster again lol
I feel like the 5 hours I spent today watching all of Doctor Foster were well spent, so tense the whole time - especially the last ep!
Spent the past 5 hours of my life watching every episode of Doctor Foster and it was glorious
I think I love doctor foster so much because I am her 😅😟
Doctor Foster is a good mini series. Recommend it.
I really want to watch Doctor Foster again😰
Utterly gripped by Doctor Foster. One episode left! 📺
Bawling my eyes out at doctor foster final episode 😫😫😫
Just watched all 5 episodes of Doctor Foster! Incredible series, a definite must watch!
Catching up with Doctor Foster on iPlayer... Fantastic stuff, didn't think they made TV this good anymore.
Watched the whole series of doctor foster in one night and sitting here in darkness still trying to get my head around it all
This doctor foster series has made me realise even more how much I despise people who cheat or go behind their partners ba…
Bloody *** what an emotional rollercoaster Doctor Foster is for a Saturday night 😮 so so so good
As if after GBBO and Doctor Foster my night could get anymore dramatic...WHATDOYOUPEEN 🍆👀
star Bertie Carvel is too scared to walk down the street amid public backlash http:…
Doctor Foster is one of the best TV programs I've watched in a while😱
I just watched all of Doctor Foster in under 24 hours. Mike Bartlett is genius and Suranne Jones 🙏🏻👏🏻
I'm hiding behind a cushion watching the dinner scene in Doctor Foster. Cringe overload!!
I don't think I could prove that I blooming love more... I'm waiting to watch Doctor Foster with him! . IT'S KILLING ME!!! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Late to the game with this one but just started watching Doctor Foster and it's amazing, got a similar feel to The Casual Vacancy.
Lost a long-term follower for my Paul Hollywood outburst last night. Almost as disappointing as the last 15 minutes of Doctor Foster.
I'm away at the moment and have recorded Doctor Foster, she's a fine actress that Suranne Jones indeed.
👧 Doctor Foster's dramatic finale is a marital snuff movie fizzing with excitement - Daily Mail 👧
Bloody *** that last hour of Doctor Foster was a tough watch.
Bake Off, Sherlock trailer and Doctor Foster. That's just an ordinary Wednesday to the BBC. And the Tories want to dism…
Doctor Foster intro uses the same music as the excellent where amazing happens adverts
Concerned for the direction of my night if Tamal doesn't win GBBO/ Doctor Foster doesn't cauterise her husband
Only thing getting me through today is the Bake Off final and the final episode of Doctor Foster 🙀😺
Just heard Suranne Jones on radio, loving her in Doctor Foster. In fact I think I've got a bit of a girl crush! Her and Bertie Carvel. Mega!
Another gripping episode of Doctor Foster: great writing by Mike Bartlett & cleverly directed by Tom Vaughan. And Suranne Jones is superb.
My TV review of last night's Doctor Foster drama & A Very British Map doc, with right link this time :)
watching Doctor Foster, which was filmed loads in Hitchin, interesting seeing Windmill Hill, St Marys and all around the market square in it
Doctor Foster tonight on BBC1 at 9pm. It's all about infidelity, and I reckon it'll be a *** Oh, and I'm in it.
Suranne Jones and Bertie Carvel about to start filming Doctor Foster
Cameras ready to roll on Doctor Foster, starring Suranne Jones and Bertie Carvel
Suranne Jones is to play the title role in BBC One’s forthcoming drama series, Doctor Foster. Written by award...
Suranne Jones to play title role in BBC drama Doctor Foster
Suranne Jones to play title lead in Drama Republic drama series Doctor Foster.
Suranne Jones is confirmed to take the title role in upcoming One drama Doctor Foster. Bertie Carvel will...
Suranne Jones lands role in new drama, Doctor Foster. via
UK: Suranne Jones to star in new BBC1 medical drama Doctor Foster /via
Suranne Jones confirmed to star in drama Doctor Foster
Suranne Jones to star in BBC One drama Doctor Foster
'Doctor Foster went to Gloucester In a shower of rain. He stepped in a puddle right up to his middle And never went there again!' It's only when you see the full, devastating effects of the River Severn, you realise what long lasting, damaging effects global warming causes, killing historic towns and cities, ruining thousands of lives, businesses and homes.
Taken 2 - ace. We thought it was Great...corny, violent, not very believable - BUT such superb escapism, not meant to be believable eh! As always, Liam Neeson acts fine...the action is good, the movie is tense throughout - just what Doctor Foster orders, 8.5 / it!
1882 – A. A. Milne, English author who wrote about Pooh. Sadly Pooh got shot by the National Rifle Association while he wasn't looking... leaning over the side of a bridge watching some sticks float away or something. 1892 – Oliver Hardy, American comedian and actor. Part of a duo who, unlike Cannon & Ball, were funny. If you've never laughed at Laurel and Hardy then there's something wrong with you. Just saying... 1904 – Cary Grant, English actor. Yeah, I've heard of him. 1950 – Gilles Villeneuve, Canadian race car driver. Got killed racing... he was catapulted from his car and went ALL in the air. Don't YouTube it you beasts because it's fecking horrible. Poor bloke :( 1954 – Tom Bailey English musician from the THREE Thompson Twins. When he was a younger man he went a travelling... he got shot in the Khyber Pass. Which has got to hurt! The band had hits with the likes of Hold It Now!, Doctor Foster, Wee Aer Dyslexic, Don't Mess With Doctor Foster (a follow-up to the other one) and Lay All You ...
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