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Doc Rivers

Glenn Anton Doc Rivers (born October 13, 1961) is a former professional basketball player and the current head coach of the NBA's Boston Celtics.

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35yr Piston fan here.I'll always have love for the Hawks.That Wilkins,Doc Rivers,Kevin Willis squad was legit.
I thought the wore the same unis from when Dominique, Kevin Willis, and Doc Rivers played.
Salute. Get Kevin Willis or Doc Rivers in there next.
Omri Caspi, Terrence Jones are FAs at our weakest position and Doc Rivers was interested in Deron Williams...
Complainers Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, James Harden, Nene on court at same time, Doc Rivers coaching, I actually feel bad for the NBA refs
Charlie Ward and Greg Anthony I agree with, also Alexey Shved, Doc Rivers and SCOTT BROOKS
"Big Baby" Unleashed. Talks Oakley, Shaq, Boston's Big 3, and calls Doc Rivers overrated and "lucky as *** .
Big Baby Davis is right in saying that Doc Rivers got way too much credit for his title in Boston. --
Glen Davis said coach Doc Rivers, whom he played for, is overrated. Do you agree? >>…
I added a video to a playlist Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis goes off on ‘overrated’ Doc Rivers ,
Glen Davis trashes Doc Rivers: "What Doc had in ’08 was special and he was lucky as *** Lucky as *** "
Glen Davis says Doc Rivers 'was lucky as *** to coach the 2008 champion Celtics right move to let go Doc
Glen "Big Baby" Davis say's Doc Rivers is overrated and that his '08 title was lucky as *** because he was fortunate of…
"Glen 'Big Baby' Davis was right. Doc Rivers is overrated. " on
Glen Davis called out Doc Rivers, and Jonas Knox thinks that there was some truth in what he was saying.
What has Doc Rivers done better than Vinny Del ***
Doc Rivers didn't know Mariah Carey was at the game, but said he's a huge fan. .
Doc Rivers on Paul Pierce hitting his final shot at TD Garden: "For Paul, that was perfect. That was perfect."
Doc Rivers on fans: It's amazing how many of our players made comments about it, like, 'Wow, wow. These people are amazing…
Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench. Sheed Wallace for staring at the ref. Doc Rivers getting ejected. I can go al…
I asked Doc Rivers about a trade for Carmelo - and whether he'd consider dealing his own son: "I would trade anyone". h…
Son of a: Doc Rivers says he'd trade Austin to net Melo as teams need third team
.asked Doc Rivers if he would ever trade his son Austin. "Listen, I would trade anyone...".
Seems to me Jason Phillips and Doc Rivers saw things differently. Imagine that.
NBA referee Jason Phillips explains why Austin Rivers and Doc Rivers were ejected.
Family affair. During timeout coach Doc Rivers tries to talk with official crew chief Jason Phillips and gets himself ejected, too.
Would Ken Norman or Ron Harper do less with the talent the Clippers have than Doc Rivers? Effort on defense stinks!
Good thing we traded our 2017 first to dump Jared Dudley's contract and our 2017 second for Doc Rivers
This is clearly why Doc Rivers acquired both Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith for this past offseason
It was a slow news day and then Doc Rivers said Blake Griffin has a sore right knee
Doc Rivers has to be held back by DeAndre Jordan after getting ejected for arguing a foul call he... - via App
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Doc Rivers called Mbah a Moute the best perimeter defender in the League. He guarded Westbrook.
Doc Rivers says Wes Johnson will be out again tonight against the Nets. He missed last game and Brandon Bass saw an uptick in minutes.
[FoxSport] Doc Rivers postgame: It's all about our defense
Doc Rivers: Surprised by Trump victory, but 'it's going to work out' - via App
I think this the year clippers make some noise! Doc rivers coaching strategy is smart
Doc Rivers postgame: It's all about our defense
Doc Rivers is doing some damage with the Clippers
Doc Rivers was asked about the election again after the game and offered another thoughtful response. Here it is, i…
"If you don't like it, change it. And, you change it by either running or voting." Well said
Doc Rivers postgame comments on the election.
lol who is Glen rivers you mean Glen rice? Or doc rivers? They both got kids in the league
New post: "Clippers' Rivers urges calm after Trump election"
Full transcript of Doc Rivers' comments on Donald Trump. I highly encourage that you read
Doc Rivers on Donald Trump's election victory: 'Don't get mad, go do something'.. Related Articles:
Clippers' Rivers urges calm after Trump election
When asked about a presidency, Doc Rivers said "Let's give him a chance."
Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers says after Donald Trump's election that 'we're all going to be OK'
A REAL MAN. Compare this to what Doc Rivers said...just downright shameful.
can some call doc rivers and tell him to Paul and griffin. People are gambling!
Doc Rivers on Donald Trump election: 'Don't get mad, go do something'
If someone at UCI sees Doc Rivers on campus tell him to play his rookies for me.
So Doc Rivers is okay with Donald Trump being his president, but was not okay with Donald Sterling being his boss?
Idk why I feel like Austin Rivers cries to Doc everytime he doesn't get his way on the court😂
Clippers coach Doc Rivers has faith in President-elect Donald Trump — sort of.
Doc Rivers on Trump's election: 'We're all going to be OK'
On Doc Rivers as the NBA's voice of social reason - again - & the end of basketball's love affair w/ the White House https:/…
Rivers on Trump win: 'We're all going to be OK'
Doc Rivers: 'No doubt' LeBron James is top 5 all time
Mark Jackson and a first rounder for Doc Rivers, Charles Smith, and Bo Kimble. . Oh wait, you were talking about th…
Kristaps, Phil Jackson, Kevin Ollie, Doc Rivers, and LeBron referenced in the first 10 minutes of Luke Cage
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When did Doc Rivers jump the shark? Hiring Big Baby in LA? Trusting Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson?
Kevin Garnett decided to retire, but his old coach Doc Rivers wanted him to give it one more shot:
Doc Rivers says Paul Pierce still hasn't decided on retirement, has to do it with Celtics (New Pos…
Pro Basketball Talk - - Doc Rivers thinks Kevin Garnett will come back for 22nd season to teach Timberwolves
Pro Basketball Talk - - Doc Rivers on Blake Griffin trade rumors We knew none of it was true
Venezuela's version of Glenn Davis is entertaining, Doc Rivers should sign him.
LATEST Cedric Maxwell on Griffin trade rumors: "I've been near Doc Rivers before & I've heard him lie." http…
What and I discussed about journalists + bloggers yesterday. Here's Doc Rivers:
Doc Rivers is making sure Paul Pierce can retire a Celtic.
NBA 2016 news: Doc Rivers weighs in on free agency, Los Angeles Clippers future: Head coach Gle...
Doc Rivers says Clippers were third for Kevin Durant, no plans to trade Blake Griffin
Doc Rivers: “If Paul Pierce retires, we’re going to make sure he retires a Celtic”
Doc Rivers actually thinks his had a legitimate shot to sign Kevin Durant
Clippers: Doc Rivers says L.A. were in ‘top 3’ for Kevin Durant -
Clippers: Doc Rivers says L.A. were in 'top 3' for Kevin Durant
Clippers: Doc Rivers says LA were in 'top 3' for Kevin Durant - Clipperholics
.Pod w/ Woj: coach Doc Rivers on recruiting Kevin Durant, more.
And then Doc Rivers ask Durant to wink once if Clippers had a shot. .
Doc Rivers says Clippers were in Kevin Durant’s top-3 in free agency 🤔
Doc Rivers "we were 3rd for Kevin Durant". Does that matter? Is it some sort of moral victory for the Clippers?
Doc Rivers said that if Paul Pierce wants to retire he will waive him so he can retire a Celtic
Doc Rivers should be a lad and give us Blake Griffin for free
Nah, there's also John Starks and Charles Smith and Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley and Doc Rivers and...
Billy Donovan, Pat Riley, Doc Rivers and Tom Brady failed us all.
Fred Hoiberg, get some pointers from Rick Carlisle, George Karl and Doc Rivers on how that worked out for them.
It's not. Doc Rivers, Rick freaking Carlisle and George Karl couldn't tame his *** Hoiberg's gonna hide in a closet
Didnt behave for George Karl or Rick Carlisle or Doc Rivers at the end.not likely
..Jamie and Doc Rivers got the same barber!..😒..Rshaw
Doc Rivers said the plan is for all three picks to come over and play next season, no stash on David Michineau
Knicks training staff, Doc Rivers the GM, Rajon Rondo to himself, Doc the Coach, David Stern idk
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Tyronn Lue...the first Black head coach to win a championship since Doc Rivers...this Cleveland Team is so fukkin historic
"Doc Rivers" aka Jamie Foxx is breaking down Game 6 for us on Snapchat:
Cavs should be on the phone with Doc Rivers and/or Phil Jax rn discussing Love for Griffin/Love for Melo
Tune in tomorrow for Doc Rivers and Tom Thibodeau in the Continental Tires Coaches Corner
Doc Rivers voice is ashy as *** Put some lotion on those vocal chords bro
Everybody can't be doc and Austin Rivers. Maybe doc like mayonaise idk
Personally, I like his Doc Rivers much better
Dude who doc rivers is pregnant.. I knew Angela Simmons really Prego For ... - Angela Simmons pregnant 😭😭😭
You sound more like Larry David than Doc Rivers.
Yes, we wish it was surprising. Underfunding DOC puts our last 38% of swimmable rivers & lakes increasingly at risk
TBF, Mike Brown went to the Finals with LeBron + ? Still better than Doc Rivers
I swear, should have a 30-min. comedy show for His impressions slay me. Esp. the Doc Rivers voice.
- As long as he does his Doc Rivers every show.
you guys wasted prime Jamie Foxx time and didn't ask him to do his Doc Rivers. Come on SC, do better.
Doc Rivers impression of an NBA coach is A1...
Ya it needed a lil work. His Doc Rivers is A1 though
He's got the best Doc Rivers impression
Jamie Foxx does s mean Doc Rivers impersonation
Doc Rivers, Scott Brooks for top 10 player of this generation
Ask that question about Doc Rivers or the Hawks coach
it's a good thing Doc Rivers doesn't run our team.
OKC. Choke job like that on par with every Doc Rivers team in the playoffs
Average players want to be left alone. Good players want to be coached. Great players want to be told the truth - Doc Ri…
would have won in 2008 if he was healthy *Doc Rivers voice*
“Do you want to choose winning over standing out? It’s a choice every player on every championship team has to do” – Doc Riv…
Use was always apparent. Owned Viper Room sold it right after Rivers death. Hmmm I wonder what is DOC is??. I have a quess..
You're entitled to absolutely nothing is this game. If you want it. You've got to work for it. _ Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers did what before getting Allen KG and Pierce??? What had be done since? Not a great coach.
Doc Rivers gonna go after Noel and make that *** great smh
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"Doc Rivers could bite through a rope!" Has to be the best line I've ever heard Wheels say
"You can become a star by buying into a role.". – Doc Rivers
I just wanna see Doc Rivers and Ernie Grunfeld get in a bidding war for Jeff Green
This is all premature. How do we know Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin haven't locked Jeff Hornacek in a room somewhere
I understand his point, but that's Doc Rivers the GM's fault. Bob Myers > Doc Rivers is what that rant should've been.
"I like our core.". Doc Rivers says Clippers won't trade Paul, Jordan or Griffin:
Doc Rivers says Clippers won't trade CP3, Griffin or Jordan this offseason. STORY:
Doc Rivers won't break up Clippers' core because they're 'close' to title
Doc Rivers said that he would not break up the Los Angeles Clippers' big three Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jord…
Doc Rivers says he is not breaking up the Clippers' big three. MORE:
Doc Rivers wants to keep the Clippers' core together for at least one more year.
Heat Nation does not accept or tolerate excuses, next man up W or L, dont confuse us 4 Doc Rivers
[Blazers win Game 6]. *CJ McCollum approaches Doc Rivers*. "Coach, due to a clerical error, you can't play in Round 2"…
Doc Rivers' alienated relationship with his son Austin hits home with
I think they Gon fire Doc Rivers now too. Cause they not beating Portland and that's a first round exit Sooo..
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I doubt Doc Rivers will compare losing Chris Paul to losing Kendrick Perkins
Doc Rivers needs to be fired. Vinny did WAY more with WAY less. Odom and Reggie Evans
"Doc Rivers just kind of compared Stephen Curry to Kendrick Perkins | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sp..." via
Doc Rivers on Curry being sidelined: "It happened to us. In 2010 Kendrick Perkins was hurt for Game 7.". 😐
Doc Rivers on Chris Paul watching Game 3 repeatedly before film session: "Him and Rondo, I’ve never seen two guys who watch…
Doc Rivers got his medical credentials to treat one serious injury. Chris Paul's critical condition whiny ***
and Doc Rivers and Chris Paul will each whine to the the refs at least that many times.
Doc Rivers on Portland Trail Blazers' Al-Farouq Aminu and Ed Davis: "We almost had him two years ago as well.
Doc Rivers on Portland's rebounding edge against Clippers: "Ed Davis, if he just sends his stats against us, he’d make the m…
Just remember folks; when times got tough Doc Rivers wanted OUT. Claude Julien wanted IN!
Vlade Divac, Dell Demps, Bryan Colangelo, Phil Jackson, Ernie Grunfeld, Doc Rivers... I think we have our 2016 Atrocious G…
Tom Izzo was in Doc Rivers' office postgame and Denzel Valentine was in the Clippers locker room.
Clippers coach Doc Rivers on Kobe Bryant's retirement: "I'm really happy about it."
Doc Rivers on Kobe Bryant's retirement: 'I'm really happy about it'
Doc Rivers is happy about Kobe's retirement! Do you think more people are happy he is leaving?
Little Giant Ladders
OKC making Austin Rivers look like the player and son Doc Rivers always wished he had
Cool seeing Doc Rivers walk up and shrug Brian Scalabrine's shoulders as Scal and Mike Gorman are doing their pregame.
Doc Rivers on Blake Griffin: "He had no endurance as far as his wind, but as far as just playing basketball, he looked terri…
Doc Rivers said Blake Griffin looked "phenomenal" in practice & was able to complete entire session. Even conditioning bette…
Head coach Doc Rivers announced Blake Griffin will return to practice today
Don't let the last play affect the next play. – Doc Rivers
Hate seeing people kids with a Doc Rivers haircut
*** CJ McCollum took a clever shot at the Clippers/Doc Rivers for keeping him out of their previous matchup...
Adam Laroche isn't allowed to bring his son to work, why Doc Rivers allowed to bring his son to work
Dan tell Doc Rivers to stop bringing his kid to work with him.
[LA Daily News: Clippers] Doc Rivers blames players, himself for loss at Memphis
Apparently the Clippers fold Doc Rivers to quit bringing his son Austin to every team function aka La Roche.
Ref Jason Phillips met with Doc Rivers and Billy Donovan before the second half.
Just ran into Doc Rivers on the sidewalk in Downtown OKC. Ford thought it was legit. Mary said he smelled good.
some people forget that Doc Rivers sent Delonte West, as a sleeper agent, to Cleveland to get with LeBron's mom
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They got Lil Wayne, Doc Rivers, and James Harden to promote the greatest phone ever. Samsung Galaxy S7
Okay.. I figured out how to make all-star weekend even better. Pop, Stan Van, Doc Rivers & Sam Mitchell tramp dunks!
Former Clipper Willie Green hanging out with the team for a few days. Doc Rivers has always said Green could be a coach/front office guy
Stephen Jackson and Zach Lowe don't agree with Doc Rivers' recommendation that NBA coaches should... - via App
✪ Doc Rivers wants coaches to have a challenge flag: Stephen Jackson and Zach Lowe don't agree… ▼ Watch it Now
SportsCenter Video: Chris Broussard says \"Doc Rivers felt it was important to keep\" Blake Griffin due to his ver…
Clippers got Jeff Green for Lance Stephenson lmao Doc Rivers basically finessed the grizzlies
Sources: Chris Paul and Doc Rivers to have a coin flip to decide who gets to be first to scream at Jeff Green.
Do you think the knicks could pull off a trade for Doc Rivers and Blake ?
Doc Rivers might as well asked for everything within Denver's city limits. Casa Bonita, sure why not.
Doc Rivers on the "They can make run. They're not scared of anybody. They've got a bunch of junkyard dogs who…
Last time Doc Rivers lost to the Celtics?. January 26, 2003. Pierce had 27-13-13..and later that day John Gruden's Bucs…
Doc Rivers on Stephen Curry: "He is prettier to watch than Michael Jordan."
The way Chris Paul and Doc Rivers has the Clippers winning without superstar Blake Griffin will get overlooked by most NBA fans.
Doc Rivers, asked about Blake Griffin's punishment taking as long as Matt Barnes': "We’re not going two months, l can tell you that."
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Clippers pushing for Blake trade, yet go all-out to re-sign DeAndre -- wonder how Steve Balmer feels w/Doc Rivers having total team control
Doc Rivers put Jeff Ayres into the game in the 2nd quarter. He's the 3rd string center. Josh Smith got DNP's as the 3rd string center.
If the clippers trade Blake I'm going to fight Steve Balmer and Doc Rivers at the same time
Doc Rivers said he was told the Chris Paul technical foul was for an "overt clap."
Blake Griffen made an unfortunate mistake. Doc Rivers is an ignorant fool.
Doc Rivers: "It was a strange game. We missed 100 layups and then D.J. makes four free throws in a row."
There's a reason he was Doc Rivers right hand man year after year.
Doc Rivers wanted to do with LAC what Phil did with LAL:. Coach two knuckleheads to the title. That attempt failed.
This Yeng Guiao story is like Doc Rivers walking from Fairfax to Staples to arrive at halftime of a playoff game 6.
Bucks tried this before with Mike Dunleavy. It was a disaster. Doc Rivers currently Coach/GM. It's never good.
Nique cant help it that his teams were trash n his best teammates were Tree Rollins Spud Webb n Doc Rivers lol
Doc Rivers is managing Clippers players' minutes in hopes of a playoff payoff - Los Angeles Times
Doc Rivers on Russell Westbrook: "He is so mad. All the time. ... I love it."
Doc Rivers might be most overrated coach in league and Billy Donavon is no better that Scotty Brooks
Jared Cunningham ballin'. And just think Doc Rivers cut him last year. SMH. We could've used that athleticism in the post season
There's Phil Jackson. Then there's Doc Rivers. Some managers see their teams through difficult times, some are fair weather champions
What does the Beard, Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson, Reggie Miller, and Van Gundy say? :)
Doc Rivers' trip tinged with nostalgia, and sadness too: The Doc Rivers homecoming tour took a poignant turn a...
Josh Smith interrupts his shouting match with Doc Rivers to drain a buzzer-beating 3.
Doc Rivers should scream at Josh Smith more often.
ALERT: Doc Rivers is playing Josh Smith and DeAndre Jordan together. Yay!
Doc Rivers signed Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson to his team to come off the bench w/ Jamaal Crawford all 3 who are ball dominant.
Doc Rivers traded legit backup point guard talent to bring his son Austin Rivers in...
I know Kevin Mchale gotta be like... You fire me, but Doc Rivers still has his job.
If I'm Steve Ballmer, I would begin to keep my eyes peeled for another coach. I don't think the Clippers are winning with Doc Rivers.
Doc Rivers fired and Blake Griffith traded. It should happen at the end of this season.
Doc Rivers says Chris Paul will play, but JJ Redick most likely not
Kenny Smith on Doc Rivers' luck comment re: Warriors: "You weren’t good enough to be there to play them. To me, that doesn’t…
I imagine every time Josh Smith clangs an open 3 or whips a ball out of bounds a small part of Doc Rivers dies inside
Doc Rivers gotta do a better job with his rotations Josh Smith should be getting way more minutes
Danny Crawford hates Doc Rivers, it’s so obvious.
"I have no problem slamming Doc Rivers." . Mark Cuban threw some shade pregame at Doc and DeAndre Jordan.
Josh Smith jacking up 3s, Prigioni driving to the basket and Blake just waiting for the ball in the post. Doc Rivers must be ecstatic.
Doc Rivers isn't comfortable with Lance Stephenson closing games yet
One area Doc Rivers should've done was kept Lester Hudson at least Chris Paul would've got some rest
I love Austin Rivers getting crunch-time run in Oakland over Pierce, Crawford and Lance. Doc Rivers is an awesome dad.
Doc Rivers choosing to play his own son in crunch time w/ guys like Stephenson, Smith, Pierce in that locker room = playing with fire
Look at Doc Rivers' reaction after this Josh Smith terrible missed 3-pointer. He ain't pleased
Doc Rivers was the guy to get Josh Smith goofy in the face *** to stop tryna be JR Smith
Doc Rivers got dat ill Joe Pesci third act of Home Alone hair line.
Doc Rivers looks like a french bulldog
Doc Rivers praises former Laker Wesley Johnson: Wesley Johnson appears to be fitting in well...
Rick Carlisle, Doc Rivers, Sam Cassell, Mark Madsen and others will fly in Mark Cuban's plane to attend Flip Saunders' f…
Gerald Henderson's son has been in the NBA for years. YEARS. Tito Horford's son. Harvey Grant's son. Doc Rivers' son. Big Dog Robinson's son
Happy birthday to DJ Paul, Ashanti, Paul Pierce, Jermaine O'Neal, Doc Rivers, Sammy Hagar, and Chris Webby too..
Imploring Jim Rome 2 give Klay Thompson an automatic invite to the do a tandem call w/ Brad n Corona about Doc Rivers' face
I bet Doc Rivers is going to have Lance Stephenson guard and smother Klay Thompson when the and Warriors play.
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Lucky? Klay Thompson reminds Doc Rivers which team lost to Rockets.
Doc Rivers let Corey Brewer Jason Terry and Josh Smith lead a comeback in a close out game for the Clippers
The Warriors don't care if Clippers' Doc Rivers calls them lucky
Exactly. Doc Rivers kept him over Joe Ingles last year. No doubt Cunningham is more athletic, but he doesn't produce.
Call-in to the podcast right now to slander James Harden, Ty Lawson, Doc Rivers or whoever else you want (415) 462-6545
Doc Rivers just played Chuck Hayes longer than I did the whole entire last season.
Doc Rivers said he doubts Clippers will use Development League more this season for C.J. Wilcox and Branden Dawson.
Jamie Foxx giving his impression of Doc Rivers on The Tonight Show. (Vine by
Doc Rivers says he would be down to play Mark Cuban 1-on-1 or have a cage match
Cuban: Doc's pro life was 'over' if DeAndre left
Clippers: Doc Rivers seems closer to starting Wesley...
Report: Doc Rivers leaning towards bringing Paul Pierce off the bench via
Doc Rivers "seems to be leaning" towards starting Wesley Johnson over Paul Pierce. (Via Grantland)
Mark Cuban on Doc Rivers Holding DeAndre Jordan Hostage: “his professional life was over” lol u probably the worst owner in sports history
Doc rivers on way to Russia to beg him to change his mind.
Yes would struggle w/o but NO WAY would Doc's career end -He is one of THE BEST!
Mark Cuban takes his shots at Doc Rivers, still upset about DJ saga
Clippers: Doc Rivers parte con Wesley Johnson in quintetto?
He should have won more premierships coaching the Eagles! He is the Doc Rivers of the AFL, needs great players to win.
Glen Davis says Doc Rivers has changed as a coach, DeAndre ...
Doc Rivers takes shot at Mark Cuban Summer: Doc Rivers says Mark Cuban’s summer was not too…
Mark Cuban responds to Doc Rivers about DeAndre Jordan: Mark Cuban responds to what Doc…
Cuban responds to Doc Rivers on DeAndre Jordan situation: 'His professional life was over'
The thing a player has to ask himself: 'Do you want to choose winning over standing out?' – Doc Rivers
Mark Cuban says Doc Rivers' 'professional life was over' had DeAndre Jordan gone to Dallas
George Karl, Doc Rivers & other coaches anticipate the return of Kobe. READ: (via
Jamie Foxx's impersonations on Jimmy Fallon's music generator had me dying! And the impression of Doc Rivers ...
Doc Rivers to on Jamal Crawford "Jamal's a Clipper, and I'd be very surprised if he's not a Clipper at sea…
Doc Rivers says Paul Pierce chose Clippers over Celtics this summer
[Orlando Sentinel: Open Mike] - Doc Rivers: Scott Skiles is a 'wonderful coach' and will have Magic…
Brad Stevens steps to mic after Doc Rivers: "I'm the real smart guy who follows Doc" then waits a beat before joking... "…
Doc Rivers and Byron Scott's expressions kill me! Stan Van Gundy also has me in stitches
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