Doc Holiday & Val Kilmer

John Henry Doc Holliday (August 14, 1851 – November 8, 1887) was an American gambler, gunfighter and dentist of the American Old West, who is usually remembered for his friendship with Wyatt Earp and his involvement in the Gunfight at the O.K. Val Edward Kilmer (born December 31, 1959) is an American actor. 5.0/5

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VAL KILMER is going to be in Tombstone this summer as Doc Holiday!!!. *please don't still be obese*
I wish Val Kilmer was skinny again so they could just make a movie about Doc Holiday with him as the actor.
Val Kilmer played tf out the Doc Holiday character
Tombstone is still one of my favorite movies. Maybe the best Val Kilmer acting ever. He played the heck out of Doc Holiday.
Val Kilmer not getting nominated, let alone winning, for his role as Doc Holiday is why I will never give any awards show any respect.
Honestly will probably never get over my crush on Val Kilmer as doc holiday😍😍
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday may be the greatest performance in movie history
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is a top 10 movie character for me.
My only dream is to be as cool as Val Kilmer being as cool as Doc Holiday.
movie favorites! "Tombstone" my fav western movie w one of the best performances by Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday.
Hucklebuck always makes me think of Val Kilmer's great turn as Doc Holiday, but then that may be huckleberry...
Classic John Sturges western; only Val Kilmer is better Doc Holiday than Kirk Douglas. Great Frankie Laine theme song.
This is too vulgar to be Kurosawa. More like Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday.
. You know Val Kilmer played the best Doc Holiday ever!
Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday. One of the most sarcastic quotable movie characters ever. Isn't that a daisy
Saw post claiming Val Kilmer captured essence of Doc Holiday in The man died before audio & video
Val Kilmer might, just might be the best Doc Holiday. Apologies to the great Kirk Douglas.
I don't know much about Doc Holiday, aside from "Tombstone" (Val Kilmer) and a fu…
So many great quotes in that movie, especially Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday character.
Val Kilmer's best role...GO! . (If you don't say Doc Holiday, you're wrong)
Favorite movie of all time, Tombstone. An its only because Val Kilmer played Doc Holiday an his death wish, so very well.
Doc Holiday in Tombstone AKA Val Kilmer. Great character, great actor.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone is probably his greatest role EVER.
In a perfect world I'd be married to Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone >>>>
Who played the better Doc Holiday? Kirk Douglas or Val Kilmer. The requires that you've seen both Gunfight at the O.K. Corral & Tombstone.
"You're probably so drunk you're seeing double." "Well I have two guns so that's one for each of you."-Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer)
[In my best Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday voice] That's the ruma'...
love phrase frm Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday & love movie lines that deserve to go around! Remember 220, 221 whatever it takes?
I have decided. The new puppy's name will be Huckleberry and we shall call him Huck. Huckleberry because I love Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday and he called Johnny Ringo Huckleberry. Also I was going to name him Hound after one of my favorite characters. He's too small to be a Hound so Huckleberry. These decisions are not lightly made.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone, he is EPIC!
Val Kilmer as 'Doc Holiday' in Tombstone has to be one of the best acting performances in cinema, unbelievable character!!!
Val Kilmer's best role by far is Doc Holiday from Tombstone.this movie never gets old.
Val Kilmer should have got an oscar for his Doc Holiday in tombstone. Classic film
Val Kilmer was so amazing as Doc Holiday
I think I have consumption! I'll be walking around like Val Kilmer/Doc Holiday in Tombstone - I'm your huckleberry
Make no mistake it's not revenge he's after, it's the reckoning!- Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) Tombstone In my mind it's how we makes the right of these wrong arrests Tagging CJ Grisham
So.Johnny Depp "totally looks like" Doc Holiday? Pssst.that's Val Kilmer. He's an actor. He played Doc Holiday. Doc, when Tombstone was filmed, was totally dead. *smh*
Val Kilmer, so far in my option THE best 2 roles he has played in his career to date is "Chris Knight" and "Doc Holiday"
How about we remember 90 Something Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone instead of Batman? 90 Something is next! Give me your picks below! Jolene Skisw
I just finished watchin Tombstone! One of the classics. Now i knw Kurt was suppose to b the star. But i sure do love Val Kilmer! He does Doc Holiday so well! Its his southern swagger! Played the part so well.
Val Kilmer played the best Doc Holiday of all
I don't care WHAT movie Gerald Butler Is in, I call him 300. Chris Tucker is in, He's Smokey. Val Kilmer is in, He's Doc Holiday. Russell Crowe is in, He's Gladiator. Ice Cube is in, He's Dough Boy. Mike Epps is in, He's Day Day. (I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE.)
Love the quote on your bio. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday?
Looking for some fun and laughs on Thursday night? well in the great words of Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, "I'm your Huckleberry." Whiskey Tango is back at Helium Comedy Club - Portland, so come on out for an evening of laughs as the gentlemen (Gabe Dinger, Nathan Loveless, Jake Michels, and myself) will be joined by hilarious standup comedians Don Frost, Philip Schallberger, and Sean Jordan. This ain't your grandmother's night of comedy, though she would probably also enjoy it. Thursday 2/20, 8pm. Yep!
Hollywood if your listening please put Val Kilmer in a major motion picture again and revive his career! Not sure what happened to him and his career but watching him in C version of a Wyatt Earp movie on Fox not even playing Doc Holiday hurts my heart!
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After watching the movie Tombstone years ago, I thought if Doc Holiday was anything like the way Val Kilmer portrayed him, he'd be someone I would've liked to have met.
I think that Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday might be the most sublime theatrical performance that will ever take place.
"I'm your huckleberry" m Doc Holiday"(Val Kilmer)! I will be your huckleberry if you want!
I'm watching "Wyatt Earp", it makes me so sad bc this movie is why I name my son Wyatt! But then again I'm in love with Val Kilmer(Doc Holiday) he's my "James Franko". Ok I'm done lusting!!!
Rory McBreen and i are having a Val Kilmer role..what was it??..what y'all think, Doc Holiday or Jim Morrison?
I love the movie Tombstone I really like Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday " I got two guns one for each of ya" " Say When" Love it!!
Excellent scene in the best movie ever made about the shoot-out at the OK corral! It's scandalous that Val Kilmer wasn't at least nominated for an Academy Award for his southern gentlemanly portrail of Doc Holiday. One of the best catch phrases ever;"I'm your huckleberry!"
One of the best movies ever! Val Kilmer rocked it as Doc Holiday!
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday has the same electricity as Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Can't take your eyes off him.
The film is TOMBSTONE. Val Kilmer plays Doc Holiday. Best line : "I'll be your Huckleberry" ... taunting Johnny Ringo to gunfight.
Ugh I'm obsessed with Doc Holiday in the movie "Tombstone" - Val Kilmer is everything! ;)
Watching Tombstone with Jake for the first time. Val Kilmer better as Doc Holiday or Iceman in Top Gun?
Watching Tombstone. Love that movie and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. "I'm here, Huckleberry." "You're a daisy if you do!"
One of my favorite movies. Val Kilmer played Doc Holiday extremely well. Also, it's been the first Wyatt Earp movie to really give Doc Holiday character and showcase the relationship between him and Wyatt.
Pretty much the same for me. Probably the best role Val Kilmer ever played as Doc Holiday.
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watching "Tombstone" the good one with Val Kilmer as one the best Doc Holiday!
or Doc Holiday then be him, wait be Mark Twain nooo be Simon Templar or just yourself that is if you can't be Val Kilmer
"It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds" Val Kilmer played the best Doc Holiday in the history of ever.
Getting my 80's on.Watching Real Genius! Val Kilmer pre- Doc Holiday! Not your huckleberry! Lol!
Val Kilmer did the best Doc Holiday ever.
At times a wee bit of doubt creeps into my thoughts as I get ready to shifts gears and get ready for the gym~ am I too old for this?~ then I hear the voice of Val Kilmer in character as Doc Holiday, "Not me, I'm in prime." After that I am all good and it's game on. Maybe poker is just not your game... I know let's have a spelling bee. Classic movie. :)
FB poll. A friend just contested my statement about the BEST Doc Holiday. He said 'Val Kilmer is a *** Quaid's a much better Doc'. FB whaddaya think. Kilmer vs Quaid?
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone.. C'mon movie buff!! Lol
Val Kilmer might have been a better Doc Holiday than Doc Holiday.
Better portrayal of Doc Holiday: Dennis Quaid or Val Kilmer? (Our friendship hinges on your answer)
in regards to book review "Son of a Gun", Val Kilmer played Doc Holiday; not Wyatt Earp. That was played by Kurt Russell
Wyatt Earp was played by Kurt Russell in Tombstone. Val Kilmer played Doc Holiday.
Val Kilmer should've been nominated for an Academy Award as Doc Holiday
It's a bit weird watching Val Kilmer play Wyatt Earp in a movie when he's played Doc Holiday in another movie
Val Kilmer at his finest definitely Doc Holiday
Well in the words of Val Kilmer playing Doc Holiday "Ain't that a peach" ;-)
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in TOMBSTONE was a supporting character, but is without a doubt the most loved & memorable chara…
IDC what Val Kilmer looks like, today. What of it? Anyway, I will always adore him. He made Doc Holiday come to life. And gave me my name ;)
Val Kilmer is my favorite Batman 😍 I think it all goes back to him playing Doc Holiday but whatever.
OKAY GUYS. Here's Doc Holiday, one of my childhood heroes. It took me until NOW to realize that he's Val Kilmer...
Like seriously, she answered Matthew McCaughney (sp?) Really?? Don't you know Val Kilmer played Doc Holiday in Tombstone and thays the line?
BBC 1 midnight tonight - Tombstone, the Best Western ever (and I like my westerns) If you have never seen it, then Kurt Russell is a good Wyatt Earp, but Val Kilmer is the star as Doc Holiday.
Doc Holiday from Tombstone is sexy as *** That is all.
Val Kilmer only had one role. 'Doc Holiday'.
Update! Tombstone is still an awesome movie. Update! Val kilmer should have won an award er something for playin Doc Holiday. That is all.
I'm a western kind of woman, watching Tombstone, with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer.. Now you want action.. Kurt as Wyatt Earp and Val as Doc Holiday, give you nothing but action...
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone the movie. He was brilliant . Bozz
The greatest Doc Holiday ever,is in politics! How do I get a meeting?
Iron Man and Doc Holiday are both right-wing nutbags. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is kind of ruined for me. via
delivered so well by Doc Holiday played by Val Kilmer. "Am yuh hucka-burry"
Val Kilmer as Doc holiday from Tombstone one of my favorite movies..
Sheppers looks like Doc Holiday a la Val Kilmer.
Val Kilmer played Doc Holiday in Tombstone, the most badass person in history.
Val Kilmer plays THE best Doc. Holiday and Kurt Russel as Wyatt Earp is better than Costners Earp.
jesus. *** Perry is a close second to Doc Holiday for best Val Kilmer roles
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is the single greatest performance in cinematic history. Don't argue with this, just accept it
Watched watched Tombstone with and Best Western of all time. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday>>>
I find it hard to believe that Val Kilmer as Iceman and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday are the same person.
Whatever you Phillies fans say.. Val Kilmer will always be my Doc Holiday.
Val Kilmer was way better as Doc Holiday than as Batman...
Doc Holiday marry me ...I wish Val Kilmer looked like he does in tombstone in real life 💔 but he doesn't
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday was a col mutha
Photoset: valkilmer: I’ve been giffed! Val Kilmer’s protrayal is the defining Doc Holiday.
Doc Holiday played by Val Kilmer is an undisputed top 5 performance of all time. If you think otherwise, go ahead and kill yoself.
And so mom's momday card will be a Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday prayer card.
I will never understand why Val Kilmer didn't get nominated or win an award as Doc Holiday in Tombstone, criminal.
Tombstone... Freaking awesome movie! I can watch it over and over! Val Kilmer ("Doc Holiday") gives, IMO, the performance of a lifetime!
I absolutely love this movie!! It's the best of Val Kilmer to me as Doc Holiday!
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone and if your young azz ain't seen it..then get ready Freddie to watch a REAL FCUKING MOVIE.
I'd love to be at the showdown of Johnny Ringo and Doc Holiday!!! (Tombstone with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer was my favorite!)
Is there a better character than Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday? I mean really? Who? Go.
I m telling you Val Kilmer he played that role as Doc Holiday in TOMBSTONE! I love when an actor is so into character you can't recognize who they are. "I'm your huckleberry, that's just my game"!
"I'm your huckleberry"-Doc Holiday...all time favorite western Tombstone I just need a night of nothing but westerns and hot chocolate!!!
Also Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone such a dope portrayal
Val Kilmer made Doc Holiday a legend on the silver-screen!! I watch it several times every year; it never gets old!!
Love the movie Tombstone can't watch it don't want it to get old. favorite character Doc Holiday played by Val kilmer
Say what you will about Val Kilmer as an actor. True his Batman was never the Best, but the saint was a *** good movie. I WI also say this, as a fan of western movies.I have never seen Doc Holiday portrayed better by anyone other than Val Kilmer, hands down. "I am your Huckleberry!"
timeout for the movie "Tombstone" this evening. An early effort at gun control..."nobody says you can't own a gun, nobody says you can't carry a gun, you just can't carry a gun in town"...a litle Sam Elliot and my favorite portrayal of Doc Holiday by Val Kilmer
I'll be your huckleberry. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone.
My lazy day has been awesome! Watching Tombstone ... loving me some Doc Holiday. Who would like to be my huckleberry and run to the store for me?
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You'll want to quote every line. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday? Perfection.
Val Kilmer's crowning acting role is as Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone.
Val Kilmer not even getting NOMINATED for Doc Holiday in Tombstone?? What a FARCE.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday will always be one of my favorite movie roles of all time.
I love that movie! ^_^ Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is the best.
This was one of my Favorite Westerns, I loved the combination of great Actors in this Movies. I have watch it about ten times. I especially liked Val Kilmer in his role as Doc Holiday.
Posse Member Number 4: Why are you even doing this Doc? Doc Holiday: Wyatt Earp is my friend. Posse Member Number 4: *** I have lots of friends. Doc Holiday: I don't.
I would have been hopelessly in love with Doc Holiday back then. Especially if he did look like Val Kilmer
I want a Val Kilmer autographed Doc Holiday picture.
I wish that Val Kilmer would appear more often in public as Doc Holiday. Oh, and Hugh Jackman should only be interviewed as Wolverine.
that's my favorite movie. Val Kilmer as doc holiday kicked ***
I would watch Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday read the phone book.
For someone who spends a great deal of time coughing up blood, Val Kilmer's "Doc Holiday" is smoking Hot.
"My hypocrispy only goes so far" Doc Holiday, Tombstone. Probly the best movie Val Kilmer has ever been in. Me and dad just watched it for like the 100th time. Never gets old.
One of my favorites! Val Kilmer was a great Doc Holiday...Can't believe it is 20 yrs old.
Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday is Classic & puts him among the great actors.
Val Kilmer should have won Oscar for Doc Holiday in Tombstone,and thats just a fact!
Ok, since I am broken right now and can't do much, I thought I would do something productive….just finished watching a little Wyatt Earp and I must say, I love Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, I think he is my favorite and I'm loving Kurt as Wyatt….FYI, I have seen a ton of Earps and Docs, so I am pretty well versed in this area, lol... Question: Which actor played Wyatt Earp and/or Doc Holiday the best? Janet Answer: Wyatt = Kurt Russell Doc = Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, one of the greatest characters of all time
"Why Johnny Ringo...looks like someone just walked over your grave" - Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) Great movie line
Just watched Tombstone again, Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is awesome!!
Doc Holiday is one of the greatest western characters I've ever watched. Well done Val Kilmer well done.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. One of his best roles.
Val Kilmer's role as Doc Holiday was one of his best.
the words of my favorite Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) "It would appear that the strain was more than he could bear" he was no daisy!
Loved this movie, Val kilmer as Doc Holiday was awesome, no one could have done a better job, great movie
Watching my favorite movies 'tombstone" Val Kilmer, aka Doc Holiday responds to a gang member he says , you so drunk your probably seeing doubles, Doc pulls both .45 and I have one for each of ya" one of my favorite lines!!!
If I could choose one character to would be Val Kilmer' portrayal of Doc Holiday in Tombstone.
Man I can watch Tombstone a thousand times and it never gets old. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday!!! All time classic!!!
Val Kilmer was one sexy Doc Holiday, and that's all I gotta say about that!!! Oh I'm ur Huckleberry alright!;)
Ok, he may not be the greatest actor, but Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone is classic!!
my favorite scene was Doc 'gun slinging' his whiskey cup. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday was priceless.
Why oh why can't Val Kilmer go back to how he was as Doc Holiday in Tombstone?
Watching tombstone I love this movie Doc Holiday is the man Val Kilmer played the *** outta this part should have won an Oscar for his performance
Follow up to previous post... How Val Kilmer didn't win an Academy Award for his portrayal of 'Doc Holiday', I will never understand...
There's no question that Val Kilmer should have won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Tombstone. It is a brilliant performance !
Watching Tombstone for the umpteenth time this holiday season. Val Kilmer is the greatest Doc Holiday!
Tombstone on Cinemax - Val Kilmer as Doc role he ever played (maybe Marshall football needs him to play a coach too!) that wasn't right , but I had too lol
If I could marry one man from a movie, it would be Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday from Tombstone. "Proceed, Sir"
"Tombstone" is on, Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is EPIC.
(Tombstone) I'll be yo Huckleberry! Val Kilmer has to be the best Doc holiday!
Doc Holiday played by Val Kilmer. Top 5 best movie characters.
Tombstone. one of my top 5 (maybe even top 3) favorite movies of all time. Val Kilmer absolutely killed it as Doc Holiday
Why is Jason Ritter trying to look like Doc Holiday , Val Kilmer style ?
Val Kilmer owns this movie as Doc Holiday.
I love Doc Holiday. But, only on Tombstone. Not, Wyatt Earp. Or. Any other movie. And I think Val Kilmer played him better than anyone else could have. Which is also funny. Bc I don't like him in very many other movies. A few. But, not alot.
I just love VAL Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone.
Wyatt Earp Revenge was good but oh tell me why they used Val Kilmer (who played Doc Holiday) as Earp in this one HEARTBREAKING.
"And so she walks out of our lives forever." - Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday ( line from movie Tombstone)
Best Movie Quotes Ever... "Why Jonny Ringo, you looked like somebody just walked over ur grave." -Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in "Tombstone." .Yours?
Val Kilmer has played, God and Moses, Jim Morrison, Doc Holiday, Elvis and Batman. had an underwater fight and created laser that could burn a house from space. The Iceman cometh to Dallas last night and will hanging around today. I wonder if he'll sign my kenny loggins Top Gun Soundtrack. HOw much will someone give me to come up to him and"M the greatest swordsman that ever lived... Dennis Covington...?
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone is 1 of my all time favorite characters. His performance was ubertastic! He should of won an Oscar.
Watching Tombstone,love this movie,Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday his best roll ever.
Wyatt Earp w/Kevin Costner(I just watched it) Vs. Tombstone w/Kurt Russell...Same story, both filled with big name stars. Tombstone wins hands down. Much more entertaining, better acting all around, and lets face it, Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday just can't be beat. I hate westerns but watch Tombstone over and over again.
They are all Clint Eastwood movies lol One Val Kilmer chill its all in fun Doc Holiday
Lonesome Dove! But can't go wrong with Tombstone with Val Kilmer, best Doc Holiday hands down!
If Val Kilmer is not THE Koolest Actor in History,,,Then Don't tell me Who Is...Doc Holiday...;-)
Denise and I have reached the age where we stay at home and watch monster movies for Halloween. We kicked off the season with The Raven last night, the new one with John Cusack as Poe solving a murder mystery. Cusack was the wrong choice for the role--as Denise said, Poe needed to be more languid and dissipated, like Val Kilmer played Doc Holiday in Tombstone--and the tone never came together, so I can't recommend it. What are you youngsters doing for Halloween?
Big night get to meet Doc holiday Val Kilmer Note to self don't get to drunk with him to Night. Not me that posted this. Lol. Gettin fired up its me Gamer.
*Watch it for ONE reason. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. He should have won an Oscar for the part*
Nonsense! I have not yet begun to defile myself! Val Kilmer / Doc Holiday-
Val Kilmer was a much better Doc Holiday, and Sam Elliot rocked as Virgil...
Val Kilmer is a way better Doc Holiday than Dennis Quaid...
I wanna grow up to be Doc Holiday, specificly the image of him portrayed by Val Kilmer.
Val Kilmer was a far superior Doc Holiday than Dennis Quaid. This is all!
I believe that Val Kilmer is the finest Doc Holiday to ever grace the silver screen.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday..complete badass. I want a horse and pistol right now.
Ok- time's up! It was indeed from the movie "Tombstone" and it was indeed from the character of Doc Holiday. But that character was played by Val Kilmer, who was also excellent in "The Doors" by the way. I like that line. I like to see my opponents face when I use it at arbitration... Now for another famous line..."I was just out walking my rat and seem to have lost my way..."
This was a great show.. I loved Val Kilmer as "Doc Holiday" Gordon.. this is one person you could dress up as for Halloween!
Someone tell me why Val Kilmer is so attractive as the sickly Doc Holiday.
I know I've said it before but Dennis Quaid doesn't hold a candle to Val Kilmer playin Doc Holiday.
Watching tombstone on TV. Val Kilmer should've won an Oscar for his performance of Doc Holiday!
Val Kilmer, playing Doc Holiday, delivered this line." My hypocrasy knows no bounds". Sadly ehough yesterday, I learned that hypocrasy, truly has no bounds. I thought about what to do and decided to do nothing and let karma, which also has no bounds, do it's job for me. This should be quite interesting.
I hate western movies but love Tombstone. Val Kilmer plays an awesome Doc Holiday.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, Tombstone: "I'll be your huckleberry". Love him in this movie.
The Bible And Recovery I can’t imagine a topic to comment on that could be less rife with controversy or strong emotion. Just looking at it I can hear the villagers gathering, pitchforks and torches in hand. Having never been a shrinking violet; in the immortal words of Val Kilmer’s Doc Holiday: “I’m your daisy” (said from the safety of my bunker.) True path and faith came to me beginning in my 30’s. Late perhaps, but then again who can really gauge such things. One of the areas that my secular vision and understanding struggled with was the Bible. In the history of the world has there ever been a book more dissected, interpreted, channeled, revered, reviled or explained ad nauseam? The gambit of believers ranging from those who hold every word literal and inviolate to those who find hidden meaning and interpretation behind everything, so who could possibly understand it? Alcoholics Anonymous's great friend and godfather Emmet Fox opened the door to understanding for me. It began simply with t ...
I'm your huckleberry Tombstone scene: via Great Western movie scene; Val Kilmer best Doc Holiday
my favorite movie ever..TOMBSTONE! Who thinks Val Kilmer is so sexy as Doc Holiday?
Best Wyatt Erp and Doc Holiday!! Even sick Val Kilmer is sexy!! He can be my huckleberry anytime!! Oh and who doesn't love Sam Elliot's voice!!! Oh, oh and Bill Paxton (sp?) Love, love, love this movie!!
Every time I watch Tombstone I'm amazed by Val Kilmer's, Doc Holiday, by far his best role ever... time to get out the old cap gun and plastic holster and run around the yard. who's down?
"I'm your Huckleberry." from "Tomestone" as Doc Holiday says to to Ringo when he steps out of the shadows. Earlier in the film, Doc calls Ringo 'Huckleberry', so I don't get why Doc (Val Kilmer) would say HE is Ringo's Huckleberry. Anyone have a theory on this one?
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. Some of the best acting
Watching Tombstone for like the billionth time. Val Kilmer's portrayal of Doc Holiday is up there with the greatest ever.
Tombstone is my favorite...Val Kilmer was the BEST Doc Holiday of them all
Watching Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner. Must say I like Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday so much better!!
Val Kilmer plays a way better Doc Holiday than Dennis Quaid
Hit like if you think Val Kilmer should have won a Academy Award for playing Doc Holiday in Tombstone
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone might be my favorite role ever!
Watchin one of my favorites Tombstone! Val Kilmer made an awesome Doc Holiday:)
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone...his best work ever in my opinion
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I looove the movies 'Wyatt Earp' & 'Tombstone'. However, if I could, I would do a remake staring Kevin Costner as Wyatt Earp from the movie 'Wyatt Earp' & Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday from the movie 'Tombstone'. Good times!!
Was it all a lie? could it really all be a waste? I dont know what to say... I think its time to go away for a while.. "I am afraid the strain was too much for him to bear..." Val Kilmer, Doc Holiday in Tombstone.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in 'Tombstone' was an epic performance.
"Nonsence...I've not yet begun to defile myself". -Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) Tombstone
Kevin i do diagree with you about Tombstone. Val Kilmer was an exceleent Doc Holiday
You sure the “Jack Sparrow” is not the Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in “Tombstone”?
it just something I think is funny from the movie TOMBSTONE!! I love that movie. Val Kilmer said it or Doc Holiday in thefilm
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is just amazing.
No Tombstone yet?!? Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is my favorite movie character. Will u watch it if I send you mine?
"If it's a fight you're lookin' for, I'm your huckel berry" Val Kilmer kicked *** as Doc Holiday. Way better than Dennis Quaid in Wyatt Earp.
Me and some FB friends have been talking about all morning. Val Kilmer's favorite line as Doc Holiday
There is only one man to play Doc Holiday and his name is Val Kilmer.
Val Kilmer as doc holiday is tombstone...fantastic
Just watched Tombstone for the 100th time. I might be showing my age, but Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is way more bad *** then John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn and Clint Eastwood as Josie Wales...combined.
Watched 'Tombstone' w/Kurt Russell last night. Val Kilmer was outstanding as Doc Holiday. Sam Elliot...was just (sigh)
domain names
Val Kilmer sucked as Batman, but the best Doc Holiday ! "I'll be ur huckleberry "
'Tombstone' is the only & I mean ONLY western movie I have EVER liked! I normally LOATH westerns. Val Kilmer played Doc Holiday wonderfully
Watching Tombstone! Man Val Kilmer the best Doc Holiday ever! You watching Tre? It's on amc
The role of Doc Holiday by Val Kilmer in Tombstone has to rank as one of the greatest acting jobs of all time!!
Best character/actor ever... 1 Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. 2 the Joker played by the overdose guy.
Watching "Tombstone" on amc again! Best scene...Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday after Johnny Ringo does all his fancy gun tricks and Doc does his fancy tricks with his drinking cup.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday was the best.
Coolest character ever is still Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone!
I have watched it over and over .. Val Kilmer is perfect as doc holiday .. So many quotable lines in it
I think Doc Holiday in Tombstone played by Val Kilmer was way more gangsta than Vito Corleone in The Godfather played by Marlon Brando.
superb Val Kilmer performance as well. Such a good Doc Holiday.
Tombstone, because of Val Kilmer playing Doc Holiday your huckleberry
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is, if not the greatest movie character of all time. I'll be your Huckelberry.
Tombstone on AMC, Classic! Val Kilmer is Oscar worthy as Doc Holiday.
I've spent this Sunday afternoon watching (sort of) two movies about the same thing. Wyatt Earp and Tombstone. Must say, in my opinion, Kurt Russell is by far the better Wyatt Earp (in Tombstone) than Kevin Cosner (in Wyatt Earp) and Val Kilmer is superior as Doc Holiday, although Dennis Quaid is pretty good as Doc in "Wyatt Earp". While watching these movies (I love Westerns), I was working through my pictures from last weekend's Toby Keith concert in Vegas. Got some good ones. Not as good as Cracky's but then not many take as good pictures as she does.
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Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is still one of favorite movie characters. I watch this movie every time I run across it.
I grew up watching westerns and I love them , but the way Val Kilmer plays Doc Holiday is gotta be one of the finest performances I have ever seen!!! I'm your Huckleberry
Between the 2 w. earp movies--who do you think played a better Doc Holiday--Dennis Quaid or Val Kilmer?
Watching Tombstone, what a way to end my vacation with my favorite movie. Val Kilmer played such a good Doc Holiday, and very good looking too. He can be my huckleberry.
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday rivals any movie performance to date. In my professional opinion
Just my opinion, Doc Holiday is one of the best roles Val Kilmer ever played.
Three part question : Which of these were the best? 1: Tombstone or Wyatt Earp? 2: Wyatt - Kevin Costner or Kurt Russel? 3: Doc Holiday - Val Kilmer or Dennis Quaid?
Dear Val Kilmer; Love you as Doc Holiday you crazy crazy man! Xoxo : Jenna
Nothing like a day spent chilling in jammies watching Tombstone. Love Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, i think it is one of the best acting roles EVER done. After this, tom's pick of Blazing Saddle's.ugh!
Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone has some of the most quotable lines ever in film.
I'm not a Dark Knight fan but Tom Hardy as Bane is second only to Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday! Seriously one of the best movies in a long time!!!
Say what you will about Val Kilmer... Doc Holiday... enough said.
Watching Tombstone. Eventhough it is not very historically accurate, it is one of mt all time favorites. Not to mention that Val Kilmer makes a better Doc Holiday than the real Doc Holiday. Worth watching just for his performance alone!
need something to make you smile? Imagine "fat Val Kilmer" as Doc Holiday in Tombstone. are you smiling yet?
Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday is the best character ever! "You're no daisy, you're no daisy at all!"
Val Kilmer played the role of Doc Holiday flawlessly but he was the worst batman ever
Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday... best movie role ever!!!
Not a huge Val Kilmer fan, but Doc Holiday in Tombstone is in my top three favorite characters of all time!!!
Watched Tombstone last night with Val Kilmer in it why does something that looks so dumb on paper sound so cool in the movie? John Ringo: Isn't anyone here man enough to play for blood? Doc Holiday: I'm your huckleberry Then Doc kills him love this it's just bad *** in the movie. Serious reading it here does it no justice but watch the movie it's so cool.
Watching Wyatt Earp's Revenge with Val Kilmer kinda funny was Doc Holiday in Tombstone and in this one is Wyatt Earp lol..
"I'm your Huckleberry." - Doc Holiday i.e. Val Kilmer. One of his best roles, me-thinks. :)
Going to be another long day at Wally World. I wish I could talk HR into letting me just work four or five hours a day. Eight hours is too much for me to be on my feet anymore. Any one know of a sit down job where I basically get paid for doing nothing? I would run for Congress but even I have limits to my hypocracy, to quote Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone.
Watched Cry Baby with sexy Johnny Depp,the things I want to do to that man lol,now Wyatt Earp then Tombstone love both movies but I think Dennis Quaid did a better job as Doc Holiday than Val Kilmer,and Kurt Russell is way better than Kevin Costner he is a fine *** man and Sam Elliot my,my,my pretty close to being as sexy as Johnny Depp,can ya tell I'm missin my man lol?
Doc you should be in bed what are you doing out here, doc- Wyatt Earp is my friend. *** I got a lot of friends. Doc- I don't. Val Kilmer makes Doc Holiday look and sound so cool.
. There is no such thing as a perfect life. There's just life -Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer, "Tombstone")
The best performance by an actor EVER!!? Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday.
This morning I guess I needed a southern fix- put in some 'doc holiday' the best performance Val Kilmer ever!!!
Val Kilmer in Tombstone as Doc Holiday is worth the watch 100x over. And The Game was so original at the time.
"Why does Goose have to die though? It should've been Iceman." "Iceman can't die, that's Val Kilmer. VAL KILMER CAN'T DIE HE'S DOC HOLIDAY!"
"The Last Ride of Wyatt Earp and his Immortals". Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone.
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i want to have the same accent as Doc Holiday in tombstone. val kilmer was the man in that film lol
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