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Doc Brown

Emmett Lathrop Doc Brown, Ph.D. is a fictional character and one of the lead characters in the Back to the Future film trilogy, in which he is the inventor of the first time machine, which he builds out of a DeLorean sports car.

Marty McFly Christopher Lloyd Great Scott Bernie Sanders Twin Pines Mall Richard Herring Uncle Fester Romesh Ranganathan

The o line looked beastly against OSU- where was that all year? Every game this year the d came out big…
As Doc Brown used to say ' you're not thinking fourth dimensionally' - the things that would cause a need to increa…
Come out to Hermitage High School this evening at 6:30 pm and see Real Talk with Dr. Adolph Brown. Free and open to…
How can anyone find Doc Brown funny?
Doc Loui in the studio with Di'No Blade Brown via
Lmao they roll in packs. I said something about Chris Brown after watching the Netflix doc. People came in hard.
This just in... CBS has hired Doc Brown to use the Flux Capacitor to go back to 2009 in order to fire David Letterman.
I’ll be back just as soon as I’m done time traveling with Doc Brown and Clara on BACK TO THE FUTURE!
Christopher Lloyd playing Metron but going full Doc Brown. Funny, capable, and fan service all in one!
Marty McFly and doc brown marathon.
"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."- Doc Brown
Mack Brown wants to be the AD at Texas, HC at Arizona State, and HC at Tennessee
Puerto Rico just voted in favor of statehood. Imagine if the if the arcaic ideas of yesteryea…
Entirely possible with Barry Allen and his family involved. More time travel than that time Doc Brown met Bill and Ted.
I'll fly over dressed up as Doc Brown.
Doc Brown finally invented a Twin Pines Mall patch that works! Get one today at Headstone City!🌲🌲.
Really, Brown and Zwane fall sick before they have to answer questions in Parliament. They must provide sick notes…
SATURDAY! MK11 are very happy to present: Doc Brown. Tix £13: . Aft…
Well maybe he should have flown a govt jet via Tax Payer Air like the M…
When you're listening to Doc Brown's new track and he casually strolls by 😍 He didn't seem to recognise me though... 😂🤔
They’re so epic! sold out though I hunted 😞 the Doc Brown orange are pretty special as well 👌🏻
I watched the Cyntoia Brown doc a couple years back. I remember watching it & saying wow, this is similar to Sarah…
Final event of the semester runs from 5:30 - 8:30pm tonight in the Doc Brown Lounge. The evening will feature Car…
Holy crud, it really is an amazing story - Bertha Knight Landes. She became acting mayor in 1924 when Mayor Edwin J.…
Yeah it’s tough because outside of Brown and Bell on my team I don’t have…
are you blocking everyone that calls you out on your BS or just the people that point out your hai…
I liked a video Doc Brown takes down sexism in 13 minutes
Sometimes I fantasize about taking Doc Brown’s time machine back 72 years so I could spike Mrs. Trump’s morning-after co…
Doc Brown goes back to his roots with his new album & live music show, using his trademark high energy
Then go the whole hog: only ever have Martin Clunes as Doc Brown or Hugh Laurie as House. They'll recognise that.
Join me with Doc Brown and an awesome panel led by on Data Viz 845am Frick
2 years ago today, Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled in time to 2015.
It’s 2 hours, Doc Brown first then a break then Ricky, you won’t be disappointed! Wish I could go again 😁
Great stuff from Ricky Gervais and Doc Brown tonight at the Hammersmith Apollo.
TC looks like Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown in Back To the Future. Great Scott!
I drew Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown as Rick. It's not an original idea, but this is my version.
as long as ya got a Doc Brown time machine, gimme a few bucks on Buster Douglas, Leicester City 2 yrs ago & Howard last wk
💖 Christopher Lloyd - best known as Doc Brown in Back to the Future, Uncle Fester in the Addams Family and Professo…
Getting ready for a couple events today as Doc Brown. I'll be at Grossmont Center in La Mesa at 5:00 by the founta……
Father is Doc Brown ... should have focused less on that clock tower and more on parenting
'I Am Not A Serial Killer' has a very creepy turn by Christopher Lloyd, defo not Doc Brown. Flick is let down by its conclusion.
So my very first photo of LFCC 2017 is at 10:00 with the wonderful Christopher Lloyd! I'm so excited to meet Doc Brown again!
"Donald Trump, the reality show host? Ha. Then who's Vice President, Jeff Probst?" - Doc Brown if Btt…
Doc Brown had a point, though, as did Walter Sobchak. This is not nam, this is bowling/…
And people support a guy who looks like Doc Brown and sounds like a Jackie Mason aka…
Christopher Lloyd talks about his character Doc Brown with superfan Ken
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Marty interrupted his parents meeting and slowly he and his siblings started disappearing. Ripple effect, etc. Doc Brown really laid it out
Clock Tower is awesome. Keep waiting for Doc Brown and Marty to show up in the Delorian.…
Fans of Doc Brown and Marty McFly are in for a treat...
Do Marty and Doc Brown realize how incredible it is that the Delorean didn't end up in empty space?
I once rode a horse with and Doc Brown in the wild wild west, thanks to Marty McFly and
Is our timeline going to disappear after Doc Brown and Marty stop Biff from becoming president?
*extreme Doc Brown voice* Joe Kelly? The starter? And who's their center fielder, Shane Robinson? I suppose Mitchell Boggs is the setup man!
The plot for my Back to the Future 4 screenplay involves me befriending Doc Brown so I can go back to the Oakland Invad…
I always assumed Doc Brown was referring to Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
Doc Brown should be sued for patent infringement. The true is timezones and the international date line
His support act Doc Brown comes on at 7.30 who is well worth seeing! Ricky comes on about 8.10
Doc Brown was on at 7.30. Ricky was on at 8.15. Amazing show.
That's a meme? I thought it was just a thing cowboys said. or Doc Brown.
So apparently Robin Lopez is channeling Bob McAdoo & Rondo got hold of Doc Brown's DeLorean... 😒.
Prince Naveen as Jack Sparrow. John Smith as Johnny Bravo. Flynn Ryder and Maximus as Marty McFly and Doc Brown. https:/…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I just asked a colleague here and she suggests Romesh Ranganathan, Paul Chowdhry, Doc Brown and Phil Wang.
Time for a baldie, or any haircut for that matter, Matt.. *** look like Doc Brown
What do Doc Brown, Doogie Howser and DeLoreans have in common? See what that link is on Today Ranked
DnD, Dragon Age, Sherlock Holmes, assorted classics and Doc Brown on a hoverboard,…
I liked a video Doc Brown wants the Back to the future ride at Universal Studios Hollywood
CNN is calling it Bernie vs Cruz. I'm calling it Doc Brown vs Grandpa Munster.
We drafted Tee Martin a round before Brady was drafted by the Pats. This all could have been prevented. Where's Doc Brown when you need him?
Round Two Match 1: Bill S Preston Esq takes on Dirk Gentley (who defeated Doc Brown in Round 1).
Doc Brown showed up. Thanks Dennis, Gene and Hazem for a great class.
Imagine Anakin said "Luke, aku ni pok mung.." in the Return of the Jedi. Martin McFly yelled "berat kakloh" to Doc Brown.
Freaked out as I stood in the spot where Doc Brown & Marty McFly Dolorean'ed for the 1st time & if u know me then youre not surprised at all
- VINCENT. I loved when u worked with Christopher Lloyd, Doc Brown in Vanishing Act. LOL VDO
Jon looks like Doc Brown after a week-long bender, which might explain why he doesn’t seem to understand what an ab…
Wasted opportunity on having Christopher Lloyd on there but not as Doc Brown or at least with no references
Sorry if I'm a day late, but I only saw the finale last night; still flabbergasted at Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown cameo!
I realized early that Barry and Cisco are only showing up at the end playing the Doc Brown role from the end of BTTF
This week we're mixing Doc Brown with Ghengis Khan: Travelling through time and conquering empires!
Get Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown to burst through the door, yelling, "You've got to come back to the future!"
I genuinely believe Doc Brown could arrive to save us from all this yet
With Trump's improbable ascension to the highest office in the land, all I can think is: what the *** did McFly and Doc Brown do now?!
I feel like Doc Brown is gonna show up in the DeLorean at any minute and we're going to have to go back to 1955 to fix so…
Now what if Doc Brown told Marty that in 2016 win the and was President?
Hi we watched your doc on the BLM movement, we thought you might like this film on Mike Brown
Great moment in doc that challenges the complacent attitude to tackling climate change in the west
this will be a hot topic today in our PLC! And fracking dose…
Back to the Future 4 plot. Doc Brown introduces his new time machine to Old Trafford and invites fans to go back an…
Bruce Brown discusses how to prepare your IT network for healthcare consolidation
Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one — Emmett "Doc" Brown
Great Scott!!! We found Marty & Doc Brown! Their DeLorean took them to instead of Hope the…
how loopy are u?. 1- can't find glasses. Or... 2- u think ur driving dressed as Doc Brown but your at home doorknob cake beans
Is it just me or does Hurricane Matthew look like Doc Brown?
ICYMI: Richard Herring, Doc Brown, Romesh Ranganathan, Al Murray, all forthcoming for Gittins soonish:
The Cleveleys clock tower will be closed tonight so Doc Brown can generate the 1.21 gigawatts of energy required to power the flux capacitor
Brilliant podcast with Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown who recently starred in David Brent: Life on the Road) &...
If my alien astronomy prof isn't the 2016 version of Doc Brown, I will be thoroughly disappointed
now that's a prequel I'd like to see. I'd also love to see Gavin outline his plan to poor Judy, preferably like Doc Brown
I do a wicked Doc Brown and identifiable versions of Desi Arnaz and Indy's Egyptian friend from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I watched it for Doc Brown, fell over when I saw Olivia Colman, then fell in love with it all
Exchange of Pirate Pride shirt and Wheelbarrow pin, Doc Brown and Dr. Jolly
Guys, remember when Hillary and Obama helped the Libyans kill Doc Brown at the Twin Pines Mall?
Sooo… did Marty & Doc Brown just leave those Libyans to die after they crashed their van in the Twin Pines Mall parking lot?
Doc Brown asked if Jane Wyman was First Lady. Ronald Reagan married Nancy in 1952.
So Bill's speeches are like Doc Brown itineraries.
Remember Taxi? I remember Christopher Lloyd AKA Doc Brown playing a grumpy drunk taxi driver in this (I think)...
9pm ish. Doc Brown supported 👍👍 & some1 from Derek I think 👎. Be in your seats b4 7.30, starts dead on. Have a great one!
Richard Herring's podcast with Doc Brown is a beauty. 👍🏽
Regret not seeing Doc Brown stand up tonight in Brierley Hill 😫
Kate McKinnon in is the answer to what happens if Watts, Rayanne Graff, Doc Brown and Q
Richard Osman and Doc Brown have to impress the Mayor of Chesham in Taskmaster:
Audio of RHLSTP with Doc Brown is now up here - (video up soon)
The original Back To the Future came out in 1985. Doc Brown has some bad news for us. It's all 80's weekend on...
Tell me this guy doesn't look like Micheal Keaton playing Doc Brown...
I'm probably the only one who sees this, but if you combine Marty McFly and Doc Brown you get Mets 3rd base coach Tim Teufel
Film idea. Shaft reboot. John Shaft (skilfully rendered by Doc Brown) queries the presence of Harry Lime (a great role for Graeme Garden).
memo to Doc Brown. Please put Jim Benning and Trevor Linden in the Delorean and return him from 1985. Signed 2016
Back to the future remake. Starring Kevin Hart as Marty McFly. Jai Courtney as Biff Tannen. And Betty White as Doc Brown
Who would your Doc Brown pick be for an all-female Back to the Future reboot? I think Cathrine O'Hara or Ellen would be great.
My big Hollywood idea: Back to the Future starring Miley Cyrus as Mary McFly and Jane Lynch as Doc Brown. . COME AT ME, NERDY MAN-CHILDREN.
I always imagine you will shoot backwards across the vestibule like Marty McFly messing with Doc Brown's amp.
It looks like Marty McFly and Doc Brown visited McCovey Cove in a souped-up aquatic DeLorean -
Update your maps at Navteq
When Harry and Cisco are in a scene, it's so Doc Brown & Marty McFly.
[that scene from back to the future where marty tells Doc Brown about the future while in the past but only its someone from now to 2002]
Aren’t Doc Brown and Marty supposed to end up in 2015?...
Marty and Doc Brown were outside the ballpark tonight!
Check out our version of this Huey Lewis classic from Back To The Future….. Marty McFly and Doc Brown would be...
He's from another universe and if we were to ever meet it'd be like what Doc Brown said to Marty which was oh no I've gone cross eyed...
LOL! Yeah, it's like waking up in a parallel universe after Doc Brown & Marty lose a book...
Nobody talks about how Marty McFly totally trashes Doc Brown's house in the opening of -- and then just leaves for school.
Cook the food with the storm! Stick a big rod on top of BBQ like Doc Brown in Back to the Future :D :D
Our last speakers are Harry Harrold and Mark Brown talking about 'The Doc Ready story'
Saw myself in the mirror. Yelled out "Look at me, I'm an old man!" Like Doc Brown in
I liked a video from Epic Rap Battles of History - Behind the Scenes - Doc Brown vs
Have you seen the Doc Brown rap on this subject?
"Great Scott!!!" legodimensions Doc Brown Fun Pack has arrived! Review coming up this weekend on…
notice my profile pic, me and Doc Brown on my 55th birthday.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Does he think Doc Brown and Marty are going to go back and talk some sense into 1990 Donald Trump?
"Marty! There may still be a way to stop Trump." - Doc Brown (Back to the Future)
Flying Car | Doc Brown was right all along, we don't need roads. Lamborghini. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4...
ever thought of how weird the relationship between Marty McFly and Doc Brown is?
this is like the scene from Back To The Future III, where Marty had to sober up Doc Brown
remember, Doc Brown went back and changed our future to one where all our hover boards batteries blew up...
The 2GW of NC Solar Power could send Doc Brown Back to the Future. But what else could it power?
Delorean at Universal Japan has been moved from its normal spot to a spot next to the ride for Doc Brown photo op
What hashtag should one use when raising concerns re. white doc filmmakers exploiting African black + brown pain using a paternalistic gaze?
Great Scott!! What a brilliant prize (and no I have no idea why I turned into Doc Brown there lol)
I trust them both as much as I do a fart after too much Taco Bell.
when is going to replace section of missing Doc Brown bike trail. they've had plenty of time
Jeb and Cruz devoted their lives and strategize for decades for 2016 and Trump just came out like "I hate brown ppl" an…
I liked a video from Doc Brown vs Doctor Who. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.
'Brown Flash Barrett' short doc made by
Meet Black Singles 300x250
.is 74 and somehow thinks you gave birth to him... hmmm. I heard he met Doc Brown. Sth to do with this?
looks like a younger version of Doc Brown from back to the future with them glasses
I shall now be calling you Doc Brown
Doc Brown definitely used the soft g on the ol' giga.
I don't like my car anymore. Everytime I want to get out after a journey the door electrocutes me so I end up looking abit like Doc Brown...
in a serious Doc Brown back to the future sort of way?
Back to the Future remake with female Martina McFly and female Doc Emma Brown?
Media making Frank Vogel into some young Larry Brown. For losing with the best player in the series. Larry bird don't…
I used to have a Doc Brown but I gave it to a buddy. :-)
2 New Series of Taskmaster coming to Dave. Series 2 : Jon Richardson, Richard Osman, Joe Wilkinson, Katherine Ryan and Doc Brown and 1/2
I know which which one of these I prefer: Either Willow or Doc Brown
nice! Whats your fave? Mine so far is doc brown and Marty McFly
in the 1980's in Greenock don't need no Doc Brown in this establishment
Well folks it looks like we're going to have yet another all night adventure involving Mr. Peabody, Doc Brown,...
Seems like we're not the only ones going back to the future today! Doc Brown came to say Happy Birthday
Meet Black Singles 300x250
You were at a panel with the lovely Yin Brown: Here is the doc we made on - Love if you saw:
📷 Doc, We don’t have enough road to get up to 88. Dr. Emmett Brown: Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t...
There needs to be a situation that's way over Gordon's head, esp with a Batman villain, to necessitate Batman's existence
From Marty's perspective, the entire "Back to the Future" trilogy happens over 3 weeks—for Doc Brown, the adventure spans about 10 years.
co-hosting w/& soon to be doc I'm at Alpert Med of Brown, reflective wrting w/students
I will give up my everything for this: Flyboard Air Hoverboard Can Go 93 MPH and Soar to 10,000 Feet
my mom just said Bernie Sanders looks like Doc Brown from Back to the Future
I'm sure this is really going to help you recruit nationally.
Tonight. I go back in time. Joining the likes of Dr. Who, Doc Brown, and Marty McFly. Because the songs all...
A beautiful doc from on now - the memories and music in the last hour of a life...
Victor Fries there getting his "Doc" Brown back to the future style on.
Actually Back To The Future told us that. Doc Brown doesn't count as a scientist.
Looks like that tooth abstraction is going to be painful by the doc on
trailer 2 was like Doc Brown tantalizingly waving a piece of delicious, moist cake in my face then jumping 13 days to the future
About 2 have a evening watching all three films of Back to the Future. Classic film. I'm definitely Doc Brown 🤓😎
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Isn't this how Doc Brown gets himself shot in the first BTTF?
jea happy advance..I think.?? 138 hm ok doc brown you are right. The delorean works
they should make it so if you hit 88mph, Doc Brown takes off his shades and said "Great Scott!"
Mrs. Davis & I learned a ton in Mrs. Brown's K class today ...even got to try out her fancy…
(I mean, I didn't think about that when I mentioned doc brown. I already thought that scene was awful.)
I'm using shorthand to accommodate the 140-character limit. Though the idea of a Doc Brown-type is pretty funny to ponder.
A little bit of Charlie Brown at the Maracanã last night... A
You sound like a broken record! Doc Brown is not going anywhere near the white house! TRUMP
Yes! Been waiting for this since Marty, Biff, Doc Brown, George and Lorraine. "The real hoverboard" via
Not gonna lie, read your response in the voice of Doc Brown
Trump has adopted the Doc Brown "Pinball Machine Parts Plan." Hope he has a time machine so he knows consequences.
. I have no idea what goes into them, but I'm picturing you as Doc Brown right now.
Desaray Brown of shows off her sign, complete with cotton ball Doc Brown hair
Robert Brown MLC: "John Howard's petition is not backed by evidence"
Mr Brown, wins probation variation to allow himself to hunt using a compound bow. "no weapons" prohibition varied.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I liked a video How to rap like Drake by Doc Brown
Doc Brown picked me up to help save Marty McFly from doing a reboot
ICYMI: It's game night in the GPR studios again! This time, we ID quotes from the Doctor, Doc Brown, & Dr. Sheldon.
So awesome that the entire game is narrated by Christopher Lloyd (i.e. Doc Brown, Drew Blanc, Uncle Fester, etc.)
If anybody picked Stephen F Austin and MTSU in their bracket they really might have the Doc Brown time machine
Can you find Doc Brown in this group of Bernie Sanderses?
TIL: Doc Brown is Doctor Emmett Brown. Emmett is pronounced like "emit" which is "time" spelled backwards.
next thing you know Back To The Future will be remade staring Shia LaBouf as Marty and Owen Wilson as Doc Brown .
Wow. I've never seen a picture of George Noory. I was expecting someone much more Doc Brown-ish.
Ya kinda looks like that gadget Doc Brown used to try to read Marty's mind in BTTF Part 1 >.>;;
Every Bernie supporter seems to want ole' Bern to pull them off of their butt like Doc Brown rescuing Marty McFly
The Celtics are the future only if Marty and Doc Brown fire up the DeLoren and go back to 1960, then they will be.
I feel like Doc Brown... "[The minions] found me. I don't know how, but they found me. RUN FOR IT MARTY!"
Nah Bernie is definitely Doc Brown. Now Hillary is a tough one. Cruz is Grandpa Munster
Doc Brown: Hey Is the time machine broken?. Me:(watching the time machine drink heavily and cry while holding a pictur…
All purpose parts banner
Everyone may remember as Doc Brown. But he will forever be AL from Angels in the Outfield for me.
It used to blow my mind that Professor Plum & Doc Brown were played by the same guy in the same year. Still does. Kudos, Christopher Lloyd.
Doc Brown is the guy who is Christopher Lloyd. He invented the time machine.
Proof Bernie Sanders not only sounds like Doc Brown but is Doc Brown
This game is apparently being broadcast from Doc Brown’s lab at the start of Back To The Future.
How did Marty McFly and Doc Brown become friends?
almost exactly what Doc Brown says to Marty in back to the future. Great quote!
Daniel Caesar, Jazz Cartier, Norm Kelly, The Lee brothers and Sean Brown in the mini doc. Kardinal the OG narrating.
*** Jagger on Grammy jerk for James Brown doc, Amy Winehouse
*** Jagger on his Grammy nod for James Brown doc: *** Jagger is getting Grammy love this year, but it's not ...
Just realised my clinic has Doc Savage and Doc Brown. Looking forward to my appointment with their ENT, Doc Ock.
*** Jagger on Grammy nod for James Brown doc, Amy Winehouse
Rick and Morty is fantastic, it answers the question of what'd be like if Doc Brown from back to the future was a raging alcoholic.
shake first or the tissue paper will tear off and your *** will look a bit like Doc Brown
Leicester City 2,500-1 to win the premier league at the beginning of the year. Where's doc Brown and that time machine?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Not since "Marty McFly and Doc Brown" have I ever seen a younger man and an older man have such great chemistry.
This week's features Conor Owens and Daniel Copleston at and Millie Eve Duo and
Funny or Die made a four-long movie based on Art of the Deal. With ALF and Doc Brown!
The nomination period for new CAPP members opens today. CAPP Chair Dr Kate Brown on why you should participate:
When you change your friends name to "Doc Brown" and then make them text you this...
10/10 one of my top 3 packs next to Marty McFly and Doc Brown
Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump for presidency is literally Doc Brown vs Biff Tannen
First film I saw at the cinema. I grew up simultaneously terrified of (Judge Doom) and loving (Doc Brown) Christopher Lloyd 😐
Getting Ghostbusters and Doc Brown today. . I still want to order another Ghostbusters base for my custom Egon Spengler.
Rex Murphy looks like Doc Brown if the Delorean caught his face on fire while he was working underneath it.
Doc Brown, Peter Venkman & more come to LEGO Dimensions this week -
Cool gig last night with Zoe Lyons, Ian smith, Charlie baker and Doc Brown, very enjoyable.
except if you are Doc Brown and you see Marty burning Gray's Sports Almanac.
Reading Comedy Festival continues this week with Anchorman, Doc Brown, Carl Donnelly, Blackadder and more!!
"Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) Have unique dialogue with each other arguing over how Time Travel works."
When exams turn you into Doc Brown, thanks 😂🤔
Great Scott! Back to the Future’s Doc Brown is in the latest Lego Dimension
Watched Back to the Future with my kids. How old is Doc Brown supposed to be in 1955? Christopher Lloyd was 17(!) then.
Doug Meacham seems like the love child of Matthew McConaughey and Doc Brown from Back To The Future
Bill NYE does experiments in every episode but he doesn't talk, Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown narrates everything he does
I just checked with Doc Brown and he will not be letting Jeb Bush borrow the DeLorean...
The Mile High Blues Society and Ziggies Denver presents the longest standing blues jam in Colorado in the oldest...
And now...raffling off a Loot Crate edition Doc Brown Funko doll! Goes to Congrats!
the hoverboard Marty is a Zbox Exclusive and Electric Doc Brown is a Lootcrate exclusive. The other is standard.
"Sam's the Skully to my Mulder, the Robin to my Batman, the Ness to my Connery, the Shaggy to my Scooby, the Doc Brown to my Marty McFly."
Glad to see ESPN blasting this type of behavior, AT &T ,Miller brewing Co. & American Airlines all supporters of Cowboys w…
.and the winners are.Marty McFly and Doc Brown! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Lightsaber Chopsticks. Just shut up and take my money.
If your coach is accepting mediocrity from you , they really don't think much of you. If they are picky and want more from yo…
Anyone else notice that doc brown has committing suicide/ murder when he testing the DeLorean
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Wisdom is an elite quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it!
Christopher Lloyd, but he'd have to maintain the Doc Brown persona from Back To The Future for his entire term.
You're looking forward too watching You & Doc Brown taking the Delorean to 1995?
🚙🔥🔥🔥 If I were Doc Brown I'd go back and invent Oreos. New GIF in Pack. Send to your …
Marty McFly & Doc Brown are really disappointed by 2015 on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
In case you missed it - congrats to our for his best young scientist award! Here's why he won it:
Ya boy Bernie Sanders can't decide if he should go trick or treating as Larry David or Doc Brown what do ya think? htt…
Im getting into the DeLorean. Doc Brown and I have a lot of work to do for this country...
Today in Hill Valley history: Doc Brown slipped off his toilet while hanging a clock & envisioned the Flux Capacitor h…
*** is you Doc Brown or something its 2015 bro this aint back to the future
Dear Orchid Doc:: Help! My orchids are sick. The undersides of the Dendrobium leaves are dark brown and the st...
AND you can watch clips of Paul Brown’s doc here:
Note to self: Find Doc Brown and his DeLorean and go back to 1977 and take care of business.
it's clear the blue light in the sky was Doc Brown & Marty going back to the future to collect material for a sequel.
Clippers got clipped. Blake Griffin rightfully infuriated. Doc just stoned face for the past minute lol.
IV needs to happen: older Doc Brown to older Marty; "Great Scott! 2015 *** worse than we thought. Let's do something!"
So, are college refs trying to send a message showing that they can influence the outcome of games on a whim?
R2 helped repair Doc Brown's time machine today. @ My Chic Geek
I now have a Wikia entry: Doc Brown Saves the World
i've made such a huge deal about interviewing clowes tomorrow but what i HAVEN'T mentioned is i'm gonnna do it in character as "doc brown"
Alabama won this game up front, old school. Their big tough dudes were big and tough tonight. LSU got BEAT UP.
A lot of you have a lot of anger and obscure officiating grudges to work through.
What? An institute of the state of Missouri may be racist!? No way!
Let's ask Doc Brown for the DeLorean and travel to 2007 to see if he was bleeding purple and gold then.
The Zygon Inversion was the best episode of since Tennant was flying around in the Tardis.
Doc Brown could've gone back in time to stop Hitler or save Lincoln but instead he stuck around to sleep with Mary Steenburgen smh
It was Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveling back to the future to get BO3!!!
How else can Bernie so closely resemble Doc Brown?
Today in Geek History: In 1955, Doc Brown slips in the bathroom, hits his head, and the Flux Capacitor is born!
I'm diggin' the one guy's Livestrong bracelet. Clearly Doc Brown brought him to the future tonight from 2005...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Doc Brown: states into camera like he's in the office and name drops
2016-OTF Collection Lansing High School Baseball hats, will be available for pre-order sale this month 🐾⚾️🐾
The cop is wearing the same cowboy outfit that Doc Brown gave Marty.
After they had Doc Brown dressed up as him earlier in the summer I find it tricky to think of him any other way.
Doc Brown: 'Rap battles prepared me for stand-up': Doc Brown, or Ben Bailey Smith as he would probably rather ...
great costume! You look almost as good as you did as Doc Brown... Great Scott it's Snow White!!!
Excellent time traveling today! Doc Brown, Hoverboard, and sonic screwdriver.
Watch Marty McFly and Doc Brown weigh in on Cronuts and Grindr on http…
The Marty McFly and Doc Brown of the Alternate 1985 were in Switzerland and a Mental Institution respectively in Back to the Future 2
Christopher Lloyd was cast as Doc Brown after the first choice, John Lithgow, became unavailable
One of the best videos of the week -> The real Marty McFly and Doc Brown showed up on Jimmy Kimmel
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