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Doak Campbell Stadium

Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium is the football stadium on the campus of the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

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A photo of Derrick Brooks lining up against Clemson Tigers at Doak Campbell Stadium in 1993. The Seminoles defeate…
The class is enjoying a Night Out in the President's box of Doak Campbell Stadium.
An aerial photo of Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, 1950.
A photo of Telvin Smith in pursuit of tight end Clive Walford as he carries up the field at Doak C…
Doak Campbell stadium: Chief Osceola & Renegade await the arrival of The players.
Though not technically under a Flash Flood Warning, heavy rain is falling by Doak Campbell Stadium. Stay safe. (Ima…
i'm sure they pay just fine. can't wait for them to sell the naming rights welcome to ATT Doak Campbell Stadium.
When you remember Hard Rock Stadium (Miami) is really Doak Campbell South and it's confirmed:
Just booked my flight for Tallahassee on Sept 16th for the vs the Noles at Doak Campbell Stadium!!
Wasn't able to find my way inside Doak Campbell Stadium during my trip to Florida State, but I…
So many people have died at Doak Campbell stadium 😳
Now witness the power of this fully operational Doak Campbell Stadium.
Good afternoon from the Coach Bobby Bowden Statue outside Doak Campbell Stadium on the beautiful Florida State camp…
Does anybody know if you can still get into Doak Campbell on the off season to run the stadium steps?
Sean Maguire threw a ball over the wall of Doak Campbell Stadium, but it looks like the YouTube video was deleted.
Tickets for our end of the year banquet at Doak Campbell Stadium feat. Bryan Norcross are on sale now! This is goin…
Update your maps at Navteq
Florida State University versus the University of Miami at Doak Campbell Stadium:…
Love when my Valentine wears Garnet and Gold instead of Orange 🍢 @ Doak S. Campbell Stadium
Cannot wait to walk into Doak Campbell Stadium.
Florida State's spring game will return to Doak Campbell Stadium on April 8. The played in Orlando last year
A nice twilight at Doak Campbell Stadium this evening.
We can't wait to rock Doak Campbell Stadium on April 29th! Don't forget to get your tix to the best concert at h…
they have 4 or 5 renegades in the stadium in stalls under the seats at Doak Campbell.
Renovations at Doak Campbell Stadium, including Reynobond-clad Champions Club, have fans cheering:
Jameis Winston never lost a regular season game. He never lost at Doak Campbell Stadium. He never lost to the Gators or…
I still remember sitting in Doak Campbell Stadium at FSU watching Obama's acceptance speech on the jumbotron back i…
Fun fact from the Bowden Movie: . Doak Campbell Stadium is the second largest continuous brick structure IN THE...
seems to enjoy showing out at these all-star games. Hope they saved some for Doak Campbell Stadium over th…
Doak Campbell Stadium is the 2nd largest brick structure in the entire world behind the Great Wall of China.
This place is like Doak Campbell stadium, sold out and Nole gear all around.
ICYMI: The Miami Hurricanes have a 14-10 all-time record against the Florida State Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stad…
"UNCONQUERED" *. *unless we play the University of Miami because the 'Canes have a winning record against FSU at Do…
I mean can Justin come to EverBank Field in Jacksonville or Doak Campbell Stadium, In Tallahassee?
Florida State's sideline reaction after defeating the Florida Gators at home inside Doak Campbell Stadium. (via
Video: FSU's Davin Cook on if he played his last game in a Doak Campbell Stadium.
Dalvin Cook is introduced as a starter for what will certainly be the last time at Doak Campbell Stadium.
wants to party with Check out our at Doak Campbell Stadium ❤️💛
and will kickoff at 8 pm on 11/26 at Ron Zook Field at Doak Campbell Stadium.
Watch this incredible video of the Para-Commandos' jump into Doak Campbell Stadium!
After beating Florida State 37-34 for its first win at Doak Campbell Stadium in a decade, …
Fans of the Florida State Seminoles cheer during the game against the Clemson Tigers at Doak Campbell Stadium on...
Two weeks from now it will be Florida State vs. Clemson here inside Doak Campbell Stadium.
Jimbo Fisher is 22-3 at Doak Campbell Stadium in games. Infographic:
"Wake Forest has not scored a touchdown in Doak Campbell Stadium since 2006" did not know that
Hard Rock Stadium sounded like Doak Campbell when we blocked that FG. Place erupted with the war chant.
It'll bring people to Doak Campbell Stadium on Nov 12th
This needs a showing on the new video board in Doak Campbell Stadium.
We know it's the season, but remember that masks of any kind are not allowed in Doak Campbell Stadium.…
Bear tranquilized near Doak Campbell Stadium - officials said it was likely looking for food cc:
T-minus ONE MONTH until we rock the house in Doak Campbell Stadium!! Visit to purchase your…
do you have a hookup for tickets to Doak Campbell Stadium?
We ain't no puppies, we some dawgs. @ Doak S. Campbell Stadium
Doak Campbell Stadium is going to look good come football season.
FSU fans would be doing the same thing if the game was at the brick walled trailer park known as Doak Campbell Stadium.
See ya next week Doak Campbell Stadium. I want to see this D next week. Proud of the O line today also. Coaches/players 👍🏽
I declare we shall refer to Hard Rock Stadium as "Jimbo Fisher Field at Doak Campbell South Stadium".
That's cuz it ain't really they field. FSU fans and students ain't trashing Bobby Bowden Field at Doak S. Campbell Stadium like that.
6 get off Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell South Stadium. hit the showers big fella.
Watching football on the big screen. @ Doak S. Campbell Stadium
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UNC FG kicker tomahawking around Doak Campbell Stadium after kicking the game winner
What do you call a trailer park surrounded by a brick wall? Doak Campbell stadium
Fun fact: Ed reed gave this speech in Doak Campbell stadium lol
Doak Campbell Stadium opened on this date in 1950, with a capacity of 15,000.
Retired jerseys banner is filled in under the scoreboard at Doak Campbell Stadium.
Drive home started early but made first stop at ACC powerhouse Florida State's Doak Campbell Stadium.
Maybe if it was "Doak Campbell Stadium presented by Coke" lol
We want to celebrate today by posting some of our favorite images from this past year! . Doak Campbell Stadium
A live stream of Doak Campbell Stadium construction exists. Cancel television. This is all we need :
PINK IS THE NEW GARNET?: Some interesting renovations are happening at Doak Campbell Stadium.
FSU’s new Doak Campbell Stadium spears: Garnet, gold...and pink?
It's no more of a mouthful than Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium. That's pretty classy to mock honoring Spurrier.
Right but it isn't Bobby Bowden-Seminole Field at Doak Campbell Stadium.
doesnt FSU already have Bobby Bowden/Ron Zook Field at Doak Campbell Stadium?
If FSU can have Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium, then we also deserve to have Steve Spurrier Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.
This is common practice--see: Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium. No one's had trouble with that...???
Another listing this one was a 2/1 condo overlooking Doak Campbell Stadium! It's the…
My behind-the-scenes look at upgrades at Doak Campbell Stadium
I've seen doak Campbell stadium enough in the past month in a half it would not bother if I didn't see it again the rest of my life
Kansas City chiefs stadium sounds like DOAK Campbell stadium
Couple venues left for CFB though. Texas-OU at actual Cotton Bowl. Husky Stadium, The Big House, Doak Campbell.
It's cool I hope they win cuz they gotta come see us next year 80k deep in Doak Campbell Stadium 👿
I've heard the Seminole War Chant firsthand at Doak Campbell Stadium, I can imagine how loud it is at the Peach Bowl in Georgia
While back at Doak Campbell stadium at FSU
Just saw Neyland Stadium for the first time in person. Sure makes Doak Campbell Stadium look like an ant 😳
Sneaking into Doak Campbell Stadium & on Bobby Bowden Field at Florida State yesterday was pretty…
When you can't wait to get to work cause you clean the bathrooms at Doak Campbell Stadium.
fsu Doak Campbell stadium is the big house. Go noles!
only QB to throw 400 yards without a INT at Doak Campbell stadium since 2010... Only had 5 INT. This season.
FAMU to receive football scoreboard from FSU's Doak Campbell Stadium:
Take a look at the current Doak Campbell Stadium as the club seating construction is in full effect.
On game day, 70,000 football fans pack Doak Campbell Stadium to watch Florida State roar to victory. I wait for the post-party quiet of
We would use this at Doak Campbell Stadium whileon the Noles!
Gloomy skies over FSU's Doak Campbell Stadium this evening
GAME TIME.. Playing FSU at Doak Campbell Stadium is one of the toughest and most hostile environments…
Noon kickoff for vs. in Doak Campbell Stadium.
Perfect night for football and great catching up with old friends! @ Doak Campbell Stadium @ Bobby…
See you in a few months what a win !! @ Doak Campbell Stadium @ Bobby Bowden Field
What's with all the sand on the field? Bobby Bowden Sandbox at Doak Campbell Stadium.
From the student section at the Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium. FSU vs. UM @ FSU…
ICYMI: Both student and regular seating sections in Doak Campbell Stadium have been officially sold out for Saturday.
Finally was able to drag this guy out to Doak Campbell Stadium to witness…
I'm at Doak Campbell Stadium - for South Florida Bulls vs Florida State Seminoles in Tallahassee, FL
Florida State beat 46-14 at Doak Campbell Stadium in 1995. And yet they still haven't scheduled UCF again.
Only 7 days till we are back in Doak Campbell Stadium for some Florida State Football! Go Noles! 🏈✨
Half a month until Florida State takes the field under the lights in Doak Campbell Stadium.
1 month away from Florida State opening its 2015 season under the lights in Doak Campbell Stadium on September 5th.
Scattered showers loom over FSU's Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, FL.
31 days until the lights are turned back on Doak S. Campbell Stadium 💛❤️
Bobby Bowden Field at Doak S. Campbell Stadium. Not my favorite university, but one can appreciate the history
Ordered my tickets to the UofL at Florida State game today. Can't wait to see a game at Doak Campbell Stadium.. Go Cards!
There's no better place to be on an Autumn Saturday Night than Doak Campbell Stadium.
Doak Campbell Stadium, of course, will be unavailable due to construction and upgrades.
Clear view west over from Florida State Capitol with Doak Campbell Stadium in distance for
Beautiful during the day and the night... Doak Campbell Stadium.
Clark column! Because of what it represents the No. 29 should have its own space inside Doak Campbell Stadium.
You does this mean you're moving back home?? 🎓 @ Doak Campbell Stadium, Florida State
It's official will play their 2015-16 home games at Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium
I'm either going to spend my birthday weekend in NOLA or rooting for my Noles at Doak Campbell Stadium
Can't come to Tally without saying hello to Doak. (@ Doak Campbell Stadium - in Tallahassee, FL)
at game Sept. 12 will be Military Appreciation Day at Doak Campbell Stadium. featured in NBC s Science of Love
This could be the last time we see this guy play in Doak Campbell Stadium. . Do your thing
Burt Reynolds returns to Doak Campbell Stadium on Nov. 22 and will plant the spear.
What a crazy environment Doak Campbell Stadium was on Saturday. Look back at how it all began as the Seminoles took the field against Notre Dame.
I feel the excitement of Doak Campbell Stadium, all the way here in Orlando!
Doak Campbell Stadium is gonna be SO LIVE Saturday night!
Dear there should be no commercial with the war chant unless it is a scene from Doak Campbell Stadium. Thank you and God bless
Rain or shine, stadiums are never a good idea😵 @ Doak S. Campbell Stadium
if you dont know why its bc doak campbell stadium is thE COOLEST
“Just a few changes to Doak Campbell: my dad was there when it was still an open stadium
Stadium Centre is continuing to "DO IT BIG" by making an appearance on the jumbotron at Doak S. Campbell Stadium...
Halftime at Doak Campbell Stadium in 1969 with the Oh my things have changed! cc:
I use to like John Anderson's "Seminole Wind," then I walked through tailgates at Doak Campbell Stadium.
Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium painted and ready for to battle Clemson tomorrow.
We're headed to Doak Campbell Stadium at Florida State University for the game this Saturday! Join...
Here is some ticket information for our games Thursday and Friday at Florida State. We hope to see you in Tallahassee! Single-day passes for the 2014 Tallahassee Super Regional are on sale now. Prices are $7 for adults and $5 for youth and seniors. Tickets can be ordered either on or by calling 1-888-FSU-NOLE. The ticket office is located at Gate B on the west side of Doak Campbell Stadium and the office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. ET. Here is a link to the tickets page -
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That’s it from Doak Campbell Stadium. Garnet beats Gold, 31-14. Go
FYI Nadine Lambert and Charlene Reed-Jennings News Release: Florida State University January 23rd, 2014 The National Champion FSU football team will hold its official celebration of the BCS title Saturday, February 1 at 12:00 p.m. inside Doak Campbell Stadium. The event is free as is parking and will conclude no later than 2:00 p.m. Stadium gates will open at 11:00 a.m. and Seminole Village on Langford Green will be open at 9:00 a.m.
WCTV We spoke with university officials earlier today. They told us Head Coach Fisher didn't want to make too many plans before the big win for fear of jinxing it. Now they are planning on hosting an event on Saturday the 18th at 2:00p.m. at Doak Campbell Stadium. FSU Associate Athletic Director Rob Wilson explained, "The whole idea is to just get together lets join each other for an hour-- hour and a half. Give the players one more time. And give the fans a chance to see the when it gets here. Hear from coach Fisher in person." We have been told the event is free to the public and every Nole fan is welcome to attend.
Celebrate FSU's third national championship with the Florida State Seminoles Football team next Saturday, Jan. 18, at 2 p.m. at Doak Campbell Stadium!
By Berry Tramel When Chief Osceola first planted his spear in the turf at Florida State's Doak Campbell Stadium, Sept. 16, 1978, the opponent was the Oklahoma State Cowboys. You can look it up. Osceola rides again Saturday night, and this time the Sooners will be in the house, and it remains quite t...
Alex Rodriguez watches from the sidelines during a game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Miami Hurricanes at Doak Campbell Stadium on November 2, 2013 in Tallahassee, Florida.
The Florida State football team won't be leaving until at least 10 a.m. after the team's plane was delayed this morning, according to FSU Associate Athletic Director Rob Wilson. Hundreds of fans were outside of Doak Campbell Stadium as early as 7:45 a.m. to see the team off to Pasadena, Calif. where they'll take on Auburn in the BCS National Championship -
My dad, brother, and me, outside Doak Campbell Stadium. @ Bobby Bowden Field
Wish there was a Doak Campbell Stadium snow globe... I really want one except it doesn't exist
In other words go ahead and ship that Sears Trophy to Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee, FL. 32301.
Gamedays are never boring with this one 💋 @ Doak Campbell Stadium
When running stadiums leads to this beauty | @ Doak Campbell Stadium
A weekend spent with this handsome thing is a weekend well spent 😍🏈 @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Finally got a picture with the garnet and gold boys. @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Photo: Missed this place far too much. (at Doak Campbell Stadium)
On the field with the 1993 national championship team at Doak Campbell Stadium
I have a new beverage container... And his name is Roger. @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Osceola and renegade doing what they do best . -,> @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Having the best weekend in Tallahassee ❤️💛🏈 Go Noles! @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Literally the greatest feeling in my life is sitting inside Doak Campbell Stadium. If you're not a 'Nole then you don't und…
Shout out to Uncle Luke. We the 2 Live Crew, two for me, two for you @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Awkward city. I swear we love each other lol 😂👯 @ Doak Campbell Stadium
The early gamer from Doak Campbell Stadium: Syracuse was overmatched against Florida State. Simple as that.
Undefeated buried the Orange 59-3 before a homecoming crowd of 74, 491 at Doak Campbell Stadium -
vs. - it's a family affair tonight. I miss you babe. @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Per the Tallahassee Democrat, since 2008 Miami-FSU averages 106 ejections per game at Doak Campbell Stadium, the most of any FSU home game.
Go Blue Devils!!! The Devils beat the Hokies in Lane Stadium yesterday 13-10. This give them a 6-2 record and makes them bowl eligible. This is the first time ever that Duke has been bowl eligible in back to back seasons EVER. Evidently, Logan Thomas had a poor day. I believe it was four interceptions by Duke. Thomas just hasn't really worked out at VT but they have never tried to replace him. I can't figure out why. Meanwhile, Miami looks like Clemson. They played horribly for the number 10 team in the country. They barely beat Wake scoring right at the end of the game. The stadium was EMPTY. That's been a problem for the Canes for years, but yesterday, it was really obvious. The stadium is 40 miles from the campus. I don't care how many free buses you run, the kids aren't going to go to the games. Next week the Canes meet FSU at Doak Campbell Stadium. Lotsa luck.
Parachuters flew down into Doak Campbell Stadium with the Seminole flag and the American flag before…
On the Corner of Pensacola Street and Chapel Drive in Tallahassee, Florida - 3 blocks literally from Doak Campbell Stadium and Bobby Bowden Field, stood a grand victorian mansion - known by thousands who attended Florida State over the decades as merely, "THE WHITE HOUSE". With a majestic, massive water oak in its front yard - probably planted when the mansion was originally built around 1895 as the centerpiece of its circular carriage drive, its 3 floors - white-washed Jeffersonian facade and grand botanical atrium with massive skylight, grand spiral mahagony staircase, fine wood floors (well worn by my day), 20 foot ceilings with chandeliers, formal dining room, and massive fireplace - THE WHITE HOUSE served generations of Florida State students as home for literally decades - like an old pair of jeans - well worn - with a few very well worn holes in just the right spots. Site of many parties and especially the Grand Halloween Party each October, it had many distinguished residents, to which this site . ...
The trip: Part 3: Shortly after we were back on I-10(about 5:30pm Sunday) we hit some heavy rain going through Mobile then things cleared up when we got past Pensacola. Our next break was about 2am in Tallahassee. I had to take a peak at Tennessee Street(US 90) where I parked many a time headed for class. We drove around and found Doak Campbell Stadium. George got out and took some photos. It's a wonder the campus cops didn't converge on our location but we escaped without handcuffs. Back on the I-10 to I-95 and we arrived at George's house in DeBary about 6:30am. I then headed up to my new hangout in DeLand. Called my sister and she let me in and had the keys to my apartment. I spent the best part of the morning unloading the car and looking for a place to sit down. I had the commode and the ice chest on which to sit, or the floor(whoopee!). Went to a liquidators nearby and secured a business desk, chest of drawers, a chair and a Posture-Pedic queen mattress and box spring for $210. They were delivered . ...
My smile is deceiving. I hate you all for leaving me 😟 @ Doak Campbell Stadium
grad pictures at field at Doak Campbell stadium!
I'm so ready about the upcoming season for FSU !! Doak Campbell stadium will be on swole !!
although, in fairness, I've attended several games at Doak Campbell Stadium and it's one of the nicest in college FB.
Hope Bowden always feels welcome at and Doak Campbell Stadium Homecoming: Bowden to attend 2 FSU games
Bowden to make first return to FSU since ouster
Bobby Bowden will finally return to Doak Campbell Stadium via
Bobby Bowden will return to Doak Campbell Stadium at least twice this season -
Getting a shower in after my workout in the stadium! 😝🚿kaleel09 @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Bobby is coming back to Doak Campbell Stadium this season.
Bobby Bowden set to make his return to Doak Campbell Stadium for FSU's games against NC State and Syracuse
legendary coach Bobby Bowden will return this fall to Doak Campbell Stadium. Read more about it here
Bobby Bowden to return to Doak Campbell Stadium this fall via
Thinkn bout ol times.dang time dne flew!! I was just 7 playn lil league ball at center now um sittn in front of Doak Campbell Stadium...
Another great TD in football history, up in Doak Campbell. That stadium got real quiet
Street walking (looking for a brewskie) at the BEST stadium in the world. @ Doak Campbell…
the play in the most place in Campbell Stadium!
Found out my suitemate, floor mates & cast mates for this summer through a scavenger hunt in Doak Campbell Stadium.
"What if I told you God could be found at Doak Campbell Stadium..."
Getting to go on Bobby Bowden Field and Doak Campbell Stadium was SO cool! Can't wait to make amazing…
There is no better way to start off a week than by watching the sun rise over the beautiful Doak Campbell Stadium. Happy Monday, y'all.
*** there is nothing like a Saturday night in Doak Campbell Stadium! I miss it so much! lol I need college football in my life
Having dinner next to Bobby Bowden at Doak Campbell Stadium! (@ University Center Club)
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly over and into Florida State's Doak Campbell Stadium? Our friends at Aerial Promotions give you a bird's-e...
In 2012, I ran close to 300 miles! That's equivalent to the distance between my house and Doak Campbell stadium in Tallahassee.
lol I can't argue with you. We lost. But shidd we tapped that *** in Doak Campbell Stadium!
we never pay we just show up and win. Like we did in Doak Campbell Stadium. But we struggling tonight.
Mad? He just beat FSU at Doak Campbell Stadium at Ron Zook Field.
This is also the point in the program where we remind you that Florida scored 37 points inside the confines of one Doak Campbell Stadium.
Any rich boosters want to buy the rights to sun life stadium, trying to re name it doak Campbell
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you know, I found out something funny, they called our stadium Doak Campbell south. I found that hilarious.
Trampling over FSU at Doak Campbell Stadium. It shut the haters up for good, and the revenge felt even sweeter on the road.
Made a stop in Tallahassee on the way to Jacksonville. Impressive facility here at Doak Campbell Stadium.
Driving past doak Campbell stadium wishing it was fall again
of course. Center field in Doak Campbell Stadium right..? We could get really heady with these Weedding procedures
If you havent been inside of Doak Campbell Stadium with 84,392 doing the Tomahawk Chop, you haven't lived yet. 👋
Live from the center of Doak Campbell👍 @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Just took a tour of Doak Campbell Stadium, what they provide for the athletes is insane! State of the art gym, training & therapy area
Really like the fact that you have joined Braves family but.. Go Gators. Doak Campbell Stadium, where only Gators come out alive
Today's comes all the way back...from Saturday. @ Doak Campbell Stadium
I think in 2014/2015 when I get to Doak Campbell Stadium…I’ll have help me plant a huge THANK YOU sign out front.
I'd love to go see Doak Campbell stadium one day
I cant wait to be in Doak Campbell Stadium in a couple weeks
I wonder which of the 80,000 people in Doak Campbell Stadium gave me this awful cold. I’m betting it was a Gator.
It may not be pretty, but Florida's offense finds way past Florida State
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*** I'm gonna miss this atmosphere. Still rep the NOLES to the fullest. @ Doak Campbell Stadium
One of the two pictures I managed to take for the UF game. Explains a lot. 🍻💀 @ Doak Campbell Stadium
went into rival top ten FSU Seminoles Doak Campbell Stadium and chomped the Noles
Just Gonna upload some pics from the beat down that occurred in Doak Campbell Stadium.
Speaking of FSU, is there a more southern name than Doak? As in Doak Campbell Stadium. # off-topic
“Ever wonder how doak campbell stadium gets cleaned? I've seen students clean it too lol
Ever wonder how doak campbell stadium gets cleaned?
Two facts: It's Monday. And Florida has won 4 of the last 5 at Doak Campbell Stadium.
Always wondered if Marco was a Gator or a Cane MT The fat lady has been spotted warming up at Doak Campbell stadium.
Doak Campbell Stadium is changing to a cardboard surface because FSU always looks better on paper.
Although the Noles lost, there is no other place like Doak Campbell Stadium!
He successfully made it to all the football games with me, even on his birthday. He' @ Doak Campbell Stadium
Yesterday walkin into Doak Campbell stadium the FSU fans were doing all the talking! Chanting "it *** to be a fl gator" and they going to get their bcs respect after they kick our as*! Lol then with a couple mins left in the game when we were cheering All the fsu fans were sayin " y can't y'all win with class? U don't have to rub it in!" Lmao really? All that mess we heard all season and walking into this place! Lol shut up!
Oh no!!! Did y'all here about the whole Florida Gator team being arrested last night?! They got locked up for stabbing Chief Osceola and shooting his horse. And I also heard, from the boys in the poolroom, that they they broke into Doak Campbell Stadium and beat the *** out of a football team. Tragic, TRAGIC!
The words typed by the divine Timothy Tebow found in my news feed: "Doak Campbell Stadium... Only Gators get out alive! couldn't have put it better myself. Next year, FSU goes to The Swamp, AAANDD we picked up Miami on the schedule. So UF can start by winning the SEC, follow by closing the book on FSU and the State of Florida, and finish by pulverizing The Ohio Fake University and Urban Liar in the BCS Chompionship.
Seventh-ranked Florida ran roughshod over the rival Florida Seminoles and the nation's No. 1-ranked defense in the fourth quarter Saturday, erupting for 24 points in the final period for a smashing 37-27 victory at Doak Campbell Stadium
What a game at Doak Campbell Stadium. The resurgent Gators took it to the Seminoles and finished regular the season on a high note . The Gators had the lead ,squandered the lead and instead of folding ,they fought back and won 37-26. It's all about playing for the whole 60 minutes. The chips will fall where they may, but I'm proud to be a Gator.
Right now it's silent at Doak Campbell Stadium. Then again, it was that way for most of the game today. It's GREAT to be a Florida Gator!
All I can say is the SEC is where the BIG BOYS play. Welcome to the swamp's new annex also known as Doak Campbell Stadium.
O yea btw we own Doak Campbell Stadium lol we won more there then they own team lol
People that save hundreds with geico sure are happy. How happy? Happier than gators winning at doak campbell stadium. Lol I love my Gators
So it appears my Seminoles are overhyped, under achieving "top recruiting" classes! We got physically man handled all night and turned the ball over 5 times! Either jimbo is the most conservative playcaller in the nation or he does not have athletes that can get an offense going. Having said all that , they are still my Seminoles and there is no other place on earth like doak Campbell stadium!
Doak Campbell stadium.only gators get out alive! Go gators!!! Go USC! Lol
DOAK CAMPBELL STADIUM, where only GATORS get out alive.
It looks like the gators used doak Campbell stadium for a toilet.go gators
Tim Tebow wrote: Doak Campbell Stadium... Only Gators get out alive!
As Tebow says, Doak Campbell Stadium, where only GATORS get out alive!
Doak campbell stadium.. only gators get out alive...
Great win by Florida over FSU at the Will Muschamp/Ron Zook Field at Doak Campbell Stadium. I guess the Noles didn't pay the refs enough. ; )
Warning: Alert Killers on the loose. Last seen at Doak Campbell Stadium wearing orange and blue. They are said the be chompin' anything wearing garnet and gold!
Just wanted to say how about those Gators beating the Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium just want now who's Gator bait
There was no doubt that the Gators would win. But, as usual, they make the games extremely exiting, the best season I've watched in years. And letting EJ Manuel score a touchown on the very last play he will make in Doak Campbell Stadium, that's class.
Doak Campbell Stadium where only Gators get out alive.
GO GATORS!!! This just in a dentist, an oral surgeon, and a vetenarian have just been called to Doak Campbell Stadium where ALBERT THE ALLIGATOR'S teeth are deeply embedded in Renegade's posterior. Chief Osceola was spotted running in fear right past the Capitol Building...
Everyone be careful driving within 100 miles of Tallahasee due to MAJOR FLOODING AND STORM SURGE pouring out of Doak Campbell stadium. LMAO
To quote the wise words of Tim Tebow tonight: "Doak Campbell Stadium...only GATORS get out alive! Champs". Now let's go USC!
Gators went to Doak Campbell Stadium and showed Florida State Seminoles who is the best in the Sunshine State. Gators Fan For Life.
Here's the status just made by Florida Gator great Tim Tebow- "Doak Campbell Stadium... Only Gators get out alive!
Oh yea I would love to be in Doak Campbell Stadium tonight!!! Way to go Gators way to finish the season off :)
Florida beats FSU @ Doak Campbell Stadium. All is right in Florida tonight!
Doak Campbell Stadium... Only Gators get out alive! - Tim Tebow
Doak Campbell Stadium. Only the gators come out alive!
The Gator Nation stands tall tonight in Doak Campbell stadium. All the talk over the past couple weeks is finally over. Florida beat the Seminoles up and down the field all night long. And it is GREAT to be a Florida Gator!
Well I guess Doak Campbell Stadium got the wrath of the chomp chomp chomp way to go Gators
I think they oughta change the name from Doak Campbell Stadium, to CHOKE Campbell Stadium! Lets go!! 37-26!
Does it get sweeter than a win at doak Campbell stadium!!!???!!! Go gators!
Whelp... I'm back. Surprise, surprise, surprise. The visiting team gets out of Doak Campbell Stadium with a win! I can't believe it!
Lol I really wish I could be In Doak Campbell Stadium right now!!
And the Hush of defeat falls over Doak Campbell Stadium.
The Horseshoe in Columbus is cool ... but Doak Campbell stadium in Tallahassee rocks too when the Seminoles are relevant ... 100,000+ people doing the 'Tomahawk Chop' is pretty sweet ...
That funny moment when the stadium than FSU my team is playing in is named after my family! Its called Doak Campbell stadium! Sooo cool
End of 3rd quarter. FSU winning 20-13. Doak Campbell stadium is rockin'.
Doak Campbell stadium is alive again, come on Noles!
Doak Campbell Stadium is about to explode.
The boo birds are out at Doak Campbell stadium.
Anyone notice how quite Doak Campbell Stadium is? Are there just no words? No Chant? Nothing? Um that's what I thought!!
What the *** was that oh my bad that was the air leaving Doak Campbell Stadium I heard all the way down hear in Monticello and im 25 miles away from Tallahassee
I mean really. what happened to that stupid Indian chant in Doak Campbell Stadium
Mighty quiet in Doak Campbell Stadium right now lmao
First time at Doak Campbell Stadium. Settling in for a good one between Florida and Florida State.
It just got real in Leon County. Them Gators in Doak Campbell stadium and we bitin down!
Gators vs. Seminoles: the first meaningful game played in Doak Campbell Stadium all season!
Love the sign I read from a fan in Doak Campbell Stadium "turkey on Thursday, Gator on Saturday! full". Go Noles!
Seeing the intensity in Doak Campbell Stadium and the sheer numbers of screaming fans reminds me of how it must have looked in the Roman Coliseum when the Gladiators were ready to do battle. Only difference here today is the players don't have weapons.otherwise they would kill each other! Go Noles!
I would love to go to a game at DOAK Campbell Stadium! Hope the Noles crush the gators.
Its going down NOLES VS GATORS for the true king of florida!!! LETS GO NOLES!!! Welcome to our swamp DOAK CAMPBELL STADIUM!!!
EVENT: Big sale on Gator shoes, belts, wallets, teeth, purses and the like Where: FSU DOAK CAMPBELL STADIUM TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA When: Sale starts as soon as the University of Florida can be cleaned off the field tonite approx 7:00pm EST Dont miss it!! Gator is pretty tasty when properly prepared too
With the recruits on Bobby Bowden Field (@ Doak Campbell Stadium for Florida Gators vs Florida State Seminoles)
Why did they replace the grass at Doak Campbell Stadium with cardboard? Because the Noles always look better on paper. AND GO GATORS!
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Twelve years. That's how long it's been since Florida and Florida State -- one of college football's premier rivalries during the 1990s -- have squared off amid stakes the magnitude of Saturday's showdown at Doak Campbell Stadium. For the first time since 2000, both team...
Off to Doak Campbell Stadium (Florida State home stadium) to see the FSU Seminoles play Florida. Biggest game in the country today. End zone seats. Look for me. I will be the guy shivering in the nose bleed section.
The battle for Florida is up next on ABC live at Doak Campbell Stadium, Go Gators!!!
Holy ben stines money batman I'm about to watch Florida - Florida State at doak Campbell stadium
Good food at Bird's, stop by Bill's Book Store to get my nephew some gear (he's converting from being a Clemson fan), then heading to Doak Campbell Stadium to watch the 'Noles give the Gators a slobberknockin'! Lol
All the bragging and what conference u play don't matter no more. Time to put up or shut up. 2 in a half hours til kickoff. Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium...
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Have y'all notice I haven't posted a status about fsu vs florida yet the reason why I really don't now who gone win cause florida comin to doak campbell stadium so its not gone be easy to win like it use to be
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