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Djimi Traore

Djimi Traoré (born 1 March 1980 in Saint-Ouen, Seine-Saint-Denis, France) is a French-born Malian footballer who currently as either a left back or centre back.

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And we won the champs league with Djimi Traore in the it's looking good this season.
he was our record signing. He is Djimi Traore in disguise. Very frustrating, a complete f…
Djimi traore has more cl medals than pogba
Yeah but then when had djimi traore and Vladimir Smicer 2 absolute ballers 😂
Yes because football started in 1990,utter clueless biff, for the record Djimi Traore has also won more Champions Leagues.
Its gotta be said Dejan Lovren makes Djimi Traore look like Alan Hansen
Moreno is shocking, but loveren is worse and that's saying something. Hes possibly the worst player I seen since djimi traore
Also just to point out, we won a Champions League with Djimi Traore at left full.
We won our 5th with Djimi Traore. Anything is possible.
Don't know what Klopp sees in Dejan Lovren.. whatever Lovren does, Djimi Traore can do it 10 times better!
I rate on Lovren on par with Djimi Traore...
If Liverpool go on to win the whole thing 🙈! Will Djimi Traoré still be the worst player to lift the Champions League or will it be Moreno?!
Who is worse at defending Moreno or Djimi Traore ?
Moreno has got to be up there with Djimi Traore amongst the worst Liverpool defenders😤
Moreno - attack of Jordi Alba, defence of Djimi Traore
Milan Baros, Scott Carson and Djimi Traore have Champions League medals
Moreno??? Not a Liverpool fan but as a football fan I feel he is stealing an income. Dji…
Nearly as mad as Igor Biscan and Djimi Traore winning the Champions League.
this guy is an *** on the show right now. Djimi Traore is a legend for LFC then because he's got a Champions League medal😳
Djimi Traore when deployed there oozed calm, composed, technically excellent defending with perfect timing.
Djimi Traore has more Champions League medals than brazilian ronaldo. What your point
The number of trophies a player has isn't an indication of how good they are. Djimi Traoré has a Champions League m…
Djimi Traore won more European Cups than Cantona. Who's the better player? I…
So Djimi Traore and Anderson are excellent players?
Its like Djimi Traore telling us how to defend properly
He won the Champions League with Igor Biscan, Djimi Traore, Steve Finnan, Djibril Cis…
Irellevant, was never one of the most important parts of the team. Bosingwa and Djimi Traore wo…
It's a fact how did you work that out? He's awful accident waiting to happen a modern day Djimi Traore!
Yeah, i guess if we're taking in on CL trophies Djimi Traore and Neymar are equals. Nice point m8
Djimi Traoré controlled his legs better than Klaasen
Our idea of experience in the Champions League. Man like Djimi Traore.
Suarez, Gerrard, Dalglish, Torres and Djimi Traore without a shadow of a doubt👌
That means they 100% haven't. That mans information is as reliable as djimi traore 6 yard…
Djimi Traore won the Champions League mate that doesn't mean anything
Love these stats. Que: Djimi Traore won more Champs Lge than Cantona. Que: Blomqvist won more Premierships than Ger…
imagine if he won the Champions League with the djimi traore and Steve Finnan... oh wait a minute.
Looks a decent player him. The midfield djimi traore!
Are we meant to equate greatness with trophies won? I bet you're a massive fan of Djimi Traore and Igor Biscan then.
they're all capable but inconsistent. What's the point if 1 week Klavan is Carra but the next week Djimi Traore?😂😂
Djimi Traore has more Champions Leagues than Zlatan and van Nistelrooy.. Mad that isn't it, Gaz?
I've got images of doing a Djimi Traore here
Yet combined they played a total of 1min in the final. Djimi Traore played longer.
Djimi Traore is a CL winner with PL experience. Let's sign him instead.
So did Djimi Traore. What's that got to do with anything?
I'm also just pointing out that judging an individual on team trophies is pretty illogical.…
Djimi Traore was part of the Liverpool starting XI that won the Champions League, means nothing.
Every time someone makes a joke about how an AFC player has won more than Spurs, I'm reminded of Djimi Traore winning more CL than AFC.
Ok. Agree to disagree. I'll ponder how Spurs will never sign a player as good as Djimi Traore or Steve Finnan
Did you know that Djimi Traore has more CL meda…
Omeruo, Dimi, Zamora. That bottle cap incident could only have been bettered if Djimi Traore was somehow involved.
If Djimi Traore can win a Champion's League, you can accomplish anything you want.
Don't agree. We won the Champions League in 2005 with Djimi Traore, Harry Kewell and Milan Baros in the Starting 11…
With Baros upfront and Djimi Traore and Steve Finnan at the back? Okay 😭
Djimi Traore won a Champions League doesn't make him a great left back. Your argument is floored Keys 😉
Gerrard won the Champions League in a team with Djimi Traorè and has the record for most times in PL team of the ye…
So Djimi Traore is better than Denis Irwin? After all he's won the Champions League...
Bet you any money it's either Djimi Traore or Francis Jeffers 😂😂😂😂
It's your all time premier 11 tho, I would have djimi traore at full back and you won't let me.
Just waiting for Djimi Traore, Bruno Cheyrou & Abel Xaviers thoughts on the VVD situation now. 😒.
What would Djimi Traore be worth in this market?
How can you leave djimi traore out of that team??
Djimi Traore said he's staying mate
I'd rather bring Djimi Traore back than have him play
Yep - or Danny Drinkwater? Perhaps Djimi Traore as he did win the Champions League?
Liverpool won the Champion's League with Jerzy Dudek in goal and Djimi Traore at LB
Gerrard single handidly won the Champions League and the FA Cup with Djimi Traore, Biscan and Neil Mellor. 1/2
Djimi Traore is definitely in there. Champions League winner!
I've seen Djimi Traore moonwalk the ball in to his own net against Burnley. That was delightful
Brilliant, even a table for Djimi Traore! 🖒
Playing Istanbul DVD for an 8-year-old. Shouted big appreciation for Djimi Traore's slide tackle in the box away to Deportivo there.
Djimi Traore. Scorer of the greatest own goal ever.
Ps. Djimi Traore has more Champions League medals than Cantona 👌
I can show you a video of Djimi Traore scoring a screamer from 40 yards. What's your point?
Then Djimi Traore & Jonathan Greening must be world class because they both won a European Cup medal
City spunked all that money because they are English. Stones is more Djimi Traore than Beckenbauer
Djimi Traore won a Champions League medal, doesn't mean he was any good lol..
So if you win titles you're automatically good? Interesting logic. Djimi Traore must be WC in your world.
Djimi traore won the CL as many times as Dortmund Arsenal and Atletico Madrid combined. He isnt any bigger than al…
djimi traore won the CL. Does that make him bett…
Not being close Liverpool follower, did not know the whole Traore story, complete w/highlights, lowlights and song.
Someone was telling me he won UCL. 😂😂😂. So Vitor Baia and and Djimi Traore are world class too because they won CL?. Puhleeze.
I can do a Cantona/Djimi Traore Champions Leagues if you'd like?
Djimi Traoré made over 100 PL apps from 98-09. Later played in France and finally for Seattle Sounders where he is…
That's Champions League winner Djimi Traore, I'll have you know.
Hopefully Adama Traore plays like his long lost cousin, Djimi, tonight
and most of them lost to a team containing Djimi Traore
djimi traore > kos . At least traore didn't bottle the biggest game of his career unlike some
Ashley Williams going full djimi traore with those flailing legs
A REMINDER:. Legend 🎅 is here. RT+follow for our first of a week of prizes. SIGNED DJIMI TRAORE PH…
Imagine if Gerrard played in this team at his peak rather than the likes of Djimi Traore, Andriy Voronin or David N'Gog...
probably the same agent as Bebe, Kleberson, Djimi Traore, Igor Biscan, Salif Diao, Bosko Balaban etc... you get my drift
Djimi Traore is a Champions League winner, as is Steve Finnan and Ryan Bertrand, does that mean they are good?
Djimi Traore has more CL medals than Eric Cantona, sorry Akbar, Utd fan.from Manchester...oh wait. London.
Charlie Hodgson having a European Championship winners medal is up there with Djimi Traore having a Champions League medal
A Europa league win with Moreno is only beaten by a Champions League win with Djimi Traore
it's a bit like Djimi Traore wining a Champions League winners medal
I'm busy today, so here's a quick reminder that Djimi Traore has more Champions League medals than Arsenal.
I still love Rafa Benitez, the man won us the Champions League with Djimi Traore and Steve Finnan playing full backs
In all seriousness Kolo Toure was sublime tonight, the big man makes Kompany look like Djimi Traore
makes Moreno look like djimi traore oh wait he is. Moreno the dog with 2 mickeys
Turns out I passed my driving test on Djimi Traore's 36th birthday - you can't write stories like that
Happy 36th birthday to Champions League winner Djimi Traore.
Still one of my favorite goals ever /// Highlight: Djimi Traore scores a screamer from 30-yards out
Djimi Traore doing what he did best:
Happy 36th birthday to Djimi Traore. He won the with in 2005 & scored belters like this!. https:/…
"He has done things with the ball at his feet that even I could only dream of" . Football legend Pele, speaking about Djimi Traore
One of Djimi Traore memorable moments in the Liverpool shirt...
Happy 36th Birthday to Djimi Traore, the man with more Champions Leagues medals than Manchester City and Arsenal.
Djimi Traore is 36 today. Let's have a look at the best quotes about the great man.
Our CBs still don't inspire me with confidence. You're hoping for Paul Butler and Craig Dawson, but instead you have 2 Djimi Traore's
well Tony Evans mate down at the red lion says Sakho is Djimi Traore but even worse.
ON THIS DAY: Djimi Traore made his debut. He went on to lift the European Cup in 2005.
WOW. Amazing! Mega wow!. The spirit of Djimi Traore and Steve Finnan lives on!
Remember when Djimi Traore decided to stun the world with this strike?.
Djimi Traore adds to that number lol
Ermmm youre missing the Champions League winner Djimi Traore
Angers me when girls pretend to like football. If you don't know who Djimi Traore is then never speak about footy.
Djimi Traore has a Champions League winners medal so ;)
Djimi Traore has got Champions League medal and Van Persie hasnt. You've got my point mate. It's Unfair.
calm, but I want a Dejan Lovren picture instead of djimi traore
That AC Milan team of 05 is unreal. Absolutely undeniably phenomenal. Every player in their primes too. We beat that with Djimi Traore.
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Djimi Traore has a CL Medal but that doesn't mean he's great
Sound that Djimi Traore's goal line clearance in Istanbul is the greatest footballing moment of all yime
Shower! Rafa Benitez's damning words to Djimi Traore at half-time of Liverpool's Champions League wi...
I team with Djimi Traore, Harry Kewell and Milan Baros beat that Milan side.
"Any man who can win a Champions League with a team which included Djimi Traore and Igor Biscan would…" — Decstarr
Did you know that Djimi Traore has won more UCL's than Buffon, Cannavaro, Ballack, Nedved and Arsenal Football Club ht…
“Alexis Sanchez is ridiculously good.”. But he's no Djimi Traore.
Djimi Traore has won more Champions Leagues than Arsenal discuss.
Djimi Traore, still has more Champions League medals than Robin Van Persie...
this team got destroyed by Djimi Traore and Vladimir Smicer!
Best premier league player of all time. And for those who want to post that Anderson picture of him with premier league medals, remember Djimi Traore won 1 more Champions League medal than Cantona could muster at United
Djimi Traore, more European Cups than arsenal spurs Everton Newcastle man city combined and he wasn't even good
Obafemi Martins with an assist, then Djimi Traore comes on for Clint Dempsey. The must have extraordinary powers of rejuvenation.
Just seen where Liverpool's Champions League winning defender Djimi Traore ended up. on the bench for Seattle Seahawks
Djimi Traore is tearing up the MLS now. Dudek's retired, but Scott Carson is probably available from Wigan.
Little Giant Ladders
Liverpool won the Champions League with Igor Biscan, Neil Mellor, Florent Sinima Pongolle, and Djimi Traore playing some matches
Anyone asking whether our players are good enough; Vladimir Smicer, Igor Biscan, Djimi Traore. Come on now, lads
I think Liverpools best system was Djimi Traore at Left Back with Igor Biscan shielding back 4 and Neil Mellor working the channels
We won a Champions League with Djimi Traore, Vladimir Smicer & Igor Biscan and we can't even score against Ludogrets
Reminder that Rafa Benitez is responsible for Djimi Traore, Igor Biscan, Milan Baros and Cisse having Champions League medals
it finished. Djimi traore tried a bicycle kick in the last 10 seconds
Djimi Traore misses sitter in last min! Should have got him to fall over the ball, he'd have defo scored then!!
When you see Djimi Traore attempt a bicey!
"And it's Djimi Traore, who in the ungainly stakes is near the top of the list!". Jon Champion is RUTHLESS.
Djimi Traore just attempted a scissor kick to win the game in time added on. Don't know what would've happened if that went in.
Also, Yedlin is best mates with Djimi Traore, so he's basically already a Liverpool legend, by proxy.
If Djimi Traore has scored bicycle kick there to win that game id have given up on sport all together
what a good game that was. If only the Djimi Traore bicycle kick had went in!
Got a glimpse of Djîmi Traore playing for Seattle Sounders v Spurs. Cant forget his own goal in Burnley's FA Cup win over Liverpool.
Djimi Traore trying the scissor kick 😂
Djimi Traore tries an overhead kick. This game had everything
Thie is where djimi traore is America
Djimi Traore is on the pitch and all *** is breaking loose.
They only got three? Djimi Traore didn't get the double hattrick that was expected?
Djimi Traore had one of the greatest own goals ever
looks like Lampard is OK n his way there too. No bigger MLS star than Djimi Traore of course.
It's taken me 70 minutes to realise that I have been watching Champions League winner Djimi Traore!
Djimi Traore is on the Sounders. What a God
Djimi Traore on so obviously had to remind myself of this:
The other 2%? Scorer of the most hilarious own goal in Liverpool history, Djimi Traore; Ozzie Alonso; and an honest effort to like Dempsey.
Djimi Traoré is playing in a televised football match in 2014.
Djimi Traoré comes on for Seattle Sounders against Spurs!
"Djimi Traore, Champions League winner 2005". That's just not right.
Djimi Traore is on for Seattle... doubt there's many more satisfying things a footballer can hear over a PA system
former Champions League winner Djimi Traore comes on for Seattle in their friendly vs
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Djimi Traore ex-Lfc still playing football at Seattle!! 2-2
Omg Djimi Traore just came on as a sub for Seattle
Hopefully Djimi Traore does a Cruyff turn heard he tried one once
Djimi Traore on for Seattle Sounders. He has won the Champions League. Shocking. 2-2 (62mins)
What's the story Djimi Traore, wouldn't you like to know...
The worst player to have ever won a Champions League medal, Djimi Traore has just come on for Seattle...
63mins comes on for Etienne. make a double change with ex-defender Djimi Traore coming on…
Djimi Traore just came on, gives away a corner straight away. Hasn't lost it.
Watching Djimi Traore on a Saturday night. What a time to be alive
Wow Djimi Traore plays for Seattle Sounders I never knew that
Sweet Jaysus,Djimi Traore is now with ! So he's still not a footballer
Djimi Traore just came on for Seattle V Spurs!
mate Djimi Traore has a Champions League medal , my point was he went there happy to sit
Djimi Traore would've been proud of Marcelo's o.g., Play up, Croatia !
Remember Djimi Traore's comical own goal? and then we signed him for £2m transfer disaster
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As many times as you have seen Eric Cantona win the UCL...Djimi Traore 1 - 0 Cantona
Djimi Traore has more Champions League medals than cantona though
what about djimi traore 1 Eric cantina 0??
Wonder when we`ll fly a Djimi Traore 1 Cantona 0 Banner over Old Trafford ?
"Bebe has more BPL medals than Gerrard" - yeah well Cantona, van Nistelrooy and even RVP has less ICL medals than Djimi Traore, Neil...
more chance of Djimi Traore winning a CL medal...oh wait!!! ;-0
aye but Djimi Traore has a Champions League medal too!!
he is the worst full back ive seen since Djimi Traore
yeah so did Djimi Traore for Liverpool!
How didn't Djimi Traore ever get in that French team...
Djimi Traore has had a fine game for Liverpool .
" Djimi Traore has more CL winners medal than the Cantona "
It's crazy to think Djimi Traore has a Champions League medal.
djimi traoré won more Champions Leagues than brazil's Ronaldo . Your point?
The word 'legend' when referring to someone who played for a club for a while is used too often e.g And now welcome LFC legend Djimi Traore!
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Id have Ferdinand at Liverpool.joke! Id rather resign Djimi Traore
Text on my phone showing how stevies not won league Sent a text back a pic of djimi traore and EC and the words. "Did e…
Djimi Traore has more European medals than Man City, surely this is better than all these Gerrard ones knocking about
Djimi traore has more cl winners medals than Eric Cantona.
Gerrard mungkin tidak menang BPL and he is one of the greatest midfielder in the world.. and how about Cantona? in UCL Djimi Traore 1 Eric Cantona 0
5-0! Revolution's annihilation of Seattle Sounders.I got to see Istanbul hero Djimi Traore in action!
Here is a good FACT for the Utd fans all on about Gerrard with no title medal: Champions League medals: Djimi Traore - 1 Cantona - 0 Lmfao
Great to see Match of the Day respond to accusations of Liverpool bias on their punditry panel by giving Didi Hamman, Robbie Fowler and Danny Murphy dutiful employment. It juxtaposes nicely with Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson and knocks that ill-founded criticism into a cocked hat. Looking forward to the day they give Djimi Traore a shot at the big time. Thank goodness Sky haven't followed suit with only Souness, Redknapp and Carragher on their roster. I'm sure it seems like only yesterday that Souness won his last champions medal - as opposed to the 30 years.
“Djimi Traore won the Champions League as many times as any player in Chelsea history paulo ferreira
had Djimi Traore winning Champions League. Let that sink in fans
AC Milan 3-3 Liverpool (Champions League Final 2005) It was a shock that Liverpool had even made it to the final following a poor domestic campaign and a team with a starting lineup that included Djimi Traore and Luis Garcia were expected to be thoroughly outclassed by an AC Milan team boasting the likes of Paulo Maldini, Kaka, Clarence Seedorf and Andrei Shevchenko. At half time and with the Merseysiders 3-0 down, that was exactly what had happened and Sky Sports commentator Andy Gray announced that it was “Game Over”. That was until Liverpool, stirred by their supporters and led by captain Steven Gerrard, put on a magnificent second half performance to level the scores and take the game to extra time, where they secured the most unlikely and dramatic of victories at the end of a penalty shoot out.
Request from Djimi Traore's famous own goal. He's still got more Champions League medals than V...
Liverpool fans song about Djimi Traore (to the tune of 'Blame it on the Boogie' by the Jackson 5)
so is Djimi Traore but he's no Paulo Maldini (who was part of the team who lost in 2005!)
Adam Johnson would make Djimi Traore look like Paulo Maldini.
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Djimi Traore has more CL medals than Cleverly, De Gea, RVP, Young, Januzaj, Smalling, Rafael, Jones, Hernandez, Buttner etc...
I dont know what is more shocking. Djimi Traore won a European Cup or the Fabien Barthez won a World Cup!?
Djimi Traore is defending like Eric Abidal for the
Djimi Traore has one more Champions League medal than van Persie
Clint Dempsey, Eddie Johnson, Obafemi Martins and Djimi Traore all officially listed as questionable this week.
Touch of Djimi Traore would be a great touch of frost sequel.
Burnley defender Clarke Carlisle recently proved that some elite level footballers do actually have a certain degree of intelligence, when he was featured on UK game show Countdown. However, it is clear that Carlisle is something of an anomaly. Most professional footballers ditch education at a young age in order to achieve success at the highest level. And it evidently shows. Here are 20 of the all-time funniest quotes produced by top level football players: 1) "I definitely want Brooklyn to be christened, but I don't know into what religion yet." AC Milan star David Beckham talks about his son Brooklyn. 2) "Everything in our favour was against us." Former Tottenham Hotspur legend Danny Blanchflower displaying his ingeniousness. 3) "Djimi Traore had to adapt to the English game, and he did that by going out on loan to Lens last season." Ian Rush, mate, you do know that Lens are actually a French team, right? 4) "I couldn't settle in Italy; it was like living in a foreign country." Again, Welsh native Ian ...
This is coming from the lad who thinks Djimi Traore, Momo Sissoko, Johnny Heitinga, & Dean Whitehead are good
Oba Martins is off the 18, Mauro Rosales is on the bench with Djimi Traore. Shalrie Joseph starts.
if you are will Neville it was Djimi Traore. I'm glad you punched him Phil.
Seamus Coleman cost Everton £60k. That's a deal topped only by Djimi Traore to Liverpool for £500k, he won the European, FA and League Cups.
Great picture of the reaction in Kansas City to Djimi Traore's late winner (David Eulitt, McClatchy Newspapers):
So if I'm not wrong not one player in this final currently has a CL winners medal. Antonio Nunez, Neil Mellor and Djimi Traore have
I'm not often wrong about footy, bt Djimi Traore was not the nxt Desailly and Iain Dowie was not a future England manager
“Hey Arsenal fans, Tom Cleverley 1 Jack Wilshere 0.” Djimi Traore 1 RVP 0 in Champions Leagues, does that mean hes better?
I actually am proper obsessed with Djimi Traore. Him and Luis Garcia are my favourite players now.
Look at all the quality strikers we're lost over the years, David N'Gog, Paul Konchesky, Christian Poulsen, Djimi Traore, David N'Gog...
Me, Stewart Downing, Roberto Carlos, Jason Roberts, Chris Kirkland, Raffo (if he's not at the gym) Djimi Traore and a few more people
and they was beaten by a team consisting of Djimi Traore, Vladimir Smicer, Igor Biscan and Milan Baros.
Just saw Djimi Traore's goal for the Seattle Sounders.. Oh. My. Days.
Peter Crouch best players played with 11 coming up on 402. Ill be disappointed if Djimi Traore doesn't get the nod.
Just seen Djimi Traore's goal from other day. WOW WOW WOW! 'no keeper in the universe is saving that'
You are not a sunday league Daniel Alves. I do not rate him. Your more like Djimi Traore or Steve Finnan. Classic Players.
So RVP still has fewer Champions League winners medals than Djimi Traore. and Igor Biscan.
Djimi Traore and Igor Biscan have more Champions Leagues than Arsenal
But yo, anything can happen if LFC won the Champs League with Djimi Traore and bloody Harry Kewell in the team ...
Saw the Djimi Traore goal again, and realized it should have been voice-overed by Ray Hudson. Nothing but the best will do.
Chamapions League winer Djimi Traore proves he still has it at Seattle, scoring a 30 yeard screamer |
Don't tell me Djimi Traore used to do this in training all the time...?
On top of Shalrie Joseph the apparently picked up Marcus Hahnemann and Djimi Traore. Now they're getting Oba Martins. *** ..
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Djimi Traore, YES DJIMI TRAORE with an absolute wonder goal! Why couldn't he do this for Liverpool more often?
Today on YouTube: Djimi Traoré doubles goalscoring tally to send Seattle Sounders into Concacaf semi-final
Who remembers that Djimi Traore character? He plays for Seattle with my brother now, the goal he scored last night was
Need a sit down after that Djimi Traore goal last night.
Video: Djimi Traore scores probably the best goal you’ll see this season! He recently side for MLS side...
Djimi Traore scores a wonder goal for Seattle Sounders. That's right, you don't need your eyes testing.
Djimi Traore doing what he does best
Djimi Traore. Champions League winner. Scorer of sensational goals.
This is possibly the best pile driver goal I've ever seen. (via
Oh my word. Former Liverpool defender Djimi Traore has just scored an absolute worldy for Seattle against Tigres. He can control his feet.
VIDEO Goalazo and nominee, Djimi Traore from 30 yards out
[VIDEO] Never thought you’d see this: Djimi Traore with world class strike
Djimi Traore has done his best Yeboah impression
GOLAZO! Ex-Liverpool defender Djimi Traore scored an off-the-bar screamer as Seattle Sounders made CONCACAF history
“Standard Djimi Traore he's a beast now! What a hit
Why players join the MLS? So footballers like Djimi Traore can score goals like this
100 players who shook the Kop... Djimi traore.
If you missed it last night, well worth watching. Djimi Traore with a screamer for Seattle against Tigres
Believe it or not, last night was not the craziest goal of Djimi Traore's career.
Djimi Traore SCREAMER (words you thought you would never hear together). via
Still probably the worst player to win a Champions League medal but great goal!
You've probably seen it at least ten times by now but Djimi Traore's goal is well worth an eleventh look -
Djimi Traore's goal from last night - where did that come from?
Djimi Traore, at Seattle, proves he can control his feet with a total screamer!
Maybe Djimi Traore is worthy of a Champions League Winners Medal?! Unbelievable Jeff!
Liverpool fans, remember Djimi Traore? Look at this goal he scored for Seattle Sounders >
If Djimi Traore can make it over there, you certainly can! Don't come back without a contract from LA Galaxy ! Good luck Ags!
Djimi Traore gets as close as you can to a triple without being Tony Yeboah
Djimi Traore's amazing goal for the Seattle Sounders tonight:
Ex-defender Djimi Traore, now with Seattle, proves he can score at the right end with a Partridge-esque strike
Former Liverpool defender Djimi Traore scores incredible goal from distance for Seattle
Djimi Traore is sending a clip of that shot to Avery John and "how do you like dem apples?" sorry fans
Djimi Traore was, and always will be, a terrible, terrible player
Here is the Djimi Traore goal from last night. Messi has nothing on him
Video: watch in wonder as Djimi Traoré doubles his goalscoring tally for his entire club career in just one match -
Djimi Traore of scores from distance v Tigres last night in the
Djimi Traore had no business hitting that shot. None at all.
Yo check out alum Djimi 's goal for
Big up the superstar Djimi Traore for this screamer last night
WATCH THIS NOW. You will not be sorry. “Must-See Goal: Djimi Traore:
Seeing that Djimi Traore wonderstrike reminded me that Rafa won the CL with a team containing Traore and Igor Biscan. Skills.
Following that Djimi Traore goal, i want to see videos of wonder goals by legends Igor Biscan, Vegard Heggem and Anthony Le Tallec
White smoke appears over century link field .. Djimi Traore has been declared the pope of
Messi this, Messi that, calm down people, its not like he's as good as Igor Biscan or Djimi Traore
Djimi Traore, Igor Biscan are Champions League winners.. It was such an average team and took good management.. 3-0 down at HT
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starting from Houllier through to Rodgers who has been the worst signing in your opinion we have made.mine Djimi Traore.(Reece)
Not to forget we had Djimi Traore and Milan Baros playing.
Just looking at what Djimi Traore has won throughout his career - amazing!
“Djimi Traore signs with the Seattle Sounders good to see the master of football is still going
Seattle Sounders sign veteran defender Djimi Traore: Seattle brings in a defender with plenty of Premier Leagu...
Sounders FC confirm signing of defender Djimi Traore.
As expected, the have signed defender Djimi Traore, formerly of Liverpool, who has been training with them for the past the weeks.
It's official: Djimi Traore has signed with Sounders FC.
Djimi Traore's signing is made official, Sounders announce.
In the past 10year's, Djimi Traore has won more trophies as a player than David Moyes as a coach, ;-)
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