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Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti (25 February 1974 – 5 April 1993) was an Indian film actress.

Rishi Kapoor Jackie Shroff Dimple Kapadia Aamir Khan Parveen Babi Sanjay Dutt Shahrukh Khan

r looking like my fav old star Divya i ❤ u so much..😍😍cool.😉😉
For me, no favouritism, Kajol, Madhuri & Divya Bharti will always be the best in acting. Aamir Khan in man. In India
. Soche tumhien pyaar . Nostalgic . Divya Bharti and Shahrukh Khan first movie. And Rishi Kapoor . Very nice number
90s charming girl Late Divya Bharti.. one of my favorite actress song that I ever played more than thousand times.
Wow i know this girl who is a pakistani divya bharti
I loved Divya Bharti,she was really pretty but not a fan of her acting skills.Have watched only Deewana n her acting wasn't impressive 👀
Divya Bharti is only this, that we want dowry.
Divya Bharti dead day, please pray god, . Indian no. 1 heroin,
Industry has finally found Divya Bharti in form of What a beauty simple and adorable.
her talent has nothing to do with this.. I just cant see her as Divya Bharti, not at all..
i don't see her pulling off a Divya Bharti, no no nope.. I will have nationwide talent hunt instead..
Indian no. 1 heroin, Divya Bharti dead release,
Another rare pic of Divya Bharti with Sanjay Dutt on the movie Kshatriya set in Rajasthan back in 1993 pic share by…
Divya Bharti. I had just seen a film of hers & then she was no more. And Rajesh Khanna.. I grew up on his films. He…
Divya Bharti, what happened to her anyway? Wasn't it like some kind of a mystery how she died or something?
Divya Bharti was a superstar in the making. Also cute af!
Bapuji is a Great saint and I am proud to be follower of sant Asaram Bapuji 3 http…
Sir,what our GreatHindu Sant gives us-Divine experience of Scholar Miss Madhuri.Must watch.
~ Divya Bharti DOB 25/2/1974 Beautiful and talented actress ruled the silverscreen in 90s in Indian cinema.
You mean to say he has no hand in murder of divya bharti?
Watching & Divya Bharti's song & it feels like romantic child abuse!. How did audience accept this on screen pair? 😊
Watch our premier time movie “Deewana” Starring -Shah Rukh Khan, Divya Bharti, Rishi Kapoor, Mohnish Behl, Alok...
Ok and the first thing thst came into uour mind is Divya Bharti 😆😆😆 liar
Is it?Shatranj the Jackie Shroff film.. have seen it but can't recall how Divya Bharti's role plays out in the film..
I can't read Hindi what does it say about Divya Bharti?
Divya Bharti was one of the all time great actress. Tribute to her.
There's only one pretty actress I dreamed of "Divya Bharti" and wanted to go on Date with
Pics of Divya Bharti shared by part 2
Pics of Divya Bharti shared by part 1
Only Actor who was Extempore & same Resonance as Late Divya Bharti .
More this time teamed up with my then heartthrob Divya Bharti, in Shola Aur Shabnam. OWWA OH OH OH OH!
Divya Bharti, Indian actress (b. 1974) died closer to the moon landing than today
Hi jenni she is super Star and you carben copy divya bharti
Divya Bharti with her brother and parents. For more pics
What did Modi do to prevent Divya bharti suicide man ?
Divya bharti was one of the prettiest actresses in the 90's ✨😻❤️
23 years of Shatranj Divya Bharti last ever movie Released back in 1993 opposite Jackie Shroff this movie is wonderful and songs Rip Divya
can you tell us more on Divya Bharti she considered you as her elder sister
On this day December 17 exactly 23 years ago Divya Bharti all time last movie Shatranj released. It was released af…
I added a video to a playlist Vishwatma Saat Samundar Paar - Divya Bharti HD
A beautiful drawing made and shared by Kimjurdanart1999 ( From left to right; Smita Patil, Meena Kumari, Divya Bhar…
Old postcard of Divya Bharti along with Shahrukh Khan
a book on Parveen Babi or Divya Bharti, please.
You look good with Divya bharti Karan bro
Divya Bharti natural beauty great natural acting great dancer very beautiful. least died way to young and smoked
Some rare pics in divya bharti in1989 in that home
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Rare magazine Star and Style issue with Divya Bharti Shahrukh Khan and Sanjay Dutt on first cover share by Sahil
Even if you hold a degree in astalking, you can't stalk it as good as Divya Bharti in "Saat Samundar" 😝
20 new actresses, from Dimple Kapadia to Divya Bharti, made their debuts opposite
starring the lovely Divya Bharti and Sunil shetty love the songs and movie miss you Divya Bharti Rip beautiful angel
Your debut movie was a one of d best movie of urs anna - Divya bharti were phenomenal - Loved it!. 🙏
Suniel Shetty with late Divya Bharti please tell us more about her it'll be an honor for all her fans
Divya bharti is wonderfull actress he is a angel in film induatry
September 11 exactly 24 years ago movie Balwaan released along with Divya Bharti and suniel Shetty
Divya bharti is film enduatry angel he he alway remmber him
. And named Divya After leaving the film ( Radha Bharti )
The divya bharti is a ossom actress in film city he is a top actress all of all time miss you divya jee
Many many happy returns of the day to Divya bharti my dream girl .
Divya Bharti had started same As SRK had. By Initial success both become so popular but she died unfortunately :(
Dil ka kya kasoor is one of Divya Bharti's best films. Lead actor is only chutiya thing in film.
To pics in divya child we love you divya bharti jee you miss you
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In 1991, a year before he made his Bollywood debut opposite Divya Bharti in Deewana, 25-year-old SRK played t...
23years of death divya bharti . Mercy and pray for her
I don't like any of the actresses 🙈 liked Divya Bharti in childhood only 😥
*** right, in my younger days when I had very handful of GFs I adored Divya Bharti & Anu Agarwal (only in Aashiqui)
and she happens to be my son Prem's surrogate? Is she Divya Bharti? And she is married to ME? ? ? I want divorce, Now.
it was first offered to Sridevi, then Madhuri Dixit, then Divya Bharti then Juhi Chawla !!
My favourite actress is Divya bharti. She was very lovely nd her smile was very attractive .She was most beautiful .
Share By and Divya forever page her is Divya Bharti along with Rishi Kapoor on Deewana set
Shared by and Divya forever page here is Divya Bharti on movie Deewana set
Divya Bharti and Anupam kher on the set of film Kanyadan. (Rare). picture by Durga prasad/fotocorp. shared by...
reminds me of Divya bharti. should pair her with
Airtel company refusing to provide me service. They have Produced 3 duplicates.Divya Bharti, bharti singh, bharti malhotra
Divya Bharti's death was an accident.
yes Satish, Yogesh, Bharti ,Anamika n Divya are my favorites till now, rest all have superiority issues
Producers r too scared to make film on the mysterious death of "Divya Bharti" as they know that SN has underworld connect…
Remembering Divya Bharti ' Sana ' on her 23rd Death Anniversary !
Divya Bharti replacement after her death in movies
They sell their soul even for clicks! Hungry for Media coverage but wow how cool, finally truth is coming out! Divya bharti was murdered !!!
Sajid Nadiadwala - Divya Bharti's ex husband - 90s controversy that he pushed her from balcony which is false rumours
Sir .. Actress Divya Bharti's death is still a mystery for the nation. It should b reinvestigated.
Rare shared by divya bharti on movie set rang part 1
Indian late famous Bollywood actress Divya Bharti and she's also considered a beauty queen in Iran
All the best Alisha, You remind me of late Divya Bharti :)
March 31 exactly 23 years ago Divya Bharti won an award lux new face for the movie Deewana 5 days before her death https:/…
Divya Bharti the most natural and talented beauty you will ever see❤️ wish you were still alive
Quote form the movie Rang which was released after Divya Bharti death the movie was dedicated to her
On this day April 5 exactly 23 years ago in 1993 we lost a beautiful angle name Divya Bharti❤️We all miss you❤️
After 23 years of her demise, we meet Divya Bharti's parents & look back with affection.
Rare pics of Divya Bharti along with Juhi Chawla I believe shared by
Rare pics of Divya Bharti along with Anu Agrawal
Rare pics of Divya Bharti shared by
Rare pics of Divya Bharti Rare shared by Along with Rishi Kapoor and anu Agrawal
Rare pics of Divya Bharti with Anil Kapoor shared by
.talks to the late Divya Bharti's parents. Interview here:
Remembering Divya Om Prakash Bharti a.k.a Divya Bharti on her death anniversary. She was also known as Sanah...
Remembering Divya Bharti: 23 years after Divya Bharti met her tragic end, parents Mita and Om Prakash Bharti t...
met Divya Bharti family they all celebrated her birthday along with her father sisterinlaw and nephew
3 pax should not pose for a pic where is divya bharti nw.? Pls Masterjii coz ur there Im telling listen pls
More rare pic of divya Bharti with her cousin
Exactly sis only a true saint like knows better how bring back distract lives towards in right directi…
Rishi Kapoor remembers Divya Bharti on her 42nd birthday
Happy birthday bharti. Where ever you are.. We miss your smile !!
When you search Divya Bharti in any search engine these are the top 3 that allot of people search about her
I added a video to a playlist DEEWANA 1992~DIVYA BHARTI, Shahrukh Khan
*BOLLWOOD QUEEN *. ..."DIVYA BHARTI " wish you many many Happy returns of the day. .May the good lord shower all his https…
Remembering "Divya bharti" on her birthday. Such a beautiful actress on her time
23 years ago Divya Bharti was celebrating her last birthday(19) if she was still alive today she would have been 42 https:…
Once upon a time in Bollywood: . Divya Bharti holds a record of having total 9 releases in Bollywood in the year... ht…
my favorite actress.Remembering super gorgeous Divya Bharti on her Born anniversary.
Happy 42nd Birthday to the late Divya Bharti! A talented beauty who will never be forgotten !
The Untold Secrets of Divya Bharti's life, On her 42nd Birthday via @
On Divya Bharti's 42nd Birthday, let's take a look at the unnoticed side of her life -
Divya Bharti was a great actress. :)
Rishi Kapoor paid the sweetest tribute to the late actress Divya Bharti -
Happiness is watching your favourite actress Divya Bharti's movie wid family on Diwali🏮thank you Zee cinema https:…
Watching ur debut ...the beautiful Divya Bharti 😍😍 One of my fav songs! 😘🎶
sir can u please cast fahad ali and bharti kumar in PTKK again??? We all would be really glad if it hap…
Best of Divya Bharti video songs by - via
I just discovered that Divya Bharti is the most beautiful actress in this universe.
Balwan is coming on Star Gold and divya bharti's entry with song "umra hai sholah..dip dip dip dididip"
just watching Sochege tumhe pyar from Deewana on Sony Mix.. Remembering beautiful Divya Bharti.. Nyc song
divya BHARTI my friend lost her life remember you as a good soul
Hi fahad:) I've recently made a vm...hope u like it! Pls post a new pic with bharti :) :)
TIL: Divya Bharti was only 19 when she died
Beautiful artwork of Divya Bharti by Instagram username baxtiyor3
October 23 exactly 23 years ago in 1992 one of Divya Bharti movie with Shah Rukh Khan Dil Aashna Hai releases
I like the Divya Bharti's controversial death pic on via
I liked a video from Divya Bharti Death Mystery.?
RTSongs of. like the Language of HEART, Food of Soul & Balm of Every. Pain.
Hi fahad i'm writing this on behalf of all the KiSha/ArHad fans...& pls post a pic with bharti!
Divya Bharti last movie released exactly 22 years ago today along with Juhi chawla Jackie Shroff mithun chakraborty
Divya Bharti with Sanjay Kapoor in her unfinished movie Kartavya
Here are beauty and fitness secrets that Divya Bharti followed and did
I added a video to a playlist Saat Samundar Divya Bharti
Jennifer Winget has some similarities specially the eyes and some of the nose to late Bollywood actress Divya Bharti
She's SO pretty 😍. Resembles the late Divya Bharti according to me :)
I think divya bharti best heroine in the bollywood
"In Deewana I had to do a kissing scene(with Shahrukh Khan) but I said no". "Divya Bharti"
Divya Bharti's death is still an unsolved mystery.
. we want 2 know "What will be next?. Its become our routine 2get a new surprise as…
All about Divya Bharti ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Never seen this pic of Divya Bharti before
i just want MSG-2 B RELEASE Today only..i cnt w8 more.after watching itsTeaser&Posters.. it w…
M thinking is so amazing... what would happen in next suprise !!!
yaa Right sis. . I feel same. & I am sure. MSG2 is going to be a super duper hit movie of Millennium…
For sure, the movie will definitely bring a positive revolution in the world...
Yes agree, HIS appealing looks are making the the whole world crazy...
. Yupp!!! Absolutely right!!. It does not seems like an ordinary movie!!. lookss ama…
yes v r totly agree,No one is even inch parallel to ji..
Divya Bharti . -To any perpetrators, if there were, you will die too.
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Tulsi building 2 where Divya Bharti got married live there with her husband then died from there from balcony
his all time first was suppose to be dil ashna hai but got delayed and deewana released with late Divya Bharti
Shared by and Marjan. Here is some fan letters to Divya Bharti
Divya Bharti was the first choice to be in the movie Darr and dilwale dulhania le jayenge
but due to schedule&creative different it was canceled or didn't release and instead Balwaan was his first with Divya Bharti
it was supposed to be ek aur faulad with the late Divya Bharti
I added a video to a playlist Best of Divya Bharti
if Divya Bharti's death was as simple as that, why did Police sit on the file for 5 years?
Divya bharti died too early..she was cute
childhood memories especially about amazing divya bharti. Nostalgic..
Here is a collection of unseen photos of actress Divya Bharati who died in a tragic accident :(
copied her look in ishaqzaade SO CUTE Bharti
The balcony were Divya Bharti fell from
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Fantasizing about Jennifer Lawrence dancing on "Saat Samunder paar", like Divya Bharti.
the first women on there is Divya bharti❤️
A young Divya bharti playing dress up
Divya bharti having fun with her mother
Divya bharti pictures in her parents album
Divya bharti with her friends I believe
My dad has always given me the best and he always stood by me. (Divya Bharti - Interviews)
Someone shared them with me some rare pics of Divya bharti
both Divya bharti and salmon khan made the song even better❤️
Another picture of divya bharti with salman khan in one of there concert
Thank you Divya Bharti Portal for sharing this lovely picture of divya bharti in her childhood
Divya Bharti was so pretty. I bet she would have been a bigger star than any Karisma or Madhuri if she were still alive.
Thank you sara Dutt---Correct me and post divya Bharti,s images -pnp--canada
Divya bharti and with Amir Khan postcard
Made by a fan! Had 2 share it cuz Ms. Divya Bharti is my personal favourite!! A huge thank u 2 d fan!! h…
Some good memories with Divya Bharti.Twenty yrs back
Some sweet memories with lt actress Divya Bharti ...missing her.if u like them many more to come
We will never know the height of success the talented Divya Bharti could have reached had she even lived into her mid 20s. How unfortunate.
Ahh...nostalgia...old is gold!Beautiful music! Divya Bharti, was such a charismatic actress - gone too soon...
can u guess the movie n song, u and Divya Bharti in the pic are grooving to ??
On her 22nd death anniversary, we pay a tribute to the ‘Saat samundar paar girl’ http…
Divya Bharti would also wishing her mother from up
Divya Bharti as a child to a beautiful grown up women
Destinies.Both films had me,similar stories,introduced 2 newcomer Heroes and heroines.SRK, Imran,Divya Bharti and Rukhsar. R…
Ziya's news remind about Divya Bharti. IT shocked every one like the Divya
'Divya Bharti' Wikipedia article edited anonymously from a Govt. of India IP address:
Exclusive : Pic of Divya vth SuRyA cement ad. Forever
Divya Bharti, I miss being in generation where i could see you on Big screen,unlucky me :)
always liked Meenakshi Seshadri over Madhuri. . Divya Bharti was the sexiest, but weak in acting..
even in 1992 Divya Bharti was a Sridevi look alike. That is all.
when a new film came out where Rishi Kapoor was the hero, divya Bharti heroin and a skinny whiny Shahrukh Khan the side hero
All purpose parts banner
Strange wishing Divya Bharti for her 41st birthday when she died only at 19 :/ sigh.. So pretty she was..
Happy Birhtday Divya Bharti, the best gift we can give her is our prayers
. Today would have been Divya Bharti birthday. .
Divya Bharti's Interview she was too cute
I like the Remembering Divya Bharti pic on via
Happy birthday The gorgeous angel Divya Bharti... . Rest in peace, will keep your memory alive forever...
Hppy b'day to one of d most beutiful/angel actrss Divya Bharti ji..(Deewana) mvie z stll my fav.1.Miss ull
Happy b'day to Divya bharti...miss u D..
Happy birthday to the angle divya bharti rest in peace
Happy Birthday 41th Divya Bharti you are alive in ours heart you have done Beautiful work in Bollywood industry RIP Divya Bharti
| You will always remain in our hearts .
Here's remembering the 'Saat Samundar' girl, for her unbeatable performances -
There was a time when I loved Divya Bharti for her child like smile and round face. Happy birthday.
Deewana was. released first in June 1992, and become his. film debut.[41] In it he starred alongside. Divya Bharti as the second male (59/319)
By the way happy birthday divya bharti, cannot believe it is 22 years now!
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Happy Birthday to Divya Bharti. Read more about her:
spectacular and Rare wallpaper from movie :jaan se pyaara 1992.On the occasion of birthday "divya bharti" 󾬐... http:/…
Happy birthday bharti.we miss you and we still love you.
100cities remembers the Diva of yesteryear Divya Bharti -
I knw the movie is 'dil aashana hai' starring srk n divya bharti
Vishwatma was 1st film of Divya Bharti,last film of Sonam and first and last film of jyotsna singh :P :D
Divya : why Arnab is not put this on air - and say sorry to bharti
One of my most first favorite actress Divya Bharti was doing "Laadla" ( Divya was playing role which later was...
Once I meet her, I will call divya bharti's spirit
merry christmas friends...To make it special watching divya bharti's film deewana 4 d 50th times,...
There's something incredibly mysterious about the divya bharti case. It was closed without further investigation! Underworld pressure?
Exclusive an unseen footage of Divya Bharti's parents and friends after she passes away. For more EXCLUSIVE video's & Footage Subscribe ...
Still love this song! Kavita Krishnamurthy was amazing, and Divya Bharti was as cute and beautiful as always!
Yeah, I think Divya Bharti songs are very in.
No😏DB is gorg "Sharma reminds me of Divya Bharti sometimes(Looks wise)
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Divya Bharti .. we lost so many wonderful movies that wud have been made.. My fav movie of her - Dil ka kya kasoor :)
Hello sir...please say one word for DIVYA BHARTI JI...
While watching 90's songs, one realises how beautiful Divya Bharti was.
Man, Divya Bharti was beautiful and had a magnetic personality.
"I want to be known as an actress of repute". Divya Bharti
Believe it or not that's Amrish Puri as a joker with Divya Bharti...
my all time favourite after Divya Bharti. She became a Sadhvi??
The best gift I've received: Loads of love from everybody. (divya bharti)
Power of Bollywood: Making Naseeruddin Shah dance in the background as the camera focuses on Divya Bharti and Sunny Deol.
In that display image on the link, can't tell if it's Divya Bharti or Rishi Kapoor.
at Leikai screening of Thabaton 1, it was manipuri version of Deewana staring SRK, Divya Bharti and Rishi Kapoor :P didn't watch
A great song picturised on a great actress !!RIP Divya Bharti !!90' will be remembered bcoz of ur superhit movies !!
Ol. oh wooow . me also do lyk dis.. ;)
Good to see thatvU manages time so well! I shud kearn from u :D
Happy teachers day. Mom , Pallawi Bharti Asha Pahuja Divya Jain Nitasha Anand Prakash Singh . And many others who made me what I am today .
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seriously. in deewana Rishi romanced divya bharti, who wasn't even born when he started acting!
A3- Would surely investigate the mysterious death of Divya bharti
3. i would like to solve a murder mystery of popular actress DIVYA BHARTI.
Love love love Divya Bharti, Karishma Kapoor and my Queens and ❤
My all time fav song lov u divya bharti nd srk in this song esi deewanagi
If Tara Shahdev would have been a heroin in Mumbai film world, her fate would have been similar to Divya Bharti ?
I'm a bit late watching this but thats because I was off to the city for the weekend. Heropanti Film Review. Firstly, Hats off to Prakash Raj for playing such an awesome antogonist. I didn't whether he could be the worst criminal on the face of the planet or the most amazing father I have ever seen on screen. What an awesome actor! Next, Tiger Shroff Not bad, the body is sick (pardon me can't go into details as we need to lower gaze) and well you couldn't let the ladies lower their gazes with them abs! As for the dancing great very sick nice to see some gymnastics in the beginning, new insert to films. The ladies Sandeepa Dhar & Kirti Sanon For me, One resembles Divya Bharti and the other Raveena Tandon much? But some very strikingly beautiful lady actress of our generation in the Bollywood Film Industry..over all I'd say totally worth watching as I hey I liked it! Oh and the, love, love how they kept the theme of traditional South Asian clothing from the patiala to the sarees...great cost ...
- shetty started his carrier in bollywood in 1990 with his first movie "Ek Aur Faulad" but due to some reason the movie was dropted & After some year in 1992 He worked in the film "Balwaan" as a main role in that movie with "Divya Bharti" it was first released movie for his.! In 2001 "Sunil shetty" won the "film fare award" for his best villan act in the film "Dhadkan"...!!!
Watch Prithvi & Divya Bharti in the song 'Khata Toh Jab *** from the movie 'Dil Ka Kya Kasoor'. Song Credits: Singer(s): Alka Yagnik & Kumar Sanu Music Direc...
Dil Ka Kya Kasoor is romantic drama bollywood movie starring Divya Bharti and Prithvi. Tune into Nadeem Shravan's best melodious songs in this full album aud...
It's 1:18 in here watching the old film DEWANAA love divya bharti
For all the fans of Angel Divya Bharti, and especially for Ola. Divya live on the set shooting movie "Geet" - 1992 year.
Shops here still have those velvet shampoo packets with Divya Bharti type actress on them...
Here's autograph of cuttest divya bharti..😄
Divya Bharti created world record Late Divya Bharti is not only remembered for her brilliant performances but also for her unbeatable world record. She appeared in more than 14 Hindi films within a year of her debut in Bollywood, between 1992 and Mid 1993. She started her career in 1990 with Telugu films and after several hits in the south she entered Hindi films with 'Vishwatma’ in 1992, following which she did 13 films in the same year that includes superhits like ‘Deewana’ and ‘Shola Aur Shabhnam’. It is till date a world record for the ‘most films within a year’ that no one could ever beat.
90s hits when Divya Bharti was alive
Divya bharti is also my mosttt fvrt:) Sad she died so early..even bfor my birth ;( Thr wil b no 1 lyk her again
Salman Khan with suneil Shetty and late divya bharti rare pic
. I am also a big fan of divya bharti. at the age of 20 lots of posters of her were in my room
Death Anniversary of Divya Bharti, pictured with Salman khan & Sunil Shetty
1988–92: Early work and breakthrough Khan studied acting under the mentorship of theatre director Barry John at Delhi's "Theatre Action Group" (TAG).[41] Khan's first starring role was in Lekh Tandon's television series Dil Dariya, but due to production delays, the 1988 television series, Fauji was his television debut. He played the leading role of Commando Abhimanyu Rai in the critically acclaimed show, which earned him mass recognition.[35][42] He went on to appear in Aziz Mirza's Circus (1989)[43] and played a minor role in the made-for-television English-language film, In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones (1989). His appearance in these teleserials, led critics to compare his acting style with that of film actor Dilip Kumar.[44] In 1991, Khan shifted base to Mumbai and received his first film offer with Hema Malini's directorial debut Dil Aashna Hai.[35] However, due to production delays, his second film, Deewana (1992), alongside Rishi Kapoor and Divya Bharti released first.[34] The film became a bo ...
Divya Bharti (25 February 1974 – 7 April 1993) was an Indian film actress, whose acting variety hailed her as “the most interesting young actress of her generation” starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the early 1990s. She appeared in Hindi films of Bollywood, as well as Telugu and Tamil films. Bharti played a variety of character types; her film roles along with her screen persona contributed to a change in the concept of a Hindi film heroine. After spending much of her childhood in Mumbai, Bharti began a career as an actress in 1990 with the Telugu film Bobbili Raja. Her early film appearances were minor, but in films like Vishwatma (1992) where her performance in the song “Saat Samundar Paar” drew attention to her. By 1992, Bharti had progressed to leading roles in Bollywood films like Shola Aur Shabnam , a melodramatic film that dwelt on her undauntedness. Her dramatic performance in Deewana later that year was hailed by critics and garnered a Filmfare Award ...
As long as there are autos in this country, Divya Bharti will never be forgotten.
Divya Bharti, Anuradha Bali, Geetika Sharma, Natasha Singh(Daughter-in-law of Kunwar Natwar Singh), Sunanda Pushkar.all the deaths are suspicious, under forced circumstances and to hide many facts. Things are not so easy as it looks like and will remain unveil. RIP celebrities and ambitious personalities.
Divya love u so much till my last breath .miss u so much please God give justice to her.
Today we zero in on the topic whether Divya Bharti’s death was an accident, suicide or an act of murder. Conspiracy theories continue to float around her death even after two decades. So was she rea...
She is cousin of Divya Bharti , right ?
1st movie I saw twice inside a week in many I was infatuated with Divya Bharti n it's music is timeless
Most shocking celebrity deaths :( Divya Bharti: Died at 19 :( Divya Bharti's untimely death came as a major blow to Bollywood. In a very short span the actress had given a number of hits including 'Deewana', 'Dil Ka Kya Kasoor'. The actress met with a tragic death when she fell off from a five storey apartment building in Mumbai. Her demise gave way to a lot of speculation whether it was a suicide or an accident. Jiah Khan: Died at 25 :( The 'Nishabd' girl Jiah Khan made headlines after she hanged herself at her Mumbai residence in June 2013. The actress who was in a relationship with Aditya Pancholi's son, Suraj Pancholi is said to have taken this extreme step due to the trouble in her relationship and a not so bright future in Bollywood. Parveen Babi: Died at 55 :( The actress who is remembered for her glamorous performances in 'Shaan', 'Namak Halal' etc. was found in her Mumbai apartment in 2005. The post mortem reports suggested that the actress has not had food for almost three days and only some amo ...
most beautiful women on earth...Lt. Divya Bharti
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"Honestly, I am not even 10 per cent as beautiful as she was. I can’t compare my talent with that of her. When I...
Hw mny pepl like Divya bharti.i'm a big fan of D.B.she was rly awesome & cute...i lv hr...
One of the rare clicks of famous actress, Divya Bharti! She began her career as an actress with which Hindi movie?
I was Divya Bharti, a 19 year old Iranian singer who fell to her death.
which actress didnt do a lot of films with Srk but even that they made a good paîr ? -Twinkle khanna -Divya bharti -Pooja Bhatt -Raveena tandon -Urmila matundkar -Manisha koirala -Amrita singh -Sonali bendre -Sridevi
Have you met Divya Bharti's family anytime recently?
Sir I am a very big fan of yours since your television days. You made a good jodi with Divya u still remember her
Govinda (actor) Govinda (born Govinda Arjun Ahuja, 21 December 1963) is an Indian actor and a former politician. Govinda has received five Filmfare Award nominations and four Zee Cine Award, winning two Filmfare Awards including a Special Jury Award. Making his debut in Ilzaam in 1986, he has appeared in over 120 Hindi films of the Bollywood industry. In June 1999, Govinda was voted as the tenth greatest star of stage or screen of the last thousand years by BBC News Online users.[1] His earlier films in the 1980s were in a variety of genres such as family drama, action and romantic. In the 1990s he gained recognition as a comedy actor playing a mischievous young NCC cadet in the romantic movie Shola Aur Shabnam (1992) opposite the late Divya Bharti. He played leading roles in several commercially successful comedy films in the 1990s such as Aankhen(1993), Raja Babu(1994), Coolie No. 1 (1995), Hero No. 1 (1997) and Haseena Maan Jayegi (1999). For Coolie No. 1(1995), he earned a nomination for the Filmfare ...
On the 36th birth anniversary of late Bollywood actress Divya Bharti, who died at a young age of 19 on April 5, 1993, we bring you some snippets of her short life in pics. Divya, was the daughter of Omprakash Bharti, an insurance officer, and Meeta Bharti, a housewife. She had a younger brother Kunal. The pretty actress studied at Maneckji Cooper High School in Mumbai from where she completed 9th class. Divya was not keen on acting during her school years. However, she used to take part in fashion shows during the Ganapati festival. Divya was in the ninth standard when she began to get film offers. Since her face resembled to superstar Sridevi she got noticed by many directors and producers. At first her parents were hesitant, because even Divya wasn't too keen on joining films. Nandu Tolani offered her Gunahon Ka Devta in 1988. Divya finally agreed to enter in to showbiz. She was 14-and-a-half then. Meanwhile, Divya learnt that Dalip Shankar wanted a new girl opposite Aamir Khan in Aatank Hi Aatank and R ...
Divya Bharti's cousin talks about her role in - India Today via
SRK helps Divya Bharti in finding her mother.. Dil aashna hai !!
Divya Bharti's cousin Kainaat Arora talks about her role in Grand Masti
up back to 90's as well as economy. Asaram replaced chandraswami. Where is Divya Bharti ?
One of the most passionate song. And the fabulous Divya Bharti.
Latest Reference to Divya bharti . For all those who just love something beyond picture and like factual...
lol.Eh. wrong! it was the late Divya Bharti in Deewana!
As a teenager, Divya Bharti's death gravely disturbed me. Now it just sounds funny.
Do u know guys that Divya Bharti and born on 25 February :D how sweet
Dil ka kya kasoor on Z Premier. Divya Bharti n Prithvi. Still have an audio cassette. Remember watching it in theatre in 1992. Cc
I'm a very big fan of Divya Bharti maam' too ♥ RIP
Welcome to Ahmedabad. The beautiful sister of the most beautiful Divya Bharti.
had u know Divya bharti? Bollywood actress. . U r same looking like :)
I liked a video most beautiful creation of God "Divya Bharti"
oh its ok :), the same applies to divya bharti as well. I guess except dil ashna hai, no film of hers was on saregama
watch now hi to Hai am only on . staring Divya Bharti, Jackie Shroff & Shilpa Shirodkar
watching Deewana its my all time favorite film:-) you n Rishi sir r superb but missing the gorgeous Divya Bharti!!:-):-)
Clue on divya bharti murder mystery via
I liked a video Best of Divya Bharti
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