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Divas Champion

The WWE Divas Championship is a professional wrestling championship in WWE. It is competed for by WWE Divas.

Nikki Bella Aj Lee Eve Torres Beth Phoenix Brie Bella Divas Championship Daniel Bryan Sasha Banks John Cena Randy Orton Eva Marie Alicia Fox Total Divas Trish Stratus Zeb Colter Big Show Dolph Ziggler Bad News Barrett Cruiserweight Champion

Photo shoot with the WWE Divas Champion Layla El. Flawlessly makeup by the talented Makeup Maven…
Goodluck to your tonight in the draft!
Just 3 years ago she became Divas Champion at Payback I miss her so much. It just isn't the same w/out Aj Lee.. https:…
1 year ago today at a Smackdown taping in Moline,IL WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella(def. in a Non-Title Match.
hey with the new title means that Nikki will forever be the longest reigning divas champion 👏🏻
PS... I just made history too.. Forever your longest reigning Divas Champion 😊💋💪🏽
plus still divas champion Roman still WWE champion De…
plus still divas champion Roman still WWE champion Dean beat's chris
Ayyy I'm the divas and the women's champion 😂😆🏆
Which is the most memorable day you have ever had? — When Nikki Became The New Divas Champion & The Longest Reigni…
Give me any name of all the "divas" champion b4 Charlotte, NONE of them is a better wrestler than Natalya (and i'm a Paige fan as well btw)
Nikki Bella is the longest reigning Divas champion in WWE history.
2012: - Nikki Bella managed to overcome Beth Phoenix in a Lumberjill match to become the new Divas Champion htt…
Maryse was the only diva to appear in both her Wrestlemania matches as Divas Champion.
I want Natalya become the new Divas Champion
Next up on in San Diego. DIVAS Champion:. Sasha Banks. VS. The debuting: Eva Marie
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The Divas Championship may be leaving, but I will never forget the greatest Divas Champion of all time.
With the new Women's belt, I'm now the undisputed Divas Champion
I can't wait for Alicia Fox to become the only African American Diva in WWE history to become Divas Champion after this Sunday
great divas champion she is regardless of ric and tactics. I am a fan.
New divas champion 2016 or but not pilzzz change divas champion
the best diva I hope that win at wrestlmain the new divas champion
- so, all of you, and I do mean all, will be calling me your former NXT Women's Champion and current Divas Champion. There -
You will be the new NXT Divas Champion at NXT Takeover... Bayley can't handle your moves or leg movement in the ring... Good luck
It's funny how you can beat these other Divas. But couldn't beat Asuska. And she will be the next NXT Divas Champion @ Takeover
Becky you will do it in wrestlemania of new wwe divas champion so all the best
The divas belt will look good around waist first Irish born divas champion
we all love Nattie you should be the divas champion you should be part of the divas division your not old your beautiful.
Sasha is doing fine. She's going to be divas champion in 18 days.
Sara Lee and carmella are very strong and pretty girl's who will win either divas or woman's champion ships soon
Eager to see it coming as a champion of divas after wrestlemania.
Former divas champion Nikki Bella with Brie Bella looking simply amazing in this picture.
Eva Marie will be the WWE Divas champion one day. guaranteed.
I'd like to congratulate on being the longest reigning Divas champion and being 2015 DOTY. Sorry I'm so late.
Neville breaks his ankle…then spin kicks Jericho and hits a perfect hurricanrana. Gravity may have forgotten him but t…
at this point, I really wouldn't mind seeing Tamina become Divas Champion and be a force to be reckon with
is so amazing! She deserves to be Divas Champion again.
Five Divas I want to see as NXT Women's Champion in 2016:. - - - - -
what a match last night vs at WWE Roadblock. You deserve another reign as Divas Champion…
Forget attrition, it's a war of SUBMISSION between Champ and
I bet this is the way your feeling like u just won the divas champion ship
Ranked in PWI's best female wrestlers. 2x divas champion. 3x Womens champion
PWI's Woman of the year. Rollin Stones Diva of the year. 2x Slammy award winning DOTY. 2x Divas Champion. Longest reigning divas champion
Ring Wars Snapshot Of The Day! . Former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn (Celeste Braun) is on the cover of this...
Nikki Bella: longest reigning divas' champion of all time!
Nikki Bella will always be a great divas champion
if you want Nikki Bella to stay as Divas champion
I played with you on WWE2k16 as divas champion and I was United States champion and our tag team name was
Who do you think was the best divas champion in the wwe
Moring Bella army you longest reiging divas champion in the house
Michelle McCool was the first ever Divas Champion and the first Unified Divas Champion.
My is the best Divas Champion of all time & She is Genetically Superior Queen 😍💗💘
Crash WrestleMania and become the new divas champion👑
yes new divas champion Sasha Banks ;)
Divas Champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch will have a “face to face to face” segment on this week’s
For my 50 wrestling entrances video, I started with the longest reigning Divas Champion Nikki Bella.
you will become the new wwe divas champion at Wrestlemania 32
I'm all for Sasha Banks being our next WWE Divas Champion
Its obvious that wwe is playing stuff from the past so look at Aj Lee longest reigning divas champion nobody came now. look at Nikki. U NO!
No probs! I'd love it if you could draw Roman as World Champion. And Nikki Bella as Divas Champion. And Mudkip OMG! 😄❤❤😊
All you wrestling fans out there need to listen up as it seems Nikki Bella has been starting to come clean with the truth about a previous marriage that she had before her relationship with WWE stud John Cena because of a sex tape made with her ex-boyfriend that she is worried is going to leak anytime now. If you do not know who Nikki is... her real name is Nicole Garcia Colace and she has a twin that goes by the ring name of Brie Bella (Brianna Monique Danielson) and they are a tag team with the WWE under the name "The Bella Twins". Nikki herself though is the reigning two-time WWE Divas Champion and is one of the main stars of the reality television show "Total Divas". They have both enjoyed a very good career so far with the professional wrestling, modeling and acting.
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Eve Torres becomes 3x Divas Champion, being the first woman to ever do so (Night of Champions, 9/16/12)
Eve Torres is the only Diva to have her last match as the WWE Divas Champion.
Aj Lee is the greatest Divas champion of all time in my opinion
In your opinion who is the greatest champion of the Divas Champion of all time?
We need some in this divas division. We need a new champion.
I'm waiting so bad to see her the Divas champion 😭
'Bad Divas Match' I knew exactly who it was before I read the article. And thats the next champion. Smh
I love you 😘 . You should be the Divas champion 😭
Divas Champion scouts her opponent from the locker room.
literally turn off whn AJ show off her divas champion zzz
Hopefully it will be Women's Champion and not Divas Champion by then.
Dear Everyone, this is what a REAL Divas Champion looks like!
Congrats to on the announcement of his future daughter and potential Divas Champion in 2038.
You're looking at your future 3x Divas Champion; Lil B'. you will return into my hands.
I'm Eve Torres. You know, first ever x3 Divas Champion in history. I'm a legend.
no matter how hard she tries, Eva Marie will NEVER be Divas Champion or NXT Women's Champ unless they just hand her the ti…
I'm pretty sure that it's just you. Who doesn't love seeing the longest reigning Divas Champion on television every week?
Nikki Bella is officially the longest reigning Divas Champion. In other words, the is officially garbage now.
'Nikki Bella is now the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time'...
David Arquette would make a better record-breaking Divas Champion than Nikki Bella, the Kim K of WWE.
So I've been thinking about Nikki Bella breaking AJ's record for the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time...
She's a heel boo her! She's ripping off Santino Marella! Also she's only been Divas Champion for so long because John Cena said so.
AJ's known for more than just love storylines Divas Champion. She was a general manager of Raw. She was so over.
This is definitely a When I first won my Divas Champion against Eve Torres.
Tomorrow we will crown the first FCW Divas Champion! In an over the top rope battle royal!
If Eve Torres had of stayed in the wwe longer I feel like she could have became a 5 time Divas Champion.
Divas Champion will defend her title at against the Raven-Haired Diva. .
Nikki Bella is now the third longest Divas Champion of all time!
Nikki Bella became the third-longest reigning WWE Divas Champion this week.
Today I became the 3rd longest reigning Divas Champion. Crazy that I'm in Buffalo & just beat out http:/…
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Nikki Bella 6th month as the Divas Champion that almost like Trish Stratus as the Womens Champion
Made a Music Video 4 our Fearless Divas Champion, Nikki Bella! Hope you enjoy it! Love from Portugal xx
Before 1 year and 11 months QUEEN won her FIRST divas champion ship that's before 700 days (MAYBE)💪✨
Nikki I hope your the divas champion forever your better than an Lee love you so much
Please oh Please pick She is the total package and she is a future divas champion
Im Happy to call you in a few Days the New NXT Divas Champion.
Can you imagine WWE with as Divas Champion
Why people find it impossible for Nikki to be the longest Divas Champion of all time.. ! Its so funny..
You got that Right and it's only a matter of Time before your WWE Divas Champion Bank on It
Will you Sports Entertainment fans stop complaining Who do yaw want as Divas Champion I know Lets give it to Goat Boy
That's true but hey either way she's still divas champion non the less
Well she's stil divas champion tho right? (no hating)
I really hope that WWE is planning for Nikki being the longest Divas Champion of all time and shut everyone's mouth.
"You can be a nerd, You can be a tomboy and You can still be The Longest Reigning Divas Champion of…
you will win this Sunday and still be my number one divas champion of all time in wwe in my book I be rotting for you
I have a cage match with Nikki for the title soon. I'm walking away divas champion when I do.
I love my favorite. Diva. The frealess divas champion. Nikki Bella.
title reign would last longer than your reign as Divas Champion and NXT Womens Championship.
I'd like to see Paige as Divas Champion!!
I'm so ready for paige to return so she can become the new divas champion
My nephew the World and US Champion with his favourite Divas Champion
Today's is former 2 time WWE Divas Champion & 3 time WWE Women's Champion
My champion Dachshund Chloe wants 1 more match against a new member of my Animal family coming soon! :-)
. Aj Lee Divas Champion best whole in the world. Because I am fan Aj Lee 2015 Black widow with Paige Divas Champion once.=)
She's Bae! Future Divas Champion, even though i don't want her afflicted with that atrocity we call the main roster
Today is the 173rd day Nikki Bella has been Divas Champion!
Yea me and my sister Nikki the divas champion
My favs are divas champion and former NXT champion 😂🌝
Nikki Bella is my favorite wrestling Divas and still the Champion . Love her 💯😍
What the *** is that? Emma is boring?! She is the fuuniest Diva in WWE! she is talented and Future Divas Champion!
We want to see that smile and AJ divas champion in WWE again ht…
Nikki Bella is still Divas Champion and that is
A hard fought battle between the two Divas, but Nikki Bella is STILL the Divas Champion!
Me waiting for Eva Marie to *** the title and become WWE Divas Champion.
could go with Vickie Guerrero but Michelle is the first Divas Champion
Nikki Bella please win all of your match. I want you to be the Divas Champion for a good while yet. You the best and sexy.
Nikki Bella is honestly the best HEEL Divas Champion since Eve Torres.
by Summerslam, who will be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, IC Champion, Tag Team Champions & Divas Champion.
I actually would've became the first 4x Divas Champion if Nikki Bella hadn't cheated to win. But I'm determined to ~~
TDW Divas Champion, Taylor Knight will defend her Divas Title in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match.
"Wild heart. Gypsy soul. Glampire. Not great at the friend thing. Made history once or twice. Buy my merch. Oh and 2x Divas Champion.." love
they want her to leave as . Divas Champion. Womens Champion. United States Champion. WHC . Cruiserweight Champion. IC Champion
has been the greatest Divas Champion ever but it is time for Nikki Bella to win the tittle. I hope AJ wins it back later, though.
Photo: “I hope Nikki Bella will NOT become the new WWE Divas Champion because she is not ready yet. Yes,...
The hottest WWE Diva is Queen Aj Lee the sexy WWE Divas Champion now and for ever and no one can't take that..
A.J. My precious lil' pumpkin, your time with /my/ title is slowly coming to an end. Alicia and I know that I will be Divas Champion +
More on WHY Vince McMahon doesn't want a Total Diva to be WWE Divas Champion.
Allow me to spoil Raw for you When Raw rolls into Memphis Dean Ambrose returns and will be a 3 time 3 time 3 time Divas Champion
Eve Torres holds the record for most reigns as Divas Champion, who holds the record for the shortest reign?. ~Sharon~
You bet she's hot this Summer! 😍😍 Paige has no chance, our Queen will still be the Divas Champion
Will there be a new Divas Champion tonight ?
Aj Lee finally makes her triumphant return back to WWE and defeats Paige to once again become Divas Champion.
The most dominant diva since Trish Stratus finally returns back to WWE. As Aj Lee is once again Divas Champion!
Divas Champion Aj Lee is ready to defend her her crown as the longest reigning Divas Champion at WrestleMania 30. More WWE -
So Aj Lee is back and is the new Divas Champion and last night all the fans sound like they turned on Paige last night will she finally become heel and will u stick by her if she does.
Divas Champion, because she lost her opportunity due to her eye injury. Also, Nikki Bella is a great choice too.
Happy Advance Birthday to former Divas Champion niece of and daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (yeah baby!!)
In-ring segment The Shield   * It amazes me how far the Shield have gone, ever since their debut they have improved in the ring and they have improved on the mic. The feud between the Shield and Evolution has helped the Shield go over a lot and judging by the crowd tonight, it continues to work.   Backstage segment The Shield and Evolution   * So Evolution doesn't know that they appeared on the tron and got ambushed in the process? Okay...   Match Rob Van Dam defeats Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter by pinfall   * Well, we all knew that Swagger was going to lose, so I have no problem with Swagger getting squashed.   Match Paige defeats Alicia Fox by pinfall, after the match Alicia Fox throws a fit   * I mentioned that Fox all of last week was impressive in the ring, and once again she carried another match. Hopefully sometime in the near future, we see her having another reign as Divas Champion.   In-ring segment Daniel Bryan   * Hopefully we don't see Bryan take off too much time, it'll be horrible ...
Michelle Mccool won and became the first Divas Champion at The Bash the 20 July 2008
With the Divas- and Divas Championship, becomes the UNDISPUTED Divas Champion.
After a battle royal to determine the number 1 contender for the Divas Championship, Tamina Snuka won. She will face current Divas Champion, Paige at WWE Extreme Rules. Extreme Rules will air on PPV and WWE Network on Sunday, May 4, 2014. -Chris
Fact : "Aj Lee is the longest reigning Divas Champion.". Opinion : "Batista is better than Daniel Bryan."
April Janette Mendez, better known as the WWE Diva Aj Lee. The longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history, with a record of 295 days (16/6/13-8/4/14). born on March 19, 1987 at the age of 27.
Trivia Question besides Aj Lee who is the best Divas Champion of all time ?
Page dedicated to the Diva of the Year 2012, Aj Lee ♥ Longest-reigning Divas Champion | | The Black Widow Queen! •Thanks for Joining•
LISTEN: Norwich's gives her first UK interview as Divas Champion just before 7am with
Wow, what a day for Norwich, a new manager (at last!) and Paige ( Saraya-Jade Bevis )becomes Divas Champion. Neil Adams, you've got a lot to live up to!!!
Great raw tonight! Pagie is the new Divas Champion , Shield turn face, nxt promos for adam rose and bo Dallas, wade barrett finally wrestles, Alexander russev debuts Yes movement lives on! The only thing bad about raw no Dolph Ziggler
Kaitlyn is the best wrestler female in the WWE Divas Champion 😡💪
//Kaitlyn never deserved to be Divas Champion.
History will be made on Sunday, April 6, when the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational debuts at The Show of Shows. Aj Lee — the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time — will put her title on the line against 13 Divas inside the squared circle. SmackDown’s General Manger created the momentous match in response to the boastful Divas Champion opting to take a count- out loss to Naomi on the March 24 Raw. AJ’s extraordinary title reign — which will span more than 300 days by the time WrestleMania 30 takes place — started at WWE Payback 2013 when she used cold-hearted tactics to defeat her former friend Kaitlyn. Since then, the unyielding champion has thwarted every challenger thrown her way, maintaining an unrelenting hold on her precious title. AJ’s historic championship run hasn’t been without its challenges — her rivalry with the stars of E!’s “Total Divas” escalated to its boiling point over the summer when the unhinged titleholder blasted the reality stars with a ...
"After expecting to see celebrate her record breaking reign as Divas Champion, Aj Lee receives some "bad news" from Bad News Barrett. " WE D.
Oh, please. This division /needs/ a woman like me. I'll be prancing around as Divas Champion before you know it!
"Aj Lee has been a great Divas Champion" ugh Michael Cole is so oblivious
I hope is a 16-time Divas Champion like her daddy was with World Titles!!
I will do a 30 minute video next week on the potential 2K15 roster, but here is my WISHLIST roster, 30 of them anyway. Here is my FULL WWE2K15 roster, if did just half of these, I would be very happy! 207 playable characters in all, and the non-playable characters will come once I have announced all the playable ones, I will be releasing 30 playable characters each day! Here goes: 1. Adrian Neville- This guy is one of the most talented athletes I have ever saw, he is also the current NXT Champion and definitely should be included in what I would LOVE to see, the NXT Mode! 2. Aiden English- Some great CAWS on WWE2K14 of this guy, but it would be awesome to have his real moves in the game and have him in the NXT Mode! 3. Aj Lee- This will be a no-brainer, was in WWE 13 and WWE2K14, and has recently returned and definitely the current Divas Champion will make the cut for WWE2K15! 4. Aksana- Not sure about this one, but would be nice to have a newer version of her in ring attire in WWE2K15! 5. Alberto Del Rio ...
y'all asked for it, here you go, here's my facts; 1. I was born Feb 8 1917 2. Jeff Hardy was my first love 3. Candice Michelle is my role model 4. I have roleplayed as Lilian Garcia, Cherry, Francine and Sunny 5. Juggalos are mainly my besties 6. My all time favorite wrassler is Ricky Steamboat 7. My finisher is called Rainbow Surprise 8. I have been a WS Divas Champion, a WWSE Womens Champion and an Intergender Weed Tag Team Champion 9. I am demisexual 10. I have wanted to be a wrestler since 2004
For all you wrestling fans heres a lil game for ya... You have the chance to run a Major Wrestling company and had blank cheques you could use to Sign ANYONE from ANY company (Past/Present Living/Dead, All would be considered to be in there prime. only knowing what you see on TV each week about them) Who would you pick and why? You need to name your 1st Champions And Contenders... World Champion + Contender Mid-Card Champion ( Us Title, IC Title, X-Division w/e u wna call it) + Contender Cruiserwieght Champion + Contender Womens/Divas Champion + Contender Tag Team Champions + Contenders . Personally, my Choices are: WHC: Bret Hart Contender: Chris Benoit Would love to see a technically sound match btween these 2 w/ a major title on the line. IC Champion: British Bulldog Contender: DH Smith (Harry Smith) What better Way for Davey to pass the proverbial torch to his son? Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio (W/ His Mask) Contender: Juventued Gurrerra (W/ His Mask) These 2 are great high flyers and put on MA ...
I think the next title unification should be the Divas Champion(vs. Womens Champion(
encyclopedia Beth Phoenix A blond woman smiles while wearing a black top, a silver necklace and a brooch in her hair. Phoenix in 2011 Birth name Elizabeth Kocianski Carolan[1][2] Ring name(s) Beth Phoenix Fabulous Firebird[3] Firebird[1] Phoenix[3] Billed height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)[4][5] Billed weight 150 lb (68 kg)[3] Born November 24, 1980 (age 33)[1] Elmira, New York[1] Resides Asheville, North Carolina Billed from Buffalo, New York[5][6] Trained by Ron Hutchinson[3] Joey Knight[1] Robin Knightwing[1] OVW Debut May 2001[3] Elizabeth "Beth" Kocianski Carolan[1][2] (born November 24, 1980)[1] is an American retired professional wrestler, better known by her ring name Beth Phoenix. She is best known for her time with WWE, where she is a former WWE Divas Champion and a three-time WWE Women's Champion. Carolan had a successful amateur wrestling career in high school, before being trained by the All Knighters. After her debut in May 2001, she wrestled for numerous independent promotions, and was the ...
"Total Divas" stars, Naomi and Cameron, battle it out with former Divas Champion, Alicia Fox and her tag partner, Rosa Mendes.
Vengance 2011 Results. Beth Phoenix def. Eve to still be Divas Champion
If Eva Marie is the one who finally beats AJ for the Divas title, I am going to laugh so hard. Heck with the way things are going she could become Divas Champion before Daniel Bryan becomes WWE Champion.
To follow up on Valentines Day, for all you Lover out there, next Friday we've got ourselves a star packed Main Event! This will be the first ever, Cupids Arrow Match! Now in this Match, there will be Four Mixed Tag Teams going at it, only One Person or Team can be left standing, therefore, it will be an Elimination Mixed Gender Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match! The following are the teams... Chris Nox & Aksana. CM Punk & Mia Yim. Christian York & Gail Kim. WWO Champion, Seth Rollins & Divas Champion, Sasha Banks!
queen coco will e the next Divas Champion ☺☺
I believe that Aj Lee is a brilliant champion but it think the WWE would Flourish with one of as Divas Champion❤️
Career of this former Divas Champion might be over -
Did you heard about Maryse days of being Divas Champion are not the highest reigns anymore.
Paige Interview from FanAxxess2013 Yeah you will be Divas Champion one day!. (Yayy love english accent)♥
My Favorite Divas is Natalya. . Kind and Smile. The future Divas Champion Natalya ♡. I love you Natalya ♡
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When will you destroy the Bella twins? When will you become Divas Champion? Is it possible in 2014?
i want Justin Roberts to say " Here is your winner and neeww Divas Champion, Kharma!"
It's lots of leisure for the former WWE Divas Champion as Layla - WWE Universe takes a siesta in these exclusive new Diva photos. Get comfortable and take a look. See the full gallery here:
(WWEcom) Power Rankings: Feb. 8, 2014 - The Divas Champion moves up to the precipice of the top 10
I see, but you need to learn more things if you want to become /divas/ champion.
Do you see Summer Rae ever becoming Diva's Champion ? — Yes, Summer Rae will become Divas Champion some day assu...
I could be better, I guess. I thought you were always 'really happy'? Being the Divas' Champion and all.
DIVA PIC OF THE DAY :. Would you like Aj Lee to walk into WrestleMania XXX as the Divas Champion ?. AG...
I want see my Queen Nikki (divas champion because it has improved a lot in the ring.htt…
Yes AJ yeees longest divas champion in history yeees
Hey follow her she is fan of Divas Champion
Open Quiz Q4 Who was originally the longest reigning Divas Champion?
Please give divas champion match at
Aj Lee loves the WWE too much for that. and she is the Divas champion. trust me she wont lol.
A former WWE Women's Champion and Divas Champion might be returning to WWE soon. . Here's a hint...
Aj Lee you hold on to that divas champion/best diva on the planet.
If you're in Hampton Roads and you want to become Divas Champion, start by clicking here
Aj Lee has been the WWE Divas Champion for 232 days!
It's been way too long since the most talented diva has been our Divas Champion.
is the best Divas Champion of all time. No one will ever be better than her.
q&a what's my favorite wwe superstar theme? Answer My Time is Now by John-Felix Anthony Cenajr question what is my favorite wwe diva theme? answer time to rock and roll by Trish Stratus question am I ready for WM 30? Answer yep question who was the better divas champion? answer Ryse Ouellet and Michelle Leigh McCool
it'll will awesome if Brooke come to wwe & beat Aj Lee & be a divas champion.
When i play wwe 2k14, i just created you in the game and also made you a divas champion! I hope you like...
is the Divas Champion & will always be Divas Champion. Don't like her? TOO BAD! ❤
Wwe divas champion Aj Lee appeared at the Wizard convention in New Orleans and according to fan in attendance before Aj Lee did the Q's and A's fans where told not to ask Aj Lee about Cm Punk since he quit wwe.
Did I find Big Clem Layfield for You're *** right I did. will weep.
yall tw I are my favorite wwe divas and I truly belive one of yall is going to be wwe new divas champion
WWE Diva, Aj Lee participated in a Q&A at the Wizard World Comic Con yesterday. . Before the WWE Divas Champion...
Aj Lee went so far from being a fan to a divas champion 😊💜
She already won it back in 2010, i would love to see nattie win it! The 2014 Divas champion Nattie!
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If anybody can ever replace Kelly Kelly in the is The future wwe divas champion and everybody's dream.:)
The Divas Champion and First Lady is glad to hear that one of her /best/ friends has joined our company! …
Nikki you're match on smackdown was amazing. Can't wait to see you or ur sister Brie with the divas champion!
This will definitely remind me of as a 90 year old divas champion.
Future WWE diva, divas champion and future hall of famer. Cockiest thing I've ever read, That's why you'll never make it.
This will be my last thing for my current storyline... and ill be making a new one. Revenge ppv results. Ryback vs The Shield "Ambrose & Rollins" winner Ryback Angelina love def Brie Bella new divas champion a love! The usos def the go getters the usos are the new tag champions! Nwo def main event mafia with Kurt Angle turning on the mem. After the match the main event mafia cuts a promo and say's that their gonna go into single competition for now on. Nwo are showned backstage and they say we came we conqured and now we're leaving. The Nwo has left the wwe! Randy Orton def roman reigns
I can count the number of non-title matches Aj has won as Divas Champion on one hand, lol.
with Divas Champion at the panel from Wizard World New Orleans!
237 days as Divas Champion! She is setting a new record for herself and the Divas
"Do you really think AJ would be Divas champion if she wasn't dating Punk in real life?" IDK, was she already dating Punk back in June? NO
After a stellar career in WWE, former Divas Champion Kaitlyn says goodbye to the WWE Universe. More on WWE Network -
Dear Brie Bella it's Frank Cortez!I just want to say that I have just watch Friday Night Smackdown right now!That you just got knockout by Aj Lee!During your Twin Sister Nikki Bella against WWE Divas Champion Aj Lee!But Nikki has just lost her match!But right now you have the greatest body ever!
Kaitlyn - All Spears as Divas Champion January 14 2013 - June 16 2013 Follow me :
Ok so now we have Divas Champion Aj Lee w/Tamina Snuka Vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella
Next match is triple threat WWE Divas champion Aj Lee Vs Layla Vs Kaitlyn non title match no dq match
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Next match is WWE divas champion Aj Lee Vs Lita non title match
Congratulations to Edge and his girlfriend, former WWE Divas champion Beth Phoenix, who welcomed the birth of their first child a few weeks ago. I wonder if in 20 years, we would see mini Edge or mini Beth in the wrestling scene -The Outlaw Hero
Divas Champion Layla vs Natalya on Smackdown airing May 4th, 2012. Short, but good match. Both of these divas are great in ring competitors so it's no surpri...
Dear Aj Lee it's Frank Cortez of Madera,Ca!I just want to say that you are still the Reigning WWE DIVAS CHAMPION in the WWE today in 2014 this year!But you are the best Diva in the World today!Your fan of Madera,CA Frank Cortez!
It has been confirmed that Divas Champion Aj Lee has a concussion and will be out of action until further notice and that officials are on the look out to find the attacker
who would like to see Paige as the next wwe Divas champion?
Ok next stop on our ratings of the WWE roster brings us to Aiden English!!! I may be a little biased here though shall try not to be, I am a massive fan, let's be honest, the whole poet thing is a bit of stretch, your'e going to have some serious charisma and acting skills to pull it off and get the crowds cheering for you, sadly as big of a fan as i am, I can't see it lasting long on the main roster, it's an interesting gimmick, but just not one that large crowds are going to cheer or boo for, he will wind up with a few boring chants and that's about it.. The guy has some great skills and bucket loads of charisma, given the right gimmick i have little doubt he could be a great heel or great face, similar to that of say a Austin Aries.. In my opinion the gimmick is what is weighing him down most, if you watch his matches, he has all the moves, but the most noise that is made is a small handful of people chant "encore" after his small poetry segments... Great for NXT, but unless he is given a new gimmick, ...
TWO FORMER WWE STARS WELCOME BABY!!! WWE Hall of Famer Edge and WWE Former Divas Champion and long time girlfriend Beth Phoenix welcome a baby girl. Congratulations to the happy couple.
Wwe divas champion Aj Lee is so beautiful
Who do you think should be Divas Champion Naomi or A.J ? Names Aj Lee as a Possible “Face of the WWE” The argument of who’s worthy to be the “face of the WWE” has so far been limited to Superstars, but one list has tossed in a Diva name: Aj Lee. The Divas Champion is listed among the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton as those that have an “it factor” that makes them worthy of representing the company. explains their choice in saying: Yes, she’d be the first, but isn’t it time? The entirety of pop culture is hinged upon the exploits of young, beautiful, unpredictable women. WWE has one who knows how to execute shiranuis and we’re sitting here bickering over which sweaty dude deserves to be on the red carpet. Fact is, no Diva has commanded attention quite like Aj Lee. T-shirts, watches, iPhone cases, hoodies, even baby bibs — her likeness is on more products than Yogurt from “Spaceballs.” And we’ve barely scratched the surface on her abilities as a sports-entertainer. Those Shining Wizards, that Bla ...
*BREAKING NEWS* FORMER WWE DIVAS CHAMPION KAITLYN IS SIGNING MERCHANDISE FOR! Hey guys, 30 mins into the signing and WOW what a response. Thank-you guys so much! For those of you who have not ordered yet and would like to, please click this link now!!!
Can't wait for February 15th because me and my brother are going to George's collectible at oxford valley mall to meet rakishi and former wwe divas champion kaitlyn!!
Aj Lee is now the longest reigning Divas Champion
Aj has been Divas Champion for a record 233 days! and still counting. Phenomenal!
Im a Divas Champion I love my character she looks just like me thanks bae
***Naomi Injured on Tonight’s RAW?? *** - Naomi appeared to have suffered an eye injury after a stiff knee drop to the face from Aksana on tonight’s RAW. Speaking of Naomi, she challenged WWE Divas Champion Aj Lee to a match on the App tonight. AJ did commentary for the Naomi vs. Aksana match and said she wouldn’t be giving Naomi a shot but the match is expected to take place soon.
Naomi and Aksana square off while Divas Champion Aj Lee watches from ringside.
Noami, picks up the win over Aksana. Noami keeps her sights on The Longest Reigning, Divas Champion, Aj Lee.
WWE says goodbye to Mae Young Watch: Mae's Career Celebrated Raw results: Daniel Bryan Leaves Wyatts Randy Orton Injures John Cena's Dad! Warrior to Join WWE Hall of Fame 'WWE Countdown': Sneak Peek What's Hoton Punk abandoned The New Age Outlaws shockingly turned on CM Punk, forcing him to face The Shield alone. » Let's get manly! Marvel at men who flip trucks and wrestle with broken necks in our masculine countdown. » Animal poised to hunt Batista makes his highly anticipated return next Monday on Raw. » • Complete Raw results and highlights WATCH: Brock & Big Show's vicious clashes • 9 facts you need to know about WWE Network WATCH: Jake 'The Snake's' venomous deeds • New match made for Royal Rumble 2014 WATCH: Superstars react to WWE Network • Kaitlyn no longer under contract with WWE WATCH: Big Show knocks out Zeb ColterJohn Cena gives injury update on his father What's next for Kaitlyn? Find out what’s on the horizon for the former Divas Champion ...
as of MIdnight Tonight {Tuesday 4th January 2014 } Aj Lee will become the New Longest Reigning WWE Divas Champion
Sometimes I remember how Eve's slipping on that one battle royal & later retiring let to Kaitlyn becoming a Divas Champion lol.
Photoset: After a hard fought back and forth match Michelle McCool becomes the first ever Divas Champion in...
When Eve Torres bid farewell to the WWE Universe in January, some people might have thought the three-time Divas Champion and WWE's 2007 Diva Search ...
Michelle McCool Laid a on that very night when she became the Very first ever Divas Champion
You used to be the Divas Champion! The face of the Divas Division! But as soon as you lost the championship, you lost--
Natalya would've of been the Divas Champion and beaten Aj Lee if Tamina didn't interfere in the match..
A comic-style drawing of female professional wrestler Aj Lee is stirring controversy online and backstage at WWE events for depicting the current Divas Champion performing a five-star match.
April Jeanette Mendez (born March 19, 1987) is an American professional wrestler. She works for WWE under the ring name Aj Lee, where she is the current WWE Divas Champion. Before signing with WWE, Mendez performed for several Northeast-based independent promotions as Miss April, including Women Sup...
Diva of the year award is a hard one but i will have to go with Divas Champion: Aj Lee
It was not the easiest of evenings for Aj Lee. Not only did the reigning Divas Champion skip. her way through a Six-Diva Tag Match and...
After an injury put her out of action, Nikki Bella is on the mend and battling Aj Lee alongside her sister Brie. got the full scoop from the "Total Divas" star and former Divas Champion on her road to recovery, and what helped her get through her time on the sideline.
Alright, I'm going to break this down real quick. Any real WWE fan over the years have noticed that god awful decline in the Divas division, as they hold back and release more and more talent, they further drive the stake into the heart of a near dead group of wrestlers. Impact Wrestling, which is probably doomed to see financial collapse and shutdown in the next few years, even manages to make an impressive female wrestling division with their Knock Outs. Right now, Divas matches are nothing more than that moment you take time out from watching the event that you paid to see live and go get more snacks and drinks at the concession stands or take a bathroom break. Some people think the Divas Division is going to just die out, and while that may be true (especially with Triple H's opinion on women wrestling), there is still some hope for it to be saved, here are my 5 ways to help save the Divas division, for those that think it even should be saved. 5. Legitimize The Title Let's face it, the Divas Champion ...
Switching back and forth between Monday Night Raw and Monday Night Football. Wrestling is boring this week. Aj Lee is a boring Divas Champion, Curtis Axel's boring *** list his IC Championship to Big E Langston boring *** Randy Orton boring *** beat up what's his face, and they pretty much turned two of they're best wrestlers CM Punk and Daniel Bryant into a tag team and ax them out of title contention. On the football side the Panthers and the Patriots are getting pretty physical on the grid with Carolina in the lead 10-0.
surpassed Kaitlyn's reign as Divas Champion of 153 days. Still 50+ days remaining to go over Beth Phoenix's 204 & Maryse's 215.
2010- Fatal 4 Way: Alicia Fox def. Eve, Gail Kim, and Maryse in a Fatal 4 Way match to become the Divas Champion.
INJURY UPDATE: Divas Champion medically cleared to compete.
I'm glad you're back Aj Lee I miss you my Divas Champion =] lot
Brie Bella may have briefly sidelined Aj Lee from. action, but the devious Divas Champion got some. measure of payback against...
Mickie James Interview from RVAMag - WWE Alumna Mickie James On TNA, Country Music, and Growing Up In Richmond Mickie James sure knows how to make Richmond proud. Five-time WWE Women's Champion, one-time WWE Divas Champion, three-time TNA Knockouts Champion, the only woman to hold all three titles, veteran of multiple WrestleManias, two-time Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Woman Of The Year, and even two successful country music albums under her belt now. All this for a graduate of Patrick Henry High School. Though it's the area north of Richmond she calls home, Mickie James has always been billed from Richmond whether it was for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) or for Total Non-Stop Action (TNA). She's represented this city well too dating back to the early 2000s when she first made a cult following wrestling across the country on the independent circuit. She applied that same work ethic to her country music career that launched in 2010 and has been making her name ever sense doing concerts anywhere a ...
Here are my Royal Rumble results: *Aj Lee defeated Kelly Kelly via disqualification & is still the Divas Champion *Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel & is still the Intercontinental Champion *Triple H defeated Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match *Awesome Truth defeated Rhodes Scholars & are the new Unified WWE Tag-Team Champions *Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler & is still the World Heavyweight Champion *CM Punk defeated Kane & is still the WWE Champion *John Cena won the Royal Rumble & will face the World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania
So looks like WWE will try and us Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella marrige as a storyline after last night. Which I hope Bryan/Bella won't agree as its the only change that they can have a little bit of time off and should be a day to remember as ur spiecal day, Not a day to remember it being done live on tv. Now looks like Brie Bella is going to be in this Orton/Bryan storyline does this mean they will have Brie turn on Bryan and join Orton. If that happens I will be very disappointed as they just done it with Aj Lee/John Cena so it be worthless to do it again as its about time the Bellas or Brie turn face as they been mainly Heels since being in WWE. I will say it now that sunday will be an early wedding gift from the WWE to Bryan/Bella as they will become WWE Champion & WWE Divas Champion. So yes I am saying Daniel Bryan will beat Randy Orton for the WWE Championship & Brie Bella will beat Aj Lee for the WWE Divas Championship. From last night showen me that maybe Big Show wife will be coming into this Storyl ...
Is it me or is Aj Lee the best Divas Champion ever alongside Kelly Kelly Eve Torres Kaitlyn Melina Mickie James my favourite champs ever
Please put on for the month of October.
Another night of and another night of chaos! This little boy could learn from the
Meet Black Singles 300x250
AJ has been the Divas Champion for 100 days! Here's to a hundred more, hopefully! :D
Aj Lee has been, divas champion for 100 days and counting. I don't know about, you but I think its well deserved...
I must to say. I remember when I like but now I can't like her anymore. And will be forever divas champion.
Brie was so awesome on Raw she beat the divas champion that was amazing
Made gifs from yesterdays promo because I'm that nice ;) -Linda
Would you look at that. My 100 days as Divas Champion is around the corner. I dominate in every corner, don't I?
Hi, hello! Your reigning and defending Divas Champion has arrived.
I liked the segment with CM Punk and Heyman.What I didn't like is there was no Wade Barrett again.
I just wanna see a Divas champion skip her way to the ring and devour someone with a Entrance/ Finisher.
$.49 for The Miz unsigned photo on WWE Shop.
You are a born Divas Champion, but Brie is nothing!!
It's 8-diva tag time as Team takes on and The Divas Champion, …
Hope she be the Divas Champion for a very long time
Omg Yes !!What about AJ you Need to treat your divas champion better !!
Congrats 2the greatest Diva of all time, being reigning defending Divas Champion for 100 days,
AJ no doubts about it,your truly worth to be the divas champion.
Brie was on fire last night on I like that drive that passion she has to become Divas Champion!!
HI Ms Aj Lee just wanted to say that you are the best divas champion ever and the hottest as well!
WWE Raw Results – September 23, 2013 - Tonight’s WWE RAW opens with a video for Angelo Savoldi, the oldest wrestler who just passed away this past week. The video featured Vince McMahon’s voice. - We get a look back at Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Title at Night of Champions. We get a look back at last week’s RAW where the Superstars came to help Daniel Bryan. - Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. 10 Superstars from last week are on the stage and ready for a protest. Justin Gabriel, Zack Ryder, Rob Van Dam, Kofi Kingston, The Usos, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are out. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are introduced and make their way out. We see The Shield standing guard at ringside. Triple H and Stephanie thank the WWE Superstars for stepping up. Triple H says he knows it had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan being in the ring. Rob Van Dam speaks up and says they were fighting for Bryan and for what is right. Fans chant for RVD. Stephanie and Triple H rub it in how The Shield ...
Congratulations on making 100 days as Divas Champion. Looking forward to another 100 days.
I love u girls u two kick *** I hope one of you become www divas champion
I feel that you will lose the Divas Champion sometimes along the line and I felt like u were jealous of Divas being on Total Diva
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