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District School Board

District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) is a school board in the public school system of Ontario, Canada, in the Regional Municipality of Niagara.

Toronto District School Board Peel District School Board

A friend of mine is starting her own tutoring business and is truly a very bright, generous, gentle person who can give your child everything they need. I asked her to provide me with a blurb that I could share to help her to help others. Looking for private tutoring for your son or daughter? Have a child who may benefit from private social skill building or behavioural support? Want to improve your oral or written English skills? My name is Olivia and I am an Special Needs/Educational Assistant and English as a Second Language Support currently working with the Toronto District School Board. I have worked with students between grades 1-12 and currently work full time in a high school supporting students in grades nine and eleven. I provide support for students with Autism and English Language Learners (ESL) spin this particular school setting. I have experience working with learning, behavioural and physical disabilities. I have time during the week in the afternoons, on weekends and all summer long to p ...
WELCOME HAMILTON WENTWORTH STUDENT TRANSPORTATION SERVICES! RNR would like to welcome “HWSTS” which supplies services for both the: • Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Schools • Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board Schools RNR would like to thank HWSTS for choosing RNR as a new service provider in this industry. We are proud to be one of the provider’s for at least the next five years and will endeavour to fulfill all your transportation requests with dignity, safety and of course in a timely fashion, This new business for RNR means we will be expanding into the Hamilton area. Please check our website in the coming weeks at: making a difference in a child’s life interests you, and you are a compassionate safe driver, and would like to become part of our ever growing team. RNR may be the place for you. We have an extensive orientation and ongoing training process that not only better supports you in the beginning of your career with RNR, but also supports you all the way thr ...
District to host information night for prospective Ann Arbor school board candidates: As the deadline to file to...
The real problems in Douglas County school district. The reform board there is destroying quality education in a...
Supt. Bernie Taylor blames for budget woes while adding 126 positions to the district’s payroll
Most of the Artesia School District maybe on Summer Break, but that is not the case for the Artesia School Board.
Valley Central School District -- Board of Education mtg tonight at 6:45. Agenda:
The Mayor's Message June 8, 2014 Good morning, Bonjour A rough week for our town. With this in mind my message this week will veer from it’s normal course as I will focus on the PGH and PSS issues. THE CLOSURE OF PSS While the door may appear to have been slammed shut on PSS, I intend to see if it can be pried back open. We have 24 months to do so. Many options pop up in terms of next steps to save PSS. Focussing on the right strategy or strategies is imperative. Option - Ministry Review of the ARC The Ministry of Education provides the opportunity for the Accommodation Review to be challenged provided that certain conditions are met. An individual or individuals must; (1) Submit a copy of the board’s accommodation review policy highlighting how the accommodation review process was not compliant with the school board’s accommodation review policy. (2) demonstrate the support of a portion of the school community through the completion of a petition signed by a number of supporters equal to at leas .. ...
Warwick School District -- Board of Education mtg tonight at 7:00. Agenda:
Irene Olive Cates for Pinellas School Board District 7 said, "I would be more aggressive and innovative." Read...
endorses George McKenna for L.A. school board! -
I'm endorsing George McKenna for School Board District 1 in the August 12 election. Please join me! http:/…
The YISD Board of Trustees has approved the 2014-2015 District Calendar. First day of school will be August 25.
My school board is voting to eliminate fine arts in our district, while fighting a takeover due to criminal activity that's left us broke.
I'm in Toronto District School Board
TribLIVE - Connellsville school board invites public to feasibility meeting
not even. TDSB and Peel District School Board, baby!
the majority of our teachers are great. It's the school board/district offices that hold back our teachers & kids.
Celebrating 100 years! Thank you Huron Perth Catholic District School Board for all you have done for us!
Question for School Board Candidates: How many ELL students in your district? How did they get into the ELL program? How many years in ELL?
Evb tell ya MOMMAS to vote my granny for school board District 3 .. Laura Dortch Edler . K thank y'all !!
School board to vote on leasing land 4 cell tower hope they do our kids deserve broadband & wifi at schools
Clarendon school board meeting on Monday: Clarendon School District 1 Board of Trustees will ...
Inglewood School District employees protest at board meeting.: via
Berlin School Board recognized for establilshing district goals, providing computers to students
Regon school district to offer condoms to students:
Laura Secord Secondary School in St.Catharines will be hosting the annual Pride Prom 2014 on Friday June.6,2014. Rainbow Youth Niagara, a program of Quest Community Health Care centre along with the District School Board of Niagara will be making possible for the 7th annual pride prom to take place. We welcome all *** bisexual, trans-identified, questioning LGBTQ youth to join a safe prom environment ages 14-24. Pride prom is a chance for youth who are often marginalized and are not comfortable bringing their partners to a school dance to have fun and be themselves. They are looking for donations for the event for prize's for this years Pride Prom. As the Prom runs costly and the organization runs on a small budget. Please join the group if you wish to help out with a donation item.
School Board District 6 candidates are talking district transportation at a forum in Temple Terrace.
East Hampton School District To Pierce Tax Levy Cap: The East Hampton School Board has decided to pierce the...
I encourage kids to attend the school board meetings, they actually run the district, not the principals. If you have an issue, present it!
Report: Board considers iPad purchase for Chelsea middle school: Chelsea School District is considering an iPad...
Let the Sheridan school board know discrimination & H8 isn't acceptable. Contact info:
Robbins picked as new Douglas County School District board member
The school district should invite the children denied the right to speak back to the school board to be heard
The School District Board Office was our bug'd business this week!
Pennsylvania district sued over limits on public comment at board meetings
Are you interested in serving on the Blaine County School District Board? Vacancy in Zone 4! http…
Read about the settlement between one high school teacher and the school district. .
The result of a corrupt school board & greedy union - No focus on the students
District 621 School Board approves contract with paraprofessional union
Is a district’s method of selecting members associated with its ability to beat the odds?
I am please to tell you all that it is not only possible to rent a gymnasium in Timmins but also that i could have a permit to do so for FREE :) so i asked for 4 permit in all 4 district school boards from April 1st to July 1st in Timmins.. now that i have permit number i am only waiting on a assurance policy number to be fill out and receiving the dates and school name where it will be possible to start get our kids playing sport after school hours from 6pm-8pm for FREE.. Anybody interested to get their kids into this project.. please comment age of child and sports he or she would like to play so i could start building groups.. thanks to all that will join :)
Ridgefield School District chooses new superintendent: The Ridgefield School District Board of Direc...
New: Franklin Lakes school board introduces new district superintendent -
The St. Clair Catholic District School Board has released its annual "Sunshine List" of those making over 100k
Durham District School Board students going for gold today at the Junior Science Olympics. Story tonight at 5 and 7 pm
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"Common Core is on the way out" according to one Ohio district school board member. How did Gadfly miss this?! .
I'm at Manzanola School District (Manzanola, CO) meeting with the Board of Education.
Fordham: school board members with a background in public education were less knowledgeable about district conditions
It would appear that there is a move to eliminate the lone trustee for the North Durham municipalities' representation on the Durham Catholic District School Board. A vote will likely take place at tonight's special meeting of The Board. Once again, narrow minded individuals are thinking only of population when determining matters of representation. This Region, and in fact our Nation, was founded on going beyond such limited viewpoints. Why else would Canada's constitution make certain that fair representation be granted to provinces like PEI whose population and geographic size could easily fit into Southern Ontario? People need to understand the unique issues, including geography, of rural areas such as Brock Township and the other two Northern municipalities. Should the DCDSB vote to remove our trustee we should not sit by quietly. We can speak with our collective voices and wallets. Perhaps the option of supporting the Catholic Board on our property taxes should be removed and all Education p ...
We welcome & Cajon Valley School District on our board!
During a five hour meeting on Tuesday, March 25, the Southern Tioga School District board of directors voted to...
The 2014-2015 District Calendar has been approved by the School Board is now available to print/download:...
Rowland Unified school board officially began the process of finding a new leader for the 14,500-student district.
Jobs are safe at Quincy Public School District: Superintendent Steven Cobb announced at a special board meetin...
Today the College meets with trustees from York Region District School Board to discuss our Public Awareness Initiative.
Gordon Santala has registered for the office of School Board Trustee - Rainbow District School Board Area 1
On several occasions, I've asked the Limestone District School Board to address what appears to be Trustee Laurie French's conflict of interest. Her partner is a manager and employee at the Board and yet she never declares a conflict of interest on personnel or financial matters (others do, the Board bylaws require this). She has held the following positions: Vice-Chair, Chair, Chair of the Central PARC, Chair of the Finance committee. I wrote to the former Chair (Chadwick) and current Vice Chair and have had no response. Trustee French alluded to a legal opinion during the PARC saying she had no conflict in the PARC but this is not what I am asking about. My question has never been answered. Now, I may be wrong, but I think that I deserve an answer how one can have a partner who works for Limestone and be a Trustee and not declare conflict. I just want it explained to me. What am I understanding wrong? I submitted a freedom of information request asking for information regarding legal opinions on this ma ...
Given the discussions in Dallas ISD, this might be a good read.and for other districts as well. A district’s...
Hieronymus to join SCJH administration team: On Monday, March 24, the Sedalia School District 200 Board ...
Norwegian delegation to visit Halton District School Board - A Norwegian delegation will be visiting the Halton D...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
CDSBEO WELCOMES CLARA HUGHES TO CORNWALL: . The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario was pleased to...
Budget concerns forced the Western School Board's hand, and the district cut its ag and band programs Tuesday. :
Check out the school board approved 2014-15 district calendar - Summit School District / Overview
David Wilkerson has been sworn in as the new School Board Member for the district.
BIG NEWS coming out of the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District this week. The School Board could decide as...
Chester School District -- Board of Education mtg tonight at 7pm. Agenda:
Durham Catholic District School Board has called a special meeting tonight to discuss the possible redistribution...
School board meeting brings up discussion for the future. Check out the possible proposals here:
Contrast: Shawn supports clinic. Mayor tried to mislead employees had to be corrected by admin. No Drama, Just Work.
Board has just went in to closed executive session to discuss "dismissal of specific employees of the school district."
Singing the praises of the School Board & District with Mayor LIVE @
New elementary school approved for the Near District School Board via
Get to know a little about Anna Liisa Covell who is running for County School Board District 5:
And here we go again... @ Newburgh Enlarged City School District Board of Education Office
Is the Fox C-6 School Board afraid to ask why she can't post the Budget on the District website?. featured in NBC s Science of Love
MT Debra Girvin now represents the Midlothian District on the County School Board:
Waukesha County Board approves shared medical clinic with school district, city
Canadian Somali Congress head describes the District School Board as racist and insulting
TDSB to debate nudity concerns at Pride event: The Toronto and District School Board will debate a motion that...
I may rant about my city, but it's not in vain. I truly believe this is the best city in the country overall. We don't make the top Canadian city list because we have not reached 1,000,000 people yet . We are currently sitting at 760,000. We have many opportunities here. We offer the companies to employ with such as 'The City', City Hall, Microsoft Canada H/Q, GlaxoSmytheKline Canada H/Q, CBSA H/Q, Wal-Mart Canada H/Q, Purolator, Fed-Ex 'Air and Ground', Pearson International Airport Located on 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON, 'L5P 1B2' Code: YYZ Elevation: 173 m Phone: (416) 247-7678, NOT Toronto! Ceba-vision , Beyer, The Living Arts Centre, Metalworks Institute, 10 Lounge, Region Of Peel Social Services, Square One Shopping Centre, Erin Mills Town Centre, a top-tier Police force, A Fire Department Rated one of The most "dependable Fire Departments in the country", a top-tier District School Board rated one of the best in the country, G4S Security, Mississauga Transit (Rated in the top best in the c ...
First, Thank you Melissa Shepherd for this post. Everyone PLEASE READ THIS and familiarize yourself with the content. Looks like promises made to the Province to obtain budget/funding from content of this letter. Looks like decisions are made without any possibility of a chance of any public input. Budgeting begins in March and is finalized June. At least it was for this year. October 11, 2013 Re: Vincent Massey Letter October 8, 2013 Dear Councillor Grimes We are in receipt of your letter of October 8, and understand your concerns regarding the sale of the Vincent Massey site as this has been a very difficult decision for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) trustees as well. Please be assured that considerable analysis and deliberations occur prior to decisions being made on selling school sites. However, we have been forced to do so. If surplus sites are not sold, the capital and maintenance requirements of operating schools that accommodate our students will be compromised. The TDSB is desperatel ...
Hats off to Upper Grand District School Board. The Stop a Bully button has been implemented!
At exactly 4:02 PM today I was officially added to the Ottawa/Carleton District School Board Secondary Occasional Teacher list! If that isn't a mouthful of awesome, I don't know what is! Thank you all for your support, your prayers, your positivity, and for believing in me! You can call me Miss Doner from now on. ;)
Best day of my life: marrying my Dan. Second best day of my life: finding out I am officially on the Avon Maitland District School Board OT list!! Cheers to dreams FINALLY coming true :) Best wedding gift ever!
Thames Valley District School Board is encouraging staff and students to go paperless for Waste Reduction Week!
Had a fantastic time today with the kindergarten students at St. George German Public School , Grand Erie District School Board.
Coming up part 2 of a bullying story we told u about last night. We hear from the Local catholic district school board tn at6
Waterloo Catholic District School Board - Library Technician (2 positions full time and supply). .
Raeann, Carrie & Allison were smiling in the warm sun at the Niagara Catholic District School Board's St.
BrainWAe SAFARI in action ... at a school in Ontario, Canada, part of a multi-school study sponsored by the...
6 Questions the Press needs to ask the SANDY HOOK Newtown Public School District School Board & Superintendent
I heard it's awful. Start a revolution and take over the district school board. Don't let them tread on you!!
Thanks to everyone who came out today to visit me at the Durham District School Board Stay tuned...
Navpreet Ubhi - The Peel District School Board runs the school I go to for placement. The teachers tell the principal.
What is the Levy Investment Plan? Get the big picture breakdown via |
I'm really hangin' with the stars at this district school board meeting! So many people.
Navroz Surani is now connected to Aly Hirji (Educator at Toronto District School Board)
For the second time in less than a month, the Toronto Catholic District School Board says a case of tuberculos..
We are going to the gold medal game this coming Friday in the Rainbow District School Board Co-Ed Soccer...
Great to Excellent Community Consultation at the Durham District School Board Education Centre on Wed., Oct. 30, 2013
As if. Are you at the Upper Canada District School Board? This may come as a surprise but I'm kind of a big deal there.
Today, we are talking about Competing Rights at the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board.
Kandice will be at the Aboriginal Education Centre at the Toronto District School Board today with APSIP! Stop by and say hi!
"Stop a Bully" is a new online tool from the Upper Grand District School Board, to help students reports bullying.
Bluewater District School Board trustees voted Tuesday to keep Derby Public School open for five more years night.
Please sign the PETITION demanding Catholic Trustees vote "no" to lifting the ban on the vaccine!
Define Me is a vendor at the Durham District School Board Wellness Fair tomorrow from 9:30am - 1pm and 5pm -...
For the Thames Valley District School Board. The dance/drama supply position. I'm going to London, baby! :)
Upper Grand District School Board introduces new on-line bullying reporting tool.
School Board to discuss bond money today: Del Norte County Unified School District School Board is...
I go to school with the biggest weirdos in the durham district school board
First District School Board Candidates Square Off: Change is coming to the Long Beach Unified Schoo...
Northeastern Catholic District School Board - Boundary Review public consultation meeting will be held tonight in...
Nah, they'll just say it isn't 'inclusive' enough, as they did last year:
Today marks the official launch of the ACT High School CPR & AED Training Program in Durham Region! Each year, teachers from 25 high schools in the Durham District School Board and Durham Catholic District School Board will equip 7,000 students with lifesaving skills! This is possible thanks to our partners in Durham Region: Ontario Power Generation, Beaverton Lions Club Ontario, Cannington Lions Club, Kinsmen and Kinette Club of Pickering, Oshawa West Lions Club, Optimist Club of Oshawa, Rotary Club of Ajax, Sunderland Lions Club, Veridian Connections, Government of Ontario, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Hydro One, AstraZeneca Canada, Pfizer Canada Inc. and Sanofi.
FROM THE NEWSROOM: Grade nine students with the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board have improved...
Congrats to friend & fmr colleague on being appointed to Thames Valley District School Board (not his 1st rodeo ;))
Seventy-eight per cent of Simcoe County District School Board students making the grade in reading and writing.
The Library of Congress created an exhibit, "Books that Shaped America," that explores books that "have had a profound effect on American life." Below is a list of books from that exhibit that have been banned/challenged. (To learn more about challenges to books since the inception of Banned Books Week, check out the timeline created by ALA.) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, 1884 The first ban of Mark Twain’s American classic in Concord, MA in 1885 called it “trash and suitable only for the slums.” Objections to the book have evolved, but only marginally. Twain’s book is one of the most-challenged of all time and is frequently challenged even today because of its frequent use of the word *** ” Otherwise it is alleged the book is “racially insensitive,” “oppressive,” and “perpetuates racism.” The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Malcolm X and Alex Haley, 1965 (Grove Press) Objectors have called this seminal work a “how-to-manual” for crime and decried because of .. ...
84% of first-time test-takers in Peel board pass literacy test, grade 9 EQAO math scores remain stable Of grade 10 students in the Peel District School Board who took the provincial literacy test for the first time, 84 per cent passed, compared to 82 per cent provincially. Fifty-five per cent of previously eligible students who rewrote the test were successful. EQAO math scores (levels 3, 4) for grade 9 students remain stable, with no change for applied math and down one per cent in academic math. Learn more:
The District School Board (has partnered with the Learning Disabilities Association of...
We're headed to the Chambersburg Area School District school board meeting tonight. Parents there are expected to...
The Upper Canada District School Board has expanded its popular elementary sports league to add a Grades 4-6...
Grade 9 test results have been released at the Greater Essex County District School Board.
Near North Students Holding Steady in Literacy Testing: Students in the Near North District School Board are s...
New provincial guidelines will give Avon Maitland District School Board great flexibility for bus services.
Matthew Reid (W. Garfield Weston Loran Scholar '05) has been appointed to the Thames Valley District School Board...
Sponsored by Seoul District School Board, TLG in Toronto welcomed 12 high school students from South Korea.
Congratulations Matt Reid replaces Peggy Sattler on school board
Matt Reid appointed to replace Peggy Sattler on Thames Valley District school board: A former student trustee has...
[ The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board is keeping Scott Park alive as a potential site for a... ]
Elementary enrolment decline less than projected
Toronto District School Board just announced that they're cutting winter break short by fourdays
Elementary enrolment down at St. Clair Catholic District School Board, but not as much as projected. See Chatham...
St. Clair Catholic District School Board trustees will call on Ontario Catholic Schools Trustee Association to...
At the Toronto Catholic District School Board about to speak with some student leaders and trustees. Waho!!
im complaining to the congress man of duffrin peel Catholic district school board
I liked a video Loree Williams for Woodbridge District School Board.
If levy fails elementary school to close/restructure and attendance boundaries to be re-adjusted. Talk about it at
Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board. Release of EQAO Assessment Results for the Grade 9 Assessment of...
Toronto District School Board - Let your graduating high school kids know about Toronto's largest educational and...
FROM THE NEWSROOM: Tomorrow is a big day for the Hastings and Prince Edward District School board. They will...
Back with livestream. Watch LIVE as Trustees decision on future of lower city high schools
Scott Park is back on table tonight. WATCH LIVE as Trustees debate new high school location
Again, you can watch the meeting LIVE here:
You can watch LIVE as trustees decide on "Plan B" and Scott Park. (and sidebar conversation)
On list compiled by Bay District School board in '86 after parents began lodging informal complaints.
Now Board lawyers briefing Trustees on heritage designation move by City Council. LIVE
shout out to Abbey Park High School - Halton District School Board ... we will see you wednesday...
Live votes on next steps for new lower city high school after City moves to designate King George
Guys, welcome to Waterloo region district school board where homework has become optional but nerds like me still choose to do it :(
People speak too much nonsense to the Peel District School Board account. It's actually not funny, it's just immature.. :|
Please check this website, I'm trying to get signatures for my friends petition so she can help her 16yr old...
To all my friends that live in Ontario, please sign this petition to help my old school friend to help her 16yr...
Fantastic use of Why not add your fav reads. District School Board (tdsb) now pins.
Officially work for the Peel District School Board. Could not be more happy and more blessed
Today would be a good day to attend the Battle Ground School District school board meeting. The YMCA task force...
The "Red Badge Of Courage" by Stephen Crane was banned in 1986 by the Bay District School Board.
And last year, they declared war on it:
Dear Waterloo Catholic District School Board: Codes of Conduct are not meant to silence free speech or opinions:
New Director Of Education Bluewater District School Board approved the appointment of Steve Blake
DSBONE Agrees to MOU: The District School Board of Ontario North East has agreed to…
Trillium Lakelands District School Board Append Local Agreements: Working with local unions over the past seve...
Children head to class next Tuesday morning, at two new schools with the Upper Grand District School Board.
into hiring at the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Ask for the investigation under section 230 of the Education Act of Ontario.
you needa see the news. Lol The district/school board sooo effed.
From the President of the Northwest Area School District School Board Randy Tomasacci. . Today at THREE separate...
Bluewater District School Board has hired Stephen Blake as new director of education. He's coming over from Simcoe County.
District School Board of Niagara is polishing up its new Rose City gem.
Parents: do you have questions for the Chair of the Toronto District School Board? takes your calls after 5PM
Jim McKenzie is the new Acting Director of Education and Secretary for the St. Clair Catholic District School Board.
word on the street is that the Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board has collected over 217 backpacks!
Like schools in the Trillium Lakelands District School Board, schools in the Near North are open this week for...
Northwest Catholic District School Board's new education director is now on the job.
The director of education for the Rainy River District School Board is excited about the new school year.
Shivam S. reports 250 sigs have saved several teachers' jobs from being cut at Toronto school
CV School District: School board had no influence over Harner’s removal ...
It was clear the Bay District School Board wasn't satisfied with the district and BCSO investigations into Wesley allegations
After 5:00, meet the latest student trustee for the Rainbow District School Board.
Keynote prep & speech writing today. Thrilled to be joining the district school board tm to talk ✨
domain names
Bay District School Board decides to investigate Arnold Athletic Director for 60 more days. AD remains suspended with pay.
Full day kindergarten continues to make its way across the Renfrew County District School Board:
Funeral held for DSBN's Christine Thompson: A funeral was held Tuesday for a District School Board of Niagara ...
Renfrew County DSB is hiring for various positions ranging from Teachers to ICT Coaches to School & Yard Supervisors:
With last year’s labour dispute behind it, District Board of Niagara is preparing for the return of students.
Peel District School Board's work to introduct, support
Thompson District school board president Olson diagnosed with cancer
Child Care is offered at many Durham District School Board Schools
I just checked my block list.. why did I block the Toronto Catholic district school board...lmfao
The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board admin. and trustees walk in solidarity with teachers in Ottawa Pride parade
Happy Birthday to Chair Jan of Bluewater District School Board. She is putting "trust" in trustee.
Heading to Hamilton to speak at for the Upper Grand District School Board. Looking forward to meeting fantastic teachers!
Showered, dressed and packed for my 4:45 flight to Hamilton - tomorrow I will be speaking to teachers in Upper Grand District School Board.
Thanks for following :) PDSB is the amazing Peel District School Board. Greetings to you from Mississauga, Ontario
Trying to keep class sizes small. District/school board trying to make them bigger. Will keep fighting!
I just posted District School Board Policies and Procedures, read it here:
Toronto District School Board evicts synagogue just before high holidays; Trustee decides to do nothing ::
I'm on the interview list for the supply list for Avon Maitland district school board!!
hey Michaela I don't go back to work till Sept 3 rd district school Board in Canada Im an American in Canada
School Board pays for Communist, totalitarian, anti-Israel indoctrination at "Student School"
Register Your Child for High School. with the Upper Canada District School Board. Let your child benefit from...
NEW: Process and timeline for filling the vacant Three Chopt District School Board seat.
One more week and I'm officially employed with the Ottawa Carelton District School Board and reality just kicked in
Toronto District School Board evicts synagogue just before High Holidays | Toronto Star
Disappointed that Toronto Catholic District School Board didn't do full search for new Director of Education.
Have youth always been this smart? I certainly wasn't! School board names top Mississauga scholars via
Ottawa-Carleton District School Board in Ottawa, Canada, encourages BYOD for secondary students for Personal Learning
GFSS is tops! | PDSB names top Mississauga scholars via
I'm excited to be joining the senior team at the Halton Catholic District School Board! Congrats to Paula Dawson, the new Director!
names top Mississauga scholars, including our very own via
Peel District School Board names top Mississauga scholars: via
Alarm Systems excited about being part of the Safe Schools Project @ Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board.
Reality TV pitch: "Schooled!" A gripping look at the politics, drama, and culture in a rural school district school board. So much drama!
We received an Outstanding Partnership Award from the Toronto District School Board for the program! Thank you!
.- SPECIAL ASSISTANCE TEAM Report to Minister of Education regarding Toronto District School Board
We all go through difficult times and have bad days. Check out this video from Peel District School Board about...
Japanese Exchange Students Coming to Stratford: The Avon Maitland District School Board is reaching out for op...
Lennox School District School Board meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Lennox Elm. Music Room
EDITORIAL: Toronto school board must clean up its act: Editorial: Toronto District School Board must be carefu...
Peel District School Board makes me angry about 80% of the time.
Me: I'm bored. My dad: Toronto District School Board??? LOOLL he's spitting the bad jokes now eh
Durham District School Board gave up on me wen i was 8 it wasn't until i reached highschool that i found a...
Absolutely mind blown by the support of the Rainy River District School Board. There's so much I couldn't have done without them
Where is the Toronto District School Board (on this?
The Ontario government has lifted the freeze on capital funding for the Toronto District School Board, paving ..   10% Off
Province lifts capital spending freeze at TDSB: A capital funding freeze on the Toronto District School Board has...
Durham District School Board join HIGH FIVE as an Umbrella Organization in their pursuit of quality after-school programing. Congrats!
Toronto District School Board needs to clean up its act
just got accepted to my Practicum!!! Durham Catholic District School Board Psychometrist 😃 ! THANK THE LORD 🎉👏📚
Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB). Is your family moving to Base Borden this summer? Check out our...
Congrats to religious studies grad Paula Dawson on being named director of education for the Halton Catholic District School Board
The Greater Essex County District School Board calls for fair and open tendering in labour monopoly issue
Then Madcap Adventure Learning Modules have finished testing in Maine and Toronto District School Board K-12 classrooms and test results ar…
Test results on the Madcap Learning Modules in classroom testing in Maine and the Toronto District School Board are due back end of July
1) It is our belief the action taken by the District School Board of Pasco County was preemptive, did not accord Coach Swymer due process and did...
It would be nice if our District School Board member would attend this evening. To give input from them as well.
Also on agenda is proposal to move District School Board of Niagara’s School Support Services from NOTL to West Park
May 25, 2013 Mr. John Dickson Superintendent of Schools, Area 3 District School Board of Niagara 191 Carlton Street St. Catharines, ON L2R 7P4 Email: john.dicksonMr. Dickson, I am a resident of the Grapeview community and am asking you to stop the proposed Highway 406 interchange at Third Avenue and protect your students. We currently have several hundred signatures on a door-to-door petition from the community and the number continues to grow. Most residents are vehemently opposed to this proposal. As an introduction, I attended the Public Information Centres (PICs) and have personally met with the Project Manager, Mr. Kumar Ranjan along with several other concerned citizens. We feel that all our concerns are falling on deaf ears and the Region is pushing this project forward at the expense of our tranquil, safe community and the 2 elementary schools involved. Mr. Dickson, the facts are as follows: 1) The Ministry of Transportation states that “The Region of Niagara has identified the need for the new ...
These items are on the agenda for Boonville R-1 School Board Meeting tomorrow at 6. A. Approval of District Health Insurance Renewal for...
The TDSB is proposing severe cuts to the music department's budget: sign the petition here:
Members of the Whitefish High School student council, administrators and district school board trustees this...
sign the petition to stop further cuts to music programs at the TDSB!
You can't be what you can't see. Be that example for the next generation, apply for the School Board
Music ed is about to be cut big time!!! - PLEASE take a minute and sign this petition, T.O.!
School District Supreintendent Mel Lightner announces he is retiring. School Board meets tomorrow to accept letter of resignation.
Wanna go to a Canal Winchester school? The district is now open. The school board approved a new policy last night.
For your information, Westmount did NOT spend millions of dollars on the new Rec. Centre. The Hamilton Wentworth District School Board Did.
The Ottawa Carleton District School Board says the plan to renovate and expand Mutchmor Public School is facing an $870,000 shortfall.
District 201 board approves more staff reductions
A bad school is bad because the school board that runs the district is terrible. Replace the board, fix the school.
Isn't PT about parent take over? Take over the district and the school board. Don't just switch to a school n another ZC
Stay tuned to Patch for the latest in the Maine Township High School District 207 school board election.
School time gas board blocking road to school and they think it's funny Horsham district council do something
School board to kick off budget meetings: Bristol Township School District kicks off its public ...
CDSBEO honours its own: Unsung heroes of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario had the light s...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Just hungout with school board members to chat about implementing a dual-language bilingual program in the District. Great conversation!
Consolidated school district to house grades 5-8 in Willow Run, high-schoolers in Ypsilanti
Racine School Board approved Lolli Haws' $200,000 contract in 7-2 vote. She's the new superintendent of the Racine Unified School District.
London District Catholic school board campaign would require a $100,000 injection of cash:
Shaler school board to vote on program that could give iPads to every student | TribLIVE
Tell the how you feel about the proposed 2013-14 preliminary budget proposal. Details:
Public School Board discuss district goals for 2013-14 school year. Many parents, students in the audience, including YAF
School board faces $870,000 funding shortfall for renovating Mutchmor Public School: A plan to renovate and...
Special joint with Mt. Diablo School District Board, tonight at 6pm in Council Chambers. Agenda at:
and Union High School District considering layoffs at board meetings this week.
Stop the Itinerant Music Program cuts in the Toronto District School Board
Arlington Heights Park District approves contracts with school districts
democracy 2nite: District candidates Gray, at West Meadowbrook forum.
Off to the District School Board this morning! Hoping to find my little girl a new school & new friends!
A serial rapist as a role model for kids? Thanks again District School Board!
District School Board decides Wednesday on whether to name Milton's newest elementary school after the late Mike Ledwith, a Rotarian
Adding to TEXAS February 25, 2013 - San Antonio For the first time since being implemented in August 2012, the "RFID Student Locator Pilot Program" will finally be vetted by parents, students, and community members. In San Antonio's Northside Independent School District (NISD), nearly 4,000 children have been issued "Smart ID" badges implanted with an active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tracking device. NISD has refused to offer a public forum for parents to ask question and voice concerns, so TAG has organized one. Presentations will be offered by a number of subject matter experts, including Dr. Katherine Albrecht- a Harvard graduate who has done extensive research on RFID, Mike Wade- RFID manufacturer, and (tentatively) a representative from the Texas ACLU. The second half of our event will offer attendees an opportunity to ask questions of our presenters. All NISD board members (including Dr. Wood, Superintendent) have been invited to this event in addition to the Principals of the schools wh ...
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Texas Governor Rick Perry's latest sales pitch to California businesses boils down to four words: Texas is no California. "Building a business is tough. But I hear building a business in California is next to impossible," Perry says in a cheeky radio ad that aired ahead of…
When news broke that a group was trying to create a *** free prom at Sullivan High School in Indiana, special education teacher Diana Medley’s anti *** comments quickly became viral on the Internet. In addition to saying that homosexuality is a choice, she went so far as to say that *** people have...
William Penn Foundation Suspends Grants to Philadelphia City Agencies The William Penn Foundation has suspended grantmaking to Philadelphia's city agencies, citing an ethics board complaint filed against the foundation by public education advocates, the Philadelphia City Paper reports. According to City Paper, the city received a letter from the foundation announcing its decision in reference to a grant application seeking funding for a proposed trail extension on the Schuylkill River — a project involving the city's Department of Parks and Recreation, the Schuylkill River Development Corporation, and the John Bartram Association, as well as the Mayor's Fund for Philadelphia, which is involved in related "greenworks" projects. "A citizen complaint was recently filed with the Philadelphia Board of Ethics alleging that certain grantmaking activities of the foundation are regulated by the city's lobbying registration and reporting ordinance," said Helen Davis Picher, the foundation's interim president, in ...
1, Great Brook is a unique smaller middle serving the needs of the northern end of the district. It is known for the community spirit, ability for all...
A letter from Tom Baker, Past Chairman of the Pennsylvania Young Republicans regarding his candidacy for Allegheny County Council, District 1. I am writing to you only after much thought, long discussions with my wife Erin, and after ongoing conversations with key Allegheny County leaders that I trust and respect. After much deliberation I have decided to announce my candidacy for the District 1 County Council seat this year. I wanted you to be among the first to know because I hope you’ll consider joining my team. For too long our County Council has failed to protect taxpayers and provide the efficient, cost-effective services many of our friends and neighbors need. The politicians on County Council serve as liberal rubber stamps for big spending policies or they simply vote “NO” on every issue, every bill, and every budget. Neither is serving our families, helping grow our economy, or saving us from property taxes increases and other policies that hurt seniors and taxpayers. I am a passionate R .. ...
a parent of students in Perth Amboy school district and a new board member I am learning how difficult it is discussing employee misconduct and deciding a person's. With that said this process under the new tenure law, at first glance, seems fair and arbitrary, out of 5 tenure cases 3 were terminated 2 were reprimanded. My argument is when you have a school board with 4 or 5 conflicted members they are too close these conflicts to make rational decisions that help our kids. This new process will help the state education chief does not get to make the final decision an arbiter decides removing some of the politics out of it.
FOUR-DAY SCHOOL WEEK WOULD MAKE STUDENTS, WORKERS PAY FOR PC NEGLECT: NDP EDMONTON – Alberta New Democrat Education critic David Eggen says a proposed four-day school week in Fort McMurray is just another sign that the PCs continue to underfund public education in Alberta. “Fort McMurray is a flashpoint for the effects of underfunding and the neglect of public education by this PC government,” said Eggen. “Students and school employees are being forced to compensate for the government’s broken promises and mismanagement. That’s simply unacceptable.” The Fort McMurray Public School District is proposing to reduce their school week to just four-days per week to cope with a projected deficit of $4.4 million. Eggen attended the school board’s final public consultation meeting on Monday, where parents expressed their opposition to the plans. A similar proposal was rejected by the district in 2011. A four-day week would not just hurt students and parents. Educational Assistants could lose up to ...
Say Yes Buffalo is a landmark collaboration that brings all sectors of the community together to provide holistic, year-round support to Buffalo Public School District students throughout their K-12 years and beyond.
Interim superintendent will try to avoid state hearing
Since 1993, the leading voice and advocate for lasting, substantive and structural education reform in the U.S.
The following link will take you to "Board Briefs" for the February 11, 2013 Work Session. "Board Briefs" provide our community with a quick snapshot of discussions and decisions made at Ladue School District Board of Education meetings. The next meeting of the Board will be a Business Meeting on February 25, 2013.
According to the Board of Education office, Naugatuck Public Schools will be closed Thursday and Friday. The Board of Education meeting is still scheduled to take place tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Hop Brook Elementary School.
Don't forget that tonight is our LAUSD School Board Candidate Forum 4 the Eastside's District 2!
concerned of no latinos representation in nine District 4 DPS school board finalists:
Pob Turf Field Campaign shared Mark Colleluori's photo. 23 hours ago . 16 years ago, today (Feb 2, 1997), my Father, Mario V. Colleluori passed, 6 years after suffering a massive heart attack. PCT President, Morty Rosenfeld, wrote in The Pledge: A FRIEND OF EDUCATION LEAVES US MARIO COLLELUORI PASSES Shortly after we received the news of Jerry Berger's death, we were informed of the passing of another important figure in the history of our school district, Mario Colleluori. There has probably never been a more unusual member of a board of education than Mario Colleluori. How often do we find a board member who publicly advances the thesis that the trouble with American education is the administrators, the bureaucrats who get in the way of the people who do the real work? How often do we find a member of management with an intuitive appreciation and respect for the problems of working people? Mario was that rare board member. Two generations of politically left PCT leadership found this self-styled conserv ...
Is one of the first things people notice.. If you want to have a gorgeous smile and enjoy a lifetime of exquisite dental health, visit Tulsa Dental Center. At Tulsa Dental Center our focus is on you. Drs. Aycock, Burkett and Melton take pride in delivering exceptional dentistry to all our patients.…
This was the original email I sent on January 9, announcing candidacy: Dear Friends and Fellow Members of the Spring Hill Community; I am writing to announce that I have officially filed to run for public office, Position 5, Area 2 of the USD230 School Board. The filing deadline is January 22. At that point I will determine whether I will be running unopposed or have one or more opponents. If a primary election is needed (4 or more people filing for this position) it will be held on February 26. The general election is April 2. I have considered seeking this position for several years. When finalizing my decision, Troy and I determined that we will never have a more vested interest in the school district, any time in our lives, than right now, when all five of our children are attending school here. My main intention in seeking this position, is to lend to the board the perspective of the at home parent, and the parent directly involved in working day to day with the practicality of having kids in s ...
Does anyone know if there is school tomorrow for Bridgeport school district??
The meeting agenda for the Feb. 14 Board of Education does not include a proposed redistricting plan. To view the agenda, please visit the district's website.
OREGON EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ENDORSES RAE VOGELER! Teachers in the Oregon School District have met and decided to recommend Rae Vogeler for School Board. The campaign proudly welcomes their support! As Rae notes, “Teachers and other staff make all the difference in the world. They are the ones who work with students day in and day out. We all win when quality education is a priority and we support those who make it happen!”
How Does Bullying Make People Feel? One of the most painful aspects of bullying is that it is relentless. Most people can take one episode of teasing or name calling or being shunned at the mall. However, when it goes on and on, bullying can put a person in a state of constant fear. Guys and girls who are bullied may find their schoolwork and health suffering. Amber began having stomach pains and diarrhea and was diagnosed with a digestive condition called irritable bowel syndrome as a result of the stress that came from being bullied throughout ninth grade. Mafooz spent his afternoons hungry and unable to concentrate in class because he was too afraid to go to the school cafeteria at lunchtime. Studies show that people who are abused by their peers are at risk for mental health problems, such as low self-esteem, stress, depression, or anxiety. They may also think about suicide more. Bullies are at risk for problems, too. Bullying is violence, and it often leads to more violent behavior as the bully grows ...
Discussion at the Region right now on the possible 50% increase to the student pass. Delegation from School Board Mr. Ryan Putnam, Superintendent of Business and Chief Financial Officer and Durham Catholic District School Board.
QUESTION OF THE DAY: WAS THIS A VIOLATION OR STUDENTS RIGHT OF SPEECH? JACKSON -- The Jackson School Board voted Tuesday night to keep a portrait of Jesus hanging in one of its schools. The decision came after the board met with its attorneys who have said it's student speech and not government speech. Therefore, the district will fight the ACLU in its lawsuit against the district. The painting has been hanging in a Jackson Middle School hallway for more than 60 years, but has now drawn the attention of Madison, Wisconsin-based group Freedom from Religion Foundation, which sent a letter to the Jackson School District calling the portrait "an egregious violation of the First Amendment." Jackson Superintendent told reporters that he does not believe the school is violating any laws, and calls the painting, which was donated by students, a "historical artifact [that has been] hanging here for 65 plus years."
When you ask me to a meeting where one part of the school board policy is discussed bet I have read every one of the 398 pages. Also, I'm rarely wrong. Not because I think I'm always right but because I conduct extensive research and complete my due diligence before weighing in and I think you should too. Our kids are more than worth it and its what professional standards dictate to set the example for them:)
Eighteen people, including current and former Bensalem school district employees, were arrested Wednesday morning in connection with a multi-million dollar theft scheme.
As a West Perry School District parent and taxpayer, I feel it would be beneficial to be part of a group that would have open discussions regarding our childrens educations and attempt to take some of the peoples concerns to the school board. Many people do not feel comfortable confronting the school or its board members as a single individual but may feel more compelled to support ideas in a group. I know a few people interested in this as well and would like to hear some opinions from others.
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