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Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort (also known informally as Disney World) is the world's most-visited entertainment resort.

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If heaven looked like anyplace on planet earth it wold look like Disney World and Garner State Park combined
. Psst. Star Wars: Last Jedi tickets go on sale tonight at midnight. I'm picking up 10 for the Disney World opening night.
In the shadow -- dep in the shadow -- of Disney World...THE FLORIDA PROJECT
Alex Morgan apologizes for behavior that got her booted from Disney World
Female Soccer player Alex Morgan was kicked out of Disney World after security guards responded, "No" to "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"
Soccer star apologizes for Disney World incident
Soccer star apologizes for behavior at Disney World
Alex Morgan apologizes for incident at Disney World over weekend
Morgan apologizes for behavior at Disney World -
Alex Morgan has been thrown out of Disney World for doing this with a male footballer. 😱😱 http…
Alex Morgan apologizes after being kicked out of Disney World for 'belligerent' behavior.
Alex Morgan apologizes for incident at Disney World bar ( WHO'S Alex Morgan ? )
Soccer player Alex Morgan is apologizing after her drunken incident at Disney World:
Cops: Belligerent Alex Morgan causes scene at Disney World, namedrops Orlando's SWAT team:
My parents are going to Disney World in a few days and I'm so extremely jealous
I've been on hold with Walt Disney World for 40 minutes and the hold announcer just asked if I was ready for some "serious booty action." 🤨
Nothing more attractive than finding out Alex Morgan got booted from Disney World for partying too hard. What a woman
Poor Las Vegas... The Disney World for adults. They will never forget this. Not ever.
I liked a video Emergency at Disney World! They Called the Paramedics
Alex Morgan reportedly 'highly impaired' before getting booted from Disney World
Im goin to Disney World October 3rd so if you wanna come on down come on down!
I just want friends who wanna take weekend trips to like Disney or sea world randomly 🙄
heres a timelapse of Disney world putting up halloween decorations 🎃💛🎃💛
Soccer star Alex Morgan apologizes for behavior at Disney World
21 Attractions you can do at Walt Disney World with little or no waiting
Even for a light day at Disney World the line got up to 180 minutes in the afternoon
Soccer star Alex Morgan apologizes for Disney World incident
Alex Morgan apologizes after getting kicked out of bar at Disney World over the weekend
*** Alex Morgan booted from Disney World for being 'belligerent' . I am sticking to NCAA softball.
"Highly impaired" Alex Morgan and other MLS players escorted out of Disney World
Alex Morgan says sorry after getting booted from Disney World
Orlando Pride star Alex Morgan booted from Disney World after being 'highly impaired'.
I'm sorry! USA star Alex Morgan apologises after being kicked out of Disney World following drinking session.
USWNT star Alex Morgan apologizes for her reported drunken rowdiness that led to her ejection from Disney World. .
From Kaiser on CB: Soccer star Alex Morgan got kicked out of Disney World for being utterly wasted
"Highly impaired" Alex Morgan kicked out of Disney World
Alex Morgan, one of the world's best female footballers, was escorted out of Disney World after drunken dispute…
Alex Morgan among group kicked out of bar at Disney World
USA star Alex Morgan kicked out of Disney World alongside MLS players
Alex Morgan, Orlando City players kicked out of Disney World via
broadcast by Alex Morgan: Reports say USWNT star kicked out of Disney World
'Highly impaired' Alex Morgan kicked out of Disney World by police
A 'highly impaired' Alex Morgan and Orlando City's Giles Barnes and Donny Toia removed from Disney World by police.
Alex Morgan and several players from were ejected from a Disney World park this weekend:
Alex Morgan among group of Orlando City SC players kicked out of Disney World
Police: Alex Morgan among 3 players kicked out of Disney World park
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Alex Morgan and crew escorted out of Disney World! See Why!
Alex Morgan cited for trespassing at Disney World | Larry Brown Sports
So princess got banished from the Kingdom . Report: Alex Morgan kicked out of Disney World via
Alex Morgan and Orlando City SC players are kicked out of Disney World
Soccer star Alex Morgan, other soccer players kicked out of Disney World:
Drunk Alex Morgan got kicked out of Epcot Center at Disney World 😂😂
Imagine being the person who, at Disney World, thought, "I am going to call TMZ on Alex Morgan." Today's Petty World Cha…
Partying Alex Morgan kicked out of Disney World via
The 1st athlete to declare “I’m going to Disney World" after a great Super Bowl performance was Phil Simms who did it in 1987
I liked a video Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon with POV Video HD
I know it's a big box store, but walking around Toys R Us as a kid was like going to Disney World. Can't imagine it gone. 😭 http…
Disney World's new Minnie Van service now available for guest staying at Grand Floridian Resort AND Villas -…
Bass Pro Shops founder to open 'Disney World of the Outdoors' in Springfield, Mo. - Topeka Capital Journal
since the boys are with Hollywood Records which Disney owns & they're coming to Florida I'm guessing Orlando/Disney World!
I added a video to a playlist Funny Moments with Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney World- Ep 22
Irma causes Disney World to close for sixth time in nearly 50 years
Disney World looks like a post-apocalyptic movie set due to Hurricane Irma
Power is restored around Disney World, which means the amenities of civilization are restored to us (including...
Disney World dodges major damage from Hurricane Irma. Irma
Please Hurricane Irma don't ruin my childhood .Disney World
"Walt Disney World Parks will be closed for 2 days due to Hurricane Irma". Florida:
Just the fifth time that Disney World will have closed. Will be the fourth due to storms. One was due to 9/11 attacks.…
Walt Disney World will be closed on Sunday and Monday due to Resort hotels will remain open. Disney Worl…
Walt Disney World to close early Saturday due to Irma; aims to reopen Tuesday at the earliest
I should get paid twice as much when working in world of Disney
- Walt Disney World in Orlando will close for at least 2 days due to Hurricane Irma. Only the 5th time the pa…
Only REAL Disney fans remember Walt's famous Wonderful World of Color episode when he announced his new project: Di…
Im the people still at Disney World tho
You just became the most powerful ever, what are you going to do now?. I'm going to Disney World!
For just the 5th time in it's history, Walt Disney World closed today.
Update your maps at Navteq
I went this one time to Disney World FL when I was age 15… NEVER AGAIN.
Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld to close due to
Hurricane alters Disney World plans, but only slightly - Reuters
Walt Disney World parks and Disney Springs will be closed Sunday and Monday due to Hurricane Irma. Full details: 
For just the 5th time ever, the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks have closed and suspended normal operations
6. I’m goin to Disney world October third
Hurricane Irma forces Disney World to close for the 5th time in the park's history -
Magic Kingdom stories in Disney News and Walt Disney World, WDW information
Disney World is closed for only the fifth time since 1971. The app doesn't even have an option that says "closed."…
Disney World is the second-largest purchaser of explosives in the United States, the first being the U.S. Department of Defense.
Disney World and other Florida theme parks are closing as Hurricane Irma approaches the state
the maid service at Disney World did this with my Minnie Mouse doll 😂
6-yr-old Moonee lives near Disney World with her unconventional family in this charming look at childhood innocence…
If you are planning a trip to Disney World you won’t want to miss out on our friends at Magical Main Street...
Disney World is cool and everything .the kids love it and all.. .but um. Yeah. @ Osceola,…
Okay, when does Disney World get to start seeing some of these awesome holiday thing…
Disney World here we come. — traveling to Orlando International Airport from Kansas City International Airport
I wanna go shopping, the beach, Disney World, and Kings Island all at the same time.
Hall of Fame president envisions football 'Disney World' - CANTON, Ohio (AP) - David Baker has a vision. He see...
I miss Disney so much! Who's visited Disneyland Paris or Disney World before? 💫 P.S. cheesiest…
Hear the story behind bringing California Grill to Disney World. Are you willing to take a risk?
A very Irish sendoff with the for Sam (center) who is sending to Disney World to attend the Jedi Tra…
Fan of knows 9 spots at Disney World that you won't want to miss.
and I basically won Disney World. @ Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
Captures the beautiful moment two foster kids found out at Disney World that they were going to be adopted…
I'm at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and I was thinking, you know what would be great? Seeing Bangtan at Disney World.
It's been one year since this video and I still wonder how Disney World thought she was Ariana Grande
The 2004 SNL Debbie Downer sketch where they go to Disney World has made me the man I am today
Disney World in Florida when I was 9. That's about it. . I need to go back for Star Wars though
Disney World building club resort, new ways to get around: Travel Weekly
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sean Spicer leaving the White House for job at Disney World scrubbing vomit off the Employees Must Wash Hands signs.
Disney is planning an immersive Star Wars-themed hotel at Disney World, designed to look like a spaceship
any new magic band designs to design before my holiday to Disney World
Disney just announced more Disney World additions in 1 day than they did in the entire 7 years I covered them. . Ku…
Magic bands are down across all the parks in Disney World... uh oh (that means you can't even use dining plan for food 😅)spread awareness!
Since we'll have a Disney dining plan, I'm daydreaming of all the snacks. What is your favorite thing to eat at Disney World? Go!
I often get questions from my clients about how to save money on food at Disney World. And it’s understandable,...
It's was Walt Disney Co. to make purchases for Disney World
That's not Disney World, that's Titan at Six Flags over Texas.
Today's nearly impossible trivia question is: Disney World buys more of this than any other company in North America
My friend asked "Isn't there a Disney World in California too?" and the lesson began... Me: Well you see, it all starte…
Artwork by Mary Blair for the Contemporary Resort at Disney World, c. 1970s
partners with USO to bring veterans and their families to Disney World - WJLA :
All I ever do is host trivia at work plz come to Disney World
Disney is finally setting the record straight on President Donald Trump and its iconic Disney World exhibit, the...
there's some weird people in disney stan world I-
And that's a wrap! Rea takes the final shot of the night. @ Epcot - Walt Disney World
every time you post disney world videos, I get sad and happy at the same time... it's the one place I want to be!
Can't wait for to take me to Disney world and the beach 🌞
Disney is the most powerful and evil corporation in the world. I had worked for them off and on for ove…
I found out I'm going to Disney world 3 days ago and it just now hit me that I get to see the princesses. I've never been so happy... ever.
Experience a Walt Disney World vacation for $1,890 for a family of 4 at select Disney’s All-Star Resort hotels! https:…
I'm hoping to work at Disney world soon
Just got back from Disney World. Spent $7000. Will not be back unless you publicly state you'r…
on this day in 1989-The Walt Disney World attraction Dreamflight
going to Disney world with my four year old son
I would consider getting a sugar daddy to take me to Disney world
2016. Trump campaigning to be leader of free world. Depp whipping iPhones & wine bottles at Amber.…
Can't wait to go to Disney World with my wife and kids one day 😍
Kickstart your day with a good video! ⚡️Its a Small World Disney World full ride.
If a Ratatouille ride is coming to Disney World, the "major transformation" of Epcot means more attractions and characters (IP).
People of Walmart could take lessons from People of Disney World.
pandora is by far my favorite part of Disney world ever
im just amazed by the works of Walt Disney! the world is better getting to experience his imagination!
Dad found guilty of taking his daughter to Disney World during school time
Dad prosecuted for taking daughter to Disney World
Watching Avatar with the kids in preparation for our trip to Disney World!
Best legal minds in the world on this. Trump can't get a decent lawyer because e…
*talking about Disney world . "Do you win anything if you find a hidden Mickey"- mom . "No"- me . "Then IDGAF"- mom
Ready to take my baby to Disney World.
Today in 1991, Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin visited Disney World in Orlando, FL.
You feel the banshee breathe beneath you on Avatar flight of Passage http…
This year we are going 2 Universal Studios NOT World. Get rid of . He has no business in kid's mo…
However I did embarrass myself basically admitting I'm too poor to ever afford Disney World. 😂😕
It’s insane to me that Disney’s most elaborate, beautiful & impressive theme park in the world is half the price of one…
Johnny simply stating what MILLIONS of people world wide a…
I added a video to a playlist Top 3 Retired Disney World Rides!
Remember reading this on a flight down to Disney World in 1987. Helped create a life long love of science
I literally went on tower of terror 16171772 times today at disney world since ours in cali got destroyed ☹️
What if this little guy had never been? What would the world be like today without
I didn't realise it til just now but the first and only gym stop I've spun so far is the entrance to Walt Disney World. H…
Disney imagineers are masters at creating awe-inspiring experiences. Can't wait to
Fact: The longest running ride at Walt Disney World is the Carousel of Progress.
Johnny Dep is a loser. With all the bad things going on around the world how dare more joh…
2 feel Banshee Come Alive! Feel it Breath on Avatar flight of Passage https…
Disney will fire an employee for walking over a piece of trash at Disney World, but won't part ways with Johnny Depp for wa…
I would love to at It looks magical!.
At Pandora The World of Avatar guests are the stars!
The world is watching to see if you condemn Johnny Depp. There will be NO Disney in my home until u d…
No more store in smith haven mall, no more Disney world, no more Disney movies or dvd's. #
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Help which 3 out of 4 park's should I go at Disney World.😭Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios or Epcot
.signed some autographs at Disney World - not because he's a hockey player, but because kids thought he was a…
Yeah! We've basically got the Disney World of the Midwes…
Disney World has their first Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party on August 25. This is the definition of extra.
📷 Fireworks at Disney World, from the 15th floor catwalk of the Contemporary Resort. photographer: Barb...
57 Days till our Disney World trip! Split stay at Art of Animation and Contemporary Resort!
Disney World is Getting 5 New Dining Concepts! Chef to the Stars Wolfgang Puck also Joins in
Disney World to honor boy killed by alligator with sculpture on property
I got one at the store at Disney World in April. I've seen his stuff there and in Chicago.
Best Hotels at Disney World with Kids on the Autism Spectrum
Via Napoli is actually pretty reasonable for a Disney World restaurant. The pizza is absolutely deli…
So ready for the beach tomorrow and Disney World with 😎👌🏼
In 1919, Walt Disney was fired because he "lacked imagination and had no good ideas." Years later Disney World was created.…
29. I went to Disney World during its 100th anniversary and that's one of my favorite childhood memories.
"I thought Disney World would be no worse than visiting a fairground on a hot day & chucking 4 grand in a bin on the way out." Simon Evans
domain names
If you think about it, Disney World just opened their Avatar section of Animal Kingdom. That was only r…
"Amazing" really? No other words?. Could someone explain him it's not Disney World or the Niagara Falls?…
Disney World gondolas would connect parks, hotels, documents confirm
Here we go! — traveling to Disney World from Orlando International Airport (MCO)
I guess w/all you going to Disney World, Disneyland, & Disney Californi…
Another hot and dry day across the Sunshine State. A live look at the Swan & Dolphin Hotel at Disney World, Fl.
Bo Dallas won the nxt title and said he was going to Disney World
Last week, The Rock, announced he was working with on a new Jungle Book cruise ride at Disney World
I think this place might be giving Disney World a run for their money for the title "happiest…
You guys turned the carousel bar in to a snack bar. Why would anyone visit your casino​? We've all been to Disney World.
Especially when I went on vacations. Disney World, all that good stuff. My mama bought me a book, Imma get another one.
This is what the estimated $500 million attraction at Disney World has to offer.
Watch Pandora’s stunning ‘Avatar’ animatronics come to life at Disney World
Watch Pandora's stunning animatronics come to life at Disney World:
🎶 See the line where the sky meets the sea it calls me 🎶 DIY Moana ears! 🌊🌺 So excited for my Disney World trip…
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Good morning, Magic Fans! With these great tips, it's never too early for a first visit to Disney World!
I'm on cloud 9 right now. Working at Disney World was actually my dream job believe it or not. I can't wait to start
You would think Maurice Benard owns ABC,Pixar,Disney World,Disney Land,ABC fam, Touchstone pictures w/the amount of power some claim he has
Long Island taxpayers shell out $150,000 for school's senior trip to Disney World
Disney World working on gondola system, documents confirm(Orlando news)
Disney World. The Good, the Bad, and the Migraine via
Disney World has like 5 different parks (Epcot, Hollywood studios, etc) and DisneyLand is a lot smaller
The auction is now LIVE!!! Let the bidding begin! Looking for a great deal on Walt Disney World Park Hopper...
Alexa Bliss vs. the world: Journey to the Red Land
All these ppl on my fb getting engaged and I can't even get someone to go to Disney world with me T3T
Disney world In the morning with bae and the kids. I think Ima have more fun than anybody else 😂
If I'm at Disney world at the same time as you, but not going with you, can we still chill?🤔
Im already so hyped for this Disney World trip but it's in 4 months 😭
Disney World is so much better than Disneyland. so so so so so much better
I want to go to Disney World again 😕
+the kids who made their wish to go to Disney world with the Make A Wish foundation. Almost Everyone there is volunteers & that's how they +
4 those of you who like & Check out my cousin singing Part of Your World.
Josh Gad and Daisy Ridley went to plus our favorite Instagram posts from Star Wars Celebration:
Yep, I didn't go to Disney World, too old for that, I went to Universal instead...
As a teenager: "I cant wait to go to Disney World alone with my husband.". Me now: "I can't wait to take my kids to Disney with my husband."
Waking up at 6 to go run around Disney world is a lot different than waking up at 6 to go to school
Did you go to Disney world too? Because that was my favorite place when I was 5
Parentings lessons about raising that I learned at Disney World
ATTENTION cheerleading world!!! Wildcats HIT 0 and you're watching Disney Channel 💙😎✊🏼
I asked Walt Disney World for how many RTS it would take for a friend and I to go for our senior year
id do ANYTHING to be at disney world or the beach rn
How to drawing - Olaf (Disney) [Full HD] - A character that is loved by all the world's children?
.Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments about Daisy💕Belle was a big reason why sh…
It's time for a different look at my recent Disney World trip. This one is all about beers.
Yeah, Disney Night is cool, but World Series Ring Afternoon is good, too!
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This sounds great - essentially Star Wars Secret Cinema on a Disney World budget...
In 2009, Disney was in talks about creating 'The Dark Kingdom' at Disney World – A fifth park that would've been themed around its villains.
Great Value! 5 Miles to Disney World in gated community. Free internet, shared pools and kids zones.…
My gma is demanding more wine while watching the Luau at Disney World and wearing the sunglasses her cataract surge…
*** swear silver spring is the hood like these *** don't got a whole Disney World castle beside the highway https…
Dwayne Johnson to star in movie inspired by Disney World's 'Jungle Cruise'
Such a good day. Arrived at Disney world and found out I got a paid internship for the summer. So hyped!
Hmu if your trying to go to Disney world/ Universal Studios soon
Younger Disney actresses: who is hotter; Olivia Rodriguez from bizardvark or that girl rowan from girl meets world?
Disney world is so fun, but so exhausting
going to disney world? get around free w the LYFT app. Use credit code LICK for free rides credit.
Disney World honestly has my heart 😩❤️
I want to go to Disney world again 😭 i had so much fun
U make it sound like Middle East was like Disney World the happiest place on Earth…
I need to start planning my trip back to Florida in June. Going back just for Universal Studios and Disney World.🎡🏰🎢
I haven't seen my nephews for 8 months. I am currently sitting at an airport on my way to SURPRISE them at Disney World.
beat you to it. Working extra hard while is at Disney world
Be our guest, be our guest, put your announcing to the test!. joining us for our series finale at Disney…
Lemme go to Disney World real quicc
Never to old for a little Disney Phineas and Ferb, completed Agent P's World Showcase Adventure what a brilliant wa…
Happy VERY Early Birthday Mia!. Here's hoping you get SUPER Spoiled next Sunday... Disney World is just SCREAMING your name!
Need a little joy in your life? PopSugar Moms and Walt Disney World joined forces with the amazing and lovely...
The U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly over Cinderella Castle in an impressive display at Walt Disney World in Florida.
Did you see any of the fireworks going off at Mac?Could hear them all the way in Ancaster. Overkill much?They're not Disney World
I blame Disney World for this
Mac Light up the Night Party Way too much tho in my opinion. They're not Disney World
So excited to take my nephew to Disney world next year😻🌎.
Way too much. I can hear them clearly in Ancaster. They don't need to be like Disney World and set off sonic booms
So proud of DBHS Hosa. Everyone that tested today advanced. Whooohoo. Lookout Disney world..
Too much. I can hear it clearly all the way into Ancaster. It's not Disney World
At Disney World, you can request a wake up call from any Disney character!.
I can hear it from Ancaster. Little bit of overkill in my opinion. They do…
Light Up the Night event at Mac to celebrate the end of the year Sounds more like Disney World tho.
The Polite Pig to Open April 10 at at Walt Disney World Resort via
My TOP must-do at the Magic Kingdom is _!. Photo: Pics from the World of Disney
"Augusta National is like Disney World for middle-aged men" -dad
I could talk about Disney World for months😂 and Walt for years
You know what? I'm just gonna say it. Disneyland is better than Disney World because it's the original and has Walt's…
Pro Tip: When exhausted at Disney World, take a nap in one of the caves on Tom Sawyer's Island
I'm in Disney World and I've had the worst experience of my life. All Star Sports didn't make my bed and we missed or breakfast reservations
a little Disney World love on our way to Epcot
I think I am going to run away from home and go be a character performer at Disney World. I wonder what characters I can pull off.
I wonder knows that there's a restaurant in Disney World that shares her name and if she's ever eaten there before...
Wonder how much Disney World theme park tickets are going to be tomorrow when the price increases.
I wonder if all the FC people at the same beach and the same Disney World run into each other? 🤔
Day 77: Disney World traditions with the Allison to my Cameron ☕️🏰
The Star Wars Half Marathon weekend at Disney World is coming up! So don't forget to accessorize…
Star Island Resort & Spa. It's all about the pool at this exquisite resort minutes to Disney World. Book…
Day 32: Disney World traditions with the Cameron to my Allison ☕️🏰
Here comes the band! Marching Band making us proud down at Disney World!
Looking forward to seeing folks @ (or Disney World 😎) Come and say hello if you see me out and about
Marching through Disney World and main street USA was a dream come true❤️
My whole team been GRINDING & profiting on the market. I see Disney World for us in June as a family 👀 the turn up gon be CRAZY!
I hope my crush falls in love with me because his family has season passes to Disney World
I liked a video from Christmas in Disney World 2016-Travel Day!
thank you for a spectacular trip to Orlando! Hard to say which was more awesome between Disney World, Sea World and Universal!
March Madness, Orlando City Game, Beat Birthday Bash, Kat Williams, Disney World lol.. I can't sleep in this city 🙈😣.
Bottoms Up: Backstage at the Something Rotten! Tour with Rob McClure, Episode 6: We're in Disney World!
Cue the swoon: John Stamos is the 'Prince Eric' to his girlfriend's 'Ariel' at Disney World.
Thunder Mountain? Cool ! I've never been to Disney Land. But Disney World would be so much fun with you!
favorite ride is California Screamin' at CA and Pirates at Disneyland. Plus, Expedition Everest at Disney World
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