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Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort (also known informally as Disney World) is the world's most-visited entertainment resort.

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This sounds great - essentially Star Wars Secret Cinema on a Disney World budget...
Great Value! 5 Miles to Disney World in gated community. Free internet, shared pools and kids zones.…
My gma is demanding more wine while watching the Luau at Disney World and wearing the sunglasses her cataract surge…
*** swear silver spring is the hood like these *** don't got a whole Disney World castle beside the highway https…
Dwayne Johnson to star in movie inspired by Disney World's 'Jungle Cruise'
Such a good day. Arrived at Disney world and found out I got a paid internship for the summer. So hyped!
Hmu if your trying to go to Disney world/ Universal Studios soon
Younger Disney actresses: who is hotter; Olivia Rodriguez from bizardvark or that girl rowan from girl meets world?
Disney world is so fun, but so exhausting
going to disney world? get around free w the LYFT app. Use credit code LICK for free rides credit.
Disney World honestly has my heart 😩❤️
I want to go to Disney world again 😭 i had so much fun
U make it sound like Middle East was like Disney World the happiest place on Earth…
I need to start planning my trip back to Florida in June. Going back just for Universal Studios and Disney World.🎡🏰🎢
I haven't seen my nephews for 8 months. I am currently sitting at an airport on my way to SURPRISE them at Disney World.
beat you to it. Working extra hard while is at Disney world
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Be our guest, be our guest, put your announcing to the test!. joining us for our series finale at Disney…
Lemme go to Disney World real quicc
Never to old for a little Disney Phineas and Ferb, completed Agent P's World Showcase Adventure what a brilliant wa…
Happy VERY Early Birthday Mia!. Here's hoping you get SUPER Spoiled next Sunday... Disney World is just SCREAMING your name!
Need a little joy in your life? PopSugar Moms and Walt Disney World joined forces with the amazing and lovely...
The U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly over Cinderella Castle in an impressive display at Walt Disney World in Florida.
Did you see any of the fireworks going off at Mac?Could hear them all the way in Ancaster. Overkill much?They're not Disney World
I blame Disney World for this
Mac Light up the Night Party Way too much tho in my opinion. They're not Disney World
So excited to take my nephew to Disney world next year😻🌎.
Way too much. I can hear them clearly in Ancaster. They don't need to be like Disney World and set off sonic booms
So proud of DBHS Hosa. Everyone that tested today advanced. Whooohoo. Lookout Disney world..
Too much. I can hear it clearly all the way into Ancaster. It's not Disney World
At Disney World, you can request a wake up call from any Disney character!.
I can hear it from Ancaster. Little bit of overkill in my opinion. They do…
Light Up the Night event at Mac to celebrate the end of the year Sounds more like Disney World tho.
The Polite Pig to Open April 10 at at Walt Disney World Resort via
My TOP must-do at the Magic Kingdom is _!. Photo: Pics from the World of Disney
"Augusta National is like Disney World for middle-aged men" -dad
I could talk about Disney World for months😂 and Walt for years
You know what? I'm just gonna say it. Disneyland is better than Disney World because it's the original and has Walt's…
Pro Tip: When exhausted at Disney World, take a nap in one of the caves on Tom Sawyer's Island
I'm in Disney World and I've had the worst experience of my life. All Star Sports didn't make my bed and we missed or breakfast reservations
a little Disney World love on our way to Epcot
I think I am going to run away from home and go be a character performer at Disney World. I wonder what characters I can pull off.
I wonder knows that there's a restaurant in Disney World that shares her name and if she's ever eaten there before...
Wonder how much Disney World theme park tickets are going to be tomorrow when the price increases.
I wonder if all the FC people at the same beach and the same Disney World run into each other? 🤔
Day 77: Disney World traditions with the Allison to my Cameron ☕️🏰
The Star Wars Half Marathon weekend at Disney World is coming up! So don't forget to accessorize…
Star Island Resort & Spa. It's all about the pool at this exquisite resort minutes to Disney World. Book…
Day 32: Disney World traditions with the Cameron to my Allison ☕️🏰
Here comes the band! Marching Band making us proud down at Disney World!
Looking forward to seeing folks @ (or Disney World 😎) Come and say hello if you see me out and about
Marching through Disney World and main street USA was a dream come true❤️
My whole team been GRINDING & profiting on the market. I see Disney World for us in June as a family 👀 the turn up gon be CRAZY!
I hope my crush falls in love with me because his family has season passes to Disney World
I liked a video from Christmas in Disney World 2016-Travel Day!
thank you for a spectacular trip to Orlando! Hard to say which was more awesome between Disney World, Sea World and Universal!
March Madness, Orlando City Game, Beat Birthday Bash, Kat Williams, Disney World lol.. I can't sleep in this city 🙈😣.
Bottoms Up: Backstage at the Something Rotten! Tour with Rob McClure, Episode 6: We're in Disney World!
Cue the swoon: John Stamos is the 'Prince Eric' to his girlfriend's 'Ariel' at Disney World.
Thunder Mountain? Cool ! I've never been to Disney Land. But Disney World would be so much fun with you!
favorite ride is California Screamin' at CA and Pirates at Disneyland. Plus, Expedition Everest at Disney World
Mum hits back after GoFundMe page she set up to take her daughters to Disney World goes viral
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I believe thinks Bigfoot lives in Cinderella Castle at Disney World but I have no proof
Watched Spurs draw at Everton on Jan 3rd while in line for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Disney World.
Mum crowdfunded for a family holiday to Disney World - Nikki Smith set up the online crowd-funding page in a de...
Fmr. Sen. Al Simpson: Trump's plan to pay the nation's bills is 'fantasy' — like 'Disney World' via…
We're headed to Disney World in two weeks. The lines will be much shorter if everyone listens to this nonsense. Ple…
I'm in the mood to go to Disney World and Cedar point😩😩
I just had a look at a three week holiday to Disney World next year. £12,000. Safe.
So excited! It's almost time! 9 days! Disney World followed by a DCL cruise on the Fantasy! Can't wait!
we’re catching the game at Disney World and the kids are doing their first marathon.
Roughly 322 days until it's time to be ready. Disney World marathon here I come!.
For all you runners out there...check out this Belle-inspired style for Disney World's upcoming Princess Half...
Did you know that you can run marathons in Disney World and Disneyland, and even Disneyland Paris! Or Half...
Brent Seabrook headed to Disney World during break. Is he going to wear Mickey Mouse hat?. "Oh yeah, I'm sure I'll have one on."
New blog! Chef Mickey's at Disney World and associated drama.
chipandcompany: Patriots Running Back James White is Going to Disney World! - New England Patriots running back James Whi…
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Brady may have been the game MVP, but James White is heading to Disney World. 14 catches, 139 total yards and 3 TDs
James White is going to be at Disney World tomorrow...
Surprising the kids with a Grab this "We're Going to Disney World" puzzle templa…
Finishing the first full day of Disney World at the Grand Floridian with some some great scotch and an amazing mart…
The petition to stop Donald Trump's animatronic figure from speaking at the Hall of President's at Disney World at 6am.
Petition urges Disney to keep upcoming animatronic silent in Disney World's Hall of Presidents show ht…
How about no Donald Trump at Disney World. Period! Speaking or not, he's too scary for the public.
I can't wait for the day I get to take my kids to Disney World for the first time
ESPN coverage of 2017 in Orlando incl NFL Live & SportsCenter from Disney World.
"Disney World" and "Universal Studios" aren't counties. Use Google to determine where exactly in Florida you are.
PDS TORNADO WATCH for Central Florida until 10p tonight. Includes Tampa Bay and Orlando along with Disney World and…
Disney World address there to see world invested there to maybe I'll just take cruise line post on two of them
Ehhh... Orlando isn't that great. All they have is Disney World and Universal Studios.
Disney World ...a people . trap built by a mouse.
I just wish perfume genius, Trump, and I could all set aside our differences and spend the weekend at Disney World!! Yay!!
domain names
I liked a video from Disney World / Universal Studios Vacation January 2…
Looking to beat the January blues? Let us book you a trip to Disney World, Universal Studios, or many other vacatio…
You do not have the right to a trip to Disney World or a kidney dialysis (nor the 18th century equivalent).
A study found that riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster at Disney World helps ease the passage of small kidney stones.
If you need to know wait times for Disney World hit up Nitz and his Disney app. Space Mountain is 50 minutes.that's tough
This episode makes Space Mountain at Disney World look like its standing still! Wow!
Take a peek in on Epcot & Disney Springs at Disney World with this Orlando weather cam
1)I love the musical Hamilton. 2)I want to go to Disney World so badly . 3)I love One Direction
My high school marching band is in Disney World right now and I can't believe it's been 4 years since I went on that trip 😭
I went to Disney World: Magic Kingdom & on the Space Mountain ride, we got to see what it's like inside the ride with lights on.
Walking through the Magic Kingdom in t-strap heels on the way to midnight mass... Merry Christmas from Disney World!
I guess that last research paper is going to have to wait. Time to go to Disney World.
Drones dazzle at Disney World in a new holiday show
Christmas in the U.S.: The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Disney World, Florida. If you are taking the monorail...
I liked a video from Christmas at the Grand Floridian Resort (Walt Disney World)
Check this Out> is running a sick giveaway for a Free Car, Dream Desk, $5000 Cash, Trip to Disney World
Delta Gamma and Sigma Alpha at Disney World . from christycatt from .
Leaving for Disney World with the girls in 6 hours. So I'm watching and drinking scotch. The way Walt would have wanted.
themed roller coaster ride by Vekoma at Walt Resort in . Picture by: D…
Happy 115th birthday to Walter Elias Disney, whose legacy lives on in films and theme parks around the world! 🎂
Let's go on a date - to Disney World, of course. I will rent it out just for us two. ♪
-- Disney World and himself. They just had to get out of here while both of them, Mink and Aobs still could.
Epcot, the penultimate park visited before leaving Orlando! @ Epcot - Walt Disney World
I'll go with you. Walt Disney World is only 3 hours and 30 minutes away from Miami lmao.
Before I go to bed, happy birthday Walt Disney. Thank you for your ideas that changed the world of imagination and…
All those who say Disney World is the happiest place in earth. Obviously they haven't been in my arms. 😚
Disney World , I ain never been there
Walt Disney used his Sunday night NBC "Wonderful World of Color" show to promote his new releases like The Sword in th…
I totally got my kids to eat zucchini last night. And now I need to go buy 2 ponies, an inflatable bounce house and tickets…
we decided that today now music and sports and news for you president world is full of people are just cartoon characters Disney .
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Downtown Disney + fireworks + beignets + good parking + the world's best Harry Potter fanfic = a good way to end the day. 😂
Connected with BET. Connected with the LA Clippers. . Interning at Disney World. . God has really been blessing me.
Happy 115th Birthday to the man who changed the world - Walter Elias Disney!! A visionary in on-screen & off-screen ex…
It's really a life goal to visit every MLB park and every Disney park in the world
I liked a video from Paranormal DISNEY World Experience | Storytime
Boy does Suzaku-chan love the Disney World of fish.
Join kids around the world and become a coder with Disney’s new tutorial. Visit
The Death Star is at Walt Disney World. You may fire when ready...
Taryn, our writer on special needs, just returned from a trip to Disney World, and shares Part Two of her trip...
I need to see fireworks at Disney World
I miss the early 90s when Disney World was hot and Kathleen Turner was still around
cedar points & Kings Island is trash if you been to Disney World / Orlando Studios
We're going to Disney World in May and staying at the Wilderness Lodge
I can't afford Disney World so we go to the biggest hill on my street and my kids wait an hour before I roll them down…
.I'd use the Starwood points towards a stay at the Swan or Dolphin hotel at Disney World
Disney World and Universal Studios just got a lot more fun.
Florida doesn't deserve Disney World, Universal Studios, or Miami... the next time y'all need prayer... I'm praying for…
Today my friend is at Disney World getting her four-year daughter princessified at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.
Since Trump won Florida our orchestra will not be going to Disney World
Finishing up a fun vacation at Disney World! Ran a half marathon (very slowly), ate great food…
Jess and Tiffany, you just ran a half marathon what are you going to do next? ... We're going to Disney World!
Disney World\'s first drone show to debut for the holidays at Disney Springs(Orlando news)
Popular Mechanics: The strange 60-year history of Disney World's Hall of Presidents
The half at Disney World during their marathon weekend.
8 Fun photos from the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Disney World
Disney World after running a Half Marathon this morning
Told dad and stepmom I'm not coming for Thanksgiving. I got 10 days of silence, then a pic of my sister at Disney World half marathon .
Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell and Javier Baez will take part in a parade tomorrow on the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street U.S.A, in Disney World.
Ben Zobrist, Cubs mates Baez and Russell going to Disney World via
Our community is cheering for Ms. Grant as she runs a half marathon at Disney World this…
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At the airport heading to Orlando for Disney World and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!
The Walt Disney Company: For Disney World to have a big character dining experience just like Disneyl... via
On June 5th 1994, Michael Jackson was spotted in Disney World with Lisa Marie Presley and her children.
The deserted pictures of Disney World due to the Hurricane named Matthew are very harrowing !!!
Awesome to be part of granting a wish this afternoon. James is going to Disney World!
ICYMI: New marketing campaign focuses on endless magic of a Disney World vacation:
Finally finalizing my Disney running costumes for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend at Disney World. These are gonna be fun!
Alright. Who's going with me to Disney World for my half marathon 🙃
One item in my bucket list is to do a half marathon at Disney World. 😁
3 weeks in Disney World! The Wine and Dine 10k and then the half marathon the next day! (I'm not that smart)
I heard a rumor they're bringing back Mr Toads Wild Ride at Disney World. By rumor, I mean me. I dreamed it. Just now.
Hello Brook looking so lovely still here in Disney World at the Grand Floridian having a few great days at Magic Kingdom, Epcot
The Dopey Challenge: 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon in 4 days at Disney World. New bucket list item.
8 Insider Secrets for the Best Walt Disney World Vacation: Walt Disney World in Orlando has four theme parks ...
y'all i came out to my dad at Disney World. courtyard of the grand floridian. y'all.
Disney World, Orlando theme parks open to guests after Hurricane
Nothing makes a hurricane seem more real than "Disney World has closed."
It's only been 2 months and I really miss Disney World :((
Disney World closed for the 4th time ever.. this must be serious
Going to Bahamas.. trip gets canceled. . Supposed to go to Disney World the 9th? Hurricane closes it for the 4th time ever since it opened
Looks like it going to Disney world and come back wow
Here’s the latest on Walt Disney World’s operating schedule due to Hurricane Matthew:
Walt Disney World transportation services are operating until 6pm, so those guests still out have 30 minutes to find WDW transpo…
What was your favorite vacation place as a kid? — Toss up between Disney World (pre-Epcot), the Alligator Farm, or…
Taking my kids to Disney World this weekend, rain or shine!.
Walt Disney World theme parks in Florida closed early Thursday and will stay closed Friday due to Hurricane Matthew.
Want to know when the crowds are smallest at Disney World?
You know things are serious when closes. . Prayers for FL & the Carolinas as Matthew approaches.
When it rains it pours, literally! It's been quite a week & now our trip to Disney looks in doubt https:…
Mickey, meet A rare closing for the theme park with the approaching storm threat.
Due to weather, the Walt Disney World Resort will close at 5p on Thursday, Oct. 6 and will remain closed through Friday, Oct.…
I have family that is riding it out in Disney World. Any news on how the storm will affect Disney? .
It's the start of a new segment all about Halloween at Disney World!! Catch it every Thursday throughout October!!. http…
Me and my evil tricks to retroactively fund a Disney World trip.
"I just hope nothing happens to Disney world" - my sister on Hurricane Matthew making landfall in Florida 💀😂
I've got family in Fla, Disney World closed!
Disney World closes due to Hurricane Matthew via
When Disney World shuts down, the state of Florida is officially closed. .
Disney World has decided to close down for Hurricane Matthew. It's only closed 3 other times in its 45 year history: htt…
All the stops to make on an International Candy Crawl at Epcot: 🍭
Real shame if no one is able to get footage of hitting Disney World
Disney World will be closed tomorrow. The theme park has only closed four times in its history.
but seriously though you want to go to France or to Disney World and stay at the Grand Floridian b…
if anything happens to Walt Disney World tonight
Announcer: Hurricane Matthew, you just devastated Haiti! what are you going to do now?. Hurricane Matthew: i'm going to Disney W…
LIVE on Hurricane Matthew. Live from Celebration Fl near Walt Disney World. No one on Interstate I4 http…
Hurricane Matthew, you're coming to Florida, what are you doing next?. "I'm closing Disney World."
Hurricane Matthew:. -POTUS declares state of emergency in FL. -Disney World, Universal and SeaWorld to shut down. -At least…
Disney World, Miami, and staying on a boat in Key West, FL sounds like a great way to spend my 25th 😎🙌🏽
Hey Panthers! Walt Disney World has their College Program up and running!
If Disney College Program girl in my class does not stop relating everything to Disney World, i will soon be showing her a whole new world.
Today we celebrate 45 years of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando
Debate,stage looks like Disney World fake history, animatronic Lincoln should introduce.
My Walt Disney Experience - …today is technically the last day of my vacation at Disney World. I must say...
Had a dream I was performing around Disney World with Ice Cube. It was pretty great tbh.
fun fact: there's a bust honoring the queen in Disney World's Hollywood Studios 🙌🏼
I'm want to go to a jazz club. And Disney World. Or a jazz club in Disney World. Is that a thing? It should be like the one in Roger Rabbit.
if you think I am making this up, read John Jeremiah Sullivan on his trip to Disney World for the NYTimes Magazine:
She's not just a Viking, she is Miss Virginia Jr Teen! Xenia Smith (Class of 2020) will travel to Disney World...
adalberto Spencer Chauvin was planning a family trip to Disney World on Sept. 1. Instead, his family will be burying the St. John the Bapti…
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Aug. 26, 1993 - Prince William and fiends on Splash Mountain at Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida
Ariana was spotted with Victoria , Aaron AND Mac Miller at Disney World
Disney World and skiiing? You guys were living your best lives 😂
Rumor has it Uncle Chris is floating around the Disney World area...Hitting up all the major parks. Snap a pic w/ him…
I miss the tacos I ate at Disney World (Epcot) more than I miss Disney World itself
I love the U-Haul in this shot. “I’m going to make a go of it in a new city…ahh screw it I’m going to Disney World” https…
How do you go to Disney World for Mickie Mouse and end up battling alligators and this isn't the first time?
Guys, next year's world championship is taking place in Anaheim. THIS MEANS POKEMON AT DISNEY, PEOPLE
Took a family trip to Disney World.  As we entered the park, 9 asked... "is there WiFi in this place?". *I give up.
The horror of alligator attack on boy at Disney World resort is detailed in new reports
The harrowing accounting of the alligator attack on that baby at Disney World.
Father tried to free son's head from alligator's mouth during Disney World attack
We've got 12 reasons why you should visit this fall! Check them out - https:/…
"Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy." - Walt Disney…
Gabriel at Disney World. Claudine's chibi commission Part 2. :). Art by Angie Siketa;.
Virtual Main Street is improved. New sights & sounds from the Magic Kingdom, Disney World.
Disney World guests reported at least 2 alligator sightings an hour before a 2-year-old boy was fatally snatched
The Mouse Goes Luxe - Experience the opulent side of Walt Disney World.
Disney World? Irrational claim that Trump is operating as front for foreign power? Mook= Joe McCarthy.
My girlfriend takes casual trips to Disney World and takes extremely baesic pictures
A 2-year-old Nebraska boy killed by an alligator at a Walt Disney World hotel in June died due to a serie...
Chris Evans is upset because Disney World cancelled the electrical parade. What an actual jellybean.
Any women wanna go to Disney world I'll buy u a Harry Potter drink
Disney building stone wall around lake where boy was killed by alligator
Disney World building boulder wall around lake where 2-year-old was dragged into water by alligator ht…
Idc how old I am Disney world is always gonna be lit and I'm always gonna act like a child there
Here's how Disney World will prevent alligator attacks
Joey, if I had a dime for every day I have left until I go to Disney World, I would have..ZERO DIMES!
I really wish I was at Disney World and Universal again. More reasons why I need to move to Florida. Those are my happy places.
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Ugh I always have to fight the urge to correct people when they mix up Walt Disney World and Disneyland... 🙃💫
My spoiled princess of a niece is going to Disney World "so [she] can meet alll the pwincesses"
It's ironic how living at Disney World (a place a some people view childish) for 7 months can make you grow up and mature so…
I've been watching Disney channel for the past couple days and I'm obsessed w girl meets world and backstage I need an i…
I'd be heated if I was at Disney world and an alligator decided he was gonna ruin my experience and *** me smh
I won the World Traveler achievement in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 Edition for 33 -
which do you like best Disneyland or Disney World?
Supposed to be going to Disney world at the end of the month but now I probably gotta work 😑
I added a video to a playlist Shopping for Stuffed Toys in the World of Disney ~ w/Prices!
"Disney world needs a hospital in it with a ride going through it"- late night thoughts from
I'm gonna post my Disney World pics from Florida now
My friend say I lied about Walt Disney World and I was like wow and I show our tickets.
I don't care how old I am. I will do my best to find Nick and Judy mascots at Disney World next week and take a selfie with them.
Best Benches in Universal Orlando, Disney World & LEGOLAND Which is your favorite? See all:
I added a video to a playlist - The Diamond Club Goes to Disney World
Breast Cancer Awareness
Chillicothe's Team Mojo, a 12U travel softball team, took home a sportsmanship award after a trip to Disney World.
All of my friends are having great summers in places like Germany, Disney World, and Las Vegas and I'm here like: "I wo…
Tim Kaine surprised you by telling you that of course you're coming with his family on their trip to Disney World, you're f…
When you get discounts at Disney World and your parents ask you to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon, you can't say no
Disney World runDisney advice | The Princess Half Marathon! | Be sure to read these tips before you
Not yet - I've done the half & full separately but never together. Disney World marathon this Jan was my 1st full. Very excited!
I added a video to a playlist MyMagic+ Interactive Endings at Disney World, Haunted Mansion, Small
Flying via Orlando means a plane full of screaming kids going to Disney World.. 🙃
Wish kid Pablo wished to meet characters Mike and Sulley!
One time my family took a trip to Disney World & they did fireworks & my sis his under a table & we couldn't find her
riding your pet alligator through the swamps then climbing up a palm tree to get to Disney world everyday 😍
Who me? Oh just crying alone at 11:25 pm watching Elsa's snapchats from Disney World everything's fine
any1 wanna just be my girlfriend to go to Disney world rly stoned on mushrooms and then break up nd go on w our lives ?
The little mermaid ride at Disney world is exactly the same as Disneyland
having to explain to outsiders that Publix is the Disney World of supermarkets
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
meant always wanting to go to Disney World but had to settle for Cedar Point.
Disney world and Rhema still can't top the fireworks show my redneck neighbors put on 😂😂
Whoever said Disney World is the happiest place on earth has obviously never been to Eagles Wings retreat center with O…
Disney. Soar through a whole new world of ◯◯. Thank you very much!!.
I thought that was Disney world until I was like 10💀
Just wanna be at Disney world, so I don't have to look at anybody from Texas... Hopefully
How to find FREEbies for a birthday celebration at Walt Disney World!
I'm raising money for Feeling Blue for Disney World . Click to Donate: via
going to Disney to preform & seeing all the teams from around the world literally
Every time when I was little and went to visit fam. I just knew we were going to Disney world again 😂😂
we stood in the middle of Main Street U.S.A. in Disney World to do this 😂 💖
Started a fight with Spider Man at Disney world this weekend, because I'm a sexist.
Father says 2 gators involved in Disney attack that killed son
"Where do you live?". Melbourne. . "Where?". Cocoa Beach, close to Orlando. . "OH MY GOSH YOU LIVE AT DISNEY WORLD!".
African parents be like, "oh u got an internship with Disney?...why didn't u build Disney k🙄🙃
When your best friend takes you to disney world using money he took from kids LMAO
hi! I'm at one of the Disney World resorts and I was wondering if you'll be doing any meetups outside of the parks?
Going to Lotte World and YoungIn was your version of Disney
...When in two weeks I'll be in Disney watching the best firework show in the world??
thinking this was Disney World as a kid
Ingenious range in favor of Walt Disney World's natural magic pyramid, the us: yTg
as a child, you would drive past this on 495 and think this was Disney World...
Last year on the 4th of July I was watching fireworks over the Cinderella Castle at Disney world, this year I will be at ***
as soon as you say you live in Florida everyone thinks you live at Disney world
Maybe we should start a Bad Parent Support Group! Should I contact the Gator family from Disney World and the Cincinnati Zoo family?
Trying to explain to people in other states that you *Don't* live in Disney World
Father says 2 alligators involved in Disney attack that killed son
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