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Disney Springs

Downtown Disney, originally the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, is an outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando, Florida opened on March 22, 1975. It is open to the public, requires no admission fee, and offers complimentary parking and transportation to all Disney-operated Walt Disney World Resorts.

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Mobile Order service is now available at 15 locations throughout Walt Disney World theme parks & Disney Springs:
Birthday in 2 days, dinner with my best friend in 3 days, Disney springs in 4 days, universal and day in Orlando with bf in 5 days. Happy :)
July 4th: Sister forced me to do her makeup, went to Disney Springs for Ice Cream, then went to lake for the fireworks
June 28: I went on 3 college visits then went to Disney springs & ran into my best friend there then got donuts during a severe thunderstorm
Speaking of I had to turn around and come back to this valley field and these cows just south of Hot Springs…
Just finished eating supper at Chef Art's Homecoming restaurant. So good! . I definitely recommend it to anyone that goes to Disney Springs.
Drunk af at Disney springs and I work at 8 tomorrow lmao
I'm at Disney springs and I want a good bar to go to what do you recommend thanks
No thank you. We got four (24) packs at the Speedyway across from Disney Springs. Headed to Publix…
Having some fun at Disney springs before we head home :)
Omg you actually did it lol. I'm seeing at the AMC Theaters at Disney Sprin…
Disney Springs, all 4 Disney parks and Universal Studios, all in 3 days. I am pooped, but *** what an awesome little vacay. -M
Strawberry lot at Disney Springs is where you’ll see them in their natural habitat
Check out these photos of the construction at Once Upon a Toy at Disney Springs as the new Star Wars virtual...
Tina and I have seen quite a few. We saw multiples when we went to Disney Springs one day.
A few pictures from my trip out to Disney Springs this afternoon 😎💖🎉
Disney Springs is pretty awesome too!
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (@ AMC Disney Springs 24 with Dine-in Theatres -
My dad is also at Disney Springs, and he wants to go yell at Johnny for breaking up the original FIST lineup.
Thank you Disney nurses for taking care of my bee sting. It was a radiator Springs bee!
There is an old man at Disney Springs carrying a baby doll on his shoulders like a child. My emotions are all over the place.
Off to Disney Springs for dinner. Here's hoping it doesn't pour.
10 days until we are at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort 13 days until our Disney Cruise Line adv…
Vino Gone Viral: Wine Slushies Debut at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs. (via
"I’d never queue this long for an attraction..." via
last time we went to Disney Springs after checking into the resort, but even that was exhausting 😅
I'm at Disney springs hiding in a store because I have a weed pen and there's a sniffing dog walking
wearing my Heelys to disney springs tonight
I was in Disney springs a couple weeks ago and the lady fell back It was so scary I was right behind her too
Getting in some last minute rides at Magic Kingdom before I spend the rest of my evening at Disney Springs.
I'm the slowest guy to order in any situation except there, gumbo to start, jambalaya for main, th…
Raglan Road at Disney Springs for Families | Food, fun, & entertainment, including free kids dance l
Whats money in Star Wars called: Starbucks. Sorry for the bad joke, hopefully this look at merch can help. https…
Video: Disney Springs in the morning as seen from Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort
With every good new restaurant that opens at Disney Springs, this Walt Disney World Resort's stock increases...
Images of the new Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill are now on display at Disney Springs.
The very popular "Dress Shop" will be returning to Disney Springs on July 27th!.
The Wolfgang Puck ones are in Disney Springs. The others are in Epcot. I am open either way.
The adorable designs of The Dress Shop are returning to Cherry Tree Lane at Disney Springs. These beautiful...
The Dress Shop Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs via Would love that new blue Cinderella esque dress
Disney Springs is one of the top attractions to play, eat & shop at Walt Disney World in Orlando.
I love seeing the hot air balloon at Disney Springs - but I'm not brave enough to go up in it! Have you?
Wilting from FL heat? shares some nifty spots at Disney Springs to cool off:
Disney Springs store took down the display. Employee told me that they can't keep them in s…
We finally got to see Disney Springs, then we went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, followed by…
I enjoyed Port Orleans French Quarter. The ferry boat to Disney Springs was great.
We bag drop and check-in at Disney Springs in the morning - another perk of going with Virgin Holidays.
ORLANDO!!! the House of Blues in Disney Springs has a really great atmosphere, hope…
Wow he's a big ole Bear. Is that in Disney Springs?
The new Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort is so neat! Lots of fun things for the whole family. And it's...
Boat ride from Old Key West to Disney Springs? What could we be doing there 🤔? - Angela
Go to Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar at Disney Springs and hunt for all the Indiana Jones Easter eggs?
Disney Springs is so gorgeous now! There are so many things to do, and we had a fun time exploring!
Nice Lunch/Dinner at the Rainforest. @ Rainforest Cafe located at Disney Springs
Hopping time at the Raglan Road, Cooke's of Dublin section of Disney Springs today for St. Paddy's Day.
A wee bit of Ireland right in Disney Springs at
Anyone who wants to witness an epic *** kicking tonight come to Raglan Road @ Disney Springs
Head to Raglan Road at Disney Springs to enjoy Irish delights all year long!
... Disney Springs if money is too tight for Universal Studios/Disneyworld proper. Also, the Orlando Eye is an awesome sidetrip.
Rlly wish I was in Disney Springs for the Beauty & the Beast premiere because wearing ears to the Blackstone Valley Cinema isnt appropriate
No man, Taco Bell at Disney Springs. Taco Bell at Magic Kingdom. Taco Bell at Coronado Springs.
All purpose parts banner
I was gonna go to Disney Springs today to meet Patrick but John Stamos is at Epcot and I also want to take a nap and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
Orlando "Disney Springs" tourist hot spot and or Miami Beach Lincoln Road Mall only competition would be New Era on Washington ave
we have breakfast at Chef Mickey's and shopping and lunch at Disney Springs. Rainforest Cafe & my daughter's fav cheeseburger!
View the WDW weather with the Characters in Flight Balloon cam, located in Disney Springs
The real reason Guy Fieri hasn't been at Disney Springs yet is because he's got a restraining order against me. I'm banned from
The new Observatory is now open at Disney Springs:
First LIVE look inside and TOUR of the new Planet Hollywood Observatory in Disney Springs! 🌠Watch at
The re-imagined Planet Hollywood Observatory has reopened at Disney Springs!!!...
wdwmagic: PHOTOS - Full walk-through of the new Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs …
Celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day with free hot cocoa from Vivoli il Gelato at Disney Springs
That's from World of Disney at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) in Walt Disney World in Orl
Take a peek in on Epcot & Disney Springs at Disney World with this Orlando weather cam
Are you still in Florida!? Was in Disney Springs tonight so sad I was a day late!
Went to Disney Springs and I ended up meeting the Coca-Cola polar bear. His name is apparently Bear.
The Francesca Battistelli version of "It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter" is on rotation at Disney Springs,...
back to Saratoga. Theming is awful. It's too big! The food stinks & it's far from Disney Springs if you are on other side
This necklace is made using gorgonian coral... You can find it exclusively at Tren-D in Disney Springs! . . . . .
Our new show drone experience at Disney Springs, “Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration” (nightly at 7:00...
Limited Time Magic: I'll be at Disney Springs tonight as a at DisneyQuest! Come say hi!
LIVE on Boat ride to Disney Springs from Port Orleans
Curwensville High School participates in Disney Performing Arts programs at Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs - The…
Disney Drone Update: Dates have been announced for Disney Springs show.
La Nouba at Disney Springs to Have a Special Matinee Performance and Discount Pricing Sunday, November 20…
Tfw you go from a week of Food and Wine Festival/Disney Springs to dinner at a Longhorn Steakhouse.
The Christmas Tree Trail opens tomorrow at Disney Springs and will showcase 15 specially decorated tress each...
We checked out the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney Springs!
We're Read about our latest opening here: Tailor, Levi's® Retail, Disney Springs, Orlando, FL -
Come explore Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and Contemporary Resort with me as well as Disney Springs!
On Oct. 8, all Walt Disney World Theme Parks will open at 8a. Disney Springs, Water Parks and Miniature Golf will open at 10a…
Everyone at Disney Springs with 3hr waits, and I'm at Rosen Shingle Creek like "do I want sushi, Mexican, or a buffet for dinner?" 😂😂
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Disney Springs: Princesses set for month of royal meetings: There will be a month of royal encounter...
I liked a video Shopping at UNIQLO for Disney Merchandise with Ryno & Oliver | Disney Springs
Lava Lounge at Disney Springs via Couponing to Disney - Yummy appetizers & refreshing drinks are ...
Magic band question: Hi we will be going to Disney springs first day to buy our bands probably from world of Disney…
I went to Disney springs today and there were so many poke stops
Bro hunters creek and Disney springs crawling with em
On vacation and saw this at Disney Springs in Orlando. Wish it was open now
Lol people just at Disney Springs catching Pokemon's together.
I liked a video from Disney Springs, Boathouse Restaurant, Our Anniversary. July 2016
This Grand Opening season is the perfect time to discover Learn more - https:/…
There are probably more people playing Pokemon at Disney Springs than not
Spotted this Tower of Terror print at Art Of Disney at Disney Springs. https:…
Look what I found at Disney Springs in Orlando:) Hope your doing good!
When you get a snapchat of Raglan Road from one of your best friends who's down at Disney Springs 😭😫😩😣
Pictured: Producer Don Hahn and Mongellou, a Pokemon he captured next to the cupcake machine at Disney Springs.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
A little bit of fun with the crew at Disney Springs . vs.
Went shopping with my mom today at Disney Springs. Last vacay day before heading back to LA in…
Check out the delicious chocolate at The Ganachery at Disney Springs in
walking through Disney springs watching people play Pokemon Go
I'm at AMC Disney Springs 24 with Dine-in Theatres - for The Purge: Election Year
SO MANY STOPS. Only been to Springs, all the spots were based on Downtown Disney, no new Springs stuff but lots.
Visited Disney Springs, so many people excited to be in a place with such a variety of Pokéstops and Gyms.
Fun with all my girls. @ Rainforest Cafe located at Disney Springs
Little Jerry Seinfeld is running things at Characters in Flight @ Disney Springs
Going through Disney Springs was pretty cool. We went to the Rainforest Cafe and they had the best coconut shrimp 😋🍤
Yep. The Disney Shop app let us know the Elliot plush was ONLY at DHS & Disney Springs. MDE said I could get a FP for Toy Story
you would explore more. I was at disney springs today and people were everywhere with it.
with Disney, Universal, Seaworld, Busch Gardens, 30,000 lakes, 3 open oceans, 6 springs and still having…
The Coke store in Disney Springs had tasting trays of soda from all over the world 🌎
They give you flights of soda. NEW Coca-Cola Store | Disney Springs
Opening night at the Coca Cola Store at Disney Springs was a great success!
Someone go to the Coke Store in Disney Springs & tell me if they sell the apple soda from China. It's my fav.
I teach elementary school. Bring it. Jk I don't feel like it. Lol.Disney Springs is closer to me and has Melon soda.I'm good😜
While not my home resort, I love the close proximity Saratoga Springs has to Disney Springs! 🐎 |…
The press is talking about the Orlando shooter's visit 2 Disney Springs. I travel there often 4 KC folks it's the P&L District & the Legends
I'n not sure any of the new places at Disney Springs take the Dining Plan. Most won't even take TiW.
"Chef Tony Mantuano teaches Italian cooking at Portobello in Disney Springs"
At in Disney Springs. Service was excellent! Vic is the man! Food was off the hook! And the Cucumber Stiletto was so good!
Town Center stores make Disney Springs debut -
Disney Springs list: What has opened at Town Center ... and what's coming up. And when-ish.
Walt Disney World Resort Update for May 17-23, 2016 - Welcome to Disney Springs
Spending some time in Disney Springs before resting up and maybe (most likely) going to one of the Disney Parks or Universal tomorrow!!
In the Carl Barks universe there's a Launchpad McQuack-themed bar now at Disney Springs.
Please say it'll be in Orlando! Like perhaps House of Blues at Disney Springs? 😜
What can I say, I love good food! Angus Beef carpaccio and yellowfin poke from The Boat House in Disney Springs.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Now if only Disney Springs would get a Din Tai Fung location, I’d not have to spend part of my Cali vacation at the Americana.
Great morning with our rock stars; started out at Hotel Plaza Blvd and ended up at Disney Springs.
Hey! I've got 2 signings/demos lined up in the next 2 weeks:. Downtown Disney in Anaheim on 4/29. Disney Springs in Orlando 5/6-5/7
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – From a stellar line-up of celebrity chefs at Disney Springs to trend-setting creation...
out here in Florida 🐸🐒 @ Rainforest Cafe located at Disney Springs
VIDEO: Disney Springs update ? Town Center, Coca Cola store, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and more - Inside the Magic
La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs allows you to enter a world of the extraordinary as acrobats,...
Get Ready for a Summer of Shopping at Disney Springs
I thought Disney Springs the greatest people watching ever, but this line for the Magic Kingdom monorail is coming in a close 2nd.
Behind the Scenes of Cirque du Soleil La Nouba at Disney Springs
Did you know you can check out authentic Irish dancing at Raglan Road at Disney Springs?
Thanks La Nouba @ Disney Springs for a great show! Special thanks to the main guy in red who interacted with me the whole show.
Disney Springs is on tonight's itinerary for some waterfront dining before La Nouba.
From the Lego Store at Disney Springs to Hollywood Studios. Last night here!
Downtown Disney with a bunch of goons @ Disney Springs
Electronic Device Insurance
Why did they change Downtown Disney to Disney Springs ?
They changed the name of Downtown Disney to Disney Springs. They paid someone to name it that and it doesn't even have a good ring to it.
8 new restaurants, 2 new vendors at Disney Springs and more in local foodie news
Disney Springs: D-Luxe Burger set to open in May, menu revealed(Orlando news)
Orlando Sentinel - Watch the Disney Springs water tower be put in place
Saw these two girls dancing to Spanish music last night at Disney Springs. They were phenomenal. Wish I spoke to them.
Questionable Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, and the Wilderness Lodge: I'm debating on a ...
Wondering where the best place to see Star Wars in Orlando is, thinking AMC Disney Springs enhanced theatre expierence
Y'all. 's Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs is UNREAL. Best best best sushi I've ever had and an incredible experience! 😍
Huge deception with your Disney Springs restaurant. I came from Brazil to celebrate our 10th anniversary.
Don't have little sister to enjoy Bibbidi Bobbbidi Boutique at Disney Springs? What about a little brother?...
Sorry for the confusion, Kevin! We have confirmed selfie sticks are permitted at Disney Springs, but not at Disney Quest.
This sign says Disney Quest, not Disney Springs, how are you getting the word out?
Disney Springs is getting another new celeb restaurant, Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Southern Shine by Art...
Ok, but like.. why did ABCFamily change their name to Freeform??? This is like when Downtown Disney changed their name to Disney Springs =_=
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Riding the ferry for the 1st time. :-D @ Disney Springs
Peter and Wendy are of to Neverland @ Disney Springs
I love how Disney are redressing Planet Hollywood to fit into Disney Springs as its observatory
PHOTOS: Construction has begun to turn Planet Hollywood into Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs
Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless to Open Frontera Fresco Restaurant at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort -
My first visit to the new sweet stop at Disney Springs - The Ganachery:
Port Orleans Riverside! We booked the royal guest room~ Took the ferry down to Disney Springs too! 😍
Work conference is telling me Buena Vista Palace hotel is close walking distance to Disney Springs. Can anyone tell me if this is true?
the knob creek makes my life. Disney Springs. The Indiana Jones themed bar.
.Enjoyed all of your helicopter views of Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, Hollywood Studios, etc. Excellent shots,very cool!
is there a bus that goes from Magic Kingdom to Disney Springs?
Holiday magic has spread across all of Disney Springs!
Journalism students had an enjoyable time in Orlando's Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs. Jack Jacoby Photos
Magic Kingdom at night is probably my favorite -- Disney Springs is pretty cool too.
I added a video to a playlist Magic Kingdom & Disney Springs: Day one
Disney Springs to divide parking lots into fruit sections - Orlando Sentinel (blog)
Iron Chef debuts his pan-Asian restaurant at Disney Springs via
Morimoto Street Food, upcoming sidewalk café at Disney Springs.
Chef Rick Bayless, is the latest chef to sign on to open a new restaurant at Disney Springs...stay tuned for more info on Frontera Fresco...
A beautiful morning for brunch! 🍳 We are exploring "Disney Springs" (I will have a hard time not calling it Downtow…
News! NBT artist, will perform at tomorrow! https:…
Disney Springs seems a more fair comparison
Jacob Whitesides at his 'Faces on Film' release show in Disney springs !
it was only disney springs but it was still fun!! Miss you!!😘😘
Vs4324Straub: So glad u scoped from here! Hello from Springs in 🌴🙋🏻😎 Come check i…
I'm really excited about all the new restaurant additions to Disney Springs! Frontera Fresco sounds like it will... https:…
So Steph went into the men's restroom at an Irish Restaurant in Disney Springs and the headline performer caught her 😂😂😂
LIVE on Disney coronado springs party
Went to CityWalk at Universal tonight for the first time.All I wanted was to go back to Disney Springs.
Try Disney Springs. Went to Ragland last week had a blast.
Rick Bayless Announces New Disney Springs Restaurant - Eater another reason we need to go back to
They really need to fix the traffic light system by Disney Springs.
My two favorite kids getting along at Disney Springs.
Half of my beautiful family. Wishing the other half was here @ Disney Springs
I liked a video from GIRLS DAY AT DISNEY SPRINGS!!! (VLOG
Are you going to Epcot In't Food & Wine Festival? Make sure to include a visit to Senses Spa!
Spencer loves seeing her concept art version at Disney Springs.
Water slides are cooler in waltdisneyworld @ Disney's Saratoga Springs
Love these girls more than anything. 💟 @ Disney Springs
everything about yesterday was perfect @ Disney Springs
I'm so excited that will be coming to Disney Springs.
because I love this little bean so much @ Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Our little girl danced w the dancers at Raglan Road restaurant in Disney Springs. A 6yr old doing Irish dance is def entertaining. :-)
Dine-in theatre at Disney springs with babe ❤️❤️
The guys from BeetleJuice are our dinner guests tonight. @ Disney Springs
Disney Springs, it's Review Time stayed tuned this Thursday, Oct. 29.
Aand we're done! Now. Who wants to drive four hours for us? Any takers? 😂😜 @ Disney Springs
Spontaneous trips to Disney Springs bc why not?! 🎆❤️
I'm captivated by you like a firework show @ Disney Springs
sheesh. Remind me to never go to Disney springs with my kids. I'm sure rambunctious kids running
Video of performing a few of his songs at yesterday with
Two views of a Disney Springs building being built across bridge from Raglan Road.
10 fun facts in honor of Raglan Road's 10th anniversary at Disney Springs: Here are 10 fun facts you might kno...
Frontera Fresco is the latest restaurant slated to be opening at Disney Springs!
Chef Rick Bayless is opening a restaurant at Disney Springs
Chef Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill will be bringing his fare to Disney Springs.
FIFA Women's World Cup trophy won by Team USA on display at Disney Springs
Menu cover for the Raglan Road signature dinner. @ Disney Springs
FIFA Women’s World Cup winner’s trophy to be on display at Disney Springs on Friday
Position open at local bakery! (Disney Springs): Counter Person Needed in Local Bakery (Downtown...
I talk to the Orlando Business Journal about celebrity chef restaurants and Disney Springs.
arriving at Saratoga Springs Resort 10 Nov. Will definitely be going Disney Springs. Cannot wait to see the changes!😃
Holy crap, Art Smith at Disney Springs? Things are getting pretty legitimate on the celeb chef scene now. I'm wicked impressed.
A moonshine bar at an Art Smith restaurant at Disney Springs? Count me in! you heard this yet?
Florida native to emphasize Florida fare at Disney Springs restaurant
Magic bands staying off site: Please can anyone tell me where is the best place in MK or Disney Springs to buy chara…
I know it's only a Restaurant, Bar and Parking Garage but seriously excited about the new Disney Springs
If you can't make it out to Disney Springs today check out the latest for an on location interview
We talk about wanting to visit + 408 expansion plans & an on location interview at Disney Springs
Much like Disney Springs and Avatar it's just gonna be a random press release one day.
So, my parents surprised me with a night at the Port Orleans resort for my birthday. What's good to eat over in Disney Springs?
LIVE on Walking through Disney Springs at Downtown in
DisneyQuest closing to make room for NBA Experience at Disney Springs - Bay News 9
Why the future of Disney Springs is bright, and other new thoughts about Walt Disney World! -
I am told are excited for the upcoming Experience to be built at Disney Springs.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Really looking forward to seeing the "springs" in Disney Springs. If they can capture the look of a natural FL spring it will be beautiful.
WDI has consulted w/ James Wan of the Saw movies on how to fit the Indy themed "Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar" into backstory of Disney Springs.
Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar to present Indiana Jones style experience in Disney Springs.
What a legend Don Black the Sax man at Downtown Disney soon to be Disney Springs
12 hours later...back to the shuttle to Saratoga Springs and my bed. @ Epcot - Walt Disney World Resort
Downtown Disney hasn't become Disney Springs yet, but the new themeing is starting to pop up
Kidkraft Disney's Cars Radiator Springs Track and Table Set. Table is 49 1/2 inches by 34 inches. Table has been...
Disney Springs is growing more and more each day, with new shops opening all the time and big steps in...
Radiator Springs is celebrating the Chinese New Year in Cars: Fast as Lighting!. Play today on iOS & Android!
What springs to mind there is you in a fire while I am being all evil and dressed up as Disney Hades.
Checking out Downtown Disney, soon to be Disney Springs. New pedestrian walkway goes over the water from...
Tinker Bell fabric Disney for Springs by AmandasFabrics via
Awesome new flip flops at Havaianas store in Disney Springs
White Castle truck a hit at Fun Spot. Castle Burger truck to appear at Disney Springs in 3…2..1…
dealnews - Today's Edition: With just two weeks to go before the hour "springs" forward an...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Sanuk at Downtown Disney Springs has the perfect sandals for that golf fan in your life
Chapel Hats at Downtown Disney Springs telling it like it is
The Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC slated to open Sunday at DTD (will be part of the Landing for Disney Springs when the remodeling is done).
so happy Erin McKenna's bakery is opening at Disney Springs this Sunday!! Can't wait for my cupcake!!
the new Disney Springs Marketplace causeway looks so nice and is super convenient
Show Day 2 of Ligonier Ministries Conference at Disney's Coronado springs Resort. Only 14 more hours to go.
That's what we did only opposite. Moved from Palm Springs area to here to take care of my mom. Disney was a perk for us
It's a miracle! Got to Radiator Springs Racers just as it came back up! Probably about a 15 minute wait. Basically walking on.
How to maneuver around Downtown Disney while the new parking deck goes up.
my mom was like how was school and I was like it was great I watched disney movies
Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC ready to open in what will become Disney Springs
The lights in the lobby are so pretty. @ Disney's Coronado Springs…
We're excited for the transformation of to Disney Springs, but, oh, the traffic! Hop aboard one of our coaches instead!
These bands will be the initial downfall to our spouses! @ Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort And Spa
Disney Springs new parking technology will change the way visitors park:
TI no longer exists :( but the new disney springs is looking like it’ll be awesome.
I'm at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort and Convention Center - in Lake Buena Vista, FL
Update: Delicious desserts return to Downtown Springs when opens on Sun.
Just pulled into the resort I'll be working at!!! So excited for my Disney's Coronado Springs Resort orientation!!! . Training day
At Disney this week, but this is the most of it I will get to see. Ligonier Conference at Coronado Springs Resort.
Disney Quest, the House of Blues Smokehouse & Disney Springs lighthouse at Downtown Disney.
A chat with the creator of 'The Boathouse,' coming to Disney Springs
More photos of The Landing (at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs) have been added for your enjoyment:
Rumor: Disney Springs wooing another celebrity chef: Chef Masaharu Morimoto may not be the…
Walt Disney Imagineering will be transforming the 40-year-old area at Walt Disney World known as Downtown Disney into Disney Springs, a destination that will include more than 150 shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. Here’s a sneak peek at the story behind these enhancements!
Opening date set for Disney Springs parking garage(Orlando news)
Learn about the progress that is being made on the transformation of Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney into Disney Springs.
Disney Imagineers reveal the storyline behind "Disney Springs," the transformation of Downtown Disney in Orlando:
Imagineers Unveil the Storyline of Disney Springs – the all new Downtown Disney
The transformation of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs has started. We just got pics from Disney.
Find out more about how Imagineers are transforming Downtown Disney into Disney Springs:
They're remaining Downtown Disney to Disney Springs and I'm not sure how to feel
If you’ve visited Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort lately, you’ve most likely noticed the many changes underway as the area transforms into Disney Springs - it’s the largest expansion in Downtown Disney history and, when completed, will double the area’s number of dining and retail option…
Also why the focus on CityWalk 2.0 vs Disney Springs vs I drive. Art of Animation vs Cabana Bay. Where do people spend their non-park $$
We're celebrating the new Food Truck Park coming this summer to Downtown Disney / Disney Springs with this awesome Taco Truck Taco Stand! What kind of Truck would you like to see in the new Food Truck Park?
Did you know. The Walt Disney World Resort, or Walt Disney World, or simply Disney World, opened October 1, 1971, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, and is the most visited attraction in the world with 52.5 million people visiting each year. Disney World covers 30,080 acres, or 47 square miles. It houses dozens of themed hotel resorts, four parks; Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. It has two water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, and a shopping/night life area currently known as Downtown Disney, soon to be receive a make over and be re-named Disney Springs.
Read our latest newsletter with news on Disney's new Disney Springs development, International Driving Permit resolution, Legoland...
Disney Springs to be featured in next Disney Files: New Disney Vacation Club Senior VP Ken Potrock today ...
ICYMI: The Downtown Disney/Disney Springs story. Sidebar: Did you know that about Walt's parents?
The real test of Disney Springs will come as the specific new venues are announced & how many are cookie-cutter third party establishments.
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