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Disney Parks

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is the segment of The Walt Disney Company that conceives, builds and manages the company's theme parks and holiday resorts, as well as a variety of additional family-oriented leisure enterprises.

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Bro can you see the Disney Parks on the horizon or am I crazy? So sick!
Plus Moana would be a better fit for Disney Parks than any of the Marvel stuff Iger, Chapek, and the Imagineers are trying to shoehorn in!
Deliver high quality guest service at Disney Parks & Resorts as an Assistant Housekeeping Director! Apply:
Here’s a look at what we’ve got in store for a truly blockbuster summer at Disney Parks:
Enhance reporting and analysis initiatives for Disney Parks & Resorts! Apply as a Financial Analyst:…
Disney Parks Blog to live stream debut of ‘Happily Ever After’ fireworks show
Disney officially bans marijuana from its theme parks
One of my goal as a traveler is to visit all the 12 Disney parks in the world... I already visited 5 out of 12 😅🙊 Paris, Shanghai & Florida!
Tonight’s “Disney Parks After Dark” image was snapped at Disneyland Paris!
I really wish that Disney would build a Neverland park in one of their parks.. I would be there for opening day no doubt
I guess that explains it: First Look at New Colored Parking Trams Arriving at Walt Disney World Theme Parks
& follow for the chance to win a Disney Parks exclusive Jolly Roger Pop!
Orlando's Wayne Brady, 'Disney Parks' Christmas special in the running for Daytime Emmys
Remember Tim Delaney's attraction poster for it is in the book Poster Art of the Disney Parks. Here…
Healthy eating at Disney Parks? A Dole Whip is better than you might think...
Amazing new Big Thunder Mountain Railroad art created by Disney Parks & Resorts Digital team.…
Website Builder 728x90
ICYMI: Planet Hollywood Observatory Opens; Preview of "Beauty and the Beast" Coming to Disney Parks $DIS
Guests looking for a bit of luck will find it at Disney Parks during this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations:
See which new “Words Are Powerful” Color Infusion bangles by ALEX AND ANI are coming to Disney Parks!
I liked a video Jolly to the Core (Disney Parks Presents: A Descendants Magical Holiday Celebration)
Hi! Wifi is available in our Disney hotels and at Disney Village, not in our Parks for now.
Applications Open for 2017 Disney Parks Moms Panel Be part of the magic...  Are you the person who fa
Disney should have concentrated on the domestic parks versus building new ones
Check out the "Best Bites" we found at Disney Parks this month!
Add some holiday magic to your wardrobe with festive apparel from Disney Parks:
Some of the most compelling images we shared this week feature “Starbright Holidays – An Intel Collaboration":
VIDEO: The Disney Castle by LEGO is now available at Disney Parks!
Here’s a look at how Disney Parks VoluntEARS shared the joy this holiday season:
Disney theme parks and Western humanism are racist.
for you, all the medical kit and caboodle you could ever need, plus a maintenance plan. Also lifetime passes to all Disney parks.
Keep by use of thine nearest repeal in walt disney body politic resorts and repeated figure parks: ToqYS
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Tokyo Disneysea. I've spent a lot of time at various Disney parks…
GIFS of that will get you in the mood for the holidays:
-My friend isn't a big Disney parks fan so trying 2 get her 2 watch ur videos. Think I failed-she calle…
On the other hand, Disney Parks as safe spaces.
Drones dazzle at Disney World in a new holiday show
I want to live in Disney and move to a different resort every month with free access to the parks/food. Can we arrange something?
Out of all the theme parks stuff that's being built with Disney currently working on Star Wars and Marvel...
Really in the mood to go to all of the Disney parks.
At Disney the parking spaces are so tight Andrew purposely parks like an asswhole so people won't be so close & hit his car with their door😭
It's a special magic to be a part of holiday parades at and
Brighten up the Festival of Lights with these Hanukkah-inspired products from Disney Parks: https:…
Tomorrowland: At Disney World, the future is already here via
It's the most wonderful time of the year to change your device's wallpaper!
Hyperspace Mountain was GREAT! Wish we would see this overlay at a few more Disney parks!
You Know You're Addicted to Disney When... Applications closed yesterday to join the 2016 Disney Parks M
The park’s all-purpose personalised wristband is so seamless it is barely noticeable. But it can also be creepy
Family walking coast-to-coast from and to Disney parks to raise awareness for childhood cancer
Sofia Carson wore a Fall 2016 grey lace and tulle gown on the Disney Parks: A Magica…
Disney Parks to broadcast Magic Kingdom Fireworks on New Year’s Eve
Does anyone else get road rage while walking behind people at the disney parks?
Moana is on her way to Disney Parks!
Find Your Own Way with Merchandise from Disney’s &at Disney Parks via
is on her way to visit with guests at Disney Parks & Resorts! Learn more:
Disney Parks release more land concept art, including this breathtaking nighttime tease:
Visible security presence at Disney Parks, signs of the times!. View more:
Make the Disney Parks your stomping ground on the Disney College Program! Apply today:
ICYMI: New coming to Disney Parks this fall!
Need a Dole Whip fix? Where to find them outside of the Disney Parks:
Indiana Jones fans will love the new Funko Pop! figure now available at Disney Parks!
Here's what was happening across Disney Parks five years ago this month!
VIDEO: Check out all of the fun guests had on ‘Speak Like a Whale Day’ at Disney Parks:
New Disney Gift Card are now available at Disney Parks!
Have you seen the new Dooney and Bourke items coming to Disney Parks this summer?
New merchandise is now available at Disney Parks! Take a look:
Check out the limited release Star Wars artwork coming to D-Tech on Demand at Disney Parks! https:…
It's at Disney Parks! Learn more about the fun you can find:
These Finding Dory and Nemo Treats at Disney Parks are adorable!
As we anticipate animation and the Walt Studios and Disney Parks have declared June...
New Pirates of the Caribbean key dog plush toy from Disney Parks. Thanks to https…
Anyone who knows me, knows I love Disney Parks. This is a great article on why theme parks make such an impression!
All of my friends are on vacation or getting drunk and I'm in my bed wondering why Disney Parks didn't make a Hawaiian Ro…
So it's interesting to see that the food at Shanghai Disneyland seems to take the very best of Tokyo Disney Resort and the US Disney Parks
I mean, the tv side of Disney & video game side have completely different budgets than the parks...but for joking reasons: 😂😂😂
I liked a video iNSIDE Disney Parks - Episode 1
They have a goth day at Disney they should have a goth day at water parks where they use blood instead of water and sell spaghetti.
"'Will Disney now ban you from wearing a cross outside your shirt at their parks? Will a Catholic priest be...
Want to be a princess?? I spoke with 2 CDs about what they look for: via
Spending some time in Disney Springs before resting up and maybe (most likely) going to one of the Disney Parks or Universal tomorrow!!
Disney launches new video newscast, 'Inside Disney Parks'
Disney Parks Items at Disney Store: Extra 25% off + free shipping -
.Parks & division has mixed results in 2nd quarter.
DISNEYLAND: Disney Dollars to be discontinued at parks...the dollars tanking.
2 Free Disney Parks DVDs & Disney Stickers Sheets. The kids will love it, just pop it in and they can watch it...
Swim over to for new products supporting the 6/17 release of https…
Disney Researching replacing the people inside the Disney Characters in the Parks with Robots.
Disney deluxe resorts are like smaller theme parks with all the thought and details put into the theming
Disney Parks say goodbye to popular Disney Dollars: ... popularity of gift cards and t...
Find out what’s happening at Disney Parks with the new newscast!
Will there be more disney parks pops?
Disney Parks music is my everything
Electronic Device Insurance
Former Disney staffers share their best hacks for the parks
made me laugh :) 13 Things You Only Know if You're a Disney Parks Fan
Get 25% Off and Free Shipping on Disney Parks Items on -
As a Disney and theme park fan, what Disney are doing at their US theme parks is a major oversight.
OH MY GOSH. I want to meet them!!! If only they were at the American Disney parks!
A new Disney book coming October - Maps of the Disney Parks: Charting Sixty Years from California to Shanghai -
DISNEYLAND: Disney Dollars to be discontinued at parks
DISNEYLAND: Disney Dollars to be discontinued at parks
To celebrate here are 13 things you only know if you're a Disney Parks fan: https:/…
A new Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure is coming to Disney Parks! Find out more:
📷 gameraboy: Sunrise at the Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris, by Tom Bricker for the Disney Parks...
Talking all things Star Wars at Disney Parks with show director, Michael Roddy!
Disney's first Latina Princess Elena of Avalor will debut Fall 2016, & make appearances at Disney Parks
Hard to say. I know Disney Parks have *** Days but, they do get complaints from families.
Donald duck will stop being so angry finally! Bty end of 2016, Disney Parks and Cruises U.S. 100% cage free
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Create personalized phone cases with these new D-Tech on Demand options at Disney Parks!
OMG there is a game based on Disney Parks? I'm going to build Hong Kong Disneyland. Disney Magic Kingdoms by Gameloft
Discover new details planned for the Star Wars-themed lands planned for Disney Parks:
3 magical content marketing tips from Disney Parks -. Walt Disney has inspired many business owners and executives…
Our newest series, Best Bites, will be a quick roundup of Food & Beverage at Disney Parks!
What makes you happier than Disney parks? — My family, my cats, my friends, concerts, the beach, Greyson Chance, T…
no just disney and SeaWorld. We tend not to rush parks, so wouldn't be able to fit Universal in
Breakfast done, fuelled and ready for the Parks 🇫🇷 🎢
The first time I went to Disney World was as an adult and I felt like a kid again, could limit others from going too
WIN a Disney Parks vacation and instant daily prizes!
Trying to map out a running route for when we go to Disney in March. Keep accidentally finding myself in the middle of the theme parks.
Get some free Valentine Day wallpaper from Disney:
It takes Disney 5 years to build just one new attraction at their theme parks. Rebuilding the U.S. will take centuries.
We have 3 heartfelt wallpapers featuring Disney couples! Which will you download first?
Theme Park Studio: Live Parks and Walt Disney World: It’s been a while since we’ve looked at the world of Them...
I thought you'd like this. A Galaxy of ALEX AND ANI Bangles. Star Wars JEWELRY! Wahoo
Hi Belinda, you can purchase 1-day tickets on the gate. Unfortunately we only sell multi-day tickets to the Disney Parks.
Ooo! Simple Disney valentine cards that look elegant.
Enter for a chance to win an astonishing vacation to Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort: htt…
Yes keep increasing!! 😝 Bringing a family of 4 to theme parks will now cost over $600 for a single day via MONEY
Enter daily for a Chance to Win a Disney Parks Vacation!
Hit up all 4 Disney parks in 1 day & Flo-rida is treating us well 🎢
when are we doing Disneyland again? I want to play the Disney Parks deck in Heads Up while at Disneyland.
It's always nice to have a great group of magical friends who share the same love and passion for Disney Parks. 💖💕👑🏰 htt…
Every time I see we end up just YouTube Disney stuff and watching Disney parks stuff plus talking Disney lol
New items in the Star Wars-inspired collection from are coming to Disney Parks! https:…
Out of all the night shows I've seen in Disney parks, World of Color at DCA is my favorite and always makes me cry. SEE IT!
Surprise your Valentine with a Disney Parks pop-up card! Step-by-step instructions here:
This week, our "After Dark" photographer snapped the beautiful sunset over Fantasyland:
Anybody want to buy a Disney land ticket $80 for both parks on Sunday
Every Minute Matters. Enter for a chance to win an instant daily prize and a Disney Parks vacation from AccuWeather.
To the guy who ordered the installation of magnetometers at Disney Parks in December. Well done Sir, well done.
Today's Disney Doodle imagines what Pongo & Perdita would do if they visited Disney Parks: https:/…
Just saw this on Amazon: WALT# DISNEY WORLD EXCLUSIVE : Mickey Mouse ... by Disney Parks for $24.95
Not to dump on Robin Roberts, but the Disney Parks parade was SO much better with Neil Patrick Harris & Nick Cannon. This isn't her bag.
Someone needs to come and go to Discovery Island or River Country with me. I like to explore old decrepit abandoned Disney Parks.
Kimberly-Clark announces strategic alliance with Disney Parks:
I liked a video from Disney Parks' the Dapper Dans sing Boy Band Tunes -
Big Thunder Mountain. This attraction is probably the best out of any Disney Parks in the world. 2…
New Orange Bird items are coming to Disney Parks! What will you add to your collection?
Ten things you may not know about Disney Parks!
Have a question about your upcoming Disney Parks vacation? Get advice from the Disney Parks Moms Panelists!
Play the Disney game and let Goofy help you pack for your next Disney Parks vacation at
From MagicBands to PANDORA jewelry, see what items are coming to Disney Parks this month:
Phantom Manor at Disneyland Park Paris is one of the spookiest places of all Disney Parks:
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I think I have finally decided upon my order for the Disney Parks:. 1) Epcot. 2) Hollywood Studios. 3) Magic Kingdom. 4) Animal Kingdom
Disney Parks chefs celebrate fall with six of their favorite pumpkin recipes!
Disney Parks confirmed the dates and details for “Holidays at the Disneyland Resort. The holiday celebration will...
or ask Nock or Aaron Carter for advice. You're a Disney Parks addict. How's AK working out for you? That's okay though, right?
yeah. But Disney world has like 6 or 7 parks and Disney land has 2
To the Disney parks, Neil Patrick Harris has replaced Martin Short as the over used male lead.
Force Friday is no longer a ticketed event. All are welcomed.
UPDATE: Force Friday Midnight Event at Disney Parks will now be open to all guests on September 4, 2015! Details:
I went to Disney World today! sort of.. I rode the shuttle route from the hotel to the parks to get…
New Jack Skellington medium figurine from the Disney Parks http:/…
via Top 7 Money Saving Tips for Disneyland - Photo courtesy of Disney Parks. I love a Disneyland v...
How much do we love being part of the Disney Parks Moms Panel? This much! search starts 1 week from today!
Less then 18 hours to go! Check out Darth Vader Antenna Topper Disney Star Wars Theme Parks New via
Get ready for the Halloween season with these top 10 items to celebrate from Disney Parks:
Doing that thing again where I spend hours on Insta looking at Disney pictures of the parks & resorts.That usually means it's time to return
one day Disney parks will be packed with Queen Ursula designed ears - just wait and see Hun
Celebrate the fall season with these top 9 recipes from Disney Parks! Which ones will you try? http…
The Disney Parks event is now free. Those who signed up will have first access, the free gift, and a full refund of…
Photo: From 😒 Disney will no longer charge for Force Friday events at Disney Parks. I...
There was a lot of news at the D23 Expo about what's coming to the Disney Parks!
Have my seat for the Disney Parks and Resorts presentation! Gonna film it all and share it this evening!
A dream of mine is to go to Disneyland Paris! My goal is to be able to go to all the Disney Parks in the World! Paris and Hong Kong Left!
RUMORS: What May or May Not Be Announced for Disney Parks at the 2015 D23 Expo
Gonna be a little hot at the Disney Parks today. Some tips for surviving the day:
This week’s guest of the Social Toolkit is John Rogers, Digital Marketer at Disney Parks. John stops by the sh...
More Inside Out pins make there way to Disney Parks:
This is your last day to bring a to Disney Parks before the ban!
I’m in Tokyo Disneyland. Crossed this off my list so I’ve now visited all the Disney Parks in the world. Not a fan, obvs.
We need the ultimate Disney Parks food combo of Animal Kingdom poop with a Disneyland mint julep.
A look at new Disney Parks-branded Starbucks merchandise available now at Disneyland & Disney California Adventure http…
Darth Vader and his young apprentice Disney Parks
I liked a video Itineraries for Summer 2015 | Disney Cruise Line | Disney Parks
Check out the new Hidden Mickey pins coming to Disney Parks! Which ones will you trade for?
Back in stock. Pins I help create for Lucas Films from Disney Parks. Will include some bonus goodies.…
Senior Pricing Analyst - Disney Parks and Resorts - Celebration, Southeast: The Walt Disney Company is...
Guess which pros list going to Disney Parks & riding Harley Davidson's as a hobby ➜
Big Thunder Mountain Video!!! SHARE this if you're a Disney Parks fan!
Steven Miller Spotlight on New Pins Coming to Disney Parks in 2015 From new retail Magi...
Disney Parks Blog Weekly Recap This week, we shared several exciting Disney Parks updates, including the announcement of the return of “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks at Disneyland park. For a limited time, Disneyland park guests have the chance to stroll down memory lane and enjoy this classic Disney Parks nighttime spectacular with its familiar soundtrack, featuring classic Disney tunes, and an all-new fireworks program. Check out Erin’s story for more. Also at the Walt Disney World Resort, for a limited time starting January 17, you can head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for an exclusive preview of “Cinderella” at the park’s ABC Sound Studio. The original golden coach from the film is also on its way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where it will soon be on display outside the movie theater façade on Streets of America. Shawn’s original story has video of what happened when guests visiting Magic Kingdom Park were treated to a glimpse of the magical coach and other “Cinderella” surpr ...
Disney ¡Viva Navidad! - now in its 2nd year at Disney California Adventure park - is set to conclude once again with a celebration of Three Kings Day. Come see everything Disney California Adventure has to offer: Watch more videos from the Holiday Season at Disney Parks! SUBSCRIBE: About Disneyland: Disneyland is where imagination is the destination. For young and old, big and small — it's The Happiest Place on Earth! [ 102 more words. ]
Watch the awesome Disney Parks inspired routines from Auburn, LSU, Rutgers, and Santa Monica College: Then, go vote!
I would like Disney Animation Studios or Pixar to make a character who is afraid/shy of cameras... then Disney Parks, meet and greet time!
I voted for Santa Monica College's Disney Parks inspired routine for a chance to win a trip to
The new ‘Frozen’ make-up line will debut at Disney Parks this Holiday season!
Good luck to today as they leave on their trip to cheer at the Capitol One Bowl and visit the Disney Parks! 🎀🐭❤️
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
PHOTOS: Check out these new pictures of beautifully decorated trees from around Disney Parks:
Glu Mobile LB is heading to the Disney Parks today! And free drinks/food at Downtown Disney!…
Many books cover Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Walt Disney Imagineering. My Disney Parks book guide reviews some of the books in my Disney library and provides a guide to what you should buy.
Want to meet Santa on your next trip to Disney Parks? Find out where you can see him this holiday season:
What's your favorite Disney Parks ride? Mine is Toy Story Midway Mania by far!!
You could WIN Disney Parks vacay from Kellogg’s! Enter codes from Storybox pkgs of Kellogg’s cereals at
Disney and ABC-TV today released the star-studded lineup for the 30th annual rolling of the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade, which will air on Christmas morning.
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Can't go to MVMCP this year? Thanks to the Disney Parks Blog, you can still see “Mickey’s Once Upon a...
how full is your HM one rn? My Disney Parks one is my winter bag rn but it has a lot of colors so it matches well
I've been taking my Disney Parks bag to work lol
More photos of The Landing (at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs) have been added for your enjoyment:
We plan on adding many more photos to the Downtown Disney post in a few minutes. Stay tuned.
New pathway opens at Downtown Disney, which goes across The Landing, giving a glimpse of new buildings:
Celebrate the return of "Candlelight Processional" at Epcot with our latest Disney Parks Blog wallpaper:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Enjoyed Animal Kingdom today. It's my favorite of all disney parks. Picture after "river Rapids".…
I cannot wait to try out the new Made With Magic Items in
Last chance to show off turkey leg photos from the Parks or Thanksgiving! Submit them here:
It's no different than Lion King. That has sequels, and is in the parks. Disney has a popular film. They're going to capitalize.
I want an Anna and Elsa Alex & Ani but they're only available in Disney Parks 😭
With income up at U.S. parks, Disney talks Shanghai project -
Animal Kingdom and Epcot are the best Disney Parks.
There is great background music everywhere in Disney Parks and Rides.
So could we see a X-wing water ride for the Star Wars Land at Disney's theme parks based on new Star Wars trailer
Disney’s Hollywood Studios is helping guests celebrate the season w/ the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights: http:…
The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is in full swing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: …
Why isn't there a Tiana's Palace restaurant in the Disney parks??? It would be perfect in New Orleans Square at Disneyland!
IG photo by It's a beautiful day to be at the parks!! ☀️☁️😊
Watch “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade” from Magic Kingdom Park on the Disney Parks Blog on Nov 30:
Disneyfever Radio is back! Radio brings you every day, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week the whole year long music from The Walt Disney Company to your livingroom. The radio system ensures that the Disney Classics music, Pixar music, attraction music, parade music, show music, Disney Channel music, Star Wars music, etc.. change every time with each other so that you’ll never have the same music after each other. Every few times we’ll try to add new soundtracks to the radio to make the music collection at the radio bigger and bigger. When Disney realease a new Disney movie we’ll try as fast as we can to add the soundtracks from that movie on the radio. The same for new parade and show music from Disney Parks. With seasons like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Carnaval we’ll send special soundtracks on the radio next to the daily soundtracks on our radio.
Be ready to meet the stars from on your next visit to Disney Parks:
I liked a video Hilarious video featuring Disney Parks chairman Tom Staggs in cast member jobs at the
Whoa! This animated overview of the Contemporary Resort is absolutely amazing! Experience a bird’s eye view of Walt Disney World Resort as you set out from Magic Kingdom Park on a virtual tour of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Video is courtesy of Disney Parks.
Love to know what you think of our Film Music and Disney Parks music episodes:
Great New Booking Gifts! Book a Walt Disney World® Resort* package, Adventures by Disney vacation**, Disney Cruise***, or Disneyland®* package,with us and receive your choice (delivered with travel documents): ~ one autograph book per child on reservation (ages 3-9) -or- ~ one canvas Disney Parks tote bag per room -or- ~ one red/black/Mickey photo album (holds 40 4x6 photos) per room * minimum 4 night stay with tickets and a dining plan ** any Adventures by Disney itinerary ** minimum 4 night cruise, oceanview or verandah staterooms *minimum 3 night stay, Disney's Grand Californian, Disney's Paradise Pier or Disneyland Hotels only, with tickets While supplies last! Contact me today - karenas part of My Spectacular September Celebration, if you book a Valentine's Day Romantic Get Away (as listed above) before September 30, you will also receive a $25 Disney Gift Card with your travel documents! Don't Wait! Booking gifts are limited and available only until supplies last! karen
Imagine Jerry Goldsmith's sweeping score for Soarin' playing while you're in the bathroom and that's the entire Disney Parks experience tbh
The Beautifully Disney Tangled Web Collection will be in Disney Parks on August 9th. What do you think of this...
The two stars from will be greeting guests at Disney Parks beginning this fall! Learn more here:
Magic awaits at the New Fantasyland | Walt Disney World | Disney Parks: via
We love planning Disney Vacation as well as Cruises - . Walt Disney World Resort Benefits - Dining | Disney Parks
What's new at the Disney Parks and on the Disney Cruise Line. Read the Disney Bloggers Collection.
Today, Disney Parks released images of the newest Vinylmation Jr. Series, based of the Pixar movie Finding Nemo.
See what the next attraction poster T-shirt on the Disney Parks online store will be available June 23-29:
In this handout photo provided by Disney Parks, actress Jessica Alba, her husband, Cash Warren, and daughters Haven Warren, 3 (right), and Honor Warren, celebrating her sixth birthday today, pose with a bronze statue of a young Walt Disney and his most famous creation, Mickey Mouse, called "Storytel…
Starting July 4, is coming to Disney Parks with an exclusive sneak peek! Details:
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I liked a video Darth Vader Takes Cupcakes to the Dark Side | Walt Disney World | Disney Parks
So, have you ever used Google Earth to look at not one but all four Disney Parks?
So as dorky as some of you may *think* it is, I've started collecting Disney Parks pins. :D Today I got a Cheshire Cat pin and was gifted a White Rabbit pin from a couple of long time collectors. They told me it was a birthday gift after they found out I was there for my birthday. :')
Set de fotos: storybrooke: Ginnifer Goodwin talking about her experiences at Disney Parks
New Elsa-inspired Dress now available in our shop. Frozen Elsa-inspired dress. Perfect for your Disney vacation. Our very own "Elsa" inspired dress! Perfect for your trip to the Disney Parks, party or dress up. It is made with machine-washable satin and organza. This adorable sundress dress has straps over the shoulders that tie in the back. Back bodice has adjustable elastic for a secure fit. The hemline falls between the knee and calf on most children. The organza cape is sewn into the back bodice. Dress measurements from top of bodice to hemline are as follows: 2t~ 20 inches 3t~ 21.5 inches 4~23 inches 5~25 inches 6~26 inches 7~27.5 inches 8~28.5 inches Price $50-$65.
Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz: Behind the Scenes with Jessica Chastain as Merida (Brave) Go behind the scenes the making of the “Brave”-inspired portrait. (vía Disney Parks)
Our new series "Show Your DIY kicks off with a simple craft using Disney Parks guide maps:
We´re proud to announce that we´ve signed a deal with major american company "Music Dealers"! A company that places music on major shows and commercials for clients such as Disney Parks, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Intel, Dexter, NCIS and many more. They reached out to us with a great offer, and we can´t wait to see what this will evolve into. Also the writing of the next album is coming along so great and we have many new tracks for you! Thank you for all of your support, and we´re sorry that we´re a bit "off grid" these days, but we´re working hard!
and to find open career opportunities with Disney Parks and Resorts!
We recently revealed the newest Disney Dream Portrait by Annie Leibovitz for Disney Parks featuring the amazing Jennifer Hudson as Tiana. Today we're going b...
VIDEO: Disney Parks unveils costume creations for Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade:
Bring the magic of Disney Parks to your Apple or Android mobile device by downloading the Disney Memories App from the App Store or Google Play.
Great! Disney decided to have the parks open again for 24hrs in May! Do they understand how this affects people?
Disney World 2014 – Part 2: After we all got a “good” nights sleep we headed to the parks. I used the Touring ...
Set de fotos: lizs-fandom-icons: Some Disney parks Aurora icons {in her new parks’ dress} for you all per...
This week’s “After Dark” photo was snapped at Hong Kong Disneyland during the “Disney in the Stars” Fireworks:
Watch in wonder as you illuminate the evening and become part of the magic during nighttime spectaculars at Disney Parks! Experience Disney’s Glow with the Show—an amazingly innovative way to interact with some of the beautiful after-dark offerings at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
Disney-inspired handbags and accessories, Vera Bradley at Disney Parks, now available at Disney Store online!
we are going to Disney but we aren't going to the parks :( cause it's only me and my mom.
Look back at & before & w/ the Disney Parks Blog Time Capsule:
No lines all day. One more day for Disney parks and then- BEACH. I'm going full lobster.
Pixar employees get free admission into Disney parks and they're allowed to bring 3 guests.
New post: Disney Parks After Dark: ‘Disney in the Stars’ Fireworks at Hong Kong Disneyland
You could WIN† 1 of 3 Disney Parks vacations from
Here's the full story. I forgot it was somebody overhearing Eisner & going nuts.
I wanna take a road trip to Disney! It would be so fun seeing so much stuff on the way there and then have fun at the parks in Disney
Kermit the Frog Gets the 21st Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Hopping:
Flashback Production from the Disney Cast Members of the Disneyland parks
Incredible first day of the parks at Disney just I as expected! Gotta get these 2 wins tomorrow!
I can't wait for next weekend and Disney and Uca and parks and omg 😍
Today's Blog Time Capsule takes us back to March 2012 - a time before and http…
I’m on the Magical Disney Express Tour Coach. I feel like a kid again. Wish I was going to the parks though. :/
Photoset: gameraboy: Walt Disney working on the Jungle Cruise in 1964. Via the Disney Parks Blog.
When I watch shows about the Disney parks, I get excited like I'm gonna go. But I'm not.
Flashback featuring Disney Cast Members from the parks! I'm excited!!! W/
Disney World! I want to visit all their parks one day :)
Great News, from the kingdom of Arendelle, guests can immerse themselves in the Oscar-winning hit Frozen throughout Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Fun Fact Friday: Test Track at Epcot claims fame for the most delayed attraction (3 years) in the history of the Disney Parks. It also holds the title for the fastest ride, 65mph, and longest ride at nearly a mile in length.
|| Alice from the Disney Parks, Toothiana from Rise of the Guardians book series, Miss Moneypenny from Skyfall... You?
Ok everyone - it's CRUISE PLANNING time!! We are considering a Royal Caribbean cruise October 24th to November 1st on the Grandeaur of the Seas. Leaves out of Baltimore. Ports are Port Canaveral (10:30am to 9:30pm) - you could visit Disney Parks; Nassau (1:30pm to Midnight); Key West (9am to 5pm) and Coco Cay/private island (8am to 5pm). Oceanview cabins on Deck 2 are $799 plus about $90 for taxes. Let John Lloyd or myself know if you might be interested!
I want to see if I'm the only one that feels this way. I hope to get a lot of feedback and discussion going on this post. Without further ado: I feel like Disney has lost it's edge in the realm of the parks. First of all is the "Disney Parks" brand. Except for in localities nearby, I never see any distinction made between parks on TV, print, and online ads. If one were to be completely ignorant of what Disney Parks were and had to offer, one would likely believe that there are a number of parks around the county that have castles, mine train coasters, flume rides, and characters roaming the parks. The identity of these parks, EPCOT, DAK, DHS, DCA, and even the international parks are not shown. We all love these places for what they are and there's so much they could showcase. Second and most troubling is the lack of originality and exciting new things being rolled out. NuFantasyland is lovely, but there's not a single E-Ticket attraction being added. Avatarland (Which is a whole other thing) is a knee-je ...
Offer Our Family Of Love Personalized Birthstone Ring from The Bradford Exchange Online Only Here This personalized family ring lets you design your own ring to create a 'family tree' that's yours alone! Each of these family birthstone rings features a unique branch motif with leaf designs, in a style that is individually customized to represent your loved ones. In each leaf design, this personalized ring pairs an Celebrate 14 Days of Love at Disney Parks: Honoring a family of ...3 days ago ... In honor of our Celebrate 14 Days of Love series we wanted to feature an unforgettable moment for a hero and his family, deserving of ... Six Orphans and a Family of Love | Around the World with Ken HamFeb 1, 2014 ... This past week, I have been asked on more than one occasion by the media (as I am interviewed for my upcoming debate with Bill Nye the ... Outpouring of love and support for 5 Oregon siblings seeking ...Feb 8, 2014 ... We love children and value family and would love to give these kids a hap ...
This week's 'What's New' blog post features updates on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, PUSH (the talking Trash Can), Frozen characters at Disney Parks, Universal Mardi Gras and much more! Link:
D23 Spring Issue Celebrates Walt and The 1964-64 NY World's Fair: Disney Parks released a preview of the new u...
Big news! The New KMLE @ 107.9 is sending lucky winners to join in the fun at both Disney Parks! First, there’s the expanded Disney California Adventure® Park, with the high-octane thrills of Cars Land, […]
Bucket List!! New Medals for Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons at Disney Parks via
Hey guys, its me ZackALisin25 and I am sorry for asking this on here..BUT what is your guys thoughts on the new fastpass+ for the Disney Parks in Florida? To my opinion I don't like it since I am not an annual pass holder and now it will be pain to wait just to wait in line for the rides and you can only do 3 rides per day with the band. So tell me what you guys think and thanx! (See ya around the parks) -ZackALisin25
Have you listened to the latest SWU Podcast? No? Then what are you waiting for? The SWU Podcast is back! On the first episode of 2014, Chris, Ben, and Dominic discuss the announcement that the Clone Wars would be continuing in comic form, the transition of Star Wars comics to Marvel, Star Wars at the Disney Parks, Episode VII and more! Plus your calls, EU talk, Rebels news, and spin off film rumors! Also, what do the guys think of a Boba Fett movie? What other Clone Wars character should get their own comic series? And which upcoming Lego set has them really excited? Plus not one, but two Star Wars characters call in! All this and much more! LISTEN NOW: ON iTUNES:
I liked a video Behind the Scenes: Decorating New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park | Disney Parks
Photoset: Jennifer Hudson, as Princess Tiana, is photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Disney Parks
14 reasons to visit WDW in '14, courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog! Reason Perhaps the most-anticipated reason for many people, the new Snow White-themed roller coaster, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, will be opening in Spring 2014! This ride will complete the New Fantasyland expansion that started several years ago! And, special bonus Reason courtesy of me: It's Walt Disney World. The end. ;) (Granted... I am biased.)
Here's what happens when you put a Disney Parks "MagicBand" (RFID bracelet) on the Disney Infinity pad. The Dragon Gate specialty item ...
Beginning Monday, Disney Parks are celebrating “Mary Poppins” with some special “Limited Time Magic” surprises at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.
Disney Parks lays off 3 executives, including two from its information-technology group (
Hi Ellen, my mother would love to go to Disney Parks, but she's allergic to latex and because of all the balloons she cant go
We think that the happiest place on earth to run is at a the Disney Parks. The 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon is just around the corner!! Are you participating? Have you earned a Disney medal in the past? What's been your favorite race? We would love to hear from our fellow Disney runners!
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