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Disney Channel

Disney Channel is an American basic cable and satellite television network, owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group division of The Walt Disney Company, and headquartered in Burbank, California.

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Yo Skai Jackson, yes from the Disney Channel original show “Jessie” is at an X concert, let that settle in
Halloween Town: I loved being a kid just to stay home and watch all of these movies on Disney Channel. 😩
.Just Spoke Out About the Need for More Diversity on the Disney Channel
But it will probably turn in to that Disney channel original movie Smart House and we’ll hand it taking over us
Zendaya on demanding execs for diversity: "There needs to be a black family on the Disney Channel"
Didn't disney channel have a OG movie about a AI powered home?
I'm so excited for old school Disney channel Halloween movies
Zendaya wouldn't star in this Disney Channel show unless it featured a black family
I liked a video FriYAY with Collins and Devan Key! | Disney Channel
Brenda Song was a Disney Channel star - Suite Life, Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior, she's had a bunch of other TV roles too
'Hocus Pocus' Movie Remake in the Works at Disney Channel - Hollywood Reporter
TV movie remake in the works at Disney Channel
Good morning to everyone except the person who decided to remake Hocus Pocus as a Disney Channel movie
"Booo-ok!"—a 'Hocus Pocus' remake is in development at Disney Channel.
“Hey, I’m James Cameron from Avatar, and you’re watching Disney Channel.”
Catch the Mouseketeers on Club Mickey Mouse tomorrow at 1:30pm on the Disney Channel!…
"Hi I'm Laura Dern from Big Little Lies and you're watching Disney Channel"
Dave Benson Phillips - star of Get Your Own back, Playdays, Disney Channel is BACK!. Spoof documentary ep 1:.
First time I heard was on Disney Channel now she about to become the next big thing. ***
Jason Earles got hitched, and it was just one big Disney Channel reunion >>
star Jason Earles marries Katie Drysen and celebrates with a mini Disney Channel reunion!
A bunch of Disney Channel alums were at "Hannah Montana" star’s wedding
THEN AND NOW: What all of your favorite Disney Channel stars are up to
I miss when Disney Channel was actually Disney Channel
Disney Chanel will present the FIRST episode from over 30 popular Disney Channel series on January 1st starting at 8:0…
Social Media star leaves roll on show after stunts cause stir
Ravens home was good! Her son caught me with the Jordan fruity pebbles on😩 ok Disney Channel you winning hearts😂
There is no disney channel flow, only that Zetsubou No Shima flow...
Consider changing the first lyric of your song. "It's everyday Bro with the DISNEY CHANNEL FLOW"...
When Disney fires Jake Paul from his Disney Channel show! Have I mentioned how much l love Disney before?!?
Oh, wow, well isn't this just SUCH a shame?!?! 😏😏😏
I could waste my time trying to please u or I could watch Disney channel conspiracy theory vids so
Me seeing how much Disney Channel has changed once commercials for come on
Bizzaarvrk was like the only reason I watched Disney channel now I don't think that I will be watching after jakes last episode.
Jake Paul announces he is leaving Disney Channel amidst controversy
Jake Paul is dropped by Disney Channel - via
Wait what u were on Disney Channel ???
One of the most ICONIC Disney Channel Original Movie scenes of all time: 🍎❤️
announces he is leaving Channel amidst controversy
These times I wish we still had the Disney channel 🤕😔
Jake Paul will no longer be a part of Disney Channel's >>
How everyone heading back to Disney channel...
Descendants 2 is the second most watched Disney Channel Original Movie of all time 🍎❤️
Was it he only one who didn't have Disney Channel until I was grown?
Disney Channel doing so well. First, Descendants 2. Then, Raven's Home. And now firing Jake Paul? Wow this network is icon…
Guess that Disney Channel flow is no longer flowing.
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The 90s babies coming back to Disney channel like 😂
So I guess it's not every day bro with that "Disney Channel Flow."
That Disney contract would've been worth a lot of money. When his YouTube channel dies down…
ESPN is just as entertaining as the Disney Channel this time of year
Good luck Charlie was the last good show on Disney channel don't @ me
I guess you no longer have that disney channel flow
I think Debby Ryan was the catalyst for the downfall of Disney Channel
Dove Cameron admits she wasn't all that sure if she was ready to be a Disney Channel star when she got her big break https…
I think my top 5 Disney Channel movies have to be..brink..johnny tsunami..luck of the irish..dont look under the bed..famous jet jackson
We knew her from a kid's show on Disney Channel. She went and performed on stage with a giant golden *** Ya sexualized ya…
I thought it is dream to visit D23. Because of some costumes, MARVEL, Disney Channel and presentation for Disney parks. But I'm lucky
Picture this your 10 again with no bills, no job to go to, Disney Channel is having a movie marathon and it's Friday..t…
Kendall Jenner for Fendi looking like a high-fashion version of one of those Disney Channel wand commercials.
Peyton Elizabeth Lee is a great actress. I love the Disney Channel show, "Andi Mack". should beon A…
I liked a video The Lion King Family Tree | The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar | Disney Channel
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I didn't even know this was Disney Channel's Alyson Stoner I was like *** she glowed up
kyle massey commented on madison pettis' picture, therefore Cory in the House is coming back to Disney Channel
So I let my daughter go to the Drake concert, I thought he was the guy from the Disney Channel. The one who hangs out with Josh.
Toy Story 2 ended and I forgot to change the channel. So if you wanted to know what Disney Channel is up to these days
Toy Story 2 is on Disney Channel right now. This would make an awesome world in Kingdom Hearts. Woody and Buzz...
Calling all fans: Watch the trailer for the Disney Channel spin-off,
Raven Symone is the best from Disney Channel, Then Miley Cyrus, then Hillary Duff
I used to watch So Weird, The Jersey, and The Famous Jett Jackson on Disney Channel.
The Descendants 2 trailer is here & it looks like everything we've ever wanted from a Disney Channel movie.
"Ay this Travis Scott and you're watching Disney Channel. Stroke my cactus"
Hi I'm Steven Anthony Lawrence, Beans, from Even Stevens and you're watching Disney Channel
Oh baby, baby. Britney Spears's 1999 Disney Channel concert will help you pre-game for her big award at the
138. A dream is a wish your heart makes - The stars of Disney Channel. Ashley and the dude from phil of the future tho…
"Hey it's me Hannah". Me: Baker?. "No it's Hannah Montana and you're watching Disney Channel!"
Y'all: Hannah Montana was the best Disney Channel show released in the last decade . Me, an intellectual:.
ATTENTION cheerleading world!!! Wildcats HIT 0 and you're watching Disney Channel 💙😎✊🏼
Ugh. This whole toilet paper scene doesn't work in the way it's trying to go for. Also why does the dialogue remind me of Disney Channel?
Trying to figure out why Christy Carlson Romano's version of the Kim Possible theme was the one Disney Channel push…
Britney Spears & Ariana Grande are the best selling ex-acts from Disney Channel & Nickelodeon of all time.
Even Stevens had the best Disney Channel title sequence/song imo
Can this be a formal petition to get all Disney Channel movies on Netflix as well as all seasons of Sponge Bob
High School Musical (2006) . Disney Channel's BIGGEST hit series! it was a phenomenon & still is, say it with me: We're al…
Tune in to the Radio Disney Music Awards on April 30 at 7pm on Disney Channel to watch Britney take home the first-ever…
The Luck of The Irish (2001) . remember this used to play ever St. Patrick's Day on Disney Channel?! a boy must get his fa…
11 YEARS since the first ever episode of Hannah Montana aired on Disney Channel on March 24, 2006
I know I'm years late, but the show "Good Luck, Charlie" that was on the Disney Channel is about a family with...
If y'all didn't know, the boy from Disney Channel's original movie Luck Of The Irish is also Ian Thomas in Pretty L…
Does anyone else wish the Disney Channel original movie The Luck of the Irish was on TV tonight?
Did anyone else know the Disney Channel original movie Smart House was directed by LeVar Burton?
hey how are you? Just finished watching the Disney Channel original movie LUCK OF THE IRISH. Hope you have a great week coming up!
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83. What i said - Coco Jones. I lied lemonade mouth was not the last good Disney Channel it was "Let it shine" tbh htt…
81. Breakthrough - Lemonade Mouth. I think lemonade mouth was the last good Disney Channel movie.
It's been 12 YEARS since The Suite Life of Zack & Cody premiered on Disney Channel on March 18, 2005
This woulda been playing on Disney Channel right now back in the day. You young folks don't know the original movies you mis…
Suite Life of Zack & Cody is on Disney Channel, you're welcome..
With “Andi Mack,” a comedic drama that’s bitter and sweet, Disney Channel stretches its brand. It’s part of an e...
Say what you want about Disney Channel but they've always celebrated Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month
Throwback to Debby Ryan and Skai Jackson visiting the Radio Disney studio to talk about Disney Channel's JESSIE...
If you used to stay up to watch Filmore on Disney Channel then you are a legend
First order of business. Now that I'm president we will bring back all the old Disney Channel tv shows
The Walt Disney Company: Petition for Disney Channel to release Girl Meets World to another Network. ... via
"Yo whats up?! It's Tory Lanez from Interscope Records and you're watching Disney Channel!"
Someone traced out the Disney stars' wand in the awkward Disney Channel commercial outtakes 😂
5 years ago today, the last episode of Wizards of Waverly Place aired on Disney Channel!
While everyone else grew up watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, I was watching National Geographic and Animal Planet.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
New post: "Disney Channel cancels 'Girl Meets World' after three seasons"
It's official just confirmed that Disney Channel has cancelled the show. :( . .
Make sure to watch the final 3 episodes of Girl Meets World, starting this Friday at 6pm on Disney Channel!
Hello it's Mark Sanchez and you're watching Disney Channel.
HBD See how far the starlet has come from her early Disney Channel days >>
Friendly reminder that Disney Channel's Zenon said Chelsea Clinton will be president in 2049 h…
Hey it's Copperas Cove Texas and you're watching Disney Channel
This is Roy Williams from North Carolina Basketball and you're watching Disney Channel
Hey it's Carmelo Anthony. Gold medals are more important than NBA championships and you're watching Disney Channel.
Hi, I'm Tom Brady, and you're watching the Disney Channel
We were the demographic for the explosion of Disney Channel after Duck Tales. Ex: Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, Proud Fa…
Hey guys, it's Corpus Christi and you're watching Disney Channel
This is Kanye West and you're watching Disney Channel
It's Head Coach, Jason Kidd, and you're watching the Disney Channel.
"Hey y'all, it's India from Love and Hip-hop: Magic Kingdom, and you're watching Disney Channel! Booking info in bio 😘" h…
So excited for our tomorrow to watch Frozen Northern Lights at 8 on Disney Channel
Tune in to the Disney Channel tonight at 8PM EST for Lego Disney Frozen Northern Lights!
Join the Frozen family on a LEGO Disney Frozen Northern Lights adventure! This Saturday at 10:30am on Disney Channel!…
When everyone has been sleeping on Dove Cameron and Sabrina Carpenter but you keep up to date with Disney Channel p…
Or maybe Jeff Wilpon just wanted to watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel?
Bonnaroo Line up: Nickelback, Disney Channel star, A literal rock on the synth, The Wiggles . Me: still goes to Bonnaroo
Hi it's Paul Walker and you're watching Disney Channel
"This is J. Cole and youre watching Disney Channel."
"OOOUUU. It's Young M.A. AKA you call her Stephanie, I call her HEADPHANNNIEEE and you're watching Disney Channel"
This current generation of Disney Channel stars is the weakest in history.
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