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Dish Network

Dish Network Corporation is the second largest United States satellite broadcaster (behind DirecTV), providing direct broadcast satellite service—including satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services—to 14.337 million commercial and residential customers in the United States.

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Watching the radio show on Dish Network. Really like the message about pivot points. Fresh, clean shaven look not bad either.
If your Cartoon Network is blocked (thanks, Dish!), go to iTunes. Ch.8, Babes in the Woods.
Black Forest Cake – Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen: FOODFOOD is now in the USA on DISH Network at Channel No 713. Pl...
good morning. Know why "Turner" pulled CNN from dish network in eastern Idaho?
Didn't think it would be this hard to get a hold of dish network
Currently sitting in a DISH Network office and my phone's about to die I'm gonna die with it
Very disappointed that Ted Turner hasn't settled with Dish network. Robin and HLN crew do such nice tribute to our heroic Vets
Dish Network drops nobody watches anymore. Weather Channel morning show beats out & in ratings. lol
Well, looks like I will be cancelling my Dish Network, no Turner Classic Movies & no CNN!FU Hopper!
Ralphie runs at 11:00 tomorrow morning! We have Dish Network! See you then!
So why don't you have on your line-up? I'd like to watch live on Monday nights!
I believe they may have Dish Network on their system...which explains why there's currently no CNN on that provider.
Dish Network came thru this morning 👌
So on Dish Network I can't get BBC news, but I can watch the Russian propaganda news channel Russia Today. Okay.
Tonight's is under "Celtic Demons" on Dish Network. Mine wasn't recording until I reset it. Let the fans know!
Seriously want to cancel account. No Cartoon Network, adult swim, or CNN. This is ridiculous.
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Why the fkk did Ted Turner remove CNN and adult swim from dish network?! Fkkn ***
Great. Dish Network removed Boomerang. When will I get to watch good cartoons? I am so mad at Dish.
Excuse me Dish Network you guys need to just pay Turner Networks because i absolutely HATE CNBC
Really upset today that I don't have HUB or Cartoon Network because of Please fix whatever is wrong with you and Dish
BREAKING/// . Thanks BRAVO Network, and way to go, Luis D. Ortiz!. Nice plug for below!...
Satellite professional: Learn what Dish Network and DirecTV don t want ...
Dish Network drops channels in contract dispute
Sure would like to have Cartoon Network back soon, Dish.
Cant believe dish got rid of Cartoon Network
hey how bout focusing on getting Tru tv, cnn, and Cartoon Network back!
Dish Network drops channels in contract dispute: Florida residents may have noticed that Dish Network has chan...
That is up to Dish Network. I don't know. It carries the other three Root Sports channels.
Wait, I can send videos to my Dish Network receiver box from my computer?. ._.
Out of all of the TV stations yall want to take Cartoon Network? Man, yall coulda took MTV!
Dish Network dropped HLN right now so i'm missing u all :(
Does anyone have dish network so I can watch how to get away with murder
for those with Dish Network, Wild crushed Wolves ratings (blacked out for contract dispute).
All you people who warned me about DISH network were right, no installation, no service and fight to get refund.
that Dish network commercial with the has beens is great. can you name all 3 of them?
After seeing Brian and the Boz, the Dish Network commercial makes so much more sense
Right now CNN is in a contract dispute with DISH Network and it's not available to me now. I'm okay with that.
": I wouldn't recommend Dish Network to anyone. They're always removing channels. I haven't been able to watch my shows in a WEEK!"
I have dish network in the U.S we had the arabic channels &Hindi channels 1st they give us free trials then if we want we order
Tried of my cable provider. Debited my account in error, making me dispute it. Metro cast out.. Dish network in!
Thank you to Dish Network customer service representative Ms. Scarlet. I called asking why for 13 years we could watch USC on our package that now we will be charged an additional $5 .00 to see the Gamecocks play. Well we may go back to Comporium our Local cable company. Scarlet said her big boss is working on it and we should be able to watch them again without a charge. But she is going to give us a $20 credit for 10 months since my men folk have really been upset about this... I think we will still be a DISH customer!! Thanks Scarlet and I hope we will see the next game.
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Don't know what happened (probably over "Money"), but it sure is good to know that Ted Turner pulled CNN from Dish Network. They probably moved to Russia or North Korea. Their comments will be welcomed there! lol."Good Riddance"
A few months ago we switched from Dish network to Direct tv. The reason we switched was the price kept going higher and higher to watch the same OLD (and I mean OLD) movies. Since then, Dish has been begging us to come back. Well in the first place we signed a 2 yr. contract with Direct and in the second place, we wouldn't go back unless it was FREE! FOREVER! We're paying about the same amount as we were with Dish, but the movies they show are much newer and we are far more satisfied with the service Direct provides. So ther's my rant for the day! Have a good week-end everyone!
I need Turner Network and DISH to settle. I miss all of you at HLN.
So did that Dish Network and Turner dispute get settled yet or nah?
TURNER & DISH NETWORK work out the problems you are having cause I NEED my CNN news! news source in the world, so again WORK IT OUT
Celebrate Thanksgiving with in November with holiday-themed episodes of your favorite shows:
Day 4 of the CNN/Dish Network stand off. Every month I send these greedy *** more money than I paid for my first car.
Considering the garbage being shown as "news" on CNN, I think Ted Turner made a huge negotiations blunder pulling this and other channels he owns off of Dish Network. I only watched TCM anyway, and I can easily live without that. Netflix would be the better way to go here, anyway.
I know , right? DISH dropped adult swim and Cartoon Network and I think I gonna drop DISH
I'm going to miss you Sunday Lisa with the dish network/ Turner battle no CNN. I'm pretty peeved I'm going to miss your show!
too bad I can't watch it since Dish dropped Cartoon Network because contract negotiations.
CNN, Cartoon Network go dark on Dish as another fee dispute unfolds AE- Gigaom
crappy how i lost my morning wake up due to a contract dispute.Dish Network pulled all your programing. Very upsetting
WHEN ARE WE GETTING THE Cartoon Network AND ADULT SWIM BACK?!?!? How long does it take you people to negotiate??!?!?
It bout went down with dish network. I thought they done canceled Cartoon Network..
Question of the day :which one sould I go with? Cox cable, DIRECTV, or dish network for Television
I can't because of you're boss and dish network!
CNN, Cartoon Network, TruTV off Dish TV over carriage dispute | Radio and TV Talk via
.can you end your feud with Turner so I can get Cartoon Network and CNN back !?
Vy is not in the league for a reason. He needs to be in those ex college stars commercials for dish network.
Day 3 and nothing about the channels coming back. Hurry up Dish and Turner Network!!! We want our shows back!!
Dish Network better settle this contract with Turner or I'm jumping ship. I need my CNN!
Dish network,restore the channels!! Pay the money you cheap board members!
So Dish, Texas changed its name to Dish for free Dish Network to everyone for a period of 10 years. Ugh why don't we do this. I'd change either Denton or Red Oak to Whataburger, Texas for free Whataburger for ten years
really? Your worried about quotation marks when Dish network has kidnapped our channels?"free our channels"
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You may have noticed there are a few channels missing...we promise we didn't unplug anything! This is a message from our cable providers Dish Network and Elauwit regarding the temporary loss of these channels in the cable lineup: "As of October 20 2014 our carrier Dish's contract with Turner Networks has expired and Turner has removed CNN, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CNN en Español, Headline News, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies from DISH’s channel lineup. Dish has released the following statement. "DISH promises its customers the best programming at the best possible value. Currently, Turner Networks is making unreasonable financial demands. We have had a productive relationship with Turner Networks for many years and are confident we can reach an agreement and restore these channels soon. We’ve reached agreements with many highly rated channel owners in the last year, including The Walt Disney Company and NBCU. We are working around the clock to reach a fair and reasonable agreement with Turner Ne ...
I love food network shows when the judges are telling someone how great their dish was and the competitors are looking at them with jealousy
Dísh network is on notice! Restore our channels ,set them free!
Turner networks bring back Cartoon Network and Boomerang to Dish TV 😞😠
pulled off Dish network. "In Dispute" Is the internet disupting TV or is TV disrupting the Internet?
Dish network is in negotiation disputes with Turner Network. Miss my HLN daily fix!
I can't believe Dish Network just told me they won't bill me The Turner Group Channels. I like to ask you do any of you Dish Network.
Dish network is no longer broadcasting cnn, now if we can get them to drop fox, they might be worthwhile. :)
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Sure missing my economic updates Jen... (and the funny weather guy). Dish Network still not showing HLN!
Due to a contract dispute, CNN and 6 other Turner Broadcasting networks have been yanked from Dish Network, a satellite provider that provides television in bundled packages like every cable television provider. The 7 channels also include Turner Classic Movies, the Cartoon Network, Headline News, a…
Dish Network dumped TRU TV a few days ago so if you like Impractical Jokers then you are also out of luck. Guess its another reason to switch to Direct TV.
Dish network need to get it together no trutv or Cartoon Network what Yall on
Dish dne fucd around an took Cartoon Network off
You can't see CNN on Dish Network anymore
North Louisiana friends, our own, can be seen on TNT "On the Menu" tonight at 7 PM (Dish network 138) Let's cheer her on!
If you are paying for DISH NETWORK, you won't see it as it has been taken off. No refunds from Dish yet though
Turner has pulled it's stations off of the Dish Network. Seldom watched CNN or HLN anyway. Contract issues.
Why should people have to stay with dish network when they won't provide the Chanel's
Dish network is wonting to charge us 50$ to remove there dish off our property
Dish network can take all your replace all your program with what ever they won't and you must pay for it
We just have to stay on them. I've been writing emails twice a day. Dish Network...
Dish Network cut some channels because of contract disputes. CNN is one of them. will that ever turn around?
Hunting in the Sticks is tonight at 7:00pm on the Hunt Channel. Only on Dish Network channel 266, don't miss it BOOM! htt…
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Turner iz *** 4 removing Cartoon Network from dish. my family is dish customers how am I supposed to live without adventure time?
& - What to Watch: Have One Last Halloween Hurrah with Food Network This Weekend
CNN absent from the Dish Network lineup
What do y'all think about Dish Network losing HLN, CNN, TruTV, Turner Classic Movies and Cartoon Network? I was just gearing up to find out what they were finally going to do with Jodi Arias, as her penalty phase starts today. :( I sure do miss Turner Classic Movies, those old classics are good to watch late at night. :)
Jury given instruction in Jodi Arias Penalty Phase, and Dish Network dropped CNN and HLN this morning.just great! Follow The Trial Diaries if you are interested in following the trial :)
Dish Network is right. We'd recognize Matt Leinart, but they'd have to tell us it's Heath Schuler. Well played Dish.
Any1 else ever notice the way Matt Leinart holds that chicken wing in the Dish Network commercial makes it look like he's abt 2 lick a joint
"FS 2 on Dish Network is now available in High Def! WooHoo!!" Wonder when we'll get that on Verizon.😢
Video: Dish Network: “Mom’s Fault” from Josh Reynolds on Vimeo.Directed by: Renny Maslow (Smuggler LA)...
So Treon is suspended and Driskel is trash. Maybe the Gators will sign Matt Leinart from the Dish Network commercial.
Dish Network fired a 35-year-old quadriplegic man for using medical marijuana:
Dish Network is here, upgrading to the hopper for my man cave. I'm not sure if the installer has Ebola or SARS. I want to offer him some coffee and an oxygen mask the way he's coughing.
Awesome day shooting for Dish Network as the partner with Team Rubicon and Tyson to create a mobile…
Catering a double lunch for our friends here at Dish Network! (@ Dish Network in El Paso, TX)
Apply for a at Dish Network in Salt Lake City, UT.
WiFi down again. This BSNL is acting like Tata Sky dish nah weather network.
Completely upset over the fact that they're not transmitting the Manchester United game on any channels on DISH network smh
I wish Dish network had tv one jus so I can watch New York undercover.
my ma has DISH Network. Having the protection plan saved her *** on numerous occasions :p
This dish network stuff so stupid.. I hate this cable man
Editing papers about a human bone marrow disease, and a Food Network competition show comes on. They have to use marrow in a dish. Weird.
Just saw a Dish network commercial with great to see him in the lime light again.
I see your frustrations. Please understand that as a network provider, we just pay the networks to ...
Depending on your area, PAC 12 is included as a regional network in America's Top 120Plus & higher or in the Multi-Sports Pack.
As a network provider that just pays the networks to retransmit their programming to you, we don't have any control over that. *ML
Thx for letting me know.It sounds like an issue w/ more the network itself.Please contact them to see what you can find.*ML
I swear to god if this LSU game goes into overtime imma go get the Dish Network info for my Watch ESPN app.
I understand. It might be an issue with that network itself. The one other you can try is pressi...
get the dish network for the US channels...
Does anybody have Dish Network and if so can y'all watch the FSU - Clemson game?
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Hey Dish Network it time to... If you agree click m link above PLZ RT
Only CBS Sports Network (Dish and DirecTV TV in Lafayette, not Cox or LUS Fiber). No ESPN3.
young works at the jiffy lube here in town. Lookin to get on them dish network bosworth ad's
Thanks! We're having an issue with that network in that area we're aware of and are working to resolv...
the dish network kangaroo has impressive knowledge of college football players despite being clearly Australian
So, is ESPN3 a thing on Dish Network?
Dish Network East or West Arc for Tennessee?: I'm finishing up a bit of exterior remodeling, and will...
UL's game at Boise State (CBS Sports Network) tonight can found on Ch. 221 on DirecTV and Ch. 158 on DISH.
Hated dish network Til score tracker popped up on my screen outta nowhere
Tonight's UL vs. Boise State game will be televised by CBS Sports Network (DirecTV and Dish in the Lafayette area, not Cox or LUS Fiber).
Assume you're trying to watch on DirecTV or Dish Network? Suggest trying to call to see why blacked out for you.
I know that's frustrating. That network is offered in our Multi-Sport Pack, America's Top 120+, Top 250, & Everything Pack. *ML
When it rains my cable go out.. Smh dish network
This is the coolest dish network man.
SEC network...ch405 if you have Dish!
Does anyone know the SEC Network alternate channel for Dish TV?!
nice job!!! Dish network doesn't get u have dropped the ball!! Don't know who worse Tampas team or you
It was really cool of Brian Bosworth's manager to let him off of his shift at the Home Depot to do that Dish Network commercial.
So, my new neighbors in the house in front of me decided to get Dish Network installed today. Shortly after the technician arrived I lost my internet service. Now, I'm a techie and am also almost done with my degree in this field so I'd like to think I'm not a moron in this department, lol. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the dish network guy. After denying to me he had nothing to do with the Time Warner line that was down I proceeded to investigate. Lo and behold this utter disgrace to the IT world not only left a mess of wires in the street when he left but he actually left the Time Warner line he cut in the middle of the driveway! Dish Networks coax cable and Time Warner's are two different brands. Dishes is Vision that is not what TW uses. Also their is a crease in their lines and TW is just rounded with no indentations of any sorts in their line. So, I have to call dish and chew them out and file a complaint with their field office but I'm also pretty sure my landlord did not give permission ...
Well, who has Time Warner Cable or Dish Network and wants me to come over and watch the Browns game today? Anyone, anyone?
I assume all people who like Miracle Whip also have Dish Network.
Some of you will probably laugh but does anyone know a sportsbar that will have the Memphis vs UCLA game? The game starts at 9 on Sat night & is only on U Verse & Dish Network. So far every sports bar I have called only has Directv & Comcast.
Peter Warrick wouldn't want to do Dish Network commercial about returning to college for this
there’s a Dish Network ad on TV involving Brian Bosworth, Heath Shuler, and Matt Leinart and the punchline is AMAZING.
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KEZI owners sue Dish Network in retransmission dispute
How am I supposed to see the first Oregon game Saturday when my mom took the PAC12 network off our Dish?
Man why our dish network ain't working
I literally just changed my time warned cable service to Dish Network just to see Uk
My dish network needs to fix itself before my friends reruns come on
Dish Network Announces It&the Largest Company to Accept Bitcoin - New Blog Update
Okay dish, look. ☝️ I always watch American dad before I go to bed and for the past two days every channel BUT Cartoon Network works. Tf!
Update: SMU vs. Baylor, other college games will no longer be blacked out on Dish Network
Dish Network will carry college football games on Fox Sports 1: Dish Network will carry college football games...
.and Network have come to an agreement to air college football games.
or my dish network account and get mom to being Apple TV and sling it there!
DISH NETWORK/DIRECTV REPS WANTED!!!: America's Satellite TV is partnered up with Empire Eli...
The Dish Network - Call 1 888-707-0980 Get $50 for sign up with us. Use coupon code: TMR257221491 before...
can we please have the longhorn network in HD 24/7 and can you please turn on pac12 channel hd 4 free preview
and NBA TV. The Top 200 gives you your local RSNs, MLB Network, the NFL Network and NBA TV.
The Multi Sports Package gives you access to other RSNs, NFL Red Zone, MLB Network, the NFL Network
Olive Garden is looking for a Utility/Dish Machine Operator in
It just had to rain right before VirginTerritory starts. And the dish network is down. Ugh!!
I done missed my show I had to get my new receiver installed! Thanks Dish Network 👍
Yoo I wish I had basic cable 😏 and not dish network . 😔 gotta look everywhere to find shidd !
“If u have dish we are going to be friends and I'm going to come over 😘” *orders dish network*
"yes! I watch it all the time on Netflix lol" *Gasp* it's on Netflix?!!! Some off brand channel shows it on Dish Network
Guess someone didn't want dish network any more?
You don't have to miss out. You can get The SEC Network with DISH! Let me know if you'd like to hear our offers.
1 show I record, 1! If you mess it up again, I will cancel all dish network in the house except for MY tv.
Dish network doesn't even have TRUtv , so I'm screwed. Lol
“you may need to find a friend's house where you can watch the game. I'm not happy
I can save you a couple of dollars on gas, electric, Internet, Verizon, direct tv, dish network, cell phone...
I'm switching to Dish network. Which company advertises on your show?
F you Dish Network. I'll just watch Man of Steel. 😋
KEZI owners sue Dish Network in carriage dispute - Now, the local stations' owner is suing the satellite televisio... h…
When DISH network wants to pause and update system settings in the middle of my show .
NEWSLINE: DISH Network and FS-1 reach accord. WSU-Rutgers no longer will be blacked out; 14 Pac-12 games will be shown on FS…
Vaca is nice but I'm ready to get home to my kitties & dish network. These channels suck
Exclusive Interview with the Latest Food Truck Team to Exit the Race | FN Dish – Food Network Blog
They know *** well that will come to a new deal like they always do. This isn't crappy TWC or Dish Network lol
So is the voice of the Network kangaroo? That turns me on even MORE.
idk like three months. I heard they got dish network and bomb *** weed.
KEZI owners sue Dish Network in retransmission dispute.
Here's where your favorite Food Network stars will be all weekend long during
LOL they are still advertising mighty mouse fighting at UFC177. Get your head in the game dish network
We started w/o cable, then had Comcast, then Dish Network, then DIRECTV, and now Uverse. Guess we'll start over in '16!
Why in the *** doesn't dish network carry fox sports net, I have like every channel but that. Need to see boys play
A month or so ago I decided we aren't home enough to keep paying $100 a month for cable TV. I mean its all Liberal propaganda anyway. 100 channels and I watched one, FOX, sometimes CSPAN. Now even FOXNEWS can't wrap their minds around the idea that Conservatives are different than Republicans. They don't get why the TEA PARTY love their country more than their party. I stopped watching what I had started calling the Karl Rove Network, FOXNEWS. So now…Why waste the money? Suddenly we have stepped into the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". The Satellite and Cable people stalk me, on the phone, in the mail, asking me what will I do without TV? WHAT WILL I DO? Tonight 3 guys from Dish Network pulled in the driveway. It was insane. I had two lunatic Jack Russels racing about barking and snapping, dinner burning on the stove. They wouldn't take NO as NO. One guy was even kind enough to point out I am in my Golden years. What will I do without TV, its only money, I can't take it with me? I can't take it ...
I'm officially taping a special on the IMPACT Network that will be aired on DISH, DirectTV and some Comcast...
Man, Dish Network must have been really desperate for a spokesman. Matt Lienart??
Do any of our friends in Ringwood area have dish network?
I've been told the SEC Network will be on Chan. 143 for Dish Network subscribers starting Thursday!!!
Is it you doing the voice for the kangaroo in the Dish Network commercials?
BBN, ESPNU has the delay broadcast of UK vs Puerto Rico 7:00PM on Dish Network
Breast Cancer Awareness
Dear Dish Network, PLEASE stop going out at the slightest hint of cloud cover
Set your DVRs and put a reminder in your phone, Horn Stars Outdoors will be airing tomorrow morning at 7:30 am CST. Chris Bassingthwaite, one of our field producers that lives in New Hampshire, will be taking everyone on an awesome north woods adventure. Remember the Hunt Channel is on Dish network ch 266 and it live streams at plus the Hunt Channel is also available on Roku.
The Dish Network tech that was supposed to be here between 12 and 5 called at 7:08 to ask if he could come at 9:30. No chance.
Life w/o the SEC Network sounds like a nice Life.Notre Dame is 26-18 all-time v SEC incl 4-0 v Bear!.
In the grand scheme of things, it is of little importance that DISH NETWORK has fallen from my 12 years of good graces in just 5 short days. The story is too maddening to reiterate after talking to tech people and too lengthy to type. Their customer satisfaction survey questions are by far too limited. Maybe by football season .sigh.
I have good deals for dish network service with channel packages starting at 29.99 a month and I will give you free 3 months of premium channels and if you sign up for americas top 200 or americas top 250 I give you free 6 months of multi sport pack (over 35 sport channels) and I also have good deals for the hopper for more information inbox me or call me at 209 5664892 Tengo buenas promociones para dish network con paquetes de canales desde 24.99 al mes y les doy 3 meses gratis de hbo, cinemax, showtime, starz y blockbustery Tambien tengo promociones para el hopper para mas informacion mandame mensaje o llamame al 209 5664892
Well just got a call from dish network waiting for them to call back so I can go to my interview ima be a whole lot more money there time to keep moving up towards the top
My next pet will be the dish network kangaroo.
I hate dish network wen it's raining
Anyone signing up for dish network and wants the refer a friend code to get $50 off?
Yeah dish network can suck on my ball sack
Hi Robert, here are the channel numbers for The SEC Network on DISH;
Was that Matt Leinart in that Dish Network commercial? Lmfao
Don't Forget to tune in for the NEW Episode of "PF Outdoor Journal" tonight at 8PM on Channel 266 Dish Network...
What channel is the SEC Network on YOUR tv? Details here: .
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Dish network and Direct TV will be adding a lot of mediacom costumers over the next few days. Sec network goe…
I believe the SEC Network is on channel 404 for Dish
do you happen to know channels on sec network?? I'm dish, but where can we find this? Any idea?
Just found out I can get dish network in my dorm with all the sports channels 🙏🙏🙏
.going to install dish network since cable operator not sending signal4cnbc.I feel like i've lost my family.cheers
what channel will dish , carry the SEC Network?
If you need a new provider that can provide you with The SEC Network consider DISH! Care to hear our current offers?
Dylan if you prepared that forget the weather 86 it your on the Food Network Chef Dylan. The entire dish "WOW"
Unexpected things in life: a Heath Shuler cameo in an NFL Red Zone commercial for Dish Network.
Do you know what channel SECNETWORK will be for DISH network customers? Thanks!
In honor of the new SEC Network, DISH Meridian employees were treated to donuts, cupcakes and a free lunch!
We can provide you with The SEC Network if they won't. Let me know if you're interested in hearing our offers.
Moodys: Dish Network cannot afford to buy T-Mobile, but also cannot afford NOT to buy it
Thanks HUGE! I have a Hopper, so channel 408 it is! Great news. SEC Network Debuts 6pm EST.
No Satellite of Love for T-Mobile: Dish Network's balance sheet makes it an unlikely...
The SEC Network will officially launch on August 14 at 6:00 pm ET. Watch on channel 408 on Dish and 611 on DirecTV. Subject to change.
Im being treated to the IFC channel on Dish Network. Adam West Batman marathon.
What channel number on Dish will the SEC network be on? Thx Paul, great show!
Central MS SEC Network users, we need tv channels for direct, comcast and dish. what say ye?
that was a dish network thing it doesn't matter what TV you got.
are u guys carrying TNA Bound For Glory on Sunday October 12th LIVE on Dish Network Pay Per View?
The SEC Network will be available on channel 404 on the Hopper and 408 on all other receivers. *CT
Peter Lewis joins DISH: The Murkowski aide leaves the Hill to join the network's legisl...
So do you know yet what channel the sec network will be on? it starts in 2 days
I crack up every time I see the Dish Network commercial cause of how excited Matt Leinart gets to go back to college 😂😂
After week one of the NFL exhibition games it has become very apparent that the new Collective bargaining agreement has eliminated the amount of time the coaches can spend on tackling and blocking in full pads .Early summer sloppy play is to be expected but poor tackling and fundamentals such as live pass blocks...and special teams look less than stellar...All in all I still enjoyed watching the youngsters playing hard trying to get a crack @ sticking on the final 53 man roster or even making the developmental squad..." In my days it was referred to as the Taxi squad "...You were literally one call away from a taxi ride to the airport.Don't forget the all-new SEC network kicksoff coverage this coming Thursday .ESPN and the SECin this joint venture will be available on Direct TV...Dish Network and on most major cable outlets or about 90 million homes to start.Auto racing Indy and Nascar needs to take a good hard look at themselves after this latest tragedy...The ripple effects could be d . ...
LOL at Dish Network commercial with Brian Bosworth (aka "The Boz")
Matt Leinart, Heath Shuler, and Brian Bosworth are in a Dish Network commercial. I can’t make this stuff up
Just saw the Dish Network ad about "going back to college" starring Matt Leinart, Heath Shuler & Brian Bosworth. Home Run!!!
After seeing a commercial with Brian Bosworth in it, I have sworn off Dish Network for life.
Take that Dish Network! My wonderful husband has hooked up an HD digital antenna and I can now watch channel 5/CBS and the CW. So you go ahead and keep on fighting with each other!
Matt Leinart, Brian Bosworth and Heath Shuler pine for the glory days of college in new Dish Network commercial.
Heath Shuler is in Dish Network's new commercial.
Great news, Gamecocks!!! The SEC Network is now coming to DirecTV! DirecTV joins Dish Network, AT&T Uverse, Comcast/Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, and other providers already on board to carry the new network. It's Great to be a Gamecock and it's great to be in the SEC!
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