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Dish Network Corporation is the second largest United States satellite broadcaster (behind DirecTV), providing direct broadcast satellite service—including satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services—to 14.337 million commercial and residential customers in the United States.

Time Warner Cable

Huge CONGRATS to FOX Sports 1 for carrying all Saturday Los Angeles Dodgers games. and are alienating LA fans. At least we can watch 1 game a week, which is better than none. Don't give in DIRECTV, Dish Network, Cox Communications & all others Time Warner Cable & their new Sports Network are screwing !!! Los Angeles Dodgers Fans, Dodgers Nation, Dodgers-LowDown, Los Angeles Dodgers from B/R and more just want to watch our Boys In Blue :)
Appeals court rules Dish Network can continue to offer ad-skipping Hopper DVR:
Just un F**cking believable. Verizon Wireless had the work order but says it didn't have a date and time. I never got a call or a voice mail to verify the apt or anything. So much for trusting them to setup a Fusion install for the internet. They to contact the store where I setup the apt or they could setup another for the 22nd. I have had nothing but problems with Verizon Wireless for the last three months. They act like I have nothing but time to go and see the Rep at the Waldorf store to see what happened and to just setup a new apt. I guess they believe my TIME is not valuable and I want to spend it running around fighting to get service from them. NOT. I will now look into Dish Network for my services. SO DISAPPOINTED WITH VERIZON WIRELESS RIGHT NOW AND I HAVE BEEN WITH THEM SINCE EARLY 1990'S AND THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR BEING A LOYAL CUSTOMER. UNBELIEVABLE.
I just got a great Dish Network deal and you should too! Check it out: via
The Broadcast that I preached on Church Around The Corner will air 7 times in one week in the Middle Georgia area on Cox Cable (Channel 7) and Dish Network (either Channel 45 or Channel 64) starting April 27th! It will air that Sunday at 10 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.On Monday it will air at 1:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. On Wednesday it will air at 12:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. On Thursday it will air at 11:30 a.m.
Today is the tenth anniversary of the Movie "The Passion of The Christ". It airs on UpLifting TV. That's channel 188 for those of you with Dish Network. I'm not sure if or where Up TV is on other providers. My recorder is all set to record it and I'm sitting here waiting for it to come on. My daughter, Crystal Russell McNeese went with me to see it when it premiered in Huntsville. It was the last time I went to the movie theatre until JustinandShianne Walters minus Justin who was at work saving lives saw Son of Man last month. Anyone so desiring can show up at place to watch The Passion!!! Come on young folks. It'll be FUN !! Right Pastor Joseph Alan Wood and pastor Steve Wood!! Snacks already here!!
SCAM ALERT: The Piatt County Sheriff's Department has issued a warning about a scam by people pretending to work for DISH. From the Sheriff's Dept.: "The Piatt County Sheriff’s Office has received two calls from citizens with regard to a scam involving individuals purporting to be employees of Dish Network. The individual advises that your Dish Network equipment is in need of an upgrade and proceeds to discuss your equipment, run you though demonstrations using your remote, and they attempt to schedule a service date. The individual gives a name and an ID number to lend further credibility to their story and may have the last four digits of your credit card number. One citizen reported that the first indicator that this was a fraud was when the individual asked a specific question about his equipment that should have been in the Dish Network records. The second indicator was a request for his full credit card number. Dish Network indicated that they do not announce upgrades in this fashion. The Pi ...
You’ll be able to watch the SEC Network on DISH! We offer that and lots of other great programming. Care to chat about our offers?
WTAE's parent company, Dish Network reach agreement: WTAE-TV returned to Dish Network in the Pittsburgh region...
No Dish Network I did not call 7-11 put me in on the phone with someone from America please...
I guess dish network dropped some of the abc affiliates across the country...that plays a part, sadly.
Hearst TV has reached a consent agreement with DISH Network. The KMBC/KCWE signal will soon return on DISH:
Cause when dish network aint got nothing interesting to show I will watch the other tv
This recipe for Homemade Pizza Dough was Food Network's most popular on last week: http…
Deal reached; KETV returns for Omaha DISH Network customers -
Forget Dish Network. It may be cheaper but a stiff wind blows your signal away.
WGAL's back on Dish Network for The blackout lasted 14 hours before the two companies reached a deal:
The lazy DISH Network kangaroo that watches March Madness in the office
Dish, Hearst TV battle leaves customers in 25 cities without top stations
$CBS Dish, Hearst TV reach agreement to restore programming
Dish, Hearst TV reach agreement to restore programming
WESH standoff with Dish Network is resolved: Dish viewers in Central Florida have their NBC and CW li...
A San Benito man is facing sexual assault of a child charges tonight.Twenty-year-old Francisco Mejia is behind bars facing criminal charges accused of sexually abusing two children.FOX 2 NEWS has learned that the children made an outcry in March.San Benito police obtained a warrant and arrested Mejia at his job on south Sam Houston Blvd.Mejia is facing two counts of unlawful restraint, aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a child charges.We also learned that Mejia had access to the children through their family.Mejia remains in jail on a $50,000 bond. Posted by Fox 2 News KFXV-LD channel 67 is a Fox-affiliated station in McAllen, Texas, owned by Entravision Communications. KFXV can be seen on Time Warner Cable channel 6 and digital high definition channel 870. It can also be seen on Dish Network and DirecTV channel 2.
We're thinking seriously about dropping Time Warner Cable and going with Dish Network or Direct T.V. Any body know which is better?
How do decisions get made around the Soqui household you might ask? My son, in deep frustration, searched the tube first for Dodger baseball, then any baseball, then any form of athletics before settling on Stanford vs. North Carolina in women's basketball. And that, my friends, is how my 15-year relationship with Dish Network will come to an end. I can't deprive our home of Vin Scully any longer! While I'm no fan of Time Warner Cable, I am a fan of USC, the Dodgers and the Lakers...all of whom are found on cable. I haven't seen a Lakers game in two years, but today is the first real Dodger game we've missed in 5+ years. That is just absurd. And no, waiting two weeks until they make a deal is not an option. Baseball fans out there know of which I speak. Time to research the best package for us!!
I think Time Warner Cable *** I can't watch most of my Dodgers games this season because I don't have them. And I "WILL NOT" change from Dish Network!
is now officially released. This little film took nearly 10 years to make and has won 8 International "Best Picture" awards. We have so many people to thank and are grateful for all the continued support from family, friends, strangers and Floyd Virginia, the most film friendly community a filmmaker could ever hope to find. Below is a list of North American VOD and DVD Platforms, where you can find House Of Good And Evil. VOD Vimeo On Demand,Videotron, Dish Network, Shaw, Eastlink, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Microsoft, iTunes, Sony, Google, Blockbuster on Demand, Cineplex, Telus, Bell, Shaw, MTS, Comcast, Cox, Verizon/Frontier (More to come) DVD- (Starting April 22nd, unless you live in Floyd VA, where it is now available at Republic Of Floyd) Family Video, Amazon and Wal-Mart. More retailers will be added in the coming weeks. House Of Good And Evil will also release in the UK, Germany, and Australia this summer. Thank you for supporting indie films. Enjoy our trailer from Phase 4
Just had the guy from Dish Network on his hands and knees scrubbin the carpet where he tracked mud thru the house ;-) Anthony Johnson Jr. AshleyandAnthony Johnson Linda Jones don't mess up Honey's carpet and expect not to pay for it
you should be as efficient with Dish Network as Putin is to dominating the 'President' by now.
The Bruins move on to the Sweet 16. Guess I have to keep this sorry on some more. It says, "My two favorite teams are UCLA and anyone playing USC". Like my son bleeds UT orange. I bleed UCLA blue. Glad to see Iowa State move on. Sad about Wichita State. GO Baylor Bears. Looks like they will beat Creighton. Can't find that game on Dish Network.
I have my house for sale. 4.8 acres, 680 sq ft. Located in Anchor Point, just north of Homer. Private area, three ponds on the property and an abundance of berries in the late summer/fall. Snow machine or 4 wheel right from yard on hundreds of miles of trails, access to Caribou Hills. Private well and septic. Wood stove and toyo with 300gal fuel tank. Set up for over air tv and dish network. Asking 45K. I do have it listed with the Alderfer Group. You can contact them or message me for more info.
domain names
Really Dish network it's beautiful outside an I have NO signal???
Closing! Dish Network is giving new subscribers unbelievable prices, tons of free stuff and almost $1000 off! Click and enter your zip code for details:
FYI: absolutely can not handle the commercial for dish network where they say "the hopper" at least 100 times (or so it seems), can feel my blood pressure soaring when it comes on.
Thank you for carrying the SEC Network beginning August 2014
Ok. So I'm tired of paying for Dish network. . So our antenna from Amazon came today.. we are now watching shows like Flipper. .The partridge Family and The flying nun !!! I Love it !! Takes me back to my younger days.. WAY YOUNGER !
Plan on getting Dish network soon? Let me save you $50 on your FIRST bill! Just comment or message me for a referral code!
go figure. get dish network and I have the oldest tv and mine doesn't work
Just got a call from dish network. They monitor our dvr and we had a problem.
finally I get to watch "Dirty Laundry" dish network is airing it again tonight!! Finally my Reign fix!!!
Well crap. I thought I had a payment arrangement with Dish Network to keep my service from being interrupted until I could pay it on the 21st. Got home today and guess what? My service is off. I'm pretty bummed
Dear Dish Network, why is it that we can talk to Astronauts on the moon but if it rains I can't watch TV? Just wondering.
On dish network are the prelims available?
If I drop Verizon, what are some net options? I have dish network installed. If I cannot get Verizon to fix their mess, OUT WITH ALL VERIZON PRODUCTS. Atlantic bb is $ since I already have and enjoy DISH; besides, when we left Atlantic years ago, the got nasty on the phone literally telling me off!
Douglass bout to play!!! Tune in channel 449 for Dish Network. Fox Sports Southwest is the network
We need the rain but my dish network keeps going out 😡
Just got the Hoppah from dish network. This thing is wicked fahkin' pissa.
Ok...the old man in the Dish Network "Hopper" know, the one with the Boston accent..."Hoppuh" ??? Yeah, he's a cross between Homer Simpson and Peter from "The Family Guy". Which, in effect...makes him my new hero. :)
UCLA has a point guard that is 6'9 they are playing Arizona on channel 150. If you have dish network another very good day
Theme song for a Louisiana hunting TV show on the pursuit channel Dish Network and DirecTV vocals by Ashley Stuller lyrics and music by Michael Duxstad
Dang it dish network just went off raining.
2 never used dish network remotes, $15 each or both for $25. Located in goldendale.
Who do u think is better to go thru comcast, direct tv or dish network??
I hate dish network at times like this!
do you know if dish network carries that channel I moved and still don't know my channels and google not helping
Trying to fine out some information on a new show that's on ABC called Resurrection .? I have Dish Network .I want to watch it. Can some tell me the channel and what time it on.
Anyone no what channel ufc prelims come on dish network?
S/O to Dish Network for not having the LSU game on.
If anyone out there is ready to get rid of the dish network or comcast get hold of me. My son is selling direct tv and can get you *** of a good deal. He is out at best buy today and if you sign up with Matt Adams you will also get a best buy gift card
hey Fox, how much more do I have to pay for streaming if I have dish network?
.I am doomed. I just realized I have RT, China TV and Al Jazeera in my news line up on Dish network. I will have NO brain!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Happened a couple months ago. Dish now receives alien transmissions and Food Network.
they live in the country and had Dish. Satellite the only option. But my lord, dish network ***
Is anyone else watching having issues with their connection? Is it an NBC issue or a Dish Network problem?
I understand that, my whole point is in this day & age, national network (everyone gets) should not have same game as ESPN.
Thank u for working on a deal to bring us LHN (Longhorn Network)!
This tournament's games are split between CBS, ESPN, & the Big Ten Network. Our GameFinder tool at...
Seriously, the dish network guy from the other day came to my house to speak with me while I was in the shower. Ummm, bro I'm jail bait.
Dish Network it's channel 449.the station is Fox Sports Southwest
I thought they already had an SEC network called ESPN
Dish Network made my day today. PAC 12 softball between Arizona and UCLA.
carry the network. Nationally-televised Dodgers' games can still be found regularly on ESPN, ESPN2, and MLB Network.
If you want The SEC Network, switch to DISH! We carry it, and I can get you a price quote. Care to chat?
Attention Please: If your cable or dish network has access to A great program started at 1500 EDT -5, is showing NOW!
truer both but I got get a different router cuase Dish network f'd up
If you want to avoid another possible Cox calamity tonight, come watch the Jays at my place. Grill is wheeled out at 5. Dish Network FTW.
so glad you are carrying the new SEC network. You are the best!!
Today's Men's Lacrosse Game Live on Altitude 2: Fans can catch the game on Comcast 105/900, Dish Network 450/9573...
Can’t get enough of the SEC? DISH is Currently the Only Nationwide Provider of the NEW SEC Network, Launching 8/14/14
All I want to do is watch the on my network box but of course its being temperamental...
Ryan long is playing on channel 150 against Baylor if anyone want to watch on dish network.
With the Multi-Sport Pack you'll enjoy NFL RedZone plus NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, MLB Network...
However, you can still receive the Big Ten Network with a subscription to the Multi-Sport package for $11 per month. *AM
.is this a typical Dish Network install? it's been this way 2 months. Please RT
do I no longer receive the Big Ten Network now that I moved to Florida! From Indiana!?!?
I agree! should also get a deal with network to telecast the channel in US.. He is not available here.
Dish Net gets rights to launch linear and VOD ESPN, Disney on OTT service: Dish agreed to disable Hopper AutoHop:
Tonight's State Championship Game can be viewed on Dish Network 447, 412-35 or 9517; DirecTV 680 or 680-1; Mediacom 12…
If you aren't going to the game today, it's gonna be on channel 447 on dish network at 8:10. Everyone support please!
Yeah, Dish Network suffers in that respect.
Hulu asked me which ad experience i prefer and the choices were Dish Network, peas, or stuffed animals.
12:19 and watching a great movie on HBO. Love my Dish Network!
I hate Dish Network. I change the channel in ONE room, every TV in the house freezes. And customer service is completely unreliable.
>>>>what happened to the Military Channel on 287? It's been replaced by "American Heroes". Do you know if Dish Network has it?
Thinking of switching from Dish Network to New Wave. Any comments or recommendations would be helpful!
Disney-Dish Network pact may alter TV viewing habits: ABC Family and Disney Channel as well as the eight ABC t...
what happened to Dish Network channel Csnba ..? The A's played there. Now its gone. Any alternatives.?
My TV show the Horseman Within airs on Dish Network on channel 231 and DirecTV on channel 345 and on many cable statio…
Dish Network straight up played us with this BET channel. ~*~
The folks at threw Glenn Beck’s Blaze network on the air & it wasn’t even a 24-hour channel. So why diss Dish Network?
I can't watch the show because Dish Network doesn't carry the channel. =(
How do so many Indian Mounds residents afford Dish Network?
You can watch WSU take on Evansville on Cox channel 34, Direct TV channel 761, Dish Network channel 418 or AT&T U-verse channel 750.
Is it possible Dish Network subscribers outside the blackout zone will get on an ALT channel, like how I see the Pacers?
Please ask Dish Network to add your channel!
Is there an HD channel on Dish Network for MN HS hockey? 45 signal keeps breaking up.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
ICYMI: The hockey tournament is broadcast in HD, but Dish Network and DirecTV have chosen not to carry the Channel 45 HD signal.
As previously speculated upon in this space, Dish Network won't likely be carrying the Dodger-owned channel...
Dish Network unlikely to carry Dodger channel
My new short film The Initiation has been picked up by Dish Network for the Shorts HD Channel. Airing worldwide :) Feeling grateful!
Dish Network as an Internet-delivered TV service? Its new deal with Disney paves way for that
Dish Network as an Internet service? Its new deal with paves way for that ..
What??? Lol I thought I was gonna get this graceful message and I get an ad for dish network??? Lol way to use God dish network geez lol
Dish, Disney reach carriage deal with streaming options via
Dish Network will disable its ad-skipping AutoHop for ABC network shows under a new distribution deal with Disney.
Dish Network had agreed to deal to carry They are also picking up the LHN gadget channel
Dish settles with Disney over ad skipping: (Telecompaper) Dish Network has settled its dispute with Disney ove...
Dish blinks in Hopper standoff to keep Disney channels Dish's network DVR that auto-skips ...
Dish, Disney Deal Envisions Internet-Delivered TV: Dish Network and Disney's landmark deal envisions the day w...
Satellite-TV giant Dish Network announced Monday that it has agreed to limit subscribers' use of its controversial ad-skipping service as part of a sweeping programming deal with The Walt Disney Co., which owns ABC, ESPN and other properties.
Deal with Disney envisions day when Dish Network will offer Netflix-like TV service with no satellite receiver:
Dish eyes internet TV services in Disney deal: The deal marks the first time that a US pay-TV operator w...
Oh dish are just the worst
Got fight pass. What channel Is it on dish network?
Earlier today, word surfaced through The Wall Street Journal that Disney and Dish Network had just recently penned an agreement that would delay “Auto-Hop” functionality for ABC shows, and as a result, litigation against Dish Network would be dropped. The two companies have confirmed this today,...
ESPN Monday night announced Dish Network will make the Longhorn Network available to subscribers. John Skipper, President, ESPN & Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks said: "We worked with DISH to smartly address the future of the multi-screen world on several levels. "Together, we are adding value to the traditional video subscription by making great content accessible across platforms and delivering new products, including our WatchESPN authenticated networks, the highly anticipated launch of the SEC ESPN Network, expanded distribution for Longhorn Network, and a reimagined ESPN Classic video-on-demand channel. "At the same time, we are creating opportunities to add new subscribers and introducing the value of a multichannel subscription to a small subset of broadband-only consumers." Dave Shull, DISH executive vice president and chief commercial officer said: "This agreement allows us to bring more innovation to the customer experience, including new marketing, packaging and delivery options. This paves ...
Well today got my 5th wheel all set up Dish Network came out and installed the dish for my TV so tomorrow is moving day and I have a lot of stuff to buy groceries furniture cleaning supplies you know all that fun stuff so tomorrow starts my new adventure and then next week I have surgery and I start my second adventure I am finally going to start living a good life well decent life lol
Bored watching tv nothing is on, might just go to sleep in a min. Should have got dish network
The Walt Disney Company and Dish Network reached a truce on AutoHop, which allows Dish Network users to record shows then strip out commercials before viewing them. Major networks had sued Dish Network to halt the feature. Disney broke with the pack to… [ 42 more words. ]
I hate dish network wish I would if known teen wolf came on earlier!
I'm not a homophobe well tell just say I picked dish network cause of the other company name?
I work for a authorized retailer for dish network and direct tv we have packages with dish network starting at only $29.99 free installation no down payment. For direct tv packages starting at only $29.99 free installation and no down Payment also you will get free HBO showtime Cinemax and starz free for 3 months If you have any questions or to order service please give a call at (559) 999-1773 SE HABLA ESPAÑOL
It doesn't take a lot to entertain us Choctaw County folks . These challenges are better than anything on Dish network!!! Way to go friends!!!
Dish Network has agreed to carry the SEC Network.good news!!!
Ryan Michael Downey The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the Satellite TV provider Dish Network is working to launch an Internet based TV product. The announcement came as Dish secured a lo...
I am so proud of my son ( Cru Ennis). Just watch The Boys of Abu Ghraib that he co-produced and he is also playing a solider in. Please watch. It is on pay review on Dish network. It is a true war story so beware.
After months of talks, Dish Network Corp and Walt Disney Co have reached a long-term programming agreement that allows the No. 2 satellite provider to carry Disney-owned networks such as ABC and ESPN, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. Citing anonymous sources, the newspaper said Dish had a...
Came home to a letter on my counter saying I owe dish network over1500.00. Lmao. Since when do they let you go that long without paying. To top that off. Have never had dish anyway. Too funny
I am watching Dallas on TNT on dish network!!
You know how direct tv and dish network give you a $50 bill credit when you refer someone you know to subscribe to their company? Well this is the same thing, its called network marketing. Only in Wake up now, we arent talking $50 here and there, we are talking $600-$2500+ extra every month! Contact me to learn more! :)
The Flagstaff High School Boys Basketball are playing in the State Championship today! You can watch the game LIVE on Fox Sports Arizona it begins at 11am it is channel 25 on suddenlink and channel 415 on Dish Network! We are so proud of them making it to the championship and hopefully bringing home the state title for the first time since 1975!!!
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