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Dish Nation

Dish Nation is a nightly entertainment/celebrity news program highlighting the nation’s funniest radio shows; riffing on what’s hot and happening that day in pop culture.

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Dead lizard and roach leg spoil woman’s dish
Porsha Williams is funny on Dish Nation lol
How anti-sex work activists use hyperbole, fear (and flat out lies) to shame sexworkers and clients.
when r u coming back to dish nation? We miss you!
Breaking First. DD Free Dish adds 3 new channels "Shree News in Place of News Nation, B4U Music in Place of...
just watched yesterday's dish nation and was dying during that Future clip. Where do you get your shirts?!?
Wait hol up.Porsha is a personality on Dish Nation show?
Tmz and dish nation be telling everybody business couldn't be me
Jay-Z is pumping up a Roc Nation Cuban prospect with a Jay-Z track:
I'm watching FOX and Friends on my Hopper. obey the law period we are a nation of laws
Hear dish out some of the most unique Australian verses ever uttered on "Mainies".
Dish nation be tripping me out at times
Do you watch the radio talk show "Dish Nation"? I can't believe it's still on. Yeah I think they're entertaining, but on TV? I get the irony
this is NOT how you put a dish in the dishwasher 😭
Lil' Scrappy talks being hurt when Diamond left him for Soulja Boy with Dish Nation [VIDEO]
When are we going to see you on Dish Nation?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I know you rep Dish nation but I was just curious about your personal name. I like to know who I am speaking to.
Stop everything you are doing right now and take advantage of this deal!!! only for dish nation fans!
Britain's always been a mongrel nation. Even 'our' dish, fish & chips, is a mash up of Spanish Jewish and South American ingredients...
was funny on Dish Nation when they was talking about emojis lol
Porscha on dish nation is so annoying. I use to love the show.
O'Barbie's an escapee from a petri dish destroying our nation from within, like ebola destroys immune responses
Nation's largest employers are projecting health-benefits costs will rise 6.5 percent in 2015.
Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea better take a seat. There is a new female rapper in the game and she's on Dish Nation! Watch Porsha Williams break it down...
Map of the Day: American states by corporation that started there
With Caribana this weekend, we wondered what would be every country's fav dish?
Seriously would like all these stupid and yes I said STUPID challenges to Stop! Pouring alcohol and lighting yourself on FIRE! Kids getting whooped on camera for the whole world to see because YOU wanna be famous for being stupid as *** Your Momma would rather whoop your tail on camera and go to jail then to watch you die on camera for the whole world to see! Mimi made it cool for y'all wanna be's and I'll just do a little bit on social media chicks! Stupid! Anything you post now and should you get famous for something else for whatever reason IT will be seen again. And please trust me you will see exactly what its like to be on TMZ Dish Nation Star and every other tabloid out there. In my Rhianna voice Live YOUR Life NOT theirs!
World's best national dishes. Fully agree with
This Bikini Body Watch will go down in Dish Nation history! We promise you have never seen GarywithDaTea like this. WAIT FOR IT. Favorite moment? (We think it's pretty obvious though...)
Hey what do you think of our pick We think Jean Poutine is doing a fine job in office.
Check it out! Poutine was named the best national dish in the world. Take that,
The best which country's meal is tops?
Life goal: Go to every one of these countries and try these meals
as of yesterday but the West African Nation of Guinea where this “treat” is a popular dish.
This list has poutine as Still haven't tried it! Different countries' "national" dishes.
The world's best national dishes: which country's meal is tops?
Nation is so much better with Porsha she's hilarious. She's naturally funny lol. Perfect Match for Ricky😁
The world's best national dish: which country's meal is tops?
Seeing and hearing the last 30 seconds of Dish Nation before King of the Hill comes on at 1 am is the worst part of my day.
What happens when you combine milk, food coloring, and dish soap?
Dish nation has me over here in tears
is stupid as *** I can't OJ and pork and beans at the commissary lol my neighbors always know when I'm watching dish nation lol
Tyson Beckford tells Dish Nation he has no problem being nude: Dish Nation got an exclusive interview with Tys...
FOX 25's Lilly Hopkins appeared on Dish Nation: It's Boston week on Dish Nation, and our Lilly H...
I like watching Dish Nation, better than TMZ in my opinion.
I didn't even know porsha was on dish nation 👀 check her out.
Update your maps at Navteq
Once again big us 2 dish nation 4 showing me love... workin out & my diet i gotta stay way from porkchop stew & other thotfull items lol
I can't find the time slot in NYC I went to dish nation website I googled it and no answer
Dish Nation is coming on at the same time as lhhatl. idk what I'm going to do with my life.
Jacob Barnwell one of the best catch and throw guys in the nation behind the dish.
In case you missed on Dish Nation tonight, check it out:
I just saw you on Dish Nation, you were great! LOL
Tonight on show makes tell us your fave dish w/ noodles
We will see tonight on show what fave dish is... what's yours
The fact that I'll be missing Dish Nation today b/c I'm not home. 😪
Watching Dish Nation is like watch the recovery room at a lobotomy clinic.
In today's gossip news about other people who have nothing to do with our lives: According to Dish Nation Robin...
Hi Lydia what time do you go on-air i'm from miami ? Dish Nation is at 12 i never see you muhc 😢 your my fav 💐 🗽
Gary you are incredible man,last night was insane on Dish Nation!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!
I think a couple weeks ago. Claudia Jordan took her place. She's still on Dish Nation tho.
My buddy Robbie Rist on dish nation. Dude you should be a regular!!!
50 State round-up of favorite recipes across the nation... what Alabama dish made it?
InFO JABAR - Mosquito larvae found breeding in dish drainers - The Star Online: Mosquito larvae found... - Subang
Mosquito larvae found breeding in dish drainers: PETALING JAYA: Mosquito larvae have been found breeding in t...
What the crap, Dish Network!?! Why you no provide me with the FYI channel. I want to watch Tiny House Nation.
I consider Melo’s return to the Knicks yet another defeat for deep-dish pizza.
Join Porsha Williams of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Dish Nation in supporting the Enchanted Closet and...
THE DAILY DISH: says he'll be back in action by time camp starts
for makes Dish Nation 10x better plus she loves the pats!
I'm waiting for dish nation to say they name I think they gone hate the fact that they been on there show
Why is the Arsenio Hall Show so lame? I thought I was about to watch dish nation my DVR got everything mixed up
Don't mind me y'all. I'm watching Dish Nation and that was the topic...
Does anyone else watch Dish Nation? Lmao I be cracking up at Ricky, Gary And Porsha
Dish nation is so funny. Especially Atlanta and Dallas.
that cool I love watching dish nation just to see the frank show he is so funny to me.
This is disgusting. A petri dish sitting there waiting to infect this nation & take everything
if heaven was a nation and they had s national dish... It would be lobster rolls :),
B.O.B. Rocking the New regime hat on Dish Nation!
German dish of the day: Roasted Brazilian nuts, drenched in a nation of tears
PUB CRAWL NATION!!! if you're in Buenos Aires and looking to add some awesome flavor to your dish, LOOK NO...
La Toya Jackson and her fiancé Jeffré Phillips stop by Dish Nation and talk about their new…
ms.Ebony like Gary say where n the *** r u please fine yo way back to dish nation! The other girl nope
Runabout mender: an needed dish referring to primer sovereign nation: vHCgFx
Porsha is a personality on dish nation she's Good at it. Good for her
Why aren't you on Dish Nation with Rickey and the crew anymore
Porsha is really on Dish Nation now?
Dish Network's Ace in the Hole . These are lonely days for Dish Network, the nation's third-largest pay-TV...
“so pretty on dish nation I tune in every night just to see her😘”thanks for the love Hun.
I actually like Porsha on Dish Nation! She mixes well with the other personalities.
This is best gossip show, I love to laugh and when I watch Dish Nation I laugh for 30 minutes.
Dear No and I switch to Signed,. The SEC Nation . (There is my answer
All bacon, all the time. runs down the sublime items available at ►
Porsha, you are so in your space on Dish Nation. Hope you move beyond "special guest."
STOP BULLYING BEN, whoever wins you guys should cook a dish inspired from the winning nation maybe how about it, ben will likeit
FYI channel on dish network is premiering a show called tiny house nation! It's perfect for your tiny heaven! 😃
Did ya catch me and the lovely Ebony Steele dishin some deals on Dish Nation today!? Head on over to...
We interview rapper Cash Out about his latest music and Real Housewives Atlanta star Kandi Burruss twerks in the studio. "Dish Nation" is a daily half-hour e...
ok am I missing something? Why haven't you and been on dish nation in a while?
The Perfect A guy who makes you break all the rules.
Porsha was told by Gary with the tea her co-worker at Dish Nation that she needs anger management.
Betraying the host nation with a Mexican dish.
I'm watching SiriusXM Hip-Hop Nation on my Hopper. WOW, Wow, wow, wow!
Check out dish nation after TMZ next week! I'll be voicing my opinion on Justin Bieber!
Watching Dish Nation. They're interviewing a fake Tupac. I do not approve.
I know, back when I had Dish Network, the receivers would get so hot you could fry an egg on them...
1:03pm, lunch about to have ramen noodles and watch dish nation on YouTube.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Please! But I think dish nation would be slow to post
Im so happy I just heard on nation will be returning to rhoa screaming so happy 4 her😃😃💯
If anyone can finish the dish they go onto our hall of fame and win a T-shirt and the respect of a nation
[SB Nation: Brotherly Game] USMNT Review: Revenge is a dish best served late
At work,pizza,and Dish Nation.Now this is a shift.Thanks Dish Nation from Vegas.
DISH Nation just said Taylor Swift is friends with Ed Sheeran so she can be the pretty one. Have you seen Ed?
lol theres a radio show called Dish Nation & apparently she works for the Kidd Kraddick show as an assistant or something
Wait, scratch that, I gotta watch dish nation first
I liked a video from Tupac Alive Inside Dish Nation Studios
I'm good.You do a great job on Dish Nation.I watch it every night.It's the best show on TV.
i Always look forward to ur comments on dish nation, keep it up ure awesome.i hope they sign u as a regular presenter
.has CONFIRMED that she's returning to Find out what her co-stars think:
I knew Dish Nation had fans, but dead ones! ? Tupac lives! Tonight on Dish Nation!
if you dish it, Heat nation can take. I am cool with it. It is what it is.
Smack Talk on the move... Let's Smack the Dish!.
Curtis Panye best TVs dad im watching dish nation on dvr can't miss my lol
You should all tune into tonight's episode of Dish Nation on TV to catch yours truly! 😜
On the new series Food Fest Nation, premiering Monday, July 21 at 9|8c, host Anthony Anderson is on a mission to...
Getting to the Heart — and Stomach — of America in the New Series Food Fest Nation
Restaurant manager swallows condom 'found' in dish -No comment !!
Luv U girl. Congrats on coming back to RHOA. You're awesome, awesome, awesome on Dish Nation. Only watch because of You.
Only one nation can win the but every nation can come together and tuck into our Mountain Style dish.
So Trooper is coming to Raise a Lil *** in the Nisgaa Nation on June 28 gonna have to send up a speciality dish from Gingolx 4 u
Photo: The debut Canadian tour from The Bodega Brovas kicks off this month! Come catch Dish Nation’s...
that Turkey isn't the main dish in your wannabe nation Italy?
Can someone please tell me why in *** is Porsch on Dish Nation . I am about stop watching them.
The only reason I watch Dish nation is to see a woman with a sense of humor do something for me . Ijs
Yall come to the Dish Nation tent at Centennial 😬
Wait…what?! This is crazy! Our friends over at Dish Nation are reporting that the American Girl franchise is selling a black doll and the doll…
Sarah Drew from "Grey's Anatomy" talks about hunky co-stars she wouldn't mind sharing the sack with. "Dish Nation" is a daily half-hour entertainment news pr...
Headkrack from our Atlanta crew kicks an exclusive rap illustrating the history of the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. "Dish Nation" is a...
My 2 year old would love the other dish nation starting song.
Dish Nation is a funny television show that dishes up the latest entertainment news. Dish Network is a satellite provider. We clear?
In June we'll be opening the National Bacon Headquarters at
is dish nation the only way we can see u on tv ? I have comcast :-(
This may become my new fave place to eat!
Are we still obsessed with bacon? This new Queen West restaurant is betting on it
What happened to Heidi & Frank (& company)? Does dish nation have a new format?
why is ebony Steele is not in the studio on dish nation wit y'all
Dish Nation is giving me too much life rn.
just glimpsed supm like that on Dish Nation
when are you coming back to ATL show on dish nation ???
Watching on Dish Nation. I was dying when she said violence is never the answer *crickets*
Dish Nation has me rolling on this Solange and Jay-Z thing rn!
Zack McMillin's Daily Dish: Memphis No. 1 in nation for NBA viewership
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Dish nation is on I think it's partay time for me! Love this show 💌
Just thought I'd make your day Here you go:
Welcome to Dish Nation! Destiny Child might had a destination, lindsay Lohan hates Jennifer Lawrence, and Barbara Walters is out for revenge. "Dish Nation" is ...
I had! MT In case you've been wondering about all the pro-bacon propaganda at Queen and Spadina...
I finally got to see it! HUGE CONGRATS TO Shawn Dell for getting the theme song for Dish Nation, and thank you for including me on this project! That's right, I'm the new "Dish Nation" voice! Action Figures Music making things happen!
I love watching dish nation just because you and your crew
Seeing on Dish Nation 5 nights a week is going to rock my world!
Dish Nation is messy. They talking about Beyoncé, Solange, and Jay-Z.
Dish nation is too much for me lls this *** evidence on the whole jay n b situation seems just about accurate smh
Good mawnincheeks have u leftnationu
Laying down and watching dish nation 😂
LMAO...Theses fools on dish nation got me in tears talking about this Jay-Z fight.smh!
Dish nation tho..everybody turn it to channel 6
Dish Nation is pretty chill to watch lol
Am i the only one that watches Dish Nation? e.e
Ok im watching dish nation and I remember sayin they was gonna be talkin about the solange and Jay-Z incident I knew it
So was watching dish nation n they showed a pic of lil Kim bein prego omg she looked so bad she looked like she had no teeth n looked as if she was 95 years old. That's real Sad what surgery does to ppl cuz I think Blk ppl age the best over any race. But I guess surgery makes u look jacked the *** up
Watching Dish Nation for the 1st time these fools are hilarious
Dish Nation then imma try to go back to sleep!
Rickey Smiley is a fool. I'm in here crackin up!! Dish Nation behbeh!
I did say I felt like a female Alec Baldwin on Linkedin and saw on "Dish Nation" he was just arrested. I don't feel comfortable on Linkedin while Robert O. Green and Dion York Folley are still up there and that's why I did this and has nothing to do with a random Black woman wearing witch makeup that Alec solicited just now looks like. I have never solicited and am innocent.
Two of my latest Celebrity Caricatures: Dr. Oz and Bethenny, the 3PM-5PM tag team between "TMZ" and "Dish Nation"!
Welcome to Dish Nation! Courtney Cox and Chelsea Handler are fighting for the same job, Prince explains why he erased dirty words from his vocabulary, and ...
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" What would Disney characters look like in real life, the best playboy bunny of all time, we get animated with Tracy Morgan, and muc...
Well, I heard from, Dish Nation that Jay-Z was cheating on Beyonce! Her sister, Solange let him have it, literally! I wanted to go see them in concert, but now not so much.
LMAO @ Headcrack on Dish Nation . "Solange Knowles got three hits in on Jay-Z which is more hits than she has had in her career" I am against domestic violence against males or females but that was funny!!! I commend Jay Z for not flinging her and that fugly *** dress across the elevator.
Home from work ready to watch tv relaax and power goes out!! It is soo dark n here and i am scared to get up to light my candles lbvs!! O well guess i dont need dish nation tonight!!
Got both girls a sleep and now I'm watching my tmz and then Dish nation ( mommy time)
G.N fbfam,watching dish nation until I fall asleep lol
Pull the plug on Dish Nation and bring COPS back on ch 2
Little Giant Ladders
During an exclusive interview with Dish Nation,”Real Housewives of Atlanta Star” Cynthia Bailey responds to questions about her being afraid of Nene Leakes and the chemistry among cast members on the show. Over the course of season six, “Real… [ 489 more words. ]
"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Cynthia Bailey explains her side of the Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore controversy. "Dish Nation" is a daily half-hour ente...
The real “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Kandi Burruss twerks for rapper Cash Money and comedian Rickey Smiley on Dish Nation. Watch the games begin
Gabrielle Union says "Being Mary Jane" is the best thing she's ever done, plus how does she support Dwyane Wade court side? "Dish Nation" is a daily half-hou ...
Dish Nation just said Ellie Goulding cheated on Ed Sheeran with Niall.. Uh ... No
OUT & PROUD. In both the letter and an appearance on syndicated show Dish Nation, Franzese...
Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese came out last night on Dish Nation. The 35-year-old actor read part of his coming out letter—written to his teenage character—live on air and told hosts Heidi Hamilton and Frank that Mean Girls' 10th anniversary partly inspired the reveleation. Franzese, sporting a be…
"Mean Girls" Star Daniel Franzese opens up about what it's like to finally come out as *** and also talks with us about his new film. "Dish Nation" is a dail...
Renee Graziano from the hit show Mob Wives, shows off her new butt, talks about her celebrity crush, and much more! "Dish Nation" is a daily half-hour entert...
Big congratulations are in store for Louisvillians!!! I just saw on "Dish Nation" that Nanz and Craft Florist has teamed with Kentucky Fried Chicken offering coupons that allow you to get a piece of chicken with your prom corsage. Imagine the possibilities. Only in Louisville!! Really?
Rumors are swirling about Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's daughter Alexa getting extreme plastic surgery. Alexa has admitted to a nose job, but do you think she had anything else done? More entertainment dish on "Dish Nation!"
Just been watching Dish Nation and just had not been able to sleep since last night at 11:00p.m. However enough complaining time to give you a hot topic . Did you all hear that Kelly Osbourne is going to rehab ? Plus co anchor Josh Elliott has left Good Morning America . The sources are saying that he will be moving to the network of NBC . Weigh in on these topics
Does Paula Deen have a future at the White House?! More funny dish tonight on Dish Nation (11p)
I am defriending pervert relative Goldie Hawn from Dish Nation covering "Kate's Titanic Crush"! Kate Hudson you are disgusting, you had sex with brothers and now you want my men until your face explodes into special needs mutancy!
I'm Dish Nation. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Dish Nation just finished filming at the Golden Lantern Bar tune in Tuesday night! Now come out and enjoys some music and Divas R Us! Followed by some fabulous dancers! Come get your Mardi gras on! We take the stage at 7:30!
Here at Pralines Connection restaurant in New Orleans with the cast of Dish Nation.
".from Dish Nation in studio this morning.. next! I love dish nation
.from Dish Nation in studio this morning.. next!
“They talking bout the bae on dish nation”tell them niggaz to @ me
They talking bout the bae on dish nation
I absolutely love dish nation! You all are so funny! You don't come between a single mommy n sleep but I stay up to watch dish!
As always you killed it tonight on Dish Nation. Hoping you all get the big ratings to blow up big time.
Ok Head Crack (dish nation-ricky smiley show) i was feelin your rap of the week about black history.
. Please do not change format!. Dark Lord "Sith Meyers" "FORCES me to Dish Nation during commercials.
I am watching TMZ and the Dish Nation and filling out my workbook. I am so tired.
Dish Nation is now one of my all time favorite shows 󾌵
normally like ATL on dish nation but did like the rap...
We're celebrating Black History Month in true "Dish Nation" style! Headkrack raps about some of the biggest milestones and figures! "Dish Nation" is a daily ...
Going to sleep after I watch Dish Nation
Black history Rap was hot and educational... — watching Dish Nation
This is a joke I heard from Dish Nation it's really cute. " Why did the tomato blush. because he saw the salad..dressing." love it.
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Usher gets into the stupid hat trend, you'll never guess Chelsea Handler's age, pizza delivery has just been changed forever, Marlo...
Omg is following me!!! Shout Out to Dish Nation Crew from the Tdot O!!!
that rap was dope! I love you guys!!! Always got things poppin off on Dish Nation!
Last day of Black History Month By Dish Nation Lots of names mentioned
Why haven't I found Dish Nation before now.? Meet the Browns is really acking up..Ijs..KMSL..
Love so much for defending on Dish Nation👌
The TV was on downstairs and I thought I was a hearing a brain tumor surgery, it turned out to just be Dish Nation.
Do you think you could eat just pizza? More funny dish on "Dish Nation!" tonight 12:30am.
Watching Dish Nation!!! Another great way to connect with the crew of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show!!
Paprikash was a hit - - but what nation or region's cuisine should we take on next?
Adobo Nation - If Zac Efron (not just Pinoys) loves adobo, why not declare the famed dish PH\'s nat\'l food?
Haa Juicy J on the dish nation, right on
San Diego Ice Truck robbery made it on ATL's Dish Nation... wtheck? I'm going to bed on that note... smh
You really want the nation to declare a national dish? How about Lucky Me Instant Pansit Canton?
Up with my thoughts and Dish Nation bout to make me some fries with boss sauce and ranch
just got finished watching you on the dish nation you right about Miley Cyrus young buck around!!
Im gonna buy ya'll some drinks some day ya'll are stressed out over there on dish nation 24/7
OMG Pres Obama on Dish Nation. How cool! I love my POTUS don't you?
just checked my Dish and your the most popular show on tv in the nation! Congrats! And God bless.
Bored watchin dish nation they b on everybody
House bill wants adobo as national food, jeepney as national vehicle: Craving for adobo? This dish, known for ...
If i do watch TV I only watch the news ; TMZ & dish nation
UGH!!! This *** bag on Dish Nation was saying "you know what I'm sayin?" I hadn't heard that in a long time and I wasn't missing it. That moron!!!
Can't wait until our Dish contract expires. So done with TV. No wonder we are a nation of ***
Juicy J fans out there, watch him tonight on Dish nation channel 8953 KMSB!. Dish customers only.
Bravo with the President. Love all you do, comedy, and beliefs. Live in Massachusetts. Love dish nation. Xo
That's the truth but that's how Dish Nation rolls and rolls successfully.
I wished I had dish nation just so I can listen to
God bless Juicy J defending Justin he was just on Dish Nation
Sitting watching Dish Nation me and the dog, i go in the kitchen to get something to eat come back sat down ate my food. Now its just me and the dog nobody else and seriously my dog farted and i heard it. I said oh *** no since when you make noise i put him out and he freaken stinks.
Seeing Hezo on Dish Nation in a pic near Justin Bieber 😂👌
Lemme be on the look out for Dish Nation.
congratulations Brooke baby nora is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy and take it easy little mama. Miss you bunches on dish nation XOX
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Christina Aguilera is expecting her second child, Rihanna celebrates her birthday in Aspen, Mila Kunis doesn't think she's sexy, Sh...
who cares about BOOTY! nice little bootie,yes, forget DISH NATION
The Jacksons are having a hard time selling tickets for their Las Vegas residency. More on "Dish Nation, 12:30a!"
We're on Snapchat! Make sure and follow us at Dish_Nation. Yeah someone already had DishNation.
to this fun, celebrity driven Mother's Day feature with From You Flowers on DISH Nation!
Isn't it great? turning the nation into culinary masters one dish at a time!
Devoted is getting up at 7:30am to watch the dish nation episode you missed the day it..
Don't miss Pie Week all next week, ditch the diets & tuck into the nation's favourite dish! Duck & wild mushroom or Chicken & Wiltshire Ham?
This goof ball said. On dish nation. Why was the tomato blushing. Because it saw the salad dressing! :-\ goofy! Lol
Dish Nation is as funny as TMZ these folks r crazy late nite is the best time to watch t.v.I b cthu early n the a.m.
Why did they add "Dish Nation" on tv. The last thing we needed was another gossip show. 😫.
What happens to friends and dish nation 😥
Dish nation is srsly finding me rn omg now I'm not gonna sleep 😩😡
Lol. first TMZ now Dish Nation... enjoying my night!
Watching dish nation with my grandma
Dish nation just said they are bootyologist and *** trologist!! 😂😂😂
Am I the only one who watch Dish Nation
Done about to watch Dish Nation.
I can't watch modern family anymore or tmz or dish nation ! :( ***
Thanks for the shout out Dish Nation!!!
Lol im watching dish nation it's so funny
I was just watching DISH NATION and one of the commentators made a comment that people thank "Meryl Streep" more than God.I think that is so ridiculous.for all we know Meryl Streep was not able to achieve all she had without the grace of God. How dare anyone life up another human being above the most high God.anyway God does not share his glory with anyone.think about Meryl Streep all knowing, all seeing? Does Meryl Streep give you the ability to wake up in the morning on your own? Does Meryl Streep supply us with the grace needed to make it through life from day to day? My friends these are questions we need to ask ourselves before we decide to give someone or something the credit that is due God the father Almighty!
"This heavily mayonnaise based dish is ok I guess, but can we add jell-o to it" a nation clamored to know.
Hey guys! We got this recipe from This Spring Roll dish & Peanut Sauce was super…
I was watching a recorded episode of dish nation, I'm still beside myself at the comment of one of the personalities, he named, oprah winfry, martin luther king, and Obama to actually say he believes they are on the same level as God and Jesus , SERIOUSLY, happy I'm not standing next to him. I can't believe that ANYONE could be so out of their minds as to say that mortal beings are on the same level as God, really,,, all I can say is, lord forgive them for they know not what they do.
Watching dish nation.. N.Mexico is the state with the best sex minute wise... SMH..VA y'all slacking..not me bit Y'ALL
I dont hate Dish Nation as much as I used to.
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Katy Perry kissed a girl but she didn't like it, a relative of Justin Bieber is in the recording studio, you'll be able to fall in ...
If you use it in your broadcast it would be awesome to see a screenshot of it. I don't get weather nation on dish :-(
Horrible or Hilarious PRANK? Check it out as Dish Nation goes viral! Be sure to watch the show every night too!
;-).Why was the tomato blushing? Cause it saw the salad dressing.Omg they say some stupid s*** on dish nation but when it catch off guard its funny as *** lmao
My son was watching dish nation he runs to me laughing hard as *** I ask him what so funny. So he repeats the joke he heard. Why don't kids like playing with tiger? Me: why? Kel: cause he plays with pooh. (Cracking up) me: did I miss something?! Kel: smh ma you're just old! (Walks away laughing)
Watching dish nation they had a picture of drake and xay goes that's my favorite music artist.I said what??? he goes drake and Kendrick Lamar are my favorite music artists.smh
Tvone plays a big part of my morning routine, y the *** r they changn it? I need Good Times and Sanford and Son in my life.. *** is Dish Nation?.ugh! Ok well Golden Girlz it iz! Oan: itz Hump Day, we halfway to the weekend!
So happy to find Dish Nation out here! A bit of KKiTM calms my soul :)
Marlon Waynes on Dish nation got me Ctfu I love him lol
It happens tonight on Dish Nation -- all of us in Dallas go makeup free! Oh, the heartbreak of rosacea.
Tonight on "Dish Nation" the Atlanta, Los Angeles and Seattle crews all celebrate the work of our dear friend Kidd Kraddick Original air date: 7/29/13.
Ricky Smiley is crazy they are so funny on dish nation
Just seen flavor flave on dish nation. Lol! I actually like ol boy :) used to watch his show. Funny
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I don't see why *** always gotta announce there *** you dnt see straight people announcing there straight. Gary from Dish nation N if u watch the show you can tell he is. true words
DISH NATION = programming for the lowest common denominator
Erin Andrews will replace Brooke Burke as the co-host of Dancing with the Stars. Do you think Erin will do a better job? Dish Nation | 12:05AM on WDIO
watchin' dish nation on tv-one, & the men are going in on idris elba...I suspect some hatin' goin' on cuz they ain't him.2 bad 4 u!! u can't hate on all that beautiful, mocha, sexiness!! it's not possible...can get it!! any place-I don't care who's around
From ‘Dish Nation', Rickey Smiley was with us. Here he is trying to celebrate Kelly Rowland's birthday.
How well do you know Demi Lovato? Do you know where she got her start? Demi's full interview airs on "Dish Nation" tonight!
Miley's Bangerz tour at risk of being canceled in several states, including Florida. If you missed us on Dish Nation just now- watch it here!! We talk Miley risque tour + Seth explains he's 87% straight. 1:30pm/12:30am M-F on FOX13 &
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning - the most listened-to contemporary morning show in America. And now on TV nationally on the syndicated show "Dish Nation."
Mr. Papers tells us he's the father of Lil' Kim's baby! Watch "Dish Nation" for the full interview and the sex of the baby!
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