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Dish Nation

Dish Nation is a nightly entertainment/celebrity news program highlighting the nation’s funniest radio shows; riffing on what’s hot and happening that day in pop culture.

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Rumors are swirling about Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's daughter Alexa getting extreme plastic surgery. Alexa has admitted to a nose job, but do you think she had anything else done? More entertainment dish on "Dish Nation!"
Just been watching Dish Nation and just had not been able to sleep since last night at 11:00p.m. However enough complaining time to give you a hot topic . Did you all hear that Kelly Osbourne is going to rehab ? Plus co anchor Josh Elliott has left Good Morning America . The sources are saying that he will be moving to the network of NBC . Weigh in on these topics
Does Paula Deen have a future at the White House?! More funny dish tonight on Dish Nation (11p)
I am defriending pervert relative Goldie Hawn from Dish Nation covering "Kate's Titanic Crush"! Kate Hudson you are disgusting, you had sex with brothers and now you want my men until your face explodes into special needs mutancy!
I'm Dish Nation. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Dish Nation just finished filming at the Golden Lantern Bar tune in Tuesday night! Now come out and enjoys some music and Divas R Us! Followed by some fabulous dancers! Come get your Mardi gras on! We take the stage at 7:30!
Here at Pralines Connection restaurant in New Orleans with the cast of Dish Nation.
".from Dish Nation in studio this morning.. next! I love dish nation
.from Dish Nation in studio this morning.. next!
“They talking bout the bae on dish nation”tell them niggaz to @ me
They talking bout the bae on dish nation
I absolutely love dish nation! You all are so funny! You don't come between a single mommy n sleep but I stay up to watch dish!
As always you killed it tonight on Dish Nation. Hoping you all get the big ratings to blow up big time.
Ok Head Crack (dish nation-ricky smiley show) i was feelin your rap of the week about black history.
. Please do not change format!. Dark Lord "Sith Meyers" "FORCES me to Dish Nation during commercials.
I am watching TMZ and the Dish Nation and filling out my workbook. I am so tired.
Dish Nation is now one of my all time favorite shows 󾌵
normally like ATL on dish nation but did like the rap...
We're celebrating Black History Month in true "Dish Nation" style! Headkrack raps about some of the biggest milestones and figures! "Dish Nation" is a daily ...
Going to sleep after I watch Dish Nation
Black history Rap was hot and educational... — watching Dish Nation
This is a joke I heard from Dish Nation it's really cute. " Why did the tomato blush. because he saw the salad..dressing." love it.
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Usher gets into the stupid hat trend, you'll never guess Chelsea Handler's age, pizza delivery has just been changed forever, Marlo...
Omg is following me!!! Shout Out to Dish Nation Crew from the Tdot O!!!
that rap was dope! I love you guys!!! Always got things poppin off on Dish Nation!
Last day of Black History Month By Dish Nation Lots of names mentioned
Why haven't I found Dish Nation before now.? Meet the Browns is really acking up..Ijs..KMSL..
Love so much for defending on Dish Nation👌
The TV was on downstairs and I thought I was a hearing a brain tumor surgery, it turned out to just be Dish Nation.
Do you think you could eat just pizza? More funny dish on "Dish Nation!" tonight 12:30am.
Watching Dish Nation!!! Another great way to connect with the crew of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show!!
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Paprikash was a hit - - but what nation or region's cuisine should we take on next?
Adobo Nation - If Zac Efron (not just Pinoys) loves adobo, why not declare the famed dish PH\'s nat\'l food?
Haa Juicy J on the dish nation, right on
San Diego Ice Truck robbery made it on ATL's Dish Nation... wtheck? I'm going to bed on that note... smh
You really want the nation to declare a national dish? How about Lucky Me Instant Pansit Canton?
Up with my thoughts and Dish Nation bout to make me some fries with boss sauce and ranch
just got finished watching you on the dish nation you right about Miley Cyrus young buck around!!
Im gonna buy ya'll some drinks some day ya'll are stressed out over there on dish nation 24/7
OMG Pres Obama on Dish Nation. How cool! I love my POTUS don't you?
just checked my Dish and your the most popular show on tv in the nation! Congrats! And God bless.
Bored watchin dish nation they b on everybody
House bill wants adobo as national food, jeepney as national vehicle: Craving for adobo? This dish, known for ...
If i do watch TV I only watch the news ; TMZ & dish nation
UGH!!! This *** bag on Dish Nation was saying "you know what I'm sayin?" I hadn't heard that in a long time and I wasn't missing it. That moron!!!
Can't wait until our Dish contract expires. So done with TV. No wonder we are a nation of ***
Juicy J fans out there, watch him tonight on Dish nation channel 8953 KMSB!. Dish customers only.
Bravo with the President. Love all you do, comedy, and beliefs. Live in Massachusetts. Love dish nation. Xo
That's the truth but that's how Dish Nation rolls and rolls successfully.
I wished I had dish nation just so I can listen to
God bless Juicy J defending Justin he was just on Dish Nation
Sitting watching Dish Nation me and the dog, i go in the kitchen to get something to eat come back sat down ate my food. Now its just me and the dog nobody else and seriously my dog farted and i heard it. I said oh *** no since when you make noise i put him out and he freaken stinks.
Seeing Hezo on Dish Nation in a pic near Justin Bieber 😂👌
Lemme be on the look out for Dish Nation.
congratulations Brooke baby nora is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy and take it easy little mama. Miss you bunches on dish nation XOX
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Christina Aguilera is expecting her second child, Rihanna celebrates her birthday in Aspen, Mila Kunis doesn't think she's sexy, Sh...
who cares about BOOTY! nice little bootie,yes, forget DISH NATION
The Jacksons are having a hard time selling tickets for their Las Vegas residency. More on "Dish Nation, 12:30a!"
We're on Snapchat! Make sure and follow us at Dish_Nation. Yeah someone already had DishNation.
to this fun, celebrity driven Mother's Day feature with From You Flowers on DISH Nation!
Isn't it great? turning the nation into culinary masters one dish at a time!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Devoted is getting up at 7:30am to watch the dish nation episode you missed the day it..
Don't miss Pie Week all next week, ditch the diets & tuck into the nation's favourite dish! Duck & wild mushroom or Chicken & Wiltshire Ham?
This goof ball said. On dish nation. Why was the tomato blushing. Because it saw the salad dressing! :-\ goofy! Lol
Dish Nation is as funny as TMZ these folks r crazy late nite is the best time to watch t.v.I b cthu early n the a.m.
Why did they add "Dish Nation" on tv. The last thing we needed was another gossip show. 😫.
What happens to friends and dish nation 😥
Dish nation is srsly finding me rn omg now I'm not gonna sleep 😩😡
Lol. first TMZ now Dish Nation... enjoying my night!
Watching dish nation with my grandma
Dish nation just said they are bootyologist and *** trologist!! 😂😂😂
Am I the only one who watch Dish Nation
Done about to watch Dish Nation.
I can't watch modern family anymore or tmz or dish nation ! :( ***
Thanks for the shout out Dish Nation!!!
Lol im watching dish nation it's so funny
I was just watching DISH NATION and one of the commentators made a comment that people thank "Meryl Streep" more than God.I think that is so ridiculous.for all we know Meryl Streep was not able to achieve all she had without the grace of God. How dare anyone life up another human being above the most high God.anyway God does not share his glory with anyone.think about Meryl Streep all knowing, all seeing? Does Meryl Streep give you the ability to wake up in the morning on your own? Does Meryl Streep supply us with the grace needed to make it through life from day to day? My friends these are questions we need to ask ourselves before we decide to give someone or something the credit that is due God the father Almighty!
"This heavily mayonnaise based dish is ok I guess, but can we add jell-o to it" a nation clamored to know.
Hey guys! We got this recipe from This Spring Roll dish & Peanut Sauce was super…
I was watching a recorded episode of dish nation, I'm still beside myself at the comment of one of the personalities, he named, oprah winfry, martin luther king, and Obama to actually say he believes they are on the same level as God and Jesus , SERIOUSLY, happy I'm not standing next to him. I can't believe that ANYONE could be so out of their minds as to say that mortal beings are on the same level as God, really,,, all I can say is, lord forgive them for they know not what they do.
Watching dish nation.. N.Mexico is the state with the best sex minute wise... SMH..VA y'all slacking..not me bit Y'ALL
I dont hate Dish Nation as much as I used to.
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Katy Perry kissed a girl but she didn't like it, a relative of Justin Bieber is in the recording studio, you'll be able to fall in ...
If you use it in your broadcast it would be awesome to see a screenshot of it. I don't get weather nation on dish :-(
Horrible or Hilarious PRANK? Check it out as Dish Nation goes viral! Be sure to watch the show every night too!
;-).Why was the tomato blushing? Cause it saw the salad dressing.Omg they say some stupid s*** on dish nation but when it catch off guard its funny as *** lmao
My son was watching dish nation he runs to me laughing hard as *** I ask him what so funny. So he repeats the joke he heard. Why don't kids like playing with tiger? Me: why? Kel: cause he plays with pooh. (Cracking up) me: did I miss something?! Kel: smh ma you're just old! (Walks away laughing)
Watching dish nation they had a picture of drake and xay goes that's my favorite music artist.I said what??? he goes drake and Kendrick Lamar are my favorite music artists.smh
Tvone plays a big part of my morning routine, y the *** r they changn it? I need Good Times and Sanford and Son in my life.. *** is Dish Nation?.ugh! Ok well Golden Girlz it iz! Oan: itz Hump Day, we halfway to the weekend!
So happy to find Dish Nation out here! A bit of KKiTM calms my soul :)
Marlon Waynes on Dish nation got me Ctfu I love him lol
It happens tonight on Dish Nation -- all of us in Dallas go makeup free! Oh, the heartbreak of rosacea.
Tonight on "Dish Nation" the Atlanta, Los Angeles and Seattle crews all celebrate the work of our dear friend Kidd Kraddick Original air date: 7/29/13.
Ricky Smiley is crazy they are so funny on dish nation
Just seen flavor flave on dish nation. Lol! I actually like ol boy :) used to watch his show. Funny
I don't see why *** always gotta announce there *** you dnt see straight people announcing there straight. Gary from Dish nation N if u watch the show you can tell he is. true words
DISH NATION = programming for the lowest common denominator
Erin Andrews will replace Brooke Burke as the co-host of Dancing with the Stars. Do you think Erin will do a better job? Dish Nation | 12:05AM on WDIO
watchin' dish nation on tv-one, & the men are going in on idris elba...I suspect some hatin' goin' on cuz they ain't him.2 bad 4 u!! u can't hate on all that beautiful, mocha, sexiness!! it's not possible...can get it!! any place-I don't care who's around
From ‘Dish Nation', Rickey Smiley was with us. Here he is trying to celebrate Kelly Rowland's birthday.
How well do you know Demi Lovato? Do you know where she got her start? Demi's full interview airs on "Dish Nation" tonight!
Miley's Bangerz tour at risk of being canceled in several states, including Florida. If you missed us on Dish Nation just now- watch it here!! We talk Miley risque tour + Seth explains he's 87% straight. 1:30pm/12:30am M-F on FOX13 &
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning - the most listened-to contemporary morning show in America. And now on TV nationally on the syndicated show "Dish Nation."
Mr. Papers tells us he's the father of Lil' Kim's baby! Watch "Dish Nation" for the full interview and the sex of the baby!
Buying a butter dish and a milk jug while listening to zombie nation somehow just felt odd...
Dish Nation is hilarious this morning...20 WDCA.Talking about "MLK had a dream"...stuff like that.LMBO.
Hamilton Collection
Dish Nation: This Year's Razzies Are No Joke!: In case you're not familiar (and if you're not, WHO ARE YOU?),...
This Year's Razzies Are No Joke! One of the most anticipated days of the year has come. No! Not payday! The 2013...
mom and I are watching dish nation & we are dying laughing...😂😂
Watching dish nation and texting my boo
So did they drop you from Dish Nation? This ***
Im disappointed in Dish Nation tonight. Way to be racist *** Rickey Smiley.
I'm curious. So I'm in mine & Montes room watching tv when this show called Dish Nation comes on. I'm not racist at all and everyone knows this.. But why is it okay for African Americans to get on tv and talk so badly about white people??? I'm just asking because I know if any white person did the same thing; the NAACP would be suing like crazy... How is it okay for one race (no matter the ethnicity) to make fun of or mock another race but it's "racist" if the other race does it back??? Just some food for thought..
I'm watching Dish Nation in Philly. Y'all have me dying talking bout Rick Ross in Holyfield's house. I can't with y'all. 😂
erupts as hammers one down off the sweet dish from Dubs open 2Q on 8-2 run.
I'm watching SiriusXM Hip-Hop Nation on my Hopper. I love this movie!
Demand to DISH IT OUT is really picking up within the AVSX Nation!
that's not Sway that's Headkrack from Dish Nation
Why watch the news when you can watch dish nation
Dish Nation episode with only the crew from Atlanta >>>
Ricky smiley and nem funny asf on that show dish nation lol
Watching dish nation this is an ad in a surf store in Laguna beach, California
Three brothers in Minneapolis built a shark made entirely out of snow! More on "Dish Nation" tonight
Rickey Smiley mentioned you on his TV Show Dish Nation today ^_^ lol more Dish nation 4 me...too mean
Dish nation speaks on Is it a new thing?
Get ready to Dish IT out with AVSX Nation as we complement our product offering across many vertical markets! Get a free iPad Mini with...
Look like its Tha same people off dish nation... I kno I'm bout to laughing hard af
I LOVE YOU RICKY, and the entire crew of Dish Nation!
"I want to help those who don't have a voice," says "Most Interesting Man"
Dish nation did a story on you Friday I think you should check it out, what they said and pictures
lol its mad loong to explain lmfao, go search it on youtube. Lebroning dish nation
After the first week idols are already getting so much exposure. Dish nation picked up keith London the day.
Restoration Today is making an impact on the nation! Tune in every Sunday morning on Dish Network!
r y'all still on dish nation? Miss u in there since I live in arlington tx
Happy Saturday Clean My Space Nation!. Here are a few handy cleaning uses for dish soap that don't involve the...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
These fools on Dish Nation saying this is how LeBron act when he fake his fouls... lmao
...Man..TMZ Sports. Smh.Lol. I'm lovin' that segment. Great humor. Only to be followed by..Dish Nation. I'm a need to be stitched back together from the laughter.
Bones was so good tonite,, now I'm looking at TMZ,,, waiting on Dish Nation, eating my unsalted chips,lmbo
LOL watching Dish Nation on channel 9 - they said theres a new thing on youtube going around called the Lebroney - people are brushing up to people in the mall and flopping *** the ground
Lamar Odom reportedly ran into Mike Tyson at a party and asked him some advice. We imagine how the conversation went down! "Dish Nation" is a daily ...
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" "Saturday Night Live" has a new black female cast member, Lamar Odom turns to Bruce Jenner for advice, Oprah and Michelle ...
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Why is Sandra Bullock's award season putting Angelina Jolie in the pits? Shia LaBeouf apologizes for plagiarizing with skywriting, ...
Check out Deep Dish Nation they have some killer truck pics and some killer setups posted!!
TRANSCRIBER/LOGGER needed in STUDIO CITY for Dish Nation! Click for Info & to Apply or Share/Tag/RT!
I'm famous my comment was on the show Dish Nation lmao
The Stellar Gospel Music Awards is coming to Nashville, TN next weekend! Rickey Smiley Official FanPage from Dish Nation and Sherri Shepherd from The View will interview with me and Damon King on The Light 102.1 FM on The Midday Show.
Jerry Springer appears on Dish Nation and apologizes for his contribution to pop culture and society as we know it. "Dish Nation" is a daily half-hour entert...
Waiting for my car to be serviced. Watching TMZ and Dish Nation with a room full of octogenarians.
Random thought: i dont know which show i dislike more tmz or dish nation. They're both pretty freaking annoying if u ask me... that is all lol
My nighttime routine is not complete without TMZ and Dish Nation LOL LMAO ROTFL
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It's no wonder why the majority of ill-advised voters voted for Obama !! Been so busy online, that I didn't change channels and had on Liberal-and-STUPID shows like TMZ and Dish Nation -- no wonder America is being overtaken by commies !! People care about the best butt and who is dating who insread of who is able to lead this country out of the funk Obama put us in !!
One of the cool things about "Dish Nation" is the hosts are from all different parts of the country, whic...
I just watched a few snippets of The Bachelor (actually inadvertently whilst catching up on all my celebrity "news" by watching Dish Nation and TMZ Live)... and I must say that Juan Pablo fella is rather cute (he's no Lewis Adams but he might do in a pinch)... the girl pushing the piano when she got out of the limo -- proud moment for her parents who payed for all of those lessons, I'm sure... the one who pretended she was pregnant for the first impression -- why, why did you think that was a good idea?... the ginger from Texas (who I actually thought was lovely) who stood up to accept the rose when it was not her name he called -- bless her heart. I had at least one eye closed for most of it I was so embarrassed for those desperate gals. Have some dignity ladies... revert to the old school techniques and just meet a nice Catholic boy at your local pub... I heard a rumor that Broadway Grill may be reopening soon. Cheers!
"It's so cold that even my shadow needs a coat.“ -Dish Nation
It's so cold your shadow is wearing a coat. From Dish Nation.
Chilling with camille she eating some candy am watching dish nation
Hey Seattle/Tacoma! Make sure you watch Dish Nation TONIGHT at 12:30 on Q13 FOX.
Don't freak out... we weren't on Dish Nation last week because of a little vacation. But Kellie, Big Al, J-Si and Jenna are back tonight! And you'll see Jenna and Kellie's audition videos for The Bachelor! Plus we'll dish on all the usual suspects... Bieber, Selena, Miley, Kim K and more! Check your local listings (as the cool kids say).
Dear We're freezing. We'll pay the ransom and watch Crocodile Dundee if you give us back our warmer temperatures. Love, Dish Nation
I need to go back to work soon - TMZ, Dish Nation, and, Bethenny are killing my brain cells
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Miley Cyrus is kicking off her tour on Valentine's Day, a new study reveals women with big butts are healthier and smarter and more!
Who knows how many back handsprings Boo did at the football game this year? Dish Nation is saying a girl from Georgia holds the record with 44. But I was sure Boo held the record.
The Seattle crew Brooke and Jubal are back on Dish Nation make sure 2 watch.
Just got woke up by my stalker...Can't go back to sleep so I'm up watching DISH NATION. This show is so funny it makes you forget All your issues. I'm crying laughing
Possum is spelled OPOSSUM, silent O. I learned that on DISH NATION.pointless post. just saying
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The happiest city in the USA! ST.LOUIS MO. wow! Who says... Dish Nation on Fox says! I was born there, that's probably the reason for my sunny disposition! Lol
Saint Louis is ranked as the happiest city by Dish Nation Didn't see that one coming.. Lmao.
Im up chilling when I made it home today close to 3pm or so I was tierdfrom my day went to sleep woke up close to ten p.m ate,redid my hair watched t.m.z&dish nation earlier in o.k c a little black girl called herself getting mad at me cause I got up and moved away from her&her brothers than she jumped up and sat across from me and mumbled something little kids don't know me I will beat their *** like I'm their dam mamma.I don't play with peoples kids.
My favorite thing to do after closing mondays have good laugh watching Dish Nation! Sooo freakin funny!
Up late? Get a laugh by tuning into TMZ at 11PM and Dish Nation at 11:30PM on
*** can ppl get legally married to dead ppl? Watching Dish Nation
AWAKE but having a blast looking at TMZ and THAT CRAZY (ROTFL) DISH NATION :) Hope I don't wake anybody up :o)
If u like tmz , but hate the fact that it's mostly white people , well dish nation is the show for you. It's essentially the 979 morning show putting cups on butts.
Watching the office then 30 rock, family guy, O.K. TV, then dish nation and afterword time for some Z's dream world. LOL zZZZz
Confession: Dish Nation is my guilty pleasure (although I FF if they're talking about someone I know).
Just finished watching dish nation and they ask this question. Is this generation the laziest? *** YEAH! What's ur take on that?
English sports fans, can dish it out more than any other sporting nation in the world but can't hack it at all if given back
So I was watching dish nation and they mention Instagram what!?!?
some girl, I'm watching this show called Dish Nation. It's a gossip show
Their talking about Harry Styles on dish nation
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Layin' here watchin' dish nation...thinkin' of your mom again...
SBNation Daily Dish: Five awful moves that almost have to happen
Theres a show on Fox called Dish Nation that just keeps saying things until you kill yourself.
ok, so i was watching tv and then i just started watching Dish Nation and they spell Jennifer Lawerence as Jefferson Lawerence! OUTRAGEOUS!
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Hop on the Pippa Middleton engagement train, we reveal Instagram's most popular pics of 2013, Demi Lovato is leaving "The X ...
Mann I missed half of Dish Nation :c
theyre talking about selfies on dish nation😂 I'm the expert
Dish nation is cool it should be an hour long.
Ran into my old friend Lester Raynel Ruffin (aka HeadKrack) this morning at the Post Office. Great to see him again and meet his father. Asked him if he could get me a spot on Dish Nation. He said it may not work because I don't live in Atlanta. Continued success to you, Lester. You are a real talent.
All caught up on my daily dose of laughter! Merry Christmas to all my peeps at Dish Nation! Stay safe!
Up wit the babe feeding nd watchn Dish Nation til we fall asleep
Am I the only person that skip the other radio shows commentaries on Dish Nation and only watch
They are reading letters from 1913 a 100 years ago from kids to Santa on Dish nation. Kinda interesting. Top wish back then was Candy. was nuts. And was a rocking horse. So Paul Arceneaux did I receive all that then?
The girl on dish nation and awesome she fav on dish nation
According to Dish Nation Jon Bon Jovi and Zoe Saldana are the sexiest stars from New Jersey...discuss.
Dish Nation is on ch 15 KUIL in Port Arthur, tx
I love watchin dish nation it's so fkn funny... Kmsl
Remember ladies of this nation. This is your Christmas as well. Make the rest of them wipe a dish. Merry merry.
SBNation Daily Dish: MLB storylines to look forward to in 2014
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Simon Cowell made sure Demi Lovato won't return to "The X Factor," is Taylor Swift trying to sabotage Beyonce, why does Katherine ...
Is Dish Nation, radio, for people who don't own a car?
Gary from dish nation is hilarious lol
Dish Nation with this awesome early Christmas present i got. The great cold of 2013-14.
they were making jokes about Kloe Kardashian being tall on Dish Nation today and I was like 😒😅
When is Seattle coming back to Dish Nation? It's boring without them!
Accidentally watched 4 seconds of Dish Nation. Looks like they still haven't found a cure for having a lazy eye.
Been on the phone with dish for the past two hours. Ready to blow my brains out
Men. They can dish it out, but they can't take it. The biggest babies of the nation.
Do any of yall watch dish nation that show is EVERYTHING!
SBNation Daily Dish: Blue Jays re-sign Munenori Kawasaki to minor league deal
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The Dish guy is here setting up our tv and Rhythm Nation by the queen Janet Jackson started playing on the tv…. BEN. DO. NOT. DANCE….
Check out this Dish Nation sing along video and then tune in for an ALL NEW episode tonight at 10:30pm
see this is why I basically hate dish nation
have blessed Christmas Rickey I love your morning show and you on dish nation with your fine ***
the top 3psycho proffesion. Tv personallities,lawyers&# 1 ceo I saw that on dish nation. Terri,you project hotness
The people from dish nation are so funny lolz
Excellent Britney plug by Kellie on Dish Nation. A true friend that helps to promote and sell show tickets.
Advantages in connection with captive nation perplex tv to louisiana dish up tangle modern louisiana toparchy t...
Dish nation is the worst stupidest most unfunny show ever
SBNation Daily Dish: Dodgers sign Jamey Wright to one-year contract
I really love the show Dish Nation!!! But the peeps that sponsor the show must think its viewers are very wealthy alcoholics and crackheads because of the Promises Malibu commercial that runs every time twice in a row just in case were to Drunk or high to get it the first time ! Although I wouldn't mind hanging out in Malibu for awhile ! Maybe Obamacare will cover it !! Lol
Thank You Anna, Rick and the whole Tarlton Crew...Loving my converter box...Chayne and I watched holiday shows bout Spanta Caus..(he is so funny) I can watch football in my schivies! Talk shows this AM and Dish Nation.local news...I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!!
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Polygamy is legal again in Utah, is Justin Bieber really retiring, rumor has it Scott Disick can't keep up with the Kardashians, and more ...
Take a behind the scenes look at our Christmas card photo shoots in Dallas, L.A. and Atlanta! "Dish Nation" is a daily half-hour entertainment news program f...
Up watching dish nation and Lamar Odom is worth $56 million and Khole only gets $7 million.. I think I would have stayed married to that crack head I know some crack heads that ain't even got 56 cents in they pocket...IJS
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" John Mayer and Katy Perry profess their love for each other in music video form, we're caroling about our favorite celebs, Kim ...
Twinkies returned to store shelves this week, so "Dish Nation's" Gary with da Tea thought it would be a good idea to challenge Big Al Mack to a Chubby Bunny ...
Omg.. I love watching dish nation at 330 in the morning those characters are freakin hilarious
ZOMG have made it to Dish Nation, and my very favorite radio team from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is talking about it and making their own inappropriate elves. DYING ALL THE DEATHS RIGHT NOW. The show airs tonight! I hope I can stay awake! You can find out when it comes on in your market here-
Tuning in too Dish Nation bout to rotate.
The Dish Nation is hilariously funny real .
Dish nation does always kill me anuh lolol love those ppl
Lol Justin beiber is high af on dish nation... Aha
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Looks like Khloe Kardashian isn't unKempt anymore! Is Britney Spears the new Paula Deen? Find out why children aren't on the list ...
I really think J-Si and that hot chick with the old school classic gansta eyebrows should be together .. yes on Dish Nation.. and i could care less how hot you are or think you are fool you can bearly spell.. every time you txt me i send your *** back corrections to how to spell words lmao
since when did everyone become so sensitive. i understand that if your *** u want equality but that doesnt mean everyone has to agree with your lifestyle. there are many walks of life and thats part of what makes the world go round. why cant he express how he feels and his beliefs. There are tv shows like tmz, dish nation, or even joan rivers on fasion police that say a lot worse on many topics on a daily basis and dont get thrown off or canceled. everyone needs to get some thicker skin!!!
Dish Nation on channel 9 is a great way to wake up lmao!!!
Dutty Gary on Dish Nation seh Tessanne hair look dry. Ebony seh even if she neva win, she win fi Di hair style. Love it!!
Dish nation is a really good show lol
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Are the Hiltons going to sue Lindsay Lohan? Who are the scariest people on the internet, Angelina Jolie is grounded, Taye Diggs is ...
I want to see this movie dish nation is talking about! Black fish... Supposed to expose how awful sea world treats their creatures
Idk who worse tmz or dish nation lmao
SBNation Daily Dish: Angels agree to 1-year deal with Raul Ibanez
Radio show simulcast on tv r my new guilty pleasure!!! Love Dan Patrick Show, Dish Nation, Felgar and Maz, Artie Lange Show, ect. ... I MISS BEING ON AIR, but its kool... Fully Focused Radio will b back on air son on STILL ILL RADIO and TEAM FLOODED OUT RADIO
Two very upsetting things happened today. I will address both of them. One I can comment on personally, since I saw it with my own eyes, and the second, I will have to do a little investigating. First, earlier today I got word that a PetSmart was discriminating against pits and not allowing them to enter their stores and apparently it is their new policy, allegedly. I have personally taken a pit into a PetSmart and had no issue, although I am partial to Petco since I work there. But, you have to keep in mind the power of social media and scorned consumers. It is fully possible that one particular store decided to make their own rules, because you know we have all seen how some stores go rogue because of some ignorant manager/owner/franchisee. I will be doing research on my end to find the exact language of their policy in regards to pits and share it here as soon as I find something out. Also, keep in mind, MANY people have voiced concern over how PetSmart treats customers with pits, so be smart about you ...
Wearing our dress last night on Dish Nation!
Then they talked about it again on Dish Nation. Then Bethenny had someone on talking about how to do your eyebrows.
Straight up, this show, Dish Nation, might be one of the most subliminally racist shows I've seen
Stumbled into dish nation on tv tonight. I thought cable was bad when I had it 10 years ago.
I'm watching Dish Nation and they're doing a song about Harry Styles called is he *** or is he bi? Assuming there's a story here.
They just sang about Harry being bi or *** in a Christmas tune on Dish Nation. Ok..
One of the greatest feelings is knowing that your entire house is clean and that all of your other chores are done. Enjoying the tree lights and some Dish Nation. Goodnight all.
Watching tmz waiting on Dish Nation so i can get sum more laughing in before sleep. Watch faithfully definitely if you eant to laugh...ijs
Dish nation made up a song about Harry, questioning if he is bi or ***
"Tonight On Nene. What she does not do well and more tonight!!" Wish I got dish nation in fort walton beach fl
Dish nation calling out Harry Styles asking is he's bi or *** 😳 lmao
We're caroling about Harry Styles, Lamar Odom tonight on "Dish Nation!" Where to watch:
Dish nation got ne Rollin right now. Lmao
Oh no! We're on Hulu now! We will upload a new episode tomorrow:
I might be a little late but dish nation is bugging. There is NO ugly
you're on Dish you..xx
Dish nation is so stupid. I just want to watch the Simpsons
Dish Nation just did a segment on how bad pit bulls are and kind of endorsing BSL. Made me so mad.
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" They tabloids really think Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, Uruguay legalizes marijuana, we have everything you need to know about the.
just saw your interview on dish nation. I've fallen in love all over again.
If you don't watch Dish Nation then well you're missing out
If you ever get the chance watch the show called Dish Nation!!! It is F-in hilarious!!! It shows here on fox. At 1:00 pm and 11:30 pm, if you need something to make you smile or laugh catch it.
Make sure to check out dish nation, Gabrielle Union and To & Tiny are stopping by the show today
We're caroling about Harry Styles, Lamar Odom and more stars tonight on "Dish Nation!" watch:
Watching Dish Nation while I get dressed. Miley Cyrus is disgusting.
Little Giant Ladders
Gabrielle Union says "Being Mary Jane" is the best thing she's ever done, plus how does she support Dwyane Wade court side? "Dish Nation" is a daily half-hou...
Happy Birthday Bro...God Bless... May you see many more!!! Love Dish Nation
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Could Justin and Britney get back together? Conrad Murray's awkward interview about Michael Jackson, Kevin Hart is giving you drivi ...
TMZ Needs to be off air so does Dish nation like who tf watches that
did you ever see Jon Stewart's bit on Chicago pizza? ...its hilarious (well to some) made me think of ya
Dear Dish Nation, your show is not funny and features cookie cutter DJs that aren't funny. Cancel your show or get funny DJs.
The Atlanta station on dish nation so funny lol
Tiny & T.I. were on Dish Nation tonight and they both said they didn't like their characters.
My favorite late night show is Dish Nation.
Jesus in the forefront & the girl on Dish Nation saying will never win an Oscar for not doing sex or nudity scenes, well I
TMZ should start a gang fight with Dish Nation. I'd pay money to see those 2 dreadlocked cats kickbox each other to death.
It appears to me that they cut out the Rickey Smiley commentary completely. I have friends on Dish Nation. Thank-you, Ebony.
The Dish Nation commercial teaser was more critical, but they toned it down.
Dish Nation showed a brief clip of you speaking in Spanish and that was it.
Snooki and spoke about their love for Miley in an interview with Access Hollywood -
I used to think there were no bigger dbags than the crew from TMZ and then I came across this show dish nation. Waste!
Dish Nation is all new today make sure to watch.
So long Lamar. Does Khloe have a NEW main man? Find out tonight at 10:30pm on Dish Nation.
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Are Russell Brand and John Mayer the same person? A "Real Housewife" faces major backlash over racist remarks, Rebecca Black has a ...
Watching Dish Nation. I consider this show entertaining for the most part but I am still trying to wrap my mind around televising a radio broadcast show. *SOLID*
First i got 2 think da big man up top 4 waking me up dis moring .it was a ok day i got da chance 2 work out an play so basketball .now im in ma bad watching dish nation on my flat screen tv .
Dish nation just said, marriage should be like your DL every 10 yrs you renew your marriage and if you don't want to renew you are divorced. Lol
If anyone is ever awake at midnight watch Dish Nation on fox 5.
Laying down watching Dish Nation they be having me rolling
I was watching dish nation and they said that directioners were threating to kill lorde bc they thought she called all the boys ugly and somebody on there said that there's always an ugly one in all boybands and a dude said its none of them and she said I think its liam then Shes like sorry it's not Liam its Louis and she said sorry don't threaten to kill me but somebody else doesnt like them either but I forgot the person she saids name
I Love Dish Nation, its so much better than TMZ!!
So some girl on dish nation called Liam Payne "the ugly one" in one direction. Ummm no. They're all perfection there is no ugly one in one direction. Watch her get hate.
Welcome to "Dish Nation!" Sources tell us Charlize Theron has adopted another baby, Chris Hemsworth ruins acting for all other actors, President Obama reveal ...
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