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Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel (formerly The Discovery Channel) is an American satellite and cable specialty channel (also delivered via IPTV, terrestrial television and internet television in other parts of the world), founded by John Hendricks and distributed by Discovery Communications.

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I've just watched episode S01E02 of Star Trek: Discovery!
Oh okay, that's cool. Same here, just watching some investigation discovery lol that's my fave channel
New post (Discovery channel Documentary | Amazon Rainforest Uncontacted Tribes | ...) has been published on Be ...…
'Sons of Guns' star Will Hayden gets life in prison for rape of two young girls: via
Watching Discovery Channel and these birds are in a relationship 😒 wow
I've just watched episode S01E04 of Star Trek: Discovery!
When U recorded all on the discovery channel because each year u never miss it & ur mam deleted it while u were in Spain 😫😢💔
I just bought 'Time Bandit Gear Box' on Time Bandit Gear Store on Discovery Channel
Pic from Manhunt: Unabomber on discovery channel. Got to meet and be in a scene with Sam…
Very comforting and so is the ID Discovery channel where they re-enact murders. Yea!!
Take down the Internet and Discovery channel
Were you watching Channel to watch perform bone marrow transplants They spotlight a s…
-My friend and I sit there for a good five minutes, like something on the discovery channel, sitting and commenting.-
Maybe I watch too much discovery channel but I have the hardest time falling asleep for fear that a hidden giant snake will consume me
Still no Snake Week, Smh. Here's why Snake 🐍 Week would be better than
News: New Season of Returns to Aug 30: Rev up your engines for an all-new se…
ESPN or the discovery channel.. can't go wrong
i havent heard of anyone under the age of 30 watching TLC/Discovery/History channel in the better par…
I added a video to a playlist DISCOVERY CHANNEL (lyrics)
Tune in to Discovery Channel in one hour for the continuation of
fam she said "watch the discovery channel every now and then" IM SCREAMIJG
So stoked to be in the Season Finale of Murder Among Friends: Law of the Wild! Check it out on Investigation Discov…
Don't act like you know history based on the basic stuff they teach you in school and a few things you watched off the discovery channel
Discovery Channel's "First in Human" could make a dent in a problem: Clinical trial participants are in short supply http…
Every time I hear Cody speak I feel like he should be a narrator on the Discovery Channel.
Tuning in to again folks... channel (9p ET). The value of and the search, hope for cures...
Watch a documentary on Discovery or National Geographic channel instead. Learn something!
Turn on First In Human on Discovery Channel right now . It is AMAZING.
Watching First in Humans on the discovery channel! It's about NIH ❣️
My workplace is featured on the Discovery channel tonight at 9pm on !!
I need to be heading to bed, but channel has me on the edge of my seat
I love Kourtney on the Discovery Channel and T V show Yukon Men she can show up the men of their village that's for sur…
Shark Week is back tonight on the Discovery Channel starting at 8 p.m. and to quote Chief Martin Brody "you're... http…
If you're a fan of Discovery Channel's Yukon Men, then you're familiar with Stan Zuray, the Boston transplant who...
Hi there! I think Shark Week began in 1988, not 1998.
Did you miss MOSQUITO on Discovery Channel last night? Watch Now. https:…
I wonder when the Discovery Channel comes out with their new show, " In Search of GOP *** . Have a feeling th…
Nope you just learning more everyday . ghe channel is your friend
Class activity: Mammoth discovery in by | http…
Class activity: Mammoth discovery in by |
Discovery in talks to acquire the owner of HGTV, Travel Channel via
Coconuts kill more people every year than sharks. I propose we have "Coconut Week" on the Discovery Channel.
Pete's gonna be in for a real treat watching on channel w the grand kids...
trashmen ~ Surfin' Bird from the album Discovery Channel Music : Sing With The Animals [0]
That. Was. Crazy. 🦈🦈🦈 no need to watch the Discovery channel, you get it all on the live feed 😱
Discovery Channel's Shark Week will be back on Sunday and this is a swimming match you don't want to miss!
If they ever make Hitler a lady I'm never watching the Discovery channel again.
Discovery in talks to buy owner of HGTV, Travel Channel
WONWOOYAAA turn your TV on and change ur channel to Discovery Channel. It's all about aliens/UFOs 😉👽
Hey what's going on with the discovery channel...? Not happy 😡
Disagree, rarely watch BBC..much better progs on sat or net..Discovery channel for one. Quality is j…
i was watchin discovery channel n this woman goes "if I had to choose between spending time with people or penguins,Id choose penguins" same
Aboriginal archaeological discovery in Kakadu rewrites the history of Australia
I have commitment issues with TV shows. I just watch Discovery ID channel, all day
We hope to launch a new channel package owned by 50% and 50% similar to the package A & E
I'm watching the Investigation Discovery channel & all of these children could have been saved if their parents didn't let them go anywhere
What are the Discovery Channel doing is a massive inspiration to many of us. Rethink your decision and get Be…
Because I cannot watch any other broadcast TV without breaking the law. Discovery Channel, History Channel etc.
Sometimes we just follow to view how the latest animal on the planet lives, since he is a n…
It was decided that the question of the Channel Tunnel should be referred to the Naval and Military authorities.
Yet I have to pay the BBC to watch the Discovery Channel. It's insane.
TOMORROW: joins us LIVE in Times Square ahead of and his big race against a Great White on Discovery Cha…
Nothing liking laying in bed at night 4 deep , high as *** laughing and narrating discovery channel with your girls 😂🤗
Team of archaeologists unearth 11,000 Indigenous artefacts that are at least 65,000 years old.
Hi, the channel is now called Discovery Family. Always fun, inclusive and fascinating.^Kev
Me when I live to tell the story on the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel.
your Go app is terrible. Too many commercials for a channel I'm already paying premium $$ for already.
Discovery Channel asks Shark Week viewers to be donors, too
Looks like a photo they show on the investigation discovery channel of…
He watches HGTV & thinks its news reports on his achievements. Same thing w Discovery, Bravo & Syfy chann…
Hey remember when Discovery owned Travel Channel?. It may happen again.
Y now it's time for the Discovery Channel show starring Hugh Grant. Oh, Fat Amy.
Animal Kingdom special on Discovery Channel tonight was really neat- loved how much they highlighted the unique parts of the park & animals💕
I know him from the Discovery Channel, but what I didn't know was that Todd has such an amazing voice 😳!
Michael Phelps to race a great white shark as part of Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week'
Great Gold vs Great White! Michael Phelps will race a great white shark during "Shark Week" with Discovery Channel
Michael Phelps will race a shark for Discovery Channel and he's not the first athlete to compete against animals:
Discovery Channel hints Michael Phelps will race great white shark for
Check us out tonight on Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel at 7pm.
Canadian friends! Tune in to Discovery Channel's Daily Planet tonight for a "Trending" feature on...
Piece on ammolite will aire tonight on Discovery Channel's "Daily Planet" TV Show. 5PM MST. Please check your local listings!
They have it's just that The Discovery Channel won't meet his pay request so you won't see him anytime soon.
yes, in those days when Discovery Channel had great shows. I particularly remember "…
I remember watching the live streaming in Discovery Channel of the launch of Cassini…
Discovery science channel did a "how it's made" episode on how they make a block of ice. What a time to be alive people!!!
"Lets do it like they do it on Discovery Channel" !!! ^.^ Show us your "Easter Basket…
Twc wants to be discovery channel or the science channel instead of being the weather channel. Garbage
Ever see the Discovery channel "The Crumbling of America's Infrastructure?" Apparently things are q…
Today's OceanWorks image brought to you by Discovery Channel's Daily Planet
They not finna find me. I been watching Discovery Channel. Imma turn off all my electronics and live off the land t…
They might want to watch Shark Week on the Discovery channel...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The Channel should dedicate a week to Taco Bell. It could be called "Shart Week"
Here's a video of the news article on Channel 3. They will run the story at 5:30 tonight!
A2 Discovery Channel with & The characters are interesting and entertaining.…
By the way, YouTube Space, we met in your Build Your Chan…
I wish Eddie Bravo had a talk show on the channel
Lmao. Oppa somin is walking discovery channel sometimes hehe
I don't remember this part of the discovery channel
Just watched the premiere of Coopers Treasure on The Discovery Channel! Can't imagine having a bigger *** of ...
Sad seeing the Discovery channel's continued decline. Going the same way as the History…
The best conversations with my dad begin with the sentence, "I was watching the channel last night with your mom and..."
You gotta throw a lil discovery channel in there Bro
As a kid, I had a hard time understanding why anyone would wanna do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Conspiracy Of Silence: Banned Discovery Channel Documentary. Hard to watch. Important to understand.
A "joke gone bad" is how the Discovery Channel star describes the incident that's landed him in Yukon Territorial...
Ah bros na for discovery channel I see am
Apparently I was on Discovery Channel last night!
4 minutes in. Hooked! Discovery channel Tuesdays and repeated st various times.
Steve explains his strategy for discoveries with exponential potential; not to be confused with potential discovery.
Our electrician wants a job on the discovery channel 🎬. .
Uniqlo launches Discovery Channel UT. UNIQLO has collaborated with Discovery Channel to produce a line-up of UTs
Who needs the Discovery Channel when snapchat keeps you in the know!?! 🌍
I just seen his documentary on the Identification Discovery channel on his cases 3 days ago🤔🤔 Sounds like a set up to me too.
Watching Tucker Carlson is like watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel but in this case y…
We have an open casting for a 20th Century Historian (Cold War/WWII), please get in touch or share asap,
Minelab's Excalibur II debuted on Discovery Channel's Cooper's Treasure this week! Watch the trailer here:
"Hey, Gundham. I bet you and the princess do it doggy style like on the discovery channel~!"
Happy Birthday Mr. Woods. I still believe that you ought to start an " Auto- related Program" for the Discovery Channel.
So animalistic, just want to howl roar and do it like they do it on the discovery channel
Wow a Hollywood actor, Joshua Jackson, on climate change bandwagon on Discovery Channel promoting one side of Barrier Reefs natural problem
"Man Vs Wild", many of us would have seen this programme in Discovery Channel. We about 10 people...
Africa-wide search for filmmaking carries a cash prize from Discovery Channel of $5,000 for the final winner
Discovery Channel could no longer be available on Sky in 3 days. Make your voice heard
Sky's dispute with the Discovery Channel - your questions answered
I believe it would be a major mistake by Sky to drop the Discovery Channel
my first thought on waking up was last day of the Discovery Channel on Sky
Sky and NOW TV customers are at risk of losing Discovery Channel, Eurosport, Animal Planet, TLC & Investigation Discovery…
Discovery Channel has officially renewed Street Outlaws for season 8 -
Discovery Channel is yet to renew Bering Sea Gold for Season 8 -
Discovery Channel is yet to renew Street Outlaws: New Orleans for season 2 -
Did a cool drone shoot at Botany Bay in Kent last summer for a Rosetta doc w/ Discovery Channel. Mad stuff along the cliffs.
The National Geographic channel is awesome. Like old school Discovery Channel or Animal Planet before they both sucked.
I'm a walking advertisement for PBS and for the Discovery Channel. Al...
Happy New Year 2017 to everyone associated with Discovery Channel 😊 Let's discover our beautiful world even in a better way.
Todd Hoffman from the Discovery Channel's tv show "Gold Rush" was recently at Chevs purchasing some parts for his...
Discovery Channel As a star of Discovery Channel's Gold Rush, currently in its 7th season, Todd Hoffman and his...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I like the 'Science Channel,' the 'Discovery Channel,' I like 'Di...
Filmmakers Roger Ross Williams and Kristi Jacobson team for Discovery Channel doc BILLION OYSTER PROJECT
Received an email from someone at Discovery Channel asking if I'd be interested in being on the show The Deadliest Catch. Pretty cool!
I added a video to a playlist Neil Haley interviews Todd Hoffman of Discovery Channel's…
Ricks from Ricks Restoration on the Discovery Channel just gave me…
Iberville Parish Sheriff solves 25 year old case with help of Discovery Channel's
I added a video to a playlist Discovery Channel's - Surviving the Cut - US Marine Recon *High
Discovery Channel: "the next great extinction will likely be us". *election day in 6 weeks*. Me to the universe:
Next month the Discovery Channel will be showing Morgan Spurlock's documentary, Rats. Will you tune in?
I feel like I'm watching A Haunting on Discovery Channel
How do you build a parallelogram hotel? . Find out with our BRAND NEW Discovery Channel video zone!
Apparently half the population of Alaska are Discovery Channel production crews. Associated: i never want to see a show titled "Yukon Men".
hmm if I want to see a mangy bear preying on cubs I'll watch the Discovery Channel. Maybe one of your 51 followers is interested??
Unravel the mystery of Subhash Chandra Bose with Discovery Channel... Via News Break:
I'm watching Gold Rush from Discovery Channel and all I keep thinking is, someone should just grab Todd Hoffman by the goatee and KO his ***
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Taiwan's medical achievements to be featured on Discovery Channel - Focus Taiwan News Channel
Some of the only channels in English are National Geographic and Discovery Channel. I'm all up on my air crash investigation knowledge
Gingersnap debuts on the Discovery Channel! (PERSONALISE a story-app & GIFT it to the kids)
haven't you seen Amish Mafia on Discovery Channel?
I liked a video Discovery Communications Founded with Launch of Discovery Channel
Another exciting episode of Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr., airing via Discovery Channel on Tuesday, June 21st,...
Here's a bit of Discovery Channel for you - apples don't last forever.
Christina Aguilera and Usher to present animal documentary for Discovery Channel via
"Watching C.I.A Hollywood Spytek, which originally aired in 2002 on the Discovery Channel. Also hosted by Danny...
Is it bad that I like to smoke and then watch discovery channel?
So tired and sleepy but THE REAL is like a discovery channel for me and im obsessed i just couldnt stop watching
NEWS: will take part of a new Discovery Channel series called "Hello World"!
They mine as well change the name of the Discovery Channel to Discover Alaska
One of the major advantages that fibre channel has with respect to NVMeoF is a very robust name server and…
Xtina will be part of a new Discovery Channel documentary series leading her voice & music to a full episode in July https…
Website Builder 728x90
In shark discussions with the amazing Discovery Channel team
Arunachal mountaineer Anshu Jamsenpa to feature in Discovery Channel. 17 crew members of Discovery...
will star on Hello World!- a new nature series. Premiering on The Discovery Channel July 9th-
I have a Masters Degree in Animal Planet(Hons) and 15 yrs of experience in Discovery Channel.
Tenessa decided on Discovery Channel as she settled into a night of a dozen scrambled eggs in bed.
ImagiRation uses fun interactive puzzles as a therapy tool for children with autism.
did you know?reruns of season 1 eps 1,2,3 are scheduled on on 5/31, then on AHC channel 6/2?
Doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel, obvi.
Hi Suzanne, reaching out from Discovery Channel Canada, can you please e-mail me at Alison.Kroekerto chat? Thanks!
Animals aren't as cute as y'all think. Watch Discovery Channel
discovery decided to move it to the Discovery Science channel instead
Learn about continuous holding of membrane potential using high throughput automation
I watched a Discovery channel special about the "lost tooth graveyard"... Very fascinating!
Discovery Channel home and health Latin America is showing the season of with and I'm so happy to re-watch it all!!!
yeh I watched it on the discovery channel a couple years back. Really eye opening documentary. Most NASA photos are doctored
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
With 7.2m uniques NPR's podcasts would be most comparable to the Discovery Life Channel, the 114th ranked TV network based on reach.
Hey! I'm a producer with Discovery Channel Canada interested in talking to Randy about his experience
How to use screening of potential ligands to identify drug–drug interactions early in discovery:
Will do a keynote to a group of people at Discovery Channel in Silver Spring, MD at noon today.
Intercorp to Be Featured on Innovations w/ Ed Begley Jr. on Discovery Channel
more about Ennaid featured on Discovery Channel.
Novel high-throughput approach to evaluate state dependence of voltage-gated ion channels
The Discovery Channel have employed popstars to help on a new nature series
Christina Aguilera, Usher and Ellie Goulding to present animal documentary for the Discovery Channel -
Christina Aguilera and Usher present animal documentary Discovery Channel
Railyards can be dangerous. is developing a drone to make it safer & more efficient. https…
New Discovery series "Hello World" aims to pair musicians with documentaries about the animal kingdom. Which...
Up for an adventure? Seeking families to take part in new Survival Series for Discovery Channel
A short film from Discovery Channel about Scottish Gaelic, introduced by Sìne NicLeòid
I'll assume the folks who run the discovery channel Animal Planet destination america and nat geo run the channel too
Pls RT! Seeking families to take part in new Adventure Series for Discovery Channel. Info on pic
Pls RT! Fancy fishing for your families survival?Apply now for new Discovery Channel Series
You need to be watching on the Discovery Channel, now. If you need convincing:
Addicted to on the channel! The ridiculousness of it is hard to turn away from!
Drone racing by to debut on Discovery Channel
Rick Wilson is the fungus that feeds on pond scum. One day Discovery Channel will do a show on it.
If you missed Ennaid on Discovery Channel's Health Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr.
Love that,as I sip my first pint, the Portobello Pub is showing Discovery Channel. Portobello is such a classy place!
Post-thoughts while cooking dinner: what if ETs binge-watch Netflix as Discovery Channel? Our grand discourse? Sex&violence
We have just discovered that the piece we did for Discovery Channel's on Outrageous Acts of Science is available... htt…
Todd Hoffman from the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush stopped by the HNC shop. He wanted a…
Hello, can't seem to get Discovery Channel. @ Brint & King. Was out b4 the snow. Any idea to when it will be back ? Thx
forms of institutions or organizations. Good example is certain channels like the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.
You've seen him on the Discovery Channel, and soon you can see Dr. Michio Kaku at MSU. .
My favorite Wyatt Family member is Luke Harper, because I like Alligators and National Geographic/Discovery Channel nature shows!
Looking for a good military aviation podcast, maybe one similar to the 90s Discovery Channel sh...
'Gold Rush' digs deeper into the 'Klondike Legend' on Discovery Channel
Animal Planet is good, but the Discovery Channel is even better because Shark Week
Good bye Mythbusters, it was a pleasure growing up with you. The final chapter of education on the Discovery Channel closes.
I just started following BNI Discovery Channel on
The man who oversaw Discovery Channel and TLC launches an online service science, history videos
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