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Discover Card

The Discover Card is a major credit card, issued primarily in the United States. It was originally introduced by Sears in 1985, and was part of Dean Witter, and then Morgan Stanley, until 2007, when Discover Financial Services became an independent company.

Black Friday

Visit Jacksonville, IL & use the Visitor Discount Card to discover all they have to offer!
Hi, Curt! I know it can be frustrating to have your card not work when you need it and to have to answ…
Again!?! Every time I use the card I get a demand to call you and answer a zillion security questions. Wh…
How y'all gonna send me a letter saying my card is coming and not send me my card? Such a tease
Found out today Discover card are a bunch of lie robbing crooks.shame on them ever one should boycott them
Discover upped my limit on my credit card. this is bad thing
Hi, Will! Let's take a look at why your card isn't working. Use the link to chat.…
I called their customer service line. The guy said my card was activated. I tried to use it, not activated.
"You don't have to write a check, I have your discover card.". "From where?". "Your wallet.". "How'd you get it out of there?"
Like you've paid for the full card, go enjoy it, everyone starts somewhere you never know who you might discover
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Hi! Customers can be reimbursed up to $30 each anniversary year when they pay for in-flight wifi wit…
I lost my Apple Watch & credit card last night.. only to discover them in my trunk? That's enough tequila for awhile
I got a discover student credit card and just racked up a bill and paid it off every month and was…
Sorry to hear about an issue with the number to activate the card. You can also activate by calling…
The number to activate my card is wrong, and I keep getting increasingly rude messages that the call can't be completed as dialed.
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Is your coming up a little short? Try the Discover Card for access to credit.
Been neglecting my American Express & Platinum Card.. cuz Discover been offering me more 😏
My entire paycheck this week went to paying off my discover card. Don't get a credit card kids 😊
Discover all the details about the Boker Plus Credit Card Knife on
Discover card if you want a job that has benefits
when can I apply 2nd card with DISCOVER?
Please note it is never safe to send personal info over social media. We'd strongly reco…
So glad to hear you found your card! It sounds like your card just really wants you to get t…
is offering 5% cash back Today I panicked because I lost my credit card, only to realize I left it at Starbucks
Discover just wants me to get in trouble with my credit card by upping my limit. They know I like to swipe.
I've had my discover card since I was 18. And I'm scared to death to touch it. Literally ONLY use it in emergencies lol
I would like to report a sudden discover that my bank card is stolen and a fraudulent blocking of my mobile banking.
Try Capital One Journey card or Discover for students! I was approved for both!
Do organizations treat their customers better than their own employees?
I purchased a national card thinking I can use it for work to then discover it's only valid after 10am. What do I do?
House of Cards?. (Young) Germans discover love for card payments. . via Initiative Deutsche Zahl…
Pro tip: when hiring a Dom escort service try using your Discover instead of your Master Card.
My family always has used and liked discover- it's who I'm gonna go w for my first credit card per their recommendation
that discover card commercial w the sushi is my favorite I laugh every time oh my god
Does the class card bonus apply with Eternal Servitude ? because of the Discover Mechanic ?
The Mets are buying at the deadline with a Discover card.
I do remember getting something in the mail from discover! I have a card with them, I'll have to look…
Discover has a pride credit card option!
Brian Drent of Mile High Card Co Auction on if there are more finds to discover. "There's still great stuff out there to find."
No problem, Ashley. If you have questions about our card or anything, feel free to reach out. Have a nice night! *Noelle
SnappCard helps me discover the city's best venues, just like Hevea Cafe . Download SnappCard here http…
if I make a payment online will I be able to charge the card for that amount right away or do I have to wait until it processes?
I can't believe I'm replying to a promoted ad, but, hey, I did not know that. Thanks. (And I already have your card.)
I did a Corporate Gig for the Discover Card - You Wanna Talk About ZERO PERCENT INTEREST!!!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Available in the White House gift shop, formerly the press room, accepts Visa Master Card, Discover, American Expre…
at our fave Mexican restaurant. Hay, I'm not as dumb as I look, so I sed sure+. Prob was Miffy only had a Discover card which we "discovered"
We absolutely understand! We can absolutely look into the missing card for you. Please click the link to chat with... 1/2
Your new card should arrive within 7-10 days. To put your mind at ease, you are never responsible for unauthorized... 1/2
Hey How long is the expected wait for a new card? It's been a bit over a week and I'm a bit anxious/worried. 😬
So for about 2 months I thought I'd lost my drivers license only to put my laptop away and hear a clink I then discover the my card
Hi Elizabeth! For the security of your account, your card number is just listed on your card itself. *Alicia
I left my discover card w my mom &' I really need to impulse buy something real quick just in case it goes out of stock or regret not coppin
Ever been enticed into purchasing a product, only to discover there were strings attached?
Thinking about getting a new credit card? Here are the best that are available - via
The color on that card is absolutely stunning! It's one of my favorites as well. *Jasmine
Thank you for the shout out! We are so happy to hear you love your new card. What card design did you pick? *Jasmine
Thank you for this beautiful package with this beautiful card. You guys put a lot of effort into it
yup, photoshop can discover the graphic card, I disabled it and enabled it but the "canvas" of a psd keep not showing
.sending me notifications when I use my card is actually really cool
*** discover went all out to deliver my card. This is so much cooler and better than the first CC I got
When your son asks to do a two card reading with you and you discover you are in exactly the…
Quite a few translation fails on website. One of my favourites: Discover (the credit card brand)…
Just switched to using Discover as my primary card for basing your support center in the US! Thank you. It made the change easy.
Are you Compliant? Ensure your card payments are secure with our help - discover protection
Minor pleasure of the day: tapping my year old Oyster card as I walked onto the Tube to discover it still has £7 credit on it.
Last week, I started having issues connecting to my Discover card through the app. Has this issue occurred for anyone else?
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Hi Chris. Glad to hear you got your card!Please chat in to check on the Amazon credit. *Denise
Do you want to borrow books from our It’s very easy to. Get your library card at
Discover how revitalised the age old card concept with
Your selfies will make people jealous! Grab your card & discover the world! Know more:…
Apply for your own Metrobank Card, view your SOA, and discover the latest promos through M Online. Visit…
All I've ever wanted is to be Discover Card's valentine. 😍
Kind of disappointed - I called Discover Card but the gal who answered didn't sound anything like me!
Read the today. Plus, get an Amazon Gift Card if you complete your own demo. http…
Behind Cards friendly commercials is mean and harassing company that will NOT COVER FRAUD ON YOUR CARD!
Postal staff discover Christmas card filled with cannabis
will you send someone to have dinner w/ me on the 14th? Ill pay... with my discover card, vause as yall know, it pays to discover
but when you are ready you discover you need an even smaller SIM card than
I feel like a fan girl the way I talk about my card, I just really love good companies with great customer service. 👏🏽❤😂
*** yes! I'll sub as soon as I figure out why Discover won't unlock my card 🙄
You're INVITED! . Join me tonight 7:30 👀. Come discover your Tarot Year card & Core Desired…
I request to get off your solicitation list. Get 3 in the mail. I'm never opening a card with you.
Great! I'm so glad I could help! What are you going to use your newly unfrozen card on this weekend? *Kristin
Watching someone with the WotOG pre-order cardback discover a card is super creepy via /r/hearthstone
Put my card on freeze for awhile now and now I'm trolling to unfreeze it but I forgot how. 😞
Do you have any plans on allowing Discover card to be a part of Samsung pay?
thanks Kristin, but that page doesn't address my issue. I've got the card, but never received a PIN.
We want you to feel confident in using your new chip card. Use this link to learn how: *Kristin
My new card has a chip!. That I can't use because I don't have a PIN.
What is it about Discover Card holders that makes them ask if the restaurant takes Discover only after they've eaten their meal?
Yes! It sure is. Once approved, you can request the card design of your choice. *Kristin
I'd love to help you get a Discover it Red Wings card. Chat with me to make it so! *Kristin
is it possible for me to get a Discover IT card with the red wings design???
Went shopping ... only to discover why my fiancé asked me to leave my credit card at home.
Hate your job? A $15 energy reading will help you discover your life purpose and a pathway to get there.
yeah then I have my pay card it's a visa and my school one is a discover I believe
Discover stop trying to get people to use your card. Nobody has or ever will
I am so sorry for the mix-up. Let's get you the right card design sent out today. Please click the link to chat. ... 1/2
I was supposed to be sent a pink monogram card with an H on it and you guys gave me a blue one.
When you discover your debit card has a limit and you can't spend your whole bank account in one day 😢😢😢
This cardmember asked me if Discover is a Visa card.
All I want is the Discover NHL card but no
It's a sad day when you discover you lost your frost gift card
Yes, you can get the It card in different colors. I'm happy to help! Click here to chat: *Kaitlyn
does the discover it card only come in blue? I was told I'd have my pink monogram design 😡
expression upon discovering her Discover Card charged Amazon Prime.
the 2 most important credit card companies - & should be on board N! ASK them to ASAP!TY
Romagna Visit Card lets you discover at bargain prices.It includes free entry to 48monuments
Hello! I can understand wanting to use your Discover card with Samsung Pay. This will be available sometime in 2016. ... 1/3
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Did you see this post?: The Discover It Miles Card For...
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When you find a visa credit card it's a discover by default (tag someone)
is very proud to announce the addition of American Express and Discover Card.…
Thank for my card. Discover your own personalized beverage for your mood
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Discover the city’s best venues, like Nathalie's. Download
- Ronny Deila has the confidence of a card shark but the Celtic manager has admitted he is nervous ahead o...
Honestly I'd be more worried about the Discover card ads.
- Prince Harry releases Christmas card showing his meeting with WW2 veteran, Pri...
I'm happy to hear you like the card. We are working towards making this our main design. *Alexis
I do like it, but at first I thought it was a misprinted card. Are they all moving to that style?
This is a our newest card design. We hope you like it as much as we do. *Alexis
New card from with blank face, just the card artwork. All info printed on the back. Guess they're finally giving up raised numbers
Car Lift Wanted from Discovery or Dubai Investment Park to Dubai Industrial City -. Need a card lift from Discover...
Remember to pay for your groceries with your Visa Card and discover small wins.
Discover enhanced shopping experience by using any card or device using the highly secure
Discover the city’s best venues, like Download best food in Dubai ever
Welcome to Discover! Do you plan to use your card for anything special? *Alicia
Discover how Hawaii can bring value to your and get a $100 gift card.
MasterCard is the most accepted card in the world! Discover global offers here:
So glad you want to be part of the Discover family! If approved, you can expect your card within 7-10 days. *Beth
how long will it take for me to get my credit card if I got approved today for a student one?
Use any payment card or enabled device to go beyond plastic & discover enhanced shopping experiences with
I seriously think is the best credit card company. They never fail with their service. 😌
Liz gets her credit card stolen and is on the phone with Discover, Liz "It could have been worse, at least it wasn't my Starbucks Gold card"
are the headphones for an Xbox or were you in a discover card commercial?
Is that Frances in the Discover Card commercial?
When Discover comes in with the clutch and gives you a $5 gift card to Starbucks 🙌🏽
5 tip whereat as unto discover the win hedonics hotel twentieth-century delhi into yours card: CZiZ
Master card and discover too? What a guy. He is such a *** I wish we could vote now. Almost any repub be better.
*Picks you up and carries you to your room* SO that will be 9.95 ,i accept discover,visa, cash, Master Card but not KISses
"I'm broke but I'll still go, I don't care.I'll just charge it on my discover card"
Isn't that the best?! What's your favorite pizza? Where do you like to go and get it with your Discover card? *Kristin
When the 5% cash back on your discover card is enough to buy you a pizza. 💯🍕
Nothing says happy holidays like credit card fraud. 😡😤😒. Thank you for taking care of it!You've got a customer for life!
Shout out to for sending me a Starbucks gift card just because 😍
Gift Card Flipping: Discover how to flip gift cards and profit by turning them into cash.
Free Starbucks gift card for being a cardholder? Why thank you 🙌🏼
Thanks, Discover Card for catching the phishers who tried to steal my dads identity and hack his Mac people these days
Thanks, for my free gift card! Looking forward to enjoying a warm treat this season.
Discover is the real bae for sending me a $5 Starbucks gift card 😍
Glad to hear you received your gift card! You deserve a treat on us! What are you going to get? *Lindsay
Got a random starbucks gift card in the mail from just because. Odd, but much appreciated.
Discover card - you have to mail them copies of your Social security card, DL, and court order. That's like an ID theft kit.
Is that brought to us by Discover Card, Capital One Bank, Chipotle, Tostito's, 7Up, Cabela's, Ford, IKEA, juice or
across 5000+stores. Download App now to discover offers on your card
Had 2replace Discover card due 2fraud Dec. 2014, now Nov 2015. Very aggravating, esp when set up for monthly payments. Glad was caught tho.
I'm sorry to hear about the situation with the replacement card. Definitely not the best time to have that happen. ... 1/2
Bruh discover raised my limit on my credit card 😏
Probably shouldn't* have my Discover card saved as a default payment method at UO...
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Doing right involves using any card but since you canceled my card on Thanksgiving. New card in 6-8 days? Thanks.
I did have 2-3 transacs that didn't go thru because PP said I couldn't use my card, but I just used the Discover instead...
Discover card came in just in time for Black Friday
Also thankful for a slightly smaller wallet, since it won't have a Card in it anymore.
Thanks, for making me call to find out why my card was being declined during the 1-Hour Guarantee Thanksgiving night at
And thank you, for your "proactive" communication by telling me you canceled my card only after I called you.
It's nice to know that will get my new card here with plenty of time for Black Friday...2016.
Thank you, for doing me a "favor" by canceling my card on Thanksgiving and mailing me a new one for arrival in 6-8 days.
Yeah, just talked our neighbor into closing their discover card! Discover, I've just begun!
I say we all boycot discover card. Bank of America have some sweet deals and they treat you like respected customers
Oh yeah I forgot, discover card likes to cheat people, what was I thinking?
Discover card, I want my money. I paid you on time, what's ur issue? Your reps are rude and nasty
Rest in peace to my credit card tonight. Thanks Discover for the opportunity to build good credit. Thanks Black Friday for ruining that.
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thanks for the Starbucks gift card, I really appreciate it
Are you giving thanks for family today? Use your library card to discover new relatives with Heritage Quest.
tragweshili1984: RT: Thailer_Jaymz: Target trying to Black Friday shop in app today with and unable to use my Discover card f…
Finally put my card on and one day later it gets hijacked. Thanks for the quick catch!! No more Apple Pay!
Pays to have both a Discover Card and Wells Fargo Visa 😊😊😊😊
Discover the power of the Mini Card in SuperOffice CRM!
Dance Studios - discover how to lower your credit card processing fees by 70% without switching providers at
You wern't using a Discover card were you?
...when you use your Discover card with Apple Pay. Gift cards are excluded. . *Erin 2/2
so I just discovered (pun not intended) that I have the it chrome card. Does that still qualify for the Apple Pay bonus?
- Ricardo Santos staying focused as he bids to regain European Tour card with good performance at the ...
We accept Vias, Master Card, Discover and American Express. 💳 Don't make excuses make time
Ya card get declined at the register and there's a line behind you only thing you can do is just argue until u get kicked o…
Just applied for a discover card BC there's no foreign transaction fees
Got a super sweet good morning text from Discover letting me know my credit card payment is due AW love when they go the extra mile :')
Let customers know your accepts Discover
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Anybody want a discover student card? I can refer you
Hello and good day. I was wondering if I can use my Discover Card to get cash some how? Thank you.
I really want the Discover it Miles card ✈️💺
Discover the hottest toy this holiday season and you could win a $150 ToysRUs gift card from…
I must say, your card is very awesome! I've seen my FICO score increase since I got the card, 2 months ago! Go Discover!
Let customers know your is ready for their newfangled Discover
Discover the hottest toy for the 2015 holiday season + $150 ToysRUs gift card
This will help you to discover on the quick buses…
seems like everyone I know either works at Wells Fargo, QT, or Discover Card. What's the deal
and that my friend... is why I ALWAYS use my discover card... lol
Hard guy but you go start to dey cry wen you discover Dr. wrote injection on ur card.
Discover the city’s best venues, just like At Origin Coffee. Download here
Discover the city’s best venues, just like The Coffee Club . Download here
Discover Card's Discover it now offering 5% back (Q2 2015)! See for details.
Just called to activate my discover card and the ppl are legit as nice as the commercial makes them out to be. Totally a fan now
That fun moment I call to activate my new discover card and my center answers the phone. 👌
I have Discover! It's a green card with Doug's face on it!!
apply for the Discover It card, it's really easy!
%5 Cashback on movies and restaurants with my Discover card... Guaranteed returns on my dates this quarter, that's awesome!!!
Access 1000s of free journals, databases and ebooks from home with your card
lol a credit card? Not if you pay it off. I have the IT Discover Card and it helps my credit score soo...
hmm.. didn't think about it. There's good chance it's MC or Visa. Since Costco used discover card previously
Our NEW Miles Card puts you in the No. NO blackout dates and NO restrictions. Terms Apply:
Check out our latest review of the Discover it® Miles credit card:
Also, why is it that the Customer Service Rep (in the other Discover Card commercial) doesn't know who the *** she is talking to? PC on?
So is the Discover Card trying to lose customers? Fraud vs Frog = Discover Misunderstands You... marketing, you are doing it wrong.
any thoughts on the "new" (reintroduced) Discover It Miles card? I have Discover, might try to switch it over.
Opened up what I thought was junk mail, but instead was a gift card from my Discover card just…
We are excited to see you got the gift card! Glad to have you as a customer. Enjoy the treat on us! Have a great week. *Jake
Hey thanks for the surprise card that came in the mail today. A+ customer service!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
New Discover It Miles Credit Card Overview. Discover has a great new credit card offering, the Discover It Miles c…
Discover card treats me like I treat me, so in other words if I ever mess up they’ll pretty much never forgive me for as long as I live.
Were you able to find your Discover Card? *Hilary
So glad that you got ur gift card. Your drink looks amazing! I may have to go grab one too. I hope you enjoy every sip of it! *L
Completely forgot to pay my discover card on time 😭, and customer service assured me everything will be okay! Thanks
Finally got around to using my gift card. 😜 Thanks 😄
Become a Discover cardmember and you’ll get $50 Cashback Bonus with your 1st purchase! Best card around!
just opened up a Discover card and maxed it out. Oops!
what is needed to refer someone for a Discover it card?
They need to send my discover credit card fast
Were you able to get your Discover Card? We can mail it to you if you are the owner of the account. *Hilary
Time is running out. Sign up now. This Weeks Winner of the $50 Visa Gift Card is Jason Hand from CNMEC. Congrats... htt…
Are Discover Financial’s card loans better than its competitors?
Jason I know you want to click on my link and get a discover card. How about you just do it.
How did Christopher Columbus finance his trip to America? . With the Discover Card
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I think it's hilarious that the sisters on the discover card commercial have the same names as a my mom Lisa Tobin Hedgcorth and my aunt Julie Gerke. lol early morning humor on a Tuesday that feels like a Monday.
The new year often sees us make resolutions we can't keep. Discover how to make yours stick.
right now is probably the perfect time to discover my SD card reader is malfunctioning thanks apple i got 10 shares of your stock 4 xmas
Dear discover card: when trying to recruit new credit card members, you should probably spell check their names.
nice! I've been doing the same thing with Discover but I think there are way better rates out there for a monthly expense card
Discover how evolved into the in the 🎧
The blood bank calls my cell like they're a credit card company (insert promo) however my great credit card company doesn't! 👍💕
please let me know if you figure it out I'm drowning in discover card offers
You're dam right I will say "awesome sauce" like the discover card chick right after you *** in my mouth.
…number on the back of your card, or by sending us a secure message on if needed. *Jason
so much for good neighbor service got the neighbor from *** I will just give my business to card
Just back from Amsterdam to discover that have completed Sunday's card with a couple of potential classics. Well played!
Discover the beauty of the sea with Suave Sea Minerals at Target + $50 Gift Card Giveaway
Darkwa is such a wild card. Will be interesting to discover what the Giants have in him . . . other than an unusual name.
Thank you for your interest in a Discover card! When you apply for an account, it does require a pull of your current...
Went into asda and got aw my munch, full baskets worth...put it all through the scanner then discover I've no got my card with me...rid neck
Discover Your Winning Line Up at Publix and Gift Card Giveaway: It’s time to change your ...
Discover card members need to stop smoking crack and calling in.. I can't deal with the stupidity anymore 😤
Link your card to in Q1! MT Take further w every ride you order
The discover card I have gives me 2% back on gas and restaurants, so things I buy anyways I get money back on.
because I just paid my discover card payment 3 weeks before it's due
Start your off right by entering to win my $250 gift card!
Man somebody made a copy of my credit card and used it in Northville. Gotta give credit to Discover for catching it right away tho.
StartCOIN ANX Debit Card project screams to the top of the leaderboard
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