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Dirty Old Town

Dirty Old Town is a song written by Ewan MacColl in 1949 that was made popular by The Dubliners and has been recorded by many others since.

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My son got so overwhelmed in town today he threw a screeching tantrum and while everyone else stared at him and gav…
Old town Recife is dirty and smelly, badly kept, but also very pretty.
Dirty old town looking well this morning
"There’s still this stereotype that West Allis is a dirty, old, empty industrial town, and nothing could be further…
Good bhoy,I love Jonny Cash,Folsom Prison Blues is my go to karaoke tune,that and Dirty Old Town 😉
...Can't take an ugly shot of this magical "Dirty Old Town" today...looking forward to what Franki…
If I had to pick one song to hear played live... for the rest of my life... it would be Dirty Old Town
Check out this awesome video: The Pogues - Dirty Old Town
they doing them folks in Old town Villa dirty af. had them folks living w/ no heat & water.
Some records bring everything flooding back
Best one was when he said about the mess outside on some wasteland that’s not ours ! I replied it’s a dirt…
Thought you was about to burst into song singing roger Whittaker “dirty old town “
While filming the Mombasa part of my latest video, I met a lady who asked: "What are you doing?". "Capturing the st…
From Fairytale of New York to Dirty Old Town. What the New York subway will do its banking sector. Standard this ev…
good morning Pete could you explain how tegan and sara track is on the system,and yet dirty old to…
hi Moose tacos are Mexican, Mexico is a track by alestorm,ale is alcohol,rum is a…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I met a Girl in this dirty old town
David Byrne - Dirty Old Town now playing on Max Radio!
We are miles away sir . Our economy is like an old dirty town shop run by a d…
Ah! So that's what he has been doing ..
Maybe piers Morgan should stop talking about football then 😂
I added a video to a playlist Roger Whittaker :Dirty Old Town
Me old mucker song now turning in his grave DIRTY OLD TOWN
Ewan MacColl - "Dirty Old Town" Been in a folk music mood today, mis…
The most needed times usually hard to come. @ Dirty Old Town
Not gonna lie, watching my kids sing and dance to dirty old town makes me proud.
soft love, milk hater # rep, the sims, pastel yellows and blues, soft love fOr jjk , dirty old town by craig cardif…
Here’s a song for you… Dirty Old Town by Liam McGrandles.
When the walls come down,they will say conspiracy..strange it’s not italian mob he is in collision with that w…
Two years ago, on the Thursday before school was out for Thanksgiving break, I decided to road trip with my family…
Listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Dirty Old Town by near perfect pitch on
I added a video to a playlist dirty old town- Ashley Corrigan
Wee Jinky entertaining again...sad that he only had few more years left and was showing signs of frailty . Dirty Ol…
As long as I get a snapchat of on a Friday singin dirty old town it will always be a good Friday 😂😂😂
I liked a video The Pogues Dirty old town
. Listen do me and the world a favour and cover ‘Dirty old town’, Keep the peace ✌🏻
No - So far Franken is guilty of sexual harrassment ( or more?). Moore is guilty of being a dirty old…
Hate to see AL seat go to the Dem, but Moore is the very definition of dirty old man. Storie…
I'll chop you down like an old dead tree. Dirty old town. Dirty old town.
She was somewhere near the TX border, that's all I remember. I took greyhound up to her…
😍. I met my love by the gas works wall. Dreamed a dream by the old canal. I kissed my girl by the factory wall. Dirty o…
This time on it's not safe to swim today, that dirty 15 year old pervert and how we were sure the only hobo in our…
I find that I do that with loads of songs now! I love Dirty Old Town by the Pogues now!!!
Oh my word in Athlone, Cape Town still so old school. Only 2 staff working. Building old and dirty. Why man why?
Searched all over town for liquormens old dirty whiskey. No luck. Found 3 bottles 3 towns over. Road trip for the b…
Banned from shopping mall. Banned from the Y. You are a dirty old lecher. In my hometown you'd be bann…
I added a video to a playlist Dirty Old Town by The Dubliners cover
A dirty old man, rich and influential, shielded, enabled, snickered about in a small town. How many other d…
Paddies will be singn Dirty Old Town.on repeat
Only fitting that "dirty old town" by the pogues is playing as I enter Sudbury
When i hear yves i picture some dirty racist white town old man with a garage in the middle of nowhere and he kinda spits while talking
Reminds of the song, Dirty Old Town. I kn…
Dirty Old Town and a glass of Tullamore Dew.
St. Pat's requests: from Ted Leo and Rx, A Bottle of Buckie, Dirty Old Town, Little Girl in Bloom.
Jason Collett's cover of Dirty Old Town on the - so good!
On radiohhh_com BLUE "Dirty Old Town" by Steve Earle from 'Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl'
Sunday Reading lives in a dirty old town.
Listen to Dirty Old Town by The High Kings on Napster: the high kings! This us excellent stuff. Take a a listen.
Dirty Old Town was an answer on The Chase, chaser knew it was about Salford.
Neighbour in shed starts playing Dirty Old Town. Other neighbour starts to sing along while spreading his cement. She'd neighbour joins in
I liked a video Norma Waterson, Martin and Eliza Carthy - Dirty Old Town (Live at Celtic Connections
Every time I draw blood I hum Dirty Old Town and I really don't know why
I added a video to a playlist Dirty old town - The Pogues
Brush Shiels - Dirty Old Town. Absolute tune, certainly the best version!
I kissed my girl by the gas works walls, dreamed a Dream by the old canal. Dirty Old Town.
Was it the Dirty Old Town song,think that's still on youtube
Officially the hardest thing I've ever done! Glad Jackie got the send off he deserved, even got to play "Dirty Old…
Long drive to Reno yesterday. Love that sketchy dirty old town. Tahoe today to check out the wedding spot.
I love all the dirty looks I get from old people when I'm carrying my board around town center
Dirty Old Town is such a tune, could listen to it forever n ever
Glasgow: Dirty old town What my kids see on walk to school
That's dirty old York, oops dirty old town from the pogues done ;-) . Not too bad. . . . .
Dirty old town and Salford getting a shout out on
When your child is in the back garden singing dirty old town 😂😂😂
How can there be two series of and not one use of Ewan MacColl's Dirty Old Town (As covered by or
I cannot wait to leave this dirty old town
Coincidentally facetimed as Ryan Donnelly started his karaoke performance of dirty old town, cracking Sunday night viewing !😂
new Satr Wars is sans much CGI - it too clean. Back to dirty old town
"Runnin' through the backstreets of this dirty old town"
Listening to 'Dirty Old Town' and singing along with the family. Priceless fun 😍
Whisky is good for you. The Pogues - Dirty old town, live 2012 via
Got so many dirty looks walking round town today :))) good old Winchester
I added a video to a playlist The Pogues - DIRTY OLD TOWN HD
Springs a girl from the streets that night , dirty old town dirty old town 🎼❤️
Someone save me from this dirty sad old hopeless town
"Dirty Old Town" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is worth 58p
Listening to a random Spotify playlist and suddenly, like the voice of an old friend, there was and Dirty Old Town.
ootd consists of a $2 New York shirt from China town, random bracelets with lots of meaning, & my dirty old converse
Imagine dirty old town live with a big crowd of Irish people
Tomorrow night we bring the Dirty Dutch to old town Scottsdale with silva at
I can really bring the fun of karaoke down with 'dirty old town'
looks like your dirty old Town ditty is ready to roll mate
New to song to learn for Saturday, to tune of Dirty old Town. Please RT
Chinese state visit: Green King IPA & fish & chips at pub. I thought a Chinese people irrelevant free day. Pogues' Dirty Old Town.
If you like to be in Mike Sweeney's band get down and join with the song Dirty Old Town. . .
I liked a video Larry Mullen, Jr. of U2 singing Dirty Old Town
Nighty night song: "Dirty Old Town" listen and love the one you're with. ♫
no Wednesday whine for me won the title last night and are promoted to the Conference Dirty Old Town ewan mcol
New chant book, features all ur old favorites like "Dirty Old Town" & "that French chant". Free Saturday!
you may also feel the urge to look out the window and say "I love this dirty old town"
If the town council gives the go ahead to tear down that dirty old church, I’m having smoked ribs and beer on my deck to watch it.
"Dirty Old Town" by The Specials is now playing on SKAspotRadio. Tune in at
Dirty old town, dirty old town, you've got all your little secrets clearly written down.
Love the nice weather need to tone down the dirty old man noises with me headphones in tho nearly been gripped a few times in town already
Kirsty's dad Ewen MacColl wrote Dirty Old Town, after dumping her mum for Pete Seeger's daughter
dirty old town. Wasn't that a party. Old black rum. Peter street.
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Dirty Old Town triggers hideous flashbacks to Christmas 86. My brother and dad drunkenly bonding (temporarily) over the song
Dirty Old Town rules, but Sally Maclennane rules harder!
Still my favourite version of this. BRMC. Dirty old Town. 👇.
Hang your dark cloud over your dirty, old town. The end of the world is over. This is *** and it's televised.
Photos show truly shocking state of Llanelli alleys as council counts costs of fly tipping
Just flicked onto dirty old women are from my town. 😂🙈
Enjoy this classic revisited by the pogues - dirty old town
Who sang the harmony in Dirty Old Town,
Thank you for a fantastic, magnificent, brilliand RSD day to all you lovely people and Jens K and Dirty Old Town
was also humming 'Dirty old town' this morning too
Its proper flipflop weather for the leedscum down here in old London town can almost here patter of dirty feet from Kingscross
.to portray Ewan MacColl in a special centenary reading in the dirty old town http:/…
Now playing Dirty old town from Ewan MacColl on Stream
BRMC making a classic they're own...Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Dirty Old Town
Nice piece on Dirty Old Town writer Ewan McColl, folk giant and Kirsty's dad, on Had a look of Shane McGowan as young man. Spooky
My fav Pogues songs in no pac order: A Pair of Brown Eyes, Fiesta, Sickbed of Cuchulainn, Dirty Old Town, Sally Maclenanne, Waltzing Matilda
a wee bit off subject but one of my faves is Jim Kerr & Jimmy Johnstone singing Dirty Old Town
"Dirty Old Town" is a song written by Ewan MacColl in 1949 that was made popular by The Dubliners, & recorded by The Pogues for their 2nd album, Rum Sodomy &...
Great arvo here at the Burvale! Mix it up with songs like Red Is The Rose and Dirty Old Town, along with some Geisha tunes and VanMorrison
Enjoying a Black and Tan with my best gal on a perfect fall Saturday near Lake Minnetonka. Ewan MacColl singing 'Dirty Old Town' on the pub sound system.
Larry Mullen sings his party piece, Dirty Old Town:
People who like "Dirty Old Town" happen to be the people I hate the most.
I'm listening to "Dirty Old Town" by David Byrne on Pandora. We wanna live in a dirty old town.
Dirty Old Town was originally about Manchester but became 'Irish' after being taken up by bands like Dubliners and Pogues. …
Its not about me, featuring The Pogues, Dirty Old Town
I try :) batteries nearly gone on d iPod , I will tomorrow have dirty old town too which u came to mind :)
Just listening to and living near and in "Dirty Old Town" sung by "Dirty Old Teeth" Great tune terrible incisors
Nice piece Special things do happen at Cass Tech & our "Dirty Old Town"
Nice piece from Special things do happen at Cass Tech and our "Dirty Old Town"
Love this. And I love that city... Dirty Old Town via
By law, only stereotypical song choices are allowed. Boys Are Back In Town for the escorts, Dirty Old Town for Dubs
can we sing Dirty Old Town at the home opener?
one I have not herd in ages... Dirty old town by the Dubliners
Dirty Old Town of Eureka continue to create recycled furniture magic in their hinterland oasis. Check them out...
On my own playing Grinderman 2 RMX and Townes Van Zandt, Riding the Race/Dirty Old Town. Thanks Peter Weber and...
well worth digesting , all the clips. not mentioned: who wrote "dirty old town" Kirsty's dad!
Dirty Old Town. I love this guy's voice--not a common one. @ The Lennox Pub
This dj hasnt got dirty old town what is this
Dirty old town Fergus 2013 fan perspective lol
I think we should change the words from 'Dirty old town' to 'Dirty old man'
Dirty old town bellowing out in Kensington, someone has a party in good shape
My song of the day! The Pogues Dirty Old Town Stiff at the BBC Old Grey Whistle Test
The Pogues - Shane MacGowan - Dirty Old Town check out the couple dancing
Ukulele Cover of Dirty old town by YrsTrly and Harry Chanter from the Plymouth Ukulele Players.
Crocodile Shoes? More like Dirty Old Town you bliddy rip-off.
The Liffey is a particularly disgusting shade of vomit-green today. Dirty Old Town was more prophetic than it was probably meant to be.
LOVE how Dirty old town is the last song played in Rescue Me
These days won't last forever, These days won't last for long / Listening to Dirty Old Town by Talking Heads
Can't get dirty old town out of my head
good shout that... Seven Drunken Nights and Dirty Old Town are top drawer too!!
JUST ONCE I would love to be able to pump gas in this town without getting hit on by dirty old men. 😝
You lot going to get batterd tonight ! On and off pitch "come on ireland" dirty old town! Ireeeland
get in town now. See what looks like plastic oil cans being loaded into kfc. They look dirty and old
tonight: Pogues: Dirty Old Town; Clash: Wrong 'em Boyo, Death or Glory; and, just for fun, B-52'2:Give Me Back My Man "I'm not no limburger"
Learning Dirty Old Town on the bass by The Pogues !
managed to get Dirty Old Town in my 1-1 today! Hope they don't cut it!
Dirty Old Town by The Pogues. What a great track
''Dirty old town'' such a tune that is!
pogues - dirty old town: via This wee Gem has be in my head most of the day ..
cant wait to get out of this dirty old town!!! Cant wait to hear the lion king every hour
Dirty old pink tiburon kickin around town.. Really not makin me proud grand falls.
just realised,am listening to the weather.Dirty old town..
Singin Dirty Old Town when walkin through the Waterside last night ...
just watched a good 1 of Beware Of The Pig - Dirty Old Town, with you &
'Do up your town because we, the county council, won't'. Love Dirty Old Towns (as I love Tidy Towns), but that's the unfortunate subtext.
My phone decided to be a rebel and play dirty old town full volume and wake the whole house up.
fields of Athenry and Dirty Old Town. I'm joining in while getting ready for bed
I don't often feel like this but today is one of those days where I wish I could walk away from this dirty old town and never ever come back
I have too many dirty thoughts for being a 16 year old white virgin in a conservative suburban town
At a local music festival listening to a past it, crappy faux Irish band attempting to murder "Dirty old Town". Kill me now.
yes was full monty. Was shut last year. Love Tenerife. Dirty old town we sang! Classic!
But you've got to admit, dirty old town fits.
No worries, I was sitting having beer with the song came on and I started singing dirty old town. It worked.
OK this makes me happy: Gogol Bordello in Ireland doing "Dirty Old Town"
The Pogues - Dirty Old Town Check Out Our Blog Page for upto date information on New Rock and Roll
The specials version of dirty old town is propa sick in the sunshine
I've woken up with Dirty Old Town in my head. Fab :)
Great songs at club last night including 'Dirty Old Town' (I kissed my girl behind the Gassworks door). Ruth loves this one!
The Pogues - Shane MacGowan - Dirty Old Town. Here they are for you
Paolo Nutini is so good at singing Dirty Old Town
Rod Stewart's cover of "Dirty Old Town" is terrible, you guys. Fair warning.
Danish fans of ROCK music rejoice: the next month is a genuine treasure chest of concerts in Copenhagen, so don't miss out! We'd strongly recommend starting already tomorrow with the homegrown Pet The Preacher at BETA2300; followed by Dean Allen Foyd & Dirty Old Town on Friday at the same venue. Then there's Graveyard, Free Fall & Fuzz Manta at Amager Bio on March 7th; Troubled Horse at BETA2300 on the 22nd; and finally the almighty Ghost at Amager Bio on the 26th. ROCK ON!
Discovered Ewan MacColl's version of Dirty Old Town via The Pogues. Currently killing it on
I wouldn't say the pub turn's rendition of Dirty Old Town is slow but it's three minutes in and he's just got to 'old'.
is Dirty Old Town about Gary, Indiana??? It *could* be...
I liked a video from Bettye LaVette - "Dirty Old Town"
That country man, you are very good. Like this collab. Like this. Sounds at the beginning like the Irish Dirty Old Town.
The original line-up of the Pogues performing Dirty Old Town @ the Congress Theatre in Chicago, IL on 3/4/11.
'A fantastic writer.' Donald Ray *** Beat On The Brat (And Other Stories) is the second collection to be released by prize winning author Nigel Bird, following the success of his debut, the critically acclaimed Dirty Old Town (And Other Stories). Here are 9 more pieces ...
Dirty Old Town (And Other Stories) (Kindle Edition): DIRTY OLD TOWN is the debut collection from the prize-winni...
Update your maps at Navteq
The Liverpool Street gas works made famous in Ewan McColl's Salford anthem, Dirty Old Town, were at the centre of a country wide `brandalism' subvertising campaign this week, as guerrilla artists took over advertising hoardings with their own messages.
Sophie just said that her "favorite song ever" is "Dirty Old Town" by David Byrne. We have done well by our children!
Charlie Mulgrew song to The Pogues - Dirty Old Town in the Green Brigade section against Aberdeen on Sunday 23rd October. Celtic won 2-1. This was sang just ...
Here's my rendition of Dirty Old Town. Just for fun.
The original and best with Peggy Seeger (MacColl's wife) Photographs of Salford in 50s and 60s - the original 'Dirty Old Town' where MacColl grew up
The Parkington Sisters with special guest Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys singing "Dirty Old Town" @ The Middle East in Cambridge, MA while on the road wit...
Paolo Nutini's cover of Dirty Old Town is great!!
To the tune of Dirty Old Town... He left the Hearts Cos They don't pay Moved to leith cos he hates gorgie He's hard as nails & he sings hail hail Fenlon & Brown, Fenlon & Brown. And repeat. Mark McGenuis at has ever best...
Wil be walking through that Dirty Old Town known as Inwood soon.
I've added a video to an playlist Guitar Lesson - The Pogues - Dirty Old Town (E
Best quality vid of The Pogues' Dirty Old Town music video from the album Rum, Sodomy & the Lash.
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