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Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is a 1987 American romance film.

Patrick Swayze Abigail Breslin Jennifer Grey Johnny Castle Hungry Eyes Wycombe Swan Walton Arts Center Nicole Scherzinger Debra Messing

Dirty Dancing 'Mini Seal and Heidi Klum' Make Things Awkward on . Check out our new story!
Whoever allowed Abigail Breslin to be Baby in Dirty Dancing should be punished
resort sits abandoned in the Catskills
Sorting through some music Cd's and I forgot I owned the Pretty Woman Soundtrack and I've found the Dirty Dancing CD I thought I'd lost lol
And and their humor is either something dirty or rude :( While I laugh at stupid memes like that one edit of TY dancing ahdhusja
I love when the song from Dirty Dancing comes on the radio at work 😊 young Patrick Swayze was 😍
Next week's (8/9/17) Camp RPAC event has a Dirty Dancing Theme. For those not familiar with movie click on this...
How all Wednesday's should start. Dancing like nobody's watching.
Well we are off to see Dirty Dancing should liven us up after a horrid wet Wednesday :-)
Loved Dirty Dancing last night. Singing, acting and music was amazing. Highly recommend going to see it.
after being super ill yday & throwing up every 5 mins, a chilled day eating vegan carbonara & watching Dirty Dancing was just what I needed
NW Bronx, we're playing Dirty Dancing this Monday in Van Cortlandt Park ➡️
Dirty Dancing is on tv and I'm obviously watching it
Dirty dancing comes to Northumberland: Find out more: Photo Stefan Johansson
Ngl id hate to be those girls who stand giving dirty looks on a night out! Love dancing like a *** with my mates having…
Talk about Dirty Dancing: Owner of resort that inspired film seeks government help for contamination clean-up. More…
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Sarah you too pregnant to be doing his Dirty Dancing it's high-risk sit down
'Dirty Dancing' resort sits abandoned in the Catskills
Went here as a kid with the family. It was 'fancy schmancy'.
There are times when Baby Should be kept in the corner...Lol!.
The owner of the now-defunct Catskills resort that inspired the film "Dirty Dancing" is seeking government help
Great story from about Outdoor Cinema this week! Have you got your tickets yet? 😀📽️🌲
Dirty Dancing, Palace theatre Manchester. Great production get down and book
I just finished the Dirty Dancing episode. I wish I were a better artist b/c thanks to you I kinda n…
Owner of defunct 'Dirty Dancing' resort seeks clean-up help - NY Daily News
And up she goes - Yasmin Shadena Zakher She thinks she's the lady in Dirty Dancing and she nailed it.. lol -...
Pop-up cinema with prosecco bar set to show Dirty Dancing - and it’s almost sold out
Join us this Friday in Fitzwilliam Square for the Summer Cinema screening of 'Dirty Dancing'! Gates, 8pm – it’s going to be…
you gained a new fan last night. Can't wait until your music is available. Singer dances like Johnny from Dirty Dancing.
Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing is just to die for 😍
'Dirty Dancing': Catskills celebrates movie's 30th anniversary
I may see it. I love 80s movies! Two of my favorites were probably dirty dancing and teen witch
"hand me a towel I'm dirty dancing by myself"
Bournemouth: join us outside on 21 Aug to show your support for live music in theatre!
Oh, your love make me feel like. Oh, your love make me feel like. Oh, dirty dancing in the moonlight. Is what your lov…
"Dirty Dancing" turns 30 and Baby still isn't being put in the corner:
click here 👉 👈 Movies, Music, Travel and Vacations Where to C…
I love dirty dancing Havana nights so much
Pink Garlic Dill Pickles by inspired by Dirty Dancing, our Juy pick!
Dirty Dancing inspired Pink Potato Salad by for this month's pick!…
Watching the Dirty Dancing Remake to see exactly how bad it is and oh god it's horrible and I'm only 15 minuets in...
Idk what people say Dirty Dancing is an American classic
"Where to Celebrate 30 Years of ‘Dirty Dancing’" by SHIVANI VORA via NYT The New York Times
One British couple tries to perform the "Dirty Dancing" lift get a trip to the hospital instead: https…
Lying down on the couch, on Sunday, drinking cofee and watching Dirty Dancing. Oh, Patrick Swayze, you sexy fox. I…
NEWS! Couples urged to avoid attempting Dirty Dancing lift unless man is built like 1987 Patrick Swayze
I wish my boyfriend could dance like Patrick Swayze does in Dirty Dancing ://
Patrick Swayze - She's like the wind. From one of my favourite films "Dirty Dancing"
My mom says the same I enjoy movies but movies like the Dirty Dancing remake you can't replace Jennifer…
Couple attempts the 'Dirty Dancing' lift, ends up hospitalized
Ima let you finish but this is the greatest headline and photo OF ALL TIME
Couple attempt Dirty Dancing lift and knock themselves out | The Independent
Whoever decided to recreate Dirty Dancing with Abigail Breslin as Baby. what in gods name were you thinking?
7/ Sources told us they saw Kasowitz visibly inebriated and “dirty dancing” at firm party with a young woman–making others…
I would love to see Patrick Swayze's reaction.
This couple apparently tried to recreate the lift from Dirty Dancing and ended up in hospital…
Playtech’s progressive and branded Dirty Dancing launches. More at
We can get down like there's no one around we keep on rocking we keep on rocking cameras are flashin…
Couple knock themselves out trying to recreate Dirty Dancing scene.
Camilla's Birthday was epic! And that Dirty Dancing moment was soo cute!
Friendly reminder harry can do the dirty dancing move
Cus I've had the time of my life... 😂 auditioning for the new dirty dancing boys ? 😜lmao htt…
I'm going to *** for laughing at this. I'm certain.
This couple tried to do the Dirty Dancing lift - and it didn't go well
I didn't act average. I ended up dancing to Weak by AJR in my school hall. Wow I got some dirty looks 😂
I see a couple in Weston Super Mare tried to recreate the Dirty Dancing lift and knocked each other unconscious
Over Weight Couple's Wedding Dirty Dancing lift ends with them both in the ER!
Couple tried to recreate iconic Dirty Dancing scene and knocked themselves out
Couple end up in hospital after practising Dirty Dancing scene ahead of their wedding...
I am working at a hotel in Corfu for ghe summer that very closely resembles the setting for Dirty Danci…
I'm "better cover your eyes during the make out session in Dirty Dancing" old
I shouldn't laugh and this is the rag the mail but... Couple's Dirty Dancing lift ends with them both in A&E .
2 days to go until our screening of Dirty Dancing is here at Alfresco open air cinema! . If you haven't already...
I'm thinking Disney can find a Middle Eastern actor who sings & dances at least as well as those 2 white people in the Dirty Dancing remake
Also may be having a quarter life crisis, I've had the Dirty Dancing soundtrack on repeat for 2 days straight.
And I was like uh Dirty Dancing of course. And 2 of his aunts got so happy that I knew it lol the one that asked me was like yup I approve!!
Could do with a cheesy movie being on tv tonight Grease 2/Dirty Dancing would be 👍; something don't need to engage brain to watch
I will be laying in my bed for the next 2 and a half hours because Dirty Dancing is on 😍💃🏻
Today watched three good films, Trainspotting 1 & 2 followed by A Clockwork Orange. Need to watch Dirty Dancing or Grease for a nice balance
Dirty Dancing screens today at 2:05, 5:05, and 8:05! Tickets are just $5 - grab yours at
I feel sorry for the Dad in Dirty Dancing. His first holiday in 6 years and 2 much older men make a move on his daughters.
watermelons are so popular in China during Summer. And here I have to quote Dirty Dancing every time I see one. Esp when I carry one...(1/2)
YahooCelebrity: Hilary Duff is giving us "Dirty Dancing" vibes 🍉
BREAKING NEWS: Movie night @ AMCC. Dirty Dancing has been cancelled due 2 weather See for mo…
Wonder what the odds are of me getting 2 dance on the piano during Dirty Dancing in ATL? 🤔
A Night of Dirty Dancing is coming to The Princess Royal Theatre on Wednesday 25th October, 7.30pm. We wanted to...
im such a fat *** but Johnny Castle aka Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing could *** ** * any day
you are amazing dancer and a good Johnny Castle. Thank you a Dirty Dancing french fan.
An open air cinema is going to be opening in Detling 14th July for its first screening of Dirty Dancing. Tickets:.
Dirty Dancing, 1987. Spending the summer at a resort with her family, Frances falls in love with the camp's dance instruc…
What did you watch and I loved dirty dancing I thought it was brilliant x
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Tickets are available for tonights outdoor on the door! Tonights film is Dirty Dancing (12)…
Off to Edinburgh to see Dirty Dancing tonight, buzzing ❤️👯
Come on kayleigh,you'll walk this . Coz i love it its my favourite film
Dan the podiatrist's son who keeps goosing the waitresses on family vacation at a Dirty Dancing-st…
I also have pride tomorrow + I'm gonna watch dirty dancing @ an outside cinema. I'm excited it's gonna be so good
Grease was released in 1978. Join us for a night of entertainment at our & duo -…
2) The movie Dirty Dancing, which deeply instilled a pro choice belief in me, and understanding class vs power.
From Dirty Dancing to actual cheese in the Yarra Valley
I can only write the malec dirty dancing au when I'm at HD 😅
In the mood to watch Dirty Dancing.
Female Patrick Swayze fans are divided Ghost or Dirty Dancing, while for blokes it's Roadhouse. That's…
what's the best dance scene in a movie? I'd have to say the Pony dance in Magic Mike or Time of Your Life in Dirty Dancing
Aww you defs have to watch it sometime! Please tell me you've seen Dirty Dancing 🙃
Have a good weekend everyone. Dirty Dancing for me tomorrow.…
Contracts signed & I'm going to be playing the role of Penny in the UK Tour of A Night of Dirty Dancing! Super excited to…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
via Me singing live at the Circus Tavern 'Time of my life' dirty dancing
Hey Baby! Check out these latest photos from coming to in August! Don't forget to book: h…
What a dirty way trying to retain ur followers, I'm dancing not because of these benefits but who I WANT to dance w…
Has my doctors surgery learned NOTHING from Dirty Dancing?!
'Dirty Dancing' brings back the nostalgia, creates new memories
Aww honey no! . We can do everything you want except watching dirty Dancing. I didn't even…
You were fantastic in dirty dancing 😀
The hills are alive with the sound of dirty dancing in space! All this and more at Summer Screens
Yesterday I read Dirty Dancing At the Picture House by the Sea by here's my
And that goes for Desserts, Dirty Dancing, the Great Gatsby, Green Day, the first 2 Harry Potter . movies = Overrated
You’ll have the time of your life seeing Dirty Dancing now playing at .
.put my book launch in the top 10 things to do next week! Happy I'm not competing with Dirty Dancing.
Someone tell me what age rating Dirty Dancing is, I was looking and I've seen 2 different ages rating for it??
I want 2 watch Dirty Dancing and cry
Whenever I'm sad I remember that Harry pulled Kirsten Wiig to dance the Dirty Dancing hit, The Time of My Life, at the SNL after party.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Rocky IV is pretty good. Other nominees: Top Gun, Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller, Dirty Dancing.
and Taylor Dayne were my first crushes. Plus the girl that starred in Dirty Dancing. Thought I would marry one
1961 Hit, Revived in 1987 with the success of "Dirty Dancing". Solomon Burke. "Cry To Me". .
This Dirty Dancing is the Fyre Festival of re-boots. .
Why even remake dirty dancing if you're just going to change the entire movie?
Who do these people think they are making a Dirty Dancing remake??? How dare that kid try and recreate Patrick Swayze's Johnny 😠
"We need this reboot, no matter how terrible it is, because it's an iconic movie that happens to be about abortion." https…
Watched the Dirty Dancing remake tonight and I cannot say that "I had the time of my life".
I've seen Dirty Dancing like twice. And idgi. I mean I understand the plot but I don't understand why everybody loses their shi…
It's was like of Our Lives decided to do Dirty Dancing.Some things are just not meant to be touch…
Technically, it's all here: the deathless soundtrack, the swiveling pelvises (pelvii?), the wild summer romance.
You would think after Dirty Dancing they would have learned their lesson.
Dirty Dancing as not a movie that needed to be remade. The end.
Eating garlic bread and watching the love scenes in dirty dancing.
This dirty dancing "remake" is atrocious and an insult to the original. Please put baby back in the corner
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Dirty Dancing is the best movie ever, don't fight me on this
I didn't even watch the remake of dirty dancing I knew it was going to suck nothing will ever compare to the original
RATINGS: ticks up a bit in the demo, 0.6, with more viewers (1.68 million) tuning in via
The Dirty Dancing remake is three hours I'll never get back.
Lexi and I have watched dirty dancing so many times in the past 24 hours
i have never seen dirty dancing but i am about to watch the 3 hour abc remake starring Abigail Breslin and Debra Messing
'Dirty Dancing' remake serves up a good time
My eyes are burning watching this dirty dancing remake
Here's hoping the remake is better than last night's Dirty Dancing one.
Wait Julian is not in the new Dirty Dancing movie? Not interested.
Did you know that wrote Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights?
Watching the new Dirty Dancing movie!!!hmmmn verdicts still out!! — watching Dirty Dancing (2017 film)
After watching the Dirty Dancing remake I need to watch the original again. Like immediately.
I am still offended that thought their remake of Dirty Dancing would be good television.
The remake of 'Dirty Dancing' is the most traumatizing thing I have witnessed since Election Night '16.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dirty Dancing: 10 Most *** Moments from ABC's TV Remake Can't remake every movie! Especially my fave!!
they did Dirty Dancing remake . probably 😂
cant stop playing Hungry Eyes from the new dirty dancing movie
This Dirty Dancing remake is terrible! Why do they even try to remake? Stop remaking the classics; they're classics for a reason!
I feel like ABC must've been punking us with the Dirty Dancing remake. I need an exorcism and a hug. That was traumatizing.😳😫
The new Dirty Dancing was literally the worse movie I've ever seen. Don't try to redo a classic movie
Only thing making this Dirty Dancing remake watchable is reminiscing about family vacations
I'd like to state for the record that I feel personally offended and victimized by the Dirty Dancing remake
Why would you even try and remake Dirty Dancing? 😂 WHAT??!??
"Nicole Scherzinger is a revelation." - The Daily Beast
Nicole Scherzinger gives the best performance in ABC's 'Dirty Dancing' remake
"Nicole Scherzinger is highly underrated. That's what I'm saying." - GLAMOUR
Of course. You guys. My husband had not seen Dirty Dancing before. He just told me. Just now.
*looks at Dirty Dancing remake*. 😳😐. *puts original film on after washing eyes out*.
My dad watching the Dirty Dancing reboot: "I thought nothing could be worse than the Kardashians. Clearly, I was wrong."
Hey ABC Dirty Dancing ...only I am allowed to disappoint my wife
I'm watching the dirty dancing remake rn
I'm not liking the new Dirty Dancing.
Me when I see people complaining that the Dirty Dancing remake sucked.
I am very disappointed with the remake of dirty dancing.🙅🏼
Disappointed by the 'Dirty Dancing' remake? Forget all about it at a summer festival celebrating the original
The new Dirty Dancing is dirty and contains dancing, but that's where the similarities end:
I hate these remakes. Dirty Dancing & Beaches are two of my faves. They could never do them…
Mixed feelings about the Dirty Dancing remake. was the amazing. Overall, the original movie is definitely better 💯
Dirty Dancing is back! Tonight on with the lovely as always Check it out!
Everyone complaining about the Dirty Dancing remake now knows how I felt during the Beaches remake
Katey Segal in Dirty Dancing playing a predatory older woman preying on Johnny
There's a three-hour TV version of "Dirty Dancing" tonight. Apparently Baby is not just put in a corner but held there by magical forces.
'A banal three-hour time-suck that manages to feel both rushed and drawn out': sums up Dirty Dancing
ABC is going to ruin Dirty Dancing with this remake and I'm not okay with it
I liked a video Patrick Swayze interview for Dirty Dancing 1987
So excited for the new dirty dancing event coming on 😍
I can't believe I'm going to miss Dirty Dancing Weds night
If you've known me long enough, you know how passionate I am about the original Dirty Dancing film.
So I've listened to snippets of the new Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing 2 is such a cute movie ugh
A look at the Dirty Dancing TV movie starring Nicole Scherzinger
Special bonus episode out today about Dirty Dancing with guest recorded at
So do you guys think we'll get a Malec dirty dancing scene? https:/…
Next time walks briskly toward there better be a Dirty Dancing Lift. 👬🏋🏽
Can I just be in Mexico dirty dancing to despacito with the love of my life while we're both a little tipsy already
Listen to rendition of 'Hungry Eyes' for the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing remake! http…
Congrats to our 2nd lovely female client to be joining the cast of Dirty Dancing UK tour as 1st cover Baby. Well done…
Dirty Dancing c'est the best comme film 🔥
I reallly want to watch Dirty dancing now .
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
ABC's 'Dirty Dancing' remake stays (mostly) true to the original
I've only seen previews of the new TV Dirty Dancing movie and I can already tell it's gonna be cringeworthy 😩😩
remake stars Abigail Breslin say it took months to nail iconic 'lift' scene
I'm here for this dirty dancing remake
Aaaw come on now! Why are they remaking Dirty Dancing!!! Leave the original alone!!!
Dirty dancing will always be a favorite
This new Dirty Dancing looks so trash. smh
If butchers Dirty Dancing I'll be so disappointed
One more day til the dirty dancing remake airs 😋😋😋
I'm going to say it now, that Dirty Dancing remake is going to be trash.
I literally wanna kill myself watching this interview for the remake of dirty dancing.
I've got both Dirty Dancing soundtracks. On vinyl. And I'm not afraid to use them
You guys, I'm really excited about this Dirty Dancing tv special. Like, I get giddy when I see commercials, and I want to clap for it.
Battle of the Network Stars is being rebooted! Sweet!! Now about this Dirty Dancing attempt ABC...
Been so honored to be apart of this amazing soundtrack!. Buy the Dirty Dancing album ft. myself and some lovely folks. htt…
I see you didn't choose to watch dirty dancing
the dirty dancing remake looks awful but I'm still about to watch it
ABC's "Dirty Dancing" remake is like watching a big-budget high school production of the original…
Dirty dancing & the wedding singer will always be in my top 5 movies to watch when im sad😌
PnV EXCLUSIVE: Selfie from our who celebrates his birthday on Wed 5/24...same day he'll be on ABC's "D…
Listen Linda, I know it's not Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze but you gotta watch this new Dirty Dancing with me
Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey behind the scenes of ‘Dirty Dancing’, 1987
Girl ifk how she on stage hust dancing like boy if you don't come paint my walls
So excited to be singing "Hungry Eyes" for the Dirty Dancing remake coming in May - you can pre-order the soundtrack tod…
My rendition of 'Hungry Eyes' from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack is out today 🎉🎉🎉.
Abigail Breslin, Colt Prattes talk about starring in ABC's 'Dirty Dancing'
We will be back up on Jacobs Rooftop this for 2 great films. Moulin Rouge & Dirty Dancing! 🍉💃🏼. Tickets-…
Apart from Dirty Dancing. What are the best dance related films of the 80s?. No.1 “Flashdance”, No.2 “Footloose”, No.3?
2 tracks from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack can now be streamed on Spotify- but it's only track 8 I cared about actually so 😬
This is what you get when and reunite after 2 weeks apart—Lots of 'Dirty Dancing' talk.   10% Off
❤ed ur take on Dirty Dancing last night.My fave film.So so funny can't wait 2 see next weeks film.Great Saturday night TV. 😀
Just when i start 2 lose faith in smashes it out of the park with Dirty Dancing! Series on record!
I find Paddy McGuinness strangely attractive as Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing & don't know how to feel about it
about 2 watch & in Dirty Dancing, wont be a patch on
really looking forward to "Dirty Dancing" tonight, u 2 together are hilarious!
I've been working out for over 2 months, can my abs please look like Jennifer Gray's in Dirty Dancing 😩
We know there has been some hate on the new Dirty Dancing remake but you gotta love Lady A!.
Variety Show tomorrow at 7!!! Don't miss your favs performing hits from musicals like Beauty & the Beast, Chicago, & Dirty Dancing !
Look at this on eBay 2 Flashdance & Dirty Dancing vhs 2 dancing movies. Lot
Here's the menu for our 'Night of Dirty Dancing' on 19th May. Visit our page for details for a chance to win 2...
In reality I'd probably use this service to sing loudly to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack at 2 am, but that's essentially the same, so
or chased after the girls you lust for in the movies. At least with my 2 cents contribution to Dirty Dancing remake, hopefully young girls
Was ur Dirty Dancing supposed 2 premiere 2nite? The cable grid had the new cast listed, but showed the old movie😲?
I MUST reenact my 2 favorite scenes from Dirty Dancing with a guy: the "oh lover boy" scene, and the last dance number at the end. MUST.
🎤 🎤 🎤For your chance to win 2 tickets to our 'Night of Dirty Dancing' coming up on Friday 19th May (worth £59),...
Patrick Swayze's leather jacket from Dirty Dancing goes on the auction block.
I hate that Dirty Dancing is being remade. 1- bc Patrick Swayze. 2- bc I don't want to hear teens telling ME about it like…
On this week's 'Seven-Minute Opinions,’ Dirty Dancing is far more politically radical than you remember. Listen:…
Five minutes of silence after Lady Macbeth and then Vue decided "let's play the Dirty Dancing soundtrack"
Dirty Dancer. The cocktail of the season in honor of Dirty Dancing 30th anniversary! Taste Roma Resort &...
Um, um...Dirty Dancing?. Traci Lords is very good. And AnnaLynne McCord is great. Plus John Waters as a priest.
Ione Skye from She's the Man stars in Dirty Dancing about a serious Boiler or engine operator named Verona
Dirty Dancing? Bollywood & Beyond? Che Malambo? Yup--we got 'em. Check out all of these great shows and more coming…
"It was Dirty Dancing meets Wet Hot American Summer." - just described my fantasy wedding she actually had.
Just watched Dirty Dancing @ Wycombe Swan. Oh my word! Was not expecting bare backsides. 😳great show! was A-MAZING! 😍❤️
this Dirty Dancing remake is actually a disgrace , you can not replace Patrick Swayze , Jennifer Grey, & Kelly Bishop . Like you just can't
Did you get to read my review for Dirty Dancing the tour at The Wycombe Swan? Go get yourself a ticket girls,...
I oppose this Dirty Dancing remake. People need to expand their imaginations instead of redoing other people stuff.
Guys, Abigail Breslin's form in the Dirty Dancing remake is TERRIBLE. Point your GD toes.
"Dirty money get it out the kitchen, diamonds dancing while I'm water whippin" . 🔥🌊💰
Do we /really/ need a Dirty Dancing remake? The original is amazing enough as is.
Stop trying to make this happen. You cannot do Dirty Dancing without Swayze. .
We 100% do not need a Dirty Dancing remake especially not one with Abigail Breslin in so you can stop all production now
You’ll either LOVE or HATE the new Dirty Dancing pics.
These photos from ABC's "Dirty Dancing" remake aren't helping me decide how to feel about it...
Dirty dancing was perfect and no one can replace Patrick Swayze
Listen back to Cheryls review of Dirty Dancing at The . from her show last night
ripped wide open and all of the trendy women's marches. Ant make anyone unsee the dirty dancing that is White America. White…
These photos of the Dirty Dancing remake have me like
First pics from 'Dirty Dancing' remake show Baby and Johnny - and the famous lift
Dirty Dancing: First look at remake images | BBC
Why not some "Dirty Dancing?" One of my favorite movies Patrick Swayze was so wonderful "…
Dirty Dancing: First look at remake images Abigail Breslin and other stars of the Dirty dancing remake share still…
Dirty Dancing: First look at remake images
In case you haven't heard, you can watch Dirty Dancing on stage this July 😄💃 |
The first pics from the Abigail Breslin and Sarah Hyland “Dirty Dancing” remake are here, and they’re red hot
Dirty Dancing. A true 80's classic. No reason it should be remade.
Please, someone shut this Dirty Dancing remake down. I beg you. You've destroyed everything...let me have Dirty Dancing
The first photos from the upcoming remake have arrived:
ABC reveals some cast photos for the Dirty Dancing remake, which airs May 24.
Nobody puts Abigail Breslin in a corner:
First look at 'Dirty Dancing' remake: Thanks to social media we can now see the stars of the new "Dirty Dancing"……
There is going to be a remake of Dirty Dancing – and it will be quite different to the original Debra Messing is …
Great show tonight at Wycombe Swan love a bit of Dirty Dancing also thanks for the photo!…
Debra Messing on how 'Dirty Dancing' remake will be different from original - ABC News
Good Morning Jennifer Grey Happy Sunday HI I am a huge fan of you how are you doing i liked your movie called Dirty Dancing :)
Fun fact:. All songs that include "Baby", when addressing a person, as a lyric are about Jennifer Grey in 'Dirty Dancing'.
Tribute to Dirty Dancing soundtrack cha-chas back to Sturminster Newton | Blackmore Vale Magazine
Is that the bridge from Dirty Dancing you're standing on?!
I just called getting wine-drunk and heckling Dirty Dancing in the amphitheater "Mount Holyoke's version of Rocky Horror"
Dirty Dancing is playing at Walton Arts Center this week! More info:
Don't miss 'Dirty Dancing' tonight through Sunday at the Center.
It's opening night of Dirty Dancing at Walton Arts Center! Performances will end on Sunday so get a ticket soon.
Dirty Dancing live at the Morrison Center, you say?
Don't miss Dirty Dancing at this weekend! Get tickets:
VIDEO: Brendan caught up with the stars of Dirty Dancing & tasked them with putting on a Kerry accent!
Judge me all you want, Dirty Dancing is GREAT movie, nobody sits baby in the corner is an epic line
I know every single line of dialogue in "Dirty Dancing." Things my coworkers don't know about me...a series
I need a Patrick Swayze in my life, whether he is Darry Curtis from The Outsiders or Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing 😊
Jennifer Grey tells all about Patrick Swayze & shooting Dirty Dancing!
Guys, I have a chance to buy Patrick Swayze's leather jacket he wore in Dirty Dancing. Only $4,000-$6,000
Patrick Swayze was in pain while shooting 'Dirty Dancing' lake scene, report says
The \'Dirty Dancing\' lake scene was a difficult one for Patrick Swayze — here\'s why
I started siding with Jerry Orbach when watching Dirty Dancing.
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