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Director Comey

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Ex-FBI Director Comey could testify in an open hearing before the Senate Intel Committee as early as next week.
Trump telling Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador that former FBI Director Comey was "a nut job" wasn't news to…
"PresidentForNow Trump disagreed with former FBI Director Comey. Who are you going to believe, Mr. Comey or the guy who's lying?" Colin Jost
Fired FBI Director Comey agrees to testify in public Senate Intel hearing.
13: Feb: Trump fires Flynn, reportedly asks FBI Director Comey to drop investigation of him. https:/…
Just in --> Former FBI Director Comey will testify in an open hearing; will be scheduled after Memorial Day. Full statement be…
The Senate Intelligence Committee says fired FBI Director Comey has agreed to testify in an open session of the committee a…
FBI Director Comey testified under oath May 3rd "Trump had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation "
CNN confirms FBI Director Comey wrote in a memo that Trump asked him to end the Flynn investigation
YES YES this, a thousand times this. Is close to Director Comey by any chance?. 1000% what
Senate Intel Committee Chairman: "We just had a meeting with the Deputy AG. It's a request that we made prior to Director Comey's…
New Zealand Police should question FBI Director Comey today about the theft of my data. I filed this formal complaint.
FLASHBACK: In Sept 2016 says FBI Director Comey is complicit in the Clinton email scandal. View here: https:…
Any recordings of conversations between President Trump and FBI Director Comey must be preserved by the White House. http…
ICYMI: I was on The Richard Eeds show on KVSF to talk about the firing of FBI Director Comey, listen here:
Today, Director Comey joined Special Agent PJ Jurack & his family at the to watch Joshua Jurack receive his Eagle…
Mr. President, we do believe Director Comey erred in his handling of Clinton investigation. We just don't believe that's…
*wow* --> Sarah Huckabee Sanders just said FBI Director Comey committed "atrocities." . .Yes, really.
Wyden: Director Comey should be here right now
Trump just fired FBI Director Comey at the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This is fascinating.
FBI Director Comey fired and now it's time for arrests:. >Hillary Clinton. >Susan Rice. >Anthony Weiner. >Huma Abedin. >Loretta Ly…
Remember this? Yeah, never mind... "Trump suggested FBI Director Comey was corrupt. Now he wants him to stay on."
BREAKING: Vice President Mike Pence says Trump "made the right decision at the right time" in firing FBI Director Comey.
"It was the right call at the right time" VP Mike Pence on the firing of FBI Director Comey
NYT Ed. Board: FBI Director Comey was fired b/c he was leading an investigation that could bring down a president.
I have found Director Comey to be a public servant of the highest order.
Here’s my story on decision to fire FBI Director Comey. Read it here:
Be heard, one way or the other: Let the DOJ know how you feel about the firing of Director Comey.
Remember when Chuck Schumer said he lost confidence in FBI Director Comey?. Oh but now it's because of RUSSIA! . Silly libe…
Jeff Sessions in November on Fox News: "FBI Director Comey did the right thing when he found new evidence. He had no c…
My statement on the dismissal of FBI Director Comey
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"They fired Sally Yates. They fired Preet Bharara. And now they fired Director Comey...This does not seem to be a coincidence,…
FBI Director Comey was about as effective as Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor. Good riddance.
Both Acting Atty General Sally Yates and FBI Director Comey are gone! is trying fire his way to innocence!
Word on the street is Clinton's people "are not thrilled" with FBI Director Comey getting the boot. Great news!
Please if you want to replace FIRED FBI Director Comey with Trey Gowdy Join
Update: FBI Director Comey fired, White House cites his handling of Clinton emails probe
Reminder: FBI Director Comey is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee today.
Classified Clinton emails were being forwarded to Anthony Weiner by his wife, Huma Abedin, FBI Director Comey says
Best part of the whole article "husband and wife seeking immunity deals to testify against Clinton"
"BI has found no criminal wrongdoing in new Clinton emails, say…
What did we learn from FBI Director James Comey's testimony about what he did during the election?.
FBI Director Comey CONFIRMED Russia is still interfering with American politics by
Politics Note: USA - And, Comey failed to mention the $50,000 loan made by Mike Flynn to the Assistant Director...
Hillary is still blaming FBI Director James Comey for her election loss. Comey says he has no regrets.
FBI Director James Comey testifies today to Congress. Live link: But how will it be spun?.
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Senate: Director did the leak WH names from classified wiretap?. Comey: Define leaked blah blah blah blah…
WATCH: Re-air of Director James testifying before – NOW on C-SPAN or anytime online here:
Huma Abedin forwarded classified E-Mails to Anthony Weiner. NBD to the Director of the FBI. https…
Sen. Feinstein: FBI Director Comey was "sanctimonious" to take action days before the election.
How to listen to FBI Director James Comey:. Whatever he says, the exact opposite it true.
Hey It is pretty obvious that FBI Director James Comey is still colluding with Democrats. Why have you not FIR…
Watch my full interview with the ranking member of the committee that grilled Director Comey today,
Comey continues to misstate the law -- under oath -- in defending his Clinton email mess of an investigation.
.on Director Comey: "should be thanking this guy. She could have been in prison."
So Director regards Russia as "greatest threat to our democratic process" but breaks Hillary email story instead? Seriously!
Jim Comey needs to step down. He is no longer effective as director of FBI
.FBI Director Comey clearly had an impact on the election but didn't have an economic message
FBI Director Comey today challenged us all to say if we would've chosen "to speak or conceal" investigation of HRC email.
FBI Director James Comey on Hillary Clinton and 'elite immunity'
FBI Director James Comey says journalists who receive classified material from sources are not criminals
It's clear now that James Comey installed Trump so he could be the FBI Director who took down a traitor president. They'l…
FMR U.S. Attorney: FBI Director James Comey is a danger to the Country. He should have been fired
FMR US Attorney: 'FBI Director James Comey is a Danger to the Country. He Should Have Been Fired' (VIDEO)
FBI director Comey backs new Feinstein push for decrypt bill.
James Comey is admitting that Huma Abedin broke fed intel laws, the FBI was aware, yet did nothing. I don't see how he ca…
FBI Director Comey admits Huma Abedin forwarded CLASSIFIED information to pedophile Anthony Weiner yet they are more focused…
FBI Director Comey says Sally Yates did tell him about her concerns regarding Mike Flynn; also reiterates there was no spyi…
So FBI Director Comey just confirmed to Congress that classified emails from Hillary Clinton was on the computer of Anthon…
FBI Director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many b…
This remarkable reporting by NYT details how FBI Director Comey inexcusably helped Russia make Trump president
Trump says he won't ask for FBI Director Comey's resignation: “I have confidence in him. We will see what happens.”
TRUMP: "Nancy [O'Dell - former co-host of Director Comey was going to know when you weren't a joy get there are a half bringing
Should the Inspector General investigate Director Comey's knowledge of Obama spying on Donald Trump?
FBI Director Comey visits White House for "regular meeting"
Key Moments From Hearing With FBI Director Comey - The heads of the FBI and National Security Agency, James ... -
FBI Director Comey says there's no information supporting President Trump's wiretapping claims:.
FBI Director Comey may be part of a vast 'deep state' conspiracy to delegitimize President Trump
"FBI Director Comey refuses to deny he briefed President Obama on calls made by Michael Flynn to Russia."
Director Comey, I know you won't talk about Michael Flynn, but was it Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick?
JUST IN: FBI Director James Comey: The FBI is investigating "alleged links" between the Trump campaign and Russia
Fake like the fake FBI Director James Comey fake-announcing a fake investigation of you? Or the fake majority that fake…
FBI Director Comey: After looking "carefully," FBI and DOJ have no info to support Pres. Trump's wiretapping claims.
FBI director Comey looked confused and the room erupted in laughter.
FBI Director James Comey we know this man is meddling in our elections and those in other countries. Where…
FBI Director on Russian interference: “They’ll be back. They’ll be back in 2020. They may be back in 2018.”
Pelosi statement: "Director Comey’s testimony put the last nail into President Trump’s mendacious wiretapping claims." http…
FBI Director James Comey shuts down wiretapping lies. Says there's no "no evidence" https:/…
Director Comey: "We assessed they used some kind of cut-out. They didn't deal directly with WikiLeaks."
FBI Director Comey: The FBI “is investigating the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election." ht…
FBI Director Comey: "Yes" Russia wants to harm the United States.   10% Off
WATCH LIVE: WH Press Sec. Sean Spicer holds press conference on FBI Director Comey's testimony this morning.
Director Comey is GLOMARing both and . Not good for Trump. At all.
“We have looked carefully inside the FBI,’’ and agents found nothing to support Trump's wiretap claims, Comey said
At FBI Director James Comey: There was no wire-tap. Adam Schiff: Told you so. Gowdy: Is it possible Snoop D…
JUST IN: FBI Director Comey: "I have no information that supports" Pres. Trump's wiretapping claims. "We have looked carefully." h…
Here you go: . The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, PUBLICLY CONFIRMED an -
FBI Director Comey, in the House intelligence committee hearing, says U.S. must assume Russia will interfere again:
Remember, the most important words from FBI Director James Comey today are: "There's no evidence of Trump team collusi…
FBI Director James Comey just confirmed the FBI is investigating This is why we need an independent commi…
FBI Director James Comey just now at US House Intelligence Committee Hearing: Russia "didn't deal directly with WikiLeaks".
LIVE NOW:Sean Spicer begins WH daily press briefing as FBI director James Comey has confirmed Trump cam…
FBI confirms it's been investigating possible connections between Trump campaign and Russian government since July
Breaking: Director Comey says they are investigating Russian hacking and anyone associated with it.
FBI Director refused to confirm whether or not there's an investigation into recent intel leaks. Absurd.
The democrats on the House Intelligence Committee look so sad & defeated that FBI Director James Comey has no evidence.…
FBI Director James Comey reveals the intention behind Russian interference in the 2016 election:
Snowflake liberals can keep trying to hurt Trump by drilling Director Comey for Russia ties that were with Democrats!.
FBI Director Comey says has no evidence of Trump wiretap claim:
FBI Director Comey: "Yes" Russia is adversary of the United States.
A member of Congress asked the Director of the FBI if journalists can be imprisoned for doing their jobs. Worse: Comey didn't…
FBI Director Comey says classified leaks to the media have been “unusually active” recently.
FBI Director Comey set to testify on Russia, wiretapping. Tune in to Fox News Channel at 10a ET for live coverage.
President David Johnston with Director Comey discussing current threats and building stronger public/pr…
"No I don't think he does, George." - on if President Trump accepts Director Comey's denial on Pres. Obama and wire…
NEW: Sen. sends letter to FBI Director Comey over Bureau's alleged plans to pay British spy over Trump doss…
FBI Director Comey asked Justice officials to refute Trump’s wiretap claim, but the department has not done so
FBI Director Comey urges Justice Department to publicly deny Trump allegation that Obama ordered a wire tap of Trump
FBI Director Comey has asked DOJ to reject Trump's wiretapping claim
Hillary Lied to Congress! FBI Director Comey confirms in his testimony that Hillary Clinton lied https…
FBI Director Comey didn't want to be the "truth police" after intercepts showed Flynn had misled Pence
FBI Director Comey on Mar-a-Lago Careless Data Handling: . "Trump was warned. Trump was given an explanation. Nevertheless, Trump persisted.”
outrageous that mr. Baker did not once mention Russian or FBI director Comey's interference with the presidential election. BIASED!
As long as Comey is the director it is.
FBI Director James Comey’s decision on Friday afternoon that would bring us more: “But Mr. Comey has failed that could be
I wonder if Director Comey would consider this careless.
Justice Dept. inspector general wants to know whether FBI Director Comey's actions before election followed policy. https:…
A sr U.S. official said FBI Director Comey himself pulled Trump aside; spoke with him about dossier.
FBI Director Comey under investigation for news conference, statements ahead of 2016 election. htt…
Despite Trump and his advisors effort to say otherwise, FBI Director Comey did brief him on the dossier.
Here is what the DOJ inspector general will be looking into, including FBI Director Comey's Oct/Nov letters and public anno…
Is James Comey keeping his job as Director? If so, did campaign pressure him to investigate Weiner e-mails to ke…
FBI director briefed Trump on dossier: reports
Calls for FBI director Comey to resign as Clinton camp assigns blame DT psycopath cabinet racists! https:/…
4 pieces of evidence showing FBI Director James Comey cost Clinton the election via
Well, Was Right and and Were proven liars once more. Thanks Free Press! https…
Director Comey's statement on the Inspector General’s review
FBI Director Comey out with statement on the OIG's investigation, says "everyone will benefit from thoughtful evaluation…
It was FBI Director Comey in a one on one who briefed PEOTUS Trump on that synopsis, we can now report. More here --> https…
FBI director personally briefed Trump on dossier: report.
Jay Sekulow: "There's no question in my mind that the FBI Director Comey never really intended to do an investigation Hillary…
Director Comey has a high-profile political case.” Washington Post reported that may raise additional legal one who has been
Princeton neuroscientist Sam Wang just published the results of his analysis of the impact FBI Director Comey's Oc…
Reid wants FBI Director Comey investigated? That's pretty rich coming from Harry R who is leaving due to corruption
Please include malfeasance by FBI Director Comey as well as high-ranking GOP who enabled this interference. Fifth C…
via FBI Director Comey should be fired and then investigated!
Hey as my regional field office can you look into FBI Director Comey for treason? He tampered with the presidential election.
Hillary Clinton reportedly placed some blame for her election loss on FBI Director Comey
Through his partisan actions, FBI Director Comey may have broken the law.
Director Comey has become the Emily Litella of the 2016 campaign. ("Oh...never mind...")
FBI Director Comey defied Attorney General with email announcement
FBI Director Comey said over the weekend that his agency will not recommend criminal charges against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary
Guys, this is good news. . FBI Director Comey knows Trump is going to win. He isn't charging Hillary, so Obama can't pard…
"FBI Director Comey" 21st century Salem witch trials and trump supporters are the ones saying...
FBI Director Comey says agency stands by decision to not pursue case against Clinton https…
Here it is. Watch this & tell me Giuliani didn't know. Did u know Rudy used to be FBI Director Comey's BOSS?
Chief here AG Luther Strange is pretty corrupt himself he may end up doing like FBI Director Comey did with HRC to begin with
BREAKING: Harry Reid, DNC accuse FBI Director Comey of colluding with HP umpire Sam Holbrook to influence WS, allowing an Indians comeback.
FBI Director James Comey should resign in disgrace! His last moment effort to save my campaign totally failed! We have…
Astonishing if true that FBI Director Comey objected to naming election meddling because too close to Nov 8. http…
Democrats are now openly smearing FBI director James Comey. Back in July, they attacked Trump for doing the same.
What's the real reason FBI Director James Comey notified Congress about the renewed investigation of Hillary...
FBI Director Comey interfered with the Presidential election by 1. Sending that letter to Congress !!
The Clintons end up contaminating almost every institution they touch. via
Rep. Trey Gowdy: Democrats used to think FBI Director Jim Comey "was the Second Coming of Christ"
The only one Hillary and the Democrats can blame for this mess is Hillary herself. The Democrats Asked for This https:/…
Yesterday, FBI Director Comey bowed to partisan pressure and released a vague and inappropriate letter to Congress. Wha…
Obama White House broke with the Clinton campaign over attacks on FBI Director Comey ⬇️
Comey has lost the support and confidence of the left and right I do not know he can function as FBI Director.
"No one can question Director Comey...It's over. Time to move on." . -Harry Reid, July 6, 2016
Hillary is after all a woman. Perhaps Director Comey has a problem with women in power. Lynch advised against sending letter.
FBI director Comey "has not been forthcoming with the facts," says campaign manager John Podesta.
Even left wing propaganda machine like morning joe has to call out such blatant hypocrisy by Dems . . https:/…
FBI Director Comey needs to be Fired immediately. This goes beyond this election. Kick his *** to the curb NOW!!!
So much for the "upstanding" James Comey: The FBI director's long career as preening partisan hack via
Obama has ABANDONED White House Director says Comey "Not trying to influence Election"
New York Times editorial board: FBI director more concerned with protecting himself
."I have a lot of respect for FBI Director Comey, but I can't understand why he did this." via
Director Comey, here, I've done your job for you. Here is the intent.
So now the takeaway is that Comey was covering his own *** He's the director of our national law enforcement agency; how…
On the timing of Director Comey's letter to Congress → this is a direct and probable consequence of decisions Sec. Clinton ma…
Comey didn't want to blame Russia for DNC hacks for fear of seeming political. . For fear. . Of seeming. Political. . h…
NEW: Trey Gowdy says FBI Director Comey had "obligation" to alert Congress about Hillary Clinton investigation
Eric Holder condemns FBI Director Comey over Clinton 'mistake': via He's got nerve.
Director Comey has attacked our democracy. He must be fired and investigated for violating the Hatch Act.
"FBI Director Comey did the right thing" Says Trey Gowdy: via
FBI Director Comey owes the American people an explanation. Five things you need to know:
BREAKING: Hillary Clinton calls on FBI Director Comey to "put it all right on the table” in email investigation
FBI Director Comey still unaware exactly what is contained in Donald Trump's tax returns
Director Comey, it's time to come down off your high horse. In your own words (sort of)...
Justice Dept. officials warned FBI Director Comey that his letter to Congress on Clinton emails contradicted policy
DTN Japan: Clinton campaign blasts FBI Director Comey: "No one can separate what is true from what's not, bec...
Former Federal Prosecutor blasts FBI Director Comey and says AG Lynch and Bill Clinton should be subpoenaed to Grand Jur…
Here's the letter FBI Director Comey wrote to explain renewed Clinton email investigation
FBI Director Comey is protecting his pension. Like Pontius Pilate, he's washing his hands, letting his underlings call the shots.
Brian Fallon: “Director Comey is just unleashing a wildfire of innuendo”
Little Giant Ladders
FBI Director Comey quotes Nathan Hale: " I regret I have only one Rear End to give for my country."
Director Comey received. $4,000,000.00. From the Clinton Foundation last year. So, HIllary knew he do nothing. https…
FBI Director Comey has completely ruined the impartiality of the FBI. No one trusts vital institutions anymore.
I'm waiting for Director Comey to plead the 5th or get immunity for himself. James Comey's Clinton Immunity
FBI Director Comey insisted there was no double standard
.grills FBI Director Comey on why he offered Clinton aides immunity
FBI Director Comey should resign after James Comey's Clinton Immunity on
[Just now[ Mr. Collins to FBI Director Comey:. "You BLEW IT. is playing ALL OF US.".
"James Comey's Clinton Immunity" Donald Trump right again, FBI Director Comey just confirmed violent crime is continui…
FBI Director Comey rips Republicans a new *** over Clinton email investigation.
"FBI Director Comey" James Comey: 'Unusual' for Clinton to bring nine lawyers to FBI interview . 9! LAWYERS
FBI Director Comey you don't give Immunity to get evidence you get a search warrant. "James Comey's Clinton Immunity"ht…
"FBI Director Comey". Comey just denied his is a different FBI, but we all know it was a Keystone Cop FBI on Hillary. Gave the store away!
Only because Director Comey would not be able to establish Crooked Hillary's intent to harm & Lynch would accept it.
So, & Director Comey will prosecute General Colin Powell now, because he's not white? Your point?
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FBI Director Comey is a board member of connected bank HSBC.
FBI Director Comey is a board member of Clinton Foundation connected bank HSBC via
Former Fed. Prosecutor Digenova blasts FBI Director Comey "What he did was an absolute disgrace, absolute nonsense". ht…
Director Comey is right up there with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts - buckling under pressure.
She lied. Director Comey didn't say what she says he did. Trey Gowdy asked Comey the story. The country heard it. No BS
We have legitimate security risks by letting in the 10,000 Syrian Refugees that Obama wants to pour into our country. Per FBI Director Comey
Hillary tells Chris Wallace, FBI Director Comey said she told the truth,...what?
.Clinton should be convicted... FBI Director Comey forgot his job
A.G. Loretta Lynch & FBI Director Comey met in the Oval Office with Pres Obama. Stay tuned for the announcement of the…
Watching and Capitol Hill is calling Director Comey out on the Clinton scandal.
200+ Members sent letter to FBI Director Comey asking for clarity on his suggestion not to prosecute Hillary Clinton
During today's hearing, FBI Director Comey confirms Crooked Hillary Clinton's lies, one by one.
ICYMI: My remarks in today's OGR Committee hearing with FBI Director Comey.
I cant believe no one has asked the question on Capitol Hill, to FBI Director Comey; Would you TRUST this woman with futu…
Wow, FBI Director Comey, sitting on Capitol Hill, looks like he hasn't slept in days. What a 'Circus Sideshow Act!' God w…
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Congressional Hearing on Director Comey begins just how I predicted. Crooked Dems defending Hillary, condeming GOP. Waste of time.
Director Comey gave Trump and the Republican Party a great gift. Don't shoot the messenger
Hillary Clinton Words vs FBI Director James Comey. Who is the liar?
Has FBI Director Comey's children been released yet?
House Judiciary Committee to question Comey on Hillary investigation; it ain't over 'till it's over.
In an admittedly “unusual” press conference on Tuesday morning, FBI Director James Comey announced the…
"May"? How about you don't need permission from the Democrats:
- director Comey says there is no evidence Hillary's server was breached, as he holds Guccifer in jail for breachin…
Director Comey has done more to help than anyone. Watch him eviscerate tomorrow in Congressional hearing.
FBI director James Comey to answer questions from Congress on Thursday over Hillary Clinton email investigation
FBI director to appear Thursday before lawmakers to explain Clinton decision.
“I did not send classified material,” Hillary Clinton​ said last August. FBI director James Comey disagrees.
Top Stories: FBI Director to testify before Congress about Clinton's email investigation - CNN: CNNFBI Direct...
ONLY NINE? - John Fund: Nine big questions for FBI Director Comey about Hillary's emails | Fox News |
FBI Director James Comey indicted this man over a 21-word email -
FBI Director to testify before Congress about Hillary Clinton's email investigation
Comey did what he had to do yesterday.His hands were tied.He did lots of damage by laying it all out, so we knew.
FBI Director Comey called to testify at House hearing
BREAKING: Jason Chaffetz calls FBI chief Comey to testify Thursday on Clinton email probe
FBI Director Comey: 110 emails found to have contained classified information at the time they were sent.
Dir. Comey recommends no charges against for her use of private email servers. Discussing on https:…
Director Comey's Conclusion is that if you didn't Intend to Commit a Crime then you shouldn't be Prosecuted 😏 htt…
If anybody was going to convict Hillary, the FBI director Comey has donated to multiple Republican candidates in the past.
I hope Director Comey shows up. The American people deserve a thorough explanation.
I don't trust her, nope. I had TS-SCI clearance in USAF and the director Comey is totally wrong.…
ICYMI last night Mark Levin ripped Comey to shreds for 1 hour. Excellent analysis!
That WHITEWASH masked as a news conference presided over by FBI Director Comey was not unexpected. He can no longer clai…
FBI Director Comey just broke the law by allowing an Impeached President a chance to return. https…
"I didn't mean to run over all those people ... I was drunk". SAME CONCLUSION Director Comey‼️
What FBI Director James Comey meant to say when asked about Hillary. Can you blame him? She's a coverup master. http…
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I'm happy to hear FBI director James Comey is agreeing to testify on his decision not to push for criminal charges against…
Yeah, but in his defense, those were Little People Laws. Director Comey's family and must be SO PROUD. https…
To be clear, I am not saying Hillary Clinton broke the law. FBI Director Comey said she did, but that he could not prove it…
Dear Director Comey, . You need better researchers. And you owe this man an apology. Best. . -A.
BREAKING: calls FBI Director Comey to testify Thursday at 10 AM.
director could appear before lawmakers to explain Clinton decision
FBI Director James Comey to explain Clinton email probe to Congress
FBI Director to testify before Congress on Hillary Clinton email probe
We live in an age in which those who otherwise seem to be good men (Chief Justice John Roberts, FBI Director Comey) . . .
FBI Director Comey and Chief Justice John Roberts - both gold medal award winners of the 'How To Draw a...
FBI Director Comey chose COWARDICE over COUNTRY today refusing to recommend prosecution of Clinton's criminal acts. htt…
FBI Director Comey, welcome to the Chief Justice John Roberts wacko world of twisted circular logic. Banana Republic!
FIRE LYING JOHN KIRBY of State Department for dishonesty. His response to Director Comey was disingenuous. Kirby knows the lies.
Lying John Kirby made a pitiful and dishonest response to Director Comey's criticism of State Department handling of classified
State Department called out by FBI Director Comey. Pitiful, disgraceful and dishonest response by light weight John Kirby.Fire him.
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Statement by Director Comey on the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email system
J. Edgar Hoover would be a better Director of FBI from the grave than . Director Comey. Hillary return the money. Huma come clean with FBI.
Obama to meet with FBI Director Comey, DHS Secretary Johnson and National Counterterrorism Center Director Rasmussen at 10:30am ET: official
Man I wish I belonged to a manmade religion so J.Edgar Hoover could be reincarnated into FBI Director Comey...
Director Comey speaks about security, and the threat at
Finally - note to FBI Director Comey - when Dilbert starts making fun of your encryption policy - time to move on to another topic
Wild Bill for America challenges FBI Director Comey to fulfill his oath by ARRESTING Hillary Clinton!
Go inside the to hear what Director Comey said about our expectations of privacy
I added a video to a playlist Letter to Director Comey, Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer, Gov. Brown,
Prob, probe, probe, probe.. who cares. Director Comey is impotent without AG, or a Congressional special prosecutor.
how'd you like to give keynote at privacy conference, the day after FBI Director Comey, at Kenyon College?
In other words, FBI Director Comey wants a backdoor but says companies don’t need to give him the key.
Comey Director of FBI.a good man, thank you sir.
Encryption on phone of San Bernardino shooters frustrates FBI: FBI Director James Comey said investigators are unable to obtai...
FBI Director James Comey tells a Senate hearing that the FBI still cannot open 1 of the phones recovered from ...
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FBI still can't figure out how to get into San Bernardino attackers' encrypted phone: James Comey, the bureau's director, admits agen...
FBI Comey says they have not been able to unlock San Bernardino killer's cell phone . "Comey told the Senate...
the entire topic would not have went this far if FBI director Comey never said they can not properly vet.
Such technology was "overwhelmingly" affecting law enforcement, he warned FBI director James Comey
A mobile phone belonging to Farook was recovered but FBI Director Comey said encryption technology meant they had not been able to access it
FBI Director Comey says that a phone used by 1 of the San Bernardino killers remains locked and FBI can't access it.
FBI Director Comey at Senate Intel: “Encryption is a problem in our investigations, it’s also a great thing... therein lie…
FBI Director James Comey said today that encryption hurts local police the most:
FBI Director James Comey says he doesn't want a 'back door' -- just access by
The FBI calls the problem "going dark," and Director James Comey said it impacted all levels of law enforcement.
Dir.of National Intel Clapper & FBI Director Comey testified before Congress against refugees. I'll take their word over yours.
I don't want keys, just leave doors open? FBI Dir. Comey doesn't want a 'back door' - just access
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