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Dion Waiters

Dion Waiters (born December 1991) is a basketball player. He played college basketball at Syracuse. He is considered one of the top prospects for the 2012 NBA Draft.

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fav basketball player is Dion Waiters...what do you expect? Gannett is the Waiters of the NFL.
yeah I bet it was fun playing with Dion Waiters, Alonzo Gee, Tristan Thompson (when he still sucked), and Samardo Samuels
Dion Waiters is as impressed as anyone else is when he sees how can dominate the boards and take over game…
Imagine losing wade and having Dion Waiters as his replacement and having a starter who shoots like 30% from the fi…
I'm so glad I the last two games he's showed us he's more than Dion Waiters 2.0
y'all will regroup and be fine. At least you're not a dedicated heat fan. All of our hope is in.Dion Waiters
TT, half a year of luol deng then dion waiters among other bums. and won 33 games. pretty good imo
Do you think Dion Waiters could use some time in the D-League to refine his game?
Heat @ Thunder coming up at 7PM CT on Fox Sports Oklahoma. . Prediction: Dion Waiters will yell "And One!" on multiple oc…
I need him to have the confidence of Dion Waiters. *** they about the same size lol
I wish Dion waiters played wit bron He should of been on deck
Dion Waiters for the BUZZER BEATER by via
Marcus Smart is a poor man's Dion Waiters.
For some reason Randy Foye didn't get quite the greeting Dion Waiters and Serge received. 🤔
Billy Donovan talked about Victor Oladipo's 29-point game. I thought it sounded like how BD talked about what Dion…
Dion Waiters just threw his remote and the batteries fell out. 💩 on top of 💩
I need to see a Mario Chalmers Dion Waiters backcourt before I leave this earth
theres a ton of interesting things in that list. Nick Young so high. VC top five. Dion waiters bottom five
The & are🔒up at 48 after 2Q on Tony Snell: 12p, 4r. Dion Waiters: 15 points.
even though all we do is lose these days I have actually enjoyed almost every game. The good is fun & the UGLY (DION WAITERS) is funny.
I said " Biyombo might be the worst offensive player in the league". RPM says he's been 3rd worst. Thank god for Dion Waiters & Evan Turner
If Leroy Jenkins played basketball, he'd be Dion Waiters.
Dion Waiters: "🤔Josh Richardson is wide open I'll pass it to him". Inner Dion: "drive to the basket". Dion: "bu-"…
Dion Waiters: I may have rushed this layup... Dion to Dion: "And one"
Couldn't agree more. I don't see Chris Grant turning Dion Waiters into JR and Shump. The Mozgov trade was huge at t…
Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters says he's 'in a great situation'
When Pat Riley calls and says , "I'll trade you Dion Waiters for anything."
Good news:. Dion Waiters is averaging 20.3 ppg over his last three games!. Bad news:. It's come with a 40.9/25/60 shooting s…
Dion Waiters probably woke up this morning envisioning a max contract offer coming from the Miami Heat next summer. So 30…
I would rather have Jordan Farmar on my team over Dion Waiters.
Hoping Josh Richardson inhales Dion Waiters' minutes like Boris Diaw does a pizza.
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Thomas Robinson and Dion Waiters were drafted before Damian Lillard.
Oladipo now earns more than Nate Robinson or Dion Waiters smh
6. If Dwyane Wade had a baby with Mario Chalmers, his name would be Dion Waiters (6 of 6)
Dion Waiters is the most talented player on the Heat and im not even joking or slandering. He's going to reach his full po…
Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, and Anthony Bennett. But LeBron is going back.
Dion Waiters' new deal with the Heat frees up the option for OKC to offer Russell Westbrook a maximum extension.
Miami Heat agree to terms on a one-year deal with free agent guard Dion Waiters. (via
Pg: Goran Dragic . Sg: Dion Waiters. Sf: Justice Winslow. Pf: Chris Bosh. C: Hassan Whiteside. I literally have no emotions over this roster.
cmon bro you know it was a jest don't make cheer for Dion Waiters and Luke Babbitt for 82 games
Big sports day: trade Chapman to Michael Jordan breaks his silence, Josh Gordon can play Week 5, Dion Waiters signs w/ Heat.
eliminated in the 2nd round by the Cavs led by Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, and Andrew Bynum
Miami Heat are reportedly pursuing Dion Waiters and Courtney Lee.. Which is likely that Dwyane Wade is gone. Wade era co…
Allen Crabbe makes more sense than Dion Waiters and Ryan Anderson for Kings
The Sixers have expressed interest in Dion Waiters, Jamal Crawford, Allen Crabbe and other guards. Philadelphia has a t…
NBA free agency: Sacramento Kings offering $14 million to Dion Waiters
"Sixers are expected to make a run at Harrison Barnes and Dion Waiters"
PHI is going to sign Harrison Barnes AND Dion Waiters. Someone grab the Michael Jackson popcorn GIF (too lazy).
just send Austin River, Dion Waiters, Josh Smith, Mike Beasley, Harrison Barnes, Jr Smith, and Lance Stephenson to Rio.
You deserve this- now go give that check go Evan Turner or Dion Waiters and fulfill your final form... JihaD
Anderson Varejao, Andrew Wiggins, David Blatt and Dion Waiters are all very giddy right about now.
At Syracuse, Dion Waiters made his teammates call him 'Kobe Wade' because he felt his game was a fusion of the two. htt…
Cleveland's defense doesn't have Serge Ibaka, Steven Adams, or Andre Roberson. *** there's not even a Dion Waiters and Randy Foye.
Cavs coach Byron Scott on Dion Waiters: "I think he has something special. I think we got a steal."
Dion Waiters has over taken Nick Young for guys I hate watching play basketball
What if Dion Waiters pulls a Steve Kerr/John Paxson tonight? (Granted not in the NBA Finals)
Wish Kenny Smith would say something like "Dion Waiters off the bench is too much for any team". Would at least be original.
Dion Waiters has his face on, how about you?
Spot on. The key to this game will be Dion Waiters. You read this right. If Dion makes his shots, he'll be stable defensively
Dion Waiters defense and strength get slept on. He is a specimen. He's playing well, though tonight he was invisible. Robers…
Dion waiters has to show up 0 points on 0-4 fg
Hamilton Collection
Need a big game from Dion Waiters tonight!
I'm the 6th man like Dion Waiters now I'm on my own level so beyond Haters.
it's like Dion waiters. With the cavs he wasnt interested. When he switched teams and became interested he became a better player
I'm in the 6 man 6 man dion waiters
Tonight's game will end with a Dion Waiters game winning shot.
I am going to buy a Dion Waiters jersey.
I want the Cavs to win it all just because we don't need to give Dion Waiters a ring.
Which is more glorious, Dion Waiters vs. JR the gawd in the finals, or Dion Waiters thoroughly bricking the next two games?
Bold prediction for the NBA finals, There will be a Dion Waiters game In Cleveland game 2.
I'm in the 6 man I'm in the six man Dion Waiters
Dion Waiters has to play BIG tonight!
I'm in the 6 man, 6 man Dion waiters
Dion Waiters looking to bounce back from a scoreless, 0/4 shooting night in game five.
Dion Waiters rocking the Kobe 11 4KB tonight for Game 6
Saw a guy in a gold Dion Waiters jersey at the fairgrounds in Berea. Nearly made me tear up lol
Kevin Durant celebrates by shouting ‘f*** you’ at Dion Waiters via
dion waiters is the 29-year-old at the Y who played some d-3 and has a steady job now but still believes in "you never kn…
The Cavs must feel stupid as *** watching the OKC GS series and realizing Dion Waiters was the Warriors kryptonite all along
I'm in a 6 man the 6 man like Dion Waiters
For whoever watches the game tonight between GS & OKC I promise you if Dion waiters plays good tonight OKC is gonna win the game
If there is a God, he/she will bestow upon us a Dion Waiters vs JR Smith matchup in the NBA Finals.
I'm in the 6 man 6th man Dion Waiters
what's the chances of Enes Kanter and Dion waiters not scoring again. And Roberson fouled out and we wasn't getting calls
It has to be the Thunder. Dion Waiters revenge game?
I'm not prepared to live in a world where Dion Waiters gets an NBA championship ring before Kyrie Irving.
Basketball Gods... if you're up there. Please let Dion Waiters hit a game winner to eliminate one of the greatest teams of…
regular season Dion Waiters is Jordan. Postseason Dion Waiters is Jordan.
The are 7-1 in the playoffs when Dion Waiters scores 10+ points. In the regular season they were 29-5 in such…
I know grown men don't wear jersey but Where can a kid acting grown man get a Dion jersey for 2nite
I'm in the 6, man, 6 man, Dion Waiters
Very few things I wanna see more than Dion Waiters hitting a series-winner versus the Cavs in the Finals
Dion waiters about to take us to the finals tonight 😁
OKC need to do it for Coach Monty's late wife Ingrid Williams, minority owner Aubrey McClendon, and Dion Waiters' brother…
Call a travel agent. and will plan your trip to Waiters Island
Dion Waiters goes scoreless last night. Before that game some NBA executives were willing to pay Waiters the max.
Kyrie was playing with Dion Waiters, Andrew Bynum, and Cody Zeller.
A Thunder - Cavs final would be dope because Dion Waiters and JR Smith will decide the fate of the world.
Thunder-Warriors Game 4 journal on Serge Ibaka's energy, Adams passing on protection and an amped-up Dion Waiters: https:/…
KD was chewin today tho. Dion Waiters could be an All Star someday.
A team with Andre Roberson and Dion Waiters > any team that had Jordan and Pippen
If I see Dion Waiters and Anthony Morrow in the Finals before Chris Paul, i'm gonna stop watching basketball
The sharpshooting Dion Waiters strikes again. Wait, what?!?!
First there was Michael Jordan, then there was Kobe Bryant, and now. Dion Waiters
Dion Waiters has stepped up his game in the last two series he's hungry to get to the finals.
I hate Dion Waiters as much as I hate Jared Dudley and Channing Frye.
Was not expecting Dion Waiters to have this kind of effect on the series. It's Rafer Alston/Courtney Lee-esque where you just wonder how.
there is no justice in this world if we're denied a Dion Waiters vs Cavaliers Finals
I'm not trading a very good player for the next Evan Turner, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Dion Waiters. No thanks
I am so proud of my son Dion Waiters
Before I go to sleep, remember. Dion Waiters loves you, for who you are.
Game isn't over until Dion Waiters stares down your entire team and yup this game is over.
We making Dion Waiters look like he's Michael Jordan...this games been over
because Dion Waiters is the new age Michael Jordan
I love how OKC is responding after their game 2 loss. Their "turn Dion Waiters into Michael Jordan" adjustment this game was a genius move.
Dion Waiters is basically what James Harden was for the OKC Thunder
Dion Waiters is doing what James Harden did for the Thunder
Dion Waiters max contract to the Jazz. Make it happen DL!
Kevin Durant shared his favorite CeeLo Green lyrics with buddy Dion Waiters.
Just realized that the Cavs are going to get a Finals reunion with either Anderson Varejao or Dion Waiters. LOL, now that's messed up.
Dion Waiters don't give a *** who out there with him, he the option in his head lmao
Kevin Durant said to Dion Waiters what everyone wants to say to Dion Waiters. (Vine via
Dion Waiters gotta pull a Eddie Jordan and slap somebody in the back of they head lol
Tibbetts is a well-respected, innovative coach who players speak highly of such as Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Damian Lil…
Or if Anthony Morrow was even slightly above league average in terms of defense? Or if Dion Waiters could...avoid being Dion Eaiters
I don't get these playoffs. Terrance Ross and Dion Waiters are playing well. Billy Donovan is coaching a good series. Just..what?
I wish him as much success as Johnny Flynn, Donte Green, Wes Johnson, Chris McCollough, Dion Waiters, Paul Harris...
Billy Donovan closed with the divisive Dion Waiters and Enes Kanter tonight. Both played well. 17 points for Waiters, 1…
Dion Waiters on Billy Donovan: "Coach is doing a helluva job. A helluva job."
Dion Waiters on his iPad picking out his Presidential Suite at the MGM Grand as we speak.
I'm trying to find a difference between Dion Waiters and Damon Jones and I'm struggling
How much space did Manu Ginobili have to give Dion Waiters? "Ample room." Here's the rule. You decide.
Man.. Dion Waiters is a poor man Smush Parker. That dude is bad.
Chris Grant outthank (or out-thinked?) the room with Dion Waiters and Anthony Bennett.
I hope Rick Carlisle's between-quarter interviews is just a shake of the head then: "It's Dion Waiters. He's a star. What can we do?"
Dion Waiters took over the end of the first quarter. Layup. Layup. Assist to Foye. Block on defense. Three point play.   10% Off
Dion Waiters is horrific. Worst waiter since Tommy Davidson on In Living Color.
He deserves credit for making the leap. Guys like Dion Waiters and Rodney Stuckey couldn't handle transition from bench to starter
Randy Foye might be even worse than Dion Waiters at finishing around the rim.
I keep on having imagination that OKC wins the finals by a game winning 3 by Amo, and Dion waiters wins finals MVP.
Dion Waiters on the Sixers makes so much sense it's ridiculous though. OKC wouldn't match that.
At one time I was convinced that Dion Waiters was as good as Kyrie Irving
I was able to beat CJ Fair, and Michael Carter williams of syracuse. And Dion waiters. LOLOL
thats the 2nd meanest thing iv ever said about an NBA player(1st calling Dion waiters Flaming garbage boiled in septic water)
First thibgs first; OKC will never win with Dion Waiters on their roster. He's the scale of measure for atrocity.
Kanter's 33 points is the most by a non-KD/Westbrook player since Dion Waiters scored 33 on the last day of the season year.
We all know that.what people don't know is the overrated SG in Houston being a glorified Dion Waiters 😂😂😂😂
Welp I didn't get dion waiters like I thought I would 😂😂😂😂
I hope Dion waiters steps up in the playoffs and that I don't see Kyle Singler.
Great tribute by Dion Waiters for his brother courtesy of D Jeter's Player's Tribune,
"Dion Waiters gets more bricks than Pablo Escobar"
Danny Green and Dion Waiters both forgot how to hoop...
Dion Waiters who is an RFA this offseason
How much better is Harrison Barnes than say, 2 years ago?? . We took Dion Waiters.
Because he's on the court with Dion Waiters.
An emotional reflects on the passing of his brother in the
Dion waiters didn't start drafted very high. Maybe it had to do with playing for best coach in country
And number number 1 overall picks don't "make franchise better" if there surrounded with dion waiters, Bynum and
majority of those 3 years the cavs second best player was dion freaking waiters. So again, try something else.
Done with quarter 1 in Denver. on Nuggets 32-30. Watch Dion Waiters split the D and score.
Thug really a 71. he make hits sometimes but never a whole album. he Dion Waiters
Last time Dion Waiters played in Sacramento he went off for 22 points. He was able to attack the rim and hit his stepback jumper all night.
- I think he's Dion Waiters in the NBA if things go right, NBDL for 5 or 6 years if they don't.
Dion waiters stay trynna do too much lol
yeah he's definitely no Dion Waiters.
Nah,I use the Thunder and smack yo *** with Dion Waiters
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Any time Dion Waiters yells "and-1!!!" and actually gets an and-1, it should count for double points.
Enes Kanter with 33 points and 20 rebounds to lead OKC, Dion Waiters with 25 points,...
Dion Waiters and cousins are here next year
.guard reflects on the passing of his brother Demetrius Pinckney. htt…
Clay Bennett, Senator Inhofe, an octogenarian usher, the fan 3 point shooting contest runner up and Dion Waiters
Those beggin' hands like a hybrid of Dion Waiters and Keith Sweat
Dion Waiters, Brian Davis and Michael Cage for nothing? Who says no?
Good morning. Value plays today, i hope are Danny Green and Dion Waiters. plus Valenciunas and Amir Johnson
Dion Waiters is hot garbage. I’d give Michael Carter-Williams a really solid meh, but he is getting better.
Biggest defensive play of the game via Dion Waiters
Dion Waiters is honored at his elem school in Philadelphia, returns the favor by helping to build a new playground. https:/…
Postgame video analysis from Boston + interviews with Brad Stevens, Kevin Durant, Dion Waiters and Billy Donovan:
After he hit his first 3, Dion Waiters pointed to the sky. "That was for him," he said, in reference to his brother Demetri…
"I'm not going to get over it.". Dion Waiters rejoins OKC after brother's funeral:
Every time I check the box score Kevin Love is 3-11. It's like Dion Waiters never left.
that doesn't look like Jeremy Lamb and Dion Waiters to me
There's stuff to rip Kyrie for, but not winning with Dion Waiters, Alonzo Gee and Earl Clark is not one of them.
Dwayne Wade's number is 3, so is Dion Waiters. Dion Waiters hurts his knee, so did Dwayne Wade. Dion is the next Dwayne W…
I see Dion Waiters as the next Dwayne Wade once he hits his ceiling of potential! D-Wade... Now D-Waiters
OKC let Harden, Lamb, Kevin Martin, and Nate Robinson go just to hand the 2nd unit over to Dion Waiters. They are paying for their sins..
It was a sad day in South Philly Saturday 1st Dion Waiters stealing money in OKC and Hank Lundy got poofed by Terrance Crawford!
Cavs traded a young star Wiggins for a max player who isn't great. Then they drafted Bennet and Dion Waiters. Lebron should of stayed in Mia
Dion Waiters aint nobody but Willie Green wit swag
Joe Johnson should go to OKC and we should waive Dion waiters
VIDEO: As if Dion Waiters' highlights weren't sad enough already, now someone's set them to Celine Dion:.
OKC go get Joe Johnson ASAP! Dion Waiters is a wrap with Joe in the mix!
OKC should go after Joe Johnson. You are not winning a ring with Dion Waiters
OKC desperately needs a shooter while Dion Waiters gets over his slum
😭😭 he's like a lefty version of Dion Waiters
"OKC could use Joe Johnson because you got Dion Waiters situation going on" LOL
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on at 6. New Rotations. The curious case of Dion Waiters, Is Joe Johnson bound?
Joe Johnson >>> Deez nuts >>> Dion Waiters, the sky is the limit RT
props when it's due congrats on him, but that's like picking Dion Waiters over a Ray Allen 😂😂😂 GG
Thunder should definitely get him. I'm getting tired of bum *** Dion Waiters
He would be a 6th man because Dion Waiters ***
How Lance Stephenson and Dion Waiters are in the NBA is beyond me
Really want Cleveland to land Joe Johnson, but can see OKC doing anything to get him. Joe Johnson or Dion Waiters at your 2? Come on now.
dion waiters shooting 6-22 since the all star break .. He made 5 of those shots last game ., we played 3 games
but but I would rather have Joe out there Thannn. DION WAITERS
Our breaks down why adding Randy Foye may be a challenge to Dion Waiters:
thoughts on Freon Dion for a Waiters nickname?
Dion Waiters embody every *** the hood swear shoulda made it to the nba & never did
I can almost guarantee melo up there with missed layups & dion waiters
Well played my guy, well played. Real talk, ya need to get rid of that dumpster Dion Waiters. JJ would help you guys OD.
he'll be a better option than Dion Waiters that's for sure
that's possible, but I rather see him in OKC as a back up. They should release this bum, Dion waiters
The thunder better pick up Joe Johnson!! Because Dion Waiters is Asscheeks!!!
hopefully. I'm just thinking there's is no way he could ever be worse than dion waiters 😂😂 trashh
if you can beat Dion Waiters one on one.
Dion Waiters (14 points) says team's goal tonight was to "stay with it." Here's his postgame interview with Lesley. https:/…
lol I know you hate him. Thunder need Joe Johnson though, I've had enough of Dion Waiters.
I really want Joe Johnson to come to the thunder because Dion waiters plays better off the bench
One team that could use Joe Johnson is OKC. They need a third scorer. Dion Waiters hasn't been getting the job done.
I think Joe Johnson would be a great fit to take Dion Waiters' touches in OKC
thunder need him more. Dion Waiters isn't cutting it for them and Roberson is strick a defender.
pick him up!!! Off the bench with dion waiters and y'all going to the finals
would you rather have him or Dion Waiters conversation over lol
OKC please go get Joe Johnson ... Dion Waiters ain't cutting it
Counterattack - Dion Waiters ready to shut down the haters.
Thunder could use Joe Johnson. He is better than Dion Waiters
Joe Johnson and Dion Waiters can't be on the same team bro.
Dion Waiters breaks out of slump in Thunder's 116-103 win over Dallas
OKC or no team right now for that matter will win a ring with Dion Waiters as their starting SG.
"Griff got WHAT for Dion Waiters and Lou Amundson? Wait till we tell Dan!"
Crazy Stat of Day: Dion Waiters has missed more layups (14) than he's made this season (13).
Dion Waiters is projected as a top 5 shooting guard this season by ahead of Klay Thompson, Lance Stephenson, an…
I still don't understand why Dion Waiters in the game
The Cavs traded Alex Kirk, Lou Amundson, and Dion Waiters for JR Smith and Iman Shumpert lolol
Dion Waiters reminds me of Carlos Santana; he has gifted skills for his sport but doesn't have a clue of how to use it and is very low IQ.
Bobby Portis looks promising, but those were some Dion Waiters-like transition possessions (both rejected back in his face) just now.
KD and Russ have to play with Dion Waiters. Anthony Davis gotta play with Norris Cole. Life is unfair.
The Oklahoma City Thunder will forever regret the day they let Jeremy Lamb leave. Dion Waiters didn't want no part of this game. .
2014 All-Star Rising Stars Challenge. Who do you think won the battle? Dion Waiters or…
Nobody makes me want to go complete Latrell Sprewell on them more than Dion Waiters...
Kyle Singler and Steve Novak score the same amount of points against the Lakers as Dion Waiters: 2
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Dion Waiters is probably the worst basketball player in Thunder history. Besides, of course, Perry Jones and Hasheem Thabeet
Imagine a Ricky Davis/Dion Waiters-led backcourt. Can you feel the flames?
I have Dion Waiters and Dwayne Wade. Do I get a prize
Dion Waiters is the best PG to play since Magic Johnson
Philadelphia Inquirer reports Dion Waiters "wants to come home" & play for the 76ers. Waiters believes he can get a ver…
Kidd-Gilchrist, Dion Waiters, Thomas Robinson, Terrance Ross. What do they have in common?? All taken ahead of Andre Drummond in 2012 draft
Dion Waiters' last seven quarters: 32 points on 10/16 FG, 4/6 3FG.
But Andre Roberson and Dion Waiters mane great game by both
Worst game managemet ever Billy Donavan, Dion Waiters and Kyle Singler played way to long and set way to long. Horrible!
Two players Gregg Popovich would never coach: Dion Waiters and Nick Young.
Dion Waiters is making great moves already .
4 minutes in & they get into prime Dion Waiters talk. ‘Ep. 16: NBA w/ Juliet Litman & Chris Ryan (guest hosts!)’
Dion Waiters (3) and Enes Kanter (11) are wearing new uniform numbers this season. Fact of the Night.
Billy Donovan talking with Dion Waiters during a timeout
Martin O'Malley looking like Dion Waiters asking for the ball
who's this individual in Dion Waiters' body right now? Hope you didn't sell your land on JUST YET...
Dion Waiters been balling this preseason
Cam Payne with eight points off the Thunder bench in the first half. Dion Waiters and Enes Kanter with seven.
Dion Waiters is shooting free throws from the elbow this season. He's a consummate entertainer.
Dion Waiters needs to work on that FT stroke. He's been brutal from the line.
Shooting from nearly the right elbow, Dion Waiters is now 0-3 from the free throw line tonight. Was 7-8 in the previous two games.
New foul shot not working out too well for Dion Waiters (0-for-3)
Dion Waiters is going to have a huge year this year under Billy D... Giving him confidence and freedom to make plays for that 2nd unit.
Dion waiters will have the season that people expected from him when he was drafted
Is it too early to predict that Dion Waiters will play this season under more control than ever? Maybe that's not saying much, but still...
I see what you're saying, but Dion Waiters and Kaleb Joseph are totally different situations. About lineups though, I get it.
"it's (stepback) almost a signature move of Dion Waiters". Just remove the almost.
I'm trying to remember if people were like "Dion Waiters isn't starting as a sophomore, he must not be progressing"
Trey Burke: Felton, Kemba, Chapman, Dion Waiters, Telfair, Van Exel, Jason Richardson, Augustin. Locke has compared him to Augustin before.
I was dropping 40 point games with Dion waiters ask people they know my history with Dion in 2k15
Update your maps at Navteq
And some Dion Waiters from the corner.
Dion Waiters is officially shooting his free throws at least a few feet right of center.
So glad the cavs replaced Dion Waiters with J. Cole.
I wonder if there's a men's version for Dion Waiters so he never jacks up a long ugly contested jumper ever again
I could live to 100 and never understand the rationale behind taking Dion Waiters over him.
who would you take Dion Waiters or Andrew Bogut? Because Kobe's numbers are pretty close to Dion
Poor Zach Lowe is stuck on Dion Waiters island trying to make a raft
How good is Dion Waiters going to be over the next seven years?
Dion Waiters finds out Kobe Bryant has a 85 rating on 2K16
Dion Waiters from 3 to end first half.
Dion Waiters on why he's shooting free throws a full step to the right:
my bad you guys have shot chucking Dion waiters now
What the..? 70 passes between two QBs on the same team? NBA equivalent to Nick Young & Dion Waiters on the same team
Like, how many of you remember the Dion Waiters national anthem saga?
Dion Waiters has been maybe the most impressive player on the floor tonight: 19 points in 19 minutes on 6-9 shooting (3-3 f…
Dion waiters looks so improved playmaking wise and his shot selection
Thunder beats Fenerbahce in preseason 111-81. Dion Waiters scores 19. Photo of the Game.
Dion Waiters and Cam Payne about to check in. Payne getting some final instructions from Billy Donovan.
Marcus Morris, Will Barton, Khalif Wyatt & Dion Waiters all know the deal...DE about to be on the map!!!
Another Thunder teammate shows up in Orlando to support the Summer League squad. Dion Waiters joins Morrow & Durant. http:/…
Anthony Morrow, Kevin Durant and Dion Waiters taking in the game with Billy Donovan:
Kevin Durant and Anthony Morrow are sitting together behind the Thunder bench for their game. Dion Waiters is also expected…
Kyle Singler, Dion Waiters, Perry Jones, Enes Kanter, Steven Adams, Mitch McGary, Anthony Morrow, and DJ Augustin. What is this lol.
With KD, Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, Dion Waiters, Jeremy Lamb, DJ Augustin, etc. the Thunder could've been playing the Cavs in the Finals.
Have no fear! Dion Waiters is having a productive off season. He is in the final three for Shaqtin' a Fool.
Remember when Chris Grant drafted Dion Waiters instead of Klay Thompson.. Good times..
Cavs Starting lineup for first game. Kyrie Irving (out). Dion Waiters (traded). Lebron James. Kevin Love (out). Anderson Varejao (out)
Dion Waiters is changing to No. 3. Perry Jones is changing to No. 8. That means Ish Smith won't have his OKC jersey retired after all.
Marvin Williams & Dion Waiters were high picks after being collegiate 6th man, & were bust. Perhaps Towns too?
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