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Dillard University

Dillard University is a private, historically black liberal arts college in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

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I got a Scholarship from Dillard University for 3,500$ a year 😭. Blessings 🙏🏾
Congratulations to basketball player Jaylen Dillard on signing with Johnson C Smith University!
I had such a great time and I can't wait until Fall to attend Dillard University!
Guilty of giving back to Terrebonne High School and Dillard University. Hats off Doctor Harris. ✊🏽
Zariah Nolan got 17 full-ride offers, $9.6M in scholarship money and elected HBCU Dillard University
Kelsie Dillard RHS Upward Bound graduate this morning at West Virginia University Institute of…
Proud to announce I will be running for the 12th Mister Dillard University! Follow "The Evolution of a KING" campaign!!
First Lady Michelle Obama delivers the commencement address to graduates of Dillard University in New Orleans today http…
Congratulations to the men of Theta Sigma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Dillard University, our 80th year.-JH
I GOT ACCEPTED into Dillard University & University of Texas today.
I've been accepted to Howard University, Tuskegee, University of Texas, Dillard University, & I'm still waiting.
Mason helping pack Thanksgiving baskets at Dillard University.
David Duke Calls out Neocon warmongers, BLM, Hillary, Biased Media and a Biased Moderator in a Fiery Debate ... -…
Really in here at Dillard University spittin that truth.
welcomes Kellie Brown Great Job this morning. Proud of Dillard University alumnae
THANK YOU God for blessing me with my first D1 offer from Dillard University! ALL glory to God! Go Bleu Devils! 🏀 http…
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President Kembrough of university called NOPD on the protestors
still gonna put in for Dillard University too
There are few things that I'm as proud of as being a HBCU graduate, more specifically a Dillard University graduate.
I'm either going to Dillard University or UNT next year, & everything is leaning towards Dillard atm
Our sister institution, Dillard University, a UCC historically related college, has been bringing internationally...
In two weeks I'll be a Dillard University Alum 🎓👑💪🏽
Harrison Dillard, the pride of University in Berea, OH
6 arrested in David Duke protest at Dillard University
Dillard University Im on the way! Tonight we and to make History lets go!!
My Dillard University post-election speech up to 207,000 views and more than 8,100 comments!
Dillard University . New Orleans,LA. Bleu Devil . Fun Fact:Nursing program was the first nursing program to become accredited…
It's just around the corner. Join us on Dec. 4 for the 80th annual Dillard University Holiday Concert.
Updated statement by Dillard University. The Cook Gate on the campus will remain closed until further notice.
Congratulations to Dillard University's New Pom Squad! Go girls 🎉Follow to see what the ladies are up to 💙
Dillard University police officer opens fire on assault suspect
Did you miss my Dillard University? I will replay at the top of the hour on the Y'all gonna f…
ARE YOU READY BLEU DEVILS!! It's time to introduce to you the members of the OFFICIAL POM SQUAD OF DILLARD UNIVERSITY! 🎉…
Beyond the Oaks Mrs. Adrienne Tervalon, first Director of Dillard University's Upward Bound program & former...
This was less about David Duke than it was about Dillard University belonging to the students and their voices not being…
Dillard University stands by decision to host debate, even when David Duke is candidate
Protests at Dillard University over former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke coming to campus for Senate debate
Protest at Dillard University over debate appearance by former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke at the historic…
Dillard University & Philander Smith College. I put my Spelman app in ...
Theta Sigma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc would like to welcome Dillard University's Class of 2020
A Nigerian woman is following her two older sisters as valedictorian at Dillard University
80 Years ago the Theta Sigma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi was founded on the campus of Dillard University it's our anniversary
HR119 [NEW] Commends Dr. Dorothy V. Smith for her years of service to Dillard University in New Orleans
Dillard University faculty and students celebrate undergraduate research day
I am flying into NOLA and headed back to Dillard University just to see/hear my friend speak!
AJC Sepia HBCU of the Week: Tradition drew Atlantan to Dillard University RT
Dillard University located in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana founded in 1869.
Al Dillard had Steph range, if anyone remembers him from the University of Arkansas.
S/o to My alma mater man , DILLARD University boys beating Xavier tonight at the Bleu Classic 👏🏾 🏀
my goal in life is to attend Dillard University, and become a diamond !
Xavier's girls win crosstown classic against Dillard University
Major 🔑: Dillard University the place to be Today.
Jasmine Everfield is a college student at Dillard University in New Orleans, LA. She's making
Theatre to perform “The Rosa Parks Story" as part of its Black History Month . -
AJC Sepia HBCU of the Week: A greeting from Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough
Dillard University is Atlanta Journal – Constitution HBCU of the Week!! Please read these wonderful articles on...
Dillard University (is hosting New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu today as he endorses Hilary Clinton for President. Problematic.
It's opening night for the Rosa Parks Story by the Dillard University Theater Dept.,
Dillard University will be in the college center at lunch today, stop by and meet your rep!
Good morning Dillard University! We are here for the 2016 FLY Tour hosted by
AJC: AJC Sepia HBCU of the Week: Farah Akbar's journey through Dillard University
- praying for Delgado Community College, Dillard University and LSU Health Sciences, New Orleans, and
Got accepted in to Dillard University today
Koreyona of McKinley HS in is headed to Dillard University in the fall! h…
AJC feature on as told by its longtime president, Dr. Samuel Dubois Cook. "I was mentored by...
Accepted to Dillard University on the spot today! 🙏🏾 God is good, feeling blessed & highly favored 💙
AJC Sepia HBCU of the Week: & the best years of Delphanie Head's life -
I'm transferring to Dillard actually. Buy SUNO is southern university of New Orleans - a branch of Southern University
AJC Sepia HBCU of the Week: Dillard University and the best years of Del...
[Dillard] produced outstanding role models and a catalyst for historical change," Samuel DuBois Cook.
Is it still men of the Theta Sigma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi @ Dillard University 🐶💜💛 https…
📷 Lawless - John Hillcoat | Drama |561558851: Dillard University is a private, historically black...
Support our fighting Tigers bball game against Dillard University today !!! Watch it online : . Let's go Tigers !
take a look at Majekfingers at Dillard university drumming and educational work shop
Everybody come out to the gym to watch face the Dillard University Bleu Devils !! Game tips off at 6pm !
Check out tomorrow's Neighborhood Summit held at Dillard University, one of our former clients.
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Volleyball beat the 3rd seeded Dillard University in the GCAC tourn in Little Rock Ark.
I was about to say because Dillard University is an HBCU and a private institution. Lol
Our men's team will be playing Dillard University tomorrow at noon at the Ray & Joan Kroc Center (1250 W. 119th...
Johnson and Wales university class of 2020 . or . Dillard university class of 2020
Dillard University School of Social Sciences Symposium, November 10th and 11th, 2015
state and community leaders attending Dillard University Social Sciences Symposium this week
Denzel Washington: God Has 'Faith in Me' via po_st
no lol university school, Hallandale and BA tried to get me before the season but I just wanted to play for Dillard.
This is a great article from Walter Kimbrough of Dillard on why we need HBCUs, regarding the University of...
He ain't lying tho!!! This was bookoo girls at Dillard University circa 2003!
talking about the causes and impact of climate change now at Dillard university New Orleans LA. https:/…
Anti-Basileus LaMika holding it on this Founders Day. @ Dillard University
The Ladies of SGRHO with their Mr. Golden Rose on Kearny Terrace for Founders Day. @ Dillard University
Join Your Peers & Dillard Tomorrow & wear all black to support Mizzou University
Denzel Washington: God Has 'Faith in Me': The New York native first made...
Woman at Dillard University says that Tulane students can walk 2 fresh foods. I live next 2 Tulane. So, I know u lying.
Edward Mukiibi of speaking at Dillard University Think Globally, but grow locally.
Mukiibi asks a crowd of Dillard University Freshmen if they have heard of Food Security or Sovereignty. No 1 responded.
Everyone is invited to join us tomorrow for the Dillard University complimentary showing of the film Rosenwald at the Zeitgeist Theater!
LA Fans!! Get your tickets now for the Dillard University Renaissance Bleu Pop Up Art & Dining Experience!! When:...
WBOK 1230AM about to go on air... For my Eartha Kitt one woman show run at Dillard University in New Orleans! Tune in
Building Real Community Voice & Power, right now at Dillard University!!! Come join us. We're here until 4 today.
My freshman year, Dillard University students from NO evacuated to our college in Shreveport during Hurricane Ivan
Dr. Walter M Kimbrough (currently the 7th President of Dillard University and former...
Dr. Walter Kimbrough, current President of Dillard University and the 12th President of Philander…
Alumni of the Beta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Donates $29,000 to Dillard University...
Great event for businesses to exhibit. Dillard University 9th annual Home & Housing Fair.
GET Plugged-in with the all new Athletics App. Apple:. Google Play:.
Great op-ed on educational opportunities by Walter Kimbrough, President of Dillard University via
have to go sign up for a school July 13 at Dillard university .😊
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Dillard University girls be so fine. 😍❤️
The support is real. I was walking on Dillard University's campus this morning and a young lady by…
I really been sitting in Dillard University all morning
need to swing by Dillard University
Excited to attend on Thursday July 23rd at 6pm at Dillard University!
Here here for HBCUs. I'm on the board of trustees for Dillard University.
I got accepted into Dillard university but I'm going to go in the spring
So now that the hype from UCLA has died down can you come speak at Dillard University in New Orleans?
Our Classic Men: Dillard University Men Wear suits on first day of class via
God came through and made it happen , now I'm going to Dillard University.
Viewing Xavier university and Dillard next week 😁😁
You heard her! Starting on July 18th Come out to Dillard University's Samuel DuBois Cook Fine Arts…
Went spoke with the kids at Dillard University about Leadership, entrepreneurship & Career Goals!!…
He tried to police me saying not to put BLACK in front of Ivy League when it fact Dillard is a Black university lol . . The hate>>
I remember one time he was trying to say something about Dillard university and I had to correct him.
He tried to argue with me about calling Dillard University a BLACK Ivy League when it fact it is. How you go correct me when I'm there?
We were able to help with the Collegiate Ministry at the University of Cincinnati today,…
Can't wait to run for Dillard university
Great interview today with Pacific Lutheran University's Media Labs on relevancy of HBCUs and history of
Dillard University CTLAT Blog: Computers in Libraries 2011 Call ... Learn about the latest trends affecting your c
I’ve always liked Denzel Washington. Last month he gave the commencement address at Dillard University. And I...
This essay is by Dillard University President Walter M. Kimbrough whose father is Rev. Walter L. Kimbrough, the...
KNMF Museum need, Dillard University Interns, what will it take? Kick Starter:Katrina Memorial Project.
In gods time this will be me... Master Degree from Dillard university. Stay prayed up 🙏🏽💯
Seniors submit letters of intent: Dillard University; and Eddie Veal, LS...
Me at book signing at Dillard University
I'm in New Orleans at E.D.I. (Dillard University). If you're a firefighter you need to be here next…
I took college courses on African "American" history & black excellence at Dillard university. I can go on all day 😭😭😭😭
- Yours truly on the campus of Dillard University promoting my book and discussing it…
My lil sister getting Ready for Camp , she go to Dillard University & she love it 😍
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Hope Hill, Dillard University's class of 2016, will be reppin' this summer at IIT Chicago-Kent PLUS!
Michelle Obama delivered this inspiring commencement address at Dillard University.
2hectic performance at Dillard University Spring Fest 2015 via
Vehicle recovered after woman carjacked near Dillard University via
Vehicle recovered after woman carjacked near Dillard University: A woman was carjacked by a man with a gun Sat...
Vehicle recovered after woman carjacked near Dillard University -
Vehicle recovered after woman carjacked near Dillard University
I just love having to drive to Fort Worth at 8 am for "shoe university" . Ok Dillard's
1930 - Dillard University was chartered. Dillard is an
Today Dillard University was chartered on June 6, 1930 with the official merger of Straight College & New Orleans...
Team Harris 14 big 3 Hunter, Henry and Dillard all attending St Louis University Elite camp Sunday.
See Denzel Washington mention & "Lollipop" during his commencement speech at Dillard University in N.O. - http:…
VIDEO: Denzel Washington invokes God and hard work at Dillard University commencement
Congratulations Soror on your new position with Dillard University.
Read the 4 life goals Dnzel Washington shared with graduates at Dillard University.   10% Off
I started living when I started giving. Blessed to give three $50,000 scholarships - READ:
Congratulations to the 2015 graduating class of Dillard University! We love you and are so proud! http:/…
True Believers and all Denzel fans. this is for you! Denzel Washington 2015 Dillard University Commencement Speech! ht…
Denzel Washington, graduation speaker at Dillard University, NO, saying how he owes everything to God, "God directed me and corrected me."
What a successful first year of college at Dillard University. Just some selfies from the school days.
Congratulations to my lil nurse on graduating yesterday from Dillard University!!! We both Alumming in that bihhh! Lol.
Last activity of reunion weekend. Southern style cookout with the alumni. ❤️. @ Dillard University :…
Yall yesterday , I saw some men who graduated from Xavier & Dillard University & SUNO & I was so excited 😍 😍
Congrats to the Class of 2015 graduates from Dillard University ! Denzel Washington delivered the Commencement Speech
Denzel Washington gives Dillard University students four life goals in commencement speech via
What did Michelle Obama say to Tuskegee University graduates? (+video): ...
Very positive dialogue on this AM about Denzel Washington's commencement speech at Dillard University
My boo is graduating from my ALUMNI, DILLARD UNIVERSITY, with a BACHELORS in PSYCHOLOGY!!! I'm so proud of you 😘💁🏾…
I saw on the news abt your graduation speech at Dillard University: shows an awesome bold Christian standing on His Word! :)
Introducing the newest member of the University Board of Trustees
A Dillard University Mom is a special mom
Dillard University takes on the EPA Food Recovery Challenge (p. 7-8)
Are Louisiana's marijuana laws too harsh, or just right? A big discussion on that today on Dillard University. More on that on FOX 8 @ 5.
Congratulations to our very own Hampton Craig who signed a track scholarship with Dillard University yesterday!!!
It was an honor to be part of a panel discussion at Dillard University, on the important i…
Our very on Mr. Peter Stevenson in Dallas, TX, representing Dillard University at the National NIRSA Conference!
Why am i at Dillard University so early ?
The class I just knew I would fail, Chile cut up... 😝 @ Dillard University
Attention all cheerleaders!! Dillard University is hosting cheer tryouts later this month! Check the…
Newly inducted members of the Collegiate 100 of Dillard University, Congratulations bros!
Who will be next? The candidates for your 2015-2016 Mister and Miss Dillard University! Good Luck…
We thank you Dillard University, we will forever love our alma mater
Farewell Night-It was an honor and privilege serving Dillard University and the greater New Orleans
.is currently discussing the [financial] opportunities for Dillard and the role of to help sustain our university
Congrats to on signing with Dillard University today! Good luck with everything!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Adjunct thanks university for showing her how to hate teaching.
It's Delta Week at Dillard University! Can't wait to see the step show!
Committed to the community, Dedicated to Dillard. Vote for Simona Sanders 2015-2016 Miss Dillard University 👑💙
Vote for Simona Sanders April 8th as your 2015-2016 Miss. Dillard University 👑💙
Candidates running for Mister Dillard University 2015-2016, I wish the best for the both of you…
my boy hampton signing with Dillard University tomorrow congrats bro
can you be my class commencement speaker at Dillard University in New Orleans May 7th 2016? 🙌
Administrative Assistant for Student Health and Wellness - Dillard University - New Orleans, LA Find this Job&More-
But wait just got word that gonna hit up Dillard University in a couple of weeks!!!
This Thurs! southern conference at Dillard University with sign up free here:
“for the physical therapy program” definitely only 35k.source:Duke University 😂😂
Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough, president of Dillard University, takes on critics of HBCUs.
"Strengthen today for a better tomorrow by voting As-Samad Robison for Mr. Dillard University"
SUMMER INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE:. Dillard University is sponsoring a unique opportunity for a graduate (master's and...
you should come to Dillard University as well!
but it's not about looks remember. He is the president of Dillard University. He is fine by default.
-Dillard University please vote for me as your next SGA PRESIDENT. New Leadership, New Vision, New Direction"
Big Thanks to for coming to Dillard University today. It was amazing & your words were needed h…
its that time again! On April 8th for Marina Banks for Miss Dillard University and G.R.O.W.…
You coming to BlackStar today? . Dillard University students are coming out to help clean up the…
The student body at Dillard university was wondering if you would be interested in coming perform for our spring fest?
Mr.Esho Hero, would you be interested in performing at Dillard University for our spring fest? You can bring your "Slimes".
Mr.Santana I know it is last minute but would you be interested in coming perform at Dillard University for spring fest?
Climate Change conference at Dillard featured in The Tribune.
My Dillard University has the premier nursing program. HBCU Nursing Programs Listed by State
at Dillard University, on people of color
If I get another email from Dillard University saying " if you got this email you matter " and it's addressed to the WHOLE…
My whole life my mama been telling me that my Grandma went to Dillard University, when she went to Xavier lol
Denzel Washington is delivering the commencement speech at Dillard University. How awesome is that! I'm excited to hear who we're gonna get.
Ask me again, how I feel about Dillard University!!
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Denzel Washington to deliver University 2015 commencement speech -
Dillard University President says it's time to focus on the reality of TOPS
Shout out Dillard University for getting Denzel Washington as their commencement speaker this year
Dillard University got Denzel Washington for commencement. Can we get Morgan Freeman?
Denzel Washington will be the commencement speaker for Dillard University.
Denzel Washington to give Dillard University commencement address
nope I got accepted into Dillard University. My family was supposed to b moving to Louisiana and that college caught my eye.
Denzel Washington to deliver Dillard University 2015 commencement speech
Dillard University to have actor Denzel Washington as commencement speaker.
Denzel Washington to deliver commencement address at Dillard University
Dillard University plans first Creole food seminar; day of lectures is free
Xavier university or Dillard university in New Orleans and I'm waiting on LSU
Denzel Washington is giving the commencement address at Dillard University on May 9
Denzel Washington will deliver the 2015 commencement address at University Saturday May 9.
Denzel Washington will be the 2015 Commencement Speaker at Dillard University!!
Dr. Beverly Wright of Dillard University speaking Regional TRI Workshop, "TRI for us was always used as an tool."
Dillard University showing love and support to Mike Brown 🔵⚪️ ✊
Jury convicts 2 in slaying of Dillard University nursing student Marguerite Washington
HAPPY BIRTHDAY | Former President of Dillard University + Morehouse College Alumnus Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook | | Born on November 21, 1928. Samuel DuBois Cook, educator and civil rights activist, was born in Griffin, Georgia. Cook earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Morehouse College in 1948. While at Morehouse, he served as student body president and founded the campus chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He earned his Master of Arts degree in political science in 1950 and his Ph. D. in 1954 from Ohio State University. From 1956 to 1966, Cook chaired the political science department at Atlanta University. He also worked with the local NAACP chapter on voter registration. In 1966, Cook joined Duke University as the first African American professor to hold a regular faculty appointment at a predominantly White college or university in the South. He taught at Duke until 1975 when he was appointed president of Dillard University. Cook served in that capacity ...
This Black Friday, Dillard University is asking all our alumni, parents and friends to make a special effort to patronize a Black owned NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATI...
Attention students: Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. will be having a social this Saturday at Dillard University.
Curtains Up With Southern Decadence now behind us and Halloween more than seven weeks away, we’re in one of New Orleans’ relative slow periods. But that just means it’s an excellent time to put down your iPad and head out to one of the many shows that will be opening in the coming weeks. Here’s a look at what will be lighting up in September. Elm Theatre's production of A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard should be one of the season’s highlights. Among the peaks in the Shepard canon, Lie has not been seen in New Orleans in over twenty years. And not surprisingly--this tale of two families, linked by marriage but set apart by jealousies and distrust, requires a cast of eight top-notch actors plus an on-stage band. While I’m not too familiar--yet--with Roger Magendie, Kristin Samuelson, and Joel Derby, knowing the rest of the cast (Becca Chapman, Kate Kuen, Morrey McElroy, Garrett Prejean, and Andrew Vaught) and Director Joseph Furnari, I expect this Lie to be up to the demands of the challenging, ...
Dillard University ranked in Top 15 in National HBCU Rankings by US News and World Reports.
Come out tomorrow to watch Volleyball and Dillard University go head to head at 7:30pm!
DILLARD UNIVERSITY GETS ON MY NERVES!! how y'all don't have no money no aid no nothing!?! But yet y'all have money to do so much!?
Nola we're starting at home FIRST! . First Stop: DILLARD UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL ARTS & MUSIC…
Happy Monday! University's Mobile Mammography Unit will be at the following locations this week:. 8: Dillard’s,...
"Last night I got hammered and sent a *** pic to my friend, it showed up on the Apple TV and everyone saw. - Wr…
Good Morning!! DUNAA is thankful for each and every alumnus of Dillard University
Senior year at Dillard university gotta make sure it's Great
2014-2015 Dillard University cheerleading team has been posted !!! Congrats to all of you ladies I…
dillard university in New Orleans. I love it.
DU Family nominate your Dillard University Athletics alumni for the 2015 Legacy Award. .
Dillard's make $11.50 a hour plus commission! Thank God for the university success center.
Dillard University to offer free job training in hazardous waste management
Dillard vs. Edward Waters College is coming to Dillard University!
The Collegiate 100 Black Men of Dillard University Presents: The "BlueOut" Tailgate for the home…
I'm a graduate of Dillard University in New Orleans!
Hollywood of the south at Dillard University Campus .
For those who missed out on Tuesday, Dillard University's Concert Choir meets every Mon, Tues,&Thurs for 6 pm in Cook rm 204.
A successful first night at Dillard University's Mocharoom Poetry Night.
Wouldn't mind going to Dillard university for nursing school
Remarks by the First Lady in Commencement Address to Dillard University:...
please come and speak at Dillard University! We (current and alumni) welcome you!
The speaker is Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough, President, Dillard University. The title of his message: "Wolves in Church Folk Clothing"!
I don't understand .. This doesn't happen at home .. @ Dillard University
Mona Lisa Saloy, a professor of English and folklore at Dillard University.
Willie Kirkland shares that PLUS denial was negatively associated with second year retention at Dillard University.
the jersey he has on. Trinity University in SA, that photo was from a long time ago tho. He was wearing nike elite shoes lol
A team of rivals. Parents of young men at Brother Martin, Holy Cross and St.Aug. Leaders at Dillard University.
Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar was an Amerikkkan Afrikan poet, journalist and political activist. She was the first wife of poet Paul Laurence Dunbar. Life Alice Ruth Moore was born in New Orleans to middle-class parents Patricia Wright, a seamstress and former slave, and Joseph Moore, a merchant marine, who were people of color and part of the traditional multiracial Creole community of the city. At a time when fewer than 1% of Americans went to college, Moore graduated from Straight University (later merged into Dillard University) in 1892 and started work as a teacher in the public school system of New Orleans. In 1895, her first collection of short stories and poems, Violets and Other Tales, was published by The Monthly Review. About that time, Moore moved to Boston and then New York. She co-founded and taught at the White Rose Mission (White Rose Home for Girls) in Brooklyn. Beginning a correspondence with the poet and journalist Paul Laurence Dunbar, she ended up moving to Washington, DC to join him when t ...
Flooding from Katrina inundated Dillard University. FEMA obligated more than $61 million to help the school reconstruct its campus.
, did I forget to mention that I'm going to Dillard University 📓✏️📚 !
I already know my JR gone make me proud. Future Dillard University graduate 💙😘
The Gretna Titans AAU Basketball Team will be in action tomorrow morning at Dillard University vs The Capital City Knights at 11;20am. We are geared up for this matchup. We defeated the knights the first time we played them earlier in the season. They beat us the second time. Now its time for the rubber match game 3 this game we are looking to take a W back home to Gretna.
I'm so proud to be a Dillard University Alumni!
because the first Black Governor in the US (P.B.S Pinchback) attended Dillard University, and made it possible for others
It continues to be an honor to serve my beloved Dillard University in this capacity! "Fair Dillard Forever!"
Yes ma'am!! So excited for the next step in my Mias life! Great orientation! It all goes down Aug 20th!! Dillard University. Respect My Roots!
Go to and vote for Dillard University's President
Congratulations to Delgado Community College’s Single Stop staff members, who were honored with an award from the United Way on May 20 at a volunteer appreciation event sponsored by Entergy and held at Dillard University: Gail Jenkins, tax manager; Gwen Ricks, Paulette Windon, Ricky Cormier, and Brian Larsen, tax preparers; Kate Bucko, Single Stop coordinator/Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program volunteer; Melissa Guerra, student worker/VITA Volunteer; Derrinisha Anderson, student worker/VITA Volunteer; and Jacqueline Robertson, VITA volunteer greeter. Single Stop and United Way at Delgado Community College have emerged to be one of the top three tax preparation sites in the New Orleans area. For the past three years, Single Stop at Delgado Community College and the United Way of Southeast Louisiana have partnered to provide tax assistance to Delgado students, family, faculty, staff, and the larger community. The goal is to help taxpayers obtain free tax preparation and filing services and to ...
Congrats to Chelsea Jolivette on her commitment to Dillard University!
Thanks Dillard university staff, the and the city of New Orleans was absolutely amazing. The time flew by.
Dillard University Real nxgga club a group of nxggas that passed the "keep it G " test, rib everybody that walk down the oaks NON-STOP
The Dillard University Concert Choir (whoop whoop. lol) Obviously, we sing. 😉 But we're honestly the best HBCU choir. *shrugs*
Dillard University and SEED Church...Busy man! I keep you in my prayers.
blessed our souls: Dillard University 2014 Baccalaureate: .I tried
Dillard University call me asking if I'm going there 😜😌
blessed our souls: Dillard University 2014 Baccalaureate: via
Congrats to Sarah Boykin on her commitment to Dillard University!
Ashley! So bcos u graduated from Dillard University, the 1st thing u gonna tell every1 u engage in a fight wit, is to go first get a degree?
Good Morning to all of the alumni of Dillard University from DUNAA
The United States First Lady Michelle Obama joins other dignitaries to celebrate Merrilyn Akpapuna, a Nigerian girl that emerged the best graduating student at the Dillard University, New Orleans. Like a giant masquerade in the market place, all eyes were on 20-year-old Nigerian, Merrilyn...
"Nigerian girl emerges best graduating student at American university"~ "...Merrilyn, the daughter of a dental surgeon, graduated with a first class honors in Psychology. She also won two other awards for highest academic achievements for the College of Arts and Sciences and College of General Studies. Her feat made her share the podium with US First Lady, Michelle Obama, who attended the school's convocation. Merrilyn is pictured above with the President of Dillard University, Dr Walter Kimbrough" ~ More on the website
[myJCR News] - Michelle Obama Commencement Speech Urges Graduates To Stay Hungry. First Lady Michelle Obama is urging graduates to continue to fuel their hunger for education and use it to guide and inspire the "next generation of geniuses." On Saturday, the first lady told the 226 graduates of the historically black College (Dillard University) that they have opportunities and skills that their parents and grandparents never could have imagined. She urged them to use those skills to help those coming after them. Credit: The Huffington Post
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A Nigerian girl and three boys were named as best graduating students at the Dillard University, New Orleans, the U.S.A., congratulated by Michelle Obama.
First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the 2014 graduating class of Dillard University, one of the denomination’s historically black colleges.
Michelle Obama speaks at the Dillard University commencement
First Lady Michelle Obama delivered the commencement speech for Dillard University on Saturday. 
A graduation ceremony Saturday left Dillard University's Class of 2014 — and First Lady Michelle Obama — all smiles.Senior class president Nicole Tison intro...
The First Lady Michelle Obama is the commencement speaker for Dillard University class of 2014
Dillard University's commencement ceremony has been moved to the Lakefront Arena because of the impending thunderstorms forecast for Saturday, May 10. The University’s commencement exercises are usually held on campus on the Rosa Keller Freeman Avenue of the Oaks. First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver the commencement address.
I received this enail message from Judge Michael W Stuttley Dear Altgeld Gardenians & Carverites: It is with a very, very heavy heart that I announce the death of one of A.G. basketball legends, Marlbert "SPIDER" Pradd, former Carver, Dillard University, and Louisiana Buccaneers basketball star who died Sunday, April 27, 2014 in New Orleans. Spider was a member of the 1963 Carver High School state championship basketball team and formerly from Block 7. Spider will always be remember for his witty sense of humor on and off the basketball court. If my memory serves me correct, Spider had a sister, named Clementine. When arrangements are final, I shall surely inform you. Please let keep the Pradd families in prayer during their hours of bereavement. Prayerfully, Judge Mike
Michelle Obama will deliver the 2014 commencement address at Dillard University.
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