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Diet Coke

Diet Coke (also known as Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light or Coke Light) is a sugar-free soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company.

Diet Pepsi Pepsi Max Coke Zero Coca Cola Big Mac Mountain Dew Happy Birthday Peggy Olson Virginia Slims Dr Pepper

he cured polio, discovered DNA, invented the Roomba, popularized Diet Coke, ended the Vietnam Nam war and ...
Joe's failure to draft the Arnold Palmer was almost as baffling as his belief that Diet Coke is a beverage.
Is getting an unsweet tea with a Caniac the same thing as getting a Diet Coke with a Big Mac? Asking for a friend.
I've been craving a double quarter pounder with fries and a Diet Coke. I'm not done, the 10 piece chicken nuggets. And a chocolate sundae.
no Diet Coke, no sweet potato wedges, no ice ... Notting hill branch not on point πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
"Me and *** Dave sat down for a cup Diet Coke tonight"
Me: gotta slow down on booze, I think I have an ulcer. . *5 min later*. Dancing to "its tricky" while making a jack and Diet Coke.
"Horn wrassled" right after a Jed Clampett reference? must've had an extra Diet Coke at halftime.
Just saying, Coca Cola, but maybe the kid w the wagon should have given the Diet Coke to Santa instead of the teenaged girl.
At Applebee's the waitress said "we have Pepsi products, iced tea, lemonade" and this guy seriously said "I'll take a Diet Coke"
This woman just told me Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke are the same thing and I almost made a scene in Taco Bell
β€œNo, Diet Pepsi is what you drink when you're out of Diet Coke.”. β€”
Waking up to Christmas without snow is like ordering a Diet Coke and getting a Diet Pepsi.
Diet Coke and Kit Kats are also another way to my heart. πŸ’•πŸ’•
When I found out John Key was stepping down, I was reading a post about it, burping loudly after a Diet Coke!
let me get 4 number 4s a large vanilla shake with a *** cherry a entire bag of fries. A 22 piece chicken nugget and a Diet Coke.
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Diet Coke (The Houston take on Mountain Dew (The Denver tonight. See? I could be on that after midnight show or whatever
Thankful for mashed potatoes, Jeremy Jordan's voice, Diet Coke, the opportunity to travel, Broadway, the name "Dean"
Son of Swami with the Bobby D Burger, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke and picks for the eight state championship games.
Can we just skip to the part of my life where I'm drinking Diet Coke in the Oval Office
Guess who served a Diet Coke to Kristin Scott Thomas tonight?
Brilliant show last night Jason. Will be back next year as a regular with all the others! Martin. Pint. Diet Coke. Maltesers.
Cats, Diet Coke, and a hallmark channel Christmas movie. πŸ’œβœŒπŸΌοΈ
Flea market flip in bed with my boys (and a Diet Coke) makes for the best Friday morning ever. ❀️
I see you have a Diet Coke in hand! P.S. Love you messenger bag and structured outerwear lol
Bricking it about tomorrow so chaining Diet Coke reading Nick Davies' book about phone hacking. *** they are.
Before committing to a relationship with me, you must understand that my dog and Diet Coke will always come before you
Just want a *** Diet Coke and ice cream cone. But I'm stuck in Mars Hill with a closed bojangles and closed Ingles, life is great rn
Who would win the Alex Jones/Glenn Beck/Drump/Rush/Assange fight if there was a bottle of Diet Coke in the room? (Trick question)
My dad drank Diet Coke and Diet Mtn. Dew for YEARS every morning to wake himself up. Then he had a stroke. 😣
Ryder Cup on the TV and Diet Coke in hand...
I was guessing Virginia Slims and Diet Coke but I think you’re on to something
Diet Coke quorn & egg fried rice ala slimming world for the win πŸ’œ
Yo Sushi on Princes St is out of Coca Cola & Diet Coke ‼️⁉️ what kind of establishment is this? Sushi and Sprite then
I am eating a bag of golden flake pork skins and a Diet Coke with that I am honoring this For Bear Bryant .
Signs of being a psychopath according to Julie Januskis. -peeing the bed. -trying to pass off Diet Coke as regular. -killing small animals
The amount of commercials I've seen over the last 40 minutes makes me hate Diet Coke. No desire to buy it now whatsoever.
Recorded in front of a live studio audience Amanda Wisniewski is brought to you by copious amounts of Diet Coke and peanut m&ms.
*Barry at white castle*. "I need 100 white castles, 40 chicken rings, a large fry, and a Diet Coke.".
Michael Jackson requested his wine be served in Diet Coke cans during flights, because he didn't want his kids to see…
I spend more on pints of Haagen-daz and Diet Coke from the deli than groceries
Coca-Cola light in Mexico is sooo much better than Diet Coke why can't the US have nice things
I have nothing in common with people who prefer Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke
Give me a Big Mac, super size my fries. Why you staring at me, go get my apple pie! I need a Diet Coke to wash that al…
Mrs. Murphy's dad bought me a Diet Coke and I feel bad bc I don't like Diet Coke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
so is the reason I no longer drink regular soda, I drink Diet Coke now!
Earlier the worker at Wendy's was giving me attitude and I said "can I get a Diet Coke, I'm allergic to soda so it has to be diet"
I don't drink soda but I was feeling rebellious so I grabbed a Diet Coke and immediately spilled it all over my laptop
And America has decided it'll have the Big Mac with extra cheese and maybe bacon? With a Diet Coke, ple…
Apple cactus jacks with Diet Coke is lit
Talk about being a great host! Danielle Kelly (BOUGHT (from tuck shop) a Diet Coke for American wanting one w/ breakfast!
What Sarah has in our fridge: ketchup, sriracha, Diet Coke, chocolate covered marshmallows, & Miller Lite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Having Hillary Clinton as president is kind of like that feeling you get when you ask for a Diet Coke & the waiter says…
"I have Coke,Diet Coke,Lemonade,Iced Tea,Sprite,Fanta and water. Can I have Dr.Pepper? ...I don't have that😐
Summer has made me more feminine. At work, I drink Diet Coke and then at home, diet Mountain Dew.
true dat. Also today at a fast food joint they told me they didn't have Diet Coke but they had diet Mountain Dew πŸ€”
If I have to pick a Pepsi product, I'll always go with Mt. Dew. But I'm a Diet Coke girl. I need a shirt.
Am I the only person that can taste the difference between Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Coke Zero and Pepsi Max
Because not only is Canada Dry the BEST ginger ale, but that's like saying Diet Coke doesn't taste worse than satan's ***
Maybe not so much the Diet Coke part.
Just cracked the first bottles of Diet Coke looks SO BIG to me having a watergun fight with Robert Crais, the man himself emails me.
Tells brother to go get food that we could survive on. He grabs Brown Sugar PopTarts, Vanilla Pudding, Tostitos, and a 12 pk of Diet Coke...
Where are all the unhealthy drinks? Where's the Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi? This is not a real vending machine!
That look you get when you're in Atlanta and order "Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi...whichever one you've got "
If u support NC rules boycott the businesses that doesn't. Diet Coke is out Diet Pepsi is in, etc..
Your stat of the day: The first diet soda was Diet Rite, in 1958. In 1963 Tab & Diet Pepsi came out. Diet Coke didn't come out until 1982.
TayTay's favorite cocktail is a vodka/Diet Coke. Technically not a cocktail (thanks Peggy Olson), but it's now my favorite "cocktail" too!
Gotta love bringing home way too much Mtn. Dew and Diet Coke.
Tfw all your glasses are dirty and you have to drink your Diet Coke out of a wine glass
Diet coke and toast. The snack of choice for slightly poorly mummies who need to make it through baby swimming.
Good morning great day all! Silly confession. I exercise, eat and drink healthy. But sometimes I need that Diet Coke! Lol!
Mr. Sweepy is so nice to share with the world
This girl in my class has more cream cheese on her bagel than a cupcake has frosting. Don't worry though, she's chasing it with a diet coke.
Found a Diet Coke bottle cap in my bed last night, that's how I know I have a problem
Eating chocolate cake with a giant Diet Coke for breakfast... But 20 minutes ago I was wishing I wasn't too fat to wear leggings πŸ˜‚
Diet Coke is becoming completely unrecognizable outside of America: As Coke tries to convince customers to dr...
My favorite thing about where I work is that I get free unlimited Diet Coke
She likes vodka mixed with Diet Coke and chicken tenders! Tay did a 73 question interview with vogue. Check it out: https…
So far today at work I've eaten one orange and submitted a P.O. request for one pallet each of Diet Coke and Mentos for some parking lot fun
14 Days to A Better Blog - FREE eBook: Crack open a Diet Coke and get excited for this one. I locked my office...
Sat on a bench drinking a Diet Coke watching the world go by. The world enjoys shopping at Poundland.
Coke knows a lot about the power of Here’s their latest redesign with aim of boosting lo-cal sales.
I'd welcome a new US Coke Zero formula that tastes closer to Coke Classic but it's close enough. It's def not like Diet Coke.
First the napkin, now diet coke. Whats next? A squirrel?
Coca-Cola to do away with Diet Coke’s iconic silver can β€” as diet soda sales continue to slip.
gonna need like a 2 hour siesta in there, then its go time. I got some Diet Coke locked and loaded. OC lifestyle baby! Lets go!
Beautiful day!!! Excellent results! Just sitting outside in the sun having a Diet Coke with my uni pals ❀️
I just learned they don’t have Diet Coke at Tokyo Disney. I wonder if I can get enough in a checked bag to last my trip :)
This guyaI know once opnned a diet coke can and the whole thing was filled witt actual cocoine.
Never go out of style, she said? Taylor Swift's Favorite Cocktail is Diet Coke and Vodka.
5th learn how density affects buoyancy by experiment with Coke/Diet Coke cans
Yes, rum. Rum would be great. Love that in my Diet Coke
World figures out Diet Coke is gross, so time for a re-branding
I come to i3 for the PD, I stay for the Diet Coke.
Diet Coke's signature silver can is going to be mostly red from now on.. Related Articles:
How are you drinking Diet Coke at 10am...
Got a tour of our local McD's last summer. It's actually the special tanks the have for the Coke & Diet Coke.
I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the double cheese burger and chips, 6 chicken nugets and a diet coke. Catch ya's later.
Wish I didn't feel like I was failing if I don't work out every day. Or have a Diet Coke. Or go to Starbucks...
Vote for your favorite Diet Coke bottle for a chance to win a vacation for 2 or thousands of other Diet Coke prizes!
Say goodbye to silver Diet Coke cans:
I've always wondered what the point of Diet Coke isπŸ€”πŸ€”. If you truly want to diet or be healthy, wouldn't you rather avoid Cok…
Customer orders a Diet Coke and a water.ask for 4 refills on Diet Coke. Doesn't touch water once. This happens at least 6x a day πŸ™ƒ
My mum spilled an entire icy glass of Diet Coke on my crotch in a busy restaurant. πŸ˜β„οΈπŸ‘–
Day 1 of not drinking soda: I had one and a half liters of water before driving to McDonald's at 1:00 am to get a large Diet Coke.
Peggy Olson: β€œYou need three ingredients for a cocktail. Vodka and [Diet Coke] is an emergency.”
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is it just me or does Coke/ Diet Coke taste good af with Mexican food? just me? okay.
McDonald's off El Cajon Blvd I hate you for giving me Diet Coke instead of Dr Pepper. 😭😭😭
I love starting my day with a nice cold Diet Coke to wake me up!
WGN Radio: Brian Noonan and Cody Gough discuss marijuana, opening day blizzards, and Diet Coke
Wiping up spilled Diet Coke with a sock I found in my bag perfectly sums up how well this stint in the kilby has gone today
My body: Can we get some water?. My brain: How about some Diet Coke? . Body: Water would be better. Brain: Hmm...nah, Diet Cok…
Diet Coke tastes like day-old Coke left out in the open sun, mixed with dry ice.
I'm so thankful for Kristin. She keeps my head up, helps out so much with my pain, and gives me Diet Coke privileges ❀️
my favorite part: "instead of popping champagne at victory row, contestants will put mentos in Diet Coke"
Craig Ranch needs to get it together, I need a hotdog and a Diet Coke
He lays colored, hard boiled eggs by dropping acid, eating crayons, and consuming Mentos and Diet Coke.
Cool! I'm almost 3 months w/o Diet Coke (don't miss it at all). Now, I only drink water, freshly made juice, & seltzer.
when we ask for Diet Coke and Sprite and get Sierra Mist and Diet Pepsi//:
Waiter: we don't serve Hennessey. *** I asked for Diet Coke. Waiter: yeah, no purple drank either
"I'm so mad Argentina doesn't have ranch. I love ranch. Ranch and Diet Coke are my life. I love ranch." -Makenna
You can't say anything mr you love a can of Diet Coke and a mega bite pizza meal deal xxx
and megabite and Indian and Diet Coke and chocolate πŸ‘€
"can I get a route 44 Diet Coke and a large root beer with vanilla". "Ok you wanted a route 44 cherry rootbeer" *** no sonic listen
I like Pepsi Max way more than Diet Coke.
I once paid for a 99p Diet Coke in McDonald's with my card!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I know you stole that can of Diet Coke meant for George!
"You're semi-evil. You're quasi-evil. You're the margarine of evil. You're the Diet Coke of evil. Just one...
I can't stand Larry Eustachy. I've hated his *** since he was at Utah State in the 90's. Just drink your Diet Coke and sit down, sir.
in 'Mex' restaurant run by an Irishman in a Spanish town - lived on tips, Diet Coke and Marlboro lights. Deep tan, long hair.
All I need right now is a Diet Coke, a vege burger and a nice little cactus to look at and I will be totally, utterly content
never understood it when people come into McDonald's and ask for a large meal and extra food then ask for a Diet Coke...πŸ™„
ordering a warrior burger or a chief and then asking for a Diet Coke πŸ˜‚ relatable
Solid mates rates with complimentary Diet Coke, might get it serviced midweek tho so will let you know soon
Awkward moment you cut sugar out your diet then you have a vodka coke on a night out and can't sleep!! Absolutely wired!!
I am so in that chilled out mood of having a pint of diet coke overlooking the sea
My uber just sniffed my Diet Coke bottle to make sure it wasn't alcohol. No sir, I'm not drunk. I just watched 3 hours of …
Babe sent me this.. Lol said diet' coke please πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
At any given moment, the only thing Shon Morris is full of is chicken wings and Diet Coke.
If we could be stranded with Diet Coke, Jack Links Teryaki Jerky and -- we'd stay lost. What were you up to in Raleigh?
chicken tikka masala, mushroom rice, naam bread (well done), aloo gobie & large Diet Coke. Can you deliver it to ilford Fc Sat.
Enjoying the new and 100% unique Diet Coke glass bottles to pieces! Coca-Cola's one-of-a-kind designs...
not so much unpopular but controversial. The order goes: Diet Coke>Coke>tap water>Pepsi
"I need some caffeine. Where can I get a Diet Coke? If they offer Diet Pepsi I will literally kill someone." -Kathy . Diva is genetic.
If your Jewish you know the shiva after da services will have enawmous food and drinks pounding into each othah. Bring on the Diet Coke!
A bottle of Diet Coke exploded inside my Betsy Johnson handbag this morning. . How's your day going?
I went with vanilla vodka and Diet Coke... And it's like 75% vodka 😜
Put some whiskey in that afternoon Diet Coke. with Phil is fast approaching.
Mrs. Brown def pulled up to the pearly gates in her Subaru STI with a Diet Coke in the cup holder.. RIP! πŸ™πŸ½
Ever since I left the city . P.s it's Diet Coke πŸŒƒ @ Centennial Olympic Park
Three apples and Diet Coke: the food diary of a top model (via
Hamilton Collection
With my Diet Coke vice and Lilith Fair playlists...
Drank John Candy's weight in Diet Coke and all I got was this stupid kidney stone. And Norco. Lots & lots of Norco.
"Did you guys know that Pepsi Max is just Diet Coke for men?!"
lemme get a double quarter pounder add bacon, can I get large fries, a fudge sundae and uhh... Yea a Diet Coke. Tryna watch myself
wow he can handle Diet Coke go Phil
Every time I go to the Jackson building I take John a Diet Coke. I treat him like a king πŸ‘‘
Now on offer:. - Jim Beam Red Stag bourbon. - Butterfly spiced Rum. Enjoy each with Coke or Diet Coke for just Β£3.60 - or a double for Β£5.60!
You gotta get a whole wheat burrito with brown rice, steak, lettuce, their hot sauce salsa thing and guac . And add a Diet Coke if you got $2
Trying to replace my obsession with Diet Coke with La Croix. So far, I do not understand the appeal. *grimaces*
I'm really surprised they decided to use Ed Gein's single in the new Diet Coke ad.
Spotlight on juicing with Diet Coke hunk Andrew Cooper.
I have to board a plane in 30m and want a Diet Coke but they make me pee. I could also get a big *** water
My mom made Chinese and all I want is a Diet Coke to go w it and what do you know... All she's got is Diet Pepsi πŸ˜–
when you ask for Diet Coke and they say "is Pepsi ok?"
Coke vs Diet Coke is not even the issue, it's Pepsi aka Satan that we should be shunning. I support all Coke products πŸ‘€
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If your restaurant picks Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi, you've started a feud with me that you simply cannot win
By fired up he means, 2016 will be the year he will live on the edge, he ll order a Diet Coke w slice of lime in it.
I might not even try it next year when I'm old enough. I'd just stick to Diet Coke / Zero / Pepsi Max / Diet etc.
Convenience store vendors along I-15 better stock up on Diet Coke syrup.
sounds like a plan ! Failing that Diet Coke & pickled onion monster munch works for me.
Diet Coke:the elixir of life when it's 10 am you're still struggling to wake up
Maddie Jo, Coz, cute boys, Pete Davidson, Diet Coke from McDonald's, food, the show Friends, the Monroes, scary movies, &more
Thankful for my boys and that I was accurate enough to shoot a few Diet Coke cans
I gave up soda New Years 2013. Should I go back to drinking Diet Coke b/c I miss it so so so much
If I got injured and started bleeding Diet Coke, I'd be a little freaked out, but I'd also be like, "Sure."
If I'm rich, I want my sink to have two taps, one that dispenses Diet Coke and one that dispenses peach iced tea from wagamama
Would love a 32 oz Denpop half Diet Coke half diet Dr Pepper please and thank you.
I feel like this Diet Coke is about to ask me if I have a kik.
Sitting in drinking both coffee and diet coke - quite clearly a troubled individual
"if you don't like it you can go sit at the other end of the table and watch me drink my Diet Coke"
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Too many people counting calories, and not enough people counting chemicals... Keep sipping on that diet cokeπŸΈβ˜•οΈ
There is a man at the table next to us at Carrabbas hardcore ranting about why Diet Coke is better than other Cokes and it's fantastic
Switching to Coke Zero helped me majorly. It doesn't taste horrible like Diet Coke, either.
Diet coke with ice and lemon please
How to torture Ackman and Buffett: Make the former drink Coke and put the latter on a diet of Oreo cookies.
the ham came out dry, So i saved it with using a jar of guava jelly & diet coke lol
When you order the biggest burger a restaurant does and negate it with a Diet Coke.
Diet coke and kittens are not equal things. How dare you intersperse them among your product which contain Splenda.
Diet coke turns into formaldehyde in your body. You're basically just rotting your own body from the inside. Stop drinking it.
guess I'm just gonna drink some diet coke and nap. Lol oh wait she just snored! Gonna try again!
drink some water, and Diet Coke, or both
she be on that Coke diet. She be on FIYA! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
A year ago today I moved back into my house. I only had a chair, an air mattress & a pack of Diet Coke, but I got there. Eternally grateful.
My life has succumbed to eating gas station hotdogs and drinking Diet Coke because well, I'm trying watch my girlish figure.
nah, the Canadian would be like "you want money, eh?" and then gently dab your forehead with a napkin soaked in Diet Coke
A Diet Coke sounds so good right about now 😴
For every level of stress I go up, I double my diet coke intake. I'm at a 7... You do the math.
Drinking caffeine free Diet Coke, I'm going to live forever now.
Happy Birthday to the og of the gpd. make sure you have a Diet Coke today!
I can't stand blue monster, it's like Diet Coke to me πŸ˜‚
pour some vinegar in a Diet Coke bottle πŸ˜‚
Imagine if diet coke really isn't diet at all & all this time I've been drinking un necessary calories πŸ’­
Diet Coke is so much nicer than Coke
Dumped the new Diet Pepsi and made the switch to Diet Coke!
I used to date someone who opened a Diet Coke the moment he rolled out of bed & proceeded to drink them the rest of the day
My boss gets a whopper with cheese and a Diet Coke for lunch literally every day.
A can of Diet Coke floats, while a can of regular Coke sinks.
here's my new doge sadie next to my second favorite thing (Diet Coke)
i'll take all the candy and alcohol in the world with a Diet Coke to chase, please
If I have to choose between being late for class or getting a Diet Coke from Sonic.I'm gonna choose Sonic 😏
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*** Jen. I just choked on Diet Coke. You have such a way with words. :)
of caffeine free Diet Coke! I gave up caffeine and Coke made it so easy.
I opened a diet coke but I haven't drunk soda since February so I don't want it does anyone want it
I like this just as an Iced Coffee treat. A MUCH stronger coffee brewed over ice topped with Diet Coke. YUM
I want a spicebag extra onions, a 3in1, bag of prawn *** tub of curry sauce and a Diet Coke pls.. Watchin me figure
Diet Coke is supporting Tickled Pink! Find out how here:
I see that Coca Cola offer zero Coke and Diet Coke like they did at the rugby World Cup which was at King power stadium.
Coke Zero: For when you're trapped inside a prison of your own masculinity that prevents you from drinking Diet Coke.
"One day while driving to Danghara I met a camel who only drinks RC Cola. He will chase you away if you try to feed him water or Diet Coke"
Diet Coke heart risk Well then, I am a miracle of modern science
of DQ Bakes and Diet Coke while I cook dinner with a Le Creuset dutch oven
There is a lady sipping a can of Diet Coke in sacrament meeting... Not sure if upset she's doing it or upset I didn't think of it first.
"Diet Coke and diet Mountain Dew make my heart sing!"
Diet Coke to stick in your refrigerator, a cheap PC to work on and the dedication to go through with it. ~ John Carmack
SO DISGUSTING! Watch Roi and I conquer Pop Rocks and Diet Coke in my latest video. Link in bio.…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Sonic just gave me a Diet Coke instead of Sweet Tea. πŸ˜’
If I chose five things that made me think of my granny I would choose her dog, Virginia Slims, Diet Coke, freshly manicured nailed, & SASS.
Methinks OC Todd Haley could give him a run for his money in the Diet Coke dept.
Isn't your mom the lady who tried to shake down United Airlines with that Diet Coke scam?
.just told America, live on he ate cold pizza and Diet Coke for breakfast.
new Diet Pepsi *** bring back the old. I'm switching to Coke Zero. People hate the new Diet Pepsi
5 'healthy' lifestyle changes that are actually bad for you: SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 24: Bottles of Diet Coke are...
It's a deal 500 rt's and she'll quit with the diet coke. I have two weeks go
5:30 and I'm laying in bed drinking diet coke
I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.
Always gotta have a Diet Coke. Cuts through the grease
Nan: you need to go on a diet . Nan: here's some chocolate and crisps and coke
I used to drink a lot of Pepsi Max/diet coke more than twice a day & cutting back being able to sleep well!
Tonight I walked into work and one of my students had bought me a McDonald's diet coke aka my favorite thing
Going to hide in bed all week. Water, diet coke, tea and ciggies only
Just want a large bottle of diet coke
It's surprisingly difficult to find Diet Coke in Avignon.
Daughter asked if people *really* eat Mentos, instead of dropping them in Diet Coke, as nature (and EepyBird) intended.
Makes me laugh when i see a fat chick with diet coke
A spider on caffeine makes Voronoi noise. It partially explains the relationship of diet coke to artists
I have the popcorn, slurp size Diet Coke, Cornetto bought in, and my football rattle ready to go.
β€œβ€œDuffy’s Diet Coke ad remains the β€˜how not to’ standard for anyone involved in bringing together brands & artists.”
Q putting the mentos in the diet coke. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Can't drink diet coke without it tasting like vodka, it hurts
Hey you are the of sodas. Leave me and my diet coke (aka Tom Brady) alone
Happy Birthday favourite, have a fab day and I'll have a diet coke (or two) to celebrate 😘✨ .
Hello, my name is kate hansen and I'm addicted to diet coke
70% of the reason I watch weeds is because they love diet coke more than me
β€˜The Diet Coke campaign is incredibly demeaning and so 1995’ Yelena Gaufman
This water diet that Kaoso put me on thou, she even stopped me from drinking coke πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I settled with Diet Coke and chocolate, both in large quantities.
Thought you'd be interested in this from Big Deals Local…. Coca Cola/Diet/Coke Zero 1.75ltr 2.
I want a fountain diet coke machine
no fee either just tea and a diet coke after lol and you spot on about the void, I do indoor cricket but it's not the same x
"I want to be healthy so I will drink a diet coke". I hear you are more likely to get cancer from diet drinks than regular soda.
well cutting back on diet coke might have help, but he still drinks ginger ale, so idk. He does drink a lot more water.
she called this girl a liar and Pamila was not on plane.
How do you know you're in a serious relationship with Diet Coke? We tell you our reasons
But go ahead make a big deal about a diet coke 😏
My mom is addicted to diet coke ... she seriously is getting out of bed to go to the store and buy one kuz she said her head was hurting...
That was also the first time I had a gun pointed to my head, when I heard the story of the girl w her diet coke I was like *** please
Ha ha remember the diet coke break 😨
YAS like come's me and my diet coke over here!
I've reached page 20, and it turns out I only need 4 more pages to go. I pray that God and Diet Coke will get me through this.
Liberals thought they could win by being Diet Coke vs conservatism's Coke. The real challenge was not being crappy soda in the …
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
'Yes hi can I trade my emotional attachment for 2 bottles of Xanax and a diet coke. . No I don't drink soda it's for a friend'
Applying for a new job with a local builders firm, imagining it will be like working in a diet coke advert the entire time
Happy Birthday to my long lost best friend! ❀️ I love her more than Diet Coke and the Bachelor
You probably are if you just drank 1 and a half Diet Coke's.
What you do with Diet Mountain Dew is way more impressive than Diet Coke.
The difference between diet coke and Coke Zero are as follows:. Diet Coke was a new formula created by Coca Cola...
I'm living the American Dream right now eating Ramen Noodles and drinking Diet Coke. 😷
I Love you Aunt Lisa I want you Give me Diet Coke
"Can I get a Big Mac, large fry, and a large Diet Coke?"
Debbie & Hannah share a Diet Coke in Toronto. We would love to see Taylor!
DAY 10 Hint for Shannon's mystery trip - I will drink at least one Diet Coke on the way there (well that isn't...
How one can of Diet Coke can wreak havoc on your body in just one hour
Diet Coke with ice. Too hot for hot,
Nice of Diet Coke to pay homage to Shawn Michaels. I'd buy case after case for a 'Heartbreak Kid' can.
I need a Diet Coke tap in my house.
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Far too many Sprite Zero codes that I have only give me the option to select Diet Coke when entered. Rip off city, Coke.
Two Marlboro Lights and a Diet Coke is the best dessert.
Smoking Marlboro Reds and drinking Diet Coke like mama taught me
That moment when the one cold Diet Coke in the fridge turns out to be a club soda.
Mike, do Miller Lights go great with Diet Coke, and do you think Jason Giambi would ever drink them together?
Diet Coke, I love you, but I have to say goodbye. Apparently, you've been making me fat for years. You're a real jerk.
I a share Diet Coke addiction with Peter Robinson and Nelson McCausland
Had a Diet Coke yesterday that cost $6.05. It was one for the best *** Cokes I have ever had.
Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black, pizza and a huge bottle of Diet Coke. Best way to deal with a festival comedown!
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