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Die Hard

Die Hard is a 1988 American action film directed by John McTiernan and written by Steve de Souza and Jeb Stuart based on the 1979 novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp.

John McClane Bruce Willis Hans Gruber Die Hard 2 Alan Rickman Carl Winslow Good Day Jai Courtney John McLane Lethal Weapon Wonderful Life Nakatomi Plaza Hard Boiled Bruce Wills Jeremy Irons Home Alone Trading Places Bourne Identity

Recall in "Die Hard" how the terrorists holed up with hostages? That'll be the Trump White House when impeached. Hans Gruber Trump.
And as they fall, I'll be amused as they display that Hans Gruber expression in Die Hard.
Why doesn't the Rolex advert on have a clip of Harry Ellis in Die Hard smugly saying "it's a Rolex"? Would fit perfectly!
Movies that are not Christmas movies, just set at Christmas time. Eyes Wide Shut. Trading Places. Die Hard. Long Kiss Goodnight. Lethal Weapon
Huh. High Noon ends in the same way as Die Hard. Frank uses Grace Kelly as a human shield, she gets free, & Kane shoots Frank Miller dead.
Die Hard was just movies, Graham. Take it easy on the Bruce, alright!?!
I simply love in Live Free or Die Hard 💜
Live Free or Die Hard closed captions or narration of sex with me?
Everything I know about Chester A. Arthur I learned from Die Hard with a Vengeance.
Thanks to Die Hard with a Vengeance, my first thought is "Chester A. Arthur"
Here's the Huskies Drum Yell and fight Song die hard Huskies fan
8 pieces of NFL gear that will keep die-hard football fans warm this winter
Well I'm a die-hard fan &for the SuperBowl taking the cuz I can't stand New England!!
Yes, I am a die-hard fan of both the and Want to know why/how, read this:
U know when something hits u real hard and u wanna die. Yeah.
Computer crashed while I was exporting a video. Had to unplug my memory card and hard drive. If anything on them was deleted I might die.
Die hard one of the best Christmas films of all time
We’re gonna die,it’s just a matter of time. Hard times come,good…
there's a lot of Die hard Man U fans out there
When you realize that Paul Blart is just a parody of Die Hard
A die-hard romantic,I make no request or complaint in love.I only pray that my beloved remain happy for eternity. http…
from a die hard Patriots fan THANK YOU big v. YOU DID YOUR JOB. You will always be a member of 💍💍
Seems ur defense of Israelis is die hard. Ur either Zionist, Xtian zio, or brainwashed.
Hard to tell what freedom is when you gotta die for it.
can a die hard fan meet you at your show this Saturday in Baltimore? (me)
😂😂😂 He was the pilot in Die Hard 2 who crash lands as well. Paul The Grim.
The UMVC3 scene is BIG too and being a die hard marvel supporter in general although i haven't supported UMVC3 in the pas…
Hoping so. I think it will still be a fight to the finish line with die hard Remoaner MP's trying to halt or reverse it.
Never tripped bout that one..: but Ima die hard behind this one here
movie probation? You cant pick the movie no more sis? 😭😩 and yes she is a die hard Denzel fan.
Can you imagine being a die hard Kentucky basketball fan and watch bad Tennessee teams beat you twice in three meetings?
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So some1 I know said they voted 4 Trump bc Putin liked him so he wouldn't invade the U.S.Did I mention they're a die hard racist 2?
We only got one life, so let's go hard till the day we die HERE FOR DEMI
I just wanna say I love all my die hard fans ..y'all know what type of hardships we've been through & yet y'all stuck arou…
Can I add that Die Hard: Vegan Activist was the worst Die Hard sequel?
you, I. we die. it's so hard to take. this time . our flight. we won't ever break
. My friend stresses me out about SB51. She's a crazy die hard fan and is making me insane ❤️
We only got one life, so let’s go hard 'til the day we die. . I LOVE…
The thing with us Somalis is we mock each other on a calm but when other countries try to come for us we team up like die h…
Uploading a different kind of video! ;) It's die hard funny xD (Challenge video with my wife)!
Yes! I don't want Melo to leave his team as a die hard Melo fan,I'll support him for life,regardless which team he's on
Am I the only that tries hard to get someone's attention and once I do them feelings die ion want em no more 🤐😐
Do you remember where you were when you discovered Die-hard fans can catch her interview on tomorr…
This RNC Private email thing is like watching a die hard vegan activist get caught eating steak.
I was mocked by media elites and Bernie die-hards for my unwavering Hillary advocacy. Seeing Trump now, maybe they get why I…
Like to imagine the the Lt. Gruber from Allo Allo is Hans (and Simon) Gruber from Die Hard's Dad.
Where did all that Young M.A hype go🤔, yall were all die hard fans a few months ago
From a die hard Liverpool fan, you deserve it!
Passed on the role of John McClane in Die Hard.
Live Free or Die Hard; A Good Day to Die Hard. Don't know who Bruce Willis is playing in those movies, it ain't John McClane.
"Many people say Die Hard's John McClane is bad *** but I disagree. To me he is good *** because he is the goodie" - Mike Bigby, 2017
it feels like if John McClane went back to being a beat cop after the end of Die Hard
"Die Hard is not a good Christmas movie. Also, I wish Hans Gruber had killed John McClane."
John McClane in A Good Day To Die Hard compared to John McClane in Die Hard is not the character development I want to see >:(
I liked him in his dirty John McClane singlet. He was like a bad Mexican remake of Die Hard.
Gilbert Gottfried as John McClane in Die Hard. (Really, imagine that for like 30 seconds.)
I bet some screen writer is writing the script for the next Die Hard based on this news! John McClane is back. Cameo f…
The name Chase McCain in LEGO City Undercover was inspired by John McClane of Die Hard fame and a google search for popular US…
Life isn't a Die Hard film, and you aren't Bruce Willis.
IDK, if Bruce Willis is ever on trial, should Die Hard be entered as evidence? He kills a lot of people, against di…
She's a Die Hard , she better leave that role alone , it belongs to Bruce Willis !!!
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Die Hard & Michael Fish are trending. UK has a right-wing woman PM, US about to have geriatric President. Unwelcome back 1980s.
At first glance I thought that was John McClain from Die Hard. So disappointed
it goes beyond the level of being just a genre work (like Die Hard or House of Flying Daggers)
Clarence Gilyard Jr. played Sundown in Top Gun, Theo in Die Hard then disappeared into Matlock and Walker, Texas Ranger. So gre…
Between watching HP, Die Hard and now Robin Hood this weekend...I really do miss Alan Rickman 💔
Alan Rickman looked like an evil Demitri Martin in the movie Die Hard
Mom: "Why Jai Courtney in Die Hard and not you?". Me: "No, Mom. You mean why Jai Courtney. End question."
Pub and now listening to Beirut, John Grant, Felice Brothers, Sharon van Etten. Later I'm going to push through chrimbo movie Die Hard*
A Good Day To Die Hard isn't really a Die Hard movie to me, because they focused too much on Jai Courtney's character
Die Hard based on a book? It's one of producer Brad's favorite Xmas movies (and favorite overall) and he didn't...
I haven't watched Home Alone or Die Hard. I feel like I've failed at Christmas.
not as good as unreleased Die Hard poster, one of my favourites. Would love a print.
definitely, we're being even more traditional now: watching Die Hard
Going from Die Hard to Lucio Fulci's Zombie is a pretty big jump.
Alan Rickman getting Emma Thompson the Joni Mitchell CD in Love Actually is worse than anything Alan Rickman did in Die Hard.
Never seen either, I'm probably unique. But no Die Hard is a sham - like two Football League sides getting to the FA Cup Final
you, *** Die Hard is my favourite Christmas film, what's yours?. me, a genius introvert: Ingmar Bergman's 'The Seventh Seal'
did you base Liquid Snake's look off of Karl from Die Hard? I bet you bloody did!
First Christmas in German mass in 1700s church, Die Hard, ice skating at Inner Harbor, churrascaria. Don't miss NYC one bit.
Forget about the "controversy" of Die Hard being a Christmas movie, Eight Crazy Nights is a Christmas song and you can quote me on that
so is It's a Wonderful Life, my favorite "indisputable" Christmas movie. Love me some Die Hard though.
Listen you can have A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life. I'll take Thin Man, Die Hard, Trading Places and every Shane Black film
Why is it that Bruce Willis can save a building full of people in 1 day in Die Hard but I can't do my homework in 2?
my Christmas viewing starts with Iron Man 3, contains Die Hard, Gremlins and Trading Places and closes with Uncle Buck.
Looking for a different kind of Christmas movie? The Tampa Theatre's REWIND series presents Die Hard tomorrow night!
but from the people who voted for anything other the Muppets Christmas Carol or Die Hard.
Move over, Die Hard. Three Days of the Condor is the new Christmas classic:
In which I watch the Punky Brewster and My So-Called Life holiday eps and cry then Die Hard and Brady Bunch and lol then GO to wrap it up.
Patrick Laine hasn't looked this bummed out since John McClane killed him in Die Hard
Listened to you talk about Die Hard being a christmas movie, then Oliver Queen agrees with you, and then AT&T. Truth!
Die Hard (1988): man in filthy vest is cleaning lady's worst nightmare as he wrecks place battling German Severus Snape
Ummm... you left out Die hard, Die Hard 2 & Die Hard with a Vengeance (and Jeremy Irons in the same…
A Christmas Story, Die Hard, whatever Hallmark channel movie my wife has on.
Just watched Die Hard for the first time and I don't really see what the big deal is. It's a good movie, but...
Many people are saying that someone accidentally taped Die Hard over all of Joe Walsh's bible study DVDs
Since I can't find Die Hard for free on streaming... the next best thing. — watching Crocodile Dundee II
Die Hard w/ A Vengeance. 1. "And I'm gonna marry Donald Trump!". 2. "Who do you think you are, lady, Hillary Clinton?"
what could go wrong? (In same sing sing manner as Bruce Willis in HVAC in Die Hard, "Come out to the coast."
I'm amazed that Eddie Murray made $2.5 mil and still had to star in Die Hard to make ends meet
"Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie" blah blah blah...
Die Hard is on AMC.followed by Die Hard 2
Die Hard and Lethal Weapon are 2 very underrated Christmas movies imo
I agree 100%. Die Hard and T2 are 2 of my top favourites! Gladiator ranks up there also.
And now we roll right into Die Hard 2
just picked up your Die Hard coloring book not realizing you were the creator! It's awesome! Love you on Doug Loves Movies!
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The first movie I really clicked with was 'Die Hard' when I was 6 yea...
"Die Hard" Trumperatu is about to nail us his fangs. by Antonio Rodriguez Garcia…
Even Live Free or Die Hard had Cliff Curtis get with the program fairly quickly, for whatever small good that did.
even my dad liked Die Hard, John McClane is definitely the everyman hero
oooh so off the top of my head, Elf, Nightmare Before Xmas, Gremlins, Die Hard, Muppet Christmas Carol, The Grinch...
Shakespeare's 'King John' strangely leaves out the Norman Conquest, just as Die Hard weirdly omits the US Civil War.
From Wolf of Wall Street to Die Hard, here are 5 common driving offences demonstrated by Hollywood Films!…
There are 4 films I watch every Xmas. Wonderful Life & The Muppets are 2 of them. Bad Santa & Die Hard are the others.
in the future there will be a neuromedia accident. Ppl will believe themselves John McLane after Die Hard is integrated into their memories.
If Mourinho directed Die Hard it'd be 90 minutes of Bruce Willis hiding in a cupboard, then applauding his tactics for…
Working on a film script with influences from films such as Crank, Die Hard, Shoot 'Em Up, Smoking Aces, Hard Boiled, *** to name a few.
Raiders of the Lost Ark. 2001:A Space Odyssey . Manhunter . Die Hard. Aliens. 'Crocodile' Dundee. The others that I can't cho…
Just randomly heard 10 seconds of Ode to Joy so now I have to watch Die Hard.
. 1. Would you watch Die Hard any time of year?. 2. This should have a poll. 3. I've already put in more effort than is necessary.
"A Good Day to Die Hard" starts early evening at 8:33 PM on TEN Digital.
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that's literally any Die Hard. They all started as other films. 3 improved on the tone. 1 was great as well
Trump reminds me of the character Bruce Willis plays in Die Hard. Brave, heroic, rough around the edges with heart of gold…
James Bond, for instance, could work fine as a show (and arguably kinda is). Die Hard can't.
Too much Bronson on Netflix , it's giving me a ruddy "Death Wish" .. Oy! Give me the first 3 Die Hard when John McClane was John McClane!
Remember the Die Hard scene when John McLane bringing a gun into the plane didn't raise any eyebrows? Simpler times...
Jai Courtney on set of the 'A Good Day to Die Hard' (April, 2012)
Make another Die Hard but John McLane is just shooting the crap out of raptors from a defunct cloning lab
I keep getting John McTernan confused with John McTiernan, a much better person, who brought us Die Hard.
Alan Rickman was great but Julian Sands could have played Hans Gruber in 'Die Hard.'
. The Princess Bride. Casablanca. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Singin' in the Rain. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Die Hard. Beetlejuice
. Casino. Seven Psychopaths . Die Hard . TMNT 2: Secret of the ooze. Enter the Dragon. Goodfellas. A Bronx tale
Rocky IV. The Matrix. Kiss of the Dragon. The Karate Kid (1984). Bourne Supremacy. Aliens. Die Hard. (Ip Man)-cudnt leave this one out!
Yeah we could do Mad Max next after we complete Die Hard! Also need to do Lethal Weapon
Bruce Willis wore a wig for the original Die Hard
must think he's John Maclean in Die Hard with a Vengeance
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Paul reminds me of Harry Ellis from Die Hard
Paul reminds me of Ellis from Die Hard
Samuel L. Jackson in Die Hard with a Vengeance is my spirit animal.
Christmas is at least as much of a character in Die Hard as Carl Winslow.
preferably as his Die Hard character, Simon Gruber; cold and calculated
'Die Hard' premiered on this day in 1988. A Brief History of Yippee-Ki-Yay:
Oooh! Die Hard is so life like! And John McLean just shake off, a bullet to the shoulder, a knife to the thigh and beating with a chain
Movie I really want to see: remake of the first Die Hard with Amy Poehler as McClane and Tilda Swinton as Hans Gruber
You doing Pacino doing Die Hard. no brainer
Things could be worse: think of Richard Gere starring in Die Hard. via
Chester A. Arthur is critical to the plot of Die Hard with a Vengeance!
Trivia: 1st batter, opening of Brewsters Millions is totes SA Johnson in Die Hard
Movies brainwashed me when as a child. Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Beverly Hills cop and Tango & Cash made me believe cops were good guys.
📷 lavenderbyun: Get to know me ➝ [5/5] Male Characters Jake Peralta “Die Hard is the best cop movie of...
I've seen it 3 or 4 times and still can't remember what happens, a Die Hard film shouldn't be like that!
graph done (4 pannel figure) now Die Hard with a nice French red wine. Hic.
Set for an early night, check the the and Die Hard is on Film 4 🙄🤗🙌
.. and to finish the evening off - Die Hard, Film 4. Bruce had hair, Hans was still with us and a great film was unfolding.. :-)
Die Hard followed by Coming to America. Film 4 you're spoiling us.
A movie idea that needs to happen!. Lethal Weapon 5: To Live and Die Hard in L.A. McClain teams up with Riggs and Murtaugh to fight terrorism
I don't consider roles like in 'Die Hard' what I do. This is like a *** ..
It's time for release of an action film like Die Hard or The Bourne Identity. An action film that defines the genre for a new generation 3/3
Two defining action films in the last 30 years are Die Hard and The Bourne Identity. All other action films have tried to copy them 1/3
any plans to make John McClane and Hans Gruber from Die Hard?
I know I've made the right choice switching jobs when I go to Clock-In and "Die Hard" is playing in the break room.
I wonder if making Die Hard movies has actually become an old habit for Bruce Willis.
may I interest you in Die Hard, Cool Hand Luke, or maybe Saving Private Ryan if you get my drift
So under the category 'Because you watched Alan Partridge', it offers me Predator and Die Hard. Ah-ha!
Paul Manafort looks like he was 2 votes away from beating Hans Gruber out as the Die Hard villain
John Wick! is our generation's Die Hard. I have a great Last Man Stanton in Minneapolis. I'd go anime, but I'll go Hollywood.
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Speaking of stunts, Alan Rickman was dropped a second early to get his true reaction to falling from the Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard.
in his defence Die Hard is a perfect film for every occasion - valentines Day, Father's Day, Christmas...
The most unbelievable thing about Die Hard is that the office Christmas Party is happening on Christmas Eve.
Nakatomi Plaza, a must see for any Die Hard fan.
The guy who played Ellis in Die Hard is from Toronto!? Petition to replace the Ted Rogers statue with one of him. What am I, a method actor?
for those of you who havent seen the Sixth Sense (shame on you) but the twist is that Bruce Willis was actually John McClane from Die Hard
One of the things that made the first Die Hard movie so great is that John McClane was just a guy.
After five sequels, who actually goes to see John McClane movies? Die Hard fans.
Did you say Die Hard? My number two all-time movie franchise, second only to The Godfather 👍
in order particular order; Schindlers List, The Bank Job, Boat that Rocked, The producers original and Die Hard. There are others
Actor Richard Gere was considered to play the role of John McLane in the movie Die Hard. Bruce Willis played the part instead.
But Last Crusade is awesome and holds up better than expected. Maybe my favorite action film behind Die Hard.
will Chris Bowen be quoting Hans Gruber from Die Hard?
did you know the enemy looks like Bruce Wills from Die Hard
all alan cares about is harris missing all the good bits in Die Hard. ((i.e. the whole movie))
Ryan Leon Russell is the singer that songs Merry Christmas song end of Die Hard
I liked a video Patton Oswalt on Die Hard
My girlfriend just texting me saying that Die Hard is a boring movie. Is this how Drew Peterson started???
Is it me or does Wagner have a bit of Tony the Die Hard villain about him?
Not allowed to watch Die Hard as wants to watch Mrs Browns Boys. 😔🙈
Last night's dream: Had to fight a bunch of evil armed dudes that took a building over Die Hard style. Might have been an airport or...
lol, I also got to know its meaning last night. Apparently it means, die hard fan. :p
To change yourself for the better, you must try hard. And if nothing happens, try harder, or die trying.
it is hard to sleep. little eyes are a peekin'... I will die tonight
Brings back memories of Feb 2009. 1/2 the shop I worked at was laid off due to the economy. Mostly the die hard...
Fan review from a die hard srk hater
Just watched Mind blown by 's superlative performance. All die hard fans will be satiated with this one. SRK…
may be a matter of asking the hard questions now, Find out how to start the convo
Sir, I am a die hard fan of yours since I was 13 years old.I only adore U in Bollywood as an actor and grt human…
Diego Forlan: “I think with what they have gone through in the past two years United would be better to have a...
Don't miss if you've ever been a die-hard fan of anybody in the world.
Old habits die hard the whites tucked up behind the black leaving the next driver snookered
Being choked so hard that I actually die
anne day before yesterday was my birthday. A wish from you will make my day👍👍 - from ur die hard fan
Theri:yabba,cannot get over how good looks😍proves tht he's a die hard ilayathalapathy fan.Congratulat…
see if you can see any die hard Norwich fans looking to give the Safc team bus a rough ride to the stadium
If u are a die-hard fan of some1 and the movie does not touch your heart then you need a reality check
i hav seen rock the party today u made me die hard fan of urs . Sorry for late
m a die hard MI fan , thats y i did my best to b a part of last years PEPSI VIP box
SRK the actor is back with .. Award winning performance. Die hard fans be ready for tears.
Go to Harlem wearing the sign Bruce Willis wore in die hard 3 without security
is for the die hard boxing fans. The reason y Hearn reaches the masses is cause they hav sky! BN needs the same platform
Rihanna's been secretly helping a fan come out as
Then all the die hard Cass fans are going to hype trash joints
I can see winning over even his die hard cynics with .. Hs back
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75% throat and into my chest. As hard as I was gasping for air, it seemed like nothing was going change. It felt like I was going to die
Missed the last night's screening at YRF. Hearing cray reviews. Being a die hard SRKian will watch the frenzy…
Some movies that do both nicely: Deathtrap, The Sting, Aliens, Die Hard, The Verdict, Treasure of the Sierra Madre. htt…
I love the first Die Hard because Reginald "Carl Winslow" Veljohnson gets in the last shot on the terrorists.
If Carl Winslow hadn't nailed his scenes in Die Hard, there'd be no Family Matters show. Family Matters debuted a year after
Totally forgot Carl Winslow came out in Die Hard
I liked a video from A Very Angry Fan - Die Hard 6 Prequel
Carl Winslow was a key figure in Die Hard.
Die Hard: Gruber One: A Die Hard Story - A prequel wherein we learn how Hans Gruber got the plans to Nakatomi Plaza.
The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson is just Die Hard: Without a Soul.
I can only imagine the casting call for Action Jackson in 1988. "Everybody that was in Lethal Weapon, Die Hard & Predator..come on by!"
When in a new city u should soak up the culture. But it's also important to watch Die Hard in a different country.
Woke up & heard another plane was hijacked. It's sad when the real news sounds like a Die Hard movie. Daily
Die Hard, one flew over, once were Warriors, in the name of the father. Pulp fiction
Yeah! I liked Underworld. Len Wiseman is also a new school filmmaker that's unfairly maligned. Live Free or Die Hard is great!
Bonnie Bedelia was the wife in Die Hard.
John McClane gets really dirty from them in Die Hard.
I wanna remake Die Hard with Tintin instead of John McClane
I wanted to be an actor when I saw the movie 'Die Hard.' I saw Bruce Willis...
Being John McClane in Harlem, . in Die Hard with a Vengeance.
So I just realised that Home Alone is just a kid friendly Die Hard.
Drunk Cowboy thinks he is Bruce Willis. If Bruce can do it in Die Hard, ...
Fury Road showed us any series is just 1 good entry from a revival, I feel the same way about Die Hard
The "Die Hard" episode of Star Trek TNG is my top 5 favorite.
First time watching this flick! — watching Live Free or Die Hard at Cactus Club
John McTiernan was directly involved in shooting all the scenes of Die Hard, but towards the end he opted for a more Hans off approach
Hey ya boy Ric Bucher is sporting a soul patch. Looking like a terrorist from Die Hard.
Dejan Lovren is a non-speaking extra who played 3rd gunman from the left in the 1st Die Hard film http…
Len Wiseman : Help an Unknown actor get an audition for the role of John McClane in Die Hard 6-DHYO! via
When I'm bored I sit in front of a mirror trying to copy Alan Rickman's sneer-smile from Die Hard.
Die Hard: With a Vengeance. No question. Samuel L Jackson and Jeremy Irons are in it.
Vincent Chase should have listened to his agent... Matterhorn = Die Hard in an Amusement Park
You "know" the yet u don t know Bruce Wills was TV ONLY, Blind Date, Sunset and THEN Die Hard in 88...
- A Good Day to Die Hard. Hollywood, stop giving Jai Courtney roles in big franchises!
Betting against Bill Self in the Big 12 is like betting against Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
Know when ur a die hard marvel fan when u stay 5 mins after the film to watch the mini clips after 🙇🏽
Anyone saying that the party will just die like that must be joking, they will try hard to stay but they will fail
Beyoncé accounts follow me cause they know I'm a die hard beehive member
she pulled my hair so hard. I thought I was going to die
As a Clemson grad and die hard, trust me when I say 99% of us know you're just doing your job. The minority is vocal though
If you are a die hard fan of 80s 'Moonlighting' TV series, search for Grover Washington Jr - Maddie's blues 😉
HC: I watched horror movie and now I'm scared 😳🙈. YG: it wasn't a horror, it was Die Hard, u just want to go inside my shir…
I'm a die hard Flyers fan, but there's a point where you can't be biased. Some "fans" are just stupid.
Hard to believe in 2016,rational adults believe in fairy tales,myth & sky wizards with very strong belief to kill & die by
Die Hard (my idea of romance is different to most people's).
whether i work hard or not i dont decide whether if someone is going to die or not allah decides , doctors are just "سبب" 😄
Since it's movie night after Twelve Angry Men I'm moving onto explosions (Die Hard 3) then falling asleep to City Hunter (the anime)
Hard? Difficult it is to have to give him a kiss on the cheek when you die by giving it in the mouth.
In X-Com 2 it's hard to watch soldiers you've customized/fought with die horribly. Solution: name soldiers after GOP Presidential candidates
How about Will Arnett does the early Die Hard and Chris Pratt takes over Indiana Jones.
My valentine is a die hard Manchester United nut. Father will never approve.
as a die hard Chicago Cubs fan, living in Wisconsin, it pains me to admit that I miss Big Sexy, Richie Sexson.
FREEBIE time! Also new Kickstarter is like DeusEx + Die Hard—
Magnificent!! The kid wants to watch Die Hard!! She informs me it originally came out in July 1988. Christmas movie in July!
If done right, I'm sure it could still be entertaining. Freddy Vs. Jason was not scary, but exciting for die-hard fans to see
gracias my address is 555 cartmell way Merced ca 95341 I'm a die hard fan of hers 😘
I'm a die hard Android user for that reason!!! that and expandable storage!
I remain a die-hard fan & will never stop cheering for , but how certain are you about this statement ?
. I am also one of die hard fan of our Akshay sir. self made super star. Rajeev Hari om Bhatiya
Breathe too hard and die trying to live so bad.
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Here's a crazy idea,how about people don't become blinded die-hard supporters of whatever ideology they back? It'll end t…
Habits die hard, but I'm harder to come by. 👋
(2/3) And I'm not telling it just as a die-hard fan,but he has the love,the passion, the talent to nail this
I just listed: 'Live Free or Die Hard (Unrated Edition)', for 0.01 via
good Amari, I hope your in tears. In fact, I hope you cry so hard you die 🙃
Liverpool fans think they won but they are losing the battle. Football is a business.
84 only? Nice. Only die hard fans can attend smh
4/4 If conservatism were an exclusively for highly devout evangelicals and die-hard tax cutters, it wouldn’t have won all…
So easy to say the words goodbye, so hard to let the feelings die.💔
LOL. Probably the best option. I was rooting really hard for Cami to die at the end of S2 and was so let down when she did not.
Hard to believe it is already a month ago today we lost but as the GIF states: "Heroes Never Die"
just wanted to show you how DIE HARD Jordan fans can be. Skip took it to another level 😂
Hey Jamie just want to let you know I am a die hard Cowboys and rangers fan. Replied to FB post on narcissism.
Never let this moment of Jungkook dancing to Keone Madrid's choreography of Manolo die. HE SLAYED SO HARD
A group of die-hard Kiss fans donned the makeup and represented at a roller derby tournament!
if only I had the time. Looking to be Die Hard, but I am planning a Tony Scott/Jeffrey Kimball double bill next week.
I really enjoyed the return of the original score from the first Die Hard in Die Hard 5. That was really cool. And the opening car chase.
Yippee-Ki-Yay! I accepted the challenge and attempted Empire's expert Die Hard quiz. 16/20 How well can you do?
1812 or Mozart’s Requiem a close second. 5th wins for its inclusion in Die Hard. :)
Platform from that scene in Die Hard in kings cross @ London King's Cross Station
Also "Harry Potter Theme" (trance mix) and Bruce Willis's "Under The Boardwalk" (in honour of Rickman's turn as Hans Gruber in Die Hard)
Die Hard is a class above, so went Con Air. Love it.
BTW fun fact. The only reason I call it my command center is because of the movie Live Free or Die Hard. Kevin Smith's characte…
What do you follow from Die Hard? How about John Woo’s Hard Boiled? Bad *** Chow-Yun Fat and gorgeous Tony Leung ... and a million bullets
yeah, or Hans Gruber's brother from Die Hard. :)
Hans Gruber in Die Hard really got me thinking about negotiable bearer bonds & sitting on a beach earning 20%...
How much does Hans Gruber intend to steal in Die Hard?
How about takes a slow motion fall a la Hans Gruber in Die Hard?
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