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Dianne Abbott

Diane Julie Abbott (born 27 September 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987, when she became the first black woman to be elected to the House of Commons.

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He has Dianne Abbott.. And carrying banners of a mass murderer, is ok then?
Good Job its not Racist of the year , no contest, Dianne Abbott , hands down
If only it was as easy to deny that Dianne Abbott and Corbyn doesn't exist.
Too right! 17.4 million people seething with anger watching likes of Anna Soubry, Dianne Abbott, Tim Farron et al t…
not if it is a Dianne Abbott lookalike. ☺️
who mentioned skin colour first here. The old Dianne Abbott answer to everything. Shout racist
Labour EU immigration policy is predicated on 'fairness' according to Dianne Abbott. Fair compared to non-EU immigration?
Dianne Abbott You are living proof that manure can sprout legs and walk.
Dianne Abbott,Would you like some cheese to go with that whine?
Dianne Abbott, says freedom of movement is a must if we want access 2 the single market,wrong, Canada has accessed 2 single market,but does
Just watching Dianne Abbott issuing the Labour party's latest suicide note!!
Dianne Abbott just said on that Labour has in effect an open door policy on immigration and will not ever set a limit on numbers.
Dianne Abbott doesn't seem to take a view on anything. Maybe politics wasn't the right choice of career.
My goodness: without being too rude, is Dianne Abbott stupid or what? Good on ANeill's sofa. End of.
When dianne Abbott takes the biscuit..
I wonder how many wigs Dianne Abbott has. Does she get them on expenses?
Here what out of touch Dianne Abbott & her kind are responsible for
I believe, Dianne Abbott is an *** and I believe, she is clueless of impact of immigration.
Every time Dianne Abbott is given an opportunity to talk to the press...
Actually Dianne Abbott is good for the country,so long as shes an MP, Labour wont gain power
Dianne Abbott is confusing and I believe she does not understand policy.
Translation. ..if you disagree with Dianne Abbott you are a racist.
Anybody who has the capacity to keep Dianne Abbott quiet long enough to explain anything to her could put his gifts…
Interesting thing is Clegg say we can have SM + migration control, but later Dianne Abbott said it was impossible.…
Dianne Abbott holds Labour voters in the North & Midlands with utter disdain. Working families want less immigration, s…
Nick (Calamity) Clegg, Dianne (Racism is my Game) Abbott and Tim (Minor Fart) Farron are the Remainiac champions. Oh my ach…
If every human being was the same colour Dianne Abbott would struggle to get a job as a toilet cleaner.
Being Andy Burnham mustn't be great . but being Andy Burnham being replaced by Dianne Abbott . . .
I dont know how all u UKIP members want to ignore Steve Woolfe getting knocked out to come diss Dianne Abbott for Home Secretary
Dianne Abbott - Racist, Labour.beat that one Steve!
Dianne Abbott "Let there be no doubt Labour stands with the Junior Dr's"
This just shows how out of touch Labour & Dianne Abbott are from the working class. class
Dianne Abbott still doesn't realise that condemning an immigration policy IS NOT condemning the immigrants themselves!
No-one, not even Alf Garnett, could match Dianne Abbott for racist bile.
Highly rated Dianne Abbott said "Jeremy Corbyn is one of the most talented people running for PM I've ever seen." You're right DIanne!
Big racist Dianne Abbott claimed it was 12 on show yesterday.
Why Lee Jasper is wrong: White people don't have a monopoly on racism via just ask Dianne Abbott!
can I suggest we appoint a Commission with Mo Ansar, Lee Jasper & Dianne Abbott?
Anything Anna Soubry and Dianne Abbott agree on should easily be enough for everybody to do the opposite
Labour should hit 'em hard while they're weak! Only ones I can see doing that are John McDonnell or Dianne Abbott.
. Was that when he was motorcycling around East Germany with Dianne Abbott?
# also the position given to Dianne Abbott bcoz he was given bribes 4 support. Bribes 4 arrest of Fifa men & same sex marriage.
Even Dianne Abbott managed to get some *** albeit a wrinkly veiny one that probably tastes like spinach. 😂😂😂
we'll all know when Dianne Abbott has been hacked. The hacker will have a vastly higher IQ
It was took over by the likes of Dianne Abbott.. I think that`s what went wrong..
Dianne Abbott is pretty happy about the EU deal
domain names
Wonder did Dianne Abbott have anythingto do with it lol
Dianne Abbott says Venezuela provides proof that “a better way is possible.”. Venezuela raises fuel price by 6,000%
her and Bill Oddie would get on well. Just imagine a dinner party with them, Jack Straw & Dianne Abbott.
"I think Ghana is a key country in Africa." - Dianne Abbott cc:
I would like to follow everyone that has been blocked by Dianne Abbott
Any idea what *** Dianne Abbott of UK labor party is doing in apart from poncing about in front of arches?
"Career Politicians" Dianne Abbott and her ilk are the type who have RUINED this country.
# it may well b the case that MP Dianne Abbott, Sadiq Khan, Ed Miliband, Rio Ferdinan, Katie Price, Peter Andre,
Who would want to be Dianne Abbott's PPS!!!
Next Commons motion 'This House believes Dianne Abbott should not be on TV with Andrew Neil'. . Hillary Benn to start debate.
Paul chuckle recently, but that Greg Rutherford long jump guy. Favourite block is the *** that is Dianne Abbott
So, you're all just recognising that Ken Livingstone, Jeremy Corbyn, Dianne Abbott etc ... are a bunch of tools. Like, for…
The thought of Dianne Abbott in power scares me. She's bad enough on a sofa next to Michael Portillo!
Leaving place open for BBC favs Jo Brand, Dianne Abbott, Lenny Henry, Graham Norton - I wont be watching
Talking complete common sense again totally opposite to Lenny Henry's wife (Dianne Abbott). . Oh. She's on again now on
Dianne Abbott gets rousing applause...must be the BBC crew in the audience!
How does Dianne Abbott suggest we stabilize the countries from which the migrants are coming - millions in aid hasn't worked
I'm just glad it wasn't Dianne Abbott hoofing about. She'd struggle with the hokey cokey.
Labour MP Dianne Abbott calls for intro of an ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in London by 2018 via
Heathrow expansion "would be the death knell of efforts to improve levels of air pollution" Dianne Abbott says in air pollution debate
Truly lobotomy stuff. More Dianne Abbott and less Andy Burnham and they might not be ridiculed on an ongoing basis.
Maybe she has been taking lessons of Dianne Abbott on how to use Social Media.
Funny how Lefties are all the same, Jones, Dianne Abbott, Stan Collymore all block!
Dianne Abbott on telling the viewers someone isn't a racist
Dianne Abbott right that Labour need a London Mayoral candidate who can stand up to the party machine for the voters.
It's not everyone who's doing it, but it is a majority. I know some think it's stupid, like Dianne Abbott.
While is TeamKhan following me? I'll be backing the Green candidate and want Dianne Abbott as the Labour mayoral candidate anyway
Dianne Abbott joins Tessa Jowell and Sadiq Khan on Labour’s shortlist for London Mayor.
last time they propped up Dianne Abbott with nominations from other candidates so hopefully the same will happen
way forward, as you mentioned dianne Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn are just some whovian instil change that is needed
# why would people want to findout if u have corrupt MPS like Ed Miliband, Dianne Abbott &Sadiq in there.
Dianne Abbott and Michael Portillo - why can't they all be like them?
Dianne Abbott never really says anything does she. Great politician, clearly worth every penny of the pay rise she clearly wants
Dianne Abbott as mayor of London. Just think about that.
Dianne Abbott finally started dressing like her East London hipster constituents with those glasses!
*** teeth Dianne' Abbott's fringe makes her look like a German sheepdog
Dianne Abbott back on Should be jarring, yet somehow amusing to watch, as usual...
Dianne Abbott makes racist comments about whites she's not been sacked ?
Sadiq Khan over Dianne Abbott for London Mayor anyday
On This week right now. . Andrew Neil: "What is a narrative?". Dianne Abbott: "I don't know, it' just what everyone says."
has Dianne Abbott disowned pledge 4 again as she did on - already best joke of day
As I said at the start FM is honest. Couldn't level that at Lab. Maybe Dianne Abbott. The rest no
he saw the end of Great Britain look at chuka umunna and Dianne Abbott stinking trash
Er, Dianne Abbott? Labour's own mega racist? Or is it different when she spouts anti-white filth?
Is Dianne Abbott racist for hating white men? Can't be as only UKIP are racist for wanting to wrest border controls back from the
Dianne Abbott has been entrenched in her seat since 1987.she needs to start working for it.
Protesters are holding the names of Aboriginal communities under threat from Tony Abbott.
It could be worse at least Dianne Abbott isn't on This Week
# stealing from a black lotto winner was wrong, Dianne Abbott,Sidick Khan & Schofield of ITV all in prison.Fools!
Thought Dianne Abbott and This Week was on at 11:20?
In today's news, Dianne Abbott has said that the Tories should stop "harping on" about Mid Staffs. You know who...
Not expecting an answer from dianne Abbott anytime soon...
Dianne Abbott doesn't want anyone to "harp on" about Mid-Staffs, NHS more important than people who were killed
Dianne Abbott shows Labour still haven't learn lessons of Mid Staffs via .
So is Dianne Abbott going to be sacked for her racist comment then?
Think I might have to vote for horrid Dianne "let's fight racism by being a horrible racist" Abbott, just to give the vote.
take away hopes, aspirations and any sense of identity - this is Dianne Abbott's real divide & conquer = control
This is why Dianne Abbott hates white people.
Since both chuka Umunna and dianne abbott both detest white race I could suggest that they put tumeric in the white race. That way
U lot are all thieves, Miliband, Dianne Abbott, Sidick Khan Schofield have embezzled black lottery winner millions.Corrupt.
Update your maps at Navteq
sure you do. Except not plural; you go by *a* statistic, and also by Dianne Abbott.
I'm glad that you agree that Ukip doesn't advocate racial hate crime. Racism is better left to Dianne Abbott
Yes. I dont see you campaign against racist comments made by dianne abbott?
Dianne Abbott gets elected playing identity politics. She would be a disaster as Mayor of London.
next mayor could be Dianne Abbott. RMT already have her onside
that's because our bodies were used as a bargaining chip since the 60s. Dianne Abbott and Mo Mowlem tried. I'm fed up
. Feminazis backed by the Guardian. No surprise there. Produce one with Dianne Abbott on it.
Some might argue that Dianne Abbott visiting Thanet would have increased UKIP chances of winning the seat
If you want a racist for a neighbour, invite Dianne Abbott.
Who like Dianne Abbott? MPs are really trust worthy. They'd say anything to get votes.
if this leaflet on the right is true, Dianne Abbott is know to have come up with nonsense like that in the past.
I thought it was Dianne Abbott for a moment. Got excited for no reason 😂😬
If you want to put an end to free speech, start with arch-racists Dianne Abbott.
With the queen of racists, Dianne Abbott.
Dianne Abbott speak with fork tongue.
Little Giant Ladders
“and probably as the most high profile nutter, do you not agree that Dianne Abbott has some serious issues!?🙈”
Sol Campbell or Lembit Opik or even Dianne Abbott one of those for London Mayor Thank you
I am assuming that will continue to support this bigot! Just like they do Dianne Abbott!
*Dianne Abbott shoegazes* (using a system of mirrors designed at Jodrell Bank)
Jim Murphy wants those toys redistributed to Scottish children but Dianne Abbott is making a fuss...
Call us cynical but the Jim Murphy v Dianne Abbott argument seems to be designed to make people think ar…
Tessa Jowell, Dianne Abbott & David Lammy all are ok but none have the star appeal of Boris Johnson or Ken Livingstone
trouble is it's not a one off .. ie Dianne Abbott and Jack Straw "england not a race worth a saving'
Dianne Abbott and Douglas Alexander in 'voices of sanity' shock
Hey Neil Mr Sir Andrew, lighten up a little, tell me have you ever been for a drink with Dianne Abbott and if so who paid a)us b)you
Agreed with Glenda Jackson yesterday & Dianne Abbott today🙀. We need to be able to sack those who fail our children
The same Dianne Abbott that refuses to send her children to state schools to mix with working class children!
Farage "criticised" by the for going on Russia Today channel but they're okay w/ Owen Jones, Dianne Abbott and Ton…
Michael Portillo and Dianne Abbott went to primary school together. She was the year below him.
Dennis Skinner and Dianne Abbott .who the fek wd pay £12,000 for the ugly feka's paintings???!
As Dianne Abbott joins the backbenchers a choice reminder of her being well & truly skewered. Ouch.
Dianne Abbott makes way for 4 new labour frontbench members.
He's off on a romantic holiday with Dianne Abbott YHIHF
Really disappointed that Dianne Abbott has been fired, huge step backwards.
The BBC dumped her. Ed Miliband dumped her. She sends her kids to private school. Dianne Abbott must be more right wing than w…
Will Dianne Abbott use the excuse Ed got rid of her because she is black?
Dianne Abbott should have been sacked long ago,after that stupid racist remark she was like calling people "cattle" :(
Dianne Abbott says Labour people must read from script. Well didn't we know that,
Great to see Dianne Abbott getting the sack. Hopefully now she'll go completely off message.
Dianne Abbott sacked fm shadow cabinet. Oh dear how sad, never mind!
Dianne Abbott wants more immigrants in the UK and more integration with Europe. She's completely clueless as to why she got the sack!!
So Dianne Abbott was the shad minister for public health,never realised as she was always commenting on other matters lol
Glad Dianne Abbott got the sack, no place in Labour Party for Racists like her
I don't think that Dianne Abbott will quieten down any. Mind you, why should she be quiet?
Dianne Abbott who once went on a public crusade against a politician who sent her child to public school.and then did the exact same!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I thought you would have been devastated at the Dianne Abbott sacking. *snigger* :-)
Dianne Abbott says she's just happy to be able to spend more time with her dinner.
Sacking Dianne Abbott has to be just about the best decision Ed Miliband has yet made as leader.
And on his quest to demolish all that's good in Labour he has now sacked Dianne Abbott
Glad to hear Dianne Abbott has been sacked from the Labour Party
Dianne Abbott finally drop kicked out of labour front ranks. This anti-Brit nutcase had too much power for too long
Abbott sacked. The best news of my day. The most vile 2 faced child sending 2 private school lard that ever walked this Earth. 😷
I'm happy that fat ugly racist cow Dianne Abbott has been fired.
Dianne abbott has been replaced in the shadow cabinet.
On a day we see the back of a notorious,racist hate filled lunatic who wants to divide society.Good riddance Dianne Abbott!!
Dianne Abbott sent her children to private school. Education under Labour now shown to be one of the worst in developed world. SURPRISE!
Dianne Abbott sacked in reshuffle - sop to rebut suggestion that Miliband has moved Left
I thought Dianne Abbott did a wonderful job.keeping the Conservatives poll rating close to Labours.
At least marxist Dianne Abbott will have the time to pick her kids up from private school now.
Dianne Abbott spotted trying to beach herself in the Thames Estuary. Local animal welfare activists on way to help refloa…
All purpose parts banner
Tommy Robinson & Dianne Abbott both fall on their swords, a great day in the fight against self serving hatemongers
Dianne Abbott sacked. Please tell me this doesn't mean she thinks she's going to run for London Mayor!
Dianne Abbott would prefer we spent £54bn on non jobs
Dianne Abbott sacked as Shadow Health Secreatary by Ed Miliband. I suppose this is a sop to the Daily Mail.
Dianne Abbott is definitely a 25 pinter. 12 pints and Yvette Cooper would get a look in. A can of coke for Luciana Berger.
Idea for a movie - Martin Lawrence and Eddy Murphy in fat suits of Dianne Abbott and Eric Pickles. "Big Commons House"
so, super leftie Dianne Abbott thinks it's not a problem that £30m was spent on NHS treatment for foreign nationals who haven't paid a single penny towards it, a few days after driving to Trinity College, Cambridge to bring her privately educated son home.
Dianne Abbott in stark contradiction to John Reid. Go to 5mins 10secs.
Dianne Abbott clashes with Anna Soubry over salt reduction promises made by food firms:
Case in point. Dianne Abbott and George Galloway. And all their little slaves too.
Dianne Abbott and George Galloway keeps coming up. Were you abusive or just challenging. Will compile a chart.
Great opportunity to influence Labour's public health policy at meeting with Dianne Abbott. Need to tackle loneliness and stigma.
Bring back Dianne Abbott. Michael Portillo doesn't seem to have the same sofa chemistry with Prescott.
I emailed Dianne Abbott with the same point after the Fabian Society Women's conference in January.
Kerry Katona vs Dianne Abbott. This is what television dreams are made of
Keith Vaz named most influential Asian in UK PTI Nov 22, 2012, 06.00PM IST LONDON: Keith Vaz, the Indian-origin Labour MP, has emerged as Britain's most influential Asian in a list of 101 powerful people from the region, which includes the likes of steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, the billionaire Hinduja Brothers and leading NRI industrialist Lord Swraj Paul. According to the GG2 Power 101, brought out by the Garavi Gujarat Publications here listing the 101 most influential Asians in the UK, has 56-year-old Vaz, Labour MP from Leicester East and chairman of the powerful Home Affairs Select Committee, placed at No 1. Vaz has been a parliamentarian for over 25 years and was among the original modern gang of four ethnic path-breaking politicians, including the late Bernie Grant, Paul Boateng and Dianne Abbott, who made it into the House of Commons in 1987. He has been put in the category of 'Politics'. Indian-origin steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal takes the second position, he is in the category of 'Industry'. The B ...
Dianne Abbott is Member of Parliament (MP) for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987 in Great Britain. She is the first black woman to be elected to the House of Commons. She visited me last week at my office where we had a long talk about Jamaican politics, the current financial sitiuation affecting Jamaica and the diaspora. Ms. Abbott was born to Jamaican immigrants in London in 1953. Her father was a welder and her mother a nurse. Her rise in British society is another lesson of the potential of Jamaicans and how we blossom wherever we go. During our exchange we spoke in depth about the 1990s financial collapse and whether the diaspora would be interested in buying Jamaican debt as is being promoted by the government. We also spoke of her experience in the British Parliament and democracy in general. It was a good meeting and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.
Boris Johnson defends McDonalds as official Olympic sponsor, along with Lord John Prescott, Eric Pickles and Dianne Abbott.
She is one of the 5 permanent members of the security council. + Germaine Greer Sarah Teather Dianne Abbott JS Porter
How can you have George Galloway and Dianne Abbott on the television simultaneously? Chunder.
Dianne Abbott and George Galloway are correct - this is a Tory Government kept in power by the LibDems - so LibDems you can kill them!
George Galloway comes to the defence of Dianne Abbott in a race row after her own party refuse to defend her
David Levin head of private school Dianne Abbott's son attended says :"The idea that Diane Abbott is guilty of racism is absurd."
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