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Diane Sawyer

Lila Diane Sawyer (born December 22, 1945) is the current anchor of ABC News' flagship program, ABC World News.

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In case you missed it, check out my appearance On ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, where I discuss raising your...
Famous ENFJs: I posted a test to see what famous person you emulate. Lots of people on my list and I have to say ... I get why I am like *** Van *** , I did not see Dennis Hopper coming...BORN TO BE WILD... If you want to take the FREE test , they do not ask for your email so no worries there. I will put the link below. Famous ENFJs: by Joe Butt David, King of Israel U.S. Presidents: Abraham Lincoln Ronald Reagan Barack Obama William Cullen Bryant, poet Abraham Maslow, psychologist and proponent of self-actualization Ross Perot Sean Connery Elizabeth Dole Francois Mitterand *** Van *** Andy Griffith James Garner William Aramony, former president of United Way Gene Hackman (Superman, Antz) Dennis Hopper (Speed) Brenda Vaccaro Craig T. Nelson (Coach) Diane Sawyer (Good Morning America) Randy Quaid (Bye Bye, Love; Independence Day) Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive) Kirstie Alley ("Cheers," Look Who's Talking movies) Michael Jordan, NBA basketball player Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean) Oprah Winfrey B ...
Sitting on the beach, drinking a coffee & soaking up the sun to clear the mind . 💕☀️ diane_sawyer
Half-wit probably thinks Diane Sawyer is a Republican
Actually lawrence and scherzinger are both from here! Also sawyer
"Nobody cares BARBARA!"...says my wife to the TV when Diane Sawyer is anchoring.
Diane Sawyer couldn't be a lawyer so she tells the news like it's nobody's business and it's very deep heavy and profound.
"Even Diane Sawyer needed a Katie Couric. Would you be my Katie Couric?"
In the end id rather watch diane sawyer and Katie Couric make out
Whitney/Diane Sawyer interview still goes down as the goat
Having a beer with the next Diane Sawyer
Soon-to-be-Phantom Norm Lewis was picked as World News with Diane Sawyer's "Person of the Week" April 4 and if we...
What is going on? Why can't I find anything on Norm Lewis interview with Diane Sawyer? I missed it I'm sorry, Don't punish me for it!
I grew up looking up to Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Maya Angelou, and my older cousin...
Jerry Rawlings a short documentary by Diane Sawyer:
Watching ABC World News with Diane Sawyer: Person of the Week: Norm Lewis on Yes!!
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One of the BEST interviewers ever. Up there w/Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters. biggies. He is al...
Unreal. This one will absolutely stun you. NEWS FLASH: Vatican City, 04/01/2014 After meeting with Pope Francis, GOP leaders Mitch McConnell and John Boehner suggest they "might have been wrong" on Obamacare. "I listened closely to him," said Senate Minority Leader McConnell, "and must confess I'm re-evaluating my opposition to what is obviously helping 'the least of these' get the medical assistance and medicines they need." House Majority Leader Boehner, who's eyes filled with tears, had to stop talking after only a few words: "We've been wrong. Sometimes, before heaven and earth, you just have to say what's true." What effect this will have on the upcoming elections is unclear. President Obama, when asked by ABC's Diane Sawyer for a reaction, appeared not to have heard about the meeting. "Is this some sort of prank?" he asked incredulously. "I've been waiting nearly six years for us to work together..." The President's voice stopped as he scratched his chin. "This miracle's just a little less stunning ...
my pleasure, I love the programme, a lot more of a world news bulletin than, ahem, ABC's Diane Sawyer :-)
Diane Sawyer (my FAV) just announced average MLB tik price is $27.93/tik. Highest price are Red Sox tiks
And get back, Jack! Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric are fine reporters. Just kinda chatty. Kelly Ripa? Practically a reporter.
I watched Diane Sawyer question Christie and I wondered why she has NEVER asked tough questions like this when she interviews Democrats like Obama.
Tonight, an ABC News exclusive: Diane Sawyer sits down with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in his first interview since his January press conference on the bridge closure scandal. Tune in to ABC World News with Diane Sawyer for the exclusive interview.
Putting the final edit touches on piece for tonight's ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and ABC 20/20 on Little League madness. See how far a NY woman went to get her son a prime spot on the team! 6:30 pm ET and then 10pm ET.
"Sometimes, people do inexplicably stupid things." ~Chris Christie in an interview with Diane Sawyer~ Yes, governor, they certainly do. You were after all, reelected.
Can't tell whose makeup artist failed more. Diane Sawyer or Chris Christie.
I wish Diane Sawyer and ABC would try to spend as much time and effort trying to fry Chris Christie ( which is not an electable candidate for president in 2016) and with a Democratic lawyer present, said he had no knowledge of the lane closures, yet we have Russia getting ready to do something silly... A missing plane... still! Multiple forces fighting globally (which campaigning 6 years ago Barry said he was going to bring our troops back. and we are still waiting!) The debacle in Benghazi. The debacle in the "Affordable" health act. The IRS scandal. Amongst too many to mention... Sorry so long winded. but, please try to be unbiased journalist!
They are laughing at Barack Obama. LOL!. Matt Lauer. ABC World News with Diane Sawyer . George Stephanopoulos...
Paid Media tools. Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity, Cooper (Ex-CIA), Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Tom Brokaw, Cronkite, Bob Costas, Katie poser Couric, Matt Lauer, Oprah, Bill Gates, Toupe Millionaire, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Virgin Atlantic Guy, Scottish poser on Late Nite, Letterman (not really sure he knows), NPR Actor interviewer (he knows), George Stephanopoulous, Maria Bartiromo married to CBS mogul, Lou Dobbs, Andrea Mitchell and her creton husband Carville, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Glenn Beck poser libertarian. Abbreviated. Many more. Just can't think of their names right now. If they're on TV, they're players. All of daytime - just not sure they're smart enough to know or they are actually "true believers."
Pridelets from Tommy for March 14, 2014 Happy Pi Day, Purim, and St Patrick's Day Weekend ! Pridelets for March 14, Happy Pi Day! 2002, Rosie O'Donnell discusses her lesbianism for the first time with the press. It's a "PrimeTime Thursday" interview with Diane Sawyer granted on the condition that the show do an investigative piece on Florida's ban on *** adoption and "my life and how (the case) pertains to me." BIRTHDAYS (GLBT and the occasional straights) * 1860 - Oscar Wilde contemporary, writer Stanislaus Eric, Count Stenbock * 1870 - American opera singer Olive Fremstad * 1864 - Secret agent Alfred Redl * 1887 - Editor Sylvia Beach * 1916 - French director Bernard Blier * 1947 - TV *** pioneer Billy Crystal, "Soap's" Jody Dallas * 1965 - "Dawson's Creek" and "Scream" writer/creator Kevin Williamson * 1969 - Second Daughter Mary Claire Cheney * 1975 - GayVN Hall of Fame Bel Ami Europe actor/general manager Johan Paulik -- Together, we can change the world, one mind at a time. Have a great day, Tommy
The Investigative Reporting Workshop reported this story in coordination with ABC's World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer and the Watchdog Institute, a non-profit investigative journalism group based at San Diego State University.foreign vs. domestic Money from the 2009 stimulus bill to help support the renewable energy industry continues to flow overseas, despite Congressional criticism and calls for change, according to a new analysis of the program by the Investigative Reporting Workshop. The Workshop was the first to report last October that more than 80 percent of the first $1 billion in grants to wind energy companies went to foreign firms. Since then, the administration has stopped making announcements of new grants to wind, solar and geothermal companies, but has handed out another $1 billion, bringing the total given out to $2.1 billion and the total that went to companies based overseas to more than 79 percent. In fact, the largest grant made under the program so far, a $178 million payment on De ...
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Not expecting Brian Williams or Diane Sawyer to report this.
President Nixon shakes hands with aide Diane Sawyer on February 26th, 1972, during hi…
I've been trying to listen to the ABC news with Diane Sawyer podcast but it keeps playing Brian Williams on NBC. Routing issue?
I don't think you get it...Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams aren't supposed to walk the red carpet and they know this.
Brian Williams responds to that baby who really hates him and hints at Diane Sawyer conspiracy
Pretty sure Diane Sawyer on ABC news is wearing a blazer that has shoulder pads in it. Please don't tell me they are coming back into style
John Williams is the "Person of the Week" on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer... Iconic sounds, but he plagiarizes his own work!
So, basketball players fighting is on the evening news with Diane Sawyer. Classy, guys.
"The satanic character that too closely resembled Obama was removed from the movie." Diane Sawyer . This was a...
My wife has Diane Sawyer on World News, which is supposed to be forbidden in my house. She is dedicating a lot of time to Chris Christie's story about the GWB traffic jam as a conspiracy, to ill his presidential hopes. What about Obamacare and the cancer patients that have lost their coverage because of this stupid bill? Is anyone else SICK of the Liberal media besides me. I realize only 7 or 8 people watch this garbage network and this Liberal Fluff News *** but I can't take much more. 2016 can't come soon enough for me. Anybody agree? I am just venting!
Wondering how Diane Sawyer is gonna feel when I get her job
Diane Sawyer has been on ABC since I was old enough to pay attention to the news. I love her
makes watching ABC World News With Diane Sawyer more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Anyone remember my post that showed about 10 individual news entities all using the term "gravitas" to describe Obamas choice of Biden as VP? Here is another example of why there's no news anymore and journalism is dead. All quotes from 2/27/14 - WOLF BLITZER: Emotion running deep at the White House as President Obama launches his most personal program. NORAH O'DONNELL: President Obama touches on a very personal issue. SHEPARD SMITH: Calls this issue deeply personal. ANDERSON COOPER: President Obama was emotional, passionate, deeply personal. DON LEMON: What is a very personal cause. DIANE SAWYER: The president talked about something very personal. CHRISTI PAUL: A personal message to teens. JOHN BERMAN: In surprisingly personal terms. Brian Williams: A personal and emotional event at the White House for the president today.
what if ash threw the pokeball and they were like "WHOSE THAT POKEMON" and then it was diane sawyer
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throback; reminds me of the Interview with Diane Sawyer and Whitney
I coincidentally was watching and studying a video that Diane Sawyer had narrated and had produced along with ABC News last either last year or as far back as 2010 in Pine Ridge near White Clay, South Dakota. Some people need to start acting more human and THINK before they speak. Some people I know just don't do that...KUDOS to the woman who put him in his place. Thanks, Fran, for sharing this!
Diane Sawyer yesterday the story about the autistic boy and the seal why would you play a voice calling the child a freak really disturbing
Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. —Colossians 4:2 Devotion: A commitment to a fundemental and primary purpose. Samuel Chadwick, a 19th century Weslyan Methodist minister wrote, "Prayer is the acid test of devotion". Our devotion to prayer mirrors our dependence on God. It is purpose and passion wrapped in petition. Bunyan wrote, "Prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan." Paul encouraged the believers in Colossea to let prayer capture thier heart. It is to be a "fundemental and primary purpose". Prayer is the fulcrum . . . the point from which all things pivot . . . In our lives. And, in praying, he gives two increasingly important insights. Be Attentive. Distractions can detour us from the delight of our destiny. The pressing issues of pseudo importance can impact our influence and render us impotent. News Anchor Diane Sawyer recently posted, "I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention." ...
I hate what they call, HDTV. If I wanted to see Diane Sawyer's zits I'd have married her!
Diane Sawyer News, Photos and Videos - ABC News she is one of the best , bright, talented and gorgeous
The elite television anchor: imitation of life   by Jon Rappoport February 27, 2014     In a country in which art has little or no perceived value, there's a sucker born every millisecond. Why? Because when consciousness of art is nil, people accept official art, which is always present, as the guiding and only reality. And of course, they don't see it as art.   "Things can't be any other way. This is it."   Nowhere is this more true than in television news.   It's not only the content of news that is embraced, it's the style, the manner of presentation---and in the long run, the presentation is far more corrosive, far more deadly than the content.   The imitations of life called anchors are the arbiters of style. How they speak, how they look, how they themselves experience emotion---all this is planted deep in the brains of the viewers.   Most of America can't imagine the evening news could look and sound any other way.   That's how solid the long-term brai ...
I'll try, but, for a while I'm at Seth's with BabyCal, Anderson & Sawyer's golden cousin until Grandma Diane arrives
Full Episode: WN 2/27: Real Estate Market Highest in 5 Years: Increasing your home's valu...
Thought you folks might like this photo of Diane Sawyer from 1967 when she was on WLKY!
The world needs to behave for a few days. Our Taco is going to be on ABC News with Diane Sawyer as soon as they get a spot to show the piece. I will let you know as soon as I have the date.
“Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it.” —Diane Sawyer
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer covered the opening of the Chesapeake Bay Candle factory opening in Glen Burnie, Maryland on June 29, 2011.
Heart's Compass Tip: "Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination." Diane Saw…
In watching the news for tonight that I recorded, on world news with Diane Sawyer, I saw a report on a major bust on the car-jackings crackdown. They sowed all the mug shots of the people that got busted, which was a lot. My question is-Where are all the white people? Then they answered it for me-They are the ones getting their cars stolen, sometimes at gunpoint in their own driveway and sometimes at the cost of their life. It sickens me.
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wonderful! Great piece on Diane Sawyer on ABC News!! Cheers
RE: ABC World News with Diane Sawyer Going back to a previous discussion with award winning sci-fi author Robert J. Sawyer, This scene captured today is a visual manifestation of our discussion which referenced the origami folding in the movie Blade Runner. Because of the Scalable vector Graphic nature of the character displayed the microcosm of smallest to largest is in effect as the MIMAL is on a sliding scale. Imagine increased depth in future forced perspective visualization's in both nano space and the planetary cosmos. Today at Walmart WE were discussing platforms in the video game section Gabo Cronomaco Mar Mosso and I relayed the scene where Louisiana grows to the size of Italy and then back down to a baby's foot Lou Rugani. Cali Lewis has additional details Charles Bakies.
Does Diane Sawyer even know the biggest trade deal in our lifetime is being negotiated?
Hey Diane Sawyer, if really cares about Making it in America, you’ll cover the
At dinner two tables away from Diane Sawyer WAH life made
Whitney Houston Diane Sawyer Interview: via Do you really know? Do you?
Watching Diane Sawyer reminds me of the profound value of great lighting when being filmed or photographed.
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer featured SOS Norway's viral video... check it out!
Did you see on World News with Diane Sawyer last night the story about a little boy with a very rare incureable disease? His best friend has written a book called The Chocolate Book and has raised thousands of dollars. I was so touched by this story that I just ordered one of the books. Amy will probably wind up with it. If you are interested, go to World news with Diane Sawyer to see the video. You can then just Google The Chocolate Book if you wish.
Abc news with Diane Sawyer ; American Airlines (the recently merged ) did away with bereavement fares. So kind ... No..So sad..
Honored 2 share Dylan & Jonah’s story on w/ For a personal THANKS from the boys, click http…
Wide awake and watching on BBC1. Diane sawyer. Weird watching this on British TV
Is it just me, or do they need to raise Diane Sawyer's teleprompter a few inches? I swear it looks like she's looking down all the time...
J-Law is from Kentucky just like Diane Sawyer!
So I think Diane sawyer is the modern day *** Clark. She is looking younger than she used to. Good for her!
Instant Index: Polar Vortex May Have an Effect on Booking Trips to Warm Places: Diane Sawyer reveals the stori...
ICYMI: THON makes an appearance on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.
Really, nothing happening in Ukraine or Crimea was worthy of the Evening News with Diane Sawyer tonight?
I just saw ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. She did a segment on Gary Sinise a.k.a. Lieutenant Dan. What an amazing man! He took wounded soldiers on a trip to thank them for their service. I cried! So touching. I realize he is very wealthy, but he seemed so genuine. I have seen him perform @ Cantigny to support the troops. Great concert! And thanks for the kind words recently. I feel much better!
Hold tha (beep) up ABC News w/ Diane Sawyer, why did the story of the President on "My Brother's Keeper was kept to 15-20 sec.
What a great story on the evening news with Diane Sawyer. You are a true hero to America's Heroes. God Bless Our Troops!
Im pretty sure Diane sawyer just said its been 20 years since Forrest Gump was released. Im pretty sure Im going to cry. Love love love that movie!! Seriously though, I was only 8, maybe 9??? Where has the time gone.
I want to drink whatever Diane Sawyer drinks, the woman does not age, she has looked the same since I was seven years old..😳
ABC Evening News is totally disgusting. I walked out before "America Strong," in which Diane Sawyer says, we will see destroyed veterans treated to kindness in Hollywood. This echoes the earlier feature on Obama's disgusting program to help black boys through kindness, charity and motivation -- a disgraceful item that will belong in histories of this period written in the future. What to do to sell your house -- another bit of "news." With all this, about 45 seconds on Ukraine.
I just love what Diane Sawyer is wearing tonight.
ABC and Diane Sawyer talking about how to sell your home. If you watch let me know what you think.
Diane Sawyer just of our closest relatives the monkey.they may be related to her.but Christ created me.I am in the human category.he created monkeys..and they are in the animal category. That may be why some people act like animals...they believe they are related to them.
3 cardinal sins of real estate on ABC with Diane Sawyer tonight.
Oh, the second things is--Don't broadcasters (commercial annoouncers, people who play in commercials, newscasters, or anyone) have SPEECH lessons anymore? All the women (with few exceptions) sound like they're talking through tin cans, no depth, no putting forth their deep voices, just whiney, Barbie-doll speech that it's hard to understand. What happened to learning to speak from one's "diaphraghm" (no jokes) but any decent singer (in the old days) learned to take deep breaths and enunciate from their chests, not from the back of their throats! Also there were speech classes one could take if they dreamed of being an announcer or any sort of speaker! Please, spare me these ying-yang women and hinkey men. And while we're at it, tell Diane Sawyer not to ask a question when she's telling us what's coming up next on the evening news. She says, "A man falls into a hole and nearly drowns in seweage?" Well, yes, Diane, I guess he might but don't ask the question if it's a news story with an answer! Boo-hiss.
When I was an aspiring journalist, people asked me if I wanted to be Diane Sawyer or Jane Pauley. I wanted to be Charlayne Hunter-Gault and to channel Ida B. Wells. Happy Bday CHG.
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Lynn Nezin, did you see ABC News with Diane Sawyer tonight?
So I am watching world news tonite with Diane Sawyer and They did a thing on the air pollution in Bejing, you know there air gets to out west coast in 6 days, They are Killing our planet!
I'm watching Diane Sawyer & what a beautiful story. A seven yr old, Dylan Siegel, wrote a book,Chocolate Bar, for his sick 8 yr old friend in Calif, with a rare liver disorder, because his friend is awesome as a Chocolate Bar. The book has raised over $500,000 & is keeping the research funding alive. If you need a book for any child you know, please buy this one. Or buy it & donate it to a school. God is sure working through these children.
Penn State Dance Marathon featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer in the "America Strong" Segment
Just watched ABC World News tonight with Diane Sawyer. They had early a story about the Caroline Kennedy and here is How they intro, "A sympathetic story about how Caroline Kennedy trial" Are you kidding me! She is a drunk and drug addict raise with enormous wealth! Who would not trade places??
I want to be Diane Sawyer when I grow up.or some other cool chick
Today Trey experienced another seizure ... Rob and I received the phone call, while at work, and we are just blessed to have him in such good care! Thank you Nurse Jennifer for all you do :) We are so grateful to have y'all keep Trey in your thoughts and prayers ... We are even more appreciative for all the incoming donations or this wouldn't be possible! To be able to detect a low blood sugar before it gets to this point is going to be so Chocolate Bar! Make sure you tune into ABC World News with Diane Sawyer to here how two boys are raising awareness for the GSD community and funds for research! Such an inspiring story! smiLe
Are you "So Chocolate Bar" (that means AWESOME!)? Tune into ABC World News with Diane Sawyer tonight at 6:30 to see Dylan and talk about their trip to UF.
Tonight at 5:30 on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer: From U.S. shopping malls to teenage parties, the tricks sex traffickers use to lure young girls into prostitution.
Chocolate Bar, The Book will be on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer in less than two hours! Do you plan to watch?
Tune in tonight to see THON featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (6:30-7:00pm on 6ABC).
Last night’s story has been moved to tonight. Tune in at 6:30 - ABC news with Diane Sawyer to see our THON story!
Cameras for ABC World News with Diane Sawyer spent part of THON weekend following the “electric smile” of 13-year old Brittany Wagner, the Penn State water polo team’s THON child.
THON 2014 will be featured in the 'America Strong' segment tonight on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.
Just watched the Amanda Knox interview with Diane Sawyer. Wow! Intense! Idk what to think!
Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, on ABC "World News with Diane Sawyer" on the capture of Mexican drug lord Joaq...
This just in - the ABC World News with Diane Sawyer "America Strong" segment featuring THON through a Four Diamonds Family's experience will air Tuesday night (instead of tonight, as originally scheduled). Tune in to ABC tomorrow, 6:30 - 7:00 pm!
Two of this past weekend's THON dancers participated in interviews that will air on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer on Tuesday night at 6:30.
Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley, and Salvador Dali via The news by Jon Rappoport by them!
If you want to hold "Ted Nugent" to same standard as Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer & Brian Williams, that's your option.
Ever wonder what your dog is really thinking? Tonight on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer , why you and your best friend may have more in common than you know
"According to a recent survey, 9 out of 10 women receive care that increases rather than decreases the risk of harm to both mother and baby," Dawn Thomson, co-founder of Improving Birth, wrote to Diane Sawyer today. "Because of my own personal struggle through three unnecessary cesareans and finally a triumphant vaginal birth, this story that Ms. Sawyer is doing tonight hits close to home. After my first birth, my doctor told me I was lucky, that “you would have been one of those women who died in childbirth,” had I not had access to emergency surgery - and I believed him. It wasn’t until years later that I learned the truth about why I had that C-section, and it was not some rare emergency -- it was the exact same story I heard from woman after woman. My baby's distress (the reason for the C-section) was caused by the non-medically indicated, routine procedures used to speed up his birth - including a high-alert medication that was presented casually as "standard procedure." At the time, it never o ...
broadcasted tonight on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer
On January 31, 2014 Diane Sawyer had a 20/20 Special on guns and safety. About a week before we received a call from ABC New York to tell our story of what happened during the burglary last year. Though they didn't pick up the back story and why we were on edge that evening, it is available here What follows is what aired in January, and why I feel so strongly about my second amendment right to bear arms.
tell everyone to make Gussler Person of the Week on ABC Nightly News (tag Diane Sawyer, David Muir, Dan Abrams etc)
Here's a link to the piece from Diane Sawyer last night. My mom said it was "really sweet."
Spent the last two days with ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, hunting down some valentine-themed portraits. Was a bit of a challenge due to the Sleet Armageddon that descended upon the city, but we had a lot of fun and found some great portraits. The piece will air on World News Tonight at 6:30 PM for those of you hunkering down this evening.
Chandler v. Jackson (ABC and Diane Sawyer and Lisa Marie Presley ) (1)Chandler v. Jackson (ABC and Diane Sawye...
Stars Flock to Philip Seymour Hoffman's Private Funeral Philip Seymour Hoffman's private funeral was held in Manhattan on Friday, with stars Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Ethan Hawke, Brian Dennehey, Amy Adams and Ellen Burstyn paying their respects to an actor widely considered among the best of his generation. The coffin holding Hoffman's body was brought out of the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola by pallbearers and put it a hearse, and family and guests began to stream out Friday afternoon. Streep hugged Diane Sawyer as they left. The list of mourners also included Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore, Joaquin Phoenix, Louis C.K., Mary Louise Parker, John Slattery, Jerry Stiller, Marisa Tomei, Spike Lee and Sawyer's husband, the director Mike Nichols. Playwright David Bar Katz, who found Hoffman's body, looked visibly upset as he arrived. Hoffman, 46, was found dead Sunday of an apparent heroin overdose in his apartment. He leaves behind his partner of 15 years, Mimi O'Donnell, and their three children. O'D ...
Actor's somber NY funeral draws Streep, Blanchett, Amy Adams, Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols, and more via
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Amy Adams, Joaquin Phoenix, Diane Sawyer, Michelle Williams, Cate Blanchett, Ellen Burstyn and director Bennett Miller were just some of the former colleagues who attended a private wake for Philip Seymour Hoffman Thursday night in New York.
Cate Blanchett, Amy Adams, Joaquin Phoenix and Diane Sawyer are among the celebrities attending Philip Seymour Hoffman's wake.
Cold Getting Old...Yea you right! I'm tired of taking about the cold air this Winter. ABC's Diane Sawyer asked their " Extreme Weather Meteorologist" Ginger Zee if..."is this the coldest Winter ever?' Awe C'mon Diane. I know your age (60+) & you should clearly remember the winters of the 60s,70s & 80s. IF you were born after 1990, then this IS the coldest Winter ever in YOUR life. The AGW Alarmists are still trying to convince folks the cold is part of the warmer climate. Except the current cool down was NOT predicted by the climate models. Could it be the current cold winter is part of the climate CYCLE that is shifting back to cooling after a 30 year warming CYCLE? Frankly, I'm tired of talking about it & enduring it. I want Spring! In the short term, another very cold 2 days lie ahead before we see a weekend warming trend. Thursday will require the heaviest winter coat you have as temps will stay in the 40s with north winds 20+ making it feel like the 30s. There is the slight chance fo ...
Did you ever notice that whenever you argue with a liberal, they will inevitably accuse you of getting your "talking points" from Fox News within the first minute? Let's see. They are practically soaking in the liberal propaganda that emanates from the likes of MSNBC, NBC, PBS, NPR, ABC, CBS, CNN, TMZ, World News with Diane Sawyer, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, SNL, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, The View, People Magazine, US Magazine, Rolling Stone, GQ, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Time, our public schools, our colleges and universities, Hollywood, the music industry, the television industry, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Daily News, the Newark Star-Ledger, the Village Voice, Slate, Mother Jones, Media Matters, The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Salon, The Democratic Underground, The Daily Beast, Common Dreams, Crooks and Liars, The Atlantic, MoveOn, Think Progress, etc., etc. They attack the one right-leaning island in a sea of leftist indoctrination and accuse YOU of b ...
Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Diane Sawyer and Maria Menounos - all of these successful women have one thing in common. They all got their start competing in pageants just like this. Take the first step towards your future success and...
Dana Loesch shreds Diane Sawyer and ABC's 'Young Guns' special [video]
[For more, see video cross-posted at NewsBusters.] The journalists at ABC are again going after gun ownership in the most absurd manner possible. Diane Sawyer and David Muir want American parents to know that they shouldn't leave unattended guns around toys, candy and in the backpacks of children. O...
This is Katie Francis – a 14-year-old sharpshooter. She fired her first gun as a kindergartner. Tune in tonight to a special Diane Sawyer and David Muir take a sharp look at kids and guns.
Cold's over, State of the Union is, too. Can ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams still be lingering in Atlanta to give us the latest weather and traffic together on the eights? Find out by following at the bottom of the hour.
The room Diane Sawyer is sitting in must have a 1 min tape delay. She's missed every cue!
Diane Sawyer will be doing a hatchet job on gun rights this Friday, attacking gun owners with typically false and unsupported statistics... ...through your children. They will be putting children that have not had any safety training (because anti-gun groups say it wouldn't work), and exposing them to 'found' firearms. Of course children who have been kept sheltered from firearms aren't going to know how to be safe when they find one. This is low-hanging fruit and a cheap shot, but it is what gun owners in this country have come to expect. I do expect they will try to show a pro-gun point of view somewhere in the story, but the overall tone will most likely be anti-gun. Kids, Eddie Eagle says "Stop! Don't touch! Leave the area! Tell an adult!"
Just saw a commercial for what looks to be a hatchet job on the 2nd Amendment with Diane Sawyer called "Young Guns." Even if you aren't into guns, you NEED to teach your younguns about basic gun safety. You might not ever have a gun but the parents of one of his buddies might and the kid needs how not to be a *** The schools teach our kids sex ed younger and younger but somehow it's unconscionable to teach gun safety? Even though accidents are on the decline, knowledge can save lives.
Why is Diane Sawyer trying to turn everything from Robin Roberts’ cancer to Elizabeth Vargas’ alcoholism into soap? HITRT
What’s up with ABC News? Diane Sawyer has moved from 60 Minutes to Good Morning America to World News Tonight filling all those shows with soap! And now all of them have featured Robin Roberts’ cancer and Elizabeth Vargas’ alcoholism as though all that is also soap.
Last night we reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook has been interviewed by ABC in celebration of 30 years of the Mac. Tonight, the interview will air on World News with Diane Sawyer, but this morning, ...
Tim Cook confirms Apple's new sapphire glass facility during ABC interview | With today being the 30th anniversary of the Mac, Apple CEO Tim Cook is making the media rounds. On Friday night, ABC will be showing its interview with Cook on World News with Diane Sawyer. But a segment of the interview was aired Friday morning on Good Morning America. During the chat with ABC News' David Muir, Cook confirmed that Apple's plant in Arizona is related to the production of sapphire glass for future devices... - read it here: (click the link)
. Per ABC News - Diane Sawyer- Opera Singer Rene Flemming will sing the Star Spangled Banner @ the Super Bowl
Ifalls chamber president Faye Whitbeck says Icebox Days will be featured on Nightline tonight and possibly World News w/ Diane Sawyer.
31 million girls around the world don't go to school! Diane Sawyer Sits Down With the Inspirational Malala Yousafzai:
People tend to vote the present tense - not the subjective. Diane Sawyer
Want a pay raise? Watch our Real Money report from ABC World News with Diane Sawyer with advice on how to ask from the Shark Tank Sharks.
Instant Index: Pod of Dolphins Interrupts a Surfing Competition to Catch Some Waves: Diane Sawyer reveals the ...
Whoever inflates Diane Sawyer's lips does a good job, by the low standards of lip injections.
Cameron Diaz's transformation into Diane Sawyer is proceeding on schedule (pic)
Yes! What an honor “also...holy crap you're right across from Diane Sawyer! Shes a legend!”
Well, as a newsreader makes an outstanding academic makes Helen Dalley look like Diane Sawyer
Diane Sawyer picked up dolphin video from Rincon Classic (video by Derek Olsen, stills by
Dolphins Swimming with Surfers at Rincon Classic: ABC anchor Diane Sawyer shared w/the country ...
ABC anchor Diane Sawyer shared with the country the amazing shots of dolphins swimming with surfers at the Rincon Classic Sunday. Video taken by Derek Olson.
What do Diane Sawyer, Paul Simon and Renee Zellweger all have in common? Find out here:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Want to get a pay raise in 2014? 2 options... Watch ABC News w Diane Sawyer tonight OR call me in the morning - ABC World News With Diane Sawyer is on Tue, Jan 21 5:30pm on KFBBDT.
Humbly, Michael talks to Diane Sawyer in this 1995 interview, demonstrating how he makes music by beatboxing live and he lights up as he talks about his craft.
DIANE SAWYER NEWS REPORT about telomeres, and telomerase, science of aging and fountain of youth. Age reversal of mice in science experiments. How does the telomere affec...
Lila Diane Sawyer (born December 22, 1945) is the current anchor of ABC News' flagship program, ABC World News. Previously, Sawyer had been co-anchor of ABC News's morning news program, Good Morning America (GMA).
. . . When every time you see Diane Sawyer on TV, you tell everyone within earshot that she used to be the local weather girl on WLKY.
In the words of Diane Sawyer they're calling it "football's equivalent to the search for the Da Vinci Code" I have always called it The LAW of 44...we primetime baby!!
Captain Mark Kelly and Diane Sawyer discuss what has kept him grounded on his many adventures as a Space Shuttle Commander.
Was just watching diane sawyer. That cop who shot at the minivan full of kids lost his job. In the interview he says he never would have pulled the trigger if he knew there were kids, so he should be allowed to return to work. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot murica
Diane Sawyer talked on the news last night of a way to get things done or needs met by "time banking" services. Like if you read to someone,then someone else taught another to read, someone did accounting the time they did these services could get you credit to bank for something you needed like home repairs. I found this program in Portland but was wondering if there is a group around Bangor. The best thing is that no money is needed to exchange hands!
Piers Morgan, Ed Schultz, Rachel Madcow, Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, Scott Pelley, Candy Crowley, and the rest of the no talent, brain damaged communists on these networks. These Luddites are the reason the ratings are in the toilet.
It doesn't matter if Diane Sawyer or Wolf Blitzer says it.I always chuckle when they say "Vladamir Putin". Lol. You know you do too! Lol
Watching ABC evening news. Diane Sawyer is talking to one of her field correspondents in CA about the wildfires there. "How smoky does it smell?' she asks. Seriously. Redic.
Okay... Diane Sawyer just asked the dumbest question I have ever heard on a news program. While talking to a correspondent on site at the CA fires asked "how smokey does it smell?" What the *** It's a fire, pretty smokey I'd guess! Duh!󾓶
World News Tonight- Diane Sawyer ask "How smokey does it smell out there? Don't she know when you have a massive fire there will be a lot of smoke!! DUH!
World News with Diane Sawyer...she's reporting on the California fires. She asks the other reporter on site if it smells smokey where he is while a brush fire burns behind him. There ARE dumb questions. They exist.
Watching Diane Sawyer (Liar) on evening news. Story about a big house fire ion the Hollywood Hills, CA. She asked the reporter this astute question: "How smoky does it smell there??" And millions of Americans trust her to give them the news of the day...just saying...
Interestingly, Diane Sawyer Did a story on Time Banks on ABC news tonight. And why is that interesting? Because the topic scheduled for this Friday, January 17th's Susan Harmon Hour noon to 1:00pm pst on for streaming or turn on radio If in the listening area is Alternate Economics and we will have
To Diane Sawyer ABC News, Dear Ms. Sawyer , I like and respect your journalism- but during this evening's broadcast you used the word "fogmageddon". PLEASE have you writers purchase a thesaurus! Adding "mageddon" to a word does not necessary make a new word. Thank You
Check out the Louisville TimeBank on ABC news tonight! Diane Sawyer's hometown crew shows us how it's done.
Diane Sawyer ruined a perfectly innocent and heartwarming story by concluding with: "Two and a half hours of love on a plane."
Oh god I'm going straight to *** XD Even though it SO WASN'T, Diane Sawyer saying "two hours of love on a plane" seemed dirty to me. :X
6:50 PM WSYX ABC News Diane Sawyer reported that birds flying in formation are friends with all the birds in that flock. Interesting.
Becki Sheets-Klinger, I just saw the news and Diane Sawyer said that the the dog shows will now add a new category...
Lmao at people Lebron'ing. Did Diane Sawyer just broadcast that? Wow. Messy
I'll take Brian Williams over Diane Sawyer any day
Watching world news tonight with Diane Sawyer after work with my dogs. I'm getting old.
I love it when Diane Sawyer puts her jeans on & gets her hands dirty helping or interviewing. I'll always remember it, oh, my memories, lol
Diane Sawyer in the pool with Esther Williams 2007
If your article begins with "scandal rocked the media world" it better end with Diane Sawyer rectally ingesting meth. We're all busy. Thanks
Our Feb issue has the amazing Diane Sawyer on the cover! Read it on your tablet to take a peek into her private life:
Check out Harper's Bazaar magazine April 2013 Selena Gomez Diane Sawyer on via
I hate people like Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters who think their jobs are actually difficult.. kindergarteners can interview someone
Thinking about your words "One" POWERFUL PERSON 4 almost a day now. How about Diane Sawyer? I think she's perfect. What do u think?
Whitney Houston 'Crack is Whack' Clip From 2002 Diane Sawyer Interview, here it is 😂
There's this part in the Diane Sawyer interview where Michael says "ohhh wow.. Elizabeth is on the show" he sounds so cute
thanks! Is this a good time to tell Diane Sawyer that her grandmother and dad's grandmother are sisters?
There will be a story about Time Banking on ABC World News tomorrow Jan 15th at 6:30PM. Check it out!...
When Whitney asked Diane Sawyer to show her the crack receipt, Bobbi Christina getting pregnant by her adopted brother …
I've always been curious. I keep a list of people I'd love to have lunch with ~Diane Sawyer
I just.hate the picking and choosing. They used the Diane Sawyer interview as a reference point for everything, mixed it up w/
Whitney Houston was shady af to Diane Sawyer in 2002. Yall should watch it on youtube. Learn to READ from a diva.
List of shootings on school campuses since Newtown in Dec. 2012 - via ABC World News with Diane Sawyer:
An interesting look at the "ABC World News" decision to focus on entertainment versus hard news
When Diane Sawyer tries to compare someone getting called a *** lover to getting called retarded. Whoopi why didn't you light her ***
Electronic Device Insurance
I LOVE me some Diane Sawyer! Lately I've seen her trip over her tongue on almost every newscast I've watched. Is she still cocktailing with Barbara Walters before the show or is it something more serious?
Catch the "First Family" of lumberjacks from The Official STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series tonight at 6:30pm eastern on ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer.
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer wrote: Pope Francis is selling his Harley. Yes, you read that right, he has a Harley:
At ABC. Run ins with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts. Both stopped to talk to students.
Watch Diane Sawyer on ABC tomorrow evening at 6:30..Rodrick Hahn, my son-in-law will be on it..
I'm watching ABC World News With Diane Sawyer with Shazam. Try it now!
According to Diane Sawyer, the best way to keep germs from spreading when greeting someone is to do either a fist bump or high five..not trying to be hip, cool or have swag I'm trying to be germ free!!
Watching Diane Sawyer ABC World News and the segment about ruducing ways of germ contact during this flu season. 2 of the worst ways for contacting and spreading are 2 of my favorites...Handshakes and Hugs!! Ugh! Guess I'm gonna have to get used to the fist bump after all. Or then again...guess you'll have to settle for a High Five!!
The Louisville TimeBank will be featured on Wednesday 1/15/14 at 6:30pm by ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, and we were honored at Supreme Peace Yoga to be a part of the day of filming. (Hopefully they will play the segment after 7pm when classes are over for the evening. :) )
You got to admit.. Diane Sawyer reads a teleprompter so well you can hardly even tell.
I always get confused with Diane Sawyer and Martha Stewart. It's like they're twins who were separated at birth.
So..did anyone notice tha Diane Sawyer/ABC Evening news was wearing navy blue with line green trim? GO SEAHAWKS!!!
In 1995, the small and staunchly conservative town of Mount Rose, Minnesota is preparing for its annual beauty pageant. Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst) signs up for the pageant, hoping that by winning she will be able to leave the dead-end town and become successful. She also does it to follow in the footsteps of her idols, Diane Sawyer, and her mother, a former contestant. Amber and her mother Annette Atkins (Ellen Barkin) live in a trailer near their friend Loretta (Allison Janney). Amber works as a beautician at the local funeral home, and as a dishwasher at her school. She is in stark contrast to Rebecca Leeman (Denise Richards), the daughter of the richest man in town, and to Gladys Leeman (Kirstie Alley).
Tonight I heard a story on ABC's national news with Diane Sawyer about the epidemic of heroin and opiate use that is killing the citizens of Vermont. I was shocked that the concentration seemed to only be on Vermont!!! Please tell the whole truth by saying that our entire nation is being inundated with this epidemic!!! This epidemic continues to sicken me and I am sick and tired of inaction on the part of the American Medical Association the FDA and those in power at the top branches of government who supposedly oversee the FDA. Yes, and our Congress and Senators. The problem truly lies with doctors who continue to give out pain medications like candy to people who don't need it!!! There are not enough laws and regulations regarding the dispensing of these powerful drugs. The FDA continues to give in to the pharmaceutical companies by continuing to put out more powerful strains of Oxycodone without safeguards which in turn makes it possible for people to use by snorting it and by IV drug use. Whic ...
Hoo boy, thank God Diane Sawyer could reassure us that Anne Hathoway is OK and didn't suffer any "serious injuries" when she was caught in a riptide! When *I* was caught in one off Galveston, it didn't even make the local paper! :/
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer maybe there wouldn't be a drug problem if pills weren't being pushed through ads your network runs!
Funny how Diane Sawyer is ripping C Christy a new one!!! I just wonder of Christy was a DEMOCRAT would they even be talking about it!! Funny she ended her comments with the fact that this is far from over!! HEY WITCH DIANNE!! How about that place called BENGHAZI!!! Where are the answers and where the *** are all the questions from you and every other television station on the air! Where is the care and concern for the 4 families that had their lives ruined? WHERE DIANE, WHERE!!! Not at all hard to tell that the TV stations only go after the republicans and leave the MURDEROUS DEMS ALONE!!
In the February issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, Diane Sawyer talks retirement rumors and opens up about life with husband Mike Nichols
ok guys ABC World News with Diane Sawyer yall oficcally worship satan. yea i said it what
ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer may look like a goddess on the nightly news but at home she's no glamour-puss, to husband Mike Nichols' occasional despair.. [...]
So watching Diane Sawyer on the evening news tonight. They are talking about the cold spell and was wondering who gets the award for staying coldest the longest. Green Bay won, I don't think this is an award we really wanted!
Did you think you'd ever be sitting across the desk from Diane Sawyer on A welcome guest in our home.
I also heard Diane Sawyer comment on the Pope's comment have been aware of many comments through out my life we have improved a bit...but we have a long way to go in my opinion. Thank you for continuing to blog.
Diane Sawyer talks to "LHJ' about her storied career, happy life and her fave sandwich.
Once again Diane Sawyer on world news is taking up MY time giving the WORLD NEWS and giving me NO WORLD NEWS!!! Now I know how to diet, who crashed on the ski slope, who screwed insurance company's after 911 in New York & bringing a dog into a surgery room , (good dog) but not WORLD NEWS!!! FALSE ADVERTISING !!!
According to ABC News with Diane Sawyer. Erie County - had the snowiest and coldest weather. We will hear about this for another 25 years. It had just stopped. 󾦃jimmy Griffin style
I just heard on Diane Sawyer that there is a shortage on Velveeta cheese? really! Who buys this rubber garbage? And is this real world news worthy?
Diane Sawyer on just said a popular online search today was warm weather vacations! We can get you there!
Diane Sawyer is speaking out about rumors of her possible retirement in a new interview with Ladies' Home Journal.
On the evening news, Diane Sawyer just said that today is the most depressing day of the year! I guess that means tomorrow will be brighter for everyone!
According to a report by Diane Sawyer, researchers have calculated that January 6 is the most depressing day of the year. Glad it's almost behind us. Bring on the cheer!!
Diane Sawyer just declared this the most depressing day of the year. Well, I survived it but I dont wanna press my luck so I rhink ill head to bed early. Aand, I have to leave for the hospital at 6:15 tomorrow morning .early to bed, early to rise I guess ;)
Diane Sawyer just said Chicago is colder than Siberia, and Hotlanta GA is colder than Anchorage. Those politicians who promised to end Global Warming need to be permanently impeached and put on that ship in Antarctica with only shorts, flip flops, and a tank top. Will be a good riddance.
Well thank you Diane Sawyer. Just had to point out Chicago is 9 degrees colder then most of Siberia. Thanks for that tidbit.
Just heard Diane Sawyer say it is 9 degrees colder in Chicago than it is in Siberia. Huh.
Tune into ABC World News with Diane Sawyer at 5:30pm CST to hear our very own Dr. Jeff Smith share the dangers of extremely cold weather.
Diane Sawyer spent a year reporting on life in one of America's poorest counties
Wow, so cold in the Midwest, Diane Sawyer is doing a piece on how not to get frostbite!
Top 10 celebrity excuses 2002 was the year that the celebrity mea culpa became an art form. In fact, Whitney Houston's recent interview with Diane Sawyer provided enough classic excuses to fill a top-10 list all by itself. However, we didn't want to shortchange the creativity, ingenuity, and chutzpah of the many worthy stars who spent so much of the year explaining away their misdeeds. So, in that giving spirit, offers the 10 best celebrity excuses of the year: 10) "I've killed enough of the world's trees." Stephen King, on his planned retirement from publishing. 9) "People think it's s---." Guy Ritchie, telling Oxford students why his "Swept Away", starring wife Madonna, is going straight to video in England. 8) "Tom Sizemore is a popular and nice guy. An individual became unruly when asked to leave and was escorted out of Mr. Sizemore's house. Subsequently, the individual asked me, Mr. Sizemore's attorney, for money. This is a shakedown and we are confident that it will go away." Robert Barta, at ...
Tonight - ABC's Diane Sawyer talking about ACA issues of various sorts - lawsuits, insured not knowing if they really are insured, LOW numbers of young people not being enough to pay for older folks, high premium costs etc. You guys are WAY late to the party covering on this NOW guys; this has been a problem for well over a month now.way to be "on it" :)
Diane Sawyer wondering what's behind military purge of top commanders
PROGRAMMING ALERT: ABC World News with Diane Sawyer will air on WCVB at 7pm.
Diane Sawyer - " 40,000 new laws go into effect Jan. 1, 2014".
Download Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery Photo Before And After Take a look at the shocking celebrity plastic surgery before and after surgery transformations. This picture was added in Thursday, January 2, 2014 and Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery Photo Before And After visitor has viewed and downloaded t...
Tonight, on the Diane Sawyer show, they said that Snapchat has been hacked and about 4 million people are at risk. Most of those using Snapchat are kids who believe that images disappearing on their phones go into the wide blue yonder. Not so! They are appearing on the internet along with telephone numbers etc. Talk to your kids about this and warn them of the consequences. It has not been corrected yet. Please share this message.
Marilyn Kaye Sutherland please watch Diane Sawyer tonight on the 6.30 newscast on abc, she is doing a segment of Patti Page singing Doggie in the window.?.
Tonight on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer: New Year’s storm coming; Surveillance video from Russia bombings; Controversy over red-light cameras; and more on the rescue going on near Antarctica.
Carter Camp: Diane Sawyer asked the question I often am asked when people learn how hard it is to live on the rez. "why don't you leave?" The question has many answers to us. Mainly we are still a tribal people and we want to live among our nations people. We're a people who consider our cousins as our brothers and sisters, our uncles and aunts as fathers and mothers. We have grandmothers and fathers galore and we care about all of them. We like to be there when someone dies or a baby is born. And we love our homelands. We believe the soil and every plant contains the dust of our ancestors. I think the Irish who stayed in Ireland during the great famine would understand, or a Jew who stayed in Palistine before there was an Israel. But Americans who will move away from their family for a better climate or job will have a hard time understanding the strength of the attraction to a specific land. The other reason we don't become 'economic refugees' is that reservation poverty is preferable to living... in an ...
Watched the Diane Sawyer interview with Amanda Knox again. Hard to believe the Italian justice system have gone by the book the entire time!
U really handled your business tonite...Diane Sawyer watch OUT!! We have an AWSOME anchor @ TV8 WRIC!!
Be sure to catch Tyler Armstrong on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer tonight!
It is called the cinderella murders by diane sawyer.
Diane Sawyer,Happy Holidays to you in peace...I missed Worldnews for the past two Months...
Diane Sawyer wears lots of hot and sexy skirts and pants!
Check out World News 12/27: Jobless Benefits Ending for more than 1 million of Americans tomorrow on
Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters and Brian Williams are so excited about their clean tank. What…
A&E is allowing Phil Robertson back on show despite inflammatory comments.    
Full Episode: Jobless Benefits Ending for more than 1 Million of Americans Tomorrow
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer Podcast - Another winter storm looms as the lig...
that's his Diane Sawyer interview hair tbh ;___;
I'm watching ABC World News With Diane Sawyer and earning great rewards from
I was watching "World News with Diane Sawyer" and it was neither world, news, or "with Diane Sawyer."
Oh I know he was betrayed, you might be interested in his interview with Diane Sawyer
Has Diane sawyer aged in the past decade?
Photoset: ms-malaa: Diane Sawyer: So, have you thought, how many women is enough? How many women [on...
If you're a born on December 22, you share your birthday with Jordin Sparks, Diane Sawyer, Hector Elizondo
Our very own CORY WATKINS made CNN news and will be Skyping with ABC's Diane Sawyer about the Delta airfare glitch that occurred yesterday!! Check out the CNN online report:
...and I'm Nippy circa '97 through Diane Sawyer interview to it. It's fine, though. I think...I guess...
How old is Diane sawyer? She has to be getting close to retirement right? I WANT her job!
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer just called the film version of 'Newsies' a '90's hit musical'. According to Wikipedia, 'The film grossed $2,819,485 domestically and ranks among the lowest-grossing live-action films produced by the Walt Disney Studios. Film critic and historian Leonard Maltin christened it Howard the Paperboy.' It's pretty sad when ABC News lets Disney write it's news copy.
Still unsure as to why Diane Sawyer hasn't retired yet.
Diane Sawyer gets a lot off days off. It's always like "hey you're watching world news with Diane Sawyer... with this dude instead" it should be called world news with (insert said dudes name) or just world news ... just a thought lol Yes I know it's weird I watch world news with Diane Sawyer
I usually only watch for Diane Sawyer
Watch World Tonight with Diane Sawyer at 630 to see a piece that Iain is in. Newsies Get Up and Go!
God needs the devil like The Beatles needed The Rolling Stones like Diane Sawyer needed Katie Couric. Will you be my Couric Ricky Bobby?
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer shared the following link and had this to say about it: Thousands of people are still without power today, leaving many dependent on their generators for heat and electricity in their homes. Authorities blame the storm for 27 deaths; 17 in the U.S. and 10 in Canada. Eight of those deaths are apparently died carbon monoxide poisoning. least eight people...
A good marriage is a contest of generosity. ~Diane Sawyer
Diane Sawyer, you can take a vacation any day. David Muir...Yum!
Are ya'll ready for ABC World News with Diane Sawyer?!? Who is going to be watch the Made In America segment with us? 7 minutes and counting :)
Shocking News from ABCs Diane Sawyer This should start your morning off with a bang. When will it end? OUR PRESIDENT, What the *** is he thinking? I-635 in Texas is being rebuil t with underground tolls from I-35 to I-45 and is contracted to a CHINESE firm for over $5 billion. Diane Sawyer reporting on U.S. bridge projects going to the Chinese. NOT Americans. The bridges are right here in the U.S. and yet Obama has approved for Chinese contractors to come in and do the work. What about jobs for Americans??? Watch this video. It doesn't take long to view. This one should be tough for the supporters of the current regime to swallow.AND it comes from ABC NEWS U.S.A. Bridges and Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms Shocking to say the least! This video is a jaw-dropper that will make you sick. (It was also shocking that ABC was actually reporting this story.) The lead-in with Obama promising jobs in the U.S. by improving our infrastructure is so typical of all his promises! Our tax dollars are at work - for C . ...
Amazing Success Story and a Testament to Not Giving Up - ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Pentatonix are five kids who just started singing together and whe...
Also Diane Sawyer celebrated her 68th Birthday yesterday ...
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer wrote: FULL STORY: White House extends health care sign up deadline by one day:
Republicans spent a lot of time whining that, if Obama was prepared to negotiate with the Iranians, the Syrians, and the Russians, why wouldn’t he negotiate with the GOP? Well, the obvious answer is Rouhani, Assad, and Putin don’t curl up in a fetal position at the first tut-tut from Bob Schieffer or Diane Sawyer. -- Mark Steyn
On December 22, 1945 journalist Diane Sawyer was born. Before anchoring ABC New's flagship program, "ABC World News," she was the co-anchor of ABC's morning news program, "Good Morning America." Be...
Amanda Knox Part 4 interview with Diane Sawyer (full interview.) Is she an All-American girl? Or a murderer? Guilty or innocent? You decide. Will she have to...
Strong. Elegant. Talented. The list of reasons why Diane Sawyer is amazing goes on and on! Wishing her a happy birthday. xxRR
Matty Alou, Frances Lannon, Diane Sawyer, Patrick Fitzgerald, and Rebecca Harris have birthdays today. Lady Bird Johnson, 36th First Lady of the United States, was born on this date in 1912.
Exciting news: I'm in for David Muir tonight on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Hope you will join us!
Happy Birthday, DIANE SAWYER: “There is no substitute for paying attention.” “The most fun is getting paid to learn things.” “I'm always fascinated by the way memory diffuses fact.” “I'm not sure people are ever completely comfortable telling pollsters what they do and don't think.” “The interesting thing is always to see if you can find a fact that will change your mind about something, to test and see if you can.”
Good Morning, December 2nd is National Haiku Poetry Day, National Date and Nut Bread Day, 1937 – The Lincoln Tunnel opens to traffic in New York, New York. Born on this day, Steve Carlton~1944, Diane Sawyer~1945, Barbara (June Cleaver) Billingsley 1915~2010, and a young lady I remember from my "Y" days, watched her grow in the Y child care, Meg Leach, now she has children of her own.time sure flies ! Hope you have a great day Megan ! Enjoy this day everyone ! and if you are wearing flip flops, don't get too comfortable ! LOL
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