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Diane Sawyer

Lila Diane Sawyer (born December 22, 1945) is the current anchor of ABC News' flagship program, ABC World News.

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Political coverage of Trump, who will rock the boat? Anderson Cooper $11Million, Diane Sawyer $12Million, Matt Lauer, $25Million
Diane Sawyer. But I like David Muir a lot. Tom Hanks works for me.
Perhaps, Diane Sawyer is heiress to her late husband Mike Nichols’s assets.
I added a video to a playlist Avon High School lip dub on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer
ABC's "20/20" will feature Diane Sawyer and Elizabeth Vargas reporting on the anxiety-alcohol abuse link
'20/20' Anchor Elizabeth Vargas Reveals the Details of Her Secret Life Battling Alcohol and Anxiety w/Diane Sawyer
BPI drops some defendants from ‘pink slime’ civil action: ABC news reporters Diane Sawyer and Jim Avila and A...
ICYMI: 21 years ago this week, the King of Pop & Lisa Marie Presley chatted w/Diane Sawyer:
Mel Gibson - American he remembers when you told Diane Sawyer about writing in the book of life Daniel Sunjata...
"So long Morley," says Diane Sawyer, the last survivor, as she digs up the $22 million buried in a CBS backlot.
Diane Sawyer or Oprah Winfrey, he would not have gotten off so lightly,especially when he really didn't seem sufficiently
Behind the Bars at Rikers Island on Its Culture of Violence and Proposed Reforms:
College yearbook photos from Katharine Hepburn, Cynthia Nixon, Diane Sawyer, and more
.talks to officers + inmates at Rikers... spends time in solitary confinement:
CC to Diane Sawyer on Mastro report: "First of all, these are not my lawyers.".
omg have you ever seen an interview by Diane sawyer, Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Barbara Walter's ,ann coulter wth trump
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WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner gives heartfelt speech as she accepts GLAAD award with Diane Sawyer -
Watch! The full segment with Diane Sawyer will air this Friday on Dateline...
THE TRUTH about "Sex Change" Surgery: What Bruce Jenner, Diane Sawyer,& all of You Should Know via
LOLz ---> "ABC News' Diane Sawyer Reports from Behind the Bars" press release just came across my email
I do and her tone and approach has softened. She's looking to be the next Diane Sawyer. No chance. Shes not sincere
To the sister who called up and gave he'll for comparing to Diane Sawyer: Thank you Sawyer she's not.
People tend to vote the present tense - not the subjective.
Reported earlier how ABC had two-year Rikers investigation in the works: It's airing May 20:
ABC News has announced the Riker's Island report that led CBS' "60 Minutes" to rush its report to air:
.‘Hidden America: Inside Rikers Island' reports on culture of violence + proposed reforms:
I'm not sure people are ever completely comfortable telling pollsters ...
Don't put Meg in the Broadcast Hall Of Fame just yet. She isn't exactly Barbara Walters ,Oprah or Diane Sawyer
Megyn Kelly special led to Diane Sawyer research & I think she really was DEEP THROAT not Mark Felt. Rabbi K agreed.
Megan Kelly Fox News is a SUPER-STAR. She is the new Diane Sawyer. Barbara Walters etc. So proud she's on Fox...[for now]
. It's like when Diane Sawyer interviewed that sock puppet, but somehow with much less class.
She can't be Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters it takes class.
“Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough . . - Diane Sawyer
I keep trying to perfect my mother's meatloaf recipe. I will never get...
Newsflash Megyn, you're not Diane Sawyer or Walters, you're more like a female Jerry Spring…
she is gunning for major network job. Baba Wawa or Diane Sawyer
He dated Diane Sawyer, Candice Bergen, Jill St. John, Shirley Maclaine, and Liv Ullman. If that isn't witchcraft, what is?
Not at all, I grew up on I remember Joan Lunden, Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer, even Lisa McRee! We were an household
Congrats to Joan Lunden for going into the . Eat your heart out Diane Sawyer & Suck it Katie Couric
I have told alot of ppl that Diane sawyer sells fake bags on the down low 😂
I care about what Bill O'Reilly has to say anymore like I care what Morley Safer and Diane Sawyer or Dan Rather has to say. BORING!
Also Diane sawyer is so judgey and disgusting
I'm watching an interview with Britney Spears and Diane Sawyer and it makes me sad how intrusive the questions were to her :/
My quote of the day from Diane Sawyer
Haters say Michael Jackson lied when he told Diane Sawyer there were "no markings" on his genitalia.
here is the entire interview Hillary Clinton with Diane Sawyer Interview | 6-9-14
she lied. She told Diane Sawyer they were dead broke when they left the WH. words
I can't see Diane Sawyer, Jane Pauley, Barbara Walters EVER behaving in such a disingenuous unprofessional manner?
I read a good editorial not long after the story broke about how Diane Sawyer was interviewing Diane Dimond. I will look 4 it
44. When Whitney Houston reads Diane Sawyer, letting her know that she has made too much money to smoke crack
Barb Walters Katie Couric Diane Sawyer good women journalists are ashamed of M. Fields was Cruz worth it
Trump stands by his people especially if they did nothing wrong Michele Fields is an attention *** not Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters !
Seriously, do you really think YOU could EVER replace Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer? You don't have the class or intelligence!
Watched, due respect, not my thing.She could learn thing or 2 from Diane Sawyer,re: let guest talk without constant interrupt
Can you imagine Barbara Walters, Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer claiming 'battery' for this? Just ridiculous. .
He's tacky and generally wants women he can dominate. Diane Sawyer surprises me. I've always had refined taste in chicks tho..
The only news here is that this list of women are NOT You see a Barbara Walters Diane Sawyer here? LOL https:/…
too bad millenials will never know people of this caliber . Jim Baker. Pres&mrs Reagan, even Diane Sawyer etc. PIE JESU!
Cool phrase from Diane Sawyer eulogy about Nancy Reagan: “She never hardened differences into definitions.”
I loved it when Peter Jennings and Diane Sawyer had it too
The interview that included the phrase "crack is whack" was with Diane Sawyer on Primetime, not Barbara Walters. Please correct.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So Greg took a nap so he could run a few feet, Sheree think she Diane Sawyer, Big Bob happy he outside, & I hope Matt checks clear!
20/20: Mother of Columbine shooter sits down with Diane Sawyer: The mother of one of the Columbine shooters is…
Currently watching her interview with Diane Sawyer. I didn't know black people were trashing her too? That's disgusting.
Megyn Kelly is not journalist. Barbra Walters and Diane Sawyer are joutnalists.
Megyn Kelly is a cheap *** Not a journalist. Barbra Walters and Diane Sawyer are journalists. No comparison.
Barbra Walters and Diane Sawyer are journalists, Megyn Kelly is an Enquirer reporter at best.
Megan Kelly has always been rude..Before this I changed the channel on her ..She has no should be Greta or Diane Sawyer
You may remember Linda Cliatt-Wayman from her appearance in a May 2013 Diane Sawyer special about Strawberry Mansion High School in
I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention~Diane Sawyer
Everyone is hating on Diane Sawyer for being hammered on TV but nobody ever complains about Ann Curry and all her reptilian s…
Because Meg has as good hand movements and height as Diane Sawyer had, she can beat Contessa better than Elaine. Meg's hands whip Elaine.
Diane Sawyer & Julie Andrews on location for Sound of Music 50th Ann special!
I spent my night painting my nails and watching abc kidnapping specials with diane sawyer so I'd say studying for mechanics is going well
I liked a video from Leslie Lugo on the National ABC News with Diane Sawyer 8-26-2012
Diane Sawyer? So are you paying the youngun a compliment?
-Folks, just want U2 know --> is the next Diane Sawyer..she is out local anchor, Intelligent, very professional, & rising star
People stood up for Caitlyn BEFORE she had a coming out party with Diane Sawyer. They had her back when she was just another MAN IN A DRESS!
Jennifer Lawrence - Taping an Interview with Diane Sawyer in NYC, October 2015
Diane Sawyer doc interviews with Manson are darkly humorous comparatively. 6 is Sandlers "The Day the Clown Cried"
when I was little I thought Diane Sawyer and Martha Stewart were the same person
"I hate Diane Sawyer, she sounds so condescending". -
Back in 2013, Diane Sawyer proved the same thing:
I asked myself this everyday lol and Diane Sawyer
" a closed mouth don't get fed. Closed legs don't get 🗣." - Diane Sawyer
My feet are killing me but it was good day😁 Got interviewed by Diane sawyer and im super exicted to when that ep airs! ST…
may or may not have an exclusive interview with Santa and Mrs Claus next week.take THAT Diane Sawyer!
Still Bruce 2 me.fastest transformation in history...diane Sawyer 2 Vanity Fair n a blink of a eye
Mrs. Claus gets candid on gender pay gap in the North Pole. Hear her exclusive w Diane Sawyer live on stage
I made the change from a common lawyer / To up close and personal with Diane Sawyer
Courtney looking Beautiful today!!! You ask all the tough questions. You could be the next Diane Sawyer or Barbra Walters!
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Check out this post from when you first made your announcement w/Diane Sawyer htt…
No one brings up our own poor (Diane Sawyer's Appalachians documentary), orphans, widows, elderly, vets totally ignored
that's so weird, mine is Diane Sawyer, Diane Ladd, and Diahann Carroll.
Our Masterpieces Are Yet to Come with Diane Sawyer, Taylor Schilling, Susan Minot and other...
Sally Ann Triplett provided the voiceover of Diane Sawyer in Lee Tannen’s workshop
Poetry, conversation, and stars like Diane Sawyer, Christine Lahti, Taylor Schilling…come on people, join us Thurs
Like how many of you knew Wes Unseld and Diane Sawyer went to the same high school.
When Diane Sawyer asked about racism in America. " Tiny?" . "you are on the other side"
For news, he watches ABC - daytime local news, national evening news and shows like 20/20. His favorite newsperson is Diane Sawyer. (3/3)
The Human Centipede 3 Red Band trailer not for everyone
"There is no substitute for paying attention." ~ Diane Sawyer
PC: diane.d.sawyer Someone photobomb my flower picture.
Michael Jackson talking about They don't care about usn Prime Time with Diane Sawyer Greek subtitles
PC: diane.d.sawyer Who put this here???
Diane Sawyer is sexier than Gisele and she's over me the most attractive woman at that age
- I did not have electronic mail based communications with that woman - my wife Hillary Clinton - I was on phone with Diane Sawyer
PC: diane.d.sawyer A beautiful moon as we head over cottonwood pass on our way home!!!
PC: diane.d.sawyer The boys found a cabin.
PC: diane.d.sawyer Settling in for the night.
PC: diane.d.sawyer Home sweet home for the night.
PC: diane.d.sawyer Heading back to our campsite.
PC: diane.d.sawyer Buttercup unpacking our adventure vehicle to set up camp. Our friend wi…
PC: diane.d.sawyer Another view from our adventure vehicle.
PC: diane.d.sawyer This was our view on Friday afternoon driving into the Gunnison nationa…
The dream is not the destination, but the journey !. * Diane Sawyer *
Please tell me it's a real life replica of Diane Sawyer in a thong carved into marble.
~ Diane Sawyer wasn't ruthless or arrogant,…
~ Diane Sawyer wasn't ruthless or arrogant, ppl respected her
Happy birthday to the one who's been there through it all💖 I love you more than diane sawyer is lice ferm nee yerk😏😘🙈
Dealing with a Difficult Client: When to Call It Quits via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Diane Sawyer practically slobbered over him.
I just talked to Diane Sawyer for 3 minutes on the street 😂😂😂
New article on darkpolitricks: Caitlyn Jenner’s reps ‘demanded ESPYs award in ...
Will follow up with a Diane Sawyer interview where she comes out as Albert Nobbs.
Chirlane McCray, First Lady of NY, makes an appearance at and schmoozes with Barry Diller and Diane Sawyer
He claimed to be a Republican in that interview Diane Sawyer did
When diane sawyer is on national tv asking if you and your husband really bought THAT much crack
probably taking bids from advertisers before Diane Sawyer records the special
she's waiting for Diane Sawyer to interview her! Gotta have her 15 minutes!
oh I get it, she wants her 15 minutes..."look at me, Diane Sawyer, I'm a god martyr".
Oprah is old news. Diane Sawyer is all the rage.
The next logical step in the asinine soap opera that has been the NFL career of Robert Griffin III is a Diane Sawyer interview, right?
Bout to roll up and watch the Whitney Houston/Diane Sawyer interview
if you take Sarah Palin for a running mate your ratings will go down. Take Diane Sawyer!
don't take Palin as a running mate, your ratings will go down.get Diane Sawyer!!!
So mysterious, today Diane Sawyer gets high on news and see how he's doing.
ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer will Conduct the first television interview with S
Call Diane Sawyer, another Kardashian is giving an interview on MTV
Diane Sawyer stepping down from 'World News,' to be replaced by David Muir
peggy noonan...Is Diane Sawyer without socialization/ great job, famous husband and Oprah as a close friend
she did. We sat there and wTched the Diane Sawyer interview. Those were her words then, now this.
Exit the foyer, today Diane Sawyer gets high schoolers w/ a substitute teacher during the prez's speech.
Oprah Winfrey -- one of the most powerful women on the planet -- was interviewed by Diane Sawyer who asked Oprah an importa…
Why do all roads lead to the Bruce Jenner interview on Periscope just as Diane Sawyer asked Are you a woman?
IMO it wasnt necessary. We got all our questions answered during the interview with Diane Sawyer & Vanity Fair.
Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination. — Diane Sawyer
I don't like that Diane Sawyer interview .. She *** shame Britney and wanted her to cry
I know he's retired but I love Bob Schieffer from cbs. I'd throw Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer and Lester Holt in there, too
these news moderators are certainly not of the caliber of Diane Sawyer, David Muir or Lester Holt
Today in 1989 - The ABC news magazine Primetime Live debuted, with Sam Donaldson and Diane Sawyer...
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FUN MEDIA FACT: Today in 1989 Primetime Live debuted on ABC with Sam Donaldson & Diane Sawyer; it ran until 1998 then merged with 20/20
I will not apologize because Diane Sawyer was wrong, and I am from Lafayette.
Just put in Diane Sawyer and throw on prime time for HRC testimony. This is what our politics has come to.
Where's Diane Sawyer we need an exclusive tell-all TV special ft. 1D, Zayn, Simon and Naughty Boy
I'm a BIG Diane Sawyer fan. Hated to see her go. Thought it wouldn't be the same. However, you're doing a good job. :o)
Diane Sawyer be right at people's necks in interviews
Angie was holding out. She should of gotten Diane Sawyer on em
Jenner gave an emotional speech thanking her entire family, and Diane Sawyer for sharing her story.
I remember when Diane Sawyer did a special on those areas. Me and my mom were shocked
I everyone got their fix with Diane Sawyer and the Kardashian's special.
Chelsea Handler skewers Caitlyn Jenner, former sidekick: “I definitely was very interested in the Diane Sawyer...
How about espn giving Cait the Arthur Ashe award just to get her on the Diane Sawyer show yo? Fake *** man!
I hate this show like Diane Sawyer hated interviewing Bruce Jenner. Why bring Duque back when he offended and threatened members?
Been a Rachel Nichols for a long, long time. Had no idea she was Diane Sawyer's daughter, though.
I'm sorry Angie... she thought she was Diane Sawyer with this Birdman interview...
she didn't just "come out" she did I Diane Sawyer special with a month long campaign leading into it.
→I wouldn't hold your breath (even after court) on a "Diane Sawyer"-type tell-all in front of a camera. Will never happen.
Diane Sawyer: Female Soldiers in Afghanistan Warzones. ABC's Diane Sawyer talks with the author of "Ashley's...
Excited for docu-series tonight on E! I knew this day would come since Diane Sawyer & Vanity Fair.
Ok so I already could care less about the whole bruceitlyn thing but How did I miss this.Just sad!...
.sits down with Sue Klebold, mother of Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold, in first TV interview, Feb. 2016
Finally watching the Bruce Jenner Interview and Diane Sawyer seems shocked by everything
So I see got the Diane Sawyer filter.
I'm about to watch whitney's full video with Diane Sawyer for laughs
watch her whole interview with Diane Sawyer, maybe then you'll understand her side better
Finally getting to watch the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer. Literally 2 minutes in and I'm already crying
Arthur Ashe died from AIDS. Caitlyn Jenner demanded to get an ESPY in exchange for the Diane Sawyer "interview". High point of her "career".
Is Kris Jenner lying?During Bruce Jenner’s interview, Diane Sawyer said that all three of Jenner’s ex-wives were asked to…
Caitlyn Jenner's reps demanded ESPYs award in exchange for Diane Sawyer interview via
Shouldn't Diane Sawyer be beating door down for an interview by now??
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Did Tom Rinaldi go to Diane Sawyer school of interviewing. Just awful.
Fun fact (I'm full of these things): David Letterman and Diane Sawyer both got their starts from weather forecasting 😳 who knew
A segment from Caitlyn Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer popped up and my dad said, "Is that Kelly Jenner?"
Diane Sawyer so disrespectful though . Whitney shoulda clapped her 👏
it'a not CJ it's NBC, MSNBC, Vanity Fair, Diane Sawyer and any other mindless Fs who
Currently watching Diane Sawyer's interview with Hillary Clinton and eating ice cream. It's not a bad night at all. 🍦🇺🇸
I'm absolutely filled with excitement to learn who we really are.~Diane Sawyer~
is getting all Diane Sawyer with and Traci is like...
oh alright now getting Diane Sawyer on
but Diane Sawyer was on 60 minutes for a few years.
"so you're not related to Tom or Diane Sawyer!??"
Bruce Jenner interview scores big ratings
“Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it.” - Diane Sawyer
Tune in to CHCH Sat @ 9 for a special encore presentation of Diane Sawyer's interview w/ Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner.
idk I think I'm more like Diane sawyer tbh
Diane Sawyer is just as messy as wendy Williams, don't be fooled
😭😭😭 i watch 60mins with Diane Sawyer . Spencer just left . Who needs him anyways
I think she did such an amazing job in that Diane Sawyer interview that people want to let her know she is loved
I think it was with Diane sawyer when she told them that they saved our lives it hit home
MJ never answered a question fully. Diane Sawyer said "do you wish you were black again?" This *** says "you gotta ask nature that" 💀
seriously, did Amanda's parents NOT watch the Whitney Houston/Diane Sawyer interview? *** ..have they never seen Bobby Brown?
1982 - Former U.S. President Richard M. Nixon was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on "The CBS Morning News."
In 1995, an estimated one-in-four Americans watched Diane Sawyer interview Michael Jackson and his wife, Lisa Marie Presley on A-B-C.
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