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Diane Abbott

Diane Julie Abbott (born 27 September 1953) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987, when she became the first black woman to be elected to the House of Commons.

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have you reported Diane Abbott or Naz Shah yet Damian?
Cooper 4/1 fav. Reeves 50/1 with (same price as Ed Balls and Diane Abbott)
I fought racism and misogyny to become an MP. The fight is getting harder by Diane Abbott
I dissaprove of those who choose private education for their children like those disgusting Tories, Diane Abbott and Emily…
That's rich with the likes of Red Ken and Diane Abbott in your party, oh, and , Naz Shah!!!
St George's day festival in trafalgar Sq this weekend. . Diane Abbott probably thinks they're racists. ...
Without Jeremy Corbyn, Labour would be languishing, says Diane Abbott.
😂😂 Diane Abbott 😂😂 the same Diane Abbott who thinks serial killer Chairman Mao "did a lot of good" 😂😂…
Diane Abbott: Corbyn is Labour’s best hope of reaching Downing Street via
Diane Abbott on Corbyn & "Without him... we could easily be languishing in single digits in polls." Wow.
Diane Abbott says that if someone else replaced Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party, they would be under 10% in th…
Most of Labour's remaining support is down to Jeremy Corbyn, says Diane Abbott
Boris Johnson's speech intonation sounded a bit like that of Diane Abbott.
From 2016 ... Diane Abbott, the new Shadow Home Secretary, took a donation from a charity group alleged to have...
The Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott was on LBC this morning encouraging hatred of Brexiteers blaming them for hate crim…
Labour reshuffle: Diane Abbott made Shadow Home Secretary
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The hate Diane Abbott gets goes beyond criticising her as a politician. I wonder if its about her being the first black…
Diane Abbott is Shadow Home Secretary, just think, one GE away from being in charge of National Security & MI5 😂😂😂
British folks will voice really vicious hate about Diane Abbott because she's a black woman but swear blind it's because of…
Trump, yt male billionaire who became POTUS with no experience vs Diane Abbott, black woman who's faced misogynoir in…
Diane Abbott, a master in the art of deflection. May God judge her or the the…
Were was your condemnation of the disgraceful racist abuse of Diane Abbott did I miss that?
Where's big bad Diane Abbott hiding. Every court has a jester let's hear some gems on Ken Livingstone but no antisemitism please.
How disappointing for the BBC, John Snow, The Independent, Diane Abbott, and all the other purveyors of Division . https…
Labour's Diane Abbott and Left Unity's Ken Loach, is this the progressive alliance Clive Lewis keeps talking about?
Diane Abbott: Labour will win an election whenever Theresa May calls one
'Truth hurts' as the saying goes which explains why Gary Lineker and Diane Abbott have both blocked me! 👌👊
Didn't think he had any followers except Diane Abbott, he's blocked them all. Even me
New post: "Public want paedophiles dealt with properly - Diane Abbott"
Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Gordon Brown, Andy Burnham, Ed Milliband? Come on Bruce, you're not trying
Diane Abbott fears 'turbocharged radicalisation' of white men after racist attacks online.
BLACK DOG: Diane Abbott's kiss of death for Davis. .
BLACK DOG: Diane Abbott's kiss of death for David Davis. Please get this awful racist women out of my face.
we don't stop for Diane Abbott , I couldn't pay my mortgage if I didn't stop for black people
Don't expect to see Diane Abbott on the campaign trail in Stoke-on-Trent Central
‘Thanks for your vote': THIS is what brexit secretary David Davis said to Diane Abbott after Article 50 was approved htt…
So David Davis has apologised to Diane Abbott for offence caused by his joke, will she now apologise for her profanity? No,…
David Davis criticised for 'sexist' Diane Abbott text.
After being accused of trying to kiss Diane Abbott, David Davis criticised for saying he'd have to be blind. It was all ton…
Anyone bothered asking Diane Abbott if she gives a s**t about David Davis not fancying her. Playground stuff at best. Grow up.
I see lots of people calling out the misogyny in David Davis's comment about Diane Abbott but DON'T ignore the racism.…
Is the media using David Davis comment about Diane Abbott, to attack Diane Abbott/Labour Party?
After discussing David Davis & his vile behaviour towards Diane Abbott, Andrew Marr describes it as 'trouble with the la…
David Davis criticised for 'sexist' Diane Abbott text
David Davis's sexist texts about Diane Abbott after clash - Daily Mail via
David Davis should offer an unreserved apology. What the *** gives him the right to think blind people would want to hug Diane Abbott.
David Davis apologises for 'not blind' jibe about Diane Abbott.
If David Davis had said he wouldn't *employ* Diane Abbott because he's "not blind", *that* would be sexist. Not wanting to ki…
'Misogynist' David Davis now accused of sexist TEXTS after trying to embrace Diane Abbott via
Chuka Umunna calls for Brexit Secretary to apologise for a disparaging remark about Diane Abbott's appearance
David Davis criticised for 'sexist' Diane Abbott text via
David Davis under fire for sexist comment about Diane Abbott, but people forget he's got a proud track record of promotin…
Labour MPs furious that NHS amendment to Brexit Bill was rejected, as Diane Abbott can't even afford a headache tablet.
Diane Abbott tells David Davis to 'f**k off' as he tries to kiss her via Kiss Abbott? Another tall tale
David Davis sexually harasses Diane Abbott & people find it funny/think she overreacted because they're racist & sexist
Weak, weak, weak . Diane Abbott votes for Article 50 after missing previous vote due to 'migraine'
In shock news, Diane Abbott votes for whatever's best for Diane Abbott
This is not me (obvs), but it shows exactly how I feel each time Diane Abbott speaks
How does Daily *** Fail twist Diane Abbott being assaulted by Tory pig David Davis into her launching a 'four-letter tirade.'
Brexit debate: Jeremy Corbyn warns Diane Abbott and Clive Lewis they will have to ba
THIS IS AN EMERGENCY- has anyone found Diane Abbott yet? the final Brexit vote is tonight.I bet she will be a cowar…
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If I were the Stoke Newington Lib Dems, I'd be getting a bit optimistic about now...
Diane Abbott telling us Brexit is going to be disastrous. A Bill she just voted for.
Diane Abbott represent an 80% remain constituency - 3rd in UK - and voted to leave because of Corbyn. What’s the point of…
Diane Abbott apparently feels her loyalty to Corbyn is more important than representing constituents or sticking to her b…
Diane Abbott on backing Brexit bill - BBC News
This isn't a reply to a question about whether Diane Abbott sports a Brazilian, is it? 😣
"I am a loyal member of the Shadow Cabinet and I am loyal to Jeremy Corbyn" - Diane Abbott showing her class. Wish we h…
David Davis continuing to prove the sense of ownership rich white men feel over black women's bodies, with his assault on Dian…
No 'Brexit flu' for Diane Abbott this time - and her comments may turn out to be prophetic via
Told Diane Abbott sat on the frontbench for some time, before Keith Vaz took her by the arm to go and vote. You couldn't…
Diane Abbott is sexually harassed by David Davis and this woman questions why he'd want to!! Disgusting!
David Davis sexual harassment of Diane Abbott. What part of this is funny? Patronising assertion of Power. Sexist. Racist.…
Labour's Diane Abbott votes FOR Brexit but claims it will be a 'DISASTER' doesn't believe in GB why she…
Another vignette from Strangers' Bar in Commons: Diane Abbott was accompanied by Shami Chakrabarti. Who at Liberty was onc…
David Davis sexually harassed Diane Abbott. She's demeaned by politicians & the media for the crime of being a vocal bl…
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David Davis sexually harasses Diane Abbott . * fixed that for you
The end for Diane Abbott? Corbyn loses patience and 'says back Brexit OR YOU'RE DONE' Labours Racist woman sack her
Jeremy Corbyn may be forced to sack Diane Abbott over Brexit vote via
Diane Abbott went and told Jeremy Corbybn's wife to get out of town when she was having an affair with him
Diane Abbott should resign she is a disgrace,even MP's with cancer turned up to vote for Brexit
I don't know if Diane Abbott 'pulled a sickie'. But if she did, it's very likely Tom Watson, Theresa May, Harriet Harman have tapes.
So Ronnie Campbell made it to Article 50 vote having had a cancer op, Chloe Smith with her baby... but a headache kept Diane Abbott away.
Diane Abbott on last/n shot down by comedian Geoff Norcott 4 bringing up 'Leavers Racist', & now backing Bre…
Dimbleby last week said, so far only Diane Abbott has been booked for tonight's show. . That explains Geoff Norcotts presence then.
Clive Lewis, Cat Smith, Diane Abbott & Dawn Butler all confirming now they will vote with three-line whip on Article 50 b…
So that's what Diane Abbott found interesting about him.
Just watched Diane Abbott on Sunday politics, she is the gift that keeps on giving, a total car crash everytime
Diane Abbott is a great Brexit asset. She is absolutely clueless. Makes John Prescott look like a genius.
Diane Abbott on . John McConell on and Jeremy Corbyn on . Same result
JOHN WILLIAMS - IMPERIAL MARCH - STAR WARS / LIVE when Diane Abbott was on I kept hearing this.
What sort of fool would employ Diane Abbott the women seems *** bent on filling John Prescott's clown shoes bin her
Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell all represent safe seats.
Oh yeah, I like Caroline Lucas and John McDonnell. Also love Diane Abbott. She should be PM of the UK.
They're all out. Piers Morgan, John McDonnell, Michael Gove, Paul Nuttall & Diane Abbott to come. Nick Clegg seems positively wonderful!
John McDonnell is not the right spokesperson for If he can't do it, let Diane Abbott do it. Get new MPs.
John McDonnell, Keir Starmer and Diane Abbott all on the airwaves this morning... let's see if they refrain from contradicting one another
in the 70s they had Brian Walden, David Owen, Dennis Healey Diane Abbott, Jess Phillips etc. Absolute joke
Re the Diane Abbott story - can we be clear that "a Labour source" generally means - John Mann, Mike Gapes, Wes Streeting et a…
Part 1 of my fightback - celebs to tell MSM they are being mean to me Celebs like Diane Abbott, Billy Bragg and half of UB40
Whoopi Goldberg to Quit the View. Jeremy & Diane Abbott pictured nude joined by Whoopie with Cobyrn in the centre.I…
Thats your evidence? Who "wrote " it? Youll have to do better than that. Why not attack Diane Abbott if you're…
When Diane Abbott is your Home Affairs spokesperson you know something has gone terribly wrong in your party. .
So is Diane Abbott the spokesperson or is the spokesperson the spokesperson? Maybe Corbyn should do his own speaking?
Diane really doesn't like voters any more than I do.
Darth Vader still prefers Dark Side - Won't Say If She'll Swear Allegiance to Queen via
Also, can we *please* have Diane Abbott as leader of the Labour Party now? She is all the reasons I voted Corbyn, but seems more competent.
Typical Diane Abbott. The point; if you break an oath you can be prosecuted or dismissed from office, accountability
British values oath would not combat radicalisation - Says Labour's DIANE ABBOTT.
Labour has never had an open-door immigration policy | Diane Abbott NO, IT WAS A NO DOOR POLICY
TBH i'm not even pulling up Diane Abbott, more this general sentiment that "striking will ruin christmas"
We currently have right to withdraw our labour but if Tories have their way that human right will be extinguished.
The day Diane Abbott finally leaves Parliament will be a very happy day
Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott won't say if she'll swear allegiance to The Queen
Diane Abbott refuses to say if she will swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen when she joins Privy Council
Not particularly - i regard Tommy Robinson and Diane Abbott as 2 sides of the same coin
Diane Abbott says Jeremy Corbyn's spokesperson does not speak for Jeremy Corbyn. .
The Chase: MP Diane Abbott won £1,000 for charity on a TV show — while. being paid FIVE times as much to appear.
Diane Abbott refuses to condemn unions for 'disastrous' rail strikes -
A legal right: Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott defends series of strikes planned in run-up to Christmas
Off with her silly fat head Abbott . via
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Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry to be "faithful servants" and join Privy Council .
Submitted for your approval. One, Shani Hilton. A Diane Abbott-type ideological merc.
Diane Abbott says Labour "will close polling gap in 12 months" - test set.
"Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman doesn't speak for Jeremy Corbyn", cheers Diane Abbott for that reminder of Labour's incompetent leadership
I do believe that Labours Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has handed the keys to number 10 to UKIP as its...
Many people don't realise that Jeremy's only claim to fame is not Diane Abbott but that he was born into wealth with no worries
Diane Abbott thinks that every country selling into the single market must accept freedom of movement. The Shadow Home Secr…
Diane Abbott: Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman doesn't speak for him
Diane Abbott says Corbyn spokesperson doesn't speak for Corbyn. Total shambles (as usual).
Jeremy Corbyn stands up to the PLP. Says the right things. Diane Abbott does too. Most Labour MPs keep causing trouble.
I found Jeremy Corbyn's spine, it's hung around Diane Abbott's neck
Diane Abbott tells lies - again!! At odds with Corbyn spokesman over immigration:
Diane Abbott disagrees with Corbyn spokesman on numbers policy
Diane Abbott disagrees with Corbyn spokesman on immigration numbers policy
Diane Abbott up on . Somewhere in the UK Natalie Bennett is shivering in a corner with a cold sweat
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.Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Tim Farron etc worship the Multicult & will do sweet FA about it! And numbers GREW under ***
Must have been trained by Lady Nugee and Diane Abbott.
Cathy Newman letting herself down a barrel load with her anti-immigration baiting of Diane Abbott. Fox news would blush
'You ARE though!' Diane Abbott in car-crash interview after linking Ukip to far-right
They same way as I do when Lee Jasper and Diane Abbott say that.I laugh.
Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott have been too close to Vaz for comfort for far too long.
Yes Britain will have a black PM but it sure as *** won't be dirty little race baiters like Diane Abbott or Lee Ja…
Only tragic omission from speaker list is shadow health secretary of our hearts Diane Abbott
All luvvy duvvy: Why is Diane Abbott so immune to any criticism of Keith Vaz. Islington skeletons?
Diane Abbott defends Lily Allen and attacks 'the media' for backlash over singer's Calais apology
Michael Dugher has got nothing original to say, just platitudes, political grandstanding. Reminds me of Diane Abbott!!!
If Corbyn Labour won a general election and Diane Abbott was appointed Home Secretary of the Uk would you feel
Diane Abbott. The first black woman to have a seat in the House of Commons. Elected MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington…
nice. I'm blocked by Diane Abbott, Richard Dawkins and Alistair Stewart (!), but weirdly not Galloway
Surely a 'labour Shadow Cabinet reshuffle' just involves moving Diane Abbott from one unsuitable job to another even less suit…
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When Labour appoint Diane Abbott to shadow one of the great offices of state we know they are finished as any kind of force…
do you mean people abusing Diane Abbott or Diane Abbott's racism?
Lots of ways to disagree w politicians without resort to some of vile violent/racist abuse aimed at Diane Abbott (hv re…
Diane Abbott took donation from Muslim charity barred from receiving Government cash over alleged extremism links https:…
Andy Newman on why Diane Abbott as Shad Home Sec is a brilliant appointment
Diane Abbott took donation from muslim extremist group banned from getting government funds
Are you saying Diane Abbott, Clive Lewis, Dawn Butler, KateOsamor & Shami Chakrabarti are not British? Seriously? https:…
Diane Abbot received donation from Muslim charity with alleged extremism links
Blimey! Telegraph have discovered that Diane Abbott has received money from a Muslim Charity that has connections to ext…
Diane Abbott has been promoted to Shadow Home Secretary. Who says Corbyn has no sense of humour? 😂
Diane Abbott: Is this woman fit to be Shadow Home Secretary?. Call 020 38 29 1234.
and my question for Jess, Yvette, Stella etc is - where is your solidarity for Diane Abbott? Shocking the things people are ca…
Diane Abbott you are an absolute heroine to put up with this crap,you will win in the end sure of it,believe it and grow stronger!
If Diane Abbott as shadow home sec is confirmed May could waterboard a puppy live on Sky News and still win in 2020
Diane Abbott Shadow Home Secretary. God help us.
Labour MP: "This is not a reshuffle for peace, this isn't even a reshuffle for an armistice - this is provocation." http…
Yesterday I laughed at the idea of Diane Abbott as Shadow Home Sec. Today I re-read some of her views on home affairs, I…
It would seem Mr Akehurst has made a comment about Diane Abbott that is questionable. I wonder if Compliance…
Compare self-publicising 5-minute wonder Jess Phillips with Diane Abbott who has worked tirelessly for minorities 30-od…
. The Tories were on the Ropes, accused of Racism at . Then you a…
I give you the new Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott (Act 4)...😂
Even the left wing press are appalled.
Jeremy Corbyn's reshuffle has certainly 'wiped the slate clean' - by wiping out anyone who ever stood up to him
Come after Diane Abbott yeah? . You'll need to come through me first. . Stop the sexism. Stop the racism. It's unacceptable an…
The reaction to Diane Abbott’s appointment as Shadow Home Secretary has been appalling
Labour MP: "Diane Abbott is now in charge of our response to security, terror and immigration. Do they want anyone to vo…
Promotion of Diane Abbott and the unfair sacking of Rosie Winterton swung it for me. Will not rejoin until…
There's plenty of useless, bungling and/or mediocre white male politicians who don't get the bile Diane Abbott does. Why i…
Diane Abbott appointed Shadow Home more to be said...
Intrigued by the promotion to the Sahdow Cabinet of Dawn Butler, from what I have heard she may be a Diane Abbott mark 2. Guess we shall see
Diane Abbott is Shadow Home Secretary. I wouldn't let her have my Tesco Card number.
Just headed over to see what old SwearySwan was upta. Praising Andy Parsons and insulting Diane Abbott it seems, unsurprisingly
The Investigatory Powers Bill is the stop-and-search of the digital age - Diane Abbott
so Diane Abbott is racist but trump, Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins isn't ??? At least be consistent with your BS😂
Diane Abbott the new Shadow Foreign Secretary. . Give me strength 🙈
Jeremy Corbyn gives Diane Abbott and Shami Chakrabarti key jobs as he tightens his grip with revenge reshuffle https:/…
Level of online bile specially reserved for Shami Chakrabarti & Diane Abbott is remarkable. Those often quick to condemn ar…
Baroness Shami Chakrabarti is shadow attorney general and Diane Abbott Shadow Home Secretary in UK Labour reshuffle https:…
Diane Abbott as Shadow Home Secretary and Shami Chakrabarti as Shadow Attorney General - both great appointments
Labour now has 5 BAME MPs in Shad Cabinet which it says is largest ever: Diane Abbott,Dawn Butler, Shami Chakrabarti,Cli…
Can't be long before Diane Abbott calls everyone racist for calling her shadow..
Corbyn appoints openly racist Diane Abbott to Shadow Home Secretary -labour are a joke
How on Earth can the RW critise Diane Abbott appointment to Shadow Home Secretary
Why anybody would think racist Diane Abbott is fit to hold any elected office, let alone (shadow) Home Sec. is beyond me…
Diane Abbott replacing Andy Burnham. That's all you need to know. Unelectable.
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I'm happy Andy Burnham is coming to Manchester, but then I'm not happy that Diane Abbott is replacing him. Swings and roundabouts.
Diane Abbott for home office what next Basil Brush for foreign secretary
I see your glass is half empty again. Andy Burnham out and Diane Abbott in. Andy being a man replaced by a woman in a top job.
.Diane Abbott's appointment means Labour's top 4 jobs are held by London MPs
[DAILY EXPRESS]: Jeremy Corbyn names all-London top team as he promotes Diane Abbott in Labour reshuffle: JER... https:…
It is indeed ridiculous that Diane Abbott is Shadow Home Secretary. But no more than Jeremy Corbyn being Leader of the…
Labour reshuffle: Diane Abbott becomes Shadow Home Secretary in Jeremy Corbyn's cabinet:
It's not the fact that Jeremy Corbyn shagged Diane Abbott that I find weird, it's the fact that he told other people abou…
Diane Abbott's appointment means Labour's top four jobs are all held by London MPs
Diane Abbott set to be Shadow Home Secretary - grossly over promoted all because she's Jeremy Corbyn's girlfriend.
Diane Abbott replacing Andy Burnham could signal big change in Labour's position on - she's likely to want to push back against gov
I'd almost rather have Andy Burnham than Diane Abbott
Diane Abbott moves to Shadow Home Secretary, while Basil Brush takes up the Foreign brief
I have a moderate relationship with Labour. I like Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and Andy Burnham. Dislike the rest.
Diane Abbott replaces Andy Burnham as Shadow Home Secretary
I think my labour membership might be expiring, Diane Abbott - oh my lord!!!
Jeremy Corbyn has moved Diane Abbott from Shadow Health Secretary to replace Andy Burnham as Shadow Home Secretary
Diane Abbott tells me she can't comment on speculation that she is being promoted in reshuffle (Andy Burnham stand…
I'm hearing there's a "strong chance" Diane Abbott is going to get Shadow Home Secretary in Jeremy Corbyn's reshuffle.
.this is a personal plea. Please don't appoint Diane Abbott as Home Secretary.
Contrary take: Diane Abbott for Shadow Home Secretary is, in context, not laughable. Within the pool of Corbynites, she's the most talented.
Diane Abbott for Shadow Home Secretary? 😂😂😂😂 Is that a joke? I just laughed out loud there.
CORRECTION: The rumour is that Diane Abbott will be Shadow Home Secretary. So that's alright then.
Diane Abbott rumoured to be the new Shadow Home Secretary.
Whether you like Diane Abbott or not, nobody comes out of this looking good. Like giggling playground bullies
Like Polly Toynbee, Owen Jones and Diane Abbott, who practically live there.
If you search Leslie Jones & Diane Abbott, you'll find the same disgusting misogynoir. Ask Jess Phillips & co about white libe…
We see similar issues at play in Britain with Diane Abbott & Jess Phillips. Abbott's abuse is normalised. Phillips' is a…
'Who does she think she is?' Furious Brexiteers let rip as Diane Abbott calls them racist
And if that don't work we get slagged of for racism by the likes of Diane Abbott, Doreen Lawrence & Owen Jones.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Diane Abbott just lost more Brexit voters with RACIST outrageous tirade only whites who can be racist?
Diane Abbott once again disgracefully attacks working class people concerned about open door migration.
Fury as Diane Abbott blasts Brexit voters as racist in outrageous tirade.
Fury as Diane Abbott blasts Brexit voters as RACIST in outrageous tirade
Diane Abbott and the Labour Party versus Jacob Rees-Mogg and the white working-classes.
Diane Abbott calls Brexit voters racist- this is exactly why Labour is unelectable & millions defected to UKIP https:/…
So Owen Jones has blocked me ! I'm devasted that's him and Diane Abbott , wow such sensitive souls aren't they.
When people talk about online abuse, they should take a look at the awful way Diane Abbott is treated
Diane Abbott calling people racist is like Rolf Harris telling Gary Glitter he's a nonce.
i hope so ... a Jew in Corbyn's Labour Party would be no more welcome than Diane Abbott i…
No chance if they don't get rid of the likes of 'Cat' Smith, Diane Abbott, Lisa Nandy & all the other politically c…
Labour MP Diane Abbott mocked Owen Smith over links to Pfizer lobbying company after sitting on its Panel herself
Diane Abbott is apparently outraged by lack of government action on obesity. Next up - William Hague's war against baldn…
Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott have seen each other naked.
"Jeremy Corbyn & Diane Abbott have displayed exactly the type of decisive leadership the NHS is calling for". Pls RT. htt…
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Cat Smith, Angela Rayner, Diane Abbott, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Sarah Champion are all ama…
When you've just gone full wibble...😂. (I'm also bemused on behalf of Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry)
Emily Thornberry. Sneered at a guy with a flag. Diane Abbott, raged against "white people playing divide and rule".
Ok, but the MP who swore at Cat Smith, and Dugher and Streeting who slurred about Diane Abbott on the radio aren't in JC's name
Owen Smith on BBc forgot to mention abuse of Diane Abbott and attack in Brighton pub by anti JC supporters..just a lapse ?
Diane Abbott attacks Owen Smith's 'lobbyist' past - BBC News - that’s amazing, what about & his lobbying?
Diane Abbott criticises Smith for working for a private firm. Does presenting on PressTV, calling terrorists "friends" remi…
BBC News - Diane Abbott attacks Owen Smith's 'lobbyist' past on her!
Diane Abbott sticks the knife into Owen Smith as she compares him to David Cameron
No - but Diane Abbott today attempted to compare Smith to Cameron.
Owen Smith worked for company that makes drug to treat breast cancer & vaccines for children. Diane Abbott attacks him for i…
Jeremy Corbyn’s East German ‘love affair’ with Diane Abbott to become a MUSICAL
It's getting serious 😂😂. I wanna see Ken Livingstone do the worm and Diane Abbott breakdance.
on the Turkish coup: Chris Bryant: 'This is due to Brexit', Jess Phillips 'This is due to patriarchy', Diane Abbott 'This is racist'
only Labour members can join Progress. It is just a think tank and even had Diane Abbott at its Conference
. As opposed to 'tranny Richard Prior gone to seed' Diane Abbott?
along with Diane Abbott you were a major recruiting sergeant for leave.
I wouldn't give Diane Abbott a job as a travel agent, never mind as Shadow Foreign Secretary
Try as I might, I just can't see Diane Abbott as Eva Braun. Good janitor though.
Barbara Keeley & Andrew Gwynne resign from shadow health team now headed by Diane Abbott.
Looks like Diane Abbott and Owen Jones will have to multi-task a few portfolios between them
Jeremy Corbyn has promoted Emily Thornberry to shadow foreign secretary and Diane Abbott to shadow health secretary.
MP Diane Abbott (left) says 'blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls are unsuitable as nurses in the http…
Diane Abbott is wrong wrong wrong and DOESN'T LISTEN. She is so out of touch, and keeps saying BREXIT people think.…
Labour's Diane Abbott on resignations - "they have been planning this for months"
For somebody who accepts the outcome of the Diane Abbott is awfully angry.
Diane Abbott is obsessed with UKIP, your boring me now.
Diane Abbott: "If Margaret Hodge knew the secret of getting working class vote on Europe, she certainly didn't use it in he…
I'm asking for one hour of your time while lying in bed. It included Diane Abbott. And Margaret Mountford saying agendum
Just sticking this back out there in case Corbyn holds on and Diane Abbott becomes Shadow Foreign Secretary
I think Diane Abbott and Doreen Lawrence have an agency.
Faisal Islam joins Diane Abbott and Sadiq Khan in proving "positive discrimination" just does not work. Let's have an end of PC. now.
Need more women speaking out w/truths:- Diane Abbott, Hannah Bardell and Jo Swinson BBC News - Cyber abuse
. Celebrate David and Elton by discussing super injunction and being nosey. . I've had 3some with Ann Widdecombe &Diane Abbott.
David Icke. Still more rational than Diane Abbott. We should hear more from him.
Diane Abbott: "Putting Cameron in charge of Anti Corruption Summit is like putting a fox in charge of a chicken coop." 'Fantastically' put.
Diane Abbott could read the shipping forecast and make you feel so patronised you want to punch the whole world in the face.
I was a postman one Christmas and I developed a morbid fear of dogs.-Diane Abbott
Congratulations on saying "Jeremy Corbyn" rather than Diane Abbott's clawing "Jeremy", as if he is a toddler.
It must be a happy experience being Diane Abbott.
Diane Abbott is one of only two Labour MPs who I think is doing a good job, the other being Jeremy Corbyn. Listen to her on now.
Diane Abbott trying to claim the London mayoral election for Jeremy. Give it a rest Diane, he's moved on, so should you.
Victory for Sadiq Khan would vindicate Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott says, and would be one bright spot in testing...
have you seen this? (Diane Abbott in 'living in parallel universe' exclusive)
Diane Abbott: Labour elections results under Jeremy were “the beginning of something,it’s not the end of everything”. htt…
Election results show Jeremy Corbyn on track to win general election, says Diane Abbott
Boris Johnson is racist because Diane Abbott said so. She's just playing divide and rule like the white man.
This is what I imagine meetings of the PLP to be like. Except with Diane Abbott sat writing out christmas cards.
"I take anti-Semitism extremely seriously, so does the party" - Labour MP Diane Abbott
Great seeing Diane Abbott defend her ex lover on Marr show, as every time she opens her mouth Labour looses support.
Diane Abbott on the Andrew Marr Show: After a thoughtful contribution by Owen Jones and an excellent intervie...
Labour shadow international development secretary Diane Abbott has defended Corbyn's handling of claims of anti-Semitism within the party.
Diane Abbott really didn't like not being billed as Shadow Secretary of State for International Development. Not a great look.
Diane Abbott tying herself in knots on
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