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Diana Rigg

Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg, DBE (born 20 July 1938) is an English actress.

Dame Diana Rigg Emma Peel Patrick MacNee Secret Service George Lazenby Olenna Tyrell Mrs Peel Honor Blackman Helen Mirren Bond Girl Jonathan Pryce Patrick McNee Natalie Dormer Maggie Smith Judi Dench Joanna Lumley Lady Olenna Tyrell

Diana Rigg actually LOOKED like Natalie Dormer when she was younger
Honourable mention for Diana Rigg in Detectorists although she’s more cantankerous than comic in that.
Diana Rigg dancing in, and being asked about, a stunning John Bates for Jean Varon dress at the ATV awards, c.1966. ht…
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - The only time James Bond got married, Diana Rigg and George Lazenby
totally loving the outfit tonight. Reminds me of the legend Diana Rigg from . The Avengers. You rock Be…
I find it ironic that my fav Bond book, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, is the absolute worst movie of the franch…
obviously not all famous detectives have been portrayed on _Mystery!_ hosted by Vincent Price and/or D…
George Lazenby and Diana Rigg at the Casino in 'On Her Majesty’s Secret Service' (1969).
I have a sneaking suspicion that she would have been fantastic. But Diana Rigg made the role her ow…
The Avengers TV Show was pretty Risque for its time.. heck for today .. Diana Rigg is one of my favorite ladies of…
as if my grandad went to RADA with Diana Rigg
There is only one. My all time favourite Dame Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. She will always be Needed.
I have new bedside lamps. . My room now has the ambience of a 1980s sitcom starring Diana Rigg and Patrick McNee
New art print listing on our store. The Avengers | Diana Rigg as Emma Peel . Available in sizes A5 - A0. Printed…
The best big-screen film of an Hercule Poirot novel remains the 1982 Peter Ustinov EVIL UNDER THE SUN for its James…
We are blessed in the knowledge that there exists a movie in which Diana Rigg plays an evil Shakespeare quoting 70s…
Theatre of Blood. This movie has Vincent Price and someone I suspect is Diana Rigg in drag masquerading as *** hair…
My father Philip was an actor and appeared in everything from 'The Onedin Line' to 'Hedda Gabler' with Dame Diana Rigg. - Samantha Bond
I liked a video Dame Diana Rigg on The Avengers | BFI
Diana Rigg was in the Avengers she was Steeds sidekick
Diana Rigg at the Cambridge Union notes her disgust that Weinstein did what he did for so long but also "everyone knew," re: H…
wow Diana Rigg and Helen Mirren in the same fil why am I just learning that now?🙂
For some reason, they remind me of Diana Rigg.
Our wonderful Diana Rigg (the Duchess of Buccleuch) tells us about her favourite part of the set
Jeremy Brett (?),Diana Rigg, Ian Carmichael, Eamonn Andrews, Kenneth Moore(?), Nigel Stock. Can't make the others out.
Missed Honor Blackman but we got Diana Rigg so we felt no pain
File under things that remind you you're old: Diana Rigg will play Henry Higgins' aged mother in Lincoln Center's My Fair Lady next spring.
Liz Fraser joins Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg for an episode of The Avengers
A production still of Diana Rigg and Telly Savalas during filming for On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
Just in! to star Lauren Ambrose, Harry Hadden-Paton, & Diana Rigg: https…
Which is excellent. Two very different ideas between Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg, though.
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there was a lotta funny stuff, actually... & like... Jack Warden & Charles Grodin & Diana Rigg & John Cleese... he was the best...
Tracy as played by Diana Rigg in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Truly one of the best Bond films.
Watching Paddy Chayefsky's THE HOSPITAL and somehow Diana Rigg is even sexier with an American accent than she is w…
Diana Rigg. I watched a lot BBC and PBS programs in 90's. Love her, classy lady.
I kinda want to see a romantic comedy about Diana Rigg and Jonathan Pryce falling in love after retiring somewhere tropical that they hate
GoTers who only know Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell, meet Emma Peel.
Diana Rigg and Robert Culp who star in the television drama Married Alive written by John Mortimer. December 1969 http…
One of my favorite shows as a teenager! I idolized Diana Rigg...still do even tho she's old & gray.
Gain of throne for acting legend Diana Rigg who now joins cast of hit Victoria.
It would be great to have. Have really vivid memories of…
Fun fact, Diana Rigg was fabulous in Game of Thrones!! What a ball buster!!
Incredible story and this woman looks like Diana Rigg in her "Avengers" days, huge props to the LAPD.
Take a look at a sneak peek for Diana Rigg's role on season 2
Here's Dame Diana Rigg being an iconic traveller
Diana Rigg as savage as the bread book
Diana Rigg but as Queen of Thorns Olenna Tyrell. The base listing her best burns.
The best TV this week: Victoria is back, with added Diana Rigg
Diana Rigg had prosecco every day on ITV's Victoria via
1-Sean Connery/Daniela Bianchi were eclectic in FRWY. 2-Lazenby/Diana Rigg in OHMSS (Also the best Bond Movi…
In The Times today: my interview with Diana Rigg, who had a macaw once that swore something rotten. 1/3
Diana Rigg on Victoria: ‘My manner is don’t brook any argument . . . good for playing a duchess’ | Saturday Review |
.meets Diana Rigg, a welcome addition to the cast of which returns tomorrow on -
50 years ago tonight.Freddie Jones and Patricia Haines in "Who's Who?" on 'The Avengers' starring Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg on ABC.
Diana Rigg on 'My manner is don't brook any argument . . . good for playing a duchess'
Dame Diana Rigg's bottle of wine after filming -
Diana Rigg has the distinction of playing Tracy in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the only woman that James...
Diana Rigg better be getting the Emmy this year. 👑
Diana Rigg has a daily bottle of prosecco as part of her Victoria contract
Dame Diana Rigg: 'My corset days are in the past!'
Victoria Series 2: See Diana Rigg as the Duchess of Buccleuch in new clip
Diana Rigg. Playing the mother of Rachael Stirling (who loves me, btw)
Diana Rigg as Emma Peal on The Avengers but I knew I was out my league so I fell in love with Barbara Ede…
That final monolog for Diana Rigg's Olenna Tyrell was breathtaking in its writing, direction, performance, and editing…
Happy Name Day to Lady Olenna, the fearsome Queen of Thorns *on* screen but the entirely lovely Dame Diana Rigg *off*. 🎂🎁…
My fav Bond film ever! George was very underrated I thought he was the best!!! And he had Diana Rigg…
I've always loved Lena Headey and Diana Rigg in this show, and episodes like this is why. 7/7
When I grow up my new life goal is to be an English dame like Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren & Diana Rigg bc their badass bawses.
Mrs. Peel... we're needed. If I remember right, 1st major role for the then-youngster (early 20s) now Dame Diana Rigg.
That final scene in Thrones last night, whew. Diana Rigg is so awesome.
And as always, Dame Diana Rigg was superb. Steals the show every time
Can somebody please commission a new show that's just Diana Rigg swearing?
People just realizing now that Diana Rigg kicks *** She has always kicked ***
All hail, Diana Rigg! Happy trails to her. That woman brought to life so gorgeously on
Let's all look at a photo of young Dame Diana Rigg because *** it, it's what I need right now.
Thank you, Diana Rigg, for a magnificent performance.
Diana Rigg's Emmy reel could just be a gif of her chugging that glass of wine.
Diana RIGG | the best thing ever in her final scene on Game of THRONES
Oh my dear Dame Diana Rigg, you were the best queen.
Interviewed Diana Rigg about Lady Olenna a couple yrs ago. She was amazing:
On Diana Rigg's b-day, her rendition of Cole Porter's "You're the top" from "Evil under the sun": http…
Diana Rigg was my pin up star when was at school in 1960's & 1970's. She was best Avenge…
Lady Olenna drops the mic one last time. 🎤 Hope Diana Rigg doesn't drop that Emmy. 😉
Diana Rigg's Tyrell on Joffrey: 'He really was a c*** wasn't he?. Greatest line in history.
And HOW DID I not realise that Diana Rigg is in GOT b4 now 😂😂😂 I thought I recognised the old woman
You all knew Lady Olenna Tyrell was played by Diana Rigg from the 60's tv show The Avengers, right? htt…
Thank you Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg for portraying Olenna Tyrell. You'll forever be our golden rose.
If you happen to be looking for 3 words that define pure class, you need look no further than Dame, Diana and Rigg.
Hats off to Dame Diana Rigg’s Olenna Tyrell, the Queen of Thornes.
Diana Rigg is so *** impressive. To have that kind of presence on screen for so long. These pictures are taken literally 5…
Thank You, Dame Diana Rigg for breathing life into Lady Olenna Tyrell.🌹
Diana Rigg. One of the best actresses ever. If she'd be younger, she'd be a perfect Emma Frost.
Very rare pic of Bette Davis with Diana Rigg and Patrick MacNee 1964
I caught Diana Rigg when she tripped down some theatre stairs - almost as exciting and sharing a queue…
Remember this? Diana Rigg! TV’s first dungeon Dominatrix, with co-star Patrick McNee from the series The Avengers.…
Tough one. But I’d have to go with Diana Rigg. Honorable mentions to Honor Blackman, Eva Green, Famke Janssen and S…
Are you high? It's Eva Green, then Diana Rigg & Sophie Marceau, then...not a lot of good acting, frankly.
And then there's Diana Rigg and Patrick MacNee hanging out with Bette Davis
I'd *love* to see the ep of Diana Rigg's short-lived NBC sitcom DIANA guest starring Patrick MacNee (""You Can't Go…
I need to learn to make gifs because I need to gif every second of The Avengers. Patrick MacNee & Diana Rigg are the best actors in history
Diana Rigg joins Victoria series 2 as filming begins on new series and two-hour Christmas special via
Finn Jones, Natalie Dormer, Roger Ashton-Griffiths and Diana Rigg behind the scenes of Game of Thrones. So gorgeous! htt…
The icon that is Miss Emma Peel as well as the woman that played her, Diana Rigg. Both strong, independen…
Watching The Worst Witch (1986). Delightful. Diana Rigg, Tim Curry, I think Miss Spellbinder (Sabina Franklyn) was my first crush
Tonight's the night Diana Rigg and David Suchet cast a long shadow, but I have no doubt Imelda and Conleth will be stupendous
George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service Diana Rigg at casino table 24x36 Poster by..
Diana Rigg at the first round of her fame, 1960s.
. Superman. Batman. Wolverine. MCU. X-men. (Is there a way to say "Avengers unless it's a picture of Diana Rigg?)
Diana Rigg at the Park Lane Hilton for the OHMSS press launch on 13th October 1968.
The Worst Witch is a fave. Bb Fairuza and Dame Diana Rigg. Plus the best Halloween song. :D
How come it took me so long to fall in love with Diana Rigg?
it's a period black comedy starring Diana Rigg, Oliver Reed and Telly Savalas
I was still in love with Diana Rigg when Ms. George became an 'it' girl. Actually, I still am. 😉
The Avengers: promotional still of Patrick MacNee as John Steed, Diana Rigg as Emma Peel and…
If idea of a woman Doctor scares you, try this: imagine any Pertwee story where the Doctor is played by Diana Rigg. ISN'T IT S…
Dames of Classic Drama at the BBC The early work of Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Diana Rigg and Hel...
Ha! Amongst the anonymous many Doncastrians are Diana Rigg, Brian Blessed, and sundry other UK celebs you'ld likely not know.
Icons alert - best film is on right now with Diana Rigg, Joanna Lumley & Anouska Hempel…
my 2nd fav Bond Girl after Diana Rigg
Ooh! Blown away by Diana Rigg & David Suchet when the Almeida did this. (Back in the day when I had time to go to…
Boiling hot. Diana Rigg is fine, but the cheap production reflects the post-Connery flopsweat you can almost smell.
he isnt great actor lol, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Sean Bean, Diana Rigg, Charles Dance are all better actors
1983 King Lear by/w. Laurence Olivier as Lear, David Threlfall as Edgar, Diana Rigg as Regan, John Hurt as Fool etc.
Happy Birthday to Diana Rigg who played Tracy in ON HER MAJESTY’S Secret Service (1969).
Diana Rigg, also played Mrs. peel In The Avengers, one of my favorites
Rigg acting the pants off everyone in the Kingdoms
Diana Rigg acting the pants off everyone in the Seven Kingdoms
. Kind of surprised you didn't inform that nice young woman Bond was married played by Diana Rigg
Television seems to be a much more progressive space these days. Just ask Diana Rigg, Kate Mulgrew, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.
Over big money and siphoning of her conservative base,emerged triumphant in NY-22. Think Diana Rigg in climax of "Avengers"
Christ. The magnificence of Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell, and they've got her doing flat exposition. What happened to
they were great! And also, Diana Rigg is still alive.
Watched GoT last night. The last 2 episodes were great! Now the long wait for next season. Wondering how they deal w/ Diana Rigg's death.
And Dame Diana Rigg joshing with the Sand Snakes down in Dorne has reduced that character to no more than a series of witty barbs.
Sansa is still My Queen, thought biggest scene stealerness goes to Diana Rigg and Liam Cunningham.
Diana Rigg is the best (only good?) part of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Though to be fair, Lazenby isn't *** the eyes.
Diana Rigg is the best actress they could have imagined for Olenna Tyrell btw. amazing casting.
Petition to cast Jessica Walter as the matriarch of some GoT family so she and Diana Rigg can just go around owning everyone in 7 Kingdoms
but GoT is a camp female driven sitcom! Cersei, Daenerys and the Diana Rigg character. All hilarious.
I hope has the budget for a CG Queen of Thorns - I want Diana Rigg kicking *** like Yoda next year
I can't believe I don't know about it. Diana Rigg too! *slaps self*
It's good to see Diana Rigg back on the small screen.
Imagine sitting with Diana Rigg for 20 minutes and not being able to remember her name:
Oh -- when it comes to The Avengers, I prefer Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg. (Let's see if anyone under 50 gets THAT one…) 😄
I don't know what was more satisfying: Cersei purging her enemies Stalin-style or Diana Rigg putting the Sand Snakes in their place
True. This is how I first watched Diana Rigg on TV
Diana Rigg is fab in this Makes up for Clara with the bad perm.
I had to look her up. I would like to point out that Diana Rigg is older then me!
or Cersai, Lyanna Stark or Diana Rigg (can't remember her character) .
Diana Rigg and Bella Ramsey. So many strong women on this show.
Young Diana Rigg (currently playing Olenna Tyrell on Game of Thrones) (1960s)
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... darlings, it's Dame Diana Rigg on the left, lately of
But at the same Olenna's insults were so on point that was Dame Diana Rigg's Emmy tape.
Olenna Tyrell is played by Diana Rigg (Emma Peel, Tracy Bond?) Wow, would have never recognized her.
Diana Rigg & Liam Cunningham both better have Emmy nominations. They have been phenomenal.
if Game of Thrones taught us nothing else, it's that Diana Rigg should still be in all the things
Diana Rigg delicious in this season of Game of Thrones. Her scenes with Cersei delight making. Surprised to read she is from Doncaster.
Not sure if I like her or Diana Rigg better. Close call.
I swear to you I remember watching Diana Rigg as Emma Peel with my family on b/w TV.
Leave it to Diana Rigg to make me care about Dorne again in just a matter of seconds.
Diana Rigg you absolute babe! Olenna's forked tongue shut down each of those Sand Snakes with no effort. Man, please keep her alive!
I added a video to a playlist Diana Rigg Patrick MacNee - Diana Show
Okay please nods for alfie Allen Diana rigg
How about starring Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, Judy Dench, and Diana Rigg? Women, British, and of a certain age. BOOM!
That's NOT Helen Mirren nor Judy Dench. Looks more like Diana Rigg (for sure) and perhaps Susannah York. Get it right,
I did think that was Diana Rigg and not Judy Dench. Dame Dench is in another photo later in the article.
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This is not a spoiler, but Essie Davis in What with her & Diana Rigg (& glimpse of Richard E. Grant) my pleas…
George Lazenby and Diana Rigg really are acting in different films in this.
Watching The Avengers (the camp 1960's series not the Marvel lot) so much fun! Diana Rigg, Patrick McNee & Jon Pertwee...
I always liked the orchestral version that introduced Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg.
📷 Diana Rigg and Patrick MacNee in a publicity shot for The Avengers 
Peter Brook 1962 RSC “King Lear” • (Diana Rigg) refuses to offer all her love to King Lear (Paul Scofield)
Diana Rigg and Helen Mirren on the set of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ 1968.
Series 3 - the Cathy Gale series is a massive improvement. Series 4 - first Diana Rigg and on film, is also good.
Diana Rigg | The Avengers. How could you not fall in love with Emma Peel. You'd have to be dead.
Holy smokes! Megyn Kelly's channeling Diana Rigg as "Emma Peel" in her leather badass suit!
Inspiration for Leela included The Avengers’ Emma Peel, played by Diana Rigg - Mrs Gillyflower in The Crimson Horror http…
me too. You dress as Diana Rigg, I'll put my George Lazenby outfit on and we'll get out there
Diana Rigg as Emma Peel! I remember seeing Honor Blackman as the original.
George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, then again he'd the best "Bond Girl" in Diana Rigg & an awful opening line
How about Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction or Princess Leia or Diana Rigg (Avengers) :)
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Maybe at this stage in my career, it's from that younger generation that I have ...
Unused plots: Daniel Craig plays James Bond, but the Roger Moore version. He winds up with Diana Rigg.
Diana Rigg’s just delivered a splendid punch to some bloke’s chin, though.
My close encounter with the legendary Dame Diana Rigg is now on sale
Watching old episode of The Avengers with the mighty Diana Rigg trapped in a haunted house - this seminal series just got weirder & weirder!
Grace Jones might be my new 2nd-favorite Bond Girl (Diana Rigg is the very obvious first place).
I was just starting to find the post 9th Doctor episodes tolerable, THRILLED re Diana Rigg & Rach, then *** is this?
Truly, 2015 is my Avengers Christmas. Have sung carols in presence of both Diana Rigg and Joanna Lumley. Gasp.
The name's Bond, Jane Bond: what would *** 007 look like? via
📷 the60sbazaar: Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg for The Avengers 
.Emma Peel for my love of Diana Rigg and Patrick MacNee "The Avengers".
Five decades before Game of Thrones... Diana Rigg in the 60's
Time is fleeting. I saw Diana Rigg on tv today. doesn't seem that long ago. since she was Mrs Emma Peel. but that's because it wasn't long ago.
Diana Rigg, who plays Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones, in 1967.
.Charles Grodin is SO good in is Diana Rigg. Love that movie.
BEFORE she was Lady Olenna Tyrell, Diana Rigg was a Bond Girl!!!
Delighted to have Dame Diana Rigg read htt…
Agree. It's an under-appreciated Bond film. Everything Diana Rigg does is exceptional.
I really like OHMSS, I watch it 2x a year at least. Diana Rigg is a great Bond Girl. Lazenby was awkward, but the movie is good.
My second Kate Fleetwood excellent and so was Diana Rigg all those years ago.
English actress Diana Rigg(1955-2015) and legendary actress of the USSR Larisa Golubkina (1962-2011) find difference
Interesting choices. I enjoy her in EVIL UNDER THE SUN. Smith & Diana Rigg try to out sing each other.
Vincent camping it up,Diana Rigg in drag and gruesome Shakespeare themed murder what more could you want?
My favorite thing about this movie is Diana Rigg's mustache. Fun film!
Price is wonderful, yes, but a good share of that movie belongs to Diana Rigg as well!
The death of Bond’s wife Tracy (Diana Rigg) was originally intended to take place at the start of Diamonds Are Forever.
is so endlessly re watchable. Criminally underrated Bond flick. Diana Rigg owns the entire film as Tracy.
Mrs Peel... You're Needed. This is the Diana Rigg talk we went to last Sunday! Great fun.
Diana Rigg promises more Olenna vs Olenna action in Season 6.
Time for a bit of great Diana Rigg action; Mother Love, where she aye a brilliant psycho mummy.
Wonderful day at the BFI Southbank watching the Avengers And listening to Dame Diana Rigg talk about Emma Peel etc x
SO bad. They actually cut Diana Rigg's face out of one shot so her cleavage could take center stage, and the slapping 😱
Yep. Saw q&a with Diana Rigg. Was awesome. She's great.
Dame Diana Rigg utterly captivating at Avengers screening celebrating 50 years of Miss Peel. No better place this afternoon in London
(there's also the laurence olivier version that has diana rigg as regan, which I am obviously fond of)
Finally got to see Diana Rigg in person bfi
A pleasant Sunday afternoon in the company of the legendary Dame Diana Rigg.
Diana Rigg was an unalloyed delight. Now need to go back and watch all of The Avengers.
Dame Diana Rigg at tonight talking about 50 years of The Avengers; sexy, funny, sly and gorgeous as ever she was. Huzzah!
A perfect Sunday afternoon watching episodes of 'The Avengers' & listening to the great Dame Diana Rigg at the
The unique & charismatic DIANA RIGG celebrating the 50 years of Mrs Emma Peel and THE AVENGERS, BFI Southbank today
Great to see/hear Diana Rigg in conversation at the BFI today. Lively, charming & very funny. Love her.
Fav quote of afternoon was from a clip of something else Diana Rigg was in. "Albert wouldn't know a bisexual if he sat on one!"
Been to see Dame Diana Rigg talk about being Emma Peel and all things Avengers.
for the screening of The House That Jack Built. Utterly wonderful Dame Diana Rigg here for a Q&A. Fascinating.
Wonderfully restored episode of and wonderfully preserved Diana Rigg = a fine afternoon at the
Day 25 and some woeful attempts at people (with apologies to Diana Rigg who was my unwitting model)…
I hesitate to use the word icon, but Dame Diana Rigg? Yes.
Oh my, Diana Rigg is fabulous. Great Q&A following screening of The House that Jack Built.
your pal Count Indigo was here for Diana Rigg. Seems apt.
From Diana Rigg to Jane Seymour, how have Bond's leading ladies aged? - BT
A lifetime opportunity to see Diana Rigg talk about the Avengers. I had a ticket. And I completely forgot
Tfw you realise you forgot the Diana Rigg talk was today and now missed it. I could cry
Grabbing a coffee becomes heading into Southbank for The Avengers and Diana Rigg
Heading to Southbank for an afternoon of The Avengers with Dame Diana Rigg
Off to an Avengers retrospective this afternoon with q&a from Diana Rigg. Should be interesting. :-)
On my way to for an afternoon with Dame Diana Rigg and memories of The Avengers.
Mrs Peel... Tickets Needed. At BFI Southbank for returns for Dame Diana Rigg talk & The Avengers screening. The one time I want touts.
Exciting race against time now, over which I have no control. If my train arrives on time, I get to see Diana Rigg. If it's late, I don't.
Today at the BFI - 50 years of Emma Peel with Dame Diana Rigg
Today is all about Barbara Hepworth Diana Rigg as Emma Peel & the Lee Hazlewood tribute Should be a top day! :)
Game of Thrones' Diana Rigg shows she's nonetheless all-action at 77
Diana Rigg / The Avengers . A Touch of Brimstone; Season 4, Episode 21; first broadcast on February 9, 1966.
In my head as a kid, all British women looked like G. Jackson or Diana Rigg Even now until I see otherwise it's one or the other
Vincent Price Diana Rigg Theatre Of Blood as cooks 1973 movie photo 328
Vincent Price Diana Rigg Theatre Of Blood 1973 as London police movie photo 325
Diana Rigg (Lady Olenna in Game of Thrones) as Emma Peel in The Avengers, 1966
Game of Thrones' Diana Rigg shows she's still all-action at 77
Because I love it so much, Diana Rigg pictured w Patrick MacNee in 1975. They could *so* have been The New Avengers.
Watching The Avengers with Diana Rigg and Patrick MacNee tonight. So awesome!
Were two actors ever better cast than Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg as The Avengers?
Diana Rigg in person, Dangerous Liaisons with a Stephen Frears Q&A... Really feels like my 13y old self wish list
Oh yeah, Dame Diana Rigg is one of my favourite actresses of all time.. as well as !
Buddhaful babe of the week Dame Diana Rigg
Hi Carl, 2015 marks 50 years of Mrs Peel's debut so focused on Diana Rigg. IF the response is strong, may well look at Tara!
“You look at my countrywomen like Judi Dench and Vanessa Redgrave and Diana Rigg–they’re gonna drop [dead] d…”
Enjoy all the Connery. When you get to "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," stick with it: Diana Rigg makes up for the Bond.
Ancient episode of The Avengers, Diana Rigg dumped a baddy. Actor used to do Schweppes ads
me too, but I adore Diana Rigg. She's one if my girl crushes
B&W Avengers, a Diana Rigg one. Load of complete *** but always happy to slump in front of Emma Peel
I walked and sat where Natalie Dormer,Diana Rigg,Conleth Hill,did and the best is yet to come!!LOVE CROATIA
1st comment on U.N.C.L.E. review informs me of Diana Rigg of the (BBC) AVENGERS. Like I don't have a still of Mrs. Peel in my living room.
I do so miss Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg.
And that was partially because he buried his face in Diana Rigg's hair. Everything before that...contrived nonsense without the fun.
I watched my first ever episode of The Avengers today. Diana Rigg is bae, but I think we all could have guessed that before hand.
Rewatching - forgot how hurty-funny watching Daniel Radcliffe ask Diana Rigg for his jonny back was. *sorry* profalatic.
I'd prefer the Avengers pretenders, which looks like Diana Rigg but inside is Thor who turns into a hammer.
it's got Diana Rigg, Telly Savalas, awesome score, great action, and a mindblowing ending. What's not to love
Arguably the best John Barry theme. An Aston DBS & Diana Rigg. None too shabby.
A pic of Diana Rigg as Mrs. Peel, my role model, from my new Avengers book I found at Illiad Books in LA.
Mrs. Peel (Diana Rigg) in a fetching pose as Robin Hood in the episode A Sense of History.
Diana Rigg in the Ustinov Poirot 'Evil Under the Sun' film
Rebecca Ferguson in 'Mission Impossible: RN' a knee-weakening mixture of Romy Schneider and Diana Rigg
If only Diana Rigg is in her 20s now then I would marry her and make amazing looking mix race kids
Can we please have a TV series with Diana Rigg, Linda Thorson, and Joanna Lumley. fighting crime. That would be awesome.
Me too. Diana Rigg in her Emma Peel phase remains my "ultimate" pin up. So classy and sexy... and she never "got 'em out"!
Framed this fantastic bit of film memorabilia for a customer. It is a photo of George Lazenby and Diana Rigg in...
It is VERY Mrs Bradley but without the thing that made that passable - Diana Rigg! Why not adapt an actual golden age mystery?
However much to Diana Rigg's distain George Lazenby still lives.
U kind of look like British actress Diana Rigg when she was a Bond Girl in Her Majesty's Secret Service LV...
Natalie Dormer as the next James Bond you guys (she's already Elementary's Jamie Moriarty and Diana Rigg's "granddaughter" on GoT)
I first saw Diana Rigg's 'Emma Peel' as a 13 year old & thought that she was the coolest thing ever. Just saw her again - she still is.
To be fair all I remember about the 60s is Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, my Ma love that show!
Mrs Emma Peel - as played by asskicking Diana Rigg
Photo: lotsofbrolly: John Steed and Emma Peel aka Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg. Fan art by Lotsofbrolly.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Diana Rigg is caught off-guard as she eats an orange between takes in this charming portrait taken in 1966.
Diana Rigg vs Jonathan Pryce for the win
Diana Rigg vs. Jonathan Pryce. That is exquisite. I could watch Olenna and the High Sparrow snipe and banter all day.
Best episode yet of not least because of the glorious verbal duelling between Diana Rigg & Jonathan Pryce...
i really liked Emma Peel as portrayed by Diana Rigg. who was your favorite avenger?
Diana Rigg as Lady Olenna is the best thing ever! Also, Bronn singing is EVERYTHING. Jerome Flynn should win all the awards.
There something about Diana Rigg as The Avenger's Mrs. Emma Peel that makes me love the 1960s.
True Entertainment is showing old episodes of The Avengers - the Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel ones. Such fun.
The unbelievably desirable Diana Rigg in OHMSS. I dream of Mrs. Peel...
Diana Rigg. Oh my! Not to mention Linda Thorson and Honor Blackman
I can see why they call it *** and Dragons with Alfie Allen and Diana Rigg in the cast
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