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Diamond Rings

John O'Regan (born July 6, 1985) is a Canadian artist and musician best known by his stage name Diamond Rings.

Taylor Hicks Alicia Keys Tim McGraw

🎶 I became a rapper @ the age 14 no gold ropes no diamond rings but look @ me now 10 yrs later...🎶
I added a video to a playlist goldman fine jewelers classic diamond rings collection
The pretty people do the ugly things for the road to riches and diamond rings
Eminem & Elton John friendship is so pure! . Get you a friend like Em who send diamond *** rings as wedding gifts . Also . MR AND MRS QUEEN
DENA - cash diamond rings swimming pools. keeps getting stuck in my head.
Texas high school coaches consider Morris a priority when he reaches out... close your eyes and say that out loud…
Never one to blend in, this pear diamond shines in this vintage-inspired setting. See it now> h…
Want more?. Gorgeous unique diamond statement rings. Shop now:
Engagement rings with a splash of color are so hot right now!. Would you go for this pear shaped yellow diamond set?
My Christmas last order dates have passed for bespoke engagement rings but I still have lots of diamond sparklers in st…
lord pls i don’t want to sound shallow but don’t let my fiancé buy me one of these diamond dust rings
Some people want diamond rings. Some just want everything, but everything means nothing if I ain't got you
rings available... . Please contact us if there is something you are looking for. ht…
I've got money in my pockets...diamond rings that I'd wear but I'll trade them all this minute, for all the gold th…
"During this Holiday makes all things possible." Three-stone diamond engagement rings. Over 2.00ct. r…
Looking to splurge a little this offers diamond rings and stud earrings, and they can…
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Now playing Diamond Rings and Old Barstools (with Catherine Dunn) by Tim McGraw!
Could you please play Six Strings & Diamond Rings by Taylor Hicks. New song I really like!
Please play Taylor Hicks new single "Six Strings and Diamond Rings"-its a great cut-thank you!
Releases Long Awaited New Single 'Six Strings and Diamond Rings' Listen to it here.…
.Requesting new single 'Six Strings & Diamond Rings' by out TODAY! Audio --> Thanks!
Taylor Hicks has a new single out tomorrow. First in 7 years! "Six Strings and Diamond Rings"!! Ck it out!
Elizabeth- Classic and elegant style ring with a complete single band of round shaped diamonds. . Eternity 👉🏽…
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Sure you've conquered YouTube, books, and cable TV. But stock photography? Now you KNOW you've made it
But lest you I want no diamond rings She needs a long, long and the catch?
Money, flashy cars, exotic holidays, diamond rings are material things we long for which the devil can use to steal us away
Assorted LARGE gemstones and rings. Star sapphire and diamond rings, various quartz: blue tara…
"Is your engagement ring as real as your love?". This is the funniest thing I ever read.
Diamond rings gold chains cash in hand that's my fame
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
What are your thoughts on the latest wedding trend- black diamond engagement rings?
After is accused of selling fake rings, how to spot a fake
'It still fits': Diamond ring missing since 2004 turns up on garden carrot . Read more:
Diamond rings are the biggest scam since unsliced bread
Costco is in a spot of bother after selling counterfeit diamond Tiffany rings!
Maybe Costco might have better argued that they were Tiffany Renee Darwish rings $TIF $COST
The prettiest people do the ugliest things for the road to riches and the diamond rings
Costco owes Tiffany more than $19 million for selling generic diamond rings that were marketed using Tiffany’s name
Costco owes Tiffany more than $19 million, a judge ruled, for using Tiffany's name to sell diamond rings
After Costco is accused of selling fake Tiffany rings, how to spot a fake diamond: Engagement rings may… MARKETWATCH
It's the little things in life that mean the most to us! Repost from featuring one of our cla…
You did many things that I liked. . And you like diamond rings I can't provide. I can't provide for you.
We Have the a Huge Selection of Diamond Enagement Rings, Eternity Bands, Wedding Bands and More at Houston...
oh also Diamonds are worthless, it was a marketing scheme what started Diamond engagement rings
Showcase your flair for fashion with this irresistible blue topaz and diamond ring. Created in sterling silver,...
You know wedding rings with other precious stones/gems are just as beautiful as the classic diamond wedding ring
We celebrate Valentine's Day with gifts as symbols of love: a Fede rings with clasped hands studded with ruby and diam…
You know when you've found the one… Our Aurora range of IGI certificated diamond rings offer magnificent sparkle.…
View these gorgeous color stone on the Customstudio app today!.
Here are the 10 best ways to save money on engagement rings:
Diamonds don't just go on rings. Omega 18K ladies diamond watch. Mint Condition.
Always take your rings off when cleaning. Like your skin, stones don't do well with harsh chemicals!
On the road to riches and diamond rings?In the land of the blind the man with one eye is the king
Still not done preparing for your wedding? Then take out wedding rings, for Equalli has that covered
Hand forged, these looping rings are made in 18ct yellow and white gold. Light and wearable with a nice bit of dia…
She doesn't need. any expensive things. No diamond rings,. No designer things,. She just want you. She can live in rags. because s…
I also have to bite my tongue real hard to not respond with "Only way I can engage them more is to buy them all diamond rings."
Worn together or separate, these gold and diamond rings make a powerful statement. Would you add a band to your...
I'll buy you diamond rings, just because
10 diamond rings like I'm good at sports
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Of course! Why do you ask? *I say, examining the collection of large diamond rings on my ring finger, smiling as they -
Those smudges are where forces people to kiss his diamond play button like the rings of a king
And diamond rings and old bar stools 💛💛
I spent 5 on my pinky ring she love my diamond rings
Diamond Exchange Dallas is THE SOURCE for engagement rings in Dallas, TX! We have WHOLESALE pric
I guess some things just don't mix like ya hoped, like me n you, and diamond rings and old bar stools.
LOVE is the that opens the gates of
Natural Witchy and Magic rings. and slice @ Hyde Park Gardens
My husband and I will have both tattooed rings & diamond ones
So many people do the uglyiet thing for the road to riches an diamond rings 💯💯
I asked if they had any rings with rose cut diamonds & they said "nobody would ruin a perfectly good diamond with that cut."
If I looked inside your brain. I would find lots of things. Clothes, shoes, diamond rings. Stuff that's driving me insane
Another beautiful custom ring is off to a soon to be very happy individual!
"all the other girls want to wear expensive things and diamond rings but I don't want be puppet that you're playing on a string."
What's the most shape for Find out in htt…
Breast Cancer Awareness
My girlfriend keeps favoriting big diamond rings on your page. Thanks to you she's expecting a massive rock on her hand, thanks.
I'd like to think I can have a sweet diamond ring as well! Do women buy men rings?
Sparkle in these unique champagne marquise diamond rings!
I just shopped for Gemstone Rings via
Tiny twinkles if gathered look like a big sparkle!. Check the product here :
Check out what I found. White Gold Diamond Ring Solitaire Marquise EngagementRings 14k Solid White Gold
Diamond Rings, pick a color any color. I love them all, don't you?. Left to right, 18k yellow and white diamonds,...
I liked a video Diamond Rings at Indie Awards - Canadian music Week 2013 - "Day and Night"
It's almost spring which means it's wedding season check out the beautiful Diamond Rings at
The Same Bouquet of Flowers,Sponge Cake,Dried Fruit, Box of Chocolates,Diamond Rings,Jewels Spread Frozen love with a Chocolate Yogurt Cone.
Gorgeous rings are five stone diamond rings
Since many years, proposing with a diamond has become a tradition. When a man decides to ask a woman for marrying...
Today's Hits: "Diamond Rings and Old Barstools ft. Catherine Dunn" By "Tim McGraw" is on Q106.8 Country.
Some things just don't mix like you hope. Like me and you. Or diamond rings and old bar stools.
A Discussion whereby the Rising Popularity in respect to Diamond Rings Jewellery inQrJ
Seeing double, we are dizzy for diamond engagement rings: .
I guess some things don't mix like you hoped, like me and you, and diamond rings and old barstools 🎶
Examples include: 'The Lord of the Diamond Rings' or 'The Da Vinci Codeword' or 'Alphabet Soup for the Soul.'
Preserve your diamond's sparkle with these helpful cleaning tips.
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Twelve Things For Christmas my phone never rings everyone is doing other things like Christmas shopping prices keep dropping all I want is a mistletoe belt buckle it's funny and others will chuckle two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl all I ever get are three lumps of coal four strippers with no clothes a tissue for my runny nose five cd's from my favorite group no more blood when I poop six million dollars in small bills seven different kinds of narcotic pills eight ball in the corner pocket someone putting a screw driver in a socket nine innings of good baseball is it asking too much for one phone call ten diamond rings, one for each finger dog farts that never linger eleven spades in my favorite card game phone still not ringing, I guess I'm too lame twelve eggs make a dozen break it off with my kissing cousin these are things I want so much my phone has a screen you can touch all these gifts, I will never get I will take a shower, just to get wet maybe peel, a ripe cucumber I'm getting a phone call, ...
HOLEUP…I FORGOT that hasn’t pulled their ads from No Leo Diamond rings for us under the tree! …
On the road to riches and diamond rings fly *** do fly things
STL P-D: Bell-ringers have found diamond rings and four-leaf clovers in their red kettles...
Two of our Almost Eternity Rose Gold & Black Diamond Rings about to get dropped off at FedEx just in time for...
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I want the gold chains and diamond rings but i just cant live my life like this
Our final is this stunning full round brilliant-cut eternity ring:
Are you looking for a special sparkling gift? Look no further..30% to 50% off Diamond rings only at Kingston...
Vintage engagement ring... PERFECT. Not too flashy.. The band is gorge
your random act of kindness recipient shown this morning had a nice purse, iPhone, and diamond rings. Really?
The debut album Flash is out now, featuring the singles "Flashed," "Bad Timing," and "Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools." Amazon: • ...
I can do without the diamond rings and material things...books and a beautiful Bosendorfer will suffice.things that would help me grow...
Ay ay ay Aint nutten more important than mula haaan diamond rings hunnit chains slick rick the ruler han
Hope I'm not the only girl who puts those huge fake diamond rings on at stores and just gets excited to get married 
I want the gold chains and diamond rings.
Here are a few tips from to care for your
"If I were a billionaire I would totally have diamond thumb rings" -
Some people want diamond rings, but i don't want anything if it aint you baby.
I want diamond nipple rings. I SHALL FIND!
I have this crazy addiction for diamond rings 😈 I love diamond rings 💯
I’m Googling “2 karat diamond engagement rings” just in case my girlfriend wants to check my browsing history again. Be…
I would like to welcome you to the world of, fast cars diamond rings big chains 👌
What are your thoughts on stacking diamond rings?
Some people want diamond rings some people want everything but everything mean nothing long as I got you
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Lol... about time a real person.. Yes.. I would like to order the Topaz ear rings with the diamond bracelet.
I can't watch family feud with my mom ... "Women love big diamond rings, what do men love that's big"? My mom - having a big *** 😳
Take a look and fall in love with this ring. ❤
My wife's a queen with diamond rings and 4 Chinchillas
I will only be buying diamond candles from now on because they have cute rings inside 💕🔥💍
Gorgeous rings - huge discounts. Login and click an item to get all the benefits.
Fvckk I need A Pair Of Six Rings Or Some diamond turfs whn i finna get this Money Thatss what imma do Imma do me
I want it all, money, fast cars, diamond rings, gold chains, and champagne, I want it all.
“I'm good on an engagement ring. I'll just have a pretty plain wedding band.”👏👏👏 Diamond rings
Can't wait to pick up my diamond rings up from the jewellers tomorrow :D
pack up for work, and tea on the table when you get home EVERY DAY. I'm not sure, I'm quite expensive, diamond rings & Jags
"And their are fancy cars and diamond rings, but you know that they don't mean a thing. "
Who in loves stacking diamond rings?
Ghetto dreams n diamond rings, money *** an clothes an all those fancy things
Diamond Sale at Ben Moss now on engagement and anniversary rings! See store for details.
We love how Emma Roberts has accessorised her engagement ring with several diamond rings. We think these two...
Diamonds dance across the sunlight along the ceiling of this unique ring
Quite the perfect pair, don't you think? and rings from the Classic Crescent collection
On the road to riches and diamond rings, real niqqas do real things...
You don't ask for no diamond rings, no delicate string of pearls
love Big diamond rings, what do love that's Big?
This is still (one of) my dream rings. That's a raw diamond in the middle. I like it bc it's unique.
So I'm watching Family Feud and they ask, "Women love big diamond rings. What do men love that's big?" So the man say breasts.
A woman decided to have her portrait painted. She told the artist, "Paint me with diamond rings, a diamond necklace, emerald bracelets, a ruby broach, and gold Rolex." "But you are not wearing any of those things," he replied. "I know," she said. "It's in case I should die before my husband. I'm sure he will remarry right away, and I want his new wife to go crazy looking for the jewelry.
This wedding cake is gorgeous.would love to have a slice of it xx Hand pick the most stunning collection of diamond rings by visiting
Do you have an indian wedding reception invite for 2014 and want the perfect diamond ring. Visit us at for the most inspiring diamond rings to give you the dazzle and sparkle you truly deserve.
Our napkin rings. So glad I kept one of everything.
Inspired by the harmony of love, our Caress ring is affectionately held by the encircling pave
“Y'all want diamond rings but got gravel attitude.”
Y'all want diamond rings but got gravel attitude.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
got my stitches out, got asked to prom, & my grandma gave me one of her diamond rings so I'd say today has been decent so far 😍😜
*coughs* All join. lol, we the people of the world need to know. "lol. which diamond rings? earrings you mean?"
In Heaven there's no greed, no need for earthly things, no diamond studded rings, peasants become kings.
Wait, Linda... You're really not gonna talk about your diamond rings?
Timelessly elegant our DB classic collection heralds the diamond as the finest prize in nature
Ladies we could stop eating our feelings and just buy ourselves diamond rings oh wait we're poor feelings it is! 😂
I just made 281 diamond rings for no reason. I also wasted 1.6m well im poor now
For the Sapphire dawns are set In rings of beauty...
True love like ours. Is worth so much more than diamond rings
Lifestyle and obsession, Diamond rings get you nothing, But a life-long lesson, And your pocketbook stressin'
Bling Bling momma is rocking diamond ear rings with her baby's name on it. how cute.
Elegance is redefined with this magnificent Vatche "Swan" 3 Stone Engagement Ring,
Can't buy you expensive things and diamond rings. But there's a moonlight view from my porch swing🎶
"Dear You Do you? " ...and my diamond rings thrown out to sea?
I've never seen a diamond in the flesh. I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Diamond rings, how is a ring created by the labor of child-slaves in Africa romantic?
Chocolate chip diamond rings are how you really get to a lady's heart 💎😂
Rose gold is becoming a popular choice for engagement rings.
The world's largest diamond was big enough to create 2,633 average-sized engagement rings when it was dug up in 1905.
LOL best buy sells makeup and diamond rings now
Might just be me but when it comes to wedding rings . A simple single diamond is my favorite .
Round Diamond Rings in Dallas, Texas. Wholesale diamond rings in Dallas, Texas. Diamore Diamonds now...
and I like diamond rings, can you provide? can you provide for me?
Ain't no woman like the I've got No, no, they don't come better To make her happy doesn't take a lot She don't ask for things, no diamond rings So together, like a hand in glove
Thank you Linda for meeting with me $1700 paid for some broken jewelry and diamond rings.. I really appreciate you welcoming me in your home. Cash on the spot is here to help you please call me.
Sorry! But if you are going to try to sell something on here, WASH YOUR HANDS! I just saw someone who was trying to sell some diamond rings and his fingernails were disgusting!! I would never buy from this person!! DIRTY!!
Shop our collection of diamond rings, vintage rings, and jewelry!
On the road to riches AND diamond rings REAL *** DO REAL THINGS
Getting married in 2014 or thinking of popping the question? Come and meet our sales team at the famous Arden Hotel Wedding Fayre in Solihull on Sunday 27th April from 11.00am to 15.00pm to see the latest diamond rings, engagement rings and diamond and plain wedding rings for all the special occasions in life at amazing internet prices, not forgetting the 10% promotional discount offer we current have for our customers. We look forward meeting you all soon. xx
Yeah I took a couple years off, came back still bussin’ still reppin Philly still the Andy of destruction still pushing buttons that’ll do away the roof still walk around with 5 thousand dollar boots so when I’m the club the *** get jealous cause I’m dat *** that still keep a mean fetish still stack lettuce, still stack cheese and I got a bad temper tell your n-gga say please cause this is for the G’s, never for the Busta’s so put your diamond rings on and get yourself a hustler better yet a customer, guaranteed to buy it sick from the lips, caramel wanna try it HI HATERS
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Oh baby, bring it all to me But I don't need no fancy cars or diamond rings Oh baby, bring it all to me Gimme your time, your love, your space, your energy.
WE HAVE BEEN THE CORNERSTONE )! We have went from Hub Caps to Rims,From Gold Chains to Diamond Rings and all kinds of Bling!!! From Server to being Served,From No Inn to 4 star and Extended Stay,From the Back to the Front,From No Class to 1st Class,From Nothing Going Your Way to Favor of God all over You!!! From the Out House to the White House (Your New House)!!! Psalm 118:22;Matthew 21:42)(GOD BLESS(U)!!!
I want my hair done nails done feet too and if u cant do that then *** i dont need u.i want my rent paid diamond rings...Wats up wit that!? Ayy gimmie wat I want!!
Wow we have Karen Walker, Exquisite Diamond Rings and other pieces at 50% off! We are open 1-6. Come and see me :)
Wedding planning w Carlee Turner is the best! both of us sitting there w our Mac's open, diamond rings on, and giddy hearts!!
What u need is a sugar daddy diamond rings and a brand new caddy.
It's the BabiFinesser n the BabyPlug. We jugging round the city yea we kno wassup. Foreign shyt only baby Betta listen up. We go erywhere wiff them ak's n glocks. We bustin shots at opps. Pick up a couple thots it's a pimp thang. Nails done with our diamond rings. We took yo *** and passed him around. Wen we gave him bck u looked kinda mad. Y'all betta boss up then u can have him bck! Lmfaoo ~De'Sha
When a person is really interested in you, they will take time to show how interested they actually are in you! Anybody can give away a material object. You can give a person gold, money, or diamond rings if you have it to give, and may not even really worry about it, because material things can be bought over again. Once money is gone, a person will almost always have the opportunity to make the money that they once had, back. But time, time is so much more valuable, because once time is taken away, it is never able to be given back. Once you lose time, and once you spend your time with someone it can never be given back. Never be desperate for attention or love, be attached to living happily, and living a joyous lifestyle with people who appreciate the time they spend with you, and who cherish you for who you are.
I wish I could give you everything. From gold to diamond rings. But I was not good enough for you. But maybe me can make it through. Don't you know your the apple of my eye? Dream come true ? Boy its only you. 🎵🎵 - apple of my eye ♥
Ever notice how girls with obnoxiously big diamond rings have to do everything possible to flash them or draw attention to their finger like we are all blind or something. And I'm over here like sweetheart I see that ridiculous rock no need to hit me in the face with it. Chill out already.
I don't need diamond rings, or highpriced suits that shine Limosines and flashy things or ancient bottled wine Designer names and lavish things and million dollar hair Bonny Dames without a brain, I've never really cared
22 inch 10kt gold chain originally $279.00 now only $140.00 Second Hand Treasures in Espanola is having a huge jewellery blowout sale!!! 50% off all gold and diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces!!! Drop by and see our large estate jewellery section where everything is marked down by 50%
A depressed Tom is sitting on the railroad tracks, bent on suicide. Watching from a bridge crossing the tracks from above, Jerry laments his old friend's state, but believes that "it's better this way." Jerry relates the events leading up to Tom's depression: Tom and Jerry had been inseparable best friends, until Tom became attracted to a female cat. The female feline initially reciprocates Tom's feelings, but Tom's rival, the much wealthier Butch, is suddenly smitten by her as well, rudely interrupting her date with Tom to make his move. The female cat shows herself to be an opportunist and, attracted by Butch's wealth, immediately leaves Tom for him. Tom pushes himself and his finances to the limit trying to win his girlfriend back with presents such as flowers, perfume, diamond rings, and a car, but the gold-digging, black-hearted cat rejects all of his efforts, as Butch's presents are much bigger, more expensive, and much more outrageously extravagant (including a tanker truck full of perfume and a ri ...
Take all my wealth all my material things cars n diamond rings cause i rather have love from God up above
It's the sport of kings better than diamond rings...
While mum's browsing through diamond rings, daughter can have a bit of fun, too :)
Do you want to be your own boss, be able to work when you want, earn diamond rings, cars, and so much more? Join my MARY KAY Team!! Contact me today for more information.
I'm sittn thnkn, not drinkn stayin loyal to my king,its easy lik a marriage,diamond rings...really dnt mean a thing,I'm here just exspressin my feelins,n wat i say is so real man,doin wat i can to remain honest n u,i hav frends sum girls,or shud i say women,i can learn a lot from them,witout gettin none,it dnt matter if i can help sum1,wit out nutn in return,its ok wit me,im tryn to learn,so awsome and free,Godbless u,and me
David Crandon and Trudi Flemming I'm in HEAVEN!!! P.s dave they have awesome diamond rings here!
Eat the cake like Anna Mae Young Based God and I been doin my thing Take my shirt off and the girls go insane Four diamond rings, two big *** chains Eat that wonton soup I got the cash like chang chang chang- Lil B
I don't need diamond rings or 18 carat gold, fancy cars that go very fast you know they never last no no. What I need is a big strong hand to lift me to my higher ground. Long stemmed roses are the way to my heart but you need to start with my head. Second best is never enough I'll do much better on my own.
I drive an army jeep, my bumper sticker reads 'drink till ya spew' that's what I'm guna do. Ain't got no serious thing, don't wear no diamond rings. I got a new tattoo.. I think you'll like the view ✌️
RA SOUL: Crashing of love's rocket, in my pocket, one penny, one dime, she feels neglected, disrespected,saying with her, I don't spend enough time, but I am trying to find a goldmine, so we can have a better life, so I can get on bended knee, so that we can be husband and wife...she say money don't matter, but without, our love life shatter, she complain, tears flood, sad rain when I cant take her to a movie, dinner & deliver flowers, she likes expensive things, diamond rings, in her dreams, she sings, with the best, me you should shower...eye ask? is that love's power?
I get a lot of "visit Montana" ads on Pandora, and I have to question how effective they are. Brand name goods I understand. Even items that are rare purchases, like diamond rings or Cadillacs, instill recognition if you hear the ad over and over. But Montana tourism? If I'm ever drunk enough in an airport to decide to wing it to Montana, there's no way I'm making it through security. But seriously, if anyone wants to make a weekend trip to Montana, I'm down.
I have two diamond rings for sale. One is a 3.04 carat solitaire 14k round brilliant with paperwork and the other is a 1.19 round brilliant solitaire with baguettes on either side 14k with paperwork. both sz 8. extremely motivated seller. pm me or comment. serious inquiries only. best offer
A gift can be so many things. Flowers, Chocolates, Diamond Rings. I received my heart renewed. When the lord knelt...
Diamond Rings in concert at the Hotel Congress We caught the show while filming
Have you ever heard of Diamond Rings? He opened for you in Quebec City. I love him.
Have seen both, Diamond Rings, several times so I checked out Eric Burdon for a bit, I was there since 11:30 tho, so went home.
Join Pride Toronto at Bud Light South Stage (Church Street justNorth of Carlton Street) on Friday, 28 June 2013, for the “Kick OUT the Jams”showcase featuring Light Fires, Carole Pope, Diamond Rings and The Cliksalongside DJ Triple-X and some of Toronto’s best drag talents. Diamond Rings’ androgynous electro-pop stylings return toPride Toronto, taking time out from his tour with British new wave rockers,Orchestral Maneuvers in The Dark (O.M.D.) for his second appearance at thefestival.  Carole Pope comes to Pridethis year with new material from her latest 4 track EP, “Music ForLesbians”.  Light Fires will bepresenting new music from their forthcoming debut album, “Face.”  And The Cliks’ will be bringing music fromtheir new album, “Black Tie Elevator”, as well as audience favourites from theband’s first two LPs. “It’s very exciting to have all of these artists presentingnew material for the Kick OUT the Jams showcase”, says Pride Toronto’sArts & Culture Manager, TK. “I ...
My only celebrity sightings of trip both happened at LAX today. Diamond Rings getting on plane to yyz and Shane West getting off from yyz
Hey anybody I know going to shows coming up? or interested? Diamond Rings, Northern Lights, The XX, Herbie Hancock?
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tons of great pop artists that are doing great things; Robyn, Kylie, Twin Shadow, Grimes, Peaches, Bat For Lashes, Diamond Rings. TONS MORE!
Make the music video for 'Runaway Love' by Diamond Rings and get paid $4,000!
Hopes for Coachella 2013 Daft (obviously), Bowie (his agent was on the boat... so perhaps), Diamond Rings (aka new-age Bowie), Grouplove, Young Galaxy (new album out soon), Father John Misty, No Doubt (would love some old school Gwen Stefani), Little Green Cars, Rebecca and Fiona, Purity Ring (for some Hali representation), Pacific Air, Lord Huron
On the tenth day of this grand year 2013, I post my list of favouries from 2012. Compilling my 2012 list meant me digging through piles of cds and searching for the notes on my pocket full of post-its. So here it is, not completely finished, since I still have a lot of movies to be watched from last year. -athena Albums: 1. thenewno2 -fearofmissingout 2. The Hives - Lex Hives 3. Lee Fields & The Expressions - Faithful Man 4. Hot Chip - In Our Heads 5. Dr. John - Locked Down 6. Beach House - Bloom 7. Diamond Rings -Free Dimentions 8. Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror 9. Grimes - Visions 10. Django Django - Django Django TV (because screaming at the tv never felt so good): Louie - Season 3 (David Lynch!) True Blood - Season 5 Boardwalk Empire - Season 3 The Killing - Season 2 Movies: Moonrise Kingdom Paranorman Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (many more to see still) Shows: New Order at Roseland Ballroom Hot Chip at HOB Jesus & Mary Chain at Paradise Iron Maiden & Alice Cooper at Great Woods That is my list for ...
Busy getting ready for the Diamond Rings and Pretty Things Bridal Show this Sunday at Embassy Suites. Stop by and see us.
Diamond rings hunnit chains, slick Rick the ruler
We'll just get custom tattoes instead of diamond rings .
This ring can be made with a variety of gemstones. Email me if you would like a different gemstone
I will sing to you, of greater things. Money, gold, and diamond rings, just don't make it last any longer than it has to
Ain't nothing more important than the mula , Diamond rings . . Hundred chainz . . Slick Rick the ruler
If I couldn't give you the finer things, the money, the whip, the diamond rings, would you do it again?
Me either. Not only is everyone kissing but there are diamond rings flashing everywhere too...
A Unique Diamond Engagement Ring – In Platinum: Diamond engagement rings for many years typically came in the tr...
I'm sure that he could give you everything Stability and diamond rings All the things I do not have
Win a gift certificate to Dimaond Jim's! Q: What is your favorite bar in Midland?
My Jamie and Mena showing off their new beautiful diamond rings!! 💍Yayy
On the road to riches and diamond rings
I got a thing for big rings, ooops! (: **tonight imma shine bright like a diamond**
Hearts, cupids & diamond rings...The Valentine Grinch is on a roll!
gorgeous Queen of Cool wearing my grey diamond armor rings
I'm sorry, Awyas :( as fergie once said: "men they come a dime a dozen just give me them diamond rings tbh"
The best things in life are Afros, Bell Bottoms, and Diamond Nose Rings.
Aint nun more important dan the mula Diamond rings, 100 chains, slick rick the rula !
Special of the week (Save $10 get it for $50) Titanium Era | Halo Ring - Wedding and Diamond Engagement Rings:
Don't need all the finest things, diamond rings are nuthun so show me sumthun :3
It'll be a new year very soon! We're excited for 2013. If you're excited for a new year to restart and refresh life, hit "Like"!
I'm wearing earrings in the shape of diamond rings. Let's see if 2013 is the year I get one on my left ring finger ;)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
When your'e alone do you think about me? and my diamond rings thrown out to sea.
" I want the gold chains and diamond rings" going into 2013 but it'll be 1999 for awhile.
Engagement rings can be expensive—so get it insured. Insurance guarantees your diamond will be replaced if it is lost, stolen, or damaged.
Imagine for Delaney with Louis. Louis had been on tour for almost 2 months now and you missed him like crazy! The only thing that stopped you from visiting him was the plane tickets. They were so pricey! Since you didn't see Louis a lot you got a job at Starbucks. You had the afternoon shift so you were leaving your flat now. You always walked to work since it was so close. Today you decided to stop by the magazine cart and got the latest magazine about One Direction. When you got to work you put on your uniform. Since it was after lunch, not a lot of people were getting coffee so you flipped open your magazine. You flipped through the pages until you saw something astonishing. It was a picture of Louis holding hands with his ex Eleanor Calder. The title of the article was 'Louis cheating on Delaney with Eleanor?' You were soo mad. You grabbed your iPhone and dialed Louis' phone number. It took 2 rings for him to answer. "Hey babe, how have you bee-" Louis said before you cut him off. "Don't hey babe me! ...
Diamond rings you would swear I'm related too Papi
Aint nothin more important than the mula, diamond rings, hunned chainz, slick-rick-da-rulahhh
The collection is composed of 13 jewels: 11 rings, and to enrich the collection, 2 pairs of earrings!!!
Signed magazine and magazine and Diamond ear rings ❤😱😍
Kya Hua Tera Vaada 31st December 2012 Written Episode Anushka advises anika that she should not neglect vihan and his love and care like this. She continues that rather than love she should focus on money and vihan is obviously very rich. Anika complains that instead of giving a valuable diamond studded ring, vihan wore her a can cap which is so boring. Anushka tells that once she marries him, everything is hers and she doesnt need to worry abt luxuries. Then she tells anika that the women should always have the power to control her husbands and like her, anika is also talented in this department. She adds that amongst the millions of girls who r dying to marry vihan, he has chosen her and she should never leave this chance. Anika somehow agrees. Mona is in the dining room making some calculations and then she runs to kitchen and searches the tins and then in pooja area some books respectively to gather the money she had saved in different ways. Then she makes several calculations and wonders how to colle ...
Okie dokie! Here is my top 10 songs of the year: The Wooden Skys, Diamond Rings, Zeus, Paper Lions, Kishi Bashi, Bahamas, Jack White, the XX, Luke Lalonde, and Tim Chaisson!
If you'd LOVE to "ring" in the new year tonight with a Diamond Candles ring, give a big thumbs up!
One of my monthly indulgences is getting a pedicure. It’s an hour of true bliss, and I’m usually just in my own little world while Sara gets my toes all dolled up.
Stop in for FREE tickets to The Wedding Show at Shopko Hall. It's Friday, Jan 4th from 5-9pm and Saturday, Jan 5th from 8:30am-1:30pm. You don't want to miss the Bay Area Diamond Cake Dive or our amazing selection of wedding bands and engagement rings! You can still register for the Cake Dive until 11:59pm on Wednesday.
It's Get Organized Month in January. What's your biggest organizing challenge when it comes to your knitting and crochet?
Gorgeous engagement rings don't need to cost a fortune. Here are 62 dreamworthy sparklers--with price tags you won't believe. Honestly, you may need to sit down for this.
What's happening to us? Part 2 Nay:hey- Destiny;We need to talk Nay:about what? Destiny:us. Nay: are you okay ? o.o Destiny: yeahhh …. Nay: stop lying to me babe lol tell me what’s up ? Destiny: im just….thinking about stuff Nay: what kind of stuff ? Destiny:that we are not gonna work out Nay:wait what? Destiny:*sigh* Nay:What are you trying to say Destiny? Destiny:I think we should break up Nay:why? Destiny:because im in a different state and idk what your doing and you dont know what im doing not saying i was Nay:*crying* Destiny:Im sorry Nay:i thought you fukin loved me Destiny:i do Nay:no because you wouldnt be doing this right now Destiny:we dont get to do anything but txt and talk on the you really think that is a relationship Nay:idgaf at east i had you adn tht all the matters Destiny:Nay Nay:what? Destiny:im sorry but its not worth it Nay:whateveer...*hangs up* It was morning Sammie goes to Nay room and sits next to her Sammie:You okay ? Nay:no,yes *sigh* idk Sammie:well tbh she d ...
Harry Imagine for Jazzie --K.Styles-- It was midnight and you just got back from a party at your friends house. Your phones rings as you get into your bed with your boyfriend Micheal. "Hello." you say. Hey, is this (y/n)? you hear a deep voice say. "Yeah. Who is this?" Im Harry, Harry Styles. "You mean like THE Harry Styles?!" Yeah, I was at the party earlier and your friend said you left your wallet here. He says. "Oh My God!!!" you say searching through your purse looking for it. I can bring it to you tomorrow, if you'd like. He says flirty. "Okay. Where can we meet?" you say quietly trying not to wake up Micheal. Umm... Your house? He replys. "Okay, see you then." --THE NEXT DAY-- You woke up early to get ready for Harry to come over. Babe? Micheal says from your room. "Yeah?" you say remembering he doesnt work today. What are you doing? "Cleaning, the house needs it." The doorbell rings and you rush to answer it and run outside. "Hey." Hi. he says back. Heres your wallet. "Thanks, im glad you found it ...
So what's everyone's favourite release of 2012?
Out with the old and in with the AHHmazing! Pure romance has announced a great new product line that starts January 2 and will leave you begging for more! But as we all know, for one great thing to begin, another must end. Attached to this post in comment will be a list of "while supplies last" products that I would love to share with you at 15% off. (PM only. Orders placed on my website will not include discount)
Did you know the diamond engagement ring wasn't always the standard in pre-wedding rings? Prior to a diamond marketing campaign, people frequently wore simple bands or their favorite gemstone.
Greville Rossiter offers everything from diamond rings, bracelets, wedding rings, earrings and pendants. For more information please visit our site: ...
Know your precious stones – YELLOW SAPPHIRE - PUKHRAJ Yellow Sapphire – Technical – Hardness 9, Specific Gravity 4.03, Refractive Index 1.76 to 1.77 Yellow Sapphire is an oxide of aluminium and generally occurs as crystals of twelve-sided prisms. The cost depends on the transparency of Yellow Sapphire translucent ones are cheaper and less effective for astrological remedies. Yellow Sapphires from Kashmir are the best and are pale yellow transparent crystals. SUPERIOR YELLOW SAPPHIRE are heavy to feel have no dots or bubbles, have a smooth texture and do not have any lines or layers. INFERIOR YELLOW SAPPHIRE are lustreless are rough to feel, have dots or bubbles inside, have other shades of colour beside yellow, appear dry and may also have lines or layers. YELLOW SAPPHIRE is prescribed when Jupiter owns good houses and is well placed in the chart. It is mounted in Gold. It is mostly worn on a waxing Moon/shukla paksha Thursday morning on the index finger(1st). Your astrolgers will tell you whether t ...
Fantastic January sale ! Half price diamond rings, bracelets ect. Your last chance to buy your Royal Wedding souveniers at half price. Also a wide selection of antique silver at greatly reduced prices..
First to Harry gets a picture with them tagged ~ Sophie I would find lots of things clothes shoes diamond rings
You guys are seriously making me smile! You guys are awesome! (: GTS "Give you this, give you that" ~Deja Horan
Imagine for owner Its 3 days to your birthday and your only wish is to have you brother, Liam Payne, home to celebrate with you. In 2010 he joined x-Factor as a solo and left in a band, a band that was now, in the span of 2 years, one of the biggest. You were extremely happy for him, he was living his dream, but you missed him like crazy. His 4 other band members were friends of yours, they were practically like brothers to you now, and it was crazy, but fun.. But one of them, Harry Styles.. You were head over heels for him, just like half of the worlds female population. You tried to call your brother. He never seems to pick up.. You tried a few more times, but no luck. You were just about to put down your phone when it rang "I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape you never want to know how much you eat, you still have to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect to me" you picked up the phone to find it wasn't your brother who called back, but Harry. His voice always calmed you. You we ...
We are getting in over 100 new diamond engagement rings and new settings. Traditional styles, diamond halo, solitaire, and we also do custom designs. New year new engagement center at Koosh Jewelers.
New Sled is here so getting ride of one of the two spare sleds. First is a 2010 M8 153" SnoPro Limited Edition All Black Very Clean Low Miles (1142.8), Hy-Faxs, and serviced Diamond Drive, clutches and looked over whole sled. Only physical damage is minor dent on rear tail of sled by back bumper Occurred when towing home a down sled, and scratch on hood. Comes with: -Boss seat -Fox Floats -Cutler Primary Clutch Setup with quick change pins -SpeedWerx Secondary Kit -BMP Exhaust Can -Ice scratchers -RK Tech Head -BDX Black Boxx Air Intake -BDX Oil Injection Delete always mixed 40:1 with Klotz Oil -Frog Skin Vent Kit on hood -2011 ECU Flash -Few Stock parts as well, Spare Adjustable steering post, Head, Etc. This sled was the test sled for the first SpeedWerx Procharger Kit and has been professionally taken care of since day one by either SpeedWerx or Us (Empire Diesel Performance). Asking $7,000 Next Sled is a 2007 M8 SnoPro 153" Orange and Black Motor was just gone through this past summer at 3800 miles an ...
On our 1 year anniversary issue, we bring more of your favorite bands to it; from All Time Low, All American Rejects, The Maine, Action Item, Big Time Rush, Boys Like Girls, Stop Dead, Courage My Love...
Tonight at 7pm!! Be a noodle and enjoy an endless plate of spaghetti for $10 and all regional beer pitchers for $5 off (that means $12 Manny's, Chainbreaker White IPA, Black Butte Porter, Spire Dark and Dry, $17 Diamond Knot Industrial IPA)!! We'll also be playing Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Rings. It's perfect for the beer/spaghetti comatose
Little Giant Ladders
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