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Di Matteo

DiMatteo Vineyards is a winery located in Hammonton in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Formerly a family produce farm, the vineyard was first planted in 2000, and opened to the public in 2002. In 2010, the winery moved its headquarters to a new location in Hammonton.

Roberto Di Matteo Champions League Steve Clarke Aston Villa Lucien Favre Fernando Torres Di Canio Guus Hiddink Arrigo Sacchi

Tone if you are replacing Di Matteo then you need someone with ties to the club to replace him. I suggest Stan Collymore
Garry Thompson: Aston Villa on the right track with Di Matteo: Former Holte End hero Garry Thompson rec...
Conte, Mou, Hiddink, Di Matteo, Benitez, Avram Grant, Villas-Boas, Ancelloti. None of them sold Mikel and you think juju doesn't work abroad
David Luiz had worked with Ancelotti, Villas-Boas, Di Matteo, Benitez and Mourinho at Chelsea, and now Conte. THAT'S SIX MANAGERS!
Adomah in, Adama out, shake it all about. Do the Di Matteo and clear the deadwood out, that's what it's all about.
Di Matteo looking to bring in defender Liam Ridgewell as defensive backup after Jores Okore departs the club. (The Sun)
Villa's managerial team is making me laugh. Di Matteo (jammiest Champions League winner ever, sacked by WBA), Kevin Bond & Steve Clarke!
Aston Villa: Roberto Di Matteo on his release clause frustration
Di Matteo promotes Hepburn-Murphy, Green and McKirdy to first team.
exactly, I think we will hear something in the next week anyway. Di Matteo and Xia seem like they know what they're doing.
My thoughts on the latest at Blues, Di Matteo and the passing of 'The Greatest'...
New assistant manager, Coach, fitness coach and goalkeeping coach to assist Di Matteo. So much happier with this set up!
Di Matteo confirmed, now for Steve Clarke: When Tim Sherwood was appointed it was the wrong decision bu...
Benitez, Monk, Pearson, Coyle, Neil, Di Matteo, Hughton, McCarthy, now in the Championship having all managed in the Premier League.
Di Matteo named as new Aston Villa manager: Roberto Di Matteo has been handed the task of restoring Aston Vil...
Does anyone else have a horrible feeling that one day the rejected duo of Di Matteo and Clarke might come back to haunt us?
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with Pearson at Derby, Monk at Leeds & Di Matteo going to Villa,wolves are once AGAIN going to be left behind!
Di Matteo to Villa, Steve Clarke as assistant, Owen Coyle to Blackburn and Gary Monk to Leeds. All will be out of those jobs by Xmas 🎄.
Villa appointing Di Matteo with Clarke as his assistant 😂 may as well throw in Irvine as coach and stick Dean Kiely in goal
Koeman, Emery unrealistic. Villas Boas wants to stay in Portugal, Di Matteo going to Villa. Stubbs, Flores not high enough calibre yet
maybe Di Matteo is just changing his name to Bob Matthews?
Good luck Di Matteo as don't think David Blane could do any magic to sort that club out.
If possible I would sign Sampaoli/Di Matteo/ Villas Boas for at least 3 yrs as Gala coach.
still going after RDM, Moyes was never offered the job, Di Matteo is the number 1 target and they’ve not swayed from that - Brum Mail
By ur logic di Matteo is better than Wenger cause he has also won European cup?
Roberto Di Matteo didnt play the same 11 after villas get sack and win CL?
Pellegrini might've won a title but Di Matteo won the Champions League, and I bet no one would want him either
Di Matteo was strong favourite. Now Moyes? Rodgers was in the frame. They all saying no!!???
He's the right man. Pearson would of done the job also. Both are better than Di Matteo
i remember Chelsea of di matteo version
are you upset your chum di Matteo is no longer under consideration for the villa job?
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Got to be him or Pearson, you dont want Di Matteo, need a disciplinarian
New Chinese owner of Aston Villa Dr Tony Xia has pledged to make up to £50M available for signings. Roberto Di Matteo is…
/sigla di Don Matteo playing in the background/.
very good. Never brought into the Mourinho park the bus crap, it was Di Matteo who parked the bus at Chelsea not Mourinho
Double standards! Di Matteo won UCL for CFC. Mou didnt. Period! If you say it's luck, I can also say Mou's Porto's & Inter was luck
Roberto Di Matteo amazing goal celebration for back in 1996. Scene created by
no official deal for di Matteo though and Pearson Matr
Seems Di Matteo is heading to Lazio, leaving us with Pearson and Moyes...can only see it being Davey.
well have him 5/6 and Di Matteo looks like going to .
di matteo was a one trick pony with decent players , I can't remember anybody tipping Porto
truly gutted, like when we sacked Di matteo after 5 months, sad sad news
for the record Hollis was never in China and Di Matteo was not offered the job and was 'set to sign'
Hope Moyes rumours are true, that being said I'd be delighted with Pearson or Di Matteo too. . Right, back to the Barca game..
Roberto Di Matteo set to be appointed villa boss on 3 year deal
Xia reps have spoken to Moyes after Di Matteo is in talks with Roma. It is. Believed that Moyes will be manager in next 48 hrs
Pearson for me despite being a di matteo fan. WBA sacking him was criminal.
-As Mazzarri Becomes Ighalo’s New Boss SS Lazio of Italy midfielder, Eddy Ogenyi Onazi may be set to enjoy the...
Di Matteo has the Champions League too, I don't see Madrid/Inter Calling for him
Di Matteo has a UCL title, he must be elite too
Bigger statement than Di Matteo or Pearson. Also, given time, can create a top 6 PL team which is what Xia wants
2/ in my mind it's between Moyes and Di Matteo. I think an agreement with Moyes is in place for when Xia is approved.
he's a club legend but he's nowhere near Di Matteo's legendary status, alright?
Moyes IMO. Pearson just flavour of the month and a arrogant bully, while Di Matteo doesnt feel quite right for me.
I'd prefer him all day to Di Matteo.
moyes can handle the pressure from the club and fans , I think di matteo and Pearson will crack if things are not going good
I was getting myself ready for Pearson, and then happier about Di Matteo. But please let it be Moyes.
Depending on what report you read it looks a 3 way fight between Moyes Pearson & Di Matteo for Villa job who is your choi…
eatsleepsport: Villa sweat on Di Matteo chances: Aston Villa may miss out on Roberto Di Matteo, with re...
Di Matteo thought to be in talks with Lazio. Told he has options to consider as well as
Di Matteo 'talking to Lazio': Roberto Di Matteo was in Rome on Saturday for talks with Lazio about becoming t...
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Di Matteo watching the players in his first training session
Hi Sarah,hope you`re ok.Pat Murphy from BBC,reckons Di Matteo might be our manager,is he any good? Thanks.
Martinez, Rogers, Moyes, Di Matteo, Pearson, Uncle Tom Cobley, i'd have them all in preference
With Williams, Martinez, de Boer and Di Matteo, José will have amazing backroom at next season
Di Matteo?! He's no better than Martinez. And de Boer is far from similar to Moyes.
Di Matteo: Conte has great chance to build something great at Chelsea for next 5-10 years: Roberto Di Matteo ...
Roberto Di Matteo: What the Chelsea squad can expect from Antonio Conte: Roberto Di Matteo has warned the Chel...
my congratulations mate, long live Di matteo, who was sacked after winning the UCL
Di Matteo: "will probably have to recruit players for the system Conte has to play. He's quite demanding and he's hands on" (Sky)
Di Matteo: "And in the national team Conte changes, sometimes playing three or four at the back." (Sky)
Di Matteo: "The years Conte was at he almost always played with three centre backs and two strikers" (Sky)
Di Matteo: "Conte will have to start to rebuild the team to be successful for the next 5 to 10 years. It's a difficult job but a nice job"
Di Matteo: "I think Conte will be a success. He's got a great chance because there's a new era starting at Chelsea next year" (Sky)
Di Matteo: "Conte is a great manager, very well prepared, he was successful at & is doing a great job with the Italian national team"
Ex-Blues boss gives his verdict on Chelsea's new manager -
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Italian: I actually had a "great" relationship with Abramovich, I can't say a bad word about him -
'I can't say a bad word about Roman Abramovic,' says Roberto Di Matteo
rumour has it Di Matteo's agent in touch to register his interest
Di Matteo: Sacking Chelsea managers has worked well for Abramovich. via
Sacking managers has worked well for Roman Abramovich, says I...
Di Matteo didn't get enough credit for what he did for Chelsea in 2012
I would take Di Matteo in a heartbeat. Attractive football that would excite the fans of financially backed
apparently (emphasis there) Di Matteo and Bisela have been linked. Either or would be brilliant
Steve Clarke and Roberto Di Matteo both confirm they would be interested in the Celtic job.
Just a thought but what about Di Matteo
It's Di Matteo for me, I think Martinez's record is verry iffy...i'd take him and support him though.
coincidentally, on the same day, Robbie di Matteo struck a deal with the devil to promote the footballing dark arts.
Di Matteo: "Conte is a great manager, he’s well-prepared. He’s been very successful and I think he will be successful with [GOS]
at Moyes and di matteo, if we can't get them we should beg strachen to come back, wouldn't have Lennnon back
Di Matteo: "At Juventus, Conte preferred the 3-5-2 formation, but with Italy he changes it a lot. So I don’t know what he w…
Di Matteo: "Conte has a great chance, there is kind of a new era starting at next season. They will have to rebuil…
Yet, i don't remember Mancini getting all these articles, same with Di Matteo at Chelsea even after a Champions League!
Why would Di Matteo be interested in playing in the championship?
Di matteo and Di Canio very interested in the villa job. Id have no problems with di matteo
fair enough, seen a few people say it on here. I'd take De Boer/Di Matteo myself.
Okay, is Geelong the most poetic city in Aus today? It must be. Also up for is Pane di Matteo
and if pelegrini gets the sack who would y'all get.. . Moyes? Di. Matteo...??? . Think fam.. . Pelegrini can't leave fam..
(excluding Mourinho who is supposedly bound) Rudi Garcia, Nuno Santo, Lucien Favre & Roberto Di Matteo are the only managers available
lola Lingua di neve - Tongue of snow - Matteo Bersani has added a photo to the pool: Pendici del Grand Tournali...
Is Di Matteo an option for the Everton job? Realistic and/or interested in the job?
what's happened to Roberto Di Matteo? Won Chelsea the Champions League then got sacked
Klopp's still s genius though he got Dortmund to UCL final. Didn't win it tho like Di Matteo.
I liked a video from The Di Matteo Effect at Chelsea FC
He had a long managerial career before Atletico though. Di Matteo managed West Brom for 5 months or so and got sacked.
Wish we kept Di Matteo, man won us a Champions League yet we sack him so early. Disgraceful the way we treat legends and managers.
That half season under caretaker Di Matteo was the best time as a Chelsea fan.
Chelsea FC, they'll forget to send Roberto Di Matteo birthday wishes but remember Fernando Torres birthday. ***
when your manager is clearly incapable of winning due to tactics, you have to buy good players. Like pellegrini/ di matteo
Villa fans seem to want Pearson?. Can we aim a bit higher:. Di Matteo?. Rodgers?. Monk?.
Di Matteo knocked Pep Guardiola's Barcelona out of the CL.
sacrifice suggests we've won it already. Di Matteo went to CFC n won the CL as temporary
Chelsea were lucky enough to have won the coveted trophy with the least expected manager. Where's Di Matteo? We'll never forget him.
No. He's as good as gone. We should pull out all the stops to get a top manager in. Di Matteo, De Boer, Bielsa, etc.
Guidolin will be gone indeed, no doubt about that. Di Matteo seems a good shout!
Interesting. Guidolin is as good as gone though mate. Someone new will come in. Di Matteo should be an option too imo.
Would love to see di matteo at the Villa but dont think it would happen .
Di Matteo won them UCL, sacked next season lol
is Woodward reluctant to give it to Giggs incase he does a Di Matteo, and then he feels he has to give it to him?
We replace Martinez with Di Matteo and we'll finish top 4
Maybe need a defensive minded assistant coach , someone like di matteo would be really ideal for them
Apart from Di Matteo for Chelsea which other player has managed the same club to win anything major in Premier era?
Di Matteo's one in the 2nd leg was epic with the commentary
nice I did a Di Matteo and joined Valencia in February and won the Ucl in my first year of management
Would only shoot from Di Matteo range for about 6 months
Thought when DI Matteo left I'd stop being robbed of money by Schalke but...
David Trezeguet looks so much like Di Matteo
Looking forward to Chelsea's next Italian makeover. Loved the style that came with Vialli, Di Matteo & Zola & Claudio & Ca…
Chelsea sacked a coach midway and replaced with Di Matteo. They went on and won 2 TROPHIES with him: FA Cup and UCL. Why can't we?
Starting a petition to knight Di Matteo.
Roberto Di Matteo has as many European Cups as Matt Busby.
Either Di Matteo FA cup final or some Italian football on channel 4
pep and Barca were 2-1 ahead when Terry got sent off and Messi missed a PK. Di Matteo did what?
like Chelsea with Di Matteo after he won champs league
if we have to bring back anyone its gonna be Roberto Di Matteo, weve gotta win Champions League again
your question is put on hold lol . put on hold as unclear what you're asking by Mitch Wheat, Kevin Guan, Idos, A. Di Matteo
If United did that I wonder would LVG still go? Remember when Di Matteo won the FA Cup and CL and still got sacked!
Great shout, I'd go for Ossie Webb Thomas Bumstead Wise Di Matteo and Drogba
Chelsea have a long line of Italian managers & it has not ended that well for some - Di Matteo & a certain Ranieri.
Guus and Di Matteo work better when they are interims. Somehow, they've proven that the main job is bigger than them.
he'll probably end up staying on providing he carries on with these good results.. Di Matteo all over again
no but Guus is far better than Di matteo tactically. That's not the point, I'm just staying positive. That's all I have
He's Di Matteo. A legendary player so out of his depth as a coach that his standing there act was always going to fail eventually.
Was abt to say that. Ancelotti, di Matteo. Ranieri. Not to mention Mancini also doing well at Citeh. So, yeah. U never kno.
Under Di Matteo we played free flowing football, but conceded too many. Under Pulis is the exact opposite. We need more of a balance.
He probably goes to sleep at night wondering how to aspire himself to become Di Matteo.
Neither was Di matteo but that win over barca in the semis over two legs.
Di Matteo, Vialli ... Players with fighting spirit : not *** of this season ! They are embarrassing !
Di Matteo analysis of ec. crisis in TBay:Real GDP Growth -3.1 in 2009; -2.5% in 2008; -0.6% in 2007; -0.1% in 2006.
on Di Matteo there's only one Di Matteo one Di Matteo.
some of the worst logic I've seen on here. So you're saying Di Matteo is a great?
So Di Matteo is a "great manager"? Carlo is a better manager than SAF?
Zidane ain't got no clue what he's doing at Madrid, though. Di Matteo from France, can raise them up but never will be a top coach.
Vialli, Di matteo, Zola, Deschamps, Gullit..all had experience of Italian league. I agree
I remember the season under Di Matteo just being a boring grind. Not all sunshine and roses in the Chumpionship.
He couldn't be arsed doing any work on the wing, was visibly revolting under Di Matteo. Shocking shout was keeping faith in Torres
Guys one of our friend is missing since Tuesday. . Please share!
I liked a video from Chelsea fans chant opposition managers name - only one Di Matteo
I liked a video theres only one di matteo chelsea v fulham 28th nov 2012
Di matteo on his ting from to chelsea taking them to shows how football changed quick
Mowbray - attacking football = relegated , di matteo would have been same cant all become a Leicester not that easy
In the finals of High Flair competition!! Starting at 1:00 am! . Finalists: Sergey, Dario Di Carlantonio, Matteo,...
We have really good luck with Italians: Vialli, Zola, Di Matteo, Ancelotti!
im not sure Abramovic's philosophy will fit with Conte's (italian coach)..Learn from Ranieri, Vialli or Di Matteo
And we fired them. We even managed to erase Di Matteo from our history. . -
Di Matteo: Arrigo Sacchi is one of the best football coaches in the world as he has many different play-tactics and plans.
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by your logic Di Matteo is a genius, Arrigo Sacchi is falling allover himself to shine his shoes.
way as Di Matteo's team did to win it and they are never gonna out football Barca, Bayern, Real etc
ah the 2 Di's Di Canio & Di Matteo!! Lombardo doesn't count he's only caretaker
Di Matteo managed west brom as a permanent boss so think he's ok.
Question for you guys- Was Di Matteo not a caretaker boss for Chelsea at the time?? Honestly can't remember...
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ITALIANpodcast. talk about 1st film
unless he is proven like Di Canio, Zola or Di Matteo please no
*** trovato un remix di How deep is your love da paura
well I mean the season after. Ancelotti (PL and FA), Di Matteo (CL and FA). Jose (CL And COC)
Di Matteo is Chelsea's greatest manager? This is a test of common sense that I'm putting you through right now
una for fit consider Di Matteo for your coaching job cos he won the "all in all" trophy then. He should have a job
Di Matteo won the Champions League what does that prove? Lol
So what does the UCL have to do with that? You can't call a manager better because he has won the UCL. Di Matteo won it FFS
yeah agree di matteo wasn't great. Was just what e needed at time. Club was on a low after avb just needed someone to come...
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managers do have a big involvement can't disagree. But I feel the players have more of a say. Like Di matteo I feel management
A brilliant documentary about Graphic Design in Greece and the future of European design - thanks Stavros (^_-).
Anchelloti won it, Di matteo won Champions League. Club doesn't evolve around one man. The players are the match winners
I think Di Matteo would have injected some committment and passion into this very poor lifeless side.
there hasn't been any in modern era. Giggs really should have gone lower leagues. Like di Matteo did before Chelsea appointment
Summin up Chelsea in one word ,mate - Roberto Di Matteo .. XD smh!
Di Matteo won us the Champions League with Fernando Torres up front😂
Dude, Why do you think Di Matteo let his contract run before he went looking for another job?
Had the bloke doing the Di Matteo celebration in the ring 😂
somewhat agree with that Chelsea had anclettioni and di Matteo but then they avb and scolari like it's still a mixed bag
Yes. It doesn't matter if he has a big name. Someone like Di Matteo. But Roman.. he will go after names like Simeone, etc.
Hall Of Fame? Roberto Di Matteo played 119 games from 1996-2002 scoring 26 goals. Vote or
Di Matteo now joint favourite with bookmakers for job via
AVB did play Sturridge, it was Di Matteo who didn't rate Sturridge at all. Lukaku yeah, but at that point he was 17 no?
I'd go for Marcelo Bielsa, Lucien Favre, Thomas Schaaf or Di Matteo. All free agents, all play attractive expansive way!
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Or we could appoint the dream team of Di Matteo and Eddie Newton. Or secret option C - Steve Holland.
What is Di Matteo up to these days? Or is it the assistant coach that needs to lead the team? In that case Steve Holland might be up
mourinho has never been in a club more then 3/4 years. Di Matteo, Ancelotti, grant, de Matteo. Was that loyalty?
I wonder who gonna replace Jose if he get sacked today. Ancelotti? Guus Hiddink? or… Di Matteo again 🤔
Di matteo won my darling club UCL for d 1st time in history..and still got Sacked..Y nt Sack d Ordinary 1 mourinho Nw!
Di Matteo is Jose Aldo and I'm pretty sure Florence is Robert Plant.
did he really take over from Di Matteo? Wow my mental timeline is all over the shop.
Ancelotti, Hiddink, AVB, Rafa and Di Matteo then in between his spells ;)
If Mourinho leaves Chelsea, who would take over? Ancelotti? Hiddink again? Or Di Matteo? Worked well last time...
I googled DI MATTEO. I saw 'Champions League winner' and then "out of job" just after. I thought winning UCL protects one from even HIV
Most of the Chelsea fans now just started supporting last season. Never see Lamps, Carvalho, Essien, Di Matteo etc mentioned.
Chelsea in the league when they sacked Di Matteo: 3rd. Chelsea in the league now: 15th . 🐸 ☕
Do you remember what happened with Di Matteo.? 👏🏽
When i think about it, Di Matteo could be one. I really like him
I would say Di Matteo but I doubt whether he's good enough.
Di Matteo, won the UCL by exact timings of substitutions
apart from Di Matteo and Spalletti, there literally is no one else available.
Di matteo stats in pl 2012-13 :. 12 games , 7W 3D 2L : 24 points 3rd in the table 3 points from top and yet get sacked :D
Just read that approached Benitez before hiring Di Matteo in 2012. I'm shivering to think how different things could've been. Thank god
I still remember the magic touch from Andre Villa Boas, Roberto Di Matteo and Guus Hiddink. New records exist in Chelsea histories.
true but di Matteo won the Champions League and few months later got sacked? Doesn't mean a thing nowadays
Chelsea keen to stand by José Mourinho but history shows their sackings work (Grant; Hiddink; Di Matteo and Benitez)
I hate Mourinho but if Di Matteo comes back we will get relegated
My "2nd team" as a kid, Zola, Vialli, Di Matteo ect. I gave up my following once Veron and an influx of others arrived.
Luca Antonelli is expected to start ahead of Matteo Di Sciglio today for
Ranieri deserves the credit, Jose just finished off the job. Carlo and Di Matteo both won doubles, yet everyone remembers Mo…
if Mourinho is to go,I would prefer back Di Matteo...he left in a sad way
is better with interim managers than stable ones. We won more and bigger trophies with Di Matteo Hiddink&Benitez
Chelsea should have never sacked Roberto Di Matteo
Di Matteo was a club legend so he had earned loyalty but i take it you were not a fan before 2003
Ancelotti was a success, as was Di Matteo, but did it with class. He is a wally and I would hate him at my club.
He deserved better. Di Matteo deserved better. A lot of managers deserved better.
Guardiola in summer. Di Matteo/Holland/Wilkins or someone like that interim for now.
Why is it that after every successful season we have, we collapse the next one... Ancelotti 2011. Di Matteo 2012. Mourinho 2015. List goes on.
If ancelloti returns to chelsea the club are gonna look retarded. We'll sack him and get di matteo
when you keep arguing with your girl. "RUMOURS: Ancelotti ready to return". "Hidink hints at return". Fans: "we want Di Matteo back"
The Dominican friars of the Basilica di San Clemente wish to extend their congratulations to H.E. Matteo Maria...
Can think of plenty others Id rather have Lambert Pearson Di Matteo, O'Neill if Ireland don't qualify. Clough No Thanks
Roberto Di Matteo v Arsenal in the League Cup back in 1998! (Vine by
I remember the season he took over from Di Matteo I think
Di Matteo won the Champions League and he was sacked too!
we are going through a CRISIS period we shoudent of got rid of Di Matteo. When he won us Champions League
I do think the same tbh. Maybe you can focus on the UCL this year? Imagine a repeat of Di Matteo's half year Becky? :)
So many Chelsea fans can't imagine their team doing well under another manager other than Mou. Di Matteo can have a cup of coffee to that.
How long before Big Phil, AVB, Robbie Di Matteo or The Fat Spanish Waitor is linked with a move back to the bridge? 😴
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Di Matteo & Celestine Babayaro were at a time untouchable at but while the italian went on to become a UCL winner as coach,Cele is ???
Didn't know Di Matteo got sacked from Schalke
even di matteo said he was the most influential player during the tournament he's goals and assists vs Napoli etc
Mou will be here another 8-10 years. Di matteo and Simeone would be 55, Rui faria would be 50, Lamps would be 47. JT 44.
Dont want Rui Faria to possibly take over Chelsea from Mourinho one day. Prefer Simeone, Lampard of even Di Matteo.
Chelsea always had it kind over the years. In 12/13 they bottled under Di Matteo. Juve/Shakhtar wasn't necessarily a death group.
Any good manager can have success with a team because he built it ! Di Matteo got the team that Ancelotti built
If he's as good as Di Matteo I'll be buzzing though
I can only think of one.. Roberto Di Matteo?
tell that to di matteo :D sorry, but it was lucky that all 3 teams in KO-Stage were bad, or not at their level. Barca
Don't forget to tune into the on Sunday to hear me and Livio di Matteo talking about deficits, the economy, and tax policy
A cameraman crashed into Usain Bolt after his victory today. Watch:
Today I will be part of a panel discussion with Livio di Matteo on with the CBC's which I believe will air on Sunday
He done it with Di Matteo- scathed him for not doing well in the league. Very bitter man sometimes.
Ambitious I know but Roberto Di Matteo: Needs to rebuild career, plays attractive football and would have player's respect.
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well done Matteo , such a good performance , keep going bro
We should infact our defence looks porous,reminds me of Di Matteo‘s error
Di Matteo has to be one, dunno about the other...
Surely there are THREE: Gullit, Vialli and di Matteo?
maybe it's time for di Matteo to come coach Montreal, Drogba connection
Yeah, I thought he would've progressed under Di Matteo in 12-13 with his u21 performances
Reckon we could go far in the competition, similar to Di Matteo's Chelsea.
Jose is ruining Chelsea. We played better football under Di Matteo and Benitez!
Desailly and Di Matteo bought by Harding. Wise isn't worthy of mention. Osgood great but even Stoke have had 1-2 great players
the only thing I know about St Gallen was that it's where Roberto Di Matteo broke his leg
Most definitely Di Matteo for deep fried pizza ...amazing and Pizzeria Michele. ..for the best Marinara.
Drogba, Ballack, Paulo Ferreira, Di Matteo, Dennis Wise, Cech, Joe and Ashley Cole etc right up there.
the next season we had leboeuf, di matteo, Zola etc... Still had duberry and Myers though :-/
Yup! You got your one under Roberto Di Matteo, lol. I'd be surprised if Mourinho is able to pull one off at Chelsea.
If Drogba ever does, he'll be just like Di Matteo. Everything will be just passion driven.
not so much with di matteo, ranieri, avb or ancelotti funnily enough Jose.
On this day in 1996, our Champions League winning Manager Roberto Di Matteo scored his first goal for Chelsea! http:…
yeah but nobody thought Di Matteo would do it with Bosingwa either , but can they repeat the feat Jose might but its tricky
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