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Di Maria

Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, better known as Sandro Botticelli (c.

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switch pique and Jardel, switch messi and di Maria, switch Matuidi and pastore
Di Maria: 'Where is my birthday cake?'
rip my Ben Arfa and me being di Maria for cheap
still have no idea why we did try to get in the Di Maria deal
we paid 60m for a 26 yo Di Maria. 60m+bonuses for the best young midfielder would be great
no aguero, De Gea, or di maria? Nice job ea, now we can all go back to packing nonstop oblaks who sell for like 20k 👍👍👍👍 😂
'That's the pitch where he told Di Maria to stop dribbling.'
The same case was with Di Maria and James. Rodriguez was brought in because he scores more goals, not sells more shirts
De Gea isn't di Maria, completely different people if you can't tell
: "di maria wasn't a flop , but memphis was"😂 SMH
Di Maria did the same and left. Tbh I don't believe anything the players say.
Think there is a good bit of paperwork united know about😂and how can you blame Di Maria LVG made it horrible
don't compare De Gea and Di Maria. De Gea has been way professional about it
I don't think di maria could sign for another club without us knowing :/
what's De Gea doing? Di Maria didn't show up to pre season and signed for PSG without United even knowing
People call di maria a snake but at least he didn't do what De Gea is doing
Martial will also flop as di maria at Manchester United
Winner of Di Maria TOTS i found. Congratulations to Jonathan Midtmageli Holm! Will contact you ASAP.
Yes Andy but we let RVP go for £3m, took a £21m hit on Di Maria after 1 season. Chicharito was sold for peanuts too.
Ronaldo? Queiroz? Nani and Anderson (until later on)? Di Maria? Brought Rojo in as well. Scouting network in Portugal?
I'm thinking Thiago Messi for Di Maria and Mateo Messi for Tata.
Falcao was a punt worth taking, who knew Di Maria would fail to settle so badly, nani and Anderson did alright for us, De Gea
how can you step up when Casemiro is having his Di Maria period from January in that year of La Decima?! impossible.
Ohh mister. ..Mr. La Decima..I will never forgive Perez for letting you, Ozil and Di Maria go
'Di Maria practically won you La Decima'. yeah, no.
I will never forgive him for letting Shinji Kagawa and Di Maria go!
No rodriguez. That's just another own goal like Di Maria. Varane, Griezman and Pogba please.
If we had kept Hernandez, RVP, Falcao and Di Maria! We'd have won the league this season if LVG knew how to use them efficiently
Fam,this is the same guy who chased away Di Maria & Hernandez,yet kept cows like Fellaini & Valencia mxm!!
22 - James Rodríguez has been involved in 22 goals in La Liga, one more than Di Maria last season. Key.
£60m for James Rodriguez by ManU!. For what??? . That's how they'll buy big & Burnley will come & claim title, and he'll do them Di Maria.
Not playing De Gea for the first 4 games, his insistence to play Rojo, getting rid of BOTH RvP and Hernandez, selling Di Maria etc.
Di Maria,Nani & Hernandez would have scored atleast 20 goals & RVP alone 10 goals LVG sold them not the PL rules
Hopefully he wouldn't end up like Di Maria
Falcao flopped, even under Jose at Chelsea. Di Maria was mis used and RVP was on the decline
Anyway point is that Ashley Young, Lingard, Carrick, Fellaini should not be in the squad over Welbeck, Kagawa, Di Maria and Hernandez
Man Utd sold Di Maria, Kagawa, Hernandez, Welbeck for £80m. 41 goals and 31 assists between them this season (League only). (transfermrkt)
I could see Ancelotti using Costa in the same way he used Di Maria. I'd also like to see Martinez back in mid.
"LvG lost £16m on Di Maria alone.He blamed LvG for picking him out of position. The Dutchman blamed him for not blaming himself."Goal
Player of the Year nominees in full: Ibrahimovic, Ben Arfa, Lass Diarra & Di Maria.
Agree to some extent. Issue isn't good/bad but what fits Van Gaal though. Individualists like Di Maria? No chance.
Di Maria never wanted to be here. I'm glad he's gone. James won't come but it would be sweet.
Throwback to when Di Maria broke Carlos Puyol's legs 🔥
HOT OR NOT: Bell sizzles, Di Maria shows why he was a Premier League flop |
the footballs been boring, creative players like Di Maria,Mata have been ruined by Van Gaal
REPORTER"Di Maria you had a quiet game" yes, when we come from airport we drove past my old house and it brought back terrible memories.
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Di Maria was talking mad crud to the press only to show up and play like Stewart Downing
Love it how made Di Maria look like Gabriel Obertan
When you see Di Maria, Ibrahimovic and Cavani all lining up against Mangala and Otamendi tonight:
Di Maria: Nothing has changed at Man Utd – I left them to win things: Angel Di Maria says he left…
No Verratti, Di Maria or Pastore against Man. City 😱 Why do these things keep happening to me?!? Im a good person! I don't deserve this😩
Di Maria should be fine to face Manchester City next week but Marco Verratti will not be ready for the 1st leg vs. Manuel…
Oh. Cheers mate! I've emailed anyway cos I lost a relic Di Maria when my app crashed too so...
Di maria veratti and pastore out for psg in the first leg 🙂
Woodward is only going to but him for shirt sales like he did Di Maria . If he can get him for 28-32mil it's not bad deal
Di Maria was benched for Young last season, LVG is just an *** like that. Fellaini doesn't deserve to be in our starting 11
tbh idk where you get your news from. Smh. Di Maria is not for sale I heard.
Di Maria got benched so that makes no sense
bruh seriously it been almost a whole year since Di Maria left MU
Lmfaoo I was being sarcastic Di Maria been left us he is in Paris right now
I said the same as di maria so I'll wait and see. James' hasn't exactly set the heather alight at Madrid so I do expect a move
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Is Di Maria still at Manchester United? The international break can give you amnesia.
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I still wonder what makes the Chibok Girls so special and more human than the other abducted girls. It baffles me...
JMS > JMS. fact: Jose Maria Sison will always be a better poet than Juan Miguel Severo. p.s. 'di ako tibak or what. read them both and see.
Could be no Di Maria, Veratti and Pastore for the 1st leg
PSG could be without Di Maria, Pastore and Verratti (the attacking core) for the UCL 1st leg tie with City. [ESPN]
Will trade relic di Maria for FIFA 16 coins
put best at RM and di Maria RW and everyone on full Chem and then swap them in game but great team
PSG could be without Verratti, Di Maria and Pastore. The core of their attacking midfield injured for first leg v Manchester City. [ESPN]
Verratti, Pastore and Di Maria potentially all out for City game, wiping out most of PSG's creative ability. Fernando's…
Remember when he had di Maria and he was doing bits in the beginning of the season?
di Maria doesn't deserve to be in there imo
Di Maria got hurt during the break, worse case scenario smh
A look at PSG's current situation as they prepare to tackle a manic & decisive April schedule - - For
Stats lol. Di Maria had better stats than Coutinho. Phil was among the best players last season.
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Angel Di Maria looking to force Manchester City move.
Well I don't think Di Maria would stay in PSG more than 2 seasons thats why.. If Pep asked for him he'll come for sure
Also according to L'Equipe, Angel Di Maria will be rested for the Nice game this weekend. However, his tibia problem is n…
Le Parisien also report that Di Maria's tibia problem is not serious but add that he will be assessed by PSG's medical st…
That Di Maria snake doesn't deserved to be in that team
+ City could afford to sign a class winger like Di Maria or Douglas Costa or even Marco Reus
has pleased players at Real Madrid C.F. with the capture of Angel Di Maria.
has delighted the fans of Real Madrid C.F. with the signing of Angel Di Maria.
Aye mandem sold Di maria! Chicha and RVP all could have saved us some points this season! But whatevs
if they let memphis go like they did with di Maria then it's official that Van Gaal doesn't understand the prem
on behalf of every Utd fan, please remove Di Maria
Swap Best & Di Maria then everyone is on full chem, just checked it
Michael Oliver is the same referee who sent off Di Maria for dragging his shirt but gave nothing for Joe Hart for headbutt…
for £100k a week? Di Maria and many more go for the money.
Neymar, Di Maria, Aguero also lose the ball. *** are you talking about.
Oi you scallywags.. Who is better now.. Sanchez or Di Maria 🙇🏽
Ranieri [Leicester coach]: "Real Madrid? It all started when Ancelotti left. With Xabi & Di Maria gone, you crashed a wond…
Di Maria is 20 x the player Sanchez is. Sanchez is just about better than Hazard.
I remember last season that Arsenal fans were adamant that Sanchez is better than Di Maria. Absolutely farcical opinion.
Daily reminder to never ever put Sanchez on the same level as Di Maria again
Rio:"Di Maria, Nani, Evra, Welbeck, Chicharito, Evans, Fletcher, Rafael, Kagawa. Are they worse than the players that ar…
Manchester United news: Di Maria, Welbeck, Chicharito are all bette...
Rahman made Di Maria look like Shaun Wright-Phillips in d 1st leg. Di Maria made Kenedy look like Samuel Inkoom in d 2nd leg. Thanks to Guus
Di Maria, We're very happy. We demonstrated our talent, controlled the game & deserved the result h…
FT: Chelsea 1-2 PSG. Good performance by the French side. Ibrahimovic and Di Maria did really well today. Congrats
Zlatan and Di Maria have demolish Chelsea... Its not funny anymore.. Congrats to PSG better luck to Chelsea...Still Chelsea 4Ever✔
Moments before a pass from Di Maria found Ibra free in the box. Cesc gonna Cesc.
Di Maria is the ideal Champions League player. So good on his day
I'm sure they played ozil in the hole and had CR7 and Di Maria on the wings..when they bought Rodriguez he left
PSG really should be ahead. Di Maria creates yet another chance, but guilty of not doing enough to lay it on a plate for Lucas.
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Makelele, Eto'o, Higuain, Di Maria, Lass, Robben, Sneijder, Ozil, Anelka, Diego Lopez, some of the players we sold way too soon..
i'd love all 3 tbh. Di Maria, Isco, Rodriguez. Ofc Özil is here already...
Florentino Perez is destroying Real Madrid. James Rodriguez is a good player, but he isn't a starter. Di Maria is doing fault in Madrid...
James Rodriguez is a good player but selling Di Maria for him wasn't a good idea.
It went wrong for Real Madrid when they got rid of Di Maria for rodriguez. Thats like giving up Bo3 on the ps4 for Bo3 on the ps3 lmao
I've never thought James Rodriguez was a player for Real Madrid. Di Maria at madrid makes him look like a fool. La liga race is over 😤😤😤😤
When did RM decline start? . It all started in Lisbon when Jonathan Barnett's client tapped in an empty goal from a Di Maria rebound shot
Florentino sold Di Maria & got "prima donna" James Rodriguez. Messed up my Madrid! Will go another trophyless season for sure.
. Dear Madridista do you know that:. Di Maria = James + Mateo Kovacic + Isco. “It’s arrogance of Florentino Pérez”
Kaka, Torres, Di Maria, the biggest 3 I know of.
Really feel like Man Utd could do with Van Persie, Nani, Rafael, Hernandez, Welbeck and Di Maria. So much for Van Gaal, eh?
The BPL is really hard. Players can't hack it such as : Di Maria , Chicharito , soldado and Torres. And now Memphis!
Thats why i regret selling Di maria and the other few players. Angel is skinny but he shows some agression and the spd we need.
The problem was that saggy-faced out of date arrogant old swine LVG. Imagine Di Maria at his best for Such a shame.
So in 2 hours I've had Suarez Sif motm di Maria three times the other motms 2 legends in 22 packs and ronaldo
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Angel Di Maria for PSG. 32 games. 13 goals. 12 assists
PSG vs Chelsea: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Angel Di Maria and Willian make combined XI, but who else features?
Lovely assist from Di Maria last night, but what are Van Gaal's other cast-offs up to...
Di Maria and Mata being on the bench while Fellini plays
Di Maria, the British record signing being benched by Ashley Young. Tears in my eyes.
will managers will trust him after this? Sirigu and Blanc got the brunt of it. He also had a dig at Di Maria
Di Maria with an amazing pass to Cavani who puts it away!
"knows the way to goal!" Superb sub Cavani scores the winner after Di Maria's exquisite assist! ⚽️ ht…
Just seen the PSG v Chelsea highlights, why did we sell Di Maria 😭😭😭
Di Maria has his moto back since leaving Man Utd. He was great before joining utd and is great again, you decide where the problem lies.
Di Maria + martial would do so much damage but instead we're stuck with the fat Spaniard
That link up between di Maria and cavani, was class. He turned and was making the run before di Maria played the ball
Ángel Di Maria: "The club have the resources to sign him. Messi could come to Paris."
Di Maria was taking Chelsea for small boys unno
so he's not scared of him and Di Maria he said he was a joker but the word he used could have other meanings
Yeah, about 20 minutes lated they took 5 points off of him so now he's below di maria
I had the pleasure to see Lura in SF, really enjoying her new track "Maria di Lida"via
when did he get reduced? I checked after the game had finished and he was ahead of Di Maria
Chris Waddle: "I never really thought Hazard enjoyed English football, like Di Maria. It’s too much leg work for them.“ [BB…
they had a team there,ozil... james and Di Maria but the wage bill was going to be a hustle that's why they sold them for bale
Di Maria got vision like Raven Baxter bruh!!
.Di Maria and Adu came in in June, David Luis came in in January (winter window)
Di Maria made the right choice leaving Manchester United, he belongs in the Champions League.
Just like Di Maria's season in the PL.
Di Maria surely looks like he regrets leaving a club that's gonna struggle to beat FC Midgetland on a Thursday night in the land of midgets.
We drew with with the likes of Van Persie, Di Maria and David Degea - Posh drew with Westbrom with the likes of Fletcher👏😂
But LVG opted to start Ashley Young over Di Maria
Remember when Hazard, Di Maria and Memphis were all supposed to be better than Sanchez. Look at the last man standing 😊🙃
listed for sale? Ozil signed on deadline day when we were supposedly trying to sign benzema and Di Maria... And Sanchez..
Alexis Sanchez would have gone back to Italy if Juventus could have come up with the money, Di Maria had agreed terms with PSG before FFP.
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Di Maria scoring worldies for PSG. City Liverpool in the Carling Cup final. And United becoming the new laughing stock in…
Jose inherited Ronaldo, Ramos, Benzema, Di Maria look how that turned out!!!
I'd take Di Maria over Sanchez any day of the week
£34 million pounds for Alexis Sanchez? If i were Wenger I'd rather go after Di Maria tbh
Do you think it was a clever idea to sold Di Maria fans favorite and opted James Rodriguez Any disappointment by florentino
Robert Huth has a rival for worst shot of the season. This beaut, from Di Maria.
He's had Özil, Alonso, Kroos, Rodriguez, Modric, Di Maria, Bale, Karim.. Whoever said that should be fired.
Okay, if James Rodriguez goes to Manchester United, it will basically be Di Maria story all over again.
lmao same instance as Di Maria and Rodriguez. Madrid/Perez just wanted the next big thing. That simple and foolish.
I don't think £30m or £35m for him is Disneyland based on Di Maria, Ozil, Bale, Kaka, Carroll, Torres, Benteke
I don't want James Rodriguez at Man Utd. Will be Di Maria all over again.
Why would United buy James Rodriguez when his better version (Di Maria) didn't work out?? Ridiculous link surely...
dear James Rodriguez is just another Di Maria waiting to happen.. id rather have us play with 10 men all season
LVG benched Di Maria for Ashley Young the "Obedient & Do As I Say Servant" after signing the former for £60M. LVG shouldn't h…
Aguero, Costa, Yaya Toure, evn Torres..these are physical players..but Di Maria, Pedro and the likes tho..naah e go hard those type for Epl
like if you want The story of La Decima ft. Casillas and Di Maria and Marcelo
Just got a 188 draft. Featuring toty iniesta,toty Ramos, if ronaldo, if neymar, if bale and if Di Maria.
even Di Maria up stick after a year . All these world class players linked not one came Ramos muller Neymar ect
Blanc backs Di Maria for further PSG improvement: Laurent Blanc believes there is more to come from Angel…
You don't sell a pearl like Di Maria because he's not handsome, reject a Martinez because he's black and expect to climb above FC Barcelona!
Carlo Ancelotti wants to do everything to keep Di Maria in Real Madrid. (MARCA)
And after what happened to Di Maria, what awesome attacking talent would want to go there?
Remember when Utd signed LvG, Falcao, Di Maria and their fans thought they were winning the EPL, UCL and Kaun Banega Crorepati?
only creative attacking players who can compete with Ozil; Di Maria, Silva, Mahrez and James Rodriguez. Coutinho can compete with Drinkwater
The party never ends with Real Madrid. Ozil, Di Maria? Their absence makes no difference. Someone will always replace.
Di Maria needs to learn some manners, because that's just disrespectful. Filthy!
Chicha & Di Maria both scored today for their teams. United losing to Norwich at OT. what a coincidence.
LvG wants James Rodriguez in Man U. NO! I've seen what happened to Di Maria. James to Man U is a big NO.
Why is Di Maria prospering? I feel like God/Jesus/Buddha/Allah/the intelligent universe is forever exposing James Rodriguez.
When you realize you sold Di Maria and Xabi Alonso for James Rodriguez and Kroos
kuya. why did van gael sell Rafael & Di Maria. maybe he came to destroy our name from Mantrophy to manuseless
Transfer News: Chelsea swap with Real Madrid, Arsenal ace wanted, Di Maria on ...
Players Van Gaal has fallen out with since joining United: Valdes, RvP, Rafael, Chicha, Di Maria, Rojo, Mata. He has got to go.
Rafael, Di Maria, Van Persie, and Chicharito have all fallen out with LvG in 18 months but Van Gaal fan boys find it a massive coincidence.
Letting go of Evans, Rafael, Chicharito, Di Maria and bringing in no replacements and still blame injuries ⬅⬅ Mr. Louis van Ego for you
Pride is LVG's problem.that's why Di Maria left...that's why he won't play Young... That's why he keeps falling out with…
Who else has noticed how United over the last two windows have signed a D or S. D: Di Maria, depay, Darmain,danny. S: Shaw, Schneider, schwein
LVG philosophy,can't work with Di Maria,Chicharito,Robin Vap,Januzaj,Wilson,Evans,but is Stupid Mantality can work with Fellaini,Lindegaard
My 2 all time favorite players ->> Mesut Ozil and Javier Pastore! Ne ke rata Di Maria ebe A ntena playing for the enemy
. And that's trying to assist bloody Giroud, when Di Maria has had Ronaldo, Benzema, Ibrahimovic, even Wayne Rooney in front of him.
You let ozil out you let Di Maria and alonso out .. You almost let Ramos go . Then you Sacked ancelotti for Benitez . 😡
PSG's Di Maria scored the 7k goal in a 5-0 win over Malmo. The 1st ever goal was scored by Daniel Amokachi:Club BruggevCSKA Moscow 1992.
Short memory? These players did NOT make a difference. Di Maria worked his *** off, and the fluke goal from Sergio Ramos...
Ancelotti, Di Maria and Ramos won Ronaldo 2014 Ballon d'Or. He should never forget that.
Lol remember when we all though Di Maria was better than Sanchez
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it'll be different this year, Di Maria was exactly what they were missing. (Inb4 they lose in the round of16)
Imagine Martial in place of Di Maria and Memphis and Wazza find form.
di Maria couldn't do that 1 time last season.!
I suppose Angel Di Maria will be putting in a transfer request in the morning
FM had his moments, but a bad mistake 1st 1/2 went unpunished. Di Maria and Banega were the stand outs
Score a last minute winner with Ángel Di María and your opponent must refuse to go to work and demand a move to a smalle…
Sports (World) :: Di Maria: I left Madrid at the right time
Di maria left Manchester where he wasn't comfortable because of a break in.. Di maria now plays for PSG. PSG is a French giant
responds to what has happened in He felt unsafe in and now this?
di maria had a mad chip against Leicester. U still didn't hesitate to call him a flop
If Di Maria thinks Manchester is bad wait till ISIS storm his gaff in Paris🗼👳
Ángel Di María: "Since I left, Real Madrid have won absolutely nothing. I think I left at the best time."
has scored more goals this season than Kane, Lukaku, Cavani, Di Maria & Messi. Just sayin'.
Di Maria should've stayed at United tbh
I got Ribery, Di maria and Suarez from 2 packs 👍👍
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di Maria was sold because he wanted to leave..Rvp was sold because he wanted to leave! You notice a trend here eh?
where's di Maria in the England squad
Incomparable, Di Maria is a winger and Riquelme is attacking Midfielder ..
Lol; Crespo didn't like England, just like Di Maria right?
Di Maria wanted to leave United bc of family being shook over break in; doesn't want to go back to Paris. ...meanwhile. ...
Di Maria was average after his injury. Mou had to play pub players like Ozil and Caletti there and sometimes Benz too.
sell him perez, he is injury prone, bring back Di Maria and Also sign Augbameyang of Dortmund
just packed Suarez and Di Maria. I can give u them cheap if u want them
As a right winger, you wasteman. Di Maria was our best player in the first half of 11-12. Run away from the argument.
Home! Time to buy Purple Costa, Di Maria and Bale and pack those *** blue/turquoise cards
Mourinho had the most devastating counter attack with Los Blancos. Ozil, Di Maria , CR7 and Benzema. 🔥
Can you believe we had Falcao and Di Maria in our team last year. Thats crazy regardless of how bad Falcao is
players never stop trying, he saw the united downfall and played awful. Like Di Maria and Falcao..
Di Maria's wife was very shaken after the robbery in Manchester. Just wait till she gets to Paris & sees ISIS having a field…
Does di Maria feel safer now in Paris rather than in Manchester
Di Maria unlikely to be very popular after criticising yet another former club.
Di Maria: Real Madrid have won nothing since I left
"Di Maria makes Real Madrid dig". What has he won since leaving? Left United because he got robbed. He robbed United.
I left Madrid at the right time - Di Maria: Although he has struggled for form since leaving RealMadrid, Angel...
David Platt also deserves credit for tapping Lenny's potential. I see in Lenny, India's Di Maria
Dancing on ice with Di Maria and Isco.
Bad boy dream. Went back to school and played 5-a-side with Ozil, Sanchez, Di Maria, Cech, Joe Hart, Scholes, and can't remember who else
Players to watch this season🔥. Pogba . Isco. Douglas Costa. Thiago. Di Maria. Sergi Roberto. Martial . Not in order
I can't believe I thought Di Maria was finished .. happy for him though, was unreal against Madrid. What a player
Di Maria: We played 10 times better than Real Madrid Former Real Madrid winger Angel di M…
Quality body feints from Di Maria to fool Isco during A 1-0 loss away at Real Madrid. . Credits to . https:…
SoccerrProblems: Di Maria did this to Isco today ?
SocialRMadrid: ?89 Di Maria hits the bar from a freekick. PSG very unlucky today.
Di Maria just sent Isco back to Malaga
Best player on that pitch has been Di Maria by far
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Marcelo and Di Maria be best friends
Van Gaal ruins creative players. Rivaldo, Luca Toni, Di Maria. He just cannot get the best out of exciting players
Maybe Falcao isn't the problem. Maybe, Van Gaal is the problem. . Before you dismiss it, call di Maria.
At least we signed Di Maria on the same day to brighten the mood lmao
yeah I like di Maria and ibrahimović. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Arsenal lose though
Hazard plays like a poor man's Di Maria.
I think it had a lot to do with Di Maria. Mendes knew he could dictate the rules in the summer of 2014
and Angel Di Maria has been sent off. Uniteds 59.7m signing
Nah I just feel as happy as an Angel Di Maria
Hazard is worse than how di maria was GOSH! (Just saying)
I will be dipping into my savings to fly to Madrid to get the latest on the Di Maria to united deal. I fly tomorrow.
Wow, this is one of the magnificent cathedral I have ever seen. @ Florenz - Cattedrale Di Santa Maria…
he will fit in with his ex players.. Di maria, luiz
Sensational value, chosen over Di Maria and Griezmann too I believe
Moreover, most of the players are United's anymore. Falcao, Di Maria, Johnny Evans et al
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PSG trio of Angel Di Maria, and called up by Argentina for World Cup qualifers
Di Maria says: "I am absolutely delighted to be joining PSG is the only club i would have left Man Utd for."
Di Maria lost the ball 50 times vs Switzerland in the World Cup
Arsenal fans mocking for not winning anything for 2 years is like Angel Di Maria calling Roy Keane a spineless co…
Gonna dress up as Ashely Young for Halloween and go visit Angel Di Maria
I'm not so sure mate... Especially after he hears the glowing reports from Heinze Veron Tevez and Di Maria
Angel Di Maria was so hyper active as a kid, that he once fell inside a well only to be saved on time
For most of his career Di Maria has been used on the wing. He's perfectly capable of playing there. (1/2)
When will it click? Di Maria struggling to have PSG impact. Big story in France.
Di Maria finds his Paris retreat filled with Man United style problems - Sport Witness
Florentino Perez will have an awkward moment if Di Maria scores 😂
Akpos u what happend to Di Maria at old Traford, i can see Memphis ending up same way, his predicament has begun.
Di Maria left out of PSG squad for Bastia game - PARIS (AP) Paris Saint-Germain winger Angel Di Maria has ...
Di Maria breaking ankles dw bout that
What happened to the guy who supposedly is better than James Rodriguez though. Di Maria?
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it's true it is the same reason why we sold Di Maria after he was the best player the season they won La Decima
Van Gaal had Di Maria, De Gea, Rooney, Mata, and even Falcao and finished fourth. Takes more than good players
difference was that Di Maria would at least get us an assist and create moments of magic
Paul Scholes on Di Maria's time at Man Utd: "You pay £60m for a player, they should be able to fit into a system."
I just read Dia Mirza as Di Maria. I think I should better sleep.
If you boss on the world stage. You're world class. Mueller, Neymar, James, Suarez, Di Maria, Aguero, Kompany, Ramos, De Gea. Currently - WC
24' Excellent pass from Di Maria on the right side whose cross is deflected by Riou
Now it's like Ashley Young is becoming better than Depay, he was definitely better than Di Maria. I think competition makes…
Di maria's case shows how a poor LVG is when it comes to man management..E.G Rafael,Van Persie,Di Maria,Stoichkov,Van Bommel
He made Di Maria look like Adam Johnson after ADMs best season
He spent the entire game fighting with (and fouling) Ramos Pepe Arbeloa. Waayy more intense. Even Coentrao and Di Maria at times
Di Maria: "If I score at the Bernabeu I will not celebrate. The club will always remains in my heart."
After Torres, Andy Carroll and Di Maria, finally a player with a ridiculous price-tag is proving his worth
at least get a proper photo of him 😂 couldn't care less, you ruined Torres, Di Maria didn't show anything anyway
That's the heartless nature of LVG not giving 2nd chances. Di Maria, Hernandez, RVP etc. went straight out of the door.
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Di Maria is the first player to score in 2015/2016
Di Maria has been cleansed of all Philosophy. Hallelujah!!!
Live: fans singing the new Di Maria song in Eindhoven. By:
I'm sick of Di Maria using his house being broken into as an excuse to leave, he left because he was built like a noodle and couldn't cut it
PSG South American players are so good , Thiago Silva, Luiz, Marquinhos,Maxwell, Di Maria, Lucas, Motta, Cavani
Di Maria has it all - Benzema: The France international was full of praise for his former Real Madr...
Benzema: "After the exceptional season that Di Maria had in 2014, when we won the UCL final and then he got to the World…
Same dilemma ... Silva or Di Maria for me I think 😳😶 idk yet or Lucas
he can not play football. End of. Anderson/Di Maria part 2
😂😂 "Bigger club" U think United care about loss of Money? Paid Anderson for years to stay injured, lost on Di Maria
De Gea, Di Maria, Falcao and Van Persie. But we have Rooney and Ashley Young 😃😃😄😄
I remember last summer people were banging on about Di Maria...but is he really any more effective than Ashley Young?
Imagine telling people Ashley Young would oust Di Maria? You'd be beaten up just for suggesting it
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