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Di Canio

Paolo Di Canio (born 9 July 1968) is an Italian former professional footballer and current manager of League Two side Swindon Town.

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A REMINDER:. Paulo Di Canio pushed referee Paul Alcock in 1998. Di Canio was banned for 11 matches.
Wow, can you remember when we used to moan about Di Canio, Ritchie, Luongo, Smith, Roberts, Gladwin? Great days - how farโ€ฆ
Oh aye. I knew it would be one of them. Di Canio, Reid, Poyet, Bruce. Inevitable. ๐Ÿ˜„
Joe hart is bobbins ! Why not sub him at half time like Di Canio did with
Jonny Wilkinson is easy to like and admire, but you need to be really invested to be a fan of Paolo Di Canio!
West Ham, thought Bilic was a another Di Canio, a ticking timebomb who would fail in the Premier League.
he has one for Zamora, Jim Bowen and di canio, sad ***
give it to di canio, the only Italian crazier than the chairman !!!
true, you could have Di Canio coming your way...
Paolo Di Canio is my pick for manager. It would be entertaining at the very least. . Who do you want as manager?
If Ian Ferguson had got hold of the fascist *** after that game a few years ago, Di Canio would've been scraped out of a bin.
Its actually a scandal that Paulo Di Canio's application for the job was flung in a bin without being given the respect it deserved
If you don't vote Di Canio, you're lying ๐Ÿ™ƒ
And here's Cecil looking at Paolo Di Canio with a pizza. Halcyon days
Pains me to choose someone else, but this squad doesn't need Di Canio. Payet is better. So I choose Rio.
Di Canio wouldnt be a bad appointment. At least he would make the chairman look sane!.
Paolo Di Canio down to 5/1 for the Vale job. Garth Crooks will love that. . Up the 4th Reich Vale.
Paolo Di Canio. Now that could be entertaining!
di canio would be a great appointment smurf but whoever you appointment I'm 100% by the club!
The only person mad enough to take the Leeds job at this point is Di Canio.
He would be the perfect fit actually. Or Di Canio.
he'll dig you out one from Italy. wouldn't be surprised if you got Di Canio actually
Paulo Di Canio when he was playing for West Ham.
And? Age is just a number. We got Di Canio when he was 30 years old.
to me promotion was about prestige not money. Though beating our transfer record di canio I believe would be interesting
Clearly a hun that did the Tony Macaroni jingle on the radio, every Italian under the sun mentioned expect Annoni and Di'Canio ๐Ÿ˜‚
Always reminds me of the Di Canio goal ๐Ÿ˜‚
Then there are those who only want young players, anyone who is near 30 can't be a hit. Forgetting Di Canio joined at 29.
Paolo Di Canio brought us some memorable Premier League moments.
1995-97 Di Canio, Van Hooijdonk, Thom, Mcginlay, Mcnally. Mine dropped to bits only last year.
Bacca is 29, Di Canio was 30. Big difference in fee but age doesn't stop you from being a goal scorer
when you think man united paid more than that for RVP at 30/31... Bacca is prolific. Di Canio was 30 when we signed him
Di Canio legging it across the pitch at Northampton to celebrate with the players. Mental scenes
Quality > Age. Di Canio was 30 when he signed, Payet is 30 next year, Suarez, Lewandoski, Ibra and Ronaldo all old
Di Canio, Mourinho and Rui Faria would be a dangerous combination. He better not mix them ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
People moaning about Bacca's age (29). Payet is also 29... And Di Canio was THIRTY when he joined us. Age means notโ€ฆ
erm everyone in the country boos Di Canio and as for Martin Smith was that 1994 ???
the mags once boo'd Di Canio in a friendly and Martin Smith in the U21s. Stop being so precious. It's only football
Martin Smith abuse when appearing at St James Park for Under 21's game & Di Canio in testimonial was vile
don't you remember booing Martin Smith in an under 21 game at Sid James? Or Di Canio?
I remember Di Canio driving up London Road fist pumping out the window of his car heading up to the ground. I loved that HH
Trevor Sinclair's goal vs Derby which never gets shown was as good as Di Canio's goal IMO
One day Trevor Sinclair will get the credit he deserves for that pinpoint 60-yard, cross-field pass to Di Canio.
If wilder goes who shall the cobblers get into replace him? . Di Canio? . Stuart Grey? . John still ?. Danny Wilson ?
Aye champions league is a dream for a lot of managers, Celtic are a bigger club than Villa.Imagine Di Canio at an old firm๐Ÿ˜‚
he'd be better with Villa - champions league might interest him though. Di Canio would be entertaining!
Celtic should go for a groundbreaking management mentalist trio of Neil Lennon, Roy Keane & Paolo Di Canio. ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ€
I don't get why Keane's seen as a big deal in management. He's the Irish Di Canio. Mad as can be and a Liability.
i had the steak and ale pie last Wednesday in Paolo Di Canio lounge. Luverly
See if Malkay Mackay or Di Canio get the job. What do ye think the reaction of our support will be?
Paolo Di Canio, actually all joking aside I bet he applies. Almost as funny as Fat Boy Evans getting the job.
Harry Redknapp for Celtic is my number one choice. Maybe Moyes or Di Canio at a push
If we're going for *** we might as well go all out. Malky MacKay, Paolo Di Canio & Steve Evans are all available.
hope it's di canio and McKay duo, Leigh Griffiths captain
Can we all just get it over with and announce Di Canio
The last 2 hours we have had various links to job From Martin O'Neill to Larsson to keane to di canio even lord lucan has been mentioned
Management team of Keane and Di Canio imagine the first time commons refused to move his fat ***
it's like Paolo Di Canio's old joke about Totti
If he wasn't a facist I think Di Canio could have come in and certainly spiced things up and wouldn't have accepted Sunday's performance lol
Would love Moyes, Bielsa or Rodgers. But know we'll end up with Stubbs, Di Canio, or McGhee. Not an ounce of ambition in this boardroom.
Wouldn't it be some craic if Paolo Di Canio went back to . Unlikely but stranger things have happened
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ah stop u wana see it madness ref got pushed an everything was nearly a Di Canio ๐Ÿ˜‚
when Paolo Di Canio scored the greatest goal in Premier League history at home to Wimbledon. Superb skill.
According to Marcotti, Di Canio voted for Roy Keane every year for PFA award. Like the headcase even more now.
I live right down the road from the Charlton training ground, you'd see Di Canio, Hasselbaink, Jensen driving around back in the day.
Football back in the day when I was a kid was so much better, players like Juninho, Cantona, Zola, Bergkamp, Ravenelli and Di Canio!
On this day in 2000, Paolo Di Canio scored this stunning goal against Wimbledon...
If that was Paolo Di Canio he would've stopped the ball with his hands & gave it 2 Newcastle, and said here, free kick 4 you ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ
Just seen Paulo Di Canio in the director box
Paolo Di Canio scores one of the greatest Premier League goals of all time, 1999/2000.
Paolo Di Canio signed at Mark Noble's testimonial. On display & for sale
Di Canio changed the team we had in a positive way. We had Caddis, Ritchie, McCormack. Now we have Rodgers
Paolo Di Canio scores one of the best PL goals of all time.
Former boss Paulo Di Canio has given fellow Italian Antonio Conte some advice about managing in England - "don't do it like Di Canio"
Can't wait to see Di Canio and two open goals in the game and Marlon Harewood ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Marlon Harewood looks good season in a better comparison
One of the greatest moments of fair play from Di Canio. Stuart Pearce wanted to kill him afterwards though!
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Di Canio has just been on Fox Sports, Sky 203 (Italia) talking about and yesterday's protest. Also fond memories of his Valley time.
paul, if Douglas were to be sacked next seaon what would you think about Di Canio be manager?
a consortium led by Paulo Di Canio, Don Goodman and Kanye West. Maybe. Di Canio is there to keep it grounded.
in 2000, Paolo Di Canio showed his sportsmanship, catching the ball so Paul Gerrard could get treatment. httpโ€ฆ
You're right & I get that. I've also seen Di Canio, Berkovic & Cole. Just wish people would have a bit more perspective
Lubo Moravcik trapping the ball with his backside at celtic park against Hearts. . Di Canio Gold Boots : Pantafola d'oro
Di canio golden boots goal at Pittodrie.
Di Canio away to aberdeen with the gold boots on.
Drinkwater's tackle on Ramsey made Winterburn flinch even harder than when he thought Di Canio was gonna go for him!
WE!!? The last time you went Paulo Di Canio was leading the line
good little read that. For me di canio leaving hurt. Was weird seeing him play for another team
For me, Wilder trolling Di Canio by wearing a scarf was better than Wembley ๐Ÿ‘
Suarez Messi Neymar remind me of Di canio Cadete and Van Hoojidonk
West Ham: Paolo Di Canio full of passion, as always!
Di Canio! We didn't have him at his best but what a player. . *Hasselbaink*
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Paolo Di Canio full of passion, as always!
Can only think of one other time where a team's looked as bad as this & turned it around. need Paolo Di Canio
99/00 season and Lampard really thought he was going to win an argument with Di Canio over who takes the penalty... https:/โ€ฆ
Di Canio: "Thinking about the last season at Upton Park makes me want to cry! West Ham will be in my heart forever." hโ€ฆ
Bobby Moore played for Preston, Di Canio for Charlton... Whoever Joey plays for he will still be a West Ham legend! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
No idea how Di Canio,Gus Poyet and *** Advocaat managed to keep us up
ah the 2 Di's Di Canio & Di Matteo!! Lombardo doesn't count he's only caretaker
unless he is proven like Di Canio, Zola or Di Matteo please no
Rooney is on the decline with Man Utd losing their English spirit - Di Canio
15 years ago today, Di Canio caught the ball. Do you ever think Trevor Sinclair feels like a bit of a tosser for crossing it in?!
yes we have commentary. The interview is very strong - talks Di Canio, Tartan Army etc
Wouldnae make a difference IMO. Buck stops wae Deila. Di Canio. Bring him home. I'm sold on Paolo.
HARRY REDKNAPP on Bobby Moore, Duncan Edwards, Di Canio & how not to sign Ian Wright iTunes
Swindon Town have gone from being linked with the likes of Gus Poyet to Martin Ling in just 24hrs. . Bring back Di Canio!
Di Canio: "Terry & Cahill are done as players. Ivanovic seems stoned. Chelsea play like a team in relegation zone." htโ€ฆ –  10% Off
Di Canio or Holloway would be brilliant. Surprised how theres odds on Lambert to dufc not well? What Craig Moore is that? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
This club is ruining the reps of decent managers and confirming how rubbish others are (Di Canio)
Chelsea banning banter is mild in comparison to Giovanni Trapattoni disallowing mushrooms and Di Canio suspending singing in the shower.
not all West Ham fans hold Di Canio as a folk hero, worth noting there was protests both times we signed Lee Bowyer too.
The first person that comes to mind for me is Di Canio.
Everyone needs to vote for this as their favourite
Porter needs to send a message. Make two performance related first half substitutions... Or as I like to call it "The Di Canio."
yeah he is. Only on 9k at juventus and increased his wage 4fold under di canio.
of course he was overrated, he never played in the Easy Premier League like Zola and Di Canio...
Extremely happy with the shirt, so have a part-selfie with it! Paulo Di Canio phone case too ๐Ÿ˜
Paolo Di Canio celebrates scoring for Celtic against Rangers in 1997.
I liked a video Wes Foderingham REACTION to being subbed off by Di Canio 02/09/12
Mention of Wickham allows me to dust off this gem from Di Canio:
Paolo Di Canio on football fans is spot on
just read this article and its bang on the money... I know the what's going on at this club and Di Canio was spot on when he arrived
Di Canio scores goal of the decade is one of my favourite Vote for yours
Paolo Di Canio.. Still our best goal in the Premier League?. .
Di Canio's knee slide is one of my favourite Vote for yours via
What a legend Paolo Di Canio .Still makes me laugh the way the ref fell down in stages !!! But what an amazing skilful player he was
Di Canio's stunner vs . Who can remember the year?. .
Don't like this John Carver talk,yes he's a good coach but so was Stuart gray,we need a manager not another coach,oh and no Di Canio please
up there with the time Louise Taylor in The Guardian tipped you for Europe under Di Canio.
no worries. I think the ones missing would be Megson, Dave Jones, Di Canio and Brian Laws
Dwight Yorke interested in Sunderland job. Hmm well after Di Canio and Poyet Yorkie could have a crack at it. And then maybe Gandalf
Is Adam Rooney set to join a roll of honour including Gascoigne, Di Canio and Larsson?
Can only dream of sherwood, Di Canio and Steve Kean managing in the premiership all at the same time.
John Terry is going to get a strongly worded email from Di Canio.
Fair enough, gotta admit that the Di Canio antics were the main reasons behind my theory (although Paolo rocks).
Gonna struggle against Cambridge. Score a Di Canio goal (outta nowhere for those who don't know Paolo). . 3-5-2.
Wise, Vinnie Jones, Di Canio & Duncan Ferguson would have to be the core of my nutcase 11
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Adam Johnson to put us 0-2 up away at Newcastle under Di Canio, loved the celebration!
Rob it does sound as good as Sheridan,Harks,Waddle,Di Canio
Dennis Smith being lined up for a return with Di Canio as his number 2
The best thing is Diafra Sakho is better than Brooking, Martin, Peters, Di Canio, and Tevez all in one.
Clarke, Di Canio & mack a out the running.brown signed new not speaking to gartside. Down to hughton and lennon
Di Canio applies for Bolton manager's job... and Reid keen on talks
Live from Tenerife (on WIFI!) what's happening?! Di Canio? Robbie Fowler?Looks like Steve Clarke is on drift.
Just watched again, how good was Tony Yeboah and Ian Wright, Shearer, Di Canio, Bergkamp, Henry, Scholes, Beckham, the list goes on.
I also apparently have a good working knowledge of players that Di Canio signed and black players that have played for Swin
have to draw the line somewhere I'd rather the players picked themselves than have di canio
well the fruit one would be Di Canio because he's a fruitcake ha ha ( sorry )
JM was approached by Di Canio's agent but told fawaz "not to touch him with a barge pole". He then had to explain what that saying means.
Lots of left-sided players after transfer window. Need one VERY right-wing player to even things up. Is Paolo Di Canio free? JMH
if y coulda watched that Sociedad game on Sunday, u coulda wept like when Di Canio whooped u 3-0 my ***
is this what Paolo Di Canio calls a roman salute?
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aw Jesus, aye. We had all the greats; viduka, Ian Wright, di canio, larsson.. The lot.
Would pick Bilic over Di Canio.That beard would have to go tho
is that the Bobby Moore memorial one I bought the di canio doc martens one at Southampton game Saturday
Di canio glad your not the boss then
If it were my decision I'd be looking at Steve Clarke, Paolo Di Canio and Simon Grayson
what!!! Going back a bit but. Waddle, walker, Di Canio etc! suffering from the worst case of small man syndrome ever!!
you don't think De Fanti/Di Canio got slated? They both got sacked after five minutes.
well done in the transfer window, best squad since Di Canio days.
need him sharpish.i give you Paulo Di Canio,mental manager to go with mental support and a loony chairman,it has to work!
when I see that picture I find it hard not to do a Paulo Di Canio knee slide
someone should be held accountable last year di canio said he wanted huddlestone never came di fanti got the blame. Surely
i won't disrespect Di canio, but it was difficult to work with him, some of the things I seen are unspeakable, that's all.
Paolo Di Canio finalising a deal to sign on loan till January as cover for Cattermole. More to follow
"Roma are fortunate that they have two presidents. One is at Roma and the other is at Lazio" - Paolo Di Canio
yes very sad to hear and I agree Alan now should say a lot on di canio time as us fans haven't ever known
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if you play two one can be the feeder mate , you're point is invalid - Heskey and owen , di canio and hartson , Cole solskjaer
these are the same kind if clowns that call for Di Canio
Simon Grayson is wise to not return to Leeds United. Only a mad man would go there with Cellino as owner. Bring on the Di Canio!
sad to hear alan, now it's time to spill the beans on Di Canio's time at Swindon ...
di canio vs Wimbledon was just different class also that Trevor Sinclair bicycle for qpr both unbelievable
If Harry Redknapp had his own way he would get Sheringham, Di Canio and Trevor Sinclair out of retirement.
He has to look at the direction of his career. 2 good seasons here would put him right on the map - viduka, Hooper, di canio..
Get Di Canio in, he makes the big signings
too right. The whole MoN era as disastrous as Di Canio and probably even worse given the sums involved
tbf she made Di Canio her manager of the season one time
Nothing will ever beat Di Canio saying the Celtic Subbuteo team was his favourite to play with when he was a boy! Belter.
Di Canio brought in 14 players and was sacked a few weeks after. Don't wanna go down that route..
Scenes outside elland road as Paolo Di Canio has just walked in.
Looks like Di Canio & Gus were right - there is something wrong at Sunderland.
Paolo Guerrero suspended til 2015 for pushing a ref!?. Does he think he's Paolo Di Canio or something
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The last regime (Di Fanit/Di Canio) really screwed us over didn't it :(
only change needed is BFS out with Billic in and Di Canio as his No.2. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
more brilliant Di Canio money wasting.
Di Canio signed almost a whole new squad and now the players that he signed are just leaving one by one.
Paolo Di Canio. Let's make it happen. That Jewell stuff is genuinely troubling.
Malian defender Modibo Diakite has left Sunderland by mutual consent. The 27-year-old was signed by Paolo Di Canio from Lazio in July 2013.
Another of Paolo Di Canio's scatter-gun signings gets the bullet as SAFC terminate contract of Modibo Diakite
Garcia, Bobby, Di Canio, Curbs, Zola, three random Italian men, Clarke. DAVID MOYES 18/1. That would be awesome.
Di Canio standing up to the Sunderland fans last season and accepting insulting chants at him, yet continuing to applaud them is a really...
Malky MacKay just made Di Canio seem like a swell, employable dude.
Woah, Jesus. If Malky MacKay is like that, I wonder what Di Canio is like??
As with Di Canio, if you start prohibiting people or pressuring a "palatable" person in, everybody loses.
sounds like he's gone complete Di Canio on the team! With the seemingly mad Leeds owner Italians in English game getting a bad rep
I love the West Ham edits there quality u should do a di canio volley one
So last year we beat Sunderland at home and Di Canio's sacked. Now we beat Palace and their next manager's sacked before he's even hired!
Lots of training sessions around the country will be unpopular . This is not like Di Canio situation.
Di Canio should get the palace job i reckon
If the picture on the BBC Sport Website was of Di Canio, he would be classed as a racist!
I reckon we should hire Paolo Di Canio just to throw West Ham off there game Saturday
Di Canio Red Card when got weightsed tonight
"Malky MacKay still has plenty of friends in football", says a defiant Paolo Di Canio.
Liverpool looking to Balotelli to replace Suarez. If he doesnโ€™t come, pretty sure theyโ€™ll call Joey Barton. Then di Canio.
Di Canio, Diamanti and Nocerino โ€ฆ Love Italianโ€™s passion when it comes to football
Imagine if Paulo Di Canio was appointed as Crystal Palace manager
Sherwood or Di Canio to Palace would be a giggle.
I'm telling you now, Di Canio will be Palace manager, mark my words.
reminds me a lot of Di Canio's record at Sunderland
if Fulham's squad had stronger characters they'd have chased Magath out of town by now much like ours did with Di Canio.
you're a joke mate. Massive club in Newcastle only. FFS even Di Canio absolutely owned ye !! Laughable
Already done Kovacevic, Ingesson, Di Piedi and Srnicek..who would you like to see? (And no-one obvious like Di Canio!)
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. There's also the guy who was at Sunderland along with Di Canio
Someone should nominate Paolo Di Canio for those silly ice bucket challenges. He's an expert in pouring water through a dressing room.
I love private transfer business of late as opposed to the Keane, Bruce and Di Canio days but it's frustrating too!
how much ketchup you consumed since di Canio left?
"You get fantastically talented players, but the desire goes down when they get a big car, a gold and diamond watchโ€ Paolo Di Canio
I think di canio would be good a palace, add abit of excitement to their game
I think following Zola the regime had changed completely. Are we talking Di Canio leadership? As this is what it sounds
one Di Canio type push on the ref and there could be white stuff everywhere!
Redknap confirms Di canio in Town move,
He's singing about di canio..hate him now
We wud take anyone now how about Di Canio anyone but Hock, remember when Dolan was favourite :)
We need a man in charge who oozes confidence, Hockaday just oozes Chuckle Brothers to me...Di Canio in...lets get going !!!
Please for him, considering how badly Di Canio had knocked his confidence.
NW has done a di canio and pulled the keeper off at HT welcome back Ingham
Gillingham away with Di Canio was quality. Gotta say I miss the bloke, have him back anyday
Would love to see Big Slav as West Ham manager and Di Canio his assistant
One of the few players we have left over from the Paulo Di Canio era.
Loool West Ham fans go on about how good Di Canio was and he never even played for Italy. ***
1/2 your guess is as good as mine off subject shows how bent the FA is look when Suarez bit Ivanovic and when Di Canio pushed
Yeah some players just need to find a club that puts faith in them like we did with Di Canio
Six-month ban for Brazilian who did a Di Canio
Joey Barton knocking the knee slide right out of Paulo Di Canio. .
Paolo Di Canio is one picnic short of a hamper - Alan Brazil
some of the players brought in by Di Canio (or Fanti !) will only improve under Gus' guidance...
So who has he played under that could of managed a characrer like Di Canio?
lol yeah lets face it Harry has had it all before with Di Canio etc.with the likes of Joey,Clint & Rio around him
I want just say thanks to Di Canio Gus Poyet theirs staff and players for all they have taught me,Fans was very nice I wisโ€ฆ
I can hardly comment on *** managers after we had Di Canio BUT yeh good luck. I mean he's good, just has some weird ideas
Nigel have u seen Tim Krul's penalty record for Newcastle. He has only saved 2 out of 20. Are u still scared of Di'Canio ?
Best performance by an Italian in Sheffield since Di Canio gave Paul Alcock a little push.
he basically did a Di Canio but a little bit later in the game
oh there is a section of our support who'd love Di Canio to manage us. mental.
I'd love to see Valbuena in the Premier League, & at a club like West Ham, he could br their new Di Canio. Hope it happens.
Di Canio when he picked up the ball man after the keeper was injured
Nigel Winterburn is a bellend. ...Di Canio should have knocked him out all those years ago then I wouldn't have to sit here listening to him
There's Tevez vs united on there! As requested by some hammers fans. I do have Di Canio's volley partly complete somewhere.
Could have strangled Barthez in the FA Cup v WHU against Di Canio when he just stood there with his hand in the air
Good shout! Checked out all the ones on your website, no West Ham ones, Paolo Di Canio volley against Wimbledon surely!
Move paid of hats of to him making some di canio type subs that worked
Hardness de chop Premier League like Di canio win last season.
Van Gaal must be reading Di Canio's memoirs on good player motivation.
Has Louis Van Gaal been taking management coaching from Paul Di Canio??
If Di Canio did this to the keeper we'd all be calling him a nutter. Danny Murphy is probably right by saying they must have talked about it
Paulo Di Canio and Benti Carbone share a pizza while at Sheffield Wednesday.
yeah i bet you remember the momment with the former Swindon manger di canio and the water bottle lol
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I would say the 3-1 defeat away to Crystal Palace as it just optimised the "Di Canio effect"
That was a great Paul Alcock/Di Canio impression by Argentina's manager
I remember the one di canio got mate boom have that
For Witsel and Mascherano, read Di Canio and the referee
Yeah QPR - just Lampard, Defoe and Di Canio to go lol
gab gets fiery in the games. He is Paolo Di Canio. He also pronounces all the kids names wrong
the Bobby Moore or di canio one. Aren't they just printed to canvas?
Balling my eyes out when Di Canio got the consolation at Birmingham. Then Neil Shipperly causing me more pain 12 months later.
Watching the passion in Di Canio captaining Hammers against Charlton one day maybe.!
Chris Powell in the defence up against Super Paolo Di Canio
โ€œLiverpool fans in response to West Ham's chant of "We've got Di Canio"
Worst refereeing performance since Paul Alcock after di canio pushed him.
The defending from that corner was like watching us under Di Canio SHOCKING.
really like the di Canio designs mate. Could you DM prices for a rough idea?
No ketchup - a legacy of the Di Canio management era?
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Dont knock him, if i won the lotto and brought I'd bring back Di Canio!
The PFA hoping Di Canio doesn't get back in soon. With Cellino they couldn't get off the beaches of Normandy while street fighting in Moscow
because he's world class. Di Canio was inconsistent, who wasn't world class and no one else wanted.
we was offered him to think Di Canio nearly took him but he struggled.. Its a tough move up
good for you, go visit the hallowed turf of Tevez, Di Canio & Defoe :-)
ON THIS DAY 3: 'Keeper' Mattia Lanzano departs after just one season at The CG, another Di Canio flop. (2012)
Me too. What we used to call the Di Canio effect...
Here's a famous instance..there's plenty worse! Di Canio fights with Ref:
Or hit Di Canio in the back with it.
Miguel Herrera the Mexico coach giving us the Paulo Di Canio moments.
not sure if Miguel Herrera or Di Canio has the best celebrations
Miguel Herrera is even better than Paulo Di Canio
I swear that man's celebration is all I've been laughing abt this whole tournament.. Reminds me of a certain di canio
di canio: he chested my hands when I said he was all ***
Di canio the ref bounced off my hands
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So James Rodriguez is surely the love child of Ronaldo and Chicharito, and Godin of Paulo Di Canio & Wallace of Wallace/Gromit fame.
Di Canio wants to sign English midfielder
this can't be true surely.. :/ I'd honestly rather we took that money and bring Paulo Di Canio out of retirement.
I mean Cantona, Bergkamp, Di Canio but a few didn't have tons of pace but fantastic ability, technique over pace
ON THIS DAY 2: Alberto Comazzi arrives at The County Ground on a free - not one of Di Canio's better signings
Quote from bloke next to me: "di canio's pen at Man Utd was the best"
GaffeTastic "Does Di Canio look like Jimmy Nesbitt, or is it Jimmy Nesbitt who looks like Di Canio?"
Usually to emphsasise the power of his thighs. Di Canio used to do it.
ya can have then fine in beef dripping or oil. But no tomato sauce if Di Canio is the gaffer.. Euros Bill. Vans. France. Go!
I've only seen Paolo Di Canio and Miroslav Klose score goals with their hands and tell the ref to call it off
Scolari death-glaring at Howard Webb like Webb never had to face down Di Canio
*** man. He's done it like. He's just another Paulo Di Canio!
Ah, just when I thought it had panned out well, then I hear Martin Keowns voice. Always remember Di Canio SKINNING him alive
Lazio Legends return to courtesy of already confirmed Paolo Di Canio & Bruno Giordano
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