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Dez Bryant

Desmond Demond Dez Bryant (born November 4, 1988) is an American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL).

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Dez Bryant is no longer a threat in the NFL 🚮
Dez Bryant can come to the Giants and be our number 4 receiver like he belongs
A chance of scenery would do Dez Bryant wonders. got me thinkin 🧐
Dez Bryant has 128 receptions for 1226 yards in his last 32 games. . Antonio Brown had 136 receptions for 1834 yards in 201…
Dez Bryant on a five-game TD drought, longest of his career. Had four-game droughts to start career and 2012 season.
*** son I miss 2014 when the 9 god - dez bryant connection was firing on all cylinders and Demarco Murray was the best rb in the league
Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant just got into a physical altercation and had to be separated. Tough scene.
Keenan Allen one of at least 25 WR's who are better than Dez Bryant in this league
Dez Bryant isn't the WR he used to be and Jason Witten is showing his age. The rest of the WRs don't…
.The only stat Dez Bryant is still elite in? Targets. The Cowboys are treating him like an elite player when…
Dez Bryant has now been held under 100 yards receiving for 17 consecutive regular season games. That's a full season +.
Romo Win or Lose he Carried those Cowboy teams on his shoulders.a true Gunslinger. He made a lot of…
Chad Johnson rips Dallas Cowboys for not throwing to Dez Bryant
Chad Johnson critical of Cowboys use of WR Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant does not best man coverage, only zone. He's no Chad Johnson.
Dez Bryant shoulda called Chad Johnson and asked to work out with him years ago
Trading Jordan Howard away for Dez Bryant with Marvin Jones, Mike Evans and Devin Funchess on my squad.
Got frustrated after 2 weeks and traded Jordan Howard and Dez Bryant for Mike Gilislee and Derek H…
Last night Antonio Brown had 10 catches for 144 yards or what Dez Bryant calls a good month
Bruce Ellington, K Cole or Dez Bryant? Half PPR 12 team is Dez a no brainer without their LT?
Dez Bryant isn't even in the same galaxy as Antonio Brown
I got nothing but love for my boy Dez Bryant but dam that boy Antonio Brown something else
The face you make when they say Dez Bryant is better than Antonio Brown. .
watching Antonio Brown last night really makes a Cowboys fan feel bad about Dez Bryant's abilities
Chris Thompson has more receiving yards and YPG than Dez Bryant, Amari Cooper, and Jarvis Landry.
Still have Hopkins, Dez Bryant, Golden Tate, Tyreek Hill and Sterling Shepard at WR tho so I think I’ll be straight
Dez Bryant supports suspended Ezekiel Elliott with comment on Instagram post Dallas Cowboys
Dez Bryant had 4 catches for 39 yards. Robert Alford put the clamps on him all game. Throw up the X
I️ bet Dez Bryant won’t draw a little blanket for Robert Alford cause I️ forgot he was even on the field 😂😂😂 can yo…
Don’t let anything distract you from the fact that Dez Bryant got shut down by Robert Alford.
Robert Alford has had that bum Dez Bryant in custody
Robert Alford with great coverage to break up a pass to Dez Bryant.
Lil Wayne Charles Barkley Morgan Freeman Thomas sowell Dez Bryant . I like alot of people who don't mak…
Dez Bryant 'moves well' in return to practice - Dez Bryant | DAL: According to the Dallas Morning News, Dez Bryant…
According to the Dallas Morning News, Dez Bryant (knee, ankle) was "moving well" in his return to practice on Friday.
No practice for Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith on Wednesday -
Dez Bryant talks about Terrance Williams' big game, Tony Romo's broadcating & his chemistry with Dak Prescott. 🎥 https:…
I like 8-9 people on this team. Dak Prescott. Jason Witten. Dez Bryant. Terrance Williams. Cole Beasley. Sean Lee. David Irving. DeMarcus Lawrence
owner Jerry Jones told no one is rooting for Dez Bryant more to break the franchise receivin…
Devonta Freeman, Dez Bryant, Mark Ingram. Which two would you start?
I'm trying to decide between Dez Bryant, Chris Hogan, and Kelvin Benjamin. Who should I start? PPR league.
With Josh Norman, Dez Bryant cash in on rivalry, become 'advertising buds'
How Josh Norman, Dez Bryant cashed in on rivalry, become 'advertising buds'... is there really hate?
Dez Bryant is up against his nemesis this weekend, should he be in your lineup?
Dez Bryant now is tied for most TD receptions in history. He's tied with "Bullet"…
If that was a catch, there are a whole lot of Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson fans with this look going on 🤔
The Galaxy Note 8 commercial with Dez Bryant and Josh Norman are the best 😂
Can we please stop those Dez Bryant & Josh Norman commercials, They're terrible
These Josh Norman - Dez Bryant commercials need to be buried somewhere where they'll never be found again
Tank Abbott, Pacman Jones, Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant...I'm all for redemption stories, but spare me pious hypocrisy
Yeah no Zeke didn't have the best O-Line in the league or Dak Prescott or Dez Bryant and Jason Witten to he…
i just traded Dez Bryant, Theo Riddick , and Jay Ajayi for Mike Evans, I…
3 defenders locked in on Jason Witten, giving Dez Bryant a 1 on 1 opportunity
Dez Bryant still runs horrible routes. Jeff takes a bad angle but he is around…
Wow. Dez Bryant was like a monster truck tire rolling down a hill. Good luck trying to stop him, man. Monster trucks are w…
Dez Bryant - 16- 212 - 2 TDs. Julio Jones - 19 - 295 - 0 TDs . One is getting a lot of criticism. The other is not.
My proposed trade: Dez Bryant for Golden Tate, or Dez for Tarik?
Why do I literally have 3 different leagues where I have a slight lead and it comes down to me having Phil Dawson and them with Dez Bryant..
Hey Jim. Need a little upside today. Tyreek Hill, Dez Bryant, or JJ Nelson?
Demaryius Thomas putting up 1000 yearly he’s better than Dez Bryant
If Bennie Fowler gets that TD on Sunday he's ahead of Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Michael Thomas and Amari Cooper in scoring.
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Mike I love the Cowboys. Dez Bryant is not you. You went against the best and would always win. You earned that Gold jacket
I agree with Deion Sanders assessment of Dez Bryant disappearing when he plays a top cornerback.
Deion Sanders blasting Dez Bryant on NFL Network this evening. He says whenever he faces a top corner, he doesn't come through for his team
Dez Bryant got outmanned again today. He needs to start acting like legit No.1 receiver for Dak Prescott.
Dez Bryant vs Aqib Talib about to be interesting as *** not even from a football standpoint both of them *** just craz…
should I start Adam Thielen, Carlos Hyde, Eric Decker or Dez Bryant at Flex position?
who do I start? Adam Thielen, Dez Bryant or Odell Beckham Jr.
you have always helped me in the past ! Dez Bryant or Adam Thielen. Ppr. I'm playing. D. Thomas A. Cooper & A. Thielen currently
Do I start Dez Bryant at the flex or Adam Theilen at the flex? No ppr
I was offered Dez Bryant and Jimmy Graham for Adam Thielen and Delanie Walker in a PPR league. Yay or nay?
I liked a video Mark Schlereth reacts to NFL sources believe Dez Bryant is on the decline
Max Kellerman compared Dez Bryant to the Jay Z diss of Nas from Takeover "top 4 to not mentioned at all"
Kevin White was supposed to be the kind of player we just saw out of Dez Bryant on that last catch. Shame injuries derai…
I'd love to see that bum Dez Bryant play against Jack Tatum.
Mine is Devin Hester, Dez Bryant, Vince Wilfork, P Diddy and Matthew McConaughey . My birthday has nobody good
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Is this trade rape?. Aaron Rodgers and Antonio Brown for Derek Carr, Dez Bryant and Michael Thomas
Wondering if I should trade my Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant for Mike Evans and Micheal Thomas. I know Dez has a tough schedule.
Soo..Aaron Rodgers had the balls to say it, but LeSean McCoy, Dez Bryant, and Mike Vick don't 🤔
The Black delegation would also like to trade Dez Bryant and Hue Jackson for Megan Rapinoe and Olivia Wilde.
Dez Bryant donates $50K to Hurricane Harvey relief fund
Does this sound like a good trade: I sent Julio Jones for Dez Bryant and Travis Kelce?
"A-? You kidding me? How do I get an A-? I got Drew Brees, Tyreke Hill, Dez Bryant, Gronkowski, Jordan Howard, LeGarrette Blount, Dak"
Why Nelson agholor is better than Dez Bryant, a thread
Devante Adams, Dez Bryant, Allen Robinson, Delanie Walker, Kenny stills??? How does that happen.
Ray knows what's up. Odell over rated. Rather take Dez Bryant bigge…
SMU WR Courtland Sutton on modeling his game off Dez Bryant, his love of Space Jam
With the last pick of the first round, Chris Lyle snags Dez Bryant. He grabbed Melvin Gordon on the turn.
More receiving touchdowns than Dez Bryant (67) since 2010, Rob Gronkowski (68). That's it. Chill on the Dez slander.
Welcome to Philly, Ronald Darby. Play your *** and throw up an X after getting in Dez Bryant's head and we'll all love you,…
Fantasy trades are so hard. Morons try to trade Alex Smith for Brady, Antonio Brown, and Dez Bryant th…
I am so disappointed in especially Dez Bryant and even Darren McFadden. Veteran leaders? Nope. This isn't how you go w…
OKST has Barry Sanders . OKST has Thurman Thomas . OKST has Dez Bryant . OKST has Tony Allen. OKST has Rickie Fowler . O…
There is a fan at Dez Bryant's hometown party at Kit McConnico Park jawing with fans and carrying a Terrible Towel.
Gundy said James Washington is up there with some of Cowboy great receivers _ Dez Bryant, Justin Blackmon, Rashaun Woods
Let's talk about how Dez Bryant got his 70 million and hasn't reached 1000 yards or 10 TDs in a season since.
Why is Dez Bryant on a list of Cowboys' underachievers?
Why is Dez Bryant on a list of underachievers?
Why is Dez Bryant on a list of Cowboys’ underachievers?
Passed on Amari Cooper for Dez Bryant at 3.10 in I can't quit my boy.
Hall of Fame chances for Dez Bryant, Ware, Elliott, other Cowboys
Throw back to when Dez Bryant scored 3 TD's on Bradley Fletcher
Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant, Jason Garrett on why Cowboys' offseason mantra is 'Re-Commit'
Dez Bryant now elder statesman for Cowboys receivers. (SPEEDonFOX)
Cowboys star Dez Bryant now elder statesman for receivers. (SPEEDonFOX)
Chatted with Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley and Charles Tapper about what this Father’s Day means to them:
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Dez Bryant tries to lure Darrelle Revis to the Cowboys. (SPEEDonFOX)
Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Dez Bryant continue to watch film together after OTA practices
What is Dez Bryant doing catching punts in practice? - Dallas News (blog)
"This is the best team I've ever been a part of." -- Dez Bryant
Josh Norman expects his battles with Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham Jr. to be even more heated in 2017.
Josh Norman says Dez Bryant, NFC East receivers are just guys; 'I'm not enhancing my craft' against them.". INTERESTING.…
Giants CB Janoris Jenkins was the only cornerback to record an interception when covering Cowboys WR Dez Bryant last year. https:/…
Dez Bryant shows off golf skills at Cowboys golf tournament. (SPEEDonFOX)
Dez Bryant missed the Cowboys’ home run derby because he went to the wrong park. (SPEEDonFOX)
Dez Bryant is barely a top 10 WR, Josh Norman is not overrated at all, David Johnson > Zeke, Richard Sherman is the…
Also today: Lil Wayne joins us to talk Aaron Rodgers, Dez Bryant, and Kevin Durant. 9:30 AM-Noon ET. Fox…
Dez Bryant posted thoughts on race on IG and Jemele Hill inaccurately portrayed him as using "pull yourself up by ur bootstraps" mentality
Yesterday I quoted a portion of ESPN's Jemele Hill in her response to Dez Bryant saying African Americans simply...
Jemele Hill just spit that real about Dez Bryant. "You didn't need boots because you had cleats."
Dez Bryant ain’t no Colin Kapernick when it comes to talking about Race in America
I agree. I would add Dez Bryant also. Since he got paid, he has either been hurt or shut down by Janoris Jenkins.
was that the Jeff Ireland to Dez Bryant question?
Yeah Jason Witten & Dez Bryant are total scrubs he never had help Romo .
We have resigned players like Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Tyrone Crawford, Dez Bryant, & Sean Lee in those years.
Dez Bryant going to Pro Bowl as an alternate. Mike Thomas stats: 92 catches, 1,137 yds, 9 TDs. Dez Bryant stats: 50 catche…
LaDarius Gunter had to shadow Odell Beckham Jr., Dez Bryant and Julio Jones in these playoffs. He can't get to the offseaso…
If David Tyree caught it, then Dez Bryant definitely caught it.
LaDarius Gunter will, in consecutive weeks, be tasked with defending Odell Beckham Jr., Dez Bryant, and Julio Jones. Pret…
There would be no Dez Bryant if it wasn't for Derek Dooley.
Derek Dooley as Dez Bryant's position coach. That's a conversation I would pay to hear.
Terrance Williams has the Mario Boo cleats today and Dez Bryant has Peppa Pig
Michael Irvin: Why Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant are key to turning into a dynasty ht…
NYG CB Janoris Jenkins has had majority coverage on AJ Green, Antonio Brown & Dez Bryant (twice) this season. None have go…
you mean when he had Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, and Demarco Murray? LOL
ask your man Chris carter why is he a Dez Bryant hater! He did the same thing to Doug Baldwin few years back
Dez Bryant tried to attend the Cowboys’ QB meeting after throwing a TD vs. Detroit 😂
Dez Bryant throws a TD pass to Jason Witten on a perfectly executed reverse
Jason Garrett on Dez Bryant pass to Witten: "We believe in practicing those plays for a long time...We believe in marinating those plays."
How about Dez Bryant throwing a TD pass to Jason Witten last night against the Lions
Prescott to Dez Bryant for a left handed touchdown pass to Jason Witten?! What? We got tricks
Dez Bryant just threw a touchdown to Jason Witten. Yes you read that correctly.
Listen to Dez Bryant explain his touchdown pass to Jason Witten
Poor Tony Romo... They'll let you throw a pass next week... to Dez Bryant ... maybe
Dez Bryant has two TD catches and one TD pass in Cowboys 42-21 win over Lions ... in Tuesday's SportsDay.
At least we know for the playoffs we have another formidable backup QB in Dez Bryant. Dallas…
TRICK PLAY ALERT: Dez Bryant takes the reverse and THROWS a touchdown pass to Jason Witten! h…
Had no idea Dez Bryant would have a pass attempt this year before Tony Romo
Dak showed a willingness to throw to Dez Bryant in tight windows tonight as Bryant had 0.8 yards of separation on his 2…
Dez Bryant is back and the Cowboys deserve to be feared again: When the Cowboys play like…
In honor of Cowboys vs. Lions: Dez Bryant's best NFL catch
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We've been wondering what the next great QB battle would be after Brady-Manning and now we have it. Dez Bryant-Dontari Poe.
Dez Bryant threw his first career TD pass and caught two others, and the Dallas Cowboys beat Detroit 42-21:
Dez Bryant now 2nd all time in Cowboys history for receiving TDs with 66. Once tied with Michael Irvin who had 65
Dez Bryant passed Michael Irvin with his 66th career TD. Second all time in team history.
Dez Bryant, more like Pez Bryant. This guy can dispense touchdowns whenever he wants, man. I love candy
Dak Prescott on single-coverage on Dez Bryant: "It's funny. They believe in their guy, I believe in my guy. We'll see who w…
Dez Bryant and Whataburger . Both as good as it gets
Dez Bryant becomes the 5th player in history to have 2 receiving TDs & 1 passing TD in a single game.
WR Dez Bryant overcame some nerves on his TD throw then 'hit them with the Steph Curry' | https…
Fun fact- Dez Bryant has thrown more passes (1) than Tony Romo has this season
Dez Bryant with more passing touchdowns than Tony Romo this season. 2016 is the weirdest year ever.
"Dez Bryant has thrown more passes this season than Tony Romo."
Dez Bryant has more passing td's than Tony Romo during the regular season 👀
Dez Bryant has now thrown for more touchdowns than Tony Romo this season
Congrats on a great season and playoff run. But I will be forever bitter I sat Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and that Vi…
My team really showed out in the finals and scored 12 td's. David Johnson,Kirk Cousins,Dez Bryant,Doug Baldwin etc.…
Dez Bryant after three total TDs in the win...
So huge: A huge night for Dez Bryant, getting him INVOLVED, back in the Dez groove. X marks the spot. Welcome back, bi…
This is the first week with 3 passing TD by non-QBs (Marqise Lee, Dontari Poe & Dez Bryant) since Week 3, 1984
That has to be one of the best plays I've seen this year! Dez Bryant 1st pass of the year for TD!
Dez Bryant is going all Boobie Miles -- can do it all.
Jason Garrett doesn't call trick plays. This is out of character...Linehan opening up the play book for Dez Bryant's fi…
That was Dez Bryant's 66th career touchdown reception, breaking a tie with Michael Irvin for 2nd on the Cowboys all-time list.…
cut to Dez Bryant now only needing to score 1 TD
Tyrone Crawford is doubtful for Monday night. Dez Bryant and Sean Lee are questionable, but both are expected to play
Dez Bryant, an all-world talent, is the only Ok St prospect to live up to their billing over an extended period of time in many years
Dez Bryant on David Irving: "The guy is phenomenal. The guy is the truth. When he gets going, that beast is hard to stop."
This was ruled a catch. If you listen closely you can hear Dez Bryant strangling Roger Goodell in the distance https:/…
Dez Bryant is the best WR in football . Ezekiel Elliott is the best RB in football . Dak Prescott is the best QB in football…
Skins: Ok, it's 3rd and 19, let's make a stop here. Inner Skins: let's put Kendall Fuller on Dez Bryant
I kinda think Dez Bryant is a bit overrated
From Dez Bryant to Drew Brees, the first week of the playoffs was rough. Here's how to bounce back on
Dez Bryant 0 Catches, 0 Yards. Cowboys you need to get your money back
Dez Bryant is the master of excuses
Can we all agree that Dez Bryant is overrated?
Dez Bryant really stunk it up last night...
I've said it before Dez Bryant not all that.
Can't wait til Dez Bryant comes to Philadelphia.
WATCH: Jay-Z's perfectly HOVA pep talk to Dez Bryant before Cowboys-Giants: This is exactly the pep talk you would…
Reasons the Cowboys lost:. 1) Dez Bryant dropped balls and gave up on routes that caused interceptions. 2)...
Dez Bryant vs the this yr:. 14 targets, 2 catches, 18 yards
After shutting down Dez Bryant, CB Janoris Jenkins is among the 10 highest-graded CBs this season:…
Dez Bryant had 7 targets, 2 turnovers and 5 incomplete passes while being guarded by Janoris Jenkins
I'm not a cowboys fan but I know that's it's no longer Dez Bryant's team it's Daks team
In 2 games, Janoris Jenkins held Dez Bryant to 1 catch on 7 targets for 10 yards. Jackrabbit forced fumble of that catc…
All through the week I will post film on how Dez Bryant was strapped by
"Dez Bryant did not show up. I've never seen that before!". - .
Dez said need to get their money from Norman seems to me the need to get their money back from Bryant.
Dez Bryant makes his first catch of the night . and coughs it up! recover!
Dez Bryant has given me less fantasy points than Theo Riddick today. And Theo Riddick didn't even play.
When u realize that the Cowboys should of kept Demarco Murray and traded Dez Bryant ... I mean y did u half to fumble the ball 🏈
Stephen Jones on Dez Bryant's 'maturity' in matchup with Josh Norman, shades of Leon Lett on defense https:…
Dez Bryant tied Michael Irvin for 2nd all-time on the Cowboys Rec TD list with 65.
Coincidentally, the best matchup of the night was Dez Bryant vs Arthur Rhodes. Bryant: 4 rec, 84 yds and a TD
Who should be in my lineup? Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson, Dymarius Thomas, Steve Smith, Sammy Watkins. (Pick 3) :)
If you could only have one who would you take Odell Beckham Jr or Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant and Josh Norman settle their feud in the ring.
Fact of the day: David Johnson now has more receiving yards than DeAndre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, and Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant would have been called short of the goal line
Dez Bryant ran routes against Josh Norman in man coverage 18 times. He had three catches for 29 yards.
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Stats don't support Dez Bryant's claims of domination of Josh Norman
Despite claims of domination, actually schemed to get Dez Bryant away from Josh Norman
Dez Bryant's postgame comments on Josh Norman after the Cowboys 31-26 win over the Redskins.
Things got a little heated between Josh Norman and Dez Bryant last night:
Candidly Cowboys podcast: Everything you need to know about yesterday's win, also hear from Dez Bryant & Josh Norman https:…
Josh Norman talked to the media about the postgame scuffle with Dez Bryant 👀 (via
Dez Bryant didn't hold back on Josh Norman.
Dez Bryant saved his words for after his actions had paid off
Dez Bryant to media members: "Better tell Washington to get their money back" . Obviously speaking of Josh Norman https…
Josh Norman says Dez Bryant told him after game, 'where I'm from, we unload the clip' - Washington Post
Between Josh Norman, Dez Bryant, and OBJ the NFC East has the three biggest cry babies in the league
Josh Norman: Now all that talk is just talktalktalk. Because you just went 0-2 vs Dez Bryant.
Josh Norman vs. Dez Bryant went to the next level after the final whistle:
I repeat Dez Bryant only had 3 catches for 32 yards lined up against Josh Norman. Dallas should get their 70 mill back i…
It's just funny how Dez Bryant talks as if he had a stellar game going up against Josh Norman when in reality he didn't do ANYTHING.
Who would win in a fight Dez Bryant or Josh Norman
But the FACTS are Josh Norman only gave up 3 catches for 32 yards against Dez Bryant. That's a lock down in the modern d…
"The greatest joy I could ever get is me proving a doubter wrong." - Dez Bryant
I'm genuinely hurt that Dez Bryant is in a relationship.
Dez Bryant is probably my least favorite player in the NFL lol I can't stand that man
"Tell Washington to get their money back!". Dez Bryant had a postgame message for Josh Norman and the Redskins:
Dez Bryant and Josh Norman had to be separated by teammates after the Cowboys' win over Redskins.
To avoid Josh Norman, Dez Bryant ran 37% of his routes from the slot tonight (averages ~23%). Caught both targets for…
NFL - Josh Norman after scuffle with Dez Bryant: 'Where I'm from, we unload the clip.'
Dez is always trying to act hard. Bryant said‘Where I'm from, we unload the clip’
if you've scored as many TDs on Josh Norman as Dez Bryant has.
Dez Bryant unloading the clip from the mean streets of Galveston, Texas
Dak Prescott threw in Josh Norman's direction five times today. The results:. 3 completions. 32 yards. All were thrown to Dez Bryant…
Dez Bryant addressed the media & shared his reaction to the game against the Redskins. . 🎥:
Dez Bryant in the Air Jordan 7 cleats on Thanksgiving vs. Washington
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Dez Bryant still taking shots at Josh Norman
Dez Bryant on Josh Norman: "Washington should get their money back".
Dez Bryant still ducking that Deangelo Hall wreck tho
3 catches for 32 yards and Josh Norman is takin a L???!! You gotta be kidding me😂 Dez Bryant is 🚮
Dez Bryant on what would've happened if Josh Norman acted same way couple of years ago: "I would've beat him up. Right on t…
Dez Bryant on what he said to Josh Norman: "I was just telling him, Washington needs to get their money back."
Dez Bryant has no chill I been said all that about Norman but no one ever wants to listen glad someone came out and said it...
Dez Bryant is going on a full on rant about how Josh Norman can't check him. . OBJ:
Dez Bryant on Josh Norman after the game.
I spoke to Dez Bryant, he says "I really wish I didn't do that interview...that's not me"
Josh Norman discusses Dez Bryant after the game.
Josh Norman said Dez Bryant approached him and told him, "Where I'm from, we unload the clip" to start the postgame scuffle…
Dez Bryant calls out Josh Norman following Dallas' win.
"Washington should get dey money back!" - Dez Bryant 😂😂😂😂
Josh Norman being a sore loser to Dez Bryant   10% Off
Dez Bryant on Josh Norman postgame. Here's the link
Things got heated between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman on Thanksgiving.
On 12 career targets, Dez Bryant has just four catches for 38 yards against Josh Norman.
Dez Bryant was kept out of the endzone! 7 fantasy pts Team Josh Norman
Dez Bryant just asked Josh Norman if he was coming over for
Deangelo Hall was a frustrating, inconsistent corner and whenever he played Dez Bryant he turned into Mel Blount. This rivalry can be weird.
Dez Bryant on facing Josh Norman and Redskins Secondary, "I don't care who is on me. I'm going to play my game." https:…
start Dez Bryant or Willis McGahee in flex?
I now listen to trade Tony Romo and Dez Bryant doesn't need to build a big-play wavelength.
Happy for Dez Bryant. Back in the flow. Important part of Dak's Team, but no longer THE part.
trade away Hopkins and Steve Smith for Dez Bryant? 12team standard. Start 3WR. I also have Marshall, Marvin Jones, and Adams
Watch Coach Garrett present Dez Bryant with the game ball after the win at Heinz Field.
Why We Love Sports Today: Cowboys award an emotional Dez Bryant the game ball one day after his father passed away. (via…
On an emotional night for Dez Bryant, Jason Witten said Bryant's development has been a highlight of his own career.
DC Keith Butler matched up rookie CB Artie Burns against veteran WR Dez Bryant...that was complete stupidity!
My condolences to my boy Dez Bryant in the passing of his dad and great thanks for showing up on game day to help u…
Dez Bryant and Antonio Brown jersey swap. Two of the greatest wide receivers in the NFL.
Dez Bryant pushed William *** s shoulder so they called a flag on *** What's going on?
8 team standard lg. - Need 1 of these for my Flex, James Starks, Dez Bryant, Christine Michael, Doug Martin, or Dion Lewis?
Dez Bryant says he's never been a "me" guy-- "I've been misunderstood for so long... I feel like I'm a great person." [B/…
Jerry Jones on Dez Bryant being better with Romo than Dak: "I wouldn't say that at all...I just can't say enough about how…
The Cowboys fans do not deserve Tony Romo or Dez Bryant
. Trade question... Bell, Deangalo, Dion Lewis and Travis Benjamin for M.Gordon, Ware, C.West and Dez Bryant?
standard league, need to sit 1 of these guys. I've got Amari Cooper, Crabtree, Marvin Jones, and Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant on OT win vs. Eagles: 'The best team win I've ever been a part of in my life'
After getting an IV during halftime, Dez Bryant scores game-tying touchdown in return to action via
Dez Bryant on Fletcher Cox saying Eagles still better team: "If that's how he feels that's how he feels. We know what that…
Dez Bryant is the first Cowboy since Bob Hayes (1965-66) with 100 Rec yards and a Rec TD in 3 straight games against the Eagle…
I love Dez Bryant like I was born in Dallas and an alum of Okla State
Dak Prescott's 53-yard completion to Dez Bryant is the longest of his career. His 4th rushing TD leads all QBs this season
I traded CJ Anderson and Brandin Cooks for Mark Ingram and Dez Bryant
RBs Michael Ware Freeman being offered Antonio Brown and tevin Coleman for Ware and Dez Bryant dynasty league
My fantasy team is cursed. Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Dez Bryant, Corey Coleman, now Lacy. Watch your step, Greg…
My only injuries are Dez Bryant and Doug Martin. Just wish I had started Cooks over Kelvin though.
My bench in Fantasy Football has all the injuries:. Dez Bryant. Doug Martin. Will Fuller. Starting Pryor and DeVante Parker at WR today. 🙁🔫
Guys coming off injuries you may want to target: Jonathan Stewart, Doug Martin, Dez Bryant, Arian Foster
Skip Bayless insisted to Dez Bryant that he isn't a bandwagon Cowboys fan, so Dez proved to him that he was:.
should I trade away Matt Ryan for Dez Bryant or Doug Martin ? Already have Wilson at QB
'Jason Garrett updates on injury to Morris Claiborne, Dez Bryant'
Jason Garrett updates on injury to Morris Claiborne, Dez Bryant ».
Doug Martin or Dez Bryant rest of season ppr
Dez Bryant (knee), Dan Bailey (back), and Tyron Smith (back) are all questionable for Sunday's game vs. Cincinnati
Dez Bryant beats his mom and Chapman pistol whips his wife
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