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Dexter Morgan

Dexter Morgan (né Moser) is a fictional character in a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay, including Darkly Dreaming Dexter (2004), Dearly Devoted Dexter (2005), Dexter in the Dark (2007), Dexter by Design (2009), Dexter Is Delicious (2010) and Double Dexter (2011).

Debra Morgan Harry Morgan Tom Brady Michael C Hall Walter White David Fisher Michael Weston

"There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths..." Dexter Morgan
Check out this awesome shoot published in out latest issue with Dexter Morgan Photography and Sean Adams from...
I literally thought it was Dexter Morgan all this time!!!?
I can't help but think that this guy looks like a really beat Dexter Morgan..
I hope I'm not the only person who thought the white guy binking was Dexter Morgan
. Deborah Morgan-Dexter . -most badass independent woman you will ever meet
Elliot Alderson is pretty much Dexter Morgan who hacks and isn't a vigilante serial killer.
dexter morgan: *does literally anything*. me: a MAN. my man. i'm so in love.
"some people don't deserve die, and some people don't deserve life". – Dexter Morgan
you haven't met Dexter Morgan yet :)
In the latest Friday the 13th we learn that Jason is actually... Dexter Morgan.
Back when Brady looked like serial killer Dexter Morgan lol
Debra Morgan has serious commitment issues...
Okay but anyone else has a crush on Dexter Morgan??!! No? Ok
The blinking guy looks like dexter morgan *** ..
A scary moment as The1stOrder recruits Dexter Morgan in their attempt to kill by…
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Anyone else think the god of the guy staring looks like Dexter Morgan??
I liked a video from Dexter Morgan VS. Walter White
Wow. And I had a whole argument with swearing he was Dexter Morgan.
Thought he was Dexter Morgan the whole time lol
Can you believe Debra Morgan saved the last seasons of Dexter?
Thought that was Dexter Morgan whole time
I'm in love with Dexter Morgan and I'm not ashamed to say it
Am I the only person who thinks this guy looks just like Dexter Morgan or
I seriously thought this was Dexter Morgan 😂
I couldn't believe my eyes when Dexter Morgan came on stage to accept an award for David Bowie
most ~hero~ vampires: try to abstain from human blood, or try to be civil about it. Lucian: literally dexter morgan if he was a vampire
Thought blinking guy meme was Dexter Morgan
I was pretty sure that was Dexter Morgan. But nvm
I want abs like deb Morgan season 4 of dexter
could Michael C. Hall aka Dexter Morgan come back on my screen pls
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Highlight so far has been that Dexter Morgan accepted Bowies award
Uhhh one of the cops interrogating Walker here in Miami - isn't this Dexter Morgan's stepdad? Is Dexter canon with…
Dexter Morgan (Dexter). Michael C Hall is peak hotness here don't judge
"Slice of Tom" the name of my boat, if I were Dexter Morgan.
Dexter Morgan . My father. hey, I'm Rob, one of the co owners :). dt: baks (Vine by morbid edits)
I KNOW but we see things differently, it's like Walter White or Dexter Morgan, or Thomas Shelby, people will disagree
that makes some sense. Almost the same way Harry Morgan is in the head of Dexter Morgan.
Be real, he's not ballsy enough for Dexter Morgan. Debra Morgan, sure. Not Dexter.
. Battle ideas: Dexter Morgan vs The Zodiac Killer. or Dexter vs Norman Bates :P. digging the new season so far
"uy you have chemistry ah! yie.". "when some chemicals mix, they combust and explode." - Dexter Morgan. Haist. Bat ka ganyan?
All the fans of all the shows right now are getting to feel the total shock I felt when Rita Morgan died on Dexter.
I am with my buddy gryphenthecat and channelling my inner Dexter Morgan 👑😈
Dexter...Dexter Morgan⇜. dt: ayy ahs edits bc we both love dexter duh (Vine by
Debra Morgan is such a badass but I also just want to wrap her in a blanket .
I had a dream that Dexter Morgan was my boyfriend 😂
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Is it just me but does Cass seem to like getting blood on her as much as Dexter Morgan?
When we do find out who hacked account...I'm hoping Dexter Morgan is aware.
dexter Morgan way to fck up my night
This week's blood spatter analysis has been brought to you by the lumberjack formerly known as Dexter Morgan.
Oh, I'm sure he'll be paging Dexter Morgan to come and body his stepdad.
Ben on jeopardy tonight looks like Dexter Morgan 💉🔪🔪
>sees Dexter's Laboratory on tl. >first thought: Dexter Morgan. well. he also had a laboratory :)
Who tf gave Dexter Morgan a can of spray paint??
Dexter Morgan 💉. - would you guys like to see more Dexter edits? (Vine by breaking bad yo)
Some great news coming soon!!! Keep your eyes and ears out!. Dexter Morgan Photography being published again.
We gotta get Dexter Morgan or Frank Castle to catch that dude
I almost said Morgan instead of Dexter
I feel like I connect too much to Dexter Morgan
I believe in you! In the words of Dexter Morgan “Light cannot exist without darkness." So I hope you see how bright your light is.
I really feel like I am Dexter Morgan at some points in my life
CMV: Dexter Morgan only did two things wrong: One, he was too eager to kill without substantial evidence. Two, the…
why am i lowkey Debra Morgan but also a little bit Dexter Morgan
Check out more of my photography on Dexter Morgan Photography. ~ The Ghost ~
Rick grimes, Walter White et dexter morgan
"I guess some bonds are unbreakable. We never leave behind the ones we love." - Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan is following me. I now have someone who understands my dark passenger.
I like to think eventually Dexter Morgan became Mr. Brooks.
AH I'm on season 7 of Dexter right now!
Dexter Morgan can murder me any day
Is it just me or does Dexter Morgan and Tom Brady look a like!!!
do people like Dexter Morgan really exist bc I really hope they do
"If I'm not hurting myself, I'm hurting everyone around me. There's nothing I can do about it.I'm broken.". -Debra Morgan (Dexter…
Dexter Morgan and the Miami Metro police department. lol. I'm scared
Dexter Morgan and Lumen Pierce should not be shipped because I miss Rita but it's so hard not to
Ted from Heroes looks like Charles Manson, but if he cuts his hair and shaves a bit, looks like Dexter Morgan. Hmm
Only cops I trust not named Debra or Dexter Morgan
The fastest way, my most obvious clue, that you can tell I don't like you is if you ask me my name and I say Dexter Morgan.
Walter White and Dexter Morgan would have made the greatest business partners.
Detective Debra Morgan sister to Dexter Morgan daughter of Harry Morgan.
"Never jump the fence if you're not willing to face what's on the other side." Wise words of Dexter Morgan
"It's okay, life doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be lived." - Dexter Morgan ☝😌 — true
Kids these days just want more Donald Glover rubble for their Dexter Morgan tomfoolery
*** I would turn straight into Dexter Morgan if I ever met kehlani... Ull never see her again 😍😍😍😍
we both chose Dexter Morgan for our warm up.
Dexter Morgan would've had that mess cleaned up in under 60 seconds.
Dexter Morgan vs the BAU from criminal minds. Who ya got?
"Dexter's Laboratory" would have been a MUCH different show if it was Dexter Morgan.
Meredith Grey, Nancy Botwin, and Dexter Morgan are the only people keeping me company this weekend
some days I feel like dexter morgan..
I am in full support of the David Fisher/Dexter Morgan theory. The timeline adds up. It all makes complete sense.
Rita Morgan [from Dexter] has the biggest heart ever. Period. If you've seen the show, you cannot dispute it.
That Dexter Morgan sure is one of my favorite ball bat swingers.
Night in with my boy, Dexter Morgan❤️
If Dexter Morgan could just bring me donuts every morning that would be great thanks
Searching our customer database to see if any of our customers have the name "Dexter Morgan" or the surname "Stalin". No such luck yet
Should the fact that I relate to Dexter Morgan be concerning?
"They make it look so easy... Connecting to another human being." - Dexter Morgan
.was Dexter Morgan's story somewhat of an influence when creating Elliots character. If so, real good job.
I can clearly tell that is seriously the internet version of Dexter Morgan. Such a smart storyline. Can't wait to watch more!
I liked a video from Multimale Collab part 15- Dexter Morgan
Dad. I'm obsessed with a serial killer. His name is Dexter Morgan
I don't even care that he has a sick obsession with killing people. . I want to marry Dexter Morgan
I just saw a guy that looks exactly like Dexter Morgan 😱
"I feel you can fake a lot of human emotion, my problem is, I fake them all. That's my burden" - Dexter Morgan 😍
_. "We only see two things in people, what we want to see and what they want to show us.". - Dexter morgan.
Killing floor 2 is flipping awesome. It could turn the most wholesome into a Dexter Morgan.
*** That's an easy challenge for Dexter Morgan.😁
However I do run if there is a bull coming after me with an axe -Dexter Morgan
hopefully Dexter Morgan is on the list of new people being added to MKX
or should I say hello... Dexter morgan
there is a dexter marathon on and I am so happy dexter Morgan is my serial killer, sociopathic husbando
That moment you have the same shoes as a girl on Dexter.
i didn't know that the name u told siri to call u would send emails in that name so i once sent an email to a teacher as Dexter Morgan
lol my bad I didn't know it was dexter Morgan calling me instead of Anas alchaar
Top 5 tv OG's of all time . 1. John Locke . 2. opie. 3. Jax teller . 4. Dexter Morgan . 5. Walter White . n Michael Scofield just missed it
Jack Bauer, Michael Weston, Raylan Givens, Dexter Morgan... . Who would win in a fight? Who could out smart the other?
So this is what Audrey meant by bein Dexter Morgan to walk out of the BB house without even put on the block & also make national news
Dexter Morgan faked his death and disappeared from the world. I guess Audrey is somewhat playing like Dexter Morgan.
Aud wanted to play a messy game,she wanted to be Dexter Morgan.Pretty disappointing if she throws in the towel b/c arent going her way
what happened to her Dexter Morgan approach. I'm sorry, but as of right now, I'm not buying it.
Audrey, Dexter Morgan would be very disappointed in you. Grow a pair girl.. Lmao!!
When you come in the game and say you are going to be like Dexter Morgan, you should be able to handle the consequences.
I sometimes catch myself comparing my feelings to those of Dexter Morgan.
Dexter Morgan: Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos. *Nods in agreement* Yes, Dexter, yes.
Photo: no spoilers alas, we finally (sort of) say good bye to Dexter Morgan. Jeff Lindsay’s anti-hero of...
And James Remar, who not only played the father of Dexter Morgan, but also of the Salvatore brothers!
Middx 2s: 156 for 3 (27.3 overs) Runs req'd 129 off 135. Dexter bowled by Cowdrey for 54 off 59, Higgins to the crease. Morgan 61 off 65
Middx 2s: 121 for 2 off 21.2 overs, needing 164 off 172 balls, Morgan on 52 off 51, Dexter 33 off 39
Middlesex 2nd XI are today playing Kent in a 2nd XI Trophy Match against Kent at Radlett CC. Squad: Gubbins*, Robson, Morgan, Dexter..
I'm at Radlett to watch the 2s, who include Robson, Dexter and Morgan!
Dexter Morgan is a Man of many talents
"I've lived in darkness a long time. Over the years my eyes adjusted, until the dark became my world and I could see." -Dexter Morgan
Debra Morgan, I love you. I'm so sad I've only now found you. Thank you, Dexter, thank you. ❤️
I'm falling in love with Dexter Morgan
holy *** Hannah McKay in 24 ,with the second name Morgan ,I'm thunderstruck and flabbergasted,it's not even in Argentina!   10% Off
"Harry and Doris Morgan did a wonderful job raising me. But they're both dead now. I didn't kill them.Honest."
No errands to run or anywhere to be. Enjoying a lazy day off with Dexter and Deb Morgan
Currently in the homeland of Dexter Morgan and and I'm loving it
Just sharpened my prized kitchen knife and now feel like Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan is my favorite character ever
I never thought I'd love a fictional character but God *** Dexter Morgan do me
Yes... But I'm near ending our friendship with you not knowing my husband. That's Dexter Morgan.
"Everybody yearns for clarity, for closure... but is that ever really possible?" - Dexter Morgan
That awkward moment if I made a Dexter Morgan account. Rippah would do great as a brother.
I was Dexter Morgan for thirty minutes.
Dexter Morgan, I think you do need Stars on Kim Hollywood, Visit My Bio Profile to get 8500 Stars
How did Michael Weston & Dexter Morgan never run into each other all those years in Miami? It's not that big a town
Dexter Morgan, Incredible Hulk and Brad Pitt. Can't complain :3 . Though I would give my life for have onmyteam
honorable mention: . -->Charles Ingalls from LHotP. -->Dexter Morgan. -->Tony Soprano. -->Martin Crane if he could still walk
As soon as I read that Audrey compared herself to Dexter Morgan and that she wants to make big moves, I've been excite… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Dexter Morgan , Harvey Spectre and Jesse Pinkman are the truest g's.
Knowing that Debra Morgan and Dexter Morgan were married in real life makes me so uncomfortable 😷
Watching him as Tom in Ruth & Erica, also known for being Dexter Morgan on Dexter, David Fisher on Six Feet Under.
In several "Dexter" novels by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter Morgan listens to music by Philip Glass. Nice!
The best people have the name Morgan. Dexter Morgan. Colin Morgan. Morgan Freeman . Me Morgan
This "Dexter Morgan" fellow has added me to an "Honorary Monster" list. I believe he has me confused with Loki.
For this Christmas I would like to become a combination of Emily Thorne and Dexter Morgan
At -- Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan by day a blood spatter pattern expert for …
Actor Michael C. Hall, best known as Dexter Morgan, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma — a type of blood cancer. htt…
Michael C Hall had the perfect lack of emotional range to play Dexter Morgan.
Meet me at the corner of Dexter Morgan?!...
Sherlock homes vs. Dexter Morgan... now that would be good.
Dexter Morgan is my man crush always
Dexter Morgan tried to kill me twice. And then Dexter turned into Will Graham with a cut up face. *** is going on in my dreams. Lol
HBK the only man to win the Rumble after entering ever since decided to go Dexter Morgan on his family
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Dexter Morgan is one hot psychopath 😌❤️
Do you think Devon Graye will make a good Trickster? I answered: Yeah, sure! via
i knew Dexter and i were perfect for each other! . You are Dexter Morgan. Lovable and loyal, your horrible past...
I have as many emotions as Dexter Morgan
How annoying is Debra Morgan in wish she was a victim 🙈
did anyone ever tell you that you look like dexter Morgan ?! The skinny yet smaller version of dexter Morgan!!
A new favorite: Wunda - Say When by Dexter Morgan Music on
I like to think I was a guy in my past life like an ancient Dexter Morgan
I enjoy emailing this guy with the last name Morgan because it makes me think he's related to dexter
You knew it was over when Brady walked in looking like Dexter Morgan
Dogs are doing surprisingly good. Dexter is currently chowing down on a bone. Morgan has been silent,…
is trending & all I can think is Dexter Morgan married Amy Farrah Fowler & took her name...but this is about sports ball..loll
I hate this cat man... he came yesterday looking like a professional hitman/serial killer. Tom "Dexter Morgan" Brady
I want your blood on a Dexter Morgan level
“Going full Dexter Morgan today. spot on
I had a dream I was Dexter Morgan's sidekick, so I ran around with Michael C. Hall. We got caught and I woke up.
Too late. ~. And no ya sa5eefa. Dexter Morgan the serial killer. You don't think I watch normal people shows now, do you?
Little creeped out by how much Tom Brady looks like Dexter Morgan from the side.
Dexter Morgan some how made serial murder look ok
bonding with Dexter Morgan the rest of the night
Tom Brady looks like Dexter Morgan lol.” No dexter Morgan looks like Tom Brady
I held hands with Dexter Morgan last night so idk how my life can improve from here on out
Be careful what you think you know of someone.. - Dexter Morgan, Harry Morgan
Is it me or is it Paul Spector on is the sexiest serial killer than Dexter Morgan on Dexter!
I don't think I can handle agent Morgan in criminal minds after just finishing Dexter with Deb & Dexter Morgan
Deb and Dexter Morgan were married in real life for almost three years 🙀
There is no fictional relationship that I ship more than Dexter Morgan and Hannah McKay
Who's the worst parent, Dexter Morgan or Carrie Matheson?
Just found out that Michael C Hall, Dexter Morgan, was married to Jennifer Carpenter, Deborah Morgan, mind is blown...
Smartest one out of these:. Dexter Morgan. Walter White. Raymond Reddington. Michael Scofield. Jackson Teller
Dexter Morgan is influencing how I feel about David Fisher and I don't think it's okay
Prints for sale, from Saturday: Jesse & Walt (Breaking Bad), Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Khal Drogo (Game of thrones, also signed by Jason Momoa himself), Mia & Vince (Pulp Fiction) - inbox me for details if you want some for christmas gifts :D
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