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Devon Travis

Devon Anthony Travis (born February 21, 1991) is an American professional baseball second baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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I love Devon Travis and think that nation ought to come up with some kind of spell that we may conjure th…
'I just want to be healthy so bad:’ checks in with Devon Travis as he rehabs for the thi…
It has been extremely difficult at times, as Travis acknowledged in this interview with me last August.…
Our chronicles Devon Travis' battles through rehab in his third straight off-season:
'I just want to be healthy so bad:' Devon Travis keeps his hopes up as he battles through rehab for a th…
🏡 18 26510 Twp Rd 511 in Rural Parkland County. Call Travis Hawryluk at (780) 962-8580 for details!
Last year Devon Travis was on pace for 54 2B+3B over 150 games. (from the fangraphs fan projections
Whats the chances of the Blue Jays trading Devon Travis & Steve Pearce to the Pirates for Josh Harri…
I watched the whole trial yes they were into kinky stuff but during trial her defense tea…
Travis Alaxander did not deserve to die, but I agree that Jodi Arias was definitely mentally and emotionally abused…
Processing Curtis signing: Overall, it's a disappointment. Yes, he is beyond a tremendous guy. However,…
I'll take starling marte for Devon Travis
A name not on this list, Devon travis.
John Villar up in Milwaukee might not have a big price tag. Platoon him with Devon Travis and Tulo.
Who gives a flying F if the Pirates would be interested in Devon Travis?!. He's not going anywhere. No point even stirring that pot.
Blue Jays: Would the Pirates be interested in Devon Travis? via
Like you said, I'm hoping this is the year Devon Travis breaks thru. He's got a real talent for hitti…
I looked into it but I'm down in Devon so it's a long way. Him v Riddle should be great though. He'll b…
With the money they just wasted on signing Devon Travis (MR. injury) they could have signed their ACE an…
avoid arbitration with Dominic Leone, Kevin Pillar, and Devon Travis, agreeing to play them $1.1 million,…
Yes! Devon Travis has signed. My heart is not broken
Devon Travis, is now trending in Canada.
The have agreed to 2018 contracts with the following players; Josh Donaldson (US $23,000,000), Kevin Pillar (US…
I'm happy that we resigned Josh Donaldson, Kevin Pillar, and Aaron Sanchez but why Devon Travis? He is injury prone
avoid arbitration with Devon Travis on one-year, $1.45-million deal, reports . MORE ➡️
The Blue Jays avoid arbitration with Devon Travis signing him to a one-year deal worth $1.45-million. . https…
and Devon Travis settle at $1.45m to avoid arbitration, per source
avoid arb with Devon Travis per source. $1.45 million in 2018
I hate the idea of trading Devon Travis but I think a package of him plus a prospect pitcher could g…
Depends. They have Devon Travis and Gyroko's contract is very team friendly too and can step in at 3B for Donaldson.
Do you think that the jays should mobmve on from Devon Travis has shown in 3 separate seasons he ca…
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This is the kind of behaviour that had people thinking Devon Travis was the worst player alive by the third week of April
Grand Slam!!! By Devon Travis May 26th, 2017. Get better soon. You are missed!
Look, we love the top guys, the ones who become stars or regulars. But some of those 150-300 guys do that (Devon Travis, for instance).
The only logical argument to Devon Travis being untouchable is that if you touch him, he gets injured. G…
How about Devon Travis? Young stud infielder, if the pitching is untouchable via trade you keep a guy like that in the field too.
Always, and forever. Bluejays for Life. Even if Devon Travis DID catch me in a Red Sox hat outside of Fen…
Just spent five minutes trying to convince myself that would be willing to part w/ Devon Travis. The trade deadline needs to pass.
Kids today will never know how much Raven loved Devon❤️
I get baseball observers who say Devon Travis will never stay healthy enough to be an everyday player but writing him off would be a mistake
The Devon Travis isnt a real prospect one got to me. I even wrote a piece showing he made the exact c…
2B is devon travis's spot when he gets back from injury I think
I think at this point, even Devon Travis in a chair might help this team.
I think this is a good time to reaffirm that I miss Devon Travis. A LOT.
Girl we were so busy Jennifer called in Travis was late Devon was late and tammi didn't even show up it was AWFUL
Not arbitrary at all. That's why they keep records. Most wins in a month. Most HRs. Most dbls, see Devon Travis.
Travis Fredborg wins first with 15-ft eagle putt on final hole. Finishes 5-under. Beats 2-time champ Devon Schade
mighty tough on Devon Travis as you sit behind the desk and comb your haïr with a PORK CHOP
Plus don't disrespect Devon Travis. Injured or not. The guy can hit
Devon Travis isn't as injury prone as Sid thinks, he only gets injured every 9 months, then again it takes him 9 months to heal
holy lord this buddy just ripped a shred off of Devon Travis saying he's not a good ball player and that he's "just a guy" ??? um WHAT 🙃
I'm not going to lie but Devon Travis belongs in the minors
ok Odor is a worst hitter than Devon Travis who's a worst fielder than Travis somehow. Just stap!
ICYMI: joined to talk Devon Travis, Donaldson's future, dealing prosects, & more:
You keep those 3 and Devon Travis. Everyone else can go.
second baseman Devon Travis is equivalent to the Greg Bird
Sanchez is the Devon Travis of pitching
Seriously, outside of Devon Travis, has anyone had more misfortune with injuries?
Mike would you explore a Devon Travis trade? He has value, but is injured far too often.
Was there ever any question that are a better team with Devon Travis than without him?
Progress for Devon Travis, who began swinging the bat yesterday and can do more defensively now in his rehab, as we…
Does this team really miss Devon Travis?
3rd round of Nott Autocorp men's amateur is in the books and Devon Schade has a 1-shot lead over Eric Johnson,Travis Fredborg
Welcoming sight to see Devon Travis back on the diamond
Devon Travis taking ground balls. No batting practice for either team after 15-inning marathon.
I'm going to assume you're referring to Devon Travis.
Devon Travis doesn't have a knee anymore, but I need him to return so I never have to see Pillar-Goins back to back in the lineup again.
It's too bad Devon Travis can't stay healthy
Boy, do the miss having Devon Travis (or any competent hitting 2B) or what...
Devon Travis was out playing catch and fielding a few ground balls this afternoon. Appeared to go well https…
Do you flip second baseman Devon Travis - if you are Toronto?
The fact that Devon Travis is this broken up about his knee injury is very worrisome. Makes me think it's worse than expected.
Devon Travis! Who is also a very good looking man, but Maile could be a model.
Suggested to Devon Travis that Joe DiMaggio will rest easier with his hit streak ended said "I could have told him that!!"
Devon Travis's double breaks record for the most hit in the month of May by a player with 16 (had shared it with Fred Lewis from 2010)
Devon Travis needs 1 Double to tie the record for Doubles in May in a single season (15 by Fred Lewis in 2010).
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The first 2nd baseman to hit two grand slams? Devon Travis!. 📹
Barnette is added to my worst hair in the MLB list. Him and John Jaso, and Devon Travis last year. I will keep you guys up to date
@ T3-2o: Jean Segura grounds out, 2B Devon Travis to 1B Justin Smoak.
Just watching Eugenio Suarez, who we traded for Alfredo Simon. Right up there with Devon Travis for Anthony Gose. Ugh...
@ B8-1o: Devon Travis reaches on a force attempt, throwing error by 2B Taylor Motter. Ryan Goins to 2nd.
@ B6-3o: Devon Travis pops out to 2B Taylor Motter.
@ B2-3o: Derek Norris grounds into a force out, SS Ryan Goins to 2B Devon Travis. Kevin Kiermaier out at 2nd.
Devon Travis and Lloyd Moseby talk on Ep. 4 of iTunes: Google Play:
Devon Travis with the kind of swing that makes you believe he's finally his old self again.
2 of 3: Kipnis vs Quintana/Shields/Holland at CHI, Devon Travis vs Meyer/Skaggs/Chavez at LA or Y. Alonso vs Iwakuma/Miranda/Gallardo at OAK
@ B6-2o: Daniel Robertson grounds out softly, 2B Devon Travis to 1B Justin Smoak.
The first hit of our season belongs to Devon Travis!
After 2 innings, we're still scoreless! . Due up ⬆️3️⃣: . Devon Travis. .
With recapping a busy day at minor league camp for Devon Travis, Josh Donaldson, and Francisco Liriano
Jorge Soler, Tim Anderson, Eddie Rosario, Kennys Vargas, Greg Bird, Ryon Healy, Mitch Haniger and Devon Travis are my top sleeper hitters AL
Mark Shapiro provides updates on Josh Donaldson, Devon Travis, and more with
Devon Travis, Ryan Braun, Joc Peterson or Maikel Franco please! One of them would be awe…
It was so surreal to meet Devon Travis, Marco Estrada, Aaron Sanchez and Kevin Pillar. ⚾️❤️
Remember: J.A. Happ is completely responsible for Devon Travis and Joaquín Benoit being unavailable in the playoffs. The brawl was unncesary
second baseman Devon Travis ‘felt great’ until his injured knee gave out again in Game 1
. Imagine an infield of Russell Martin, Edwin Encarnacion, Devon Travis, Troy Tulowitzki and Josh Donaldson. I mean God *** ..
"Biggest part of the game is Slowing it Down" - Devon Travis .
Devon Travis flies out to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.
Devon Travis, y'all. Biggest hit of his career and it goes over the Green Monster.
Devon Travis with a huge solo HR over the Green Monster to put the up 1-0
Devon Travis with a solo blast that clears the Green Monster! lead the 1-0 and the lead the 1-0!
Did not expect a Green Monster home run from Devon Travis lol
Devon Travis homers into the Green Monster seats to give the a 1-0 lead on the in the top of the 5th inning.
Devon Travis solo HR over the Green Monster. 1-0
Devon Travis over the Green Monster!
@ T3-2o: Devon Travis singles on a ground ball to CF Jackie Bradley Jr.
If Luis Rivera doesn't hold Tulo at 3rd and if Devon Travis backs up first base on the Martin error in the 1st inning, we're tied.
As a second baseman Devon Travis is a *** of a hitter.
He turns a nice double play, to be sure, but I'm ready to entertain the possibility that Devon Travis isn't a good second baseman.
I'm a huge fan of the second baseman in this inning. Thank you, Devon Travis.
Robinson Cano triples (2) on a sharp ground ball to right fielder Michael Saunders, deflected by second baseman Devon Travis.
hit and run after Kevin Pillar BB, Cliff Pennington heads to 2B to cover, Devon Travis flares a ball past where he was. 1B+3B 1out
@ T9-1o: Edwin Encarnacion homers (40) on a fly ball to left center field. Devon Travis scores.
Russell Martin, Devon Travis, and Josh Donaldson are Toronto Blue Jays. Next year, they will also be Toronto Blue Jays.
@ T9-1o: Josh Donaldson out on a sacrifice fly to RF Kole Calhoun. Russell Martin scores. Devon Travis to 2nd.
Devon 'the BABIP gods like me' Travis
Devon travis got robbed in the Toronto game
Devon Travis's drive to the wall almost missed the Buss. But the Buss was right on schedule. Strange. 2
Scioscia reading into some SSS reverse splits on Devon Travis?
Devon Travis JUST missed giving a 3-0 lead. Two seats to the right and that's a home run.
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@ T7-2o: Devon Travis flies out to LF Nick Buss.
Nick Buss robs Devon Travis of a homer at wall in LF
@ T5-1o: Devon Travis pops out to SS Andrelton Simmons.
@ B4-1o: Andrelton Simmons lines out softly to 2B Devon Travis.
Thole can bunt. Barney can bunt against righties. Devon Travis should never bunt.
@ T3-2o: Devon Travis called out on strikes.
Why are you making Devon Travis sacrifice bunt? You deserve that out
@ T3-1o: With Devon Travis batting, Carlos Perez picks off Darwin Barney at 2nd on throw to Andrelton Simmons.
Devon Travis is now on a 13 game hitstreak.
Devon travis owns the longest hit streak at 13 for the
Devon Travis is sorta good at baseball stuff
Devon Travis extends his hit streak to 13 games, leading off the game with a ducksnort into shallow CF for a single.
Devon Travis is the best hitter on the team right now
You show 'em Devon Travis. make this count.
@ T1-0o: Devon Travis singles on a soft fly ball to CF Mike Trout.
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first pitch from Jered Weaver to Devon Travis is at 7:08pm PT, 74 degrees at Angel Stadium
Behond the majesty of pregame handshake with
Helped our friends uncover the story behind Stroman and Travis' handshake:
So this is now a thing with Devon Travis and Marcus Stroman. Love the creative handshakes in baseball.
Devon Travis has a hit in a career-high 12 straight games. He is batting .385 with 5 Runs & 8 RBI in those contests
Hey Travis Devon thanks for the follow!
Thanks Travis Devon for following me! Check out if you want to connect further :)
Devon Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. The week has been good, how about you?
after some sleuthing, it seems he did it himself, with some help from Devon Travis.
Kanye West and Travis Scott called Desiigner and made him perform Tiimmy Turner 😂
Devon Travis when he comes up to bat with RISP
Devon Travis is the future of the Blue Jays lineup. And he's pretty darn good in the present too. 7 2 T9
Devon Travis extends his hit streak to 12 games with a two-run single T9, lead 7-2
Devon Travis off-season homework is to watch all 10 years of Dustin Pedroia video.
@ B8-1o: Devon Travis singles on a soft line drive to LF Tony Kemp. Justin Smoak to 3rd. Melvin Upton Jr. to 2nd.
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The have acquired 2B Devon Travis from the Detroit Tigers in exchange for outfielder Anthony Gose.
Way to go Devon Travis for having a great bounce back game both defensively and offensively & picking up 3 more knocks…
what would be realistic to get back from Toronto? Devon Travis? Or guys like Jon Harris, Perdomo, Reid-Foley?
Stroman, Devon Travis and your 2 top prospects for Chris it?
Devon Travis is one of the best hit-and-run guys in the MLB
@ T3-3o: Nelson Cruz pops out to 2B Devon Travis.
@ B8-1o: Michael Bourn grounds into a force out, 3B Josh Donaldson to 2B Devon Travis. Jean Segura out at 2nd. [1/2]
@ T3-2o: Devon Travis singles on a line drive to CF Michael Bourn.
This is my preferred outfit for Devon Travis to wear at second base
@ T1-3o: Eric Hosmer grounds out softly, 2B Devon Travis to 1B Edwin Encarnacion.
How much do the regret trading Devon Travis to the for Anthony Gose?
Can't believe the Tigers gave us Devon Travis for Anthony Gose. LMFAO
Devon Travis came up with the tigers and was traded to toronto for anthony goss
That moment when you realize Ryan Goins has better offensive numbers than Devon Travis...
Travis Shaw grounds out, second baseman Devon Travis to first baseman Justin Smoak.
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Hey remember when the Jays traded Anthony Gose for Devon Travis?
have zobrist. Was offered Devon Travis for Jeanmar Gomez. Have Davis and Jansen for saves. Do I do this deal?
Devon Travis was also an AA acquisition . for Anthony Gose
Blue Jay's defeat the Red Sox's 10-9. Toronto gets the walk off Devon Travis single that scored Russell Martin
At the plate: Devon Travis was April 2015 American League Rookie of the Month.
Guys, seriously, Devon Travis is not Devon White, quit with the "Devo" stuff.
Kluber, Devon Travis, and swihart for cano and Matt Moore in AL only... which side are you taking?
TOR [SB Nation: Bluebird Banter] - Devon Travis activated from the DL, Pat Venditte optioned
Earlier than expected, have activated Devon Travis from the DL. Pat Venditte optioned to
in the MLB: Week Seven. Notes on Shane Robinson's RBI single and the return of Devon Travis. via
[Buffalo News: Inside Pitch] Devon Travis finds his baseball flow with the Bisons
I'd have to say once Devon Travis is ready there's a 99.9% chance Goins is a member of the Buffalo Bisons.. 👍
Aaron Loup joins the Bisons on MLB rehab. That's the third Blue Jay in Buffalo on rehab stints -- Loup, Bo Shultz and Devon Travis.
Devon Travis joined in St. Pete after hitting in extended spring training today. Says shoulder feeling much better.
Devon Travis to get first ABs since surgery along with updates on Morales, Loup, Schultz and Alford:
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Devon Travis > Ryan Goins when healthy, it's not even that close really... Travis can flash the leather but he has major pop in that bat
Devon Travis needs to come back already because Ryan Goins is TRASH 🚮
It's rather comical to see some people think Devon Travis is some enormous upgrade over Ryan Goins
I need a 2b. Neil Walker, Logan Forsythe, Josh Harrison? I refuse to pick up Lawrie, and I'll have Devon Travis on the DL.
Devon Travis or Aaron Nola. Who has greater future value for 5-8 years down the road
One does not need Darwin Bailey when there is Devon Travis and Ryan Goins .smh
still not over Devon Travis for Gose smh
What did before meetings last yr. Traded Adam Lind for Marco Estrada. Traded Anthony Gose for Devon Travis. Signed Russell Martin
A Devon Travis+ for Shelby Miller deal is a thing that should happen
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lol worry about pitching Gibby!. We can use Johnathan Diaz or Kawi for a month or two while Devon Travis is out
John Gibbons acknowledges are looking for utility infielder with Devon Travis due to miss start of season.
Muni Kawasaki will start more games at 2B than Devon Travis. .and I'm spent.
Devon Travis and Anthony Alford get it done?
"I lost all respect for him because omg you should just let the guy steal your shoes travis gosh" Stupid ***
A new favorite: What's The Move ft Devon Reason (Prod Travis Gorman) by on
If you haven't heard X X new song by now, then homie "What's The Move?" https:/…
he's Travis your Devon ... See da difference ?
Looks like Ryan Goins will be the Jays starting 2B on Opening Day. Here's to a speedy recovery to Devon Travis
Devon Travis to undergo shoulder surgery, out 4-5 months. Ryan Goins will continue to flourish at second base in his absents
Now I get home to Devon Travis news, ugh. Looks like you're right Munenori "3 banana" Kawasaki is our official backup at 2nd!
Devon Travis and Michael Saunders for Aroldis Chapman (with extension signed) and B. Phillips
Devon Travis for Zach Wheeler who says no
Devon Travis is the mid May loss that looms large today.
If that's Devon Travis with the bases loaded and not Ryan Goins the Blue Jays aren't even in this situation. Get healthy soon Devo.
[NBC Sports: Hardball Talk] - Blue Jays shut down Devon Travis for the season
Bautista envisioned Devon Travis trying on suits with Hazel-Mae for that home run.
any word on Devon Travis or Michael Saunders?
Players who have gone on the DL today: A.J. Burnett, C.J. Wilson, Tim Hudson, Devon Travis
DTN Canada: Blue Jays put Devon Travis on disabled list: Blue Jays rookie second baseman Devon Travis has been...
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Blue Jays place 2B Devon Travis on DL with shoulder injury
John Gibbons tells us the will likely put Devon Travis on the Disabled List today
Devon Travis and Jose Bautista , about to join David Wright and Drew Smyly on my fantasy baseball teams DL.
Now people realize with the Devon Travis injury, why even if you need pitching, having the best player at SS is a good thing.
Package deal of Chap and BPhill? & the best closer in baseball. Devon Travis, Roberto Osuna, Sean Reid-Foley
One thing evidently different about the 2015 the bottom of the lineup is producing well. Guys like Kevin Pillar and Devon Travis.
Tigers couldn't very well turn 2B over to Hernan Perez. But between Perez and losing Devon Travis, they'll rue chances to replace Kinsler.
As much as the Donaldson trade was Brilliant the Anthony Gose for Devon Travis was just as equally good.
Devon Travis is a future Canadian Sports Hall of Famer
Also, updates on Aaron Sanchez, Devon Travis & why Josh Donaldson, Russell Martin got days off in notebook:
Devon Travis (shoulder) is expected to return to the lineup sometime next week, the Toronto Star's Brendan Kennedy reports.
What if Devon Travis has actually been in Ryan Goins' body this entire time?
Ryan Goins has almost...almost made me forget about Devon goodness he's cooking
LRT: Pat Tabler will be thrilled that Devon Travis is once again a 'baseball player'
Devon Travis went shopping with Hazel Mae!? Buck and Tabby have a "secret place"!? *** is going on.
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Safe to say I whiffed on Micah Johnson to start the year. I'm happy to ride Devon Travis' start though.
[GIF] Ubaldo Jimenez flashes his elite Splitter to Devon Travis (more GIFS in comments) via /r/
2) Chris Taylor, Beltre(!), Joc(!), and probably a few others. Bad calls: Devon Travis & Billy Burns (although, both were the right call, in
Jimmy Rollins, Devon Travis, Billy Burns, Cody Asche all did something similar tonight, and they're all dead to me because of it
Devon Travis: AL Rookie of the Month A rare honour for a Blue Jay ⚾️👏.
Although I was sad to hear that Ryan Goins wasn't playing second basemen with jays anymore I'm so glad we can call Devon Travis a blue jay☺️
Devon Travis' numbers (HR, RBI, OPS) through 22 career games have been matched by only 2 players this century: Pujols and Je…
Ryan Goins tripled to right scoring Kevin Pillar. Runner on third with two outs and Devon Travis due up.
Devon Travis just hit another HR that trade might be worse the D Alexander. :) ROY already. Dumb
Also in 10D: Carlos Correa might be baseball's best prospect, Joc Pederson, Devon Travis and more.
can Devon Travis keep us his torrid pace? Top 5 top 10 second baseman?
Devon Travis is out, Jose Reyes is in. Ryan Goins starts at 2B.
.really made sure Devon Travis wouldn’t reach base this time:
Time to drop Josh Harrison and add Devon Travis?
Devon travis beasting for Toronto, he was the guy we traded away to get amthony gose. Was a prospect for us, made Opening Day roster for TOR
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Devon Travis is leading off at home against Alex Wood, new lineup spot is huge, Callaspo hitting 2nd and Uggla as punt options.
Who'd you rather: Neil Walker or Devon Travis in a cat. league? Thanks!
Who's up and who's down in our weekly round-up. Hint: Devon Travis is way up.
Devon Travis batting leadoff again, and while Alex Wood isn't an easy hit, I can't see how you pass on Travis at the cushy price.
Good idea to pick up Devon Travis and drop DJ LeMahieu? That would put me w/ 3 Jays on roster. (Pompey,Donaldson)
Devon Travis ($2800) is a "MUST OWN" at his price now in the lead-off spot vs a LHP. He isn't this good, but ride the streak.
So Devon Travis is now leading the AL in RBIs. Batting 9th other than batting lead-off yesterday.
I was present for the syndicated birth of Devon Travis Roto. What an event.
Devon Travis now has 0.8 WAR in 43 plate appearances. From 2010 to 2014, in 3112 plate appearances, Blue Jays 2B compiled a total of 0.8 WAR
did you do a player profile on Devon Travis? What are your thoughts on him?
If Devon Travis keeps it up, he will be AL rookie of the year. 3 HR, 12 ribbies in 11 games. Another Jose Altuve but with more power.
Devon Travis continue to amaze, has been solid & snaps 0-for-22 skid but jays scuffling at 5-6.
Recommendation by :Devon Travis was named the Blue Jays...
2nd inning Pompey gets beaned on the foot by a wild pitch, "that ball hit Devon Travis on the foot"
Hey Mike , is this Devon Travis , or , Ender Inciarte worth owning in a 12 team Yahoo league?
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Tito Polo went 0-fer, but Devon Travis hit a HR and CJ Riefenhauser back in the bigs, pitched a scoreless inning
It's early, but the more I watch Devon Travis, the more I believe he can hold his own vs. pitching http…
Devon Travis belts third home run in loss
Devon Travis has a higher average than Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion combined!
With some fine tuning, I really do like this team. Once they figure out a few things, look out. Devon Travis is such a steal.
I'm such an *** I dropped Stephen Vogt before his game for Devon Travis after Travis had his big day
Devon Travis becomes the Blue Jays' first rookie to hit a leadoff homer since 2004.
Every time I look up, Devon Travis is hitting the ball hard. Moved up to leadoff Friday with Reyes out, clocked homer …
points league: drop Melky or panda for Inciarte, devon travis, or alex Gordon? Not feeling good about Melky. Utility spot.
I thought David DeJesus's slide into Devon Travis the other night was worse than the Lawrie's slide.
Devon Travis was the biggest steal of the draft. Last round
Paul Goldschmidt with his 13th RBI of the season, breaking a tie for major league lead with Toronto 2B Devon Travis, 1-0
If anyone out there is wondering if Devon Travis is for real.this just in he is! Go get him!
Devon Travis belts third home run in loss via
Take notice... One of the biggest stories in the major leagues right now is Devon Travis !!
Devon Travis is the first rookie to lead off a game with a Home Run since Russ Adams on Sep 20, 2004
Devon Travis probably took private lessons from Roberto Alomar
Devon Travis reduces the lead with a RBI groundout, scoring Dalton Pompey. 8 - 7 heading to T9.
Really can't say anything more about Devon Travis so far this season. The kid's been nails at the plate and on the field.
Devon Travis is my early pick for Rookie of the Year - thoughts?
Let no one ever say Devon Travis can't barrel it up
for anyone who says Jordan Spieth is nicest guy ever has clearly never met Jerry Howarth or Devon Travis.
Brandon Williams () recommends grabbing Jake Lamb and Devon Travis in his latest waiver wire column:.
OK Buck we get it Daniel Norris, Devon Travis and Aaron Sanchez are top prospects! You're act is a little nauseating now!
Pineda'a Change up is Filthy and Devon Travis is the New Robbie Alomar.
Devon Travis looked like a young Jesse Barfield running around the bases today!
Palm Beach Central grad, rookie Devon Travis hit a home run in his Major League debut. Pretty awesome.
Palm Beach Central alum Devon Travis' first career hit? A home run at Yankee Stadium. WATCH:
Boynton Beach native/Palm Beach Central grad Devon Travis homered at Yankee Stadium in his first MLB game. Video:
Silent treatment never gets old - Devon Travis' 1st MLB hit is a homer to left field at Yankee Stadium. Celebrated with empty dugout.
Devon Travis hits HR for the Jays. As might have been said by George Kell: "They're gonna like this yunk-ster ..."
Devon Travis is the first rookie to start Opening Day since Eric Hinske in 2002 I think.
Congrats East Boynton Beach Little League / Palm Beach Central and FSU star Devon Travis on making MLB debut w/ Jays at Yankee Stadium today
Devon Travis will be the 1st player to make his MLB debut in the team's season opener since Eric Hinske in 2002
Devon Travis is the 6th Blue Jay, and 1st since Eric Hinske in 2002 to make his MLB debut on Opening Day.
First "he's a ball player" reference of the year by Pat Tabler goes to Devon Travis
Devon Travis looks like a thin Jose Molina.
That Sherman Johnson, Justin Gonzalez, Devon Travis, and Jayce Boyd infield was so much fun.
Devon Travis leading off today and Ryan Goins hitting 9th. This might happen when Reyes needs/given a day off.
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