Deval Patrick & Scott Brown

Deval Laurdine Patrick (born July 31, 1956) is the 71st and current Governor of Massachusetts. Scott Philip Brown (born September 12, 1959) is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from Massachusetts. 5.0/5

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COAKLEY HIRES SEIU'S FOLEY TO MANAGE GOV CAMPAIGN Already working with former Patrick chief of staff Doug Rubin and his Northwind Strategies consulting firm, Attorney General Martha Coakley announced Thursday that she had hired SEIU Vice President and Political Director Tim Foley to run her 2014 campaign for governor. Foley is a veteran organizer who managed the union’s get-out-the-vote efforts for Gov. Deval Patrick's 2010 re-election campaign and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 race against Scott Brown. Coakley has also hired veteran Boston pollster Tom Kiley and AKPD Media to work as her media consultant and produce all television, radio, and other advertising. Like Foley and Kiley, AKPD has done political work for Patrick and also served as a media consultant to President Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns for president. More recently, AKPD produced ads for New York City Democratic mayoral nominee Bill deBlasio. John Del Cecato and Mike Donilon will lead AKPD’s efforts on the Coakley campaign ...
I was not surprised when former Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), who lost by 8 points to the wonderful Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in Nov., refused to run for John Kerry's open seat. But I figured it was because he was looking at a gubanatorial race when Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA) is term limited out. But, today, he joined Fox News, which pretty much guarantees he's not running for MA governor, either. Have Republicans given up on Mass. completely--like Democrats on Idaho or Kansas?
STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, FEB. 1, 2013….Punditry this week required a Rubik's Cube-like mastery of the election landscape, an ability to see three steps ahead with every development having an equal and corresponding impact somewhere else. Still, not all of the implications were immediately clear. Confirmed and sworn-in this week as U.S. secretary of state, John Kerry made what his own staff described as a "return" to Massachusetts to thank those who have helped and supported him throughout his career from Middlesex County prosecutor and lieutenant governor to the senior senator from Massachusetts. But perhaps more importantly, Kerry's official exit from the U.S. Senate started the clock on the special election to take his place in Washington, a job Congressman Stephen Lynch finally admitting to wanting and one Scott Brown admitted to not having the stomach to try for again. In the meantime, Gov. Deval Patrick found a job for his close friend and former chief of staff William "Mo" Cowan, who will hold down Ke ...
HOUSE of Representatives to COWAN: NO CAMPAIGNING PLEASE The Massachusetts House sent a message Thursday to interim U.S. Sen. William “Mo” Cowan. Adopting a non-binding resolution that states its preference without carrying the force of law, the House told Cowan to stay out of the campaign to fill the seat he will hold until the June 25 special election. The resolution, adopted at the tail end of a long but lightly attended informal session, states that the “Massachusetts House of Representatives strongly discourages a senator who takes office as a result of a gubernatorial appointment from becoming a candidate or endorsing any candidate in the special election that immediately follows such an appointment." Gov. Deval Patrick on Wednesday named his former chief of staff and legal counsel to fill the Senate seat that John Kerry is giving up to become U.S. Secretary of State. Reps. Stephen Lynch and Edward Markey are prepared to square off in the Democratic primary, while former Sen. Scott Brown is ex ...
I think Deval Patrick's trick is that Mo Cowan gets to be Senator as matching credential to run against Scott Brown for MA governor.
Scott Brown is not smart enough to governor. Deval Patrick set a high bar and we are not going backward with another Republican governor.
The word this morning is that Scott Brown is leaning towards another run. It would be his third Senate race in the past three years. Who would you like to see on the ballot?
Too bad DeFranco didn't campaign vs Scott Brown for the Dem nominee in 2012. via
Scott Brown lost to Elizabeth Warren in November, but Brown remains likable. Deval Patrick might be the only Democrat that can beat Brown.
A new Emerson College poll in Massachusetts finds Gov. Deval Patrick (D) topping Sen. Scott Brown (R) in a possible U.S. Senate special election match up, 48% to 43%. However, Brown leads Vicky Kennedy, the widow of former Sen. Ted Kennedy, 46% to 40%.
I think Gov. Deval Patrick would be cool to take John Kerry's open senate seat. If not him, Scott Brown just became the luckiest guy ever.
"Kerry Nomination Will Trigger Massachusetts Senate Special" Nat Journ Dec 21 "Another Massachusetts Senate special election is on: President Obama will officially nominate Democratic Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to be secretary of state this afternoon, the Boston Globe reports. The 2004 presidential nominee is expected to sail through the Senate confirmation process. Once he is confirmed and steps down from his Senate seat, Gov. Deval Patrick must schedule a special election 145 to 160 days after the vacancy. Assuming Kerry is confirmed in January, that would mean a June election. Patrick will also nominate someone to hold the seat in the interim. The winner of the special election will hold the seat for the remainder of Kerry's term, which is up in 2014. Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., who lost his November reelection bid, is widely expected to jump into the race. He would be an instant favorite -- though he just lost a campaign by 8 points, he remains popular in the state. . . "
Believe me when I say that the people of Massachusetts have realized that Scott Brown is an Empty Truck (a variation of an empty suit). He worked his *** off campaigning in 2010 and earned that victory. But did nothing while in office to secure his position. He has to get past the "Loser" stigma and will be facing a candidate as strong or stronger than Warren. Not only that but he won't have the advantage he's twice had of facing a woman. Sorry even Mass *** at this. He will have a well known Male Democrat. Capuano or Markey, or even Deval Patrick would destroy Scott Brown. Scott Brown worked hard and got lucky, but was not able to secure his victory. He had his chance to stay in Washington forever, but blew it. He is doomed to be a comic-book foil if he runs again. The GOP is Mass would be wise to find someone else to run if Senator Kerry becomes the Secretary of State.
It has been an assumption that Scott Brown would replace Kerry. W/Deval Patrick, black Gov, not a foregone conclusion
Scott Brown versus Martha Coakley in the battle to succeed Deval Patrick as governor of Massachusetts?
If John Kerry becomes next Secretary of State, does Deval Patrick run for Senate against Scott Brown?
BTW I am one that has some doubts about Kerry taking over State Dept only way is if Deval Patrick decides to round agst Scott Brown
Laura Rozen CW that Deval Patrick runs vs Scott Brown for Kerry's seat; who runs for Mass Governor?
Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat who defeated Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate, held what the Boston Herald reports as an 'awkward' first press conference in Boston with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Warren's first question from the press as a senator-elect was about defense spend...
lets hope Mass dont screw around & have Scott Brown take that vacancy.unless Deval Patrick can appoint himself to it
.takes a look at what could be next for Scott Brown, Mitt Romney, and Deval Patrick
This weekend: Let’s stand up to Scott Brown, Deval Patrick and the Israel Lobby: This weekend... via
To see why Scott Brown's campaign is over, imagine his staff engaging in equivalent behavior against Deval Patrick:
Can't bear to have to look at or listen to Elizabeth Warren (promoted by the Obama/Washington establishment to challenge Scott Brown) for the next 6 years... Deval Patrick has been bad enough!
Breaking News: has agreed to 4 debates with Scott Brown. But insisted that MA Gov. Deval Patrick stand in for 2 of them!
Governor Deval Patrick: "Scott Brown is a senator for the Tea Party."
I would like to encourage all Americans including our Democratic Neighbors to change our National Management from Barrack H. Obama to Willard Mitt Romney. Mr. Romney and his Wife, Ann are a great team who work together for our Youth, as well as what they will revitalize in our Country. I have a personal reflection on Mr. Romney and his role in American History helping the Transition that occurred in Communist Controlled Europe, of which Millions are grateful for the Freedom they now have. We are in a pivotal junction of History, Where Democrats would welcome a restoration of Elizabeth Warren reassuming the Seat of Former Senator Ted Kennedy. That seat is elected by the Voters of Massachusetts, and is not exclusively a Party Seat for one form of Leadership. Without opposition to Mr. Scott Brown, Massachusetts should accept his re-election. Remember, with Term Limits, even Deval Patrick must retire, and step aside.
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown demanded that Elizabeth Warren release her law school applications and personnel files today, saying questions about Warren’s Native American heritage mean she must answer, “whether it was appropriate for her to assume minority status as a professor.” The demand...
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