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Deval Patrick

Deval Laurdine Patrick (born July 31, 1956) is the 71st and current Governor of Massachusetts.

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Valerie Jarrett is floating Deval Patrick's name for 2020.
Valerie Jarrett joins Lyft, Obama team wants Deval Patrick for 2020, RNC loses top Black official & more in the Bea…
Spotted at JFK Library in Boston: Deval Patrick, David Letterman, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Kennedy III, and more.
. Check this out in Boston, Muslim brotherhood flourished under Obama's buddy Gov.Deval Patrick.
.split the Democratic super-majority under Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker
Caught up w/w/who had kind words 4 HLS classmate → on
I love this! Reminds me of when my lil bro turned 6 and had deval Patrick on his cake. LOL
And that person will be a Democrat. Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Deval Patrick, E…
People need to learn about the early days of CHA Robert Taylor and Deval Patrick
The success of the Marathon response "was the success of an entire community acting like a community."…
I think a guy like Deval Patrick would have been a nice follow-up, but you know *** fatigue.
Ask Garnett,Pierce,Ray Allen, Ortiz, Pedro,Gov.Deval Patrick... if the entire city is racist
Go Rhody - Governor proposes to guarantee every student 2 years of free college!
and read oped about how can strengthen RI's standing in the region's economy.
So who? There's a dearth of Dem govs. Deval Patrick? Kirsten Gillibrand (not a gov, I know)?
Governor Deval Patrick's daughter to marry her long-term girlfriend
The voters here are a bit strange, aren't they? Other than Deval Patrick, we have had GOP governors for the last ~30 years.
.my short list of presidential candidates for 2020: Elizabeth Warren. Kamala Harris. Deval Patrick. Gavin Newsom
MA Governor Deval Patrick visit's White House with school children from Roxbury (2012)
Just "anecdotes" as Deval Patrick would say. Time to lock up politicians who refuse 2B good…
Deval Patrick seems to take a lot of credit for things MA did before he was gov (and that he hindered).
Deval Patrick actually made the case for why "free tuition" is NOT timely for
Deval Patrick is no Charlie Baker and your approval rating is worst than Patrick's
Another big name D from out of town backing college plan
MA recovered faster than others bc of investments in MA workers. helps RIers compete w Mass workers.
It's often said RI can learn a lot abt econ dev from MA. makes the case for in
.oversaw MA's nation-leading economic recovery. He says is path to prosperity for RI.
Deval Patrick writes the Senate a letter about Jeff Sessions's efforts to criminalize voting assistance:
Deval Patrick writes that Jeff Sessions "is the wrong person to place in charge of our justice system"
Obama is all about Obama he never groomed a successor like Deval Patrick. Narcissistic Party leaders have devastated the Democrat brand.
So the family is VERY connected to the government, by the way. The father worked with Deval Patrick for example, the governor himself.
In Janet Reno's Justice Dept, Civil Rights Division was led by Deval Patrick and Bill Lann Lee. Says it all. Rest in p…
Ask Corrupt how many times they were contacted by this GOV Wh-Blower dating back to 2009/10 on Deval Patrick & USDA in 2011?
how about uploading Barack Obama's 2007 speech into your plagiarism software. Tell us how much he plagiarized from Deval Patrick.
Deval Patrick makes more sense to me being a governor.
Tom Perez is allegedly still a top option. Former MA Governor Deval Patrick was also in the mix, but may not be now.
I guess Hillary can take lines from Bernie& John Edwards,Michelle from Alinsky,Obama from Deval Patrick &that's OK?
Melania Trump plagiarized lines from Michelle Obama's '08 speech just like Obama plagiarized lines from Deval Patrick and John Edwards.
Obama plagiarized Deval Patrick. Biden plagiarized Neil Kinnock. Melania plagiarized Michelle O. This is funny, but it isn'…
I like Franken... plus MN has a Dem Gov. What about Deval Patrick or Martin O'Malley??
We have drained common sense out of our politics. The more we focus on...
Not for nothing but pre these misguided emo showings o' *** Deval Patrick was basically a lock for VP
We believe that in times like these we should turn to each other, not ...
The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton spoke to Mark Cuban & fmr MA Governor Deval Patrick about potential choices for VP.
I do identify with St. Patrick, not just in name. He drove the snakes ...
Proof she's a Cronycrat: she shortlisted Former Governor Deval Patrick now of Bain Cap for VP
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Deval Patrick is not Interested in being VP
i just can't imagine they not lined up around block waiting for Hillary's call
Yes! Especially if Deval Patrick can speak for her!
Best Article generator online its FREE! Deval Patrick is not Interested in be...
the "best" VP's the one that gets out the Black vote thereby ensur'g a Clinton victory besides Deval Patrick is the "best" VP
Deval Patrick is not Interested in being VP: The list of potential running mates for Democratic front-runner ...
Deval Patrick, maybe...? I like Corey Booker too...but he's another Senator...
Like but would rather dynamic Deval Patrick or sociable Corey Booker. Regionalism overrated
Shattuck: Deval Patrick never lives up to his 'words' | Boston Herald. Clinton selecting Patrick would be a mistake.
I see two people on the possible short list are both form here in MA. Deval Patrick..? Really 🙄
What about Deval Patrick or Dannel Malloy for possible VP picks re earlier governor question
A shoo-in if wins nom. Otherwise, Deval Patrick, Martin O'Malley, few others on short list. What about Eric Holder?
With actor Michael Beach aka Deval Patrick on the set of our new film Patriots Day
Gov. Deval Patrick talks alternative energy in New Bedford -
I'm so angry that Hilary and Bernie are it. Calling/ paging Julian Castro, Deval Patrick! Who else?
Would a white man with Deval Patrick's credential been as outside the Dem party?
I view the experiences that I have had - both tough ones and the pleasant o...
I have never taken a job or done a job where I felt I needed to leave my co...
Great kickoff to the night w Steve Case and former gov Deval Patrick at thanks now onto wine/tequila
Didn't know Deval Patrick was a managing director at Bain Capital 😔😠
Cape Wind lost their political clout when Governor Deval Patrick moved out :).
Actor Michael Beach to play in upcoming movie about the Boston Marathon bombings.
BUT WHY is the list of PBO's accomplishments "barely told?" Patrick
If you are ever going to move beyond where you stand at that moment you hav...
Deval Patrick should have gotten in the race too
Mark Sylvia, ex-Deval Patrick energy undersecretary, former Barney Frank intern, $132,798 a year in his final year at the trough, 2014.
I grew up on the south side of Chicago, most of that time on welfare. My mo...
I mean with that I put a lot of blame on Deval Patrick deciding to leave when he didn't need to in wave year --
He stole Deval Patrick socialized care from MA ... not Romney which was free enterprise ...
native to play Deval Patrick in Patriots' Day
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Join Darren Walker, Jean Case, and Deval Patrick at the MIE National Conference" on
Another casting announcement for the film "Patriots Day" was released. See who's playing former Gov. Deval Patrick.
AOL cofounder Steve Case to come to Boston to talk "Third Wave" of Internet entrepreneurship https…
Actor with local ties cast as Deval Patrick in 'Patriots Day'
Meet the Roxbury-bred actor who will play Deval Patrick in “Patriots Day
Roxbury native to play Deval Patrick in Patriots' Day: Michael Beach is the latest actor to join the cast of P...
Roxbury-bred actor cast as Deval Patrick in ‘Patriots Day’ via
Gov. Deval Patrick calls for increase in MA income tax,cut in sales tax Ma leg chose to defer the costof innovation.
Solutions have to be multi-sectored & multi-faceted - board member Deval Patrick, former MA Gov WATCH
I love her too. Lizzie Warren is still the better choice for vp. Deval Patrick would be a better choice.
Perhaps Senator Warren still needs Deval Patrick nearby as her personal spokesman/defender. Remember?
Kaine, Deval Patrick, or Sherrod Brown are my picks.
Hilary gotta pick Julian Castro or Deval Patrick for VP
Deval Patrick's Energy Secretary: "The Legislature should move forward on proposals on
Nation of Islam. Go do your homework. Look up Rahm Emanuel, Deval Patrick and Rev Wright while you're there
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
2 big headlines this morning, on finances and spending needs -- wonder what Deval Patrick thought of the pairing.
Fun fact about one of few cities where Martha Coakley in '14 outperformed Deval Patrick in '10
There are others, like WV. And MA is a reverse KY, super-Dem but with only one Democratic governor since 1988 in Deval Patrick.
anyone but Hillary. Articles: Hillary: Watch out for Deval Patrick
Is cackling past the cemetery, regarding Deval Patrick? Could be.
Why Deval Patrick could be the actual dark horse Dem candidate we've been expecting.
. Unbelievable - worst Mass Governor ever still has believers. Hillary: Watch out for Deval Patrick
kc8ysl: Hillary: Watch out for Deval Patrick
Hillary: Watch out for Deval Patrick: Democrats need a 95% black tunrout to win the presdiency in 201...
Deval Patrick joins Bain Capital and not a peep..Hypocrisy at its finest.. Not the biggest Romney fan but he is extremely charitable
Positivity: Part I The Deval Patrick campaign for Gov is a template for Dems to study, emulate via
Positivity: Part I: November 7, 2016 will mark the tenth anniversary of Deval Patrick's election as ...
Where is Governor Deval Patrick.. has he truly ended hopes of higher horizons???
The recent Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, has often been touted as a Presidential candidate
My old neighbor in Milton Joe Debesse lives next to the ex Governor Deval Patrick who's friends with Obama
Michael, in the infamous words of Deval Patrick "that's just an anecdote".
It's kind of like Deval Patrick's fleece vest during snowstorms...
Deval Patrick should have run. He' be a more formidable candidate to go up against Hillary than Sen. Sanders
It's Castro. Too cynically easy, esp. if Rubio is GOP nominee. If not Castro then Klobuchar, McAuliffe or Deval Patrick.
:sir you need to investigate the Chelsea soldiers home being run into the ground by deval Patrick appointees who dislike vets.
a less compelling book then Ray Lewis's how about "A Reason to Believe" by Deval Patrick
I bet, like her husband, she'd pick a well-liked 2-term Dem governor acceptable to left: e.g. Deval Patrick, O'Malley
Two celebrity sightings in the Berkshires this weekend: Deval Patrick (wine store) and Linda Lavin (brunch).
Biden deal-Must pick a black VP to get Obama support Gov. Deval Patrick front runner via
Ed Klein reporting Deval Patrick is now being floated as a running mate for Joe Biden if he enters the Dem primary.
Report: Barack Obama will back Joe Biden ­­– if Deval Patrick on ticket
Obama to Back Biden If He Picks VP But it won't be Deval Patrick; will pick Michelle O!
Rich: Q2- Excited to have former governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, joining our board.
How do you get former Governor Deval Patrick on your podcast? What's the secret to getting former Massachusetts...
I do. I want whomever had a role in the Deval Patrick offer to be as hirable as Bill Cosby.
In fact, I think Deval Patrick would be an excellent Hillary VP choice, to keep the Obama coalition intact and perhaps add to it.
Ta-Nehisi Coates says there won't be another black prez in his lifetime. Bet Deval Patrick, Kamala Harris & Cory Booker would beg to differ.
A South San Fran biotech with former Mass Gov. Deval Patrick on it's board is planning an IPO via
My guesses: Cory Booker, one of the Castro brothers, Martin O'Malley, maybe Deval Patrick, Tim Kaine...
Or maybe Deval Patrick could write it.
I'd point to Deval Patrick, Tim Kaine, but starting from scratch midway through a campaign would be awfully dicey.
at this point POTUS can be seen with pretty much anyone he wants he's already said that if Deval Patrick ran he'd back him
Deval Patrick on the Jim Margery Show, live from ...
Deval Patrick former Massachusetts Gov would have said the same thing. Excluded atheists from bomber memorial
How many more millions does Charlie Baker plan to spend compared to Deval Patrick's final year?
Just finished Believer. Great book. Your epilogue was my favourite part. You should encourage Deval Patrick to run for POTUS.
Even Patrick Deval and Holder. Surely they are not broke. Greed is everywhere.
Because some in Democratic legislature (& Deval Patrick) supported limiting access; we're not all liberals in
Video: NH Primary Vault: Deval Patrick on Obama’s momentum in 2008
is all courtsey of Fmr Gov Deval Patrick..not Baker's but like all Republicans,he is trying to take credit for this
My preferences for our next President:. 1. Joe Biden. 2. Jerry Brown (I know he's very old). 3. Deval Patrick. 4. Elizabeth Warren
as Obama & and Deval Patrick have both said, "could have been me or my child."
I would like to have seen Deval Patrick enter the race. He would have been an excellent candidate.
I thought Deval Patrick was legit.. And then he went and got a job at Bain Capital.. Yea, That Bain Capital.. The one Dems were against. Lol
I'm still hoping Joe Biden & Deval Patrick enter the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. We need some additional choices.
Not to sound like a total homer, but I wish Deval Patrick or Elizabeth Warren were running.
Interesting to see the jump between industries and sectors. Considering social impact consulting myself.
I'd also vote for Deval Patrick if he decided to run. Bernie Sanders is starting to grow on me, especially after today
I wish this former Democratic Governor of Massachusetts was running for president Deval Patrick I would vote for him! …
Deval Patrick was just renting a car at the same time as me and he took the car I wanted lmfao
Check out Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick’s ‘70s hair in college
Deval Laurdine Patrick (born July 31, 1956) is an American politician and civil rights lawyer who served as the...
hope Deval Patrick ('06-'14 Gov. of MA, super accomplished) is the dems VP pick, that'd be solid
CNN projects:Gov. Deval Patrick wins re-election in Massachusetts' gubernatorial race
At least 4 people have been killed in that struck western Massachusetts, Gov. Deval Patrick said
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Just learned I wasn't asked to help with Governor Patrick's transition team. Deval is a truly nice, humble man. He beat Baker last time.
Deval patrick just walked by me and larry at dinner 😱
Did Rich Davey (and Deval Patrick) push to shut down the city that day to show off for the IOC?
FINALLY got a photo in the Globe: UMass endows chair in Deval Patrick's name via
Look who is back at MIT as a visiting fellow, succeeding former Gov. Deval Patrick:
.via ' take on the Hoyoke receivership: Thanks Gov. Patrick (and Obama)
I am curious why former Governor Deval Patrick doesn't jump in?
discusses Deval Patrick's last major act as Governor in -
Pols & Politics: Deval Patrick in details of Boston 2024 vendor - Boston Herald
UMass endows chair in Deval Patrick's name
Sounds like Gov. Deval Patrick is either a fool or an enemy collaborator.
~ Faith is not what you say you believe, but how you live ~ Deval L. Patrick.
& former MA Gov Deval Patrick is Baccalaureate keynote
Nothing personal, but you clearly don't have enough info re: Deval Patrick to have this convo. You go google, I…
If you donate to the new Deval Patrick Chair before last night you might get one of these super cute balloons
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
UMass-Boston celebrated its 50th anniversary tonight by creating the Deval Patrick Chair and announcing a $100 million fund drive.
71st Gov. of Massachusetts celebrates Deval Patrick Chair in Social, Political & Economic Innovation
Awesome to join my dearest former boss at the gala celebrating endowment of Deval Patrick faculty Chair.
Great piece in from our very own on Deval Patrick's last act as Gov -
.Holyoke receivership sign of former Gov. Patrick's ed legacy, push to make all schools excellent.
Dems who should also run for President: Liz Warren Corey Booker Deval Patrick Jennifer Granholm Jim Webb. Lets have a debate
I'm looking for Deval Patrick and Cory Booker to make some noise.. But it may be too soon
Same was said about marathon bombing, Deval Patrick even lied & claimed to have seen it. This video will magically disappear
Former Governor Deval Patrick '82 urges graduates to rise to the issues of the day
"My point is that human intimacy still matters."-delivering 141 Commencement Address:
In middle school we used to make prank calls under the alias of former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.
5 of 5 stars to A Reason to Believe by Deval Patrick
"“If you are listening, listening with unease, you will hear the yearnings of a restless world." - Deval Patrick
Former Gov. Deval Patrick urges Harvard grads to listen to the 'unrest' in ... - Daily Journal
Former MA Governor Deval Patrick offers advice to graduates
“We pay attention to brainpower because that’s our natural resource.” –
Deval Patrick ’82 returns to Harvard to deliver C ... - Get your Card
Deval Patrick ’82 returns to Harvard to deliver Commencement Address: Deval Patrick `82, who recently conclude...
A Wellesley grad, married to someone who ran for Senator and has links to MA Gov Deval Patrick+family = VERY political!
Worry-free Deval Patrick seen sharing sandwich with duck on Boston Common bench
I highly recommend A Reason to Believe: Lessons from an Improbable Life by Deval Patrick
Should be him or Deval Patrick for Hillary's VP
Q&A: Deval Patrick on innovation and growth
.Deval Patrick is the one making the claim, without evidence.
Love talking politics with my dad. We're guessing running mates for Hil. . Castro Bros?. Deval Patrick?
Proud to join the team launch tonight, with Deval Patrick
2015 Gala Deval Patrick accept awards as public ...
I really need Deval Patrick or Cory Booker to run for President in 2016
I need a punching bag or voodoo doll with Deval Patrick's face on it for when I call MassHealth. Absolute disorganized nightmare.
Deval Patrick visited ancient on recent Israel trip
Patrick: People think the happening place is Silicon Valley, & they have certain advantages — like January & February
This interview my husband did with Deval Patrick makes me wish he'd stay in politics. Smarter than most! | MIT News
Before his move to '99 HCF discusses policy-making, & investment in tech:
.talks Mass. innovation, investing in brainpower in interview:
Q&A: Deval Patrick on innovation and growth | MIT News
That's why Deval Patrick said no.LOL I love Deval too.
VP will go to Deval Patrick. I said it last year and I'm sticking to it
O'Malley, also underscores the dearth of viable Democratic Govs & ex-Govs. Deval Patrick, theoretically Hickenlooper, but about that's it.
“If you want growth, you have to invest in it.” –former Gov. of Massachusetts
MIT news talks to former MA Gov Patrick about innovation, and how energy investment can help climate, jobs & economy h…
"developing the collaborative gene is incredibly important in today’s economy" w Deval Patrick
Fmr MA Gov. on innovation and growth VIA
Interesting to see where Deval Patrick, Tim Murray, Steve Grossman & Martha Coakley have done, post-public office
What do Deval Patrick, Tracy Chapman and Luis Ubiñas have in common? An ed program that's been around for 50 years. http:/…
And it was Obama's Best Buddy in MA that got Warren her Job! W/O Gov Deval Patrick!!
"Policy matters when it touches people" Former Gov.Deval Patrick at the gala. So true it should only be…
Deval Patrick joins Bain Capital to lead new social impactfund - Fortune sophia
Help was ⁰on the way⁰ for Deval Patrick: The Baker administration was pushing for about $300 million in federal…
Help was on the way for Deval Patrick - Boston Herald
you've spent 2 years planning with 2 mayors & deval Patrick with very little detail to show. It's infuriating
Deval Patrick blames media for sensationalizing buggy site via
Capitalism produces the greatest good for the greatest number, and if there's collateral damage in the process,so be it.~ Deval Patrick
Oh the whole Dodd stuff is absurd!!!. I mean , like..Deval Patrick asking for people to find him? lol
Former MA Gov. Innovative leadership is about “risk-taking and willingness to fail.”
TIL: Deval Patrick grew up in the Robert Taylor homes. In equally shocking news, he's still alive
"We've got to want change, but we've got to be realistic that change is messy."
Deval Patrick is horrible. Warren has the wrong gonads
Deval Patrick & Elizabeth Warren both on the list.
Impact investing: Deval Patrick wants to leave a mark at Bain: A growing number of limited partners want their...
Liberal speakers dominate college commencements by six-to-one: … Governor Deval Patrick wi...
Some of the most interesting candidates aren't running for President in 2016. Example? Deval Patrick: via
.calls on Deval Patrick to apologize for his team's incompetence/lack of transparency re: Health Connector
I've tirelessly mocked all 12 ppl suggesting Deval Patrick as a POTUS candidate. This is just ONE reason why:.
The road to Bain: 1) Become governor of Mass. 2) Get close to the presidency. References: Mitt Romney, Deval Patrick
Catching up with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick: A profile. On Hillary, life after politics and 2016.
Boston 2024 eyed Deval Patrick's wife, Red Sox owner for roles: Officials at the politically wired committee Boston…
The curious case of Deval Patrick who keeps talking about Hillary's "inevitability" problem — but isn't running
Deval attended the Clinton road show (Mook, Marshall) meeting in New England last month
i just read something that referred to Deval as “Bain Capital’s Deval Patrick” …. oh.
Many of Obama’s speeches contain the same political boilerplate phrases as those of Deval Patrick, the Governor of Massachusetts. Curious?
I just walked by Tiger Woods... I mean Deval Patrick
My choice is Deval Patrick. He's got all the fire of Joe Biden minus the gaffes.
. we're still suffering from the effects of Dukakis.. & now Deval Patrick...
2005 Deval Patrick campaign supporter Bill Richard and family.
250K? That's nothing. Ma Gov Deval Patrick spent 11.3 MILLION on the renovation of his office!
I want the Castro Brothers to run, Deval Patrick, and Elizabeth Warren.
How is it that Martin O'Malley is the only one whose 2012 DNC takeaway wasn't that Deval Patrick would be the guy to eventually run?
ex Mass Gov. Deval Patrick did his over for 9 million.
Then-Gov. Deval Patrick (MA) signed into law last summer a bill that bans lenders from requiring borrowers to...
What do you think Deval Patrick was thinking when he read this? . The Virtual Candidate via
Georgia Spring 2015 commencement speakers a little underwhelming. Deval Patrick would be pretty cool to hear from.
We need to shout kindness. Shout love. Shout Justice. - deval Patrick.
More fallout in Boston from the slow-motion collapse of Big Wind.
At Consultation, will discuss advocating for reforms to fight inequality:
Former Governor Deval Patrick is joining the Boston investment giant Bain Capital, where he will start a new line of busi…
Thank goodness...Deval Patrick is just a bad dream now! Go Charlie!
Deval Patrick pardoned an attempted murderer. But okay.
So Rubio is responsible for people related to his wife. Also, was referring to Deval Patrick working for the Great Satan Bain
DEVAL PATRICK! Im still dealing w him going 2 work 4 Bain but he's still my guy& eric holder on SCOTUS
the book money is in the advance. Much like Deval Patrick's boom in sure it won't sell. The colleges r pathetic to give
Might have something to do with former Gov. Deval Patrick joining the Bain group. We'll see how this goes.
Former Governor Deval Patrick! Thank you for all you've done for the Armenian community! @ Armenian…
Is Bain as bad as Romney's foes said? Not if Deval Patrick is there.
Patrick will help give Bain its first foothold in the growing field of “social impact” investing, tackling social pr…https…
Red Mass Group:: Deval Patrick's Cruelest Legacy is Beverly Scott at the MBTA -
All u need 2 do is look at 'Historic' appointments made by Fmr Gov Deval Patrick MA. Disasters!
The same Deval Patrick who just got a gig with Bain Capital? Pitiful sell-out.
Dems are spineless. Deval Patrick was right
At the time of the Hernandez arrest, I heard something in the Boston media about Bob Kraft asking Deval Patrick to finesse it. >
Democrats might consider turning to an idealistic Democratic, one with executive experience. Deval Patrick is waiting at Bain Capital.
Hilary wants to repeal weed legislation? What's ol dude from Maryland talking about? Deval Patrick? Cory Booker???
Former Gov Deval Patrick helps Bain Capital get in on the action in impact investing via
Deval Patrick has a new job! Lining his pockets promoting while John Q Public gets the SHAFTA
Former Obama aides and allies rake in corporate cash to lobby for Astroturfing 101:
Tckt for 2006 rally at the Hynes Convention Center for gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick w/Senator Barack Obama
Former Democratic Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will start as a managing director at the Boston-based firm on Tuesday, the company
Deval Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts and a close ally of President Obama, is expected to concentrate on a new fund that
Our "liberal" ex-Governor Deval Patrick is joining Bain Capital...that terrible company founded by Mitt Romney.
Ex-Governor Deval Patrick joins to head up
Ex-Governor Deval Patrick joins Bain Capital Alt Head: Deval Patrick decides never to run for President.
Former Massachusetts Governor joins Mitt Romney's old firm: Deval Patrick has a new job. The for...
Gavin Newsom is my favorite politician though. Or at least a tie between him, Deval Patrick, and Jon Huntsman.
New pro-trade board will sharpen Dems' divide on the issue. Deval Patrick, Ron Kirk head effort. FromAP's
In we start on governors today. Here's former MA gov Deval Patrick with Wally. (Via Boston Globe)
Deval Patrick, Ron Wyden, Amy Klobuchar, and other Democrats who should challenge the front-runner.
Just in case there is a record, I would not mind if Deval Patrick or Amy Klobuchar ran for President of the United States.
If I were Deval Patrick or Amy Klobuchar, I'd start looking into running for president.
"Deval Patrick to Assist Bid"Patrick, a former Massachusetts Governor, is getting involved in Boston’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.
In 2012, Deval Patrick was called out by Boston mag for ignoring MBTA scandals & corruption. Mayor Menino did also-Only Martha Coakley tried
For those not in Massachusetts after 7 yrs of ObamaHO Deval Patrick as governor, wasting billions our mass transit system shut down
Baker looks like he's ready to text Deval Patrick and be like "wanna come back and be governor or nah?
Cheerleading captains and Governor Deval Patrick at the state house! 😊
Before leaving office, Deval Patrick selected 14 MA school districts to receive millions in technology grants. Great news for...
not happening.also, Deval Patrick is not the Governor anymore, just in case that wasn't sarcasm. :-)
On November 7, 2006, Deval Patrick was elected Governor of Massachusetts. He becomes the second African American...
How can voters think Deval Patrick did a good job as governor for 8 years when he left office with a $765 million budget gap?
Post Edited: Governor Deval Patrick ousts two, of the Sex Offender Registry Board
Book of the month...Deval Patrick.. 1st & only black governor of Massachusetts
Stat tuned for former Governor Deval Patrick's pretend press conference coming live from his bed sheet fort bunker...
Deval Patrick's efforts on green energy are a beacon for national policy - Boston Globe
As goes Massachusetts, so goes the nation. That’s not conventional wisdom. But if it were, it would make Mitt Romney the GOP’s best bet in 2016. Think about it. First, came Deval Patrick. Preaching hope and change in 2006, he became the Bay State’s first black governor. Then came Barack Obama. Preac…
How to speak like Deval Patrick - read Alexis de Tocqueville and John Winthrop via
“Mass. has a history of sending giants to the US Senate. . . We count Ed Brooke among them." -- Gov. Deval Patrick
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