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Dev Patel

Dev Patel (Gujarati: દેવ પટેલ; born 23 April 1990) is a British actor.

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Dev Patel, Tom Holland and Casey Affleck at the 2017 photographed by Greg Williams.
Tom with Viola Davis, Dev Patel & Casey Affleck backstage at the BAFTAs (📷: Greg Williams)
To correct you long before Dev Patel..Rohini Hattangadi won best actress BAFTA Award for her role as Kasturba Gandh…
Dev Patel, pictured here on the road to recovery, after contracting malaria on the set of "Life of Pi". . January 2…
Congratulations! 🏆🏆🏆. . francescaa._g. ・・・. Actors:. Dev Patel and Viola Davis at the EE…
'La La Land,' Viola Davis and Dev Patel won big at the BAFTAs
The Lion King reigns supreme. Dev Patel scoops the Supporting Actor award for his stunning performance in Lion. https:/…
Dev Patel marvels at his leap from Skins to Bafta glory
Burberry just confused for Dev Patel because all brown people look the same? This is why we need to diversify our medi…
While Dev Patel trends jog our memory down another Patel bhai- Devang Patel and who can forget his "Patel Rap" .
takes 5 trophies, wins Best Supporting Actor award for
I just saw a pic of twigs and dev patel she's so lucky😭 she's not doing music this year and I think it's cause she's gonna focus on acting
PREACH. I'm still dissecting the Dev Patel win today.
Dev Patel won the BAFTA for best supporting actor. He did it, he won for Lion. I am so proud of him, this is so deserving ht…
Dev Patel shares his process of getting into character, "I wrote diaries and went to the orphanages".
Dev Patel. Hamara LION. Congratulations ! Big win! Bigger one coming up. Oscar jeeto!
HISTORIC: Dev Patel wins best supporting actor for his performance in Lion becoming the first Asian to win an acting award…
I love this picture of Viola Davis and Dev Patel.
A NIGHT: when Emma Stone calls you cute, Dev Patel winks at you and Tom Holland protects you from people pushing.
Lion stars Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel on stage presenting the Outstanding British Film award 🦁
my mum thought Dev Patel was in Life of Pi . GOODNIGHT
Next to Meryl Streep? And Tom Hiddleston,Naomi Harris,Dev Patel... I would freak out 😀😀
Dev Patel's dance in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is giving me life ✨🔥✨
I liked a video Dev Patel's Mom Confused Her James Bonds in Front of Daniel Craig
The amount of fantastic actors to come out of Skins is staggering. Jack O'Connell, Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult, Hannah M…
Win a Toast to Celebrate Lion at The Weinstein Company's ACADEMY AWARDS®* Party with Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel.
Should my friend watch Casey Affleck cry or watch Dev Patel go on an adventure involving Nicolas Kidman?
Starring Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara, Lion is based on a true story of hope and determination. Out in UK cinemas…
| speaks out about the Muslim ban...
Dev Patel was almost not let in into the venue. highlights and red carpet .
I loved it so much. Couldn't believe how amazing Sunny Pawar was so good as young Saroo and Dev Patel was just fantastic.
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Rami Malek is wearing the coolest suit to the
“He mentioned refugees! Cut to Dev Patel, and Salma Hayek, and, I guess, Denzel."
The holy trinity. Dev Patel, Rami Malek & Riz Ahmed, who deserve to win this award season. But are always getting snubbed ht…
Dev Patel is only the third Indian actor ever to receive an Oscar nod
It's been over 30 years... since an asian actor won an Oscar... what would it be like if Dev Patel won best supporting act…
HISTORIC: Dev Patel is only the third Indian actor EVER nominated for an Oscar & he's the only Asian actor nominated this…
"At times like this, you're constantly questioning what you're doing at an award show." -Dev Patel
awesome I need to check it out. Haven't seen Dev Patel since Slumdog Millionaire
Dev Patel on the space between 'action and cut'
The world is so late to the Dev Patel party. Lion was so moving and incredible 🦁❤🙌🏻
I'm not taking all the credit but Dev Patel wasn't getting all these nominations before & I d…
Actor Roundtable alums Dev Patel, Mahershala Ali (and Jeff Bridges!) meet up on the red carpet.
Dev Patel describes meeting Nicole Kidman on the set of “Lion”
Dev Patel and Real Saroo to come to India: Indian-origin actor Dev Patel has always been vocal that……
Dev Patel & brought two proud Indian moments in pop culture- Listen now:
nominee Dev Patel notes the timing of a film like "Lion"
Dev Patel: Feel less like a hero after 'Lion'
Watch THR's full, uncensored Actor Roundtable with Dev Patel, Casey Affleck, Jeff Bridges and more
Missed the Actor Roundtable with Casey Affleck, Dev Patel, and more? Catch it right here, right now:
airs NOW on Tune in to watch Dev Patel, Garfield and more in THR's Actor Roundtable
Dev Patel turns writer, pens Hindu mythology inspired screenplay
Dev Patel was my runner-up Dream Heathcliff (but my mom and I agree he might be hot enough…
◄ Dev Patel writing ‘hyper-modern’ action film based on Hindu mythology►. Actor Dev Patel says he is working on a …
Dev Patel writing screenplay based on Hindu mythology
: Dev Patel writing screenplay based on Hindu mythology
Dev Patel turns writer, working on a screenplay based on Hindu mythology...
Brown dudes guide: Aziz is Aasif Mandvi, Dev Patel is Kal Penn, I am Fisher Stevens & Dinesh D'Souza is just a bunch of eels i…
all of these ppl are like Dev Patel is suddenly hot and I'm like, did any of you band wagoners see best exotic marigold hotel?
I was trying to figure out why Dev Patel looked so familiar until I realized he was in Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The beard threw me off.
Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar adorably introduce 'Lion' at the
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar introduce a clip from which is nominated for Best Motion Picture - Drama.
Rami Malek, Dev Patel, Riz Ahmed and Mahershala Ali got robbed and Amy Schumer presented. The Golden Globes are cursed.
Riz Ahmed and Dev Patel light up the house 🙌
Just rewatched that clip of Sunny Pawar and Dev Patel & they are so cute! 😍 Moar Dev pls, Hollywood. In a rom com or as a hot young dad.
I look like the lovechild of Dev Patel & Don Glover. Also, when I am clean-shaven, I look like the lovechild of Don Glover & Danny Pudi
Ellen campaigns for Dev Patel as next Sexiest Man Alive
Dev Patel looks really good with the long hair and beard. ♡
Dev Patel cautious on Golden Globe chances - Actors Nicole Kidman, Sunny Pawar and Dev Patel attend the 6th Ann...
I think Dev Patel or Bridges is more likely to upset Mahershala Ali than Adams upsetting Portman.
dev Patel is the Best Actor too few ppl have seen and appreciated. His work on the newsroom put me onto him
Only posting my out of focus party picture of bc his is SO extraordinary See it on the bi…
Donate $10 and enter to win the chance to join Dev Patel & Nicole Kidman for a toast!
New year, new campaign for Dev Patel to become Sexiest Man Alive:
2017 may have just started but Dev Patel is already campaigning for the coveted title of sexiest man alive:
Just saw the movie "Lion." Unless you are stone cold, it will get to your heart strings. The little boy who...
Caught "The Man Who Knew Infinity" on DVD. Dev Patel good as Indian math genius Srinivasa Ramanujan. Helps to check Wikipedia while watching
I am just now catching up on movies, and I want Lion and Dev Patel to win everything.
Dev Patel cautious on Golden Globe chances: Dev Patel is going into the awards season with…
It's hard for me to deal with dorky Dev Patel after witnessing beefcake Dev Patel in Lion.
New post: "Dev Patel cautious on Golden Globe chances"
Movie ticket Lion (keeping Dev Patel's career alive one ticket at a time)
Red carpets make me nervous: Dev Patel
I'm watching Newsroom and episode 4 just starts with Dev Patel panicking and trying to convince everyone Bigfoot is real??
Dev Patel reveals the odd way he auditioned for his role in 'Lion'
Huge congratulations to Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel for their AACTA International award wins for
If anyone else saw the dude I just RTed and was like "who is he!?" I have reverse image searched him for you and it…
Watched movie last night. Great story - Dev Patel shows vast depth but little Sunny Pawar STOLE the show!
Dev Patel presented his LION co-star Nicole Kidman with her International Star Award at Monday's Film Awards Gala.
Sunny Pawar, may you grow up to be as awesome as Dev Patel
I live for Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar's friendship ❤️️
Can find its way home with moviegoers?
Nicole Kidman reunites with on-screen sons Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar in Lion movie at…
Dev Patel is the Lion king of Aussie accent
I'm loving The Newsroom, but frustrated at how much time I silently debate whos cuter between Dev Patel or John Gallagher Jr.
Win tickets to the great new Aussie film starring Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara & David Wenham!
I also need a movie w/ Steven Yeun, Daniel Henney, Dev Patel, & John Cho in it. It could be like The Hangover but bette…
(Shropshire):and Dev Patel among Britons nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards : Emily Blunt,..
Congratulations to Dev Patel on his Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination, this morning, for Lion Movie !
My mother is the greatest influence in my life, I did Lion for her: Dev Patel
Why aren't we talking about Imaan Hammam and Dev Patel for Vogue because honestly wow
.starring Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel, and Rooney Mara. In theaters now: ht…
Pune home buyers cheated by Tirupati Housing Developers builder Dilip Patel [
Google Earth Goes to the Movies: How the Star of ‘Lion’ Found His Way Home. By https:…
The Wall Street Journal's review of Lion mixed up Dev Patel with Kal Penn & people got angry:…
Dev Patel on Lion and the 'force to be reckoned with' Nicole Kidman featured in NBC s Science of Love
Watch the new trailer for featuring uplifting song "Never Give Up"
. Dev Patel is looking good these days.
"Is Dev Patel looking like Sayid working for you?". "Oh he's always worked for me.". "Really? Even when he looked like Indian Tobey Maguire?"
The feel-good "Lion" starring Dev Patel does manage to roar, but only fitfully. My review:
The Wall Street Journal's movie critic confused Dev Patel and Kal Penn in his review of https:/…
A film critic makes a mistake, it's all over and still hasn't been fixed 🤔…
Dev Patel, Rooney Mara and Nicole Kidman will bring you to tears in trailer
Sometimes you need a good tearjerker. is a perfect one. Watch the new trailer:
I cried through encourage you to do the same. (Not just for Dev Patel, although that is a very good reason.)
Wall Street Journal movie critic mistakes Dev Patel for
.'Never Give Up' is the perfect song to soundtrack the latest trailer for
Dev Patel wasn't in the Namesake. Did you mean the other brown actor (or other brown film? :(
Dev Patel to be honored with Santa Barbara International Film Festival's Virtuosos award. Way to go
Nicole Kidman drew on own adoption experience for ‘Lion’. Nicole Kidman poses alongside Dev Patel as they arrive...
WATCH: New Poster and Trailer for “Lion” starring Dev Patel, Rooney Mara and Nicole Kidman
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Wow, this looks like a tearjerker: Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, David Wenham and Nicole Kidman in LION, opening Nov. 25. https:/…
The first trailer of LION, starring Dev Patel and Rooney Mara
Dev Patel is on a journey to reconnect with his family in the trailer for
Dev Patel + Rooney Mara + Nicole Kidman. The debut trailer is an emotional force:
Trailer: Dev Patel, Rooney Mara’s Lion looks like the perfect Oscar bait
BJP gains control of Bavla municipality in Gujarat with RK Patel as President
[Heaven]. JOHN NASH: Russel Crowe is too stout to play me. ALAN TURING: Cumberbatch has weird lips. RAMANUJAN: Guys seriously? Dev Patel?
Must Watch: Hardik Patel supporters bashing AAP rally in Gujarat, asking Why AAP betrayed us and our cause.
R: The Road Within with Robert Sheehan, Zoe Kravitz & Dev Patel is widely available on DVD and on demand.
After watching "The Man Who Knew Infinity", starring Dev Patel last night...I got inspired to revisit Indian...
where is dev patel if you are very real dev patel remember that a day I'll be in your arms :'(
Dev Patel definitely one of my favourite actors
I often think how talented Dev Patel and Emily Mortimer are…when they choose the right roles.
I loved it but why dev Patel? in the pictures Ramanujan looked different , but loved the movie actually was planning to get bk
Astute observation Indeed, Modi himself picked up Upen Patel for RBI Gov, but a from talented Mr Sha…
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Seeing Ramanujan (Dev Patel) with his wife i felt like he was cheating on Latika..
To me Dev Patel will forever be Jamal Malik..
3 step brothers planned to divide India in 3 parts according to their preference but Patel Ji interfered
Sneak peek of TWCs' w and searching for his lost village
Wow ...Must watch movie The Man Who Knew Infinity , hats off to Dev Patel , Jeremy Irons. though a biopic on...
Modi has packed all important positions with pliant Gujjus in central govt, latest is Urjit Patel .
Oscar deserving film as well as acting, Dev Patel as Ramanujan and Jeremy Irons as Hardy were perfect. Must Watch.
Miscast of the year - Dev Patel as S Ramanujan in The Man Who Knew Infinity.
Saw Great movie and was a great actor. Highly recommend it 👍👍
Lion, with David Wemham, was filmed in Tasmania, Melbourne and India. Premieres at the Toronto Film Festival
I just finished watching a movie 'The Man Who Knew Infinity' starring Dev Patel. I must say, it's a truly wonderful movie. A masterpiece!
This guy knew on 18th June that his boss is going to install Urjit Patel as governor. https:/…
OMG. GoTv Gendry:Joe Dempsie is going to SKINS 1st Gen mini reunion with ! Dev Patel & Hannah Murray nalang.
Same for the . Dev Patel, Kate Mara, . Nicole Kidman-starting biopic the on a man on a journey to find his birth parents
Rooney Mara and Dev Patel on stills of "Lion" (2016)
'The Man Who Knew Infinity'. Brilliant film starring Dev Patel. Much recommended for those who are fans of Mathematics and movies!
Dev patel is sucha cutie, how do i befriend him
Get an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara in
Super excited for the upcoming movie with Dev Patel!
Like LG, new governor Urjit Patel is also Ambani's Pet. Shame on Reliance Stooge Modi.
The man who saw Infinity is definitely a must watch movie. I'm totally in love with 's acting as Shrivinass Ramanujan 👏🏻👏🏻
Urjit Patel appointed as news Governor of RBI
Third film of the day: Jeremy Irons & Dev Patel in "the Man Who Knew Infinity" here at the film festival.
“Whilst LION traverses continents, it has a special home at n we are honoured to be part of it.
It's pleasing to watch the wonderful chemistry between Dev Patel & Jeremy Irons in htt…
Many accusations of on Gujarat CM daughter.
YES! But I want the prince to be cuter like Dev Patel or actual Prince Harry!
The real tragedy of Ramanujan's genius was that he neglected his health, didn't adapt food habits. Interesting film but Dev Patel? Blah!
awesome episode! Love Slumdog Millionaire and big fan of Dev Patel!
Revealed! Lion, with Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman, is this year’s Gala
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
and i mean i always knew Robert Sheehan's acting was bomb but Zoe Kravitz and Dev Patel's performances were amazing too
Today is Dev Patel day on Sat1? Life of Pi and then Slumdog Millionaire
S.A. star power- Stars Freeman, Xavier Samuel, Dev Patel to feature in three major movie projects in South Australia
Dev badal raha is the new color of love :)
Aus-produced terrorist drama HOTEL MUMBAI (d. Anthony Maras), picked up for UK/US distro by
Don't want to sound insensitive but he looks like Dev Patel
Harry and Dev Patel in a movie tho.
The new dev diary going over the Fatebinders is now live!
Its amazing.. Really.. Can't be better than this..
Dev Patel: ‘I didn't know what I was getting myself into’
So I'm like "ok if I get started w that I will let myself go see the Dev Patel movie at the theater tonight"
Dev Patel brilliantly portrays the genius, the sacrifice & the passion of Ramanujan in THE Man Who Knew Infinity.
Dev Patel isn't the next Spiderman, the bees are dying, and the transgender bathroom law is STILL a thing??? what the HECK America
In new Dev Biol issue:. GPCR required in fly heart tube, Patel et al., .
Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons star in THE Man Who Knew Infinity. Tickets and trailer:
Little Giant Ladders
yup :) although the presence of Dev Patel in that movie also ensured a slum dog millionaire reference 🙄
The Man Who Knew Infinity, what a touching film. Brilliant man beautifully portrayed by Dev Patel. I am very glad I went to it tonight.
. Ans The Man Who Knew Infinity. Dev Patel has done a brilliant work in the movie. .
stars in now playing. Great interview with Patel on his role in the film:
it took like 8 years for Dev Patel to get a proper award-bait film role since Slumdog.
The Man Who Knew Infinity: inspiration, rigour and the art of mathematics: Dev Patel plays the Indian genius ...
Oooh! Or Dev Patel - he's British and could be stealthy.
The thing is, I am a loving person. I am super sappy when it comes to ...
See the film New York Post is calling "Dev Patel's best work since Slumdog millionare.
pls pls promote the Hollywood movie of Dev Patel abot greatest Indian mathematician S.Ramanujan
Jake Gyllenhaal would be my first choice for Aladdin. Since Prince of Persia. . Dev Patel won't be bad. Oh wait! He should be Sinbad.
Dev Patel agreed to put on 35 pounds for his role as Hasaan by July 1st!
Dev Patel was made for movies like Slumdog and Run Lola Run. Conveys desperation and urgency. Intellectual arrogance, not so much.
Missed out to Dev Patel tonight for the Best Actor (film) but I was seriously punching above my weight. Grateful for the recognition though.
Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons were excellent in the new movie
It's never too early for more pictures of Dev Patel
Never smiled as much at a movie ending in my life😬 was cute 😊 Dev Patel is some pup!
sooo good. I also have a major crush on Dev Patel. Oh yeah...x😍
I got Dev Patel, Bill Nighy and Judi Dench, but I may have the wrong channel on.
I'm so glad that out of all the actors in the first season of Skins, Dev Patel was the one who enjoyed the most success after the show
I really enjoyed it. Except Dev patel. Very. Twee.
Narendra Modi is d true big leader after Bhagat Singh,sardar Patel.Changing life of each Indian
Last 60 mins the girls sitting behind have been talking about looks. it's not about Dev Patel!!
.and Dev Patel announce at Cannes that they will collaborate again
Weinstein Co. acquired North American and UK rights to HOTEL MUMBAI, with Dev Patel starring and executive producing
Dev Patel's newest film Premieres @ the Livermore Valley Film Festival this Friday! - |
The Man Who Knew Infinity movie review: Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons’ performances make for a compelling watch!
Dev Patel as Ramanujan though has done a great job.
Just finished watching The Man Who Knew Infinity,and now I can't decide between marrying Rahul Kohli and Dev Patel.
We are excited to share the official teaser poster for starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman!
Sometimes I think about grandmas that love Dev Patel from the best exotic marigold hotel watching him in Skins. It makes me giggle.
Daisy and fellow presenter Dev Patel with Oscar winners Asif Kapadia and James *** Rees
after vicky kaushal and Dev Patel, thanks for letting me know yet another looks-like-me celebrity :D
dev patel is coming out with a new movie called "The Man Who Knew Infinity", i definitely wanna see the movie! yes dev yes!
Looks like The Man Who Knew Infinity is carrying on Dev Patel's proud legacy of picking roles that make me a ball of rage
Can we talk about Dev Patel for a second? (Daisy Ridley looks v pretty too!)
My name is Ansley Ivy and I'm in love with Dev Patel and plan on marrying him have a great day
at the 88th Annual Academy Awards, Presenter, Dev Patel was wearing a Portugieser Automatic in Stainless Steel...
But Andrew, Dev Patel did such a good job playing Zuko.
The Man Who Knew Infinity.Based on the life of Sir Ramanujan.. Waiting for this Dev Patel.
British actor Dev Patel in a tuxedo to celebrate the 88th annual Academy Awards ceremony tonight
I have the BIGGEST crush on Dev Patel
Ok I agree 100% but dev Patel was beautiful for that role y'all what a king
Now we just need TOGUSA cast with PoC actor. Let the fancasting begin: Jin Akanishi, Lee Byung-hun, Dev Patel, Elodie Yung...
THEY tried Hardik Patel. *** kid found inciting violence on phone. Let Kanhaiya speak more. Don't disturb. Politics is a lo…
Ep. 107! We're talking Zayn, Dev Patel thirst and so much more. Missed you guys. https:/…
We have made a provision of about ₹ 18,000 crore in the just 2 years, as against ₹ 8,000 crore in the last 15 yrs: CM
Around 5 lakh people are given work/employment & we waived education fees amounting to ₹ 40crore for approx 10lakh stud…
We are suffering because of nature as well as mistakes in the past, water problem has never been addressed in planned w…
Best Actor in the 2017 Oscars will be Dev Patel 4 sure. The Man Who Knew Infinity - Trailer (2016) via
Danny Boyle's daughter pointed him in the direction of Dev Patel for Slumdog Millionaire as she was a Skins fan.
CM reaches Latur to visit villages, meet & interact with people, review schemes & chair meetings. https:/…
Nice to see Ishant Sharma at the Oscars .oops thats Dev Patel
With this look, Dev Patel can totally star in a Mahesh Bhatt movie.
Dev Patel for Jihadi John in the inevitable ISIS movie.
Daisy Ridley should stop hiding behind her accent and apologize to Dev Patel for the horrors of the Raj.
Dev Patel lookin like a brown Justin Bobby
Dev Patel, Armie Hammer and more in talks for Hotel Mumbai: Deadline is reporting that ca... /via
Dev Patel and Armie Hammer eye roles in "Hotel Mumbai"
Dev Patel (Zuko) and Armie Hammer in talks to star in HOTEL MUMBAI. Patel will also be executive producing the movie
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Berlinale '16: Dev Patel and Armie Hammer set to head to Hotel Mumbai.
Dev Patel and Armie Hammer in negotiations for Mumbai siege pic ‘Hotel Mumbai’
It felt like a music video gone awry with Dev Patel and Hugh Jackman having wandered (mistakenly) on to the set...
We’re extremely excited to catch Slumdog Millionaire star, Dev Patel, at the red carpet this evening!
Meeting the main lead from Slumdog Millionaire tmrw!! The crew was so nice!!! :) see you, Mr. Dev Patel!
People don’t take you seriously if you know how to have a good laugh and are down to earth-Dev Patel
You can listen back to my radio show now!! Show 50, with actor Dev Patel (Slum Slumdog Millionaire) & the...
Kal Penn or Dev Patel. Whoever can do the most convincing South African Indian accent.
Speaking of Skins cast w good American accent, Dev Patel also does a great job. Kaya Scodelario's not bad, but not as good as Dev & Kathryn.
The time that Dev Patel and crew made me put Rajasthan on my official list of places to visit... Why you so...
Sawan Patel commented "One of the all time bests of Indian cricket." on the Discussion
Robert Sheehan + Zoe Kravitz + Dev Patel in one movie is an absolute blessing!!
Finally watched and I loved it! Robert Sheehan, Zoë Kravitz, and Dev Patel were so good. 👍 A+
What a great film based on a true story and fabulous played by Jeremey Irons and Dev Patel - will see if I find a book about S. Ramanujan
Checking out all the great people at the Game Dev Culture panel! Kunal Patel Rupert Meghnot And more!
Gemma Arterton was, Dev Patel was not. Let's get Gem to make vol-au-vents.
I think Dev Patel was our year as well.
Dev Patel born in Harlow his parents are Gujarati Hindu Indians. He's an actor & was in Skins, Slumdog Millionaire -
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need to know date of Indian release of your film The Man Who Knew Infinity on Ramanujan for an article with
Hi I'm writing an artcile for Hindustan on the Man Who Knew Infinity. Pls let me know date of release in India
Freida Pinto, Dev Patel reunite for charity - Times of India
.Dev Patel and are fantastic in "The Road Within"! I can't remember the last time I fell so in love w/ characters.
The Road Within literally just became one of my favorite movies . & Dev Patel killed it
I was so hurt. Dev Patel was the only reason I went to see it tbh bc the other cast? No thx
Dev Patel is one of my favorite actors is that weird?
What actually is a Dev Patel without The Newsroom
I adore Dev Patel and still cant bring myself to sit through that movie.
I wish I lived in the timeline where Dev Patel is Spider-Man.
Dev Patel is an incredible actor like he is so under appreciated.
Choosing the Right Dev Tool for the Job using Node.js
IBM ODM on Cloud announced on the ODM/dev Center
Highly suggest you see . Amazing performances by and Dev Patel.
think about it from dev’s perspective — Apple doesn’t enable upgrade pricing and this is how he feeds his family
The Road Within just hit me right in the feels. Stellar performances from Robert Sheehan, Dev Patel, and Zoë Kravitz..
maybe Dev Patel will play you in the story of your life...
Must talk to you about Dev Patel one day
I already knew Robert Sheehan and Dev Patel were great actors but after watching The Road Within I've been blown away. So much admiration.
I love the script of this movie. The Road Within. Starring, Robert Sheehan, Dev Patel and Zoe Kravitz.
Dev Patel, Stephen Merchant, the nutter from Lethal Weapon 2 and a young Giant Haystacks. Boom!
Watching Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel without headphones: Dev Patel is doing a lot of acting with his hands.
Somehow I really hope that Dev Patel isn't as great a person as he seems to be. It would just be too much. Ugh, god.
Dev Patel and talent...ok...but only if you insist :)
Even the collective talent of Dame Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Richard Gere and Dev Patel couldn't save ! Avoid!
Maha GOV shud also understand the same on Maratha Quota as Patel & Patil r same
Besharam Actress Pallavi Sharda to be Seen in Hollywood Film Starring Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel: The actress ex...
Entertainment news: Indian names of Pallavi Sharda and Dev Patel in *** ..
Nimish Patel biggest NSEL defaulter free because police calls him saheb. …
if you go To EOW Mumbai staff asks "kya aapko Nilesh Patel Saheb ne bheja hein."
First part was holistic and really good. Dev Patel was exceedingly irritating in the second part.
Just as touching as the first. What a charming set of films. Dev Patel is one to watch. He's starred along greats!
Finished Such a great series. Now what do I watch? Loved it!.
Dev Patel. Have you seen these classy Lady Gaga images? You may want to check:
The show wants me to root for Will McAvoy. The show has Will McAvoy call Dev Patel "Punjab." The show seems to FIND THIS CHARMING.
Any update on MEP toll that has been fleecing money all these years?
Mind you, this Hardik Patel is a core supporter & playing Caste politics in Gujarat.
Abhishek bachchan:- Hafte me chaar shanivar hone chahiye. Shani Dev:- Thats like my Buoy .
Bruh in his best Dev Patel lookalike
Slumdog Millionaire lauds new book Read excerpt:
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