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Great presence of God Love it but a lot money talk during offering
Destiny Christian Church supporting ministry around the world.
Is God first in your life? . Meet Him at Church... Sunday, 10:30am CST. Destiny Pointe Christian Center . Arlington,…
Pyro Spec lit up the skies above Rocklin, CA on June 24, 2017 for the Celebrate America celebration sponsored by Desti…
Destiny Christian Center off of Randleman Rd. The church is awesome!! It's non-denominational. And they preach the Grace message.
Asking the hard questions at church this weekend. @ Destiny Christian Church
Went back to church today, feel like I've needed to for a long time destiny christian church in rocklin ⛪
Mel Tari ministering to the people of Destiny! @ Destiny Christian Church
As a Nigerian Christian, the film reflects true stories I've heard testimonies about in church-destiny-destroyers back to sender
10 False Teachings in the Church: 5.The Gospel is not about you attaining your “dream destiny.”
Since your a Christian what church do you go to? Do... — Destiny Christian Center. If I didn't enjoy it I wo...
Women enjoy Sisterhood Nights as they share at their tables. @ Destiny Christian Church
The lives of these Men have been changed forever! @ Destiny Christian Church
I added a video to a playlist Be Still and Know He is God - Steve Keates - Destiny Christian Church -
Made it to church today after a very long night of partying. @ Destiny Christian Fellowship
Learned some new conflict management techniques for YM! @ Destiny Christian Church
Happy YM kiddos get something cold from the yogurt truck omgyogurt @ Destiny Christian Church
Got some YM pingpong moves going on! @ Destiny Christian Church
Join us for worship with Destiny Church, Ferguson Christian Church, and United Believers in Christ as we close...
Destiny Christian Church: . Final week... Who has some time to come and take the Church Van and trailer out on the local roadways? Hwy 42 …
You have been set free into your Destiny
New Destiny Christian Church Worship 9&11 You still have time to get there or watch online.
Kenny Brandie- Can you be a Christian and not go to church?. Technically yes but Ideally no!. The enemy wants to isolate us from community
I beleive that it is my destiny, to help one day establish a powerful Christian Church, to be warriors for Jesus Christ
Please pray for as they reach out to the new students some Non-Christian. Let's see them planted in a go…
Sign up @ We are Destiny Family Christian Center we're not just a Church we are a Family
Some football fever going on at DESTINY! @ Destiny Christian Church
Another great Wednesday Night Live as we study BELIEVE! @ Destiny Christian Church
Destiny Christian Church is the house of prayer, worship and praise. These Ministers are in the book!!!
Join us Easter Sunday for our annual sunrise service. . Hosted by Destiny Christian Church at 6:45am
Don't miss your moment. Smh. MY GOD. God is more than wonderful. Palm Sunday 🙌. (@ Destiny Christian Church)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Incredible worship as we enter into God's Presence! @ Destiny Christian Church
I had to change the location from Sunset to Destiny. I will be here all morning (@ Destiny Christian Church)
Preacher on the TV are preaching doom and gloom. Last I checked the "gospel" means Good News. No doom and gloom at Destiny Christian Church!
Destiny family BELIEVE for great things during our 21 day We Believe focus. @ Destiny Christian Church
I'm excited for bible study with Destiny Christian Church tonight.
"Secret's Out" flyers all over our community! :) Come join Destiny Christian Church on 9/14/14 for the…
"Thank You" - "Destiny Christian Church - PASTER RICH WITMER" - AND TO THE YUMA PEOPLE WHO HELPS US OUT IN A VERY HARD TIME OF NEED, OF WITH OUT PASTER RICH WITMER, I DONT EVEN WANT TO THINK OF WHAT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE OR HOW BAD IT WOULD HAVE GOTTEN FOR ME AND MY FAMILY WHO SUFFERED MORE THEN YOU WILL KNOW, THANK YOU PASTER RICH WITMER, FOR YOUR Compassion, Love, Caring, and for Choosing to do the Right thing for us, by steeping into our life's and by reaching out and taking control of a real, bad time of our life's and stomping it out for good. You made the differences in our life's and I know a lot of others as well, just saying I love you, doesn't do it, saying some how I'm going to do the same for someone else in my life as you do for me might say something good enough to be held up, but what would really say it, is one your always in my prayers, two I want to become just like you pastor rich Witmer, I don't care what other ppl think of me or what they say, I just what to be just like you.. a re ...
Stage is set for tomorrow's epic drum special at Destiny Christian Church!!
Join Bishop James Nelson, Jr. and Destiny Christian Church as we fellowship with Bishop Jason Nelson and The...
God's is blown up the house at Destiny Christian Church. 25th Anniversary! Prophetic Voice of the Future!&
Thank you Joe and Destiny Christian Church for the contribution to assist my missions up in North Japan. God...
Wow! what an Amazing evening with Destiny Church Ohana!! So blessed to take part in Celebrating Our Pastor Joe Onosai's Birthday as well!! We get to laugh, dance, share, fellowship and eat!! I was like the photographer thru most of the night! Some pics turned out blurry and dark, but it's all good! LOL...bottom line, we all had a fantabulous time with the Aiga!! Thank you Lord!! So grateful for what God's doing in and through Destiny Christian Church!! Come visit us one Sunday meanwhile we continue to pray for you and anyone that would like to visit us!! Asta Maniana folks...bed bound for another beautiful day 2maro!! Soifua!
Celebrate Recovery tonight at Destiny Christian Church. It all starts at 7pm.
Pastor Jamal Bryant said Destiny Christian Church is not an address it is a frame of mind.
Following last week's launch,I would like on behalf of Wakefield Wireless Mysteries, to convey our unalloyed thanks to the following individuals for attending the launch . Firstly, to our City's Member of Parliament,the Rt.Hon.Mary Creagh who has graciously agreed to be our Patron.To the Mayor and Mayoress, Councillors Brian Holmes and Janet Holmes respectively, who lent their inestimable presence to the event . And last but not least to Rachel Critchley,wife of Ian Critchley Senior Pastor at Destiny Christian Church without whose support none of what we are now doing would be possible. Yours Sincerely , Louis Kasatkin , ( Executive Producer,Wakefield Wireless Mysteries ) : contact enquiries c/o Destiny Church,Tuke Grove,Parklands,WF1 4AF ( this is a copy of the letter I emailed to editorial this morning )
Celebrate Recovery meeting this Friday 7pm at Destiny Christian Church
Celebrate Recovery is coming to Destiny Christian Church! Join us at Burnsville Campus starting Friday, May 10
Dream Records Release Release Date: March 12th 2013 Reviewed by Joshua Andre Kingdom- Kingdom (Amazon mp3/iTunes) Dream Records have always been one of the most daring and courageous labels in my opinion, signing artists that push the envelope of what Christian music should sound and feel like. Having signed artists such as Jonathan Thulin, David Thulin, Press Play, Nicole Croteau, Marlene Brehm, Submission Red, Evan Craft, Warr Acres, and Luke Dowler over the past few years, the label is proud to announce Kingdom as its latest signing, a 6 piece worship band similar in style to Planetshakers and Hillsong UNITED, based in Destiny Christian Church, Rocklin, CA. With 10 studio songs, 3 live tracks and 3 remixes, this deluxe edition of the independent album released in 2012, is one that is sure to please fans, as the self-titled album incorporates vertical worship songs to Jesus along with instrumental experimentation, as well as guitar led upbeat tracks and quiet reflective piano led ballads. Though Kingdom ...
Thank u everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes. It was a terrific day, we went to the Red Lobster for dinner and then saw Randy Randy DonGiovanni at Destiny Christian Church.
Celebrate Recovery this Friday night at Destiny Christian Church. All starts at 7pm. Come experience the power of God for yourself.
HELLO EVERYONE... Donation and Help Drive is still on going. We still accept donations of any kind that we can send to our beloved hometown of Cateel for the victims of Super Typhoon Pablo. Donation Center is located at Destiny Christian Church, Venee's Hotel, Mc Arthur Highway, Matina, Davao City. You can call or text us at 0933-377-6370 or 0949-191-1646. PLEASE SHARE.
Our HELP CATEEL RELIEF OPERATION CENTER still accepts DONATIONS, cash and in-kinds. You can visit us at Destiny Christian Church, VENEE'S Hotel, Mc Arthur Highway, Davao City. My people in Cateel need more FOOD, WATER, MEDICINE, BLANKETS, MOSQUITO NETS, TENTS FOR SHELTER. Make it your Christmas Gift to us. Lessen our burdens and our griefs. Be our Santa Claus. GOD will reward your kindness and generosity. SALAMATAY GAYUD KAMAYONG TANAN.
DREAM RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of KINGDOM. The group, which is based in Rocklin, CA out of Destiny Christian Church, is a gathering of the fallen and imperfect, redeemed by the love...
Check out this message from Destiny Christian Church - "Guts 1 - Self Image" : via
Good Morning Friends, Family, Successful Thinkers and My Wonderful Sunset Christian Church now Destiny Christian Church (Rocklin) and Green Valley Community Church (Placerville). Blessings !!! What a Joyous time of year although very lonely for many. Be a Blessing today!
Just went to Hastings & had my car washed by Destiny Christian Church's youth!!! My car looks awesome! Thanks guys! Everyone head over to the car wash & support the church's youth ministry! They will be there until 2pm!!!
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Some WORLD SHAKERS are on stage right now! @ Destiny Christian Church
Just spent two hours with Pastor César Castellanos, my spiritual Grand Father! All I can Say is wow! A big thank you to Pastor Rich Witmer and all Destiny Christian Church team for a great Conference... and a big Shout out to Pastor Bert Pretorius for leading me, my family and our church into Victory!! So Glad my team had the opportunity to meet with another World Changer!! God's order is perfect!
Destiny Christian Church is a place for family! At Destiny, we help find what your God given destiny is! Destiny teaches the word of God for all ages of your family! Here at Destiny, we are here for you!
Had an awesome time in the Lord Sunday evening at 6:00 pm at Destiny Christian Church in Dover, DE. They have an awesome Praise and Worship Team and Prophetic Ministry Team. The highlight of the Spirit of Elijah Conference was the guest speaker Bishop Dr. Bill Hamon who is founder of Christian International based out of Florida. I have read almost all of his books. His wife spoke and shared with us about traveling around the world ministering with her husband over 50 years and how their children and grandchildren are in the ministry serving the LORD. Bishop Hamon is a pioneer in the Prophetic Movement. Apostles Dale and LuAnne Mast and their church staff did an awesome job putting together the Conference.
Let's go worship corporately today!! Go Expecting! If you need a place to worship meet us at Celebrations at 3005 Martin Street South at 10am!! Join Greater New Destiny Christian Church for a life changing worship experience!! Come expecting!!
The doors of New Destiny Christian Church are wide open for National Back to Church Sunday this week!!! Bring the unchurched and the unsaved with you to'll be glad you did! Sevice starts at 10:30 a.m. 7848 S. 27th Ave., Laveen, Az. 85233 Pastor Doug and I welcome you! More info at:
Incredible service tonight at The NITE'll wanna be at DCC - Destiny Christian Church tomorrow if you missed it tonight!!! 10:45 am!!
Greater New Destiny Christian Church will be hosting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University every Tuesday at 6pm at The Brook Besor on Hwy 231S!! Join us beginning Tuesday September 11th for our preview! You can sign up and purchase materials at!!! FPU changed the Keller's lives! GNDCC is on the move!!
Just got home from Faith Builders Church in Oak Creek for the serivce to honor the Sikh community who are greiving the lost of their loved ones. It was so awesome to see our city support these gentle people who showed us how to forgive in the worst of circumstances. May we all learn from this tragedy. Our Pastor Dan Sherstad of Destiny Christian Church in Mukwonago was a part of the program tonight. It was so fitting since he has a great love for the people of India and has been there many times to preach. Thanks pastor for sharing the love of Christ with these people who are hurting yet so forgiving.
I want to thank all the Car owners, Bike owners, Vendors, Sponsors and Destiny Christian Church for make Motor Madness 4 one fo the best ever. Special thanks to Capitol City Cruiser's, Joel the Band, Candi Schipper Photography, Jessica, and the great Men of Man Cave Ministries. Without them it would have not been the sucess it was. Some pics have been posted for your enjoyment. I already have had several nice suggestions for next year. Thank you all again.
Come To Our Prayer Breakfast!! - Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 8am Holy Mission Holiness Church, 180 Holy Mission Lane, Lillington, NC Giving God the Praise! For He is Holy, Mighty, Righteous and Worthy of all the Praise. Praise is What Pays! Praise Him in Your "tight" place (in the corner, back against the wall) Praise is the Answer in your tight place! Enjoy a wonderful Country Breakfast at 8am followed by ministry for the soul at 9am Song Ministry - Bonita Simmons singing "Restored", Anthony Moore and Restoration of the Triad Dance Ministry - Sharonika Rowland & Nikki Townsend of True Destiny Christian Church, 4480 Poole Road, Raleigh, NC Evangelist Annette "Action" Jackson will share the Word of God for the occasion.
Gun Control: Colorado is a concealed-carry state, as a noted film critic points out, but so was Virginia when a college campus there was racked by violence. Like the school, the theater chain was also "gun-free." In December 2007, two church members were shot to death and three others injured after a gunman opened fire outside the New Life Church in Colorado Springs as Sunday services were wrapping up. That tragedy could have been much worse, but the gunman was shot by a church security officer and was found dead when police arrived at the scene. On April 22 of this year a just-released felon went to the New Destiny Christian Church in Aurora, Colo., and killed the mother of Pastor Delano Strahan before being killed himself by a congregant carrying a gun. Unlike the tragedies at Columbine High School and the movie theatre in Aurora, there was someone at these venues willing and able to shoot back. Other than the shooter, there was nobody armed in or at the Century 16 theater complex where 12 were killed a ...
Sermon was well received this morning at Destiny Christian Church. Preaching again this evening at Bethel Baptist.
Destiny Christian Church ... the presence of God changes everything!
Ok so I had a beautiful day... shout out DCC (Destiny Christian Church, Greensboro, NC)... the only thing is I wish I had more time with Lamar before I leave tomorrow night... Im being patient with everything, and praying for things to turn out great for my family, my new relationship, and my career I want to pursue... God is good all the time.
Destiny Christian Church - my home church. Does anyone say the same? @ Destiny Christian Church
Ps Bert Preorius from S. Africa is in the house tonight at Destiny Christian Church!!! Don't miss this powerful and anointed man of God!
Okay so my sister Shannon had a wonderful 21st birthday weekend, she wanted to go to the beach. And that's what my mom and dad did.Thank you Mama Maimah Ellis and daddy Francis Joseph Ellis Jr. for making her birthday weekend complete and special. She will not forget about this, going down in books. :) Now we are so ready for church YAY! :) If you are in the Raleigh area and need a church to go to, come to True Destiny Christian Church 4480 Poole Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610 We have a special service tomorrow: Come out and see the youth get their praise on. Where people are Destined for Greatness Service starts at 11:00 am we are looking forward to seeing you there with loving arms. Have a bless evening.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Congrats to Destiny Christian Church and Fox 40 for a successful Celebrate America weekend -- nearly 20,000 people enjoyed the show and fireworks. Kudos to Eric Hogue and Rachel Jackson for their MC and performance work.
What an awesome worship service with Danny Gokey this morning at Destiny Christian Church.
Danny Gokey at Destiny Christian Church this morning was AWESOME! What a great ministry he has started with Sophia's Heart. Wow! The LORD has truly blessed him with a fabulous voice, a love for others, and a love for God. Thank you, Danny, for blessing us today.
Danny Gokey here at Destiny Christian Church this morn.. 10:45am TODAY! see you there? 6900
Destiny Christian Church prayer line 605.475.4700 code433898# prayer starts at noon, then again at 6:00pm and again 6:00am.. We all need prayer!!!
Patriotic music extravaganza hosted by local church: For the past three years, Destiny Christian Church has pres...
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